Brad Pitt & Angelina are reportedly looking to buy an English home


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can’t swing their dicks into a new city without the tabloids screaming that they are going to buy some palatial estate or kazillion-dollar condo. I’ve lost track of how many alleged properties they reportedly own – but I’ve also lost track of all of their actual properties too. They have the French chateau, the NOLA property, and lots of stuff in California, in LA and Santa Barbara. Is that all? Something in Berlin too, right? And I still don’t know if Angelina has kept her English farmhouse, the one that she purchased right after she and Billy Bob Thornton split. I liked the idea of her in a farmhouse, but I have no idea if she sold it at some point. Anyway, the British tabloids claim that Brangelina are once again in the market for some property, this time in Richmond, England, where Brad is filming World War Z:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have their sights set on a mansion in the posh neighborhood of Richmond-On-Thames in London, has learned. Pitt has fallen in love with the scenic area while filming his new movie World War Z and is looking to buy the property where Angelina and their six kids have been staying.

Jolie is said to like Richmond, an area rich in history dating back to the 16th Century and known as one of the Britain’s most exclusive areas. The notoriously private Salt star has been spotted taking her kids to the local cinema in the plush area where the average price of a detached house is $2.2 million.

A source told the UK newspaper The Sun: “Brad is keen to shoot more movies in the UK with his company Plan B Productions and thinks that the mansion in Richmond is the perfect place to live.”

Richmond — which has a population of just 21,221 — is a town which is situated around 8 miles south-west of central London.

It is incorporated in the London Borough Of Richmond-On-Thames and received its name following the construction of Richmond Palace in the 16th century. The development of Richmond as a London suburb began with the opening of the railway station in 1846. Located on the River Thames, Richmond has an active commercial center with a number of parks and open spaces with several authentic pubs and restaurants.

And if they do decide to settle in the posh suburb they will be in fine company: Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend and Richard E Grant all have homes in the area.

Meanwhile, Brangelina and their brood are due to travel to Scotland this week as Pitt continues to shoot scenes for his new movie.

[From Radar]

Sounds nice. And then when they get to Scotland, suddenly Brad will fall in love with Balmoral Castle and he’ll try to get Queen Liz to sell. By the way, I want Angelina to go to Scotland and get wasted with lots of Scotsmen. I want to live vicariously through her for that, because I would imagine it would be lots of fun.




Archive photos of Brangelina in England over the years, courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus please us, if they travel to India, the Indian tabloids will say they are trying to buy the Taj Mahal.

  2. Goofpuff says:

    I think she still has a house in Cambodia.

  3. Boo says:

    Don’t they also have a house in Cambodia, Maddox’s ancestral homeland? Maybe a home in every child’s birth country? I read an article (was it here?) about how they are due to go back to wherever Pax is from, and Z and Shiloh want to go back to their homeland of Africa. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I hope someday Shiloh will be able to understand that she is NOT African just because she happened to be born there…and there is no shame in that.

    Sorry Goofpuff…I was writing and didn’t see your post!

  4. You don't say says:

    When all else fails, one of the fall backs is “Brad is buying, building, creating” a new house. He supposedly was building in Germany (no), purchased a “bachelor pad” in Big Sur (hell no), purchasing a house close to George Clooney in Lake Como (no) and one of the best, purchasing a “super yacht”. He cannot set foot in a country without someone saying he is buying a house. Angelina is either pregnant or adopting and Brad is always buying a house. Two gossip staples along with breaking up, fighting or getting married. Just depends upon the writer.

    Technically, Shiloh is “African” just as people are French, German or Swedish. It is a place of birth, not her race.

  5. Bird says:

    Notoriously private, my ass!

  6. jolly good says:

    Good for them, if it’s true. It’s nice to see a couple so in love & in sync after so many years. I really liked this book and am looking forward to this movie!

  7. Eve says:

    God, I love her face!

    Pitt’s face and expressions, on the other hand, look ridiculous in every single one of the pictures posted here.

  8. Lucky Charm says:

    Well, at least the tabs are saying that they like it there, instead of they hate it and can’t wait to leave for Scotland! I know they have a lot of money, but seriously, I’m sure not even they can afford all these properties they allegedly buy. I’m just glad I’m not rumored to buy a house everyplace I say I like or would like to live. If I did, then my property taxes alone could significantly reduce our national debt!

