Christian Bale & Tom Hardy are meaty, gross on the set of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


****SPOILERS (I think?)****

Here are some photos from the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Also Thinks About Rising Sometimes, the third installment from Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. We don’t have access to the pics of Christian Bale in his Batman gear, but hey, you’ve seen that junk before, so it’s not biggie. What I will say is that Bale doesn’t look like he really did the work to bulk up for this third film. His body says to me, “Eh, I’ll let the suit do the work, damn it.”

I guess this Bale working on a fight sequence with Bane, played by Tom Hardy, only I’m pretty sure the meaty bald guy that you see in these pics is actually Tom Hardy’s stunt guy/body double. But I do think that’s actually Tom Hardy in the Bane costume, with the ventilator on or whatever. I wish I could do a SPOILER for the ventilator, but I have no idea what it’s for or anything. Is the film keeping it real?

Other thoughts: I still don’t like Tom Hardy bald and meaty. He looks so gross. I hope Bane is worth it, and maybe it will be different once we see the film. Also, I’m really starting to worry about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. We haven’t seen any photos of her, and there’s been barely any talk about how she’s doing. I’m worried.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Eve says:

    A friend of mine thinks Hathaway and Bale are the answer for a blind item posted on Laineygossip. This one:

    1. It was instant attraction when they started rehearsals, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be happily married. On set flirtation, some touching in the trailer, soon became after work “prep time”, and heavy petting in the car, and before long it was a full blown affair. May have been a method situation for him, which would surprise no one, but for her, even though she told herself this was a big girl, mature woman thing to do – take a co-star lover – of course she fell in love, although she obediently went back to her boyfriend and tried to shake it off he cut it off after three weeks as soon as his wife came over to stay. He seems to be able to pretend like it never happened. Which, naturally, is confusing her because she thought it was so real. Of course she did. As it happened, there was a break in the schedule and they haven’t had to work together for a while, much to the studio’s relief. These are big names on a big film with big expectation and there was already enough drama last time around. But shooting with everyone resumes again in a few days, and they’ll be sending an executive to stay around through the stretch to keep a close eye. Babysitting is exactly what it is.

    P.S.: When I saw that fourth picture I thought that guy’s (one who looks like Bale’s personal trainer) face was splitting in half.

  2. carrie says:

    @eve: every one thinks they’re the answer except Bale,Hathaway,the crew and all the stalkers of the movie(on Facebook,there is a group who followed the filming in England and even in India and they have many spoilers)

  3. Ari says:

    If that blind item is them: WHOA

  4. Eve says:

    @ Carrie and Ari:

    I didn’t have a clue when I saw that BI but this friend, who is a fan of Bale, sent me an e-mail telling she thought the answer was them and it did make sense.

  5. mia girl says:

    I also immediately thought of Bale and Hathaway when I read that blind! I even emailed my guess to CB!

  6. notpretentious says:

    He’s not married, he’s only engaged. Oops, I thought we were talking about Tom Hardy. My mistake. Bale and Hathaway…hmmm.

  7. Eve says:

    @ Mia Girl:

    Really? I usually suck at guessing Blind Items right. And when I read that I even failed to see the “method” thrown in the middle of the post — it was only after my friend wrote me that I realized it (the word “method”) was probably a hint. I’m going to send her the link for this thread (since there are people who agree with her guess).

    By the way, she also thinks “heavy petting” could be a hint too (Hathaway is playing Catwoman).

  8. kane says:

    This is gonna be like the January Jones BI where the suspect has to release a statement. Such big production as the Batman franchise won’t allow such rumour to float around.

  9. tapioca says:

    @Eve: Could be! I heard it might be the Hunger Games guys.

    Either way Catwoman is going to ruin this film because a). The Nolan brothers couldn’t write a decent female character to save their lives and b). Anne Hathaway couldn’t seduce a sailor home from 6 months at sea or convincingly fight her way out of a wet paper bag.

    Eva Green was robbed! Hell, even Jessica Biel would be better.

