Kate Bosworth goes back to Coldplay, after alleged 2009 affair with Chris Martin


These are some new photos of Kate Bosworth leaving a Coldplay concert last night in LA. She’s with a friend that, for my purposes, I’m assuming is gay. Because seriously, what straight guy is going to take Kate Bosworth to a Coldplay performance, right? Especially considering the history! What history? Ah, back in November 2009, Star Magazine had a surprisingly detailed and heavily sourced story about how Chris Martin, Coldplay’s front man and husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, was having a public affair with Kate Bosworth. What’s that? You want to read the original 2009 story? Of course! Here you go:

The witness says that since the backstage VIP section at the U2 concert on Oct. 23 was full of Secret Service agents keeping an eye on former President Clinton, perhaps Kate and Chris thought no one would notice them.

“They weren’t even shy about it. There weren’t too many regular people there, so maybe they thought no one would blab about them. But they looked really into each other – they held hands and kissed, and I saw Chris caress her cheek. It was pretty romantic.”

Later, at an after party for Bono at The Palazzo’s Carnevino restaurant, Chris and Kate kept carrying on, eyewitnesses report.

“Kate arrived around midnight with Chris and some other Coldplay members… they stayed until around 5 a.m. It was a wild party!”

When Kate and Chris first arrived, she went straight up to the hostess’ stand and started rambling on about how she and Gwyneth were really good friends.

“Thinking about it now, it was like she was overcompensating,” says an onlooker. “She said that whenever she’s with Gwyneth in Los Angeles or New York, they always go to one of Mario Batali’s restaurants. Carnevino is one of Mario’s restaurants. It was so out of the blue that she was talking about her friendship with Gwyneth, like she was justifying why she was with Chris. And it’s weird because Mario and Gwyneth are good friends too.”

“Kate and Chris sat at a table towards the back of the room. They seemed pretty into each other,” says an eyewitness. “They spent the entire time hanging out together, eating, drinking, laughing. Wherever Kate went, Chris would be right next to her. They sure looked like a couple to me.”

Chris’s hookup with Kate may not come as a shock to friends of the couple. Some say Gwyneth and Chris have been drifting apart for months. “It’s like Chris suddenly realized he’s a rock megastar and women throw themselves at him… he’s become incredibly affected by female flattery. And Kate is just the kind of beauty who’ll flatter him – bright, sexy and intelligent.”

Whispers of trouble in Chris and Gwyneth’s marriage have been around for a long time, but looked like they were making a go of it in August when they purchased a new house. But, “it didn’t work. The marriage has major problems. They’re at a crossroads and there’s no knowing if the relationship can survive… they’re leading separate lives. She finds him immature. He finds her pretentious.”

Meanwhile, Kate Bosworth “has been chasing Chris for a long time,” a source reveals. “All his friends think that there’s something going on with them.”

“Last summer, Gwyneth’s ego was bruised when Chris told her that Kate was like a younger version of herself… he’s had a crush on Kate since she starred in Blue Crush. Gwyneth knows that Chris flirts all the time on the road, but after that ‘younger version of you’ comment, Gwyneth is more sensitive and suspicious of Kate.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, November 16 2009]

So what does it mean that the newly single Kate Bosworth – fresh from being dumped by Alexander Skarsgard – is now fine with having her name mentioned in the same breath as “Coldplay”. Is Kate trying to start up with Chris again? Is she trying to put Gwyneth on edge?

My opinion: Gwyneth is already on edge. After reading her Elle interview yesterday, Goop just makes me sad. I mean, of course, she’s a terrible monster and I wouldn’t mind slapping her, but also: she‘s just sad. Not that she would ever admit it, but her marriage is terrible and all of the Mrs. Elton humble-bragging is just to make herself feel better. When discussing her marriage, she said:

On the false rumors of a split: “Sometimes it’s hard being with someone for a long time. We go through periods that aren’t all rosy. I always say, life is long and you never know what’s going to happen. If, God forbid, we were ever not to be together, I respect him so much as the father of my children. Like, I made such a good choice. He’s such a good dad. You can never be relaxed or smug and think, ‘I’ve got this thing.’ That’s also part of it: keeping yourself on your toes. I’m not going to take this for granted.”

On keeping her marriage to Chris Martin out of the spotlight: “He makes music for his fans, and he doesn’t want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they’re getting into his music. I get it.”

