Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s insane estate in Architectural Digest, it looks like a hotel

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith opened up their insane 25,000 square foot adobe-style home in Calabassas, CA for a cover spread in the upcoming issue of Architectural Digest. The home was of course custom built, and Will explains that it has no dead ends in order “to create an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love.” Are your eyes rolling out of your head yet? Your mouth will fall open involuntarily when you see the Bing birds’ eye view of this property, which shows that it could easily serve as a full service resort hotel. [virtual globetrotting via ONTD]


The interior photos make the property look like a hotel, too with plenty of seating areas and props spread around. Will explained to AD that everything was built by hand.


Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, grace the cover of AD’s September issue, sharing with us their family’s highly personal retreat near Calabasas, California. The feature—which focuses on the home’s sophisticated common spaces as well as the children’s bright bedrooms—represents the first time the talented clan has been photographed together as a group.

The Smith home, designed by architect Stephen Samuelson, includes innumerable handcrafted elements to ensure a feeling of intimacy and love in the 25,000-square-foot house. And Will reveals that the idea behind the residence’s fascinating circuitous floor plan was “no dead ends…to create an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love.”

The design of the home is anchored by “various interpretations of adobe in Persian, Moroccan, Spanish, as well as Southwest American cultures,” says Samuelson. The property has an undeniable spiritual quality, exemplified by Jada’s meditation room. “For Will and me this home was always a spiritual endeavor…we’re very earthy, organic people. We wanted to create a family retreat, something made by hand and as natural as possible, something that ties back to the land,” she explains. “Whatever it becomes, the craftsmanship will always represent our union and the love of our family.”

[From Architectural Digest, received via e-mail]

The slideshow on AD’s website has some more photos that make the house look even more like a luxury retreat, but there aren’t any photos of Willow and Jaden’s bedrooms yet. They’re saving that for the print edition, out August 9th. I’ll be sure to thumb through it the first chance I get. I really want to see those kids’ bedrooms. You know they’re better equipped than an average Chuck E. Cheese.

Will Smith’s estimated net worth is $188 million. He was the fourth highest earner on Forbes’ list of the highest earning actors for 2010, pulling in an estimated $36 million dollars last year alone. That’s not including whatever Jada is making and whatever their kids earn from their acting and singing careers.





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  1. fancyamazon says:

    It does look like a hotel or resort to me. While beautiful, my taste runs more to the classical, victorian or french country style. If I had the cash for such things.

    Edit: The grounds are absolutely gorgeous.

  2. gee says:

    That looks really beautiful. I might actually get AD to see all of the pics.

    I’m surprised.

  3. Cherry says:

    @Laylay: My thoughts exactly. GODdamn.

  4. Mitsey Martin says:

    “no dead ends…to create an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love.”


  5. Meadowlark says:

    As much as I love seeing a happy african-american family who are ridiculously successful without being rappers or athletes… these guys creep the hell out of me. What are they doing in that gigantic house?! Hmm!?

    Being crazy scientologists, that’s what!

    They probably have weird meetings with Tom Cruise & Co… with hoods and capes and shit.

  6. khaveman says:

    Not my architectural taste, but good light and love the views.

  7. bigchili says:

    WOW. Like a couple other posters, that isn’t really my style but it’s amazing. I’d take it. lol.

    They have 3 kids?? I thought it was just jaden & willow. The oldest must not want to do movies or music – I think I like him the most in the family.

  8. seal team 6 says:

    Beautiful house, but I quit feeling the love for them after they drank the Scientology Kool-Aid.

    Tom Cruise wasn’t able to snare Oprah or the Beckhams, but got the Smiths. Ugh.

  9. seal team 6 says:


    The eldest boy is his with another woman prior to his relationship with Jada. The boy’s mom is included in holidays, and often on vacations. I give everyone credit for being healthy about that.

  10. jill says:

    Beautiful home. They have wonderful taste and I appreciate that it does seem much more inviting than the average ultra-modern, sleek, non-child friendly Hollywood home. They seem to have made quite an effort to make it a good place for a family based on the overall atmosphere and locating it in Calabasas.