    I love that picture of them in the car, she has a great smile!

  9. meiko says:

    Boo – I was born in England and I consider myself English… even though my parents are from elsewhere…

    Shiloh was born in Africa and if she wants to be african that is her right surely?

  10. N.D. says:

    Pitt looks so much better now. And her too. Twins really were a handful I think when they were babies :)

  11. phlyfiremama says:

    Brangelina are so beautiful together! I can’t wait to see how Empress Z of the magnificant shank-eye & Princess Shiloh of the gap toothed grin turn out~they are such lovely children!

  12. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Boo, a baby born in the U.S. with a U.S. birth certificate, is considered an American, regardless of the ethnicity/nationality of the parents. That’s why so many Mexican women cross the border to give birth here to “anchor babies”. So because Shiloh was born in Namibia, and has a Namibian bc and passport, yes, she is African.

  13. lrm says:

    she is an african citizen with dual citizenship; it’s ridiculous to call her ‘african’….it’s like AJ doesn’t think being
    american is exotic enough….it’s obvious since the beginning that she has a thing for the adopted kids anyway-being from 3rd world countries and not having been ‘born into privelege’.
    no, i dont think she is a horrible person, an d i appreciate her charity efforts and right to live her life.
    Call me one of the few in the grey area with these two and Anniston. I dont love or hate them.
    But i do think AJ has some issues that have not been resolved, just as we all do.
    And some of hers has to do with the global village mission she is on.

    Sure, shiloh would technically be right in calling herself ‘african’ but we all know this is a moniker that AJ likes the sound of, more than a political move that mexicans would use to give their child access to the US and it’s amenities/rights. [to use the example someone else gave above-as though it's the same thing?

    This is some projection of AJ's-while many africans are trying to get european or US or other citizenship; they are not particularly concerned with 'what they call themselves'; that is a luxury topic for people like AJ who can focus on 'brands' such as 'citizenship'. [other people-most africans, for ex, are focusing on feeding their families and finding a job].

    So, sure, use the term ‘African’ even though it’s obvious most people will assume she is of white south african ancestry, or if they have not met her,will assume she is black….and tell me that it is not an ego trip on AJ’s part? oh, yea, it sounds really cool!

    [ps I lived in east africa for a couple of years; i find nothing wrong with being proud of one's culture and where one is from, but arguing semantics when we all know full well that their kid spent about a weeek in namibia with a US Doctor!!! being born there, does NOT count as 'being african'-even if they do charity work there and visit one a year].
    Geesh, people.

  14. Lindy says:

    Yawn. Is anyone else bored witless by these two? I’m really tired of their every move being chronicled obsessively. They’re mediocre actors who adopted lots of kids. Yay. (Though I must admit, Zahara is funny and cute).

  15. Boo says:

    I agree with lrm. Having Namibian citizenship by virtue of her parents’ travel location at the time of her birth does not make her African. In my mind, one’s identity is not defined by a technicality. “African” denotes far more than happenstance of birth.

  16. Jen34 says:

    Brad is channeling Clark Gable in that last photo. The mustache, the hair and the expression. Anyone else see it?

  17. lucy2 says:

    Doubt it’s true, they do seem to have a LOT of properties but the tabloids seem to love writing these stories.

    Have to agree with Bird, I wouldn’t consider her “notoriously private” at all.

  18. Melon says:

    How much is ‘lots’, Lindy? They’ve only adopted 3!! Only 2, together as a couple, and the last one was 4 years ago!! I’m more sick and bored witless from the exaggerations by people here.

  19. Rose says:

    @lindy, if you are so bored, why are you on this thread? Find someone that excites you and go and read about them. These sites features them because they get hits when there is an article about them. They did not say, Brad/angle said they are going to buy a house there. These are gossip sites. They both look beautiful, IMO.

  20. Melissa says:

    I agree with “Yawn” and “bored witless”. Usually don’t even click on posts about these two anymore, but glad to see that some people are calling it.

  21. BELLA says:

    Cannot wait for the wedding!!!!!!!!