  10. carrie says:

    @eve: Lainey also has a riddle about a hermaprodite actress(Nicole Kidman) and wrote Jake Guyllenhal is straight and Matt Damon is gay(a riddle named CUBA)

    i can believe some rumors ( Ben Affleck cheating with Lively or the unhappy marriage of Goopy and Martin)but i don’t buy a torrid affair between Bale and Hathaway (the girl seems very young and idiot in the riddle)

  11. kieslwoski says:

    @Eve, I am with you, when I read that blind I immediately thought of Anne and Bale.

    Liney wliminated Scarlett and RDJ (they were whooting The Avengers together)

  12. Eve says:

    @ Carrie:

    Yeah, I read those blind items too. I don’t think she’s right in all of them. And I don’t buy for a second that Gylenhaal isn’t gay but…to each their own.

    But to be fair, in that “Cuba” riddle she didn’t say it was “slamdunk” (to use one of her favourite words)…I think I remember reading something like “IF this is true” so even she herself wasn’t sure.

    I can believe certain rumors too (like the ones surrounding January Jones’s and Natalie Portman’s pregnancies) and, just like you, I’m not sure about this one. Not because Hathaway is that smart (I mean, I think she can be dumb like the girl in the BI) but because Bale, as crazy as he is, has never struck me as the one who steps out on his wife. However, considering how “method” he is when it comes to his roles, he could have had an affair just to see how the so called sexual tension between Batman and Catwoman would work out.

    @ Kieslowski:

    It was my friend who immediately thought about them. I realized that after she told me her guess.

    @ Tapioca:

    I read that on Dlisted. But I think that is too far fetched.

    @ Kaiser:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this thread into an analysis of Lainey’s Blind Items. But hey, you asked about Hathaway not being mentioned…so it wasn’t exactly thread highjacking, was it? Again, sorry.

  13. carrie says:

    @topiaca: LOL i’m with you :she’s talented but she’s as sexy as a Q-tip (even in Rachel Getting Married or Love & Other Drugs)

    if he must have an affair, it’s with Marion Cotillard(i don’t know why but i like this idea)

    @evie: does she like good-looking hobos?

  14. Diana says:

    Wow. I’d never, ever have thought that Bale and Hathaway would be interested in each other that way — at all. But it does make a certain amount of sense, I guess, with the “method” and “heavy petting” clues. And the girl in the riddle does sound a lot like Anne Hathaway: tries too hard, wants to be grown up, mistakes lust for love. Although why the studio is trying to pretend that this would be a bad thing for the film (can you say insane FREE PUBLICITY liek whoa), I have no idea.

    A little addendum, too: I remember hearing (I think it was from Lainey as well) that Bale and his wife didn’t have the happy marriage that everyone thought they had, that she turned a blind eye to a lot of stuff. Take it with a grain of salt, though! ;)

  15. gabs says:

    I can believe that riddle. Hathaway has bad taste in men. Didn’t she date a con artist and then a guy who stole a painting or something like that? She likes the shady types and is pretty naive. Lainey’s riddle never says the girl is young in age it just implies that she is known for being naive. This blind does fit them pretty well. I wasn’t sold until I saw the “for him its probably method” part. Also the heavy petting and mention of drama from last time that implies its a movie franchise and..yeah it all adds up

  16. Turtle Dove says:

    Love Bale, but you’re right there was no bulking up for this role. Perhaps it was needed for the character?

    Hardy’s all kinds of gross atm. Sorry fan-girls, don’t cut a gal for the truth. I can’t wait till he deflates and grows the hair. He’s better lean.

    Hmmm…. I think I’m on board with the Bale/Hathaway hook up. I could see her being that flakey, ditzy and clingy, and Bale being able to instantly cut it off – which begs the question, if it is him, has he done it before???

  17. dj says:

    I did not know Eva Green was up for Catwoman. She would have been fantastic! Not so sure about Ann.

  18. *bRaZiLiAn* says:


  19. HannahG says:

    Can someone explain to me what ‘The Dark Knight Also Thinks About Rising Sometimes’ means? I don’t get it at all.

  20. HannahG says:

    PS Regarding the blind item? Bale’s wife has been with him on set since the beginning of filming. It does heavily suggest the movie but it’s either made up or different actors. Secondly, is 37-28 a big enough age gap like the blind suggests? Its hardly babysitting. In fact, it’s not really a gap at all. Far more likely to be Hunger Games with Woody Harrolsen and Jennifer Lawrence. I reckon the drama last time is a slight exaggeration on authors part to look like a bigger movie than it is.

  21. Eve says:

    @ HannaG:

    I think the babysitting thing is what the producers are having to do (hiring people to watch them closely) with both of them: two grown ups whose behaviour might actually compromise the whole production. I don’t think it suggests he’s old enough to be her father/babysitter.

  22. HannahG says:


    Hi, I get that, but usually in these blinds language is used to provide clues e.g and babysitting it is.

  23. Eve says:

    @ HannaG:

    Sorry then, I thought you had misinterpreted.

  24. eternalcanadian says:

    I miss the Batman of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney,! The Christian Bale Batman is just plain gross. *barfs*

  25. original kate says:

    tom hardy = gross.

    christian bale = i would hit it until i lost consciousness.

  26. Meadowlark says:

    How is Tom Hardy gross? I can’t even realy see him in that picture. Are there others? I need to see… right meow.

  27. Chris says:

    Bale is into disappearing and immersing himself inside a character. So if it was a method thing for him then it’s perfectly understandable that he has no feelings for her, because she wouldn’t have been with him she would’ve been with Batman/Bruce Wayne. Wow imagine pulling that one out to justify using someone for sex. It’d be even funnier if he tried to run it by his fiancée. :)

    “I’m really starting to worry about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. We haven’t seen any photos of her, and there’s been barely any talk about how she’s doing. I’m worried.”

    Let’s not send out the SOS for Halle Berry just yet.

  28. Rosanna says:

    I didn’t like Batman – then I watched Bale’s and WOW :)

  29. coucou says:

    Christian Bale – dirty, sexy, hot as hell…damn boy…i think myself and a couple other commenters here could def throw down a gang bang on this American psycho…excuse me, i don’t usually talk like this…spending too much time at the hub i think…

  30. ZenB!tch says:

    I have no clue who Tom Hardy or Bane are. Yes, I have seen all of these – the Burtons, the Schumachers and the Nolans but I don’t read comics.

    Regardless, that meaty guy is gross whomever he is.

    Hathaway has bad taste in men and I am no fan of Bale – too tempestuous – but I don’t see it. Her bad taste includes dorky looking – the con artist looked like the guy from Scrubs – as much as I think Christian Bale would spell trouble – at least for me – he is aesthetically pleasing. He would never be cast in scrubs.

    She also seems to date non-actor types.

  31. TL says:

    Kevin Smith needs to make a Bluntman and Chronic since all these superhero movies are back being all the craze these days.

  32. postaldog says:

    Bane is the character that breaks Batman’s back in the comics and puts him out of action. Hardy (Handsome Bob from Rock n Rolla) is probably too small to play the character physically (think the version in the god-awful Schumaker Batman & Robin stinker as closer), but in the comics, Bane is an evil genius type so he can’t be all brawn/no brains. I think Hardy will pull it off. And the ventilator is keeping close enough to the comic version for my taste.
    imho, Hathaway will do well as Catwoman, she has the ability to subtle sinister and a groovy enough body to look smokin’ in a catsuit.

  33. Turtle says:

    There’s actually a still of Hathaway in her Catwoman costume on youtube somewhere. She looks amazing.

  34. Shy says:

    Team Bane. Batman villains are always more cool that Batman. Batman is such a depressing and boring character.

  35. ben tentpole says:

    tapioca, after seeing Anne Hathaway’s nude body in Havoc, Brokeback Mountain, and Love And Other Drugs, she can put cookie crumbs in my bed anytime. Hathaway has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood.
    Plus, she has acting talent. I am a big fan of her work on SNL- her impressions of Katie Holmes & Judy Garland were wonderful.

  36. shay kay says:

    If the blind is Bale he’d tell the press to “f*ck off about his private life” and if it isn’t true he’d tell the press to f*ck off about his private life.
    If all actors were like Bale we’d have nothing to gossip about….but I don’t mind having the one sexy man that draws a line about his personal life and prefers not to dicuss his sex life with his wife or his relationship with his child in detail. Maybe when he says he’s a private man he actually means it.How rare is that in Hollyweird?
    Consistant, outstanding handsome,intelligent, incredibly talented, and with accents to choose from…..ladies we could ban together and take this man(except I wouldn’t be willing to share).

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