    And it’s always nice to see that their youngest son (Jaden) still looks as obnoxious as ever. What kind of sweet nightmare is he going to be when he grows up? Yeah, I know its terrible to make fun of kids, but he is the very definition of “putting himself out there”. So, game on.

    And @bigchill is absolutely right about the eldest son. He’s always been my favorite of the three mainly b/c he seems to live his own life pretty quietly. No offense to Jada, but you can see a stark difference in the attitudes of those kids.

  11. Marianne says:

    @: meadowlark : You ask why they are in such a big house? Most celebrities live in gigantic houses . Celebrities of every race. They do it because they simply have the money to do so.

  12. Rhiley says:

    I agree these two and their very open sex lives is enough to make even Fabio barf all over himself, but the views surrounding their home are beautiful and I can kind of see how they could get carried away. The house itself is a little much but I do like how it is so open to bring the spectacular outdoors inside their home.

  13. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Wow Will and Jada’s home is absolutely stunning. Gorgeous. It has got to be a really relaxing place to live. I kinda doubt their children’s income went into the house.

    Very open sex lives, Rhiley WTF are you talking about?

  14. DogBoy says:

    Beautiful house. Makes me want to whip my hair back and forth.

  15. Meadowlark says:

    Marianne, I think you misunderstood my admittedly poor joke. I wasn’t asking why they lived in a big house (clearly, I realize they are an incredibly wealthy family). I was simply speculating at the strange activities I jokingly imagine happen on the huge property of scientologists( who I think are nuts).

  16. lucy2 says:

    I don’t like the outside view of the house itself, but inside it’s lovely, and the grounds are gorgeous. I’m so jealous of people in California or Hawaii who can do that indoor/outdoor space so easily. Too many mosquitoes here!

  17. ElleGin says:

    Even if I was as rich as them, I want my home to be a home not a resort.

  18. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    I know we’re in a recession. I know there are starving children in Africa. I know they’re purported to be scientelogicalswingerswaggerfreaks. But, I also know how and where they both grew up. For that alone, I’m happy for them that they are now afforded this lifestyle. Since I came from pretty much the same place, please know that I would proudly flaunt my house in AD, too, if I were in their situation. Not to brag, but to show how far we can come and how lucky we are to live in this country at this moment in time. Go Smiths!

  19. madpoe says:

    Question: Who does the house chores? Cos I’m not! place is huge. yeah and I’m they have help but cmon!

  20. curleque says:

    Ostentatious. Must be lonely at their resort with 5,000 sf per family member.

  21. bros says:

    Love angelina,
    they are consistent over sharers about their sex lives in interviews-TMI couple, so that’s that rhiley was talking about and he/she is right.

    I can definitely see the persian influence. those columns in the first pic look like the chehel sotun in Esfahan.

  22. Ari says:

    That is a really nice place and shows that they care about where they live because most celebs just want the gaudiest cr4p available. It has a really homey vibe regardless of how big it is and the naturalness is awesome. I don’t really care so much about their personal sex lives (ew) but they seem happy and non-miserable like a lot of folks out there. So hey more power to them!

  23. hairball says:

    The two youngest kids make my skin crawl. How the f*ck old is that youngest kid and he looks like he just ‘knows’ he’s God’s gift. Vomit.

    Oh yea I can see where they’re really earthy organic people.

  24. Delta Juliet says:

    I can’t believe Will’s oldest is all grown up! I still picture him as a little kid. But I can’t stand the constant sneer on the other son. Grates on my last nerve.

    @ Meadowlark, I think Will got his break as a rapper, didn’t he? DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

    The house isn’t my taste either but I love that view!

  25. Sumodo1 says:

    It’s so “Casa Lupita!” The front portico is pure Mexican restaurant kitsch. The grounds are lovely, though, and how many garages do this place have?

  26. Mojogal says:

    Damn is right! How do their kids hear you when it’s time for dinner? Walky talkies? Pfft, scrap that, silly me they must have their own butlers to ring the bells and all that jazz.

  27. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Hairball Whoa Jaden is just posing for a pic. He looks like a happy 11 or 12 year old (No clue how old they are) kid. You act like Jaden has his middle finger up with a can of Four Loko in one hand and half naked women on his arms (which I have seen on Facebook…adults these days LOL). He is just posing for a pic with his family. Its not that big a deal. A kid posing for a pic with his family shouldn’t make your skin crawl. I honestly can’t stand when I see the comments about the kids. There kids…I mean…seriously grown ups picking on kids makes my skin crawl.

  28. pringle says:

    thats is great for them-nice place. and its easy for me to say…but if i had the money i would certainly live comfortably but….the excesses of celebrities. i am sure they donate a ton each year but why live in a sprawling palace like that? how much is too much. i am trying to scale back, get smaller by selling off, donating and throwing away the unnecessary. pics like those make me sick. once again easy for me to say since i dont have it but if i had excess money i would not change my tastes and living conditions drasticly. will kids from a family like that ever be in touch with people from the real world who have to actually labor to make ends meet.

  29. pringle says:

    Hairball. Well said. couldnt agree more.

  30. Jen says:

    That 5th picture looks like an exterior shot from the set of The Flintstones.

    And that’s the nicest thing I can think of to say, so that’s all I’ll say.

  31. Meadowlark says:

    @Delta Juliet Touche! I forgot about that. In my defense, I totally remember how PG his “rap” was and how he never cursed… and he made his money from his acting. My point is that I think he and Jada actually used their smarts and ambition to get rich without losing integrity. That’s the part about them that doesn’t creep me out.

  32. Cleo says:

    That adobe probably came in handy during the recent heatwave but is it zombie proof?

  33. P.J. says:

    The average American has no idea what life is like for the very wealthy. I’m glad the Smiths are publicizing their home. If more people were aware of how the richest Americans live, they wouldn’t be so eager to keep giving them tax breaks!

  34. hairball says:

    When celebrity parents insist on shoving their uneducated brats down society’s throats and putting them in the public eye over and over they can also expect to be commented on. This wasn’t an accidental pap shot or a stolen private family photo. The way they are allowing their youngest children makes me.want to vomit.

    Everyone already knows we’ll be hearing about those two in five years on a regular basis based on nothing they actually earned on merit or hard work.

  35. irishserra says:

    It’s okay. Give me a very lived-in, comfy, less-than-perfect with a dog running around, home with some comfy worn-in furniture any day. But to each his own.

  36. John Wayne Lives says:

    Is that floor in the top pick LEATHER?! Holy cow! What a rediculous excess, but goddamn I’d love a leather floor lol

    @ Love Angelina..”grown ups picking on kids makes my skin crawl.”….ITA!

    And wow! I sort of expected all kinds of eye-rolling pretense (side-eye JA), but this house looks like it feels like a home. It looks warm and pleasant to me.
    I hope the CO$ reports aren’t true about them..

  37. Cheyenne says:

    Nice that Jada is accepting of Will’s son. Him being born before Will met Jada, though, probably makes all the difference.

  38. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Dog Boy… lol ooh, lol thanks for that *giggle*

  39. Bubbling says:

    I’m torn between jealousy and complete astonishment

  40. Adhiambo says:

    I think that its beautiful and anyway, it all comes down to THEIR taste, nobody elses. If they can afford it, why the hell not own it?

  41. Leticia says:

    @P.J. says:”If more people were aware of how the richest Americans live, they wouldn’t be so eager to keep giving them tax breaks!”

    P.J., respectfully I want to say that I have a difference of opinion with you. Perhaps instead of wanting to take away what other people have earned and worked hard for, a person might instead be motivated to sacrifice and work hard, like the Smiths did to get all of that stuff.

    And by the way, I am not a Smith fan and I think that their house is over the top, but I would never think that what they worked hard for should be reallocated to me or anyone else. Peace to everyone.