  22. bluhare says:

    Wow. So even though people born in the US are “American” even if their parents are not, Shiloh cannot be African even though she was born there?

    She’s got dual citizenship; US and Namibian, which I believe makes her American AND African.

  23. Chloe says:

    Oh dear Lord, so now we’re going to debate whether Shiloh is “African” or African or not. I guess people got bored with her “troubled sexual identity.”

    And please, don’t bash me for belittling the nationality/ethnicity issue – I just don’t understand why it’s so important in the context of this particular little girl.

  24. Rena says:

    bluhare you are correc, many thanks. It really seems to bother a few that Shiloh is both African (Namibian) and American (USA). Wonder why?

    Everywhere they go a house buying tale appears in a tabloid. They did not buy a house in Italy last year but that lie still pops up (this particular lie was denied by Angelina in an interview in her own words). No place in Berlin as that lie was denied by Brad.

    So the place in Los Feliz (LA), the house in NOLA, the French estate they may only be leasing, Malibu (only maybe as they have not been seen there in years), the Santa Barbara retreat, and Angelina said their house in Cambodia is a tiny little house on stilts in the latest FT interview.

    FYI- Angelina sold her house in the UK in early 2006.

  25. N.D. says:

    Funny thing, never ever AJ said that Shi “is african”. Only that she “wants to get back to Africa” (where she was born, nobody can deny that). I really don’t get what the fuzz is about.

    And why there is so much discussion about Shi’s african roots but not Zahara’s. After all she didn’t set her foot to Ethiopia (well, maybe once or twice, briefly) after adoption too. How is that she’s more african than her sister?

    African isn’t ethnicity or race, it’s being born and/or living in Africa. They both fit. Or both don’t fit. Why is Shiloh singled out?

  26. Runs with Scissors says:

    N.D. I see you beat me to it and I totally agree!

    Pax and Maddox have spent very little time in their birth countries, all they know is their parents and their parent’s lifestyles but I don’t see anyone rolling their eyes and saying they are not really Vietnamese or Cambodian.

    People seem riled up about this for RACIAL reasons and confusing race with nationality.

    It seems to me, they are being good parents by being careful to make the country of birth an EQUALLY special thing for each child and not making it all about race.

    They obviously would like to raise their children to consider themselves citizens of the world, not just America. They seem to consider their birthplaces to be of special importance (AJ has a tattoo of ALL of their birth coordinates). After all, they found each other across vast distances to form a family.

    They have already set up foundations equally for the children in the hopes they will continue this work later in life (god, I know, they are such assholes!!!!)

    People constantly try to read the very worst things into their actions that they can. If you don’t understand it, or it’s out of your reach, it must be pretentious, right?

  27. mln76 says:

    I doubt they are buying another house they seem to be happy with the properties they already have-and Angelina actually got rid of the home she had in the UK years ago.
    My vote is that Shiloh is an African. She not only was born in Namibia the family is also starting a charity in the country for her and they seem to spend time there. I wonder why it’s not offensive to people that the twins are French?

  28. Nymeria says:

    The question of Shiloh’s being African or not is a very interesting issue. It raises a lot of philosophical questions. She was born there, and the place, date, time, and circumstances of a person’s birth are significant to people, for a variety of reasons.

    Say your parents are both black, from the States, and you were born in China while they were on vacation. You are granted both Chinese and American passports. You spend more time out of China than in it, and as a result you don’t know the culture, the language, or the people that well. Are you Chinese-American? Are you American, and were just born in China? Are you Chinese? And where are you *from*? Typically when we say we are “from” such-and-such place, it means we spent a considerable amount of time there and consider it a part of our psyche.

    We will all have our own opinions on this issue, but ultimately Shiloh will have to decide for herself how deeply Namibia has affected her mindset and how attached she is to Namibian culture; and, thus, whether she is Namibian-American or Namibian or just an American who was born in Namibia. We may or may not agree with her conclusions regarding this issue, but they are her conclusions to make when it comes to her particular situation.