[From Elle, via previous Celebitchy story]

Can Gwyneth and Chris’s marriage survive another Bosworth encounter? The last time, Chris’s people made a big deal about it, denying it to whoever would listen and claiming that Chris was going to sue Star Magazine. He never did sue. Bosworth moved on to Alexander Skarsgard and it seemed like Gwyneth and Chris were damaged but they stuck it out. I wonder…





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Pyewacket says:

    So edgy with the green tipped hair. *smh*

  2. jackie says:

    I kinda like them together…

  3. mln76 says:

    As annoying as she is Goopy is still a trillion times better than Bosworth. I am hoping she has already jumped ship.. Ugh…and Martin is rumoured to have cheated on her with Natalie Umbruglia too. I’ve always thought she went into full Goop mode to overcompensate for her misery with Chris.

  4. Nat says:

    What’s with the blue hair? Is it “trendy” now?

  5. Gwen says:

    I would think her showing up has most to do with her wanting attention. She’s not getting it from having Alex around any more ( :D ) so she’ll have to get it another way. I can’t believe Chris would hook up with her again. So I guess it’s just a mean little side effective dig at the Goop.

  6. Bubbling says:

    Dear Kate, all that starving messed up your hair, why not invest in a good wig?

  7. brin says:

    Her blue-tinged hair looks bad.
    I’m feeling surprisingly “meh” about this. Guess the JLo-Halle idea got to me.

  8. mia girl says:

    That buttoned up to the top shirt is the worst.

  9. LisaMarie says:

    She looks like a hot mess. Straggly dip-dyed hair, my grandma’s blouse…yikes.

    And I agree with you, Kaiser. I can’t freaking stand Dame Paltrow, but I feel kind of bad for her too. Her husband obviously can’t stand her and she says whatever she can to convince herself that he really does care about her. That’s just sad and really, really desperate. You know what? If Beyonce were REALLY her BFF, she’d tell Goopy to dump his ass.

  10. Laura says:

    Dear Kate Bosworth,

    Please eat a sandwich. And a cake. Not a piece, the whole cake.



  11. locamochagirl says:

    Kate looks like a trainwreck in these photos. Yikes.

  12. Sara says:

    The blue hair with a granny outfit? Really? Oh my. When is this chick going to act again? She has been irrelevant for years now.

  13. HappyMom says:

    She needs to use her drug money for some groceries and a new stylist.

  14. Anon says:

    Her hair looks horrible! That’s all I have to say about this story.

  15. amurph says:

    Why does her hair always look so horrible? Either pulled too tight or so frazzled. She also looks skinnier than usual, if that’s possible.

    Also not surprised her showing up to a Coldplay concert – she even brought that guy with her again.

  16. bigchili says:

    Does she understand that kool-aid is for drinking??

    She’s just pathetic. She knew that people would talk about her if she went to a Coldplay concert because of the past affair so she went. And of course she couldn’t go alone since there are all of the stories about how happy ASkars is now that he’s single.

  17. Samigirl says:

    If she’s trying to show ASkars what he’s missing, she’s doing a TERRIBLE job.
    @LisaMarie, I thought the same thing about her shirt. Seriously, looks like something Blanche Devereaux would wear!

  18. Jaded says:

    If Chris Martin is banging that bag of bones he’s going to cut himself on her sharp edges…eat for god’s sake woman!!

  19. e.non says:

    oy … the bed-hopping of these people. and these are the ones you know about because of their high profile. imagine how many anonymous hook-ups are happening.

    martin really does seem to be a dick; and as annoying as paltrow is, she should just bag it and leave him. why stay with someone who clearly doesn’t like you and cant be bothered to support you in your projects. that’s got to be such negative energy to live with not to mention hurtful. i mean, really, how hard is it to walk the carpet. stand back if you don’t want to answer questions, but really, refusing to walk it is such bitchy behavior.

  20. Fabianne says:

    I don’t get the bluish hair. I guess she’ll do anything in order to get papped. People on other sites have identified this guy as Michael Polish, director of Big Sur, one of Kate’s next films. So she’s promoting her next movie.

  21. LL says:

    I don’t even get how some of these people are stars.

  22. inthekitchen says:

    A younger version of you…ouch! Hahahahaha.

    Is it wrong that I just want to laugh and laugh at stupid Goopy? Oh well, if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

  23. Rhiley says:

    I wonder if Kate Bosworth bangs Chris Martin, would she get an advanced copy of Coldplay’s crappy new album?

