Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt admit to faking their breakup, wasting millions

The Daily Beast has a new interview with Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the former stars of MTV reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills. These two faked a wedding in 2008 and when their show was canceled last year they faked a breakup and then tried to sell a fake adultery story to the tabloids. Spencer half-faked a breakdown, they tried to sell or fake a sex tape (that gratefully never materialized) and then when all else failed they admitted they were totally broke and had wasted at least $10 million dollars. Oh and last year Heidi had ten plastic surgeries in one day and then after her surgeon died in a car accident she immediately went to the press crying about her “plastic surgery disasters.” (Whereas before her surgeon’s death she was on the news with him singing his praises.) She also tried to launch a music career that tanked.

In this latest interview, the gruesome twosome admit that their breakup was fake and that they never spent a day apart despite all those tabloids and staged photos. They’re now broke, living for free in one of their parents’ houses and they wish they’d saved their money instead of squandering it. Heidi explains that she saw buying all those luxury goods as an investment, like Kim Kardashian or something.

Here are some quotes from the article on Daily Beast, which is well worth reading in its entirety:

They never broke up
Did you ever break up? Spencer: “No.” Heidi: “No.” Spencer: “Not for one minute.” Heidi: “We’ve never even been apart.” Which raises a larger point: Everything in this article that could be fact-checked through multiple independent sources, has been.

On how they blew all their millions
What the hell happened? What were they thinking? And where did all the money go?

“We never had any!” said Spencer in response to the money question. Meaning, it went out as quickly as it came in. Spencer estimated they spent $2 million on Heidi’s ill-fated pop-music career, hiring writers, producers, and engineers who worked with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. There were lots of clothes, too. “I probably spent a million dollars on suits and fancy clothes,” Spencer said. “My whole million-dollar wardrobe—I would never wear that again. They’re props. Everything we were doing, we were buying props. I bought a big blue monster truck just to drive it on The Hills for an episode. Never drove it again.”

Spencer—who previously appeared on 2005’s short-lived reality series The Princes of Malibu—grew up with privilege and private schools in Los Angeles; Heidi was raised in tiny Crested Butte, Colo., with little money and lots of megachurches. “I should have known growing up and not having any money ever that I should have kept every dollar that I had,” Heidi said. “I thought I was investing in myself and my brand. Like Kim.” As in Kardashian, who came up often during the interview. Heidi continued: “When she buys these clothes, she’s investing in herself. Because she is a big brand and is likeable. I thought I had that potential. My ego got too big. To think I could be someone like that when I was the most hated girl ever.”

Why Spencer flipped out on the set of The Hills: they wanted him to punch his sister
MTV announced in March 2010 that the sixth season of The Hills would be its last. But it was already over for Spencer. He had gotten into a huge fight with a producer named Sara Mast, whom he said tried to get him to cause his fellow castmember and sister, Stephanie, who has had on-again, off-again alcohol and drug problems, to “hit rock bottom.” In his version, Mast tried to get him to punch Stephanie. “Her exact quote: ‘That Snooki effect,’” Spencer said, referring to a Jersey Shore episode in which castmember Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was hit by a fellow bar patron.

“That’s when I snapped,” Spencer said. “To the point when I said—and this is when the producers got scared of me—‘You want me to punch my sister in the face? Are you trying to get me to kill you?’ I didn’t say, ‘I’m killing you.’ If I did, MTV would have had me arrested.”

A source close to production who requested anonymity, and is no friend of Spencer’s, confirmed his version of what caused the fight, but also added that Spencer was, in fact, quite scary about it. Through her agent, Sara Mast declined to comment for this story. Creator DiVello’s PR representative was told specifically about this claim and did not respond. MTV would not comment either.

On how they mismanaged their careers
“We were living each other’s mistakes—everything we were doing, in retrospect, was a mistake. The second we continued on our quest for fame was a mistake.” Spencer said. “This isn’t a business. That was the big thing I didn’t get: Reality TV is not a career. Anyone who says, ‘Oh, you can have a career in reality’—that is a lie.”

Paris Hilton’s recent bomb of a reality series, The World According to Paris, proves this theory, according to them.

Heidi said, “We thought it’d be huge!”

Spencer said: “Paris Hilton created fame for nothing. The fact that only 400,000 people tuned into her premiere? We’re Paris Hilton fans.” He continued: “She didn’t make all these surgery mistakes, or crystal mistakes. She didn’t do any of that. But here she is. Her career stopped.”

As have theirs, for the most part. Heidi, who was in her late teens when she was cast on The Hills and will turn 25 in September, has been appearing on VH1’s Famous Food, a reality competition in which celebrities compete to become a partner in a restaurant. When those sorts of opportunities come around, she said, “I’m there.” She also still gets invited to host Las Vegas parties sometimes. “I have the most fun ever.”