  29. madpoe says:

    Dear Brangelina,
    Please buy my DH and I am home here in new york.
    The cost of living has become to high for us on our low income budget. We’re living pay-check-to-paycheck. And since money doesn’t seem to be an issue and having 1 place to live isn’t your bag.
    Can you please help? No? Then who cares you have a hundreds of places to live while others are being booted out.

  30. trish says:

    Nymeria has the most rational response of all. *applause*
    For myself, I do not consider Shiloh to be African. She was born in Africa (because that is the way her parents planned it) and then was quickly whisked away to the Continent.

    I do consider Maddox, Pax and Zahara to be Vietnamese, Cambodian and African (I think those are the right countries) respectively – not simply because they were born there, but because they have an actual HERITAGE and ANCESTORS from those countries.

    I consider all of the JP kids to be more European (no country specified), then anything else. Seems as though it’s where they have all spent the majority of their lives and it’s European culture that will most likely reflect their upbringing as they grow older.

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    What is fun about having 6 kids?

    Kaiser, just go to Scotland and get you a hot Scottie!

  32. DD says:

    lol irm, boo, I have the same opinion. Shiloh had a very pretentious birth just for the priviledge of having her first born resemble some sort of perception of worthiness in AJ’s mind that relates somehow to her humanitarian mission in life. The shiloh is african term is a very loose definition for that child. But whatever aren’t we all african anyway? I think Angelina’s work is very honorable, but in some aspects of her life, I’m a bit embarassed for her :P It’s trippy to see how hard she tries to shape public perception of her family when she talks like that about her children.

  33. Kara Ann says:

    I see the Clark Gable thing! Whoa, I love me some Clark Gable.

    Will they / Won’t they:

    Get married?
    buy a house?
    visit a foriegn country?
    go to the theaters?
    adopt or have a baby?
    wipe their own bums?

    Ha! Ha! It just has to make me smile because the coverage of them is so so so over the top!

  34. Chloe says:

    @Nymeria, N.D., Runs With Scissors and others

    Kudoz. Commenters like you are one of the reasons why I read this site.

    Hopefully this thread remains troll-free.

  35. Luise says:

    She has had SO MUCH plastic surgery! Her face used to be totally round 12 yrs ago and now it is SO angular. Nose whittled, cheek bone implants, chin implants, face lift and botox out the whazoo. And lets not forget about the substantial lip augmentation. A total remake. And NO WAY does that dissipated Brad Pitt look like the original King of Hollywood Clarke Gable. Not in a million years. Dream on Brad!

  36. Zara says:

    @ trish “I do consider Maddox, Pax and Zahara to be Vietnamese, Cambodian and African (I think those are the right countries) respectively”.

    Zahara is Ethiopian. The continent (not country) of Africa is not homogeneous; it is made up of many countries and diverse cultures of which Ethiopia is one.

  37. Venice says:

    #37….LMAO…you are comparing a 22yr 24 yr old to a 36 yr old…LMAO. Try looking at pics of your Mom when she married your Dad (if she did) to pics now…LOL

  38. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    I have a hard time believing the arguments of anyone’s birthplace is important to anyone, but them unless there is a not so hidden agenda.

    This fiction of house buying was not spoken by them, but it sure creates another excuse to bash them. Imagine being accused of something you did not say, with no proof, but you are tried and convicted in the public opinion. Wow, now this is where African Americans can bear witness, so in a not so funny way maybe Shiloh is African American. No offense, but this reeks as probably my attempt at a snarky comment.

    On a positive note at least the tabloids think they will be staying together for some amount of time, maybe we should be thankful for small favors. Hope I am getting better at snark.

    Lets not forget Brad is involved in this too and has been to each Country of their childrens birthplace. so he is a huge part of this. Why point at Angie only. Seems still a part of some not so hidden agenda. They BOTH seem to want and support the idea of their kids being from all over the world. Actually, that is cool and exotic, but most importantly it’s their choice and a beautiful one at that.

  39. Louise says:

    Please oh please you can stay in England while Brad is filming but once that’s over get your pathetic ass to the other side of the pond! We don’t need the likes of this fishlips Jolie over here – she is SO tacky.

  40. Anna says:

    @#32…the US doesn’t have one heritage or set of ancestors either. When we think of some of the first European settlers I think of the English, French, Spanish, and Dutch… Angie’s father is part Czech and her mother’s side were Iroquois and Canadian (NOT french). So would that make her any less American? Or Shiloh? Or the Mexican American children born here?

    America was a colony not an establish country with a 1,000 yr + history like African or Asian nations or even some European ones.

    So the term “anchor baby” insulting and just HIGHLY offensive.

    Taking all this into account I believe Shiloh has dual citinzenship most likely and is therefore Namibian and “American.”

    People do seem to confuse nationality and race and don’t see that many countries practice something that refers to being born someplace.

  41. Camille says:

    Beautiful couple/family.

    As for this story, is this really news? No, I don’t think so. It is just more made up BS about them most likely. :roll:

  42. nemera says:

    The tabs are constantly reporting on some factitious home. Over a year ago it was some place in Italy. Angie was asked about it and replied “I wish” so that was not true. And then they had at one point that Brad had bought another place in LA. not true again.

    And even if it were true so what. How many other celebrities have multiple homes. Yet they are never criticized for it. But it seems to only be a concern because it is the Jolie-Pitts.

    wonder why??

  43. Katherine says:

    Luise, ” . . .Her face used to be totally round 12 yrs ago and now it is SO angular.”

    LOL! There is nothing about your post that makes a whit of sense. That doesn’t come from plastic surgery. It comes from losing weight and aging. I used to have a round face and now I have a more angular one. You can even see my cheekbones now which you never could when I was in my 20s and even 30s. So I wasn’t unhappy when my face “fell.” LOL!

    How insulting would that be if Brad or Angie insisted their daughter – born in Namibia – was not Namibian. I am glad some posters can appreciate how forward thinking it is for these kids to have connections to other countries.

    I have no idea about the house but you are right, Kaiser, this is a go-to story for the tabs. The tabs even had Brad and Jennifer just dying to move to the London in 2004 when they were winding down their marriage.

  44. fwozbo says:

    Is Brad wearing a hat again or are those old pictures?

    If he is on the hat again I can hardly wait to see the rearrangement of hairplugs. ugh.

    Also in the first picture, Angelina’s chin looks a bit strange.

  45. shay kay says:

    I do see the Clark Gable in Brad’s look here too.It’s a good look for him but I have to say no one will ever wear it like Gable himself.Still Brad looks a d*mn sight better than when he’s got the unwashed, unkempt look going on.Brad’s got great raw material to work with and he used it to good effect here.

  46. Dana M says:

    No way they own ALL of these homes. They probably lease several. Can you imagine upkeep and maintenance costs on large estates!!!?!! Lawn service people for grounds, pool service, grounds security costs, home maintenences, air condition repair, roof leak repairs, etc.. It all adds up x 10 (number of homes owned)= a butt load of cashola.

  47. Addie says:

    Angie & Brad can buy, sell or rent as many properties as they wish, it is THEIR money to spend.

    Shiloh is an American born in Africa.
    The twins are Amaricans born in France.
    Ofcourse their mom has French Canadian roots down the line, but by all accounts Brad & Angie are American.

    Z, Maddox & Pax are being raised knowing the culture and customs of their homelands, they speak their native languages and have nannies/tutors from there to relate to. Shiloh & twins have their parents culture and roots (inturn their own roots) and learn to some extent the cultures of their brothers and sister.

  48. Sela says:

    Lol, Louise keep saying that to convince yourself and make yourself feel less threatened by her. Even a short research of pics of her (and her 3 bio kids lips) from growing up as a child to a teen to now proves she’s had no work done at all, save a lip riduction. I understand that people like you are threatened by Angie’s inner and outer beauty so you create a make-believe fantasy that no can be that beautiful naturally. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  49. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Jen34…I totally see it. God, I just want him so bad! Please God! I’ll never ask for anything again ever!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know which i dislike the the most brad looking like an old dirty fucked up looking werewolf, homeless man or these pictures with a hair cut and I guess… You can say clean cut?? that now makes him look even older! seriously like an old man. I think these might be old pictures of them, just basing on the difference on them, also with the last ones we saw with him shooting the film, either way brad still looks hideous. That boy just doesn’t look good anymore. Sorry to say…