  42. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Hairball *Sigh* What makes you think Will and Jada’s children are uneducated? Why would they be forced down society’s throat? Little kids that I know loved Jaden in The Karate Kid. I haven’t seen the movie because I didn’t wanna watch it, so I wasn’t forced to do anything. I am pretty sure in 5 years the government won’t require you to watch and listen to movies or music the Smith kids make. Yes this was a photograph for magazine but still…Jaden was posing with his family, and hell magazine or not I have family photos like this, we are posing in front of the house, taking a family photo. I just don’t get why it should make your skin crawl or have thoughts that he will be/is some jerk. He is just a kid. They are just children.

  43. Delta Juliet says:

    @ Meadowlark…you’re right about that. He was the one rapper that my parents didn’t mind me listening to (not that I was a huge rap fan to begin with)

    “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” LOL Big hit when I was in the 6th grade :D

  44. The Original Ashley says:

    I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t like it. I’m not into Southwest style and it does look more like a hotel. Why all the seating? Do they constantly have 50 people hanging around their home? It’s just odd to see that in a home. And even with all the warm colors, it lacks warmth. I would feel uncomfortable if I lived there, like at any moment the concierge is going to walk in and tut tut me for putting my feet on the table.

  45. Hanna says:

    Looks more like a hotel than a actual home for the children to feel safe in. It is beautiful but lets face it, it looks more like a house for bachelors or something. I wouldn’t do that if I had children and that kind of money, I’d save the money for more necessary things, but not spend it on this. It just looks too much.

  46. April says:

    A lot of you on here need prayer….

  47. beanie says:

    Very nice home. Btw, Jada and Will have been in that home for at least 10 years or more. Will and the oldest son’s Mom were not really speaking to each other and it was JADA who mended things between them. Will loves Jada so much because she is loyal, smart and strong. He KNOWS if it were not for her, he would not be one of the biggest movie stars in the world now. She made him believe in himself and he knows he can never get better than that.

  48. Amanda says:

    Paid to show off how rich they are! Stupid

  49. JustBe says:

    I agree with others who say that it doesn’t give off a personal feeling. Perhaps they don’t stay there often enough to put their personal stamp on the place. With such an open-walled palace, do they even have locks on their main door? It seems like it would be difficult to really secure a place like that, but it could be that I’m just a little paranoid.

    Also, for those curious about Will’s oldest son, he is the son of Will and his first wife. I believe that were high school sweethearts. She was with him when he first became famous. There was a bit of controversy during the time of their divorce regarding when his relationship with Jada started in relation to his first marriage.

    I have to say that this is the most normal that I can recall seeing the youngest Smith children. Their attire resembles what I have seen on other children their age. Although Jaden does seem to have a perpetual smirk on his face in almost all photos of him.

  50. sharylmj says:

    WOW that place is beautiful, open and airy.. looks relaxing.. Good for them and their family :)

  51. inthekitchen says:

    @Love Angelina, re: sex lives…I’m pretty sure they have an open marriage. I remember reading an interview with Jada (I think) a long time ago and she basically said that either of them can do whatever they want as long as they don’t humiliate the other person in public (i.e. flaunt the affair in public).

    I don’t like either of them (or the house). I think they both come across as smug, pretentious a**holes. I kind of liked Will once upon a time but I chatted with him at a party once and he was a total d.i.c.k. so ever since then he’s been on my hate list. And Jada has always seems too holier than thou, IMO.

  52. Pyewacket says:

    I see they deigned to allow his eldest son from his previous relationship, to pose for the article. How generous of them to bring him up from the servants quarters.

  53. lucy2 says:

    Leticia, if I may venture to guess what PJ was talking about with the tax breaks, it’s not about taking away from them, but wanting more fairness in the tax code. Warren Buffett has said he pays a lower percentage than his secretary and that it’s not uncommon with the super-wealthy and their lower level employees. Will and Jada possibly pay a smaller tax rate than their housekeeper, cook, driver, nanny, etc. I’m guessing that’s what PJ is talking about.

