Carrie Underwood orders husband Mike Fisher to stop hunting & playing with guns


I have my opinions about Carrie Underwood, but for the most part, those opinions aren’t based on anything other than how she seems, in general. To me, she seems rather snotty and bitchy, especially when the first Carrie story I always think about is this one, where Carrie was kind of mean to Leighton Meester. I know some of y’all like her, and CB seems to have some (begrudging) respect for her and the way she conducts herself. Anyway, Carrie is married to hockey player Mike Fisher (making her Carrie Fisher!), and they recently decided to make their home in Tennessee, after it was widely reported that Carrie had no interest in living in Canada, where Mike played for the Ottawa Senators. He got traded, and Carrie gets to make their home in Tennessee, just like she wanted. So, what does Carrie want now? She wants Mike to stop hunting. She wants to take away his guns!

Carrie Underwood has banned husband Mike Fisher from his favorite pastime – hunting! Carrie, a vegan, laid down the law after finding a box of guns and traps at Mike’s home in Canada, sources say.

“Carrie hit the roof when she found Mike’s hunting gear,” a source told the Enquirer. “She knew Mike has hunted everything, even grizzly bears, but she thought he’s given it all up when they got married. Carrie loves animals, doesn’t eat them and is dead against harming them for fun.”

To appease his wife, Mike vowed to quit hunting and squirreled his gear away, said the source. The hunting ban is another win for Carrie – sources say she pressured Mike to move from Canada to Tennessee to save their marriage – and he demanded that the Ottawa Senators trade him to the Nashville Predators.

Their marriage had been on thin ice last year, when Carrie reneged on a promise to move to Canada with Mike. The couple ended up buying 354 acres in rural Williamson County, Tennessee, where they are building a home.

“Carrie and Mike are creating their dream home in Nashville, and she doesn’t want any hunting gear there. It’s going to be a warm, safe love nest where they can start a family.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

If Mike wanted to put up a fight, it would get ugly. Like, the NRA would declare Carrie Underwood their public enemy number one and she would be derided and rejected by a good chunk of her pro-gun, pro-hunting, country-music-loving fan base. It would get Dixie Chicks-level bad. Thankfully for Carrie, it doesn’t seem like Mike is putting up much of a fight, which makes me wonder if he was even much of a hunter. Men who hunt all of their lives, who see it as a tradition passed on from father to son, they wouldn’t give up hunting so easily.



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  1. lindseythecrackthief says:

    Agreed! something about her just comes across as SNOTTY!
    So she had NO idea he was into hunting before she married him? somehow i find that hard to believe.
    Why so people think they will change just because you marry them?

    • Lisa says:

      Carrie Underwood is a SNOBBY chick… Listen to the comments she makes. She is obsessed with herself. She might be pretty on the outside but her attitude sucks

    • Amber says:

      I have not once ever seen anuthing snobby about Carrie. Y’all must seriously be jealous of her. And I wouldn’t even marry a person that hunted. But she did and she can’t force him to stop. But if it’s not that important to him anyway then he should stop hunting. My boyfriend didn’t like animals until he got with me then he realized how great they are. Maybe she is just rubbing off on him. Not pushing her beliefs on him. People do change for the ones they love.

  2. theotheryael says:

    ummm…. make that the OTTAWA senators.

  3. KateR says:

    He played for the Ottawa Senators. Calling the team the Toronto Senators is the worst insult possible! We may have sucked this year, but not as badly as the Toronto Maple Leafs usually do!

  4. garvels says:

    I give their marriage 2 years max. Carrie has always seemed like a controlling perfectionist.

  5. LisaMarie says:

    Ugh, it annoys me when a person (male or female) makes their SO give up a hobby just because they don’t agree with it or like it. At some point I have to imagine this guy is going to get sick of being the only one in the relationship having to rearrange his life.

    Of course, I don’t think too highly of miss underwood to begin with, so I somewhat biased

  6. brin says:

    Maybe he could take up knitting.

  7. LadyBird83 says:

    I have to say if a story like this gets big news it could hurt her career in country music. Most country music fans are gun-loving southern republicans.

  8. HeavyRedFlow says:

    Ummm I know that this isn’t a sports site but calling the Ottawa Senators the Toronto Senators is like calling a Fubu bag a Versace bag or something. Anyway, neither city takes kindly to the mix-up.

  9. @Fan4Carrie says:

    You people are stupid to believe any of this crap! Get a life with your BS! You have ZERO proof of anything on Carrie. – A die hard Carrie fan.

  10. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    And the lucky lady got to tour with Billy Currington, sigh.

  11. MB says:

    i dont know why but i really cant stand this girl. Something about her personality is really off. That said, i would sell my mother for those legs.

  12. zesty says:

    I realize I don’t know her from Adam, but she does seem like she could be slightly, um, high maintenance. I wish him good luck.

  13. RobN says:

    As there appears to be a total lack of drama in this marriage, people are now starting to make stuff up. Very predictable, but doesn’t make any of it true.

  14. ladybert62 says:

    She gave up a chance to live in Canada to live in Tennessee? If I liked her before, I dont now!

  15. TXCinderella says:

    They had a call in to a local radio station in my town and asked who has met rude celebs. Someone called in and said they saw Carrie at the DFW airport and approached her, telling her that their Grandmother lived in the same town she was from. They said she was very snotty and did not want to be bothered. I’m sure celebs get pestered all the time, but the best thing for them to do is be as polite as possible, they depend on their fans for a living! I think when they hit it big, they forget this.

  16. Lila says:

    This chick seems like she has no idea what marriage entails. She didn’t know he hunted? They just barely started living in the same place after like a year of marriage?

    Don’t see this one lasting.

  17. flutters says:

    Oh please. Carrie’s made it perfectly clear her husband can do what he wants and her focus is on domestic/farm animals. She even talked about Fisher having a man room with his hunting trophies and stuff in their Ottawa home and said they’ve joked about him padlocking the room so she couldn’t girl it up.

    The Enquirer’s been trying to push nonsense stories about them for a while. They even tried to spin Mike Fisher’s trade as something Carrie forced. Here’s the truth of the matter: they’d built a house in Ottawa that they had just moved into last November and spent the time decorating the place. Then in February he was traded to Nashville because the Ottawa Senators were terrible, needed to rebuild the team, and Fisher was their best trading asset. The Ottawa Senators organization did Fisher a solid by trading him to where his wife lives even though there were other offers from other teams. It wasn’t anything Carrie Underwood or her husband were expecting – they’d custom built that house because they expected Mike to be there and Carrie was living there too once she got off the road.

    I highly doubt she’s a big fan of her husband’s hunting but she grew up around it and she gives every sign of not caring if he does as long as he isn’t pushing it on her. I feel like people stereotype vegans and people who love animals as people who are automatically trying to impose their lifestyles on other people. But Carrie’s made it clear she doesn’t, she just made her choices for herself. And yes, she’s always been totally aware of how much her husband loves hunting and fishing.

    By the way, call me crazy but it’s precisely because Carrie Underwood loves animals as much as she does that I don’t believe she’s a b***h. I think when you have that kind of regard for animals there’s a basic kindness in you that extends to people. I’ve heard from Nashville she’s very shy and reserved and that got misinterpreted when she was starting out. I’ve also heard that since her husband’s come into her life she’s broken out of her shell some. Take it for what it’s worth.

  18. Alix says:

    Can he now insist that she give up wearing 50 pounds of eye makeup?

  19. SEF says:

    This story is nonsense!

    And can I offer a different approach? I always thought Carrie seems the way she does because she’s a normal person, not a desperate famewh@re.
    Do YOU all act sweet and docile all the time? I didn’t think so. Me, neither. She’s just being normal. Cut her a break on the snotty attitude thing!

  20. Original Tiffany says:

    Canadians, no offense. We work for Cirque and have lived in Montreal and Quebec City and now on to Toronto, and it is lovely in the spring and summer. It’s beautiful.
    You guys have that WINTER thing. I’m from CA, and going from non-weather to crazed weather is hard. Snow, wind, blizzards, wind, electrical storms. Health care is interesting too, and I have insurance up the yingyang, including Quebecois insurance.
    Honestly, CA is a paradise, but there is as much good and bad in both countries. As there is in most,and I have lived in a lot of them.
    That said, you have to let your SO have their own hobbies. It’s vitally important. My husband doesn’t invade my horse riding turf, I rarely invade his golf unless invited. We play tennis and other stuff together, but you have to have your own head clearing space, even if it isn’t your bitchy wife’s cup of tea.
    Bon Jour!

  21. flutters says:

    That said, you have to let your SO have their own hobbies. It’s vitally important.

    Which is why it’s a good thing the Enquirer story is nonsense ;)

    It’s probably a good thing for this couple that they are enough under the radar that the Enquirer makes stuff up that’s easily refutable based on interview quotes, twitter, twitpics, and stuff like that.

    By the way I’d somehow missed CB’s piece on the Us Weekly cover story on CU. You guys do know what Us Weekly did was take a phone press conference CU did with a bunch of media outlets to promote the movie Soul Surfer where she made a few comments about her personal life, stretch it out for a feature, and pretend it was an exclusive interview – right? It wasn’t arranged. It was just their way of competing against the People’s Most Beautiful issue that came out that week.

  22. Abby says:

    Man I would kill for her legs.

  23. lucky says:

    her legs look shellacked in that last pic.

  24. L says:

    He did just say he’d put the gear away, not that he’d stop hunting.

    And common, she thought he’d change once they got married? Getting married does NOT change someone. If there’s something they do that annoys you/that they love, getting married doesn’t make it go poof.

  25. Rita says:

    These stories crack me up. Are we to assume that Mike planted this stuff to garner public support so he can return to hunting.

    He’s a real hunter and no wife, even Carrie will change that and I don’t believe for a minute that she wants to.

    As long as Mike doesn’t skin his bear in the kitchen, he can kill anything he wants… the way “skin his bear” is not a peen metaphor, although I’m sure Carrie would be fine with that as well.

  26. original kate says:

    i have no opinion on carrie underwood (never heard her sing and don’t watch AI) but if they are planning on starting a family i don’t blame her for not wanting guns around the house.

  27. Lol wow says:

    What a made up story! Carrie herself even said he had a man room full of his hunting gear. Carrie grew up around hunting since her dad was a hunter and loved to fish just because she loves domestic animals doesn’t mean she’s about to ban hunting especially since carrie herself loves to fish. Whoever believes this story must be extremely stupid. I’ve met Carrie at whole foods which is a grocery store and she was so SWEET! That being said she’s still a normal person no one is perfect so to the person who said she’s snotty you’re too because your no perfectionist no one is.

  28. Mika says:

    Carry Underwood always comes off as a massive bitch and Fisher seems like a totally normal Canadian dude. He likes hunting, yes.but he also hates conflict.

  29. Ashley says:

    Even though i am a fan of Mike’s..

    How can a person judge a person when you have no idea how she is in real life? I honestly can’t believe how cruel some of you are on here. Some of you must be one of those people who think it’s carrie’s fault for his trade to Tennessee.

    He had two choices Tennessee or California. Be thankful he was traded close to home even if it’s in the United States.

    Carrie seems like the most humble, sweetest person in the world and the writer of this site is a taylor swift fan. So of course she’ll attack carrie when possible.

    Carrie would never stop mike from hunting she knew about his hunting before marriage and she was okay with it. Plus she even said in a interview mike and craig morgan hunt whenever they can. So this story is total bullsh*t

  30. Rita says:


    Your comments are exactly right, except those about the author of this site. Please remember this site is meant to be a bit snarky fun. Taylor Swift often takes several lumps here as well.

    There is a certain shyness in Carrie that can be misinterpreted as aloofness or snootiness but her fans know that is not the case.

    Hurry back. We have fun here.

  31. Ashley says:

    i take the Taylor swift comment back. It’s just a shame gossip sites have to make the craziest stuff up just so they have hits on his or her site.

    Carrie hasn’t and never will ban mike from hunting.

  32. Julia says:

    Hahaha, if this is true, she’s got his balls in her handbag. I’ve never really known what to think of Carrie Underwood…She does give off some major bitch vibes, but I hear that’s a symptom of being shy and a celebrity, so it could really go either way…

  33. Nikki Girl says:

    I don’t totally believe this story, but I still can’t stand Carrie Underwood, I never liked her to begin with, she just gives off a bad vibe to me.

    However, I am an NHL fanatic (GO BLUES!) and Mike Fisher definitely did not demand to be traded from Ottawa, that was entirely management’s decision. Unfortunately for my boys, now I have to see a lot more of him (he is in truth an excellent player) and his stupid wife because he plays for the Predators (booo) who are in my team’s division.

    Also, I’m a vegetarian, an Animal Welfare advocate, and I have worked in the veterinary field for a long time now, and I still don’t like Carrie Underwood, I don’t give a flying sh*t if she’s into animals or not. She just comes across as a Type A, controlling, bitchy, arrogant idiot.

    And boy did I laugh my ass off when I saw footage of her crying when the Predators got eliminated from the playoffs this year, hahaha!

    And finally- I don’t think there’s any way in hell these two are going to last, they barely knew eachother when they got married- he’s constantly with his team, she’s constantly touring, performing, etc. I give it a few years, maybe even around 5, but it ain’t gonna be a forever thing.

  34. Eryn says:

    She strikes me as one of those women who wants to be married — doesn’t really matter to who.

    Also: you think they would have broached this subjected BEFORE the wedding.

  35. Kim says:

    Good for her! Hunting for sport is for total losers!!!!

  36. neema says:

    The guy may look rugged and masculine, but he’s proving himself to be quite a mangina in wolfs clothing.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    ‘Scuze me, punkin’ but marriage is about compromise. I don’t eat red meat, but hubs does. I do, however, wear leather. We’ve decided it’s a wash: hubs eats cows, I wear cows, and nothing goes to waste.

    I don’t force my preferences on anyone. I don’t want anyone to force theirs on me.

  38. Naye in VA says:

    Maybe she just doenst want guns in the house.

    Planning for kids?

  39. Mary Jane says:

    If this chick is really a vegan, why the hell is she wearing leather shoes and carrying a leather clutch? I am sure any animal killed by Mr. Fisher is done so in a much more humane manner than any leather/suede farm — presuming the killing of innocent animals for sport is humane…

    And, WTF is up with that pose in the last pic? Gosh, I hate that!

  40. eternalcanadian says:

    “Fisher confessed that he hunts pretty well anything he can get a licence for: deer, bear, duck and turkeys. With a little laugh, he admitted that he gets grief for it. “Yeah, sometimes, people don’t understand. My Dad and uncles hunted, it was something we did. It’s more about the camaraderie, he says, not the kill.” (quote from Ottawa Citizen, March 05, 2009)

    There’s even a video of him hunting (via his website). Gross. :|

    If Carrie truly is vegan, against hunting and animal abuse and all that, I am not sure how she can stand being with a guy like that who goes around killing animals for sport. I wouldn’t be able to even if he made 100 billion dollars a year and looked like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Game of Thrones.

    And yes, Carrie was influential in Mike being traded from Ottawa. It happens all the time in the NHL. The wives/girlfriends don’t like the city and the guy drops hints he wants to be traded even if there’s a “no trade clause”. So yeah, we all knew he was going to leave Ottawa when he married Carrie. The house thing? Pfft, that was just a ruse.

  41. mae says:

    Mike Fisher is a man and if he wanted to hunt he would. Putting Carrie down just to make yourself big make me sick Carrie had nothing to do with Mike going to nashville and if he stray in candan She would be with him. stop making things up but if you want your candain people back I will love for you to take a liar, back stabbing a hole i work with back and get her out of north carolina

  42. francesca says:

    if you knew anything about Carrie, you would realize that none of this is true. first of all, look at who you are getting this lame excuse for a story from, the stupidest magazine out there. leave her and mike alone, if she was who you say she is she would not have made it in this business as well as she has.

  43. Kathrine says:

    Same old lying trash made up by the NE. Plus a bunch
    of jealous women from CN who will say anything they
    can to put Carrie down. She is so much more then any
    one of these anti people and time will prove how
    much love Mike and Carrie have for each other. I see
    a forever relationship here.

  44. Erin says:

    Carrie Underwood gets so much grief from people who are always calling her a snob or bitch. I always thought she seemed very nice even though she is not extremely outgoing like Taylor Swift. I don’t blame her about the hunting and guns. Bottom line-she is beautiful and talented and not afraid to express her opinions on animal rights even though it might hurt her record sales.

  45. danceprancer says:

    hmm…ORDERING someone you love to give up something they enjoy?? NOT a nice way to talk to the one you love…anyway,I thought marriage was about “we” not “I”.Mike seeems to know that;Carrie doesn’t.

  46. belle says:

    When Carrie Underwood was in Allure magazine, they said she came into the room and would not speak to anyone. I can’t stand her and hate her boring songs. Her acting debut was horrible, I turned it off as soon as I realized she was in it. She got smart with Reba on an awards show and Reba gave her a look that would kill. She needs to look back when she was fat and ugly and sang sour notes on AI. Go away Carrie you don’t sing country music you sing pop and not very well.

  47. Gina says:

    i believe it carrie looks like a total stuck up bitch! she would be nothing without her fans, she needs to remember this! Yeah a pretty face can only go so far. I don’t see mike fisher being able to stick around her much longer. js =)

  48. johnny says:

    i luv carrie, shes right animals have a right to roam the earth live and let live , so long as there no danger its good to eat health food
    she sound like she had some opera singing training , i like her voice
    i sing alot myself sinse i was 9 its good for the soul , in nashville near 2nd av broadway
    nashville is beautiful town , music capital of the world
    ive been there 100 times i argee and relate to what she means , a beautiful girl like that should get anything she wants j1

  49. bob says:

    this story is the biggest load of shit i’ve ever read. carrie’s addressed these rumors(and that’s all they are – rumors) on her official fan club. she pretty much just laughed them off, explained that she isn’t anti-hunting (her father hunts…), and she’s flattered that people think she’s powerful enough to influence Mike’s move to Nashville.

    you idiots will write anything to attract traffic to your shitty website.

  50. jack says:

    Carrie’s a vegan and i bet ya (he’s not )what next is she going to do ban a man from having some MEAT…

  51. missti says:

    I don’t usually comment but All the Carrie Underwood bashers are judgemental and ignorant. I came across this link accidentally while googling her after I saw her Behind The Music Biography. How do you dislike someone you don’t know and/nor have ever met. I don’t care about her music too much but she seems like a down to earth and sweet girl. Leave her alone and worry about yourself and your own problems. Lame -grow up people and get a new hobby