[From The Daily Beast]

It’s not true that there was “never any” money for these two. They wasted more money in a year than the budget for an entire municipality. Heidi had at least 4 Hermes Birkin bags, which retail for around $15k each. She wore $1,000 shoes regularly, and Spencer admitted wasting 1/2 a million dollars on crystals. These people had a security detail consisting of ex Marines. Heidi used to go to work with four bodyguards. So it’s an “I told you so” moment to hear that they’re living at one of their parent’s houses and probably deep in debt now that their fame has inevitably dried up. If only we could hear similar stories about The Jersey Shore kids and The Kardashians. After we get a well deserved break from constant news about them.




Heidi and Spencer are shown on 2/13/10. Credit: WENN.com Spencer is shown out alone on 4/7/11. Credit: Fame. Heidi is shown on 6/19/11. Credit: Wire image

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  1. WhiteNoise says:

    Happy endings. What a vapid, talentless, pointless waste of space these two are.

    I still think he looks like a serial killer-in-waiting.

  2. carrie says:

    who? and why did i read it?

  3. Truthful says:

    uh, are they REALLY married??

    I don’t beleive anything they have to say, smdh.

    I guess THERE IS, someone for everyone.
    they feed off of each other.

  4. DenG says:

    Not feeling sympathetic towards these two, especially after seeing the ASPCA and Human Society ads–“When will I ever eat again?” “Why do they keep beating me?” Nope, don’t feel sorry for the two images pictured above passing for human beings.

  5. Heatheradair says:

    what’s shocking about this entire article is how smart and self-aware they both manage to sound – disgustingly, I came away from this with some *respect* for Spencer…how weird to read something from them where they actually recognize that the MACHINE they created was as destructive as it was fame-making……

    I actually hope these two kids can scrape some sort of living together for themselves……just not anywhere that we have to see or hear from them…..

  6. dahlia1947 says:

    It looks like they have finally seen the light. Good for them! Yes you made a bunch of mistakes, now you can learn from them.

    I love Heidi’s body! She looks amazing!

  7. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Where did this interview take place? On the gym treadmill? Because there’s no way Heidi would interrupt her 14 hour a day workout to sit down and do an interview.

  8. Rita says:

    I don’t know what to say. My heart is heavy at the moment. Their apparent break-up caused me great anxiety and their reunion such joy that to hear it was all faked is so disappointing. To think these two so callously played with my emotions, it’s just wrong….wrong I tell you.

    However, on a brighter thought, maybe this confession is all fake and they really were broke up and their love brought them back together…..Yes, that is what I will choose to believe. I also believe they are multibillionaires in disguise.

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I have been watching that Famous Food show after a whole night of TV when it rerun on VH1, Heidi is really sweet on the show, very real, and has shown alot of intelligence. Its a good show to me. It made me like her own alot more. This whole Spencer and Heidi faked everything is old news. I mean everyone knew they faked that break up, which is kinda cute they have been together so long, I kinda like they faked a break up.

    As TV junkie, who hopes to work in TV one day, I will tel;l you right now that Jersey Kids are basically good people, I don’t get the venom towards them. They seem responsible with their money. They went together to negotiate their contracts for the show. Shows some intelligence there.

    The Kardashians I could care less about but their mother is talented and I say that because she managed to marry two wildly successful men. Their mother, Kris Jenner, made them “stars” they are today, she marketed those girls well, I mean they could hire another manager, they stay with their mom for a reason.

  10. dorothy says:

    Do they really think this is some revelation? No one really believed they broke up, no one believed they were even smart. What idiots.

  11. Kaboom says:

    Look at the bright side .. $10 million were returned from reality TV into the economy when they were the most needed.

  12. LucyOriginal says:

    that’s what I call famewh*ring disaster!

  13. whybenice says:

    One of the best quotes in recent memory, “Anyone who says you can have a career in reality–that’s a lie.” How very Charlie Sheen of him.

  14. Krissy says:

    So they say they are broke now and reality tv is not a career…soooo?

    What what are they doing for a living instead?

    Get a real job and STFU!

  15. lucy2 says:

    Like anyone’s supposed to believe they’re truthful about anything? They’re disgusting.
    I do hope the stuff about them being broke is true though!

  16. OhMyMy says:

    Ha! Reading your summary of all their exploits reminded me of a really bad soap opera.

  17. connie says:

    @krissy, my thoughts exactly! you can’t have a career in reality, but heidi is “still there”? What does that even mean? I hear what they’re saying but it doesnt seem like they’re actually changing, just saying things that the rest of the world already knows

  18. jane says:

    @Angelina Yep, I agree the K’s mom is a marketing genius. She’s great as a manager. Don’t know how she landed so many great opps for her three daughters, esp. Kim. When I watch the show, it’s their mom that does all the work. The girls just have to show up.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Well no shit.

    No, reality is not a career; it’s a state of being. As in, I live in the real world, not the made-up fame-whore world.

  20. michkabibbles says:

    i can’t believe i’ve been forced into a position to defend spencer, but i don’t blame him for getting upset with a producer telling him to punch his sister. if she really had a problem (which it seems she did), creating a storyline to get her to reach rock bottom is one of the worst things i’ve ever heard. i would have gotten ‘scary’ too.