  24. LadyJane says:

    @Laura “Not a piece, the whole cake.” ahahahahaha. Nice one.

  25. Tiffany says:

    @Enon. I was thinking the same, why has she not left him. I think it is because she has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I doubt she would downgrade, that she will not settle for. She has some money but Martin has it hand over fist, several times over. Everythinng is about image and perception and she would rather have people think that and stay miserable. Which is sad. No matter how bad your partner is, no one deserves that hurt and humiliation.

  26. Hazmat says:

    Wrung out and washed up. Guuurrrl, you are ONE HOT MESS.

  27. bitca says:

    So we’re supposed to believe Kate Bosworth is “bright” & “intelligent?” “Sexy??” Maybe she has a hidden bony charisma that the cameras can’t manage to capture?

    The quote about Goop’s husband is just as good: he suddenly realized he’s a “Rock Megastar…” Ummm. Okay.

    <3 this tabloid writer—& your Dickens shout-out.

  28. kane says:

    I see Martin’s type are anorexic bitchy blondes.

  29. Calli Pygian says:

    Fishsticks Paltrow & CM are only staying together long enough for her to establish some professional distractions, so that when they announce their mutual split, no one will pity her ( as she has these projects into which to throw herself).

    While I am no Fishsticks fan, I think the “younger version” comment was made solely to deliver hatred. Why stay for that?

  30. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Damn, this bitch is ugly. Really, there is nothing that is attractive about her & I can’t imagine why Eric Northman was humping on this.

  31. mary says:

    her head is way to big for her body. EAT SOMETHING!

  32. KittyKat says:

    Agreed…. she looks awful. Her hair looks like its falling out! EAT!!!

  33. Pity says:

    I actually don’t ever remember Chris making a big deal about it. In fact I don’t think he said anything. There was an article that “sources” said that he was angry but he never said once word himself. If anyone has him saying things please link. And this is from – Star – really do we actually believe anything they say. Interesting how most stories are believed when they are from Star except when they are about a certain couple. I say take it all or leave it all = it is even embarassing to quote Star as far as I am concerned.

  34. Karen says:

    I’m not sure if it reflects poorly on me or on Bony McStarving that I didn’t even notice her blue-green tipped ends until I read the first comment. I was too busy screwing up my face in disgust over that god awful blouse.

    Even though she doesn’t care whether or not I find her attractive (her demographic are horny men who are already attached – see Martin and Skarsgard), I think she looks absolutely hideous at her current weight. She has great cheekbones but that’s all I can focus on (as well as her trout pout). Blech…if that’s what Chris Martin chooses to tap, then Gwyneth is better to be rid of him.

  35. tooey says:

    These three are just bland bowls of boring oatmeal. Poor old Kate doesn’t have anything resembling a career so this is what she resorts to in desperate attempts to stay relevant.

  36. Jen says:

    FYI, that guy is definitely not gay. He’s one of the Polish brothers, an actor/director. He just directed a movie she’s in and was in the pictures with from the Marmont a few days back.

  37. Leigh says:

    I don’t love GP but – really? – with Kate Bosworth?
    All the comments about how awful she looks and how bad her hair is are bang on.. This girl is clearly underweight and not healthy… And her outfit is disgusting.

    Chris Martin, shame on you! If you’re going to step out on GOOPY do it with someone worthy – you’re a freaking rockstar for god sake. Act like it.

  38. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Mmmmkkk….I don’t even think Blanche Deveraux would TOUCH that shirt! LOL

  39. Mia says:

    Is this her attempt at making ASkars jealous or staying relevant by hooking back up with Chris? Because I don’t think this is going to work. She looks absolutely ridiculous with those blue/green streaks. Very budget looking.

  40. Pix says:

    I feel bad for Gwyneth, too. She says life is long, but we all know that is not true. Life is too short to stay with a man who doesn’t respect you for the sake of the children. He cheats on her and no one deserves that – no matter how annoying she may be.

    Interesting that she says she made the “right choice”, because I believe she did have a lot of choices at that point in her life. But since her father died and she was so devastated she went with someone too young. She really made a bad choice in a husband, but this is what you say when someone treats the kids better than they treat you.

    I hope she leaves him and finds a truly great love. That insufferable Reese Witherspoon found love again…

  41. Bored says:

    Another one that needs food. At least Gwyneth looks kind of healthy.

  42. Truthful says:

    she looks horrible, looks like she is not taking the break up well..

    she has about how many hair strands??? her hair is super thin..

    she looks totally different.