    I like that the oldest son is included in the family, but find it odd (and ridiculous) that only the younger 2′s careers are pushed. I’m hoping it’s because the oldest doesn’t want that, but who knows.
    I usually think Jada’s face is sort of hard looking, but she looks very pretty on the cover.

  54. hairball says:

    @Love Angelina: I did not hear hear anything you said after *sigh*.

  55. Shannon says:

    I want to hate on them and not like them, but I work to resist that temptation.

  56. anne_000 says:

    the front of the house looks like a poor rendition of whatever style they were shooting for, like something fake & phony that knotts berry farm or a section of disney epcot would build to house their offices & stores.

    the rest of the house & land is beautiful.

    yes, the rich are able to take advantage of tax breaks & a lower tax rate than working class folk. millionaire/billionaire CEOs, hedgefund mgrs, & other wealthy ppl w/ good accountants know how to pay 17% or less in tax rates. one reason is cuz capital gains tax is very low in comparison to earned income.

    another is that ppl who make over $106,800 arent made to pay fica tax on any of their income above this dollar amt. so automatically they get a tax break that those making less than $106,800 dont get.

    like another poster said, warren buffet admitted that he pays only about 17%, which is about half what his secretary pays (35%).

  57. Mingy says:

    uuuuggh jaden…i agree hairball, that kid graves on my nerves too…remember him on letterman when he was promoting the karate shit…they need to send his ass to like somalia for a week lol

    @ maggie, me too !

  58. Hautie says:

    Since I recently paid my electric bill and was stunned at how much TXU is screwing me for electricity… I would probably drop dead at the cost to keep the a/c on in this house.

    But since I am nosy, I always like to see the interiors of homes that are entirely too big. Even for a family of five.

  59. bitchbelying says:

    In my next life, I’d like to come back as Jada. That’s all.

  60. mia girl says:

    @Leticia In a perfect utopian society, yes, your suggestion that – those who work hard are rewarded – makes sense. Respectfully however, I want to point out that the majority of people I know are in fact motivated, do work hard and sacrifice daily just to make a standard living. They will never achieve riches, and but work hard to provide for themselves and their families. And still, the fact of the matter is that all of them/us pay a higher percentage of our earnings in taxes than the wealthy do.

    I think the Smiths are a couple to be admired. They both came from little means and worked incredibly hard to reach the top of their profession. And it is a profession which can bring you vast wealth (i.e. $122 million dollar home). Many people take inspiration from these types of success stories.

    But what about my sister in law “the teacher” and her husband “the graphic artist”? They are the most honest, hard working people I know. I would put them toe to toe with the Smiths for dedication and work ethic. And yet, even with equal energy and determination, my sister in law and her husband can only reach a comparative humble peak in earnings (their i.e. their $200 thousand dollar home). And so, for all their hard work, equal to the Smith’s, they will pay more of their money in taxes than the Smith’s will. So really what it becomes is not those who work hard are rewarded, it is more like those who become wealthy are rewarded.

  61. 4Real says:

    Oh look it’s the POSER FAMILY! I can’t stand these creeps.

  62. Justaposter says:

    @ Hautie

    I have TXU and if you own your home, you can go on bill averaging. It really helps us during the summer. We also locked in on a rate and our bill went down. Keep an eye on what rates they are offering and hopefully you can lock in a good rate like we did. We only locked into a 2 year deal, but keep an eye on what they are offering.

    With this heat, I am really surprised they haven’t offered deffered payments yet like they usually do during the summer.

    Now onto the house.
    I like how it blends in with the landscape and not some jarring house that just plopped there. I think if you don’t live in the South West or SoCal that might seem odd.

    Like others said, this isn’t what I would expect from them. I really love the colors and how warm it feels. And I love to have an outdoor area like that! Here in Texas it is just too dang hot and things bite you.

    The only comment about taxes I will add is.. You can really tell the difference between the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ generation vs the ‘No not everyone gets a trophy’ generation.

  63. Toe says:

    OMG!! is that a leather floor on the first pic??

  64. Hibiscus says:

    It’s ridiculous.

    No family of 5 needs their own resort hotel + park.

    While it does look somewhat beautiful I doubt that they feel more at home there than I do in my cosy little flat.

    Where I live the grass is – literally – greener!

  65. Goofpuff says:

    Jaden is so fake it’s pathetic. Seriously, that pose of Jaden’s is ridiculous stupid. Willow looks normal for once and not all Lady Gaga like she does on the red carpet. The oldest son is hot!

  66. carrie says:

    i hope that any one forgets the butter during a lunch because they must walk 5 miles to go in the kitchen

  67. bluhare says:

    Was at my girlfriends last night, and she put Independence Day on (why, I have no idea), but anyway, I started watching, and MAN does Will Smith look different now. Really different.

  68. Hibiscus says:

    @carrie: LOL!

    maybe they use segways in their home.

  69. Nymeria says:

    Is no one else bothered by the massive discrepancy on the AD cover? There IS no “Will Pinkett Smith”; there is a Will Smith and there is a Jada Pinkett Smith. As such, the cover should read either “Will Smith + Jada Pinkett Smith” or “Jada Pinkett Smith + Will Smith.” Ah, how I miss the days when the finer points of English were actually taught to the young. *adjusts her pince-nez*

    Regarding the house, I have to say I am disgusted. There’s excess, and then there’s this.

  70. Melinda says:

    @ Meadowlark- Your comment made me think of that movie “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise when he went to that weird secret sex party. Is that what they’re doing in that massive compound?

  71. P.J. says:

    I’m just saying, the wealth that’s out there just takes my breath away sometimes. I know the gap between the rich and the rest of us is getting wider, but wow!

    Sorry I didn’t mean to single out the Smiths, they are a lovely family and there are plenty of others like Tom Brady & Gisele who are building houses just as big. Jennifer Aniston just sold hers for $38 million. You’d think we could tax them a small amount, even one percent more, to help everybody else get through these tough time.

  72. Playlist says:

    Whenever A.Digest features a celebrity’s home, the home is usually already for sale or on the market within months afterwards. It’s the perfect way of showing off the home to create interest for future buyers. Most celebs don’t invite photographers into their private spaces without a reason.

    I’m so sick of hearing about their love for each other. They are well known in Hollywood for their swinger parties.

  73. mk says:

    Nobody gave them money, they earned it. Can’t say the same about that girl who purchased the Spelling mansion with her daddys money. ‘

  74. NancyMan says:

    @ Playlist I’m with you. If its in a magazine, the house is probably going to be for sale. The place doesn’t do it for me but I don’t have to live there.

    But, I have a friend who lives in LA and is in the industry. He swears on a stack of bibles that Will and Jada’s marriage is completely convenient. (You know what I mean) So, the whole article and pictorial seems weird and fake to me.

  75. spinner says:

    In regards to the tax laws that seem so unfair…Many people don’t realise that the tax laws were written back in the 1800′s when employment was very different.The tax laws were written for the majority at that time. Back then, 80% of the population was self-employed & the other 20% worked for them. Now, it is just the opposite…20% are self-employed (corporations) & the other 80% work for them. The tax laws have not been changed to accommodate the new statistics. When I figured that out my husband & I opened our own corporation. Now…the tax laws are working for us – not against us.

  76. Meadowlark says:

    @Melinda Ha, maybe that is what sparked the culty vibe. Yet, if I found out that Scientology was actually just a kubrick-esque secret society of sexy parties, I might not be so critical.

  77. Nymeria says:

    And the tax laws were never ratified by the ruling bodies of the land, either.


  78. Bill Hicks is God says:

    If I made a comparison with ‘Uncle Tom’ would that be a bad thing? Somehow, I don’t think so.

    Okay then, sell-outs. And their kids, well, let’s wait 5 years and see.

  79. kibbles says:

    It would make a beautiful hotel. I am just so anti-big homes that I can only be jealous of their money. This isn’t the way I’d choose to live if I had millions. These Hollywood types with homes that could house a small town are just ridiculous and over the top. I much prefer stars like James McAvoy who are grounded and live in a reasonably priced home (less than $1 million) instead of a castle or mansion.

  80. Camille says:

    Oh aren’t they just the perfect family. :roll:

  81. Callumna says:

    Mia Girl

    I respectfully disagree with everything you say. If there are more people who are able to do what you do — and less demand for it then you get paid less. That’s the factor you left out. More of us can do data entry or office work than be international movie and music stars, for instance. Your family are good, hard working people which is its own reward and they chose to work in fields where they knew there was less money. It’s not a surprise, and if it is they should not be teaching anybody. We all know what our professions’ average incomes are. And finally we get to choose.

    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith made this all on their own. They did this with everything going against them. How they made it out of West Philly and the LA ghettos without doing anything gross is inspiration to me.

    And the fact is around half of Americans pay not a single dime in income taxes at all — or any taxes except sales tax. The wealthy pay the grand bulk of American taxes right now.

    The Smiths are living the dream, but they’re paying taxes on income, real estate, every time they buy anything, and they’ll pay just for dying too.

    If they have an open marriage, believe they’re special, and shove their tots on the public I’m not a fan of any of those things, but I don’t see why we should get to steal their hard earned money if we don’t make our own.

    Their success can inspire many others to get out of West Philly, the projects or wherever they are too. But a person has to do their part to make it happen, not take it from someone who did. Peace.

  82. dj says:

    Gorgeous views. Where has Will Smith been? It seems like I haven’t seen him in years. The outside is gorgeous and peaceful. I do not feel from these pictures the interior is warm and cozy. It feels unlived in to me. What is the deal with Jayden? He does smug too well.

  83. It is ME!! says:

    If half of Americans don’t pay income tax, that means they don’t make enough to be taxed. This includes senior citizens on Social Security, which is not subject to federal income tax.

    Can we stick with celebrities and leave the B.S. tax talking points on FoxNew, CNN, and MSNBC?

  84. dorothy says:

    The live there because Scientology told them too.

  85. Alix says:

    Looks about as “highly personal” as a hotel lobby.

  86. SEF says:

    I think people are entitled to express their opinions about the kids.

    WIll & Jada do shove their kids down our throats and often the kids look more like fashion accessories than kids. It is creepy.

  87. Ally says:

    When I saw these photos online, I knew you would cover them, though I thought it would be for the insane photoshopping of the humans in the photos.

    They look so waxy, smooth and pasted in, that I don’t think we should assume that house really exists either. It might be a fake front like those old Western towns where a pretty façade is pasted onto a brick box.

    I imagine they have the same kind of ridic photo approval as Julia Roberts, and only accepted photos that made them look like shiny cartoon figures.

    That desperation for fake perfection, in spite of all their demonstrable success, gives off a loser vibe.

  88. muktar saeed says:

    Well d house is really cute. They should contact me wen its up for sale, dey hav ma e-mail add,

  89. Mairead says:

    It’s nice, although a bit pastichey in some of the details.

    But CB, what I’m really interested in is that Lutyens manor – you can’t just tease me like that. Ok, so the owners might not be celebs, but Lutyens was a starchitect, surely that counts? ;-)

  90. Baraka Manani says:

    WOW Look at all these relationship/religion/architecture critics out here. Haters gonna hate.
    Nice pad and a very happy and successful family.

  91. eva says:

    My son (12yrs) and I adore the house. My son is into Architectural. He says “it is not like other houses.

  92. AlMan3 says:

    I was reading comments and see how the range of responses reflects the moods and opinions of people around us. I went to the AD site to see their pictures- but found another houses’ contrast in extravagance or style. Now I can see the warmth and lived-in look the Smiths’ family is talking about much clearer.[http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/homes/2011/09/john-pawson-minimalist-los-angeles-home-slideshow#slide=2]

    I am unable to comment on peoples’ lifestyles because I’ve not been exposed to their circumstances, but believe that being around hotels and travel overseas and the indulgences of their peers may have been a contributing effect of the design choices.

    What is fair or true of all the rumors and hearsay in private *** only knows…