  21. TQB says:

    Well, I gotta say the “MTV wanted me to punch my sister” bit rings rather true, no? And I don’t begrudge someone for getting “scary” when asked to do so.

    The only entity I believe to be sleazier than Spencer Pratt *is* MTV.

    ETA: michkabibbles, you beat me to it.

  22. londonLady says:

    Bright side they still have each other 🙂

  23. Stubbylove says:

    Not one bit of sympathy for either one. I’m no holy-roller, however, the seven deadly sins are logical and have endured throughout the ages for a reason. Both Heidi and Spencer are guilty of pride, laziness, greed, vanity, envy, gluttony and above all pure STUPIDITY. You put that all together and you get this mess. Unfortunately, I have zero faith they will learn from this b’cuz they’re both way too stupid to figure it out.

  24. Amanda G says:

    I think this is yet another example on how Spencer’s arch enemy, Lauren Conrad, is smarter than Spencer will ever be. She used her reality shows as a vehicle to launch her businesses and has been quite successful because of it AND has kept her integrity as well. Spencer, it’s not that you can’t create a career out of nothing, it’s that YOU are such an asshole that no one wants anything to do with you. And I bet Lauren thanks her lucky stars every day that Heidi’s true colors came out early in their friendship. Best thing LC ever did was drop her as a friend. I will forever respect her for that.

  25. nicole says:

    Yay! I knew this day would come and it’s beautiful.

  26. Annie_Grey says:

    The public isn’t as dumb as they thought.

  27. Phoenix says:

    Phew. I don’t know how bad these two would he on their own, but together they are unbearable. They almost make me grateful that we just have the Kardashian Klan strutting their delusional famewhore asses around TV on Sunday nights.

  28. Leslie0195 says:

    This is NEWS? Now they’re admitting they’re stupid to get attention? We KNOW you’re talentless and delusional, even among the endless number of “reality stars.” Please let them drift off into obscurity now.

  29. mims says:

    ya know, them Kardashians asses are so rich, they dont give a crap what we think…..who cares if you like them or not – they are rich and seem very happy.

  30. Kelly says:

    I don’t even know where to begin… this stuff is just absurd. I’m glad they “saw the light,” if indeed they have – unless it’s all another put-on.

    Moreso than their deep self-analysis, I’m struck by the pictures – first, Spencer has really beefed up! He looks like a frat boy who lives on beer, pizza and chicken wings. And in the last picture, Heidi has a fake-tan FAIL on her ankle. Oh lord.

  31. Dolkite says:

    mims – the key word is “seem.” A lot of those people fear that nobody – not just all us proles out in TV Land, but those close to them – really cares about them and that if/when their fame/wealth goes away, they’ll be abandoned by all their so-called “friends.” Think of all the child stars who are beloved until their shows get cancelled and then are turned into public punching bags.

  32. lakemom says:


  33. eternalcanadian says:


  34. logan says:

    Come on cb, give me a story with some bite, some meat on it, some summer sizzle, oh Hugh Jackson on the beach.
    thank you, thank you, thank you. You are forgiven for a story on two left over brain dead idiots.

  35. Quest says:

    Oh Really? I did not have a clue…and yet they wasted our time again. Oh well good riddance

  36. Carolyn says:

    It must be awful to be famous and in a well-paid show and then go from hero to zero with no job prospects (although with Spencer one could argue that he’s never been hero!). Shocked at the absolute waste of so much money for such little reward. To The Hills fans out there…did Heidi have a choice in the beginning to hook up with him or was it written into her contract? He is a total moron.

  37. fizXgirl314 says:

    LOL Love Angelina, I cannot believe you called Heidi “smart” and the Jersey trash “good kids” hahahaha. what are you smoking? Marrying someone “successful” isn’t really a talent as far as I know :-/

    on the other had, that whole bit about punching his sister is really disgusting. Let’s face it, these reality shows make big bucks off making people look really stupid, out of control, insane, you name it. I don’t doubt they would behave in such a manner. I guess that’s why these people who are on the show get paid a lot of money because they have to give up every shred of dignity and dignity doesn’t come cheap!

  38. stella says:

    They sound humbled. Time to find a real job I guess.

  39. louiset says:

    Isn’t this just an old interview? They admitted most if not all of this before.

  40. Melancholy says:

    Hehehehehh Who knew you could make “crystal mistakes”?

  41. Skippy Joe Farquar says:

    RE: The Snooki effect. Does the timeline work? Was his stupid show still on when Snooki got popped? I’m not certain that the timeline works for that quote to be true. Shocking, I now!

  42. lemon drops says:

    Why can’t they sell their stuff and at least get some money back? There’s gotta be some crazed fan out there that would pay a decent amount for something. Maybe.

  43. coucou says:

    Sniff, sniff…i smell a tell-all book comin’ round the bend…

  44. JaneWonderfalls says:

    You know what makes me upset, when these faux reality scum thinks just because they are stupid the rest of the general public is as stupid as them. Anyone and everyone knows every thing they have done has been a publicity stunt to remain relevant in the public’s eye. Really can they just leave the face of the earth.