  43. UKHels says:


    perhaps goopy is a bit too much competition for Chris Martin whatever his pretend feelings about ‘just being about the music’ (by the way I hate Coldplay with unbridled passion)

    I just don’t get KB – she’s emaciated, has no dress sense at all (that blouse! that hair!) and no talent. At least Gwynnie can act even if she is insufferably smug

  44. Amy says:

    Maybe they have a polyamorous marriage and this isn’t a big deal at all for them.

  45. karena says:

    It is really hard to leave a marriage when kids are involved, plus Goop has her precious image and lifestyle to worry about…so she will ride that dead horse to the finish line. I hope Chris leaves and puts Goop (and the kids, himself and the rest of us who are being tortured DAILY with her yakking on about her marriage) out of our misery.

  46. itstrue says:

    She looks like ass. It looks like her hair may be thinning (malnourished anyone)?

  47. Rachel() says:

    Chris Martin’s belief that too much media will make his music be seen differently is right. Now when I hear a Coldplay song, I conjure up and image of him and Kate Bosworth.
    Does anyone know if KB went back stage?

  48. Jen34 says:

    Bosworth looks like a walking corpse. I hope she isn’t setting her sights on Chris Martin. He may be a douche, but he’s Goop’s douche. If this is true, Bosworth is going to be headline news and not in a good way. She has already accumulated so much bad will for her past relationships and famewhoring ways, she’ll never recover from this. She might just starve herself to death after Martin dumps her.

  49. Melissa says:

    At poster #34: (can’t read your name) Agreed! If that story were about a “certain couple” coming from Star magazine, it would be “blasphemy! LIES! A bunch of haters! Ridiculous!”. LOL Can I get a Amen??

  50. operagirl says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Polish guy — at leawst in these pics — slightly resembles Chris Martin in the face/hair?

  51. Adrien says:

    White shirt back dude looks like Chris Martin.
    I don’t know but Chris strikes me as a nice, likable dude. Maybe all he wants is to spray Easy cheese to his mouth.

  52. Strawberrygirl says:

    Just so everyone knows; Kate Bosworth is best friends with Arlene Moon who works for Coldplay. That’s why she is always around. I was there last night and it was a good show!

  53. really says:

    They look cute together, plus Gwen with Chris is ultra-BORING…….. so let Kate take it away, they fit!

  54. mln76 says:

    @Pity & Melissa …there was a lot of eyewitnesses at the Coldplay concert and according to ABC News a really reliable source they were going to sue.
    Add to that the fact that Bosworth went from being a Goopy pal to never again being friendly/photographed with anyone in her circle to suddenly pop up again at a Martin concert where I am assuming Goopy didn’t attend. It’s really suspicious.
    As for that ‘certain couple’they actually did sue a tab for lying and won ;)

  55. The Other Katherine says:

    Well, he has a type: annoying, bony blondes who see themselves as “classy.”

    Nonetheless, KBos is a huge step down from Gwyneth if any of this is true. DAMN, Chris.

  56. Nev says:

    Most cheating men are not really into their marriage/wife in public. They don’t want anyone to see them show any affection towards the wife at all. Paltrow is trying to hold onto an image.
    Sadly she trapped him into a marriage and it never worked out but somehow she is willing to stay married in the public eye and use lame excuses like “Chris just don’t want to walk the red carpet” or “he make music for his fans, and he doesn’t want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they’re getting into his music.” What the heck is that? Paltrow need to stop lying to herself. Couples should support each other at their job function but he seems to carelessl. We don’t see him really supporting Paltrow in her career at all. You can’t tell me she do not want him on that red carpet with her. This guy is just not into her but he is sticking around for the kids sake.
    I don’t feel sorry for Paltrow or any woman that trap a man in marriage and think it will work. Apparently he saw the real Paltrow and was done with her. Only thing about it, if she was not what he wanted he should divorce her instead of cheating but I can bet you she begged him not to divorce her for the kids sake.
    Paltrow should pull her dignity out of the closet and wear it. Hollywood couples divorce all the time what’s the big deal, every one can see that relationship is not working.

  57. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    Bottom line: we can make fun of Goop, but when a useless bum like Bosworth tries to step on her toes, we’re all suddenly like “Step off stray waif!”

    I have my issues with Goop… But like an annoying cousin that you want to strangle at every family function… She grows on you and you think.. “Ok, compared to the rest of the pseudo-hookers out in the world, she’s decent” in that:
    She seems into her kids, she doen’t wear super skanky outfits (if anything she needs to get over her Upper East Side style).. she’s never been caught falling down drunk or with a DUI (if anything, pushing around a ridicuously overpriced stroller -and those things can get pricey!!!)
    AND SHE WORKS, and has worked more or less steadily (minus a few years caretaking for the kids) pretty much steadily for the least 15 years.
    I still remember her as Tinkerbell in Hook.
    SO. I’m emarassed to admit it, if it came to blows between the most uselss of the useless (Bosworth) and Goopy.. I’d back up Goopy the same way I’d back up my annoying cousin over some random skank ho in a bar that got too uppity.

  58. CC says:

    Someone should have told her not to dip her hair in an airplane toilet’s sanitation liquid.

  59. Amy says:

    I’m so glad Skarsgard ended it with her. He can do so much better/more beautiful.

  60. Jen says:

    Does she even act anymore? Or does she just prance around like a boney PITA?

  61. original kate says:

    Q: who does goopy have to bang to get a copy of the new coldplay album?

    A: kate bosworth, apparently.

  62. 4Real says:

    Really I see no difference between the queen she is walking with and Chris Martin.

  63. Susan says:

    A menagerie of douches, these three are.

    That last quote about “conjuring a lame famous couple” seems really sad and slightly arrogant.

    Sure, you don’t need to use your marriage as a PR stunt, but c’mon, what’s wrong with being known as a couple? Is the pairing of GP and CM so grotesque that it would detract from the listener’s experience of Coldplay’s music? Doubt it!

    I’m sorry, but IMO the thought of CM cheating on his wife with a younger doppelganger is waaaay more off-putting. WTF?

  64. bluhare says:

    I think Gwyneth should eat that crow pie she just baked and move on. She would be so much happier married to some east coast tycoon (see: Stephanie Seymour who went from Axl Rose to Peter Brant) where she can summer in the Hamptons and Palm Beach it in the winter. And have the fabulous Manhattan pied a terre overlooking Central Park.

    Bosworth? Didn’t even notice the hair; I was too fixated on those two slugs hovering over her eyes.

  65. Ben says:

    Urgh, classless woman. Doing that to her friend. And SHAME on him if that’s true. No matter how bad Fishsticks might be, either keep it in your pants, get her consent for an open marriage or separate.

  66. Melissa says:

    @ mln76:

    Im not saying it’s true or not true, NONE of us know when it comes to either couple. And what source? There’s always a “source”. So Brad Pitt didn’t sue the tabs about the latest story of him cheating with that assistant, so it must be true right?? And I could really care less either way (when it comes to any of them), I just think the bias is interesting.

  67. JM says:

    Did Beigeworth miss the memo that the smurfs movie was already made?

    She looks tragic. Underweight, stringy ridiculous hair and horrible granny clothing. Yet she pimps herself out as a style icon. Wonders never cease in Hollyweird.

  68. mln76 says:

    @Melissa I get what your saying but this was a much more credible story. It wasn’t just Chris was standing next to someone while working which is what the story on Brad amounted to. It was several eyewitnesses saw Martin screwing around in a public place. If you read a tab if they don’t have a real source they back away from their salacious cover. In this case it was detailed enough for Martin to have sued if it was actually false. (Same with Ashton Kutcher last summer) And afterward Paltrow and Bosworth who were moderately friendly were never photographed together again.
    I happen to think there are times when the tabs are accurate but they missed the boat on the Brange a long time ago and they just rehash made up stories because let’s face it so many people want them to be miserable.

  69. kieslwoski says:

    I am not a fan of Gwyneth find her annoying as everyone else, but this Bosworth chick is just CRAP, she is such a waste of space. Her famewhorish ways ae just reprehensible!

  70. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I wonder if Goopy is gettin some on the side from one of her chefs?

  71. Ellie says:

    I hate Kate! she’s a talentless nobody with horrible fashion sense. She made one popular movie back in the 90′s. Hasn’t done anything except for sleep with famous people the past 15 years. Why are we even talking about her?

  72. Kimbob says:

    Wow…many of us must think alike. Reading all comments I was amazed.

    @4Real..I thought the same thing!

    @Nev..I totally agree w/your assessment. Goopy is hanging on so hard Chris will have claw marks on his body forever. I agree, & life is way too short. She should just let go of him & enjoy her life & maybe she will find her soulmate in the process.

    @endoplasmic_ridiculum…yes…as annoying as Goopy is, she does have some redeeming qualities that are seriously lacking in other celebs. All the more reason to let go of what she THINKS she’s holding on to & get on w/actually enjoying her life & children, as opposed to always being “on guard.” Just ridiculous, right?

    @Bubbling…I thought the very same thought….stick that stringy hair in a net & slap on a wig for God’s sake.

  73. Devon says:

    The big reason I think it really did go down between Bos and Chris is that he made a HUGE stink about it, threatened to sue the tabloid and never did. AND the Bos was getting in tight with the Paltrow/Tyler/McCartney circle and as soon as this came out she was booted and never seen with them again.

    I hate on the trick so much is that she always appears to be digging her claws into men who have partners. She tried it with Jim Sturgess while working on 21, she managed to get ASkars even though he was with Evan Rachel Wood (not 100% on the timing but Bos and ERW were very close together, maybe maybe not some overlap), Chris Martin…and those are the ones we know about. She does nothing and reeks of try it’s disgusting. She barely acts, her JewelMint line is ridiculous and she fronts like she’s an A-Lister when she’s C at best. That top photo is full of SMUGNESS and it makes me want to hit her. I really like ASkars, could really care less who he’s banging but at least make it someone worthy. Thank goodness he dropped her.

  74. ZenB!tch says:

    I have never seen anyone look as pathetic and non-edgy with green hair. Who wears icky preppy clothes with washed out green hair? HIDEOUS regardless of which side of the alt/prep divide you fall on.

    At this point, I don’t see this is cheating or an affair. I think Goop and her ugly Ginger hubby have been living separate lives for years. I’m going to be blunt and totally redneck about it because as much as she would hate to admit it that is how Goop rolls…

    Honey, you know he only married you because you got knocked up. Someone shoved a shotgun at his trailer and he made an honest woman out of you but that is what it was – your kids aren’t bastards (not that any of this is Apple’s fault) so let him go find yourself a nice boring Kyle MacLachlan type who loves you for you.

    –love your fellow women

  75. ZenB!tch says:

    PS: why would either of these women want to sleep with Chris Martin. They both bagged hotties before.

    I’m no fan of either of them but ewww. He’s no Axl Rose (and I never liked him either) there was never any excitement around Chris Martin. I love Coldplay but it’s the musical equivalent of a chick-flick. Only women and gay men like it.

    Not implying ALL women and ALL gay men like Coldplay – more like ALL straight men HATE it. LOL

  76. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Bosworth has as much self respect as she does hair. Man, I hate anorexics; they’re all liars and bitches!

    Goop needs to get out of there, but before she does Gwynnie needs to “Hit ‘Em Up Style”, and go on and ruin a few of hubby’s precious instruments!

    Goop get out and have a cookie while you still have hair!

  77. John Wayne Lives says:

    Yawn. Do something that matters Kate.

  78. ADS says:

    At Nev, I wasn’t aware that gwynnie trapped chris, do you have proof of this or are you judging her by your own low standards? Chris is a grown ass man. He wanted the ollywood blonde starlet when it suited him. If he really has checked out then his misery is if his own doing. It’s possible they have an ‘arrangement’ but who really knows.

  79. Maritza says:

    Their marriage has been rocky for a long time now, they should get it over with and stop pretending. It’s not healthy to stay in a loveless marriage just because of the kids.

  80. The Original Ashley says:

    Well Bonesworth did always say her perfect, ideal man is a British musician.

    Normally I’?d be all “this bitch?!” but I hate Goopy and her fake perfect act. Ha. Ha. Foot meet mouth. Karma and that.

  81. ADS says:

    At Nev, I wasn’t aware that gwynnie trapped chris, do you have proof of this or are you judging her by your own low standards? Chris is a grown ass man. He wanted the Hollywood blonde starlet when it suited him. If he really has checked out then his misery is of his own doing. It is rather possible that they have an ‘arrangement’. One that allows her the status to be married to a rockstar and it allows him to have this almost blemish free family man image. I dunno but I doubt things are straight forward.

  82. Kim says:

    If he did have an affair Gwenyth should ditch him asap! I have ZERO respect for men that cheat – just ahve some balls & get a divorce for goodness sake. Especially since they have 2 young children his extra time, when not in studio or on road, should be spent with — not a hobag.

  83. Kim says:

    Nev et all – no one traps any one into marriage. Unless he had a gun held to his head and does daily he CHOOSES to be in the relