Scarlett Johansson can never be alone, she’s trying to get with Justin Bartha now


Do you get the feeling that Scarlett Johansson is just one of those girls who can never be without a boyfriend/husband or major crush? She can’t just BE. She’s can’t be alone, single and enjoying it for more than a week it feels like. I used to think she was just a maneater, taking whatever and whoever she wanted. Maybe she was at some point, but ever since Sean Penn dumped her, it feels like ScarJo has been flailing, physically, emotionally, and romantically. Sean moved on from ScarJo in a matter of minutes, boning randoms at the Cannes Film Festival, spending time with various actresses and models and generally looking and seeming completely over it. Scarlett seems determined to find another high-profile boyfriend, and it’s looking like she flunked out with Justin Timberlake. So now she’s turned her dong-seeking attentions to Justin Bartha, character actor and ex of Ashley Olsen.

Scarlett Johansson may not be single for long after her split with Sean Penn — the stunning actress has been spotted cozying up to “Hangover” star Justin Bartha. Johansson, who split with Penn a month ago, attended the opening of off-Broadway’s “All New People,” in which Bartha stars, on Saturday, and the pair were photographed together backstage.

Spies said Johansson and Bartha later seemed “completely engrossed in each other” during a cast dinner also attended by playwright Zach Braff and actress Heather Graham at Café Un Deux Trois.

One witness told us, “There were about 15 people at the table, but Scarlett and Justin sat next to each other and talked all night. They seemed pretty fascinated with each other and only talked to each other. It looked sometimes flirty, but also they seemed to be involved in a deep discussion.”

While some sources insist 26-year-old “Lost in Translation” star Johansson and Bartha, who turns 33 today, are just good friends — exactly what they previously said about ScarJo and Penn — she and Bartha were also reportedly seen “flirting up a storm” at Karaoke Boho here on Saturday.

She split with Penn, 50, after five months in June. Bartha ended a two-year relationship with Ashley Olsen in March.

Meanwhile, Scarlett’s ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds — recently linked to Charlize Theron — hung out with a brunette stunner at the Jimmy rooftop bar at the James Hotel in SoHo on Tuesday night.

The pair were with two other friends, but another witness told us, “I definitely got the vibe that Ryan had eyes for the brunette. All four hung out the entire time together, but there was definitely chemistry between the two them. Lots of laughing and all smiles.”

Reps for Johansson and Bartha didn’t get back to us. Reynolds’ rep had no comment.

[From Page Six]

I was going to declare this a downgrade, but I worried that I might offend the people who like Bartha. Bartha really doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all – from what I’ve seen, he’s a sweet guy, a little dorky, but charming and nice. He and Ashley kept their relationship very quiet, but there were no scandals around them and it’s not like he was screwing around or anything. BUT… he’s not exactly the kind of high-caliber, super-famous, A-list star that Scarlett tends to go for, right? In celebrity-land, she’s dating down. And it just feels like she’s flailing, once again.





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  1. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Two fugs don’t make a right. Meh.

  2. wunderkindt says:

    ScarJo is B-list and Bartha is HOT, so she’s lucky to have a waltz with him. He’s doing HER the favor!

  3. Chloe says:

    Srsly. Does she *ever* close her mouth?

  4. Pyewacket says:

    Is it me, or is she really starting to fug up a lot?

    Oh, and for me, he is waaaaay too short to ever be hot.

  5. brin says:

    I like him better than Sean Penn.

  6. Truthful says:

    I question anyone that would date an Olsen, I just think of black strong coffee, drugs and ciggies-when they are mentioned.

    stay away from him Scar, he’s endured some weird shit.

    raccoon eyes, oversized hot clothing and more cigarettes.

    He’s attractive but he probably has a dark side.

  7. Ryan says:

    Is she still here? She’s one of these actress who had one good role and then nothing but crap. Is she still consider as the A-list or just serial monogamist?

  8. locamochagirl says:

    Maybe downgrade because he’s not super, super famous. But WAY upgrade on the hottness scale from gross, old Sean Penn. Justin Bartha is hot!

  9. Danziger says:

    Short guys have their one of a kind charm that tall men never seem to have and vice versa. He’s hot.
    I can’t imagine ScarJo with him though. And whoever mentioned that Scar’s starting to fug.. spot on.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    He is soooo CUTE! Yeah, she’s one of those can’t be alone kind of gals, it seems. It’s sad really, because that alone time can be a time to learn more about yourself and what you want, and re-evaluate (if necessary).

  11. Whatever! says:

    Please, Please, Please make her go away. Please, Please, Please stop putting her in movies and Please, Please, Please stop helping her delude herself into thinking she has talent. Honestly people, she gorgeous. But big lips and tits don’t equal the ability to act.

  12. Rita says:

    Scarjo better keep this one if she can. Like sands through an hour glass, she ain’t got many grains left.

  13. fabchick says:

    He is cute. Upgrade for her from Penn. She is in her 20′ s maybe she is just having some fun.

  14. mannequin says:

    She can do no wrong.

    BUT, that is one ugly man. Lately it seems she’s been going for the ugly guys, it makes her look better I guess.

  15. mick says:

    In total agreement w/Bellaluna about SJ taking time to learn about herself.

    It appears that Scarjo just wants a man, whoever it may be. She is not particular about who it is. I guess the hotness comes into play.

    Her self esteem is an issue, she does not value herself, she can’t sing, some say she can act and she is looking very worn.

  16. yadicakes says:

    When she wears less makeup, she looks a little better. She looks fug in these pics. What is it with everyone wearing little mermaid red hair color?

  17. lrm says:

    i think he’s ‘cute’ in a conventional way….i could not say ‘ugly’-really???
    he’s def. a guy you’d think was sweet, slightly dorky and ‘cute’ at a party or wherever…
    or he’s the the friend that you’d never think of being romantic with….
    but someone will!

    also, he was hilarious alongside of zooey D. in ‘failure to launch’.
    that bird CPR scene was ridiculous and a rare ‘goofy, funny to everyone=men, women and kids alike’ kind of scene….that you dont see much of anymore.
    Zooey was a hoot in that too.

    anyway, can you tell?
    i’ve finally graduated to watching *some* pg-13 with my 10 year old.
    we are out of G, finally!!!!
    so my standards are low-i’m just glad to watch a family movie where i can really laugh at the jokes. lol

    as for scarjo-i want to think she decided to coast on her looks and sex appeal while she can, and then maybe she will go back to trying to actually act? girl with a pearl earring, lost in translation-she was decent in them, not as awful as films since then.

    Oh, and while she single handedly ruined woody allen’s ‘scoop’ [poor Hugh Jackman, he tried so hard, and we couldn't even finish watching it, it was so bad]…she actually did pretty well in Matchpoint with Jonathan Rhys Meyers-which btw is a woody allen film that should have gotten more attention IMHO.
    They were both good in that. JRM especially.

    anyway-scarjo has limited range, but she can do better acting than she has been.

  18. Jana says:

    I didn’t know too many girls at that age who wanted to be alone. If they were in between men, they were out partying looking for a new one.

  19. brenda says:

    She was good in some earlier things and was well suited for Matchpoint. I loved that film — I love Jonathan Rhys Meyers and want more photos of him please.

    But I digress. I just haven’t been impressed with her lately — I think she probably isn’t the best actress but like a lot of teen actors the director did a lot with her performance and the audience was able to read what they wanted in her face and manners.

  20. Nancy C. says:

    i dont understand why people do not like her. she doesn’t go around drinking or acting out like other actresses. so what if she likes to be with a man. she should be! she is gorgeous and deserves to be happy. i really don’t understand the dislike towards her. look at kate hudson and her mangrabbing all the time. talk about not wanting to be without a man!! at least scarlette isn’t having babies with different men and then introducing her son to them all. please scarlette is wonderful!

  21. gee says:

    Maybe she wanted someone low key and not crazy after penn. He’s not bad looking, he definitely caters to a specific taste.

  22. Emily says:

    I finally realized why she looks so bad lately, she has Rumour Willis’s face and hair all a sudden. Not a good look.

  23. Cakes says:

    Scarlett Johansson got asked to the Marine Corps ball too. Its on search Scarlett Johansson Marine Corps Ball

  24. vanessa says:

    I hate that expression, “flirting up a storm.” What the hell does that even mean? Anywho, she needs to go back to blond and drop the weight she gained after her divorce from Ryan.

  25. hollywood101 says:

    I just don’t get it. Scarlett is supposed to be this great beauty and I don’t see it.

  26. taxi says:

    Over-processed hair doesn’t look good. She’s a very pretty girl & I think she’s at least as decent as a lot of the other 20-something actresses around. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, along with Scoop, M’point, GwtPE, Horse Whisperer, & a comedy she made with Ryan, whose name I can’t remember. They were married & on vacation in a seaside resort. I think she’s clever & has good timing in comedic roles.