Hot Guy Comic-Con: Dork Dong, Nerd Dong and Beyond


Hot Guy Comic-Con! Wouldn’t it be funny if I just found lots of photos of all of the fan/nerd-attendees dressed as Hobbits and such, and just put those photos up? Ha! You’re in luck, though, because it seems like there was some pretty good dongage (we must make that a word) in San Diego over the past few days. Let’s start with Daniel Craig at last night’s Comic-Con premiere of Cowboys & Aliens, wearing a good suit, no tie and a pocket-kerchief. He looks damn good to me. He also looks… different. More content, I think. Maybe it’s his marriage to Rachel Weisz, but Daniel seems more accessible, and like he’s enjoying himself more.


Here’s Henry Cavill, who we always get HGF requests for. It’s not that I don’t acknowledge that he’s good looking – he is. He’s just sort of bland, in my opinion. Vanilla.


Sam Rockwell at the C&A premiere last night – I would hit it. And then some. I would marry it and its babies. I love Sam Rockwell so much.


Justin Chatwin. We’ve gotten requests for him before, I think. He’s totally cute. Boyish, not my type, but adorable.


For Bedhead: Walter Goggins at the Cowboys & Aliens premiere. You might also know him from Justified, but he looks totally at home at a nerd-fest. GET IT, BEDHEAD!


Harrison Ford at the C&A premiere – and no, he didn’t take off those stupid sunglasses at all. Every. Damn. Photo. Calista looks cute in her little dress, though.


Here’s Ian Somerhalder, blowing you a kiss while wearing a dumb hat. He’s very pretty, though. Wouldn’t you be worried that he was prettier than you?



Stephen Moyer, with a hint of Skarsgard. I’ve always found Moyer’s personality sexier than Alex’s.


And last but not least, COLIN FARRELL. This Irish boy… I know he would get me pregnant and dump me, but… I would totally be into it.



UPDATE: Thanks to Stacie for pointing out my omission of Jason Momoa. How could I forget him?!?



Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Hot! Daniel Craig & Colin Ferrell & (duh!) ASkars! Ian Somerholder reminds me of a younger Rob Lowe.

  2. brin says:

    May the dongage be with you (in honor of Comic-Con)! Thanks for Henry Cavill (I’ll take vanilla anytime)!

  3. orion70 says:

    I share your love for Sam Rockwell. He oozes the sexy.

  4. Gossip Owl says:

    In the last Con post I extended an open invitation to Chris Hemsworth to eat cookies in my bed. I am here to also extend the same invitation to Daniel Craig (if things between him and Rachel Weisz don’t work out) and Henry Cavill.
    I think Craig however is oozing happiness. I never thought of Sam Rockwell as sexy until I saw this picture. I may have to reconsider…
    For the rest of them, I say “meh.”

  5. Jen34 says:

    Oh hot dong indeed!! Comic Con sounds like a frustrating nightmare to me, though. I’d be waiting in line the entire time only to get to stand at the back of the room and watch everything on a big screen. It seems like someone who really wanted to see some hot dong would do better to hang at pricey hotels.

  6. Mr. Greek says:

    A question for all the ladies here at Celebitchy…is there anyone here who thinks Daniel Craig resembles a rat or other type of rodent? I honestly do NOT get the appeal this guys holds for so $any women! It’s the same with John Hamm – the dude looks exhausted all the time; bags under his eyes, greasy hair, etc.

    Enquiring Greek minds want to know. LOL!

  7. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    Who knows, perhaps Harrison Ford recently had some procedure done on his eyes and they were sensitive to light?

    It just made me instantly think of an episode of Drop Dead Diva, where Cybill Shepherd played a character who, for all intent purposes, was a demanding diva of the fashion world and was chastised for wearing her sunglasses in the court room. You later learned in the episode that she was going blind and her eyes had become highly sensitive to light. The character admitted she’d rather have the public think she’s just a snotty bitch rather than them find out her condition and have her career ruined and be pitied.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Jen34 – You order tickets online (which has proven frustrating the last 2 years, at least), choose a hotel* on the trolley line (if you don’t live there and drive every day) also online, and do it that way. (No, I’m not the Nerdling – my older son is. And I’m sure he’s missing living in SD too. He’s gone every year for like the last 5 or 6 years.) I’d try my luck at one of the clubs/expensive restaurants to see who I wanted to see.

    *Because of the location and limited/very expensive hotel costs, they fill up fast, almost as soon as the Comic Con dates are announced.

  9. Nanea says:

    Happy Sundong! Yay!

    Daniel does look good, as does HC.
    BTW, real vanilla, as is beans, is not bland at all, unlike that artificial essence stuff.

    Moyer’s shirt & ASkars – hilarious!

    Harrison is good for Calista, even with those sunglasses.

  10. Oi says:

    Ian should hook up with Olivia Wilde and have a baby just so I can see what their kids jaw would look like…..

    Thanks for the guys!

  11. Debra says:

    Henry Cavill!!!! hands down..yummy

    Vanilla is my favorite flavor, by the way

  12. folly says:

    that collin farrell is so hot,didnt he work in horrible bosses with jen,this are the type of men i will have picture her with,even though i am angie fan,i will have envy her,as for daniel craig i am still surprise how people find him hot or i just have a different taste in men

  13. Hautie says:

    (How can you leave out the best nerd of them all, Zachary Levi!) So cute and so tall.

    I am surprise that Harrison Ford came out for this crowd. But it is nice that he did and I keep forgetting that Calista married him. But she does look lovely. And not nearly as deathly skinny as she was, a decade ago.

    But I suspect Harrison has never been in a place that loved him as much as the Comic Con crowd does.

    And dang it since Colin Farrell decided to dry out and quit smoking. He is looking do-able.

    But not as do-able as Walter Goggins! :)

  14. Quest says:

    The force is strong with these dongs…loving the comic-con line up

  15. Kaiser says:

    I just added Jason Momoa at the end. I can’t believe I forgot him!

  16. Devon says:

    Oh Alex…always creeping in the back of photos. Thank god it’s Sunday!!

    Love Stephen’s shirt so much!


    Ian is very pretty but whenever I see him and he’s not playing Damon Salvatore, who I find much more attractive than Ian (weird, I know), I want to give him a big dose of SIT DOWN. He grates on my nerves and THAT HAT! Ruining all the hot with his posing.

    Harrison, I’d still hit it even though he’s old enough to be my father.

  17. Lauri says:

    ew no, Stephen Moyer’s personality is that of a creepy old man. He’ll always say something really creepy that makes me cringe, usually involving biting and penetration. That’s his favorite word.

  18. Devon says:

    Needed to add, with the addition of Jason Momoa, I hate Lisa Bonet. Babies with both Jason & Lenny. Girl has gone FINE taste in men. My hubby and I are watching GoT right now and I get just a little uncomfortable watching Jason Momoa. I want to rip all of (minimal) clothes off and be his Khaleesi. I know what happens to his character even though we’re not finish and I’m tres sad!

  19. Marcy says:

    Lol what you said about Colin!!

  20. londonLady says:

    who, oh who is Jason momoa???? He is smoking

  21. megan says:

    “This Irish boy… I know he would get me pregnant and dump me, but… I would totally be into it.” <– quote of the week!

  22. MollyB says:

    Adding Jason Momoa kind of ruins the rest of it. I mean, Colin Farrell is cute and all but Jason is a MAN, you know? Damn.

  23. Mairead says:

    Ooooh Sam Rockwell. I heart him too! :D

    Could I ask for John Barrowman as well as he was at Comic Con too, because he’s in Captain America. Apparently the first thing he did was buy his action figure :lol: and about $500 worth of tshirts.

    I must say the new series of “Torchwood”, with Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman is epically good. And HAWT!!! Captain Jack always pulls the hottest men ;)

  24. Jen34 says:

    Thank for the advice, Bellaluna.

    In my younger, single days, my bff and I would have torn that town upside down to find Alex Skarsgard. I’m not kidding.

  25. Andrea says:

    Henry Cavill, vanilla???? Watch the Tudors, he was a sexy beast on that show, tearin’ it up with every woman he ran into. YUM!!!

  26. Nancito says:

    @ Mr. Greek – I’m someone who doesn’t get the Craig and Hamm love either, and I would also like to add Fassbender to the confusion.

  27. weetiger3 says:

    Jason is my new crush. I’ve got it bad and Comic Con has not helped. My ass will be front and center for the new Conan and then I’ll have to share him with the world cuz he’s gonna be HUGE! While I envy Lisa Bonet beyond all reason, it is insanely sexy how devoted he is to his wife and kids.

  28. mary simon says:

    @devon agreed on Ian – I like Damon Salvatore more than I like Ian, and I don’t mind hats occasionally, but I don’t like guys who wear hats all the time.

  29. Angie says:

    Oh, no Andrew Garfield? He was there too for the amazing spiderman with Emma Stone. Love him.

  30. skilo says:

    Askars and Colin Farrell are the only 2 guys here who really do anything for me. And Colin could just about do anything to me that he wanted. :)

  31. Nymeria says:

    @ Mr. Greek – I don’t get the appeal either. I’d rather get it on with a sponge than with Craig or the Hammster.

    Another thing is that everyone in Hollywood is unusually tiny, which is a turn-off in and of itself, no matter which actor it is. It’s one thing to fantasize about so-and-so, but the reality is that so-and-so is most likely about half your width and several inches shorter than you. How… romantic. *cough*

  32. Amy says:

    I wish you’d used a better photo of Sam Rockwell. He’s my faaaaaavorite!

  33. Liamarie says:

    Jason Momoa is scheduled for CCNY this year, too. I AM one of those “nerdlings” who catches the Con every year.

  34. jzhz says:

    Pretty sure it’s Walton Goggins, not Walter.

  35. Gossip Owl says:

    Jason, my invitation extends to you as well.

  36. Jamie says:

    @theoriginalbellaluna, I’ve always said Ian looks like a younger Rob Lowe.

    @Mr.Greek, I don’t get the Daniel Craig and John Hamm appeal either.

    @Oi, god no. Olivia needs to stay the hell away from Ian. He’s with Nina anyway, thank God.

    @Devon, they both look the same to me – I just think Ian’s hot no matter what character he’s playing. Since they’re the same person, I can’t say one is hotter than the other. lol I have to say also that I actually LOVE Ian’s personality (always have) – he doesn’t grate on my nerves at all. I could hear him talk all day. I do hate the hats, though.

    The only two I find hot in this entire post are Ian and Jason to be quite honest.

  37. Jen34 says:

    @Gossip Owl

    I hope you have a very reliable vacuum. You are going to need it. All those crumbs!

  38. Shy says:

    Henry Cavill in my opinion is very bad choice for Superman. He is pretty but that is all. He has zero charisma. And I see zero personality. I can’t see how they will make him try to sell Superman to audience. He looks so empty. Even unknown Brandon Routh sold Superman perfectly. And it wasn’t his fault that script was so weak.

    Justin Chatwin – needs to shave. Beard makes him look older. I had some sort of crush on him after War of the Worlds. And I went to see Invisible because of him. He needs to appear more in movies. At least he find himself job on Shameless. I didn’t even knew he was there.

    Ian Somerhalder… Oh Boone… I adored him in Lost. His character, the way he was acting him, his hair… And I hate so much his look since he started on The Vampire Diaries. That hair I hate the most. It was much shorter in first season. He looks like such a douche-bag now that it’s impossible to stand him. And I wonder which one is closer to real Ian – Boone or Damon.

    Aaand – Team Bill all the way. Never got Eric appeal. Such a self obsessed douche-bag. I want to slap him every time he shows up on screen so full of himself. I adore Eric with lost memory. Such an adorable “puppy”. I want to give him hug every time he shows up. I wish they would left this Eric forever. But you know that they will bring back his memory sooner or later and we would have to stand “douche-bag Eric” again. And I love king Bill. Such a good person :) I don’t understand why most of the people hate him.

  39. phlyfiremama says:

    Jason Momoa! Dear lord, tht is one hot piece of Man right there. To quote CB: “fans biscuits” ASkars: I love me some Eric, Bill is meh for me. Han Solo, along with Robert Redford, are my forever Dongs.

  40. Turtle Dove says:

    Oi (11) – So true. They have almost the same jaw but on him it’s sexy and on her it’s distracting.

    Devon (17) – I know what you mean. I like Damon a lot more too. Maybe that shows that he’s playing the character really well? Ian seems like a nice guy though.

    Nymeria (32) – It’s funny how little a lot of celebs are. I saw Letterman this week. I didn’t realize how tall he was until I saw him beside Bono and The Edge. They looked like hobbits next to Letterman. I couldn’t believe how small they were.

    PS – “The Edge” needs to lose the lame nickname IMO.

  41. chris says:

    Where’s Pattinson? What is this fail list? You don’t even have your fave Ryan Gosling. I don’t think he’s hot but everyone always pretends as if he is so I thought for sure he would be here.

  42. Health Forum says:

    I wish that I could have went to Comic-con this year, it looked like a blast

  43. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @mourningthdeath, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw Ford with those glasses.

    @mr Greek, Hamm and Craig have 0 sex appeal.

    But Jason Momoa, THAT is one man I’d like to get under!

  44. Gossip Owl says:

    @Jen34 I will handle the crumbs! Do you think I could bribe these men with oreo cookies? :-P

  45. Flan says:

    From Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster Waldau and Kit Harington were there too (swoon).

    As well as Peter Dinklage, the sexiest little man on tv.

  46. CC says:

    Daniel Craig and ASkars’s hair has the “wet rat” styling on it. Not sexy at all.

    What the hell is that awful color Moyer dyes his hair in? Looks terrible, you can tell the bad dye job from far far away.

    For a side dish of blond, I prefer Chris Hemsworth. Even if he didn’t get mentioned here.

    Love Farrell even if he’s an asshole. Good thing I don’t actually have to deal with him.

    Momoa is a real MAN. Yummy. And look at how he walks. Sexy. He doesn’t have that “classical beauty” thing going for him but somehow he draws you in.

    Henry Cavill has no charisma, but then again, neither has Superman.

    There’s something really weird about Ian Sommerhalder’s eyes, on paper the color is awesome, but they creep me out.

    Harrison Ford is looking good for an old guy, but the other day I saw him in a short sleeve shirt or T-shirt, and his arms…ugh….old man’s arms all the way.

  47. Connie says:

    Daniel Craig is great and I love Ian Somerholder but today is Jennifer Lopez’ birthday…please do a post on that.

    Ok. Back to hot guy comic-con…bring them on!

  48. Ellen Ripley says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE GOGGINS! I’ve been going through Boyd Crowder withdrawal.

  49. Calli Pygian says:

    When my thirteen year old daughter professed her adoration for Somerholder, he became a persona non grata for me, LOL.

    IMO, the only reason for the glasses in Hunky Harrison’s case is some injectate (Juvederm bruising??). I’d still hit you Harrison, bruising, bumps, and all. You are still HOT!

    I would totally, wholeheartedly, uninhibitedly hit Farrell or Momoa, btw.

    Agree with your assessment of Craig-dong’s contented demeanor, though.


  50. Charlotte says:

    Ahhhh, Colin Farrell. God, he’s gorgeous, even dirty and unkempt. Was in Jamestown years ago the day after he was done filming there, felt so let down… So close, but so far away. Was chaperoning a field trip, but would have gladly left those kids in the dust for Colin!!

  51. DethHammer says:

    Justin Chatwin is absolutely adorable! I’d hit it!

    Ian Somerhalder is so pretty and has the most beautiful eyes. I love guys with those really light, ice blue-green eyes. I wouldn’t care if he was the pretty one in the relationship! :)

    Colin Farrell always cracks me up. He totally owns the market on “douche-hotness”

    “This Irish boy… I know he would get me pregnant and dump me, but… I would totally be into it.” BEST QUOTE EVER!! I seriously burst out laughing when I read that! :)

  52. Shy says:

    Peter Dinklage was mentioned… As everyone else I love Tyrion. And happy with all that attention Peter has now…

    But I was kind of disappointed with his attitude in Comic-Con. There are a lot of videos on YouTube from Game of Thrones panel. It’s your glory days Peter. Shine and enjoy your fame…. But he was just there. Like on a paper. Just sitting there like they made him to do it and barely spoke. Other were joking and having fun and Peter looked like he wanted to be somewhere else.

  53. moe says:

    No Kit Harington! I disapprove!

  54. Arvedia says:

    Hey, Walter Goggins – you’ll never look like Brian Grazer, so get a comb. I bet Agent Bedhead could help you out!

  55. Gabi says:

    A child of Ian Somerhalder and Olivia Wilde?? Poor kid will be a walking jaw with a hint of eyes! O.O

    Too little Alexander Skarsgard :(
    But ooohh.. smokin hot Jason!