Dolly Parton reveals story of a crazed fan who left “a baby in a box” on her doorstep


Oh, Dolly Parton. Even though I’m not a country music fan (that is, aside from Johnny Cash), it’s impossible to dislike Dolly, who has always possessed an indomitable spirit throughout her long-lived career and grew up in (truly) humble beginnings. Although I must admit cringing ever so slightly when she recently engaged in some freestyle rap during one of her concerts, Dolly is still and will always be quite the legendary gal. Currently, the singer is in the midst of her latest music tour and, as such, has given quite the interesting interview about some of her early experiences with fanatical devotees. According to Fox News, one of them even tried to give her a baby. Really.

Country music legend Dolly Parton has revealed in an interview, gaining global attention Wednesday, that a “loony” fan once left a baby on her doorstep.

The 65-year-old, who is on her “Better Day” world tour, told Chicago’s Windy City Times she was shocked by the incident, which occurred after she penned her famous 1974 track “Jolene.”

“Years ago, when I first started being a big star, I had fans that were fanatical. It was when ‘Jolene’ was a big hit,” said Parton.

“We came home one day and there was a baby in a box at our gate with a note in it. The note said, ‘My name is Jolene, my momma has left me here and she wants you to have me.’ Of course, we all freaked out!”

“It wasn’t like it was a kitten or a puppy dog. It was a baby named Jolene!”

Parton, who is due to play in Chicago on Thursday, said she contacted Human Services about the abandoned child and never knew what happened after authorities took the youngster away.

The country star has concerts scheduled in England, Europe, US and Australia over the next four months, in support of her 41st studio album “Better Day.”

[From Fox News]

Obviously, Dolly did the right thing by immediately calling Human Services. Exactly what sort of person leaves a baby in a box anywhere, let alone on the doorstep of their favorite singer? That’s just so creepy, and I hope that, somewhere, fully-grown Jolene never reads this story anywhere. Hopefully, she was adopted out to a loving family (who ideally changed her name) and will never be aware of the crazy circumstances that surrounded her very early life. Crikey.



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  1. Rita says:

    Dolly is a legend and rightfully so. She made it on her own and did it her way. Unfortunately, on her recent tour she lipsynced the performance and was called out for doing so. She must stop that because it will ruin a long and lustrious career. If a performer is going to lipsync, the fans should know it before they buy the ticket.

    God bless Dolly, an American original.

  2. NancyMan says:

    WOW, she looks a little over pulled. lol I guess it would have been too much to ask that Dolly grow old gracefully.

  3. lucy2 says:

    What kind of nutcase does that??? I guess the kid is better off elsewhere than with a parent that messed up. I think I would have tried to follow up to make sure it all worked out, but maybe they weren’t allowed to be told anything.

    Her face is starting to get wonky.

  4. original kate says:

    of course she’s not aging gracefully – she’s dolly freakin’ parton, the woman who once said “honey, it takes a lot of money to look this cheap!” love. her.

    also, the white stripes did an amazing cover of “jolene” when i saw them.

  5. wunderkindt says:

    Plastic surgery overload!

  6. Linner says:

    Poor Dolly. She must be using the same plastic surgeon as Madonna. Way too much going on in the cheek area.

  7. Rita says:

    Dolly is 64 years old. I think that being able to just walk upright with those boobs at the age of 64 is a pretty good accomplishment.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Her lips must live their own life separated from her.

  9. Maritza says:

    The lunatic that left the baby in the box probably thought Dolly Parton would fall in love with the baby and adopt her. Poor kid I hope she was adopted by great parents.

  10. I love her voice.’Jolene’really brought out the sweetness in her voice,with a touch of vulnerability.

  11. Miss Diagnosed says:

    Love Dolly! “Jolene” was my favorite song to sing as a child. It drove my family nuts, especially since they’re a bunch of uptight Mormons. Hahaha!

  12. londonLady says:

    Not to criticise, but what does the face look like without make up? I guess after a certain amount of plastic surgery you have to keep going lest it start withering away with the rest of it..Oh Dolly..

  13. londonLady says:

    Not to criticise, but what does the face look like without make up? I guess after a certain amount of plastic surgery you have to keep going lest it start withering away with the rest of it..Oh Dolly..

  14. Amanda G says:

    Oh my….what has she done to her face? I still love/respect her though.

  15. boo says:

    Love me some Dolly, I watch the movie 9 to 5 whenever it comes on TV. She’s got a beautiful voice and a wonderful spirit. The plastic surgery is a bit over the top but I’m sure if asked about it she would tell you exactly what she’s had done, she does not deny it. And I like that.

  16. mary simon says:

    love Dolly but she has the same frankenstein face as Suzanne Somers in the blue dress pic,

  17. Anastasia says:

    I love her dearly but like others, wish she’d leave her face alone!

  18. Ell says:

    She can do no wrong, loved her all my life but not in a crazy ‘leave a baby on the doorstep’ way.

    I wish we could appreciate legendary people while they were still on earth rather than after they’re gone. Dolly Parton and Barbra Streisand are two women who aren’t recognised enough for their amazing talents. I remember a few years ago Dolly couldn’t even get her new album played on country music radio in the US, disgusting, especially when you consider the junk they play.

    Rant over, got the grumps today.

  19. Twez says:

    She was holding on for quite a few years, but the plastic surgery and whatever the hell she did to her mouth have moved her into the uncanny valley.

  20. Maife Lincoln says:

    Oh dear Dolly, u’re a living musical legend and should be respected and recognised as such! I’ve always loved ur music. Am glad u’re still kicking. U’re aging I knw but take it easy on makeups, u still look great!

  21. poodlemom says:

    Why do beautiful women do such horrible things to their faces? Dolly used to be so gorgeous. Now…she looks hideous! I just don’t understand why people do this to themselves! Is is a lack of self-esteem? I know some people are afraid of aging…but she used to be such a beautiful woman. Now…she is a platic surgery freak!

  22. Anoni Mus says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t even go past the photographs to the story. Dolly has butchered her face… she looks terrifying! And did you notice she has her hands covered in every pic? Wanna bet it’s to hide her ageing skin? Dolly may be the nicest, kindest person, but her vanity irks me.

    She should let her personality be center stage, not her looks!

  23. Leticia says:

    Her lips! Yikes, her lips scare me.

  24. Ben says:

    HAH! Fox News is avoiding the fact that this interview was originally for Attitude magazine. For gay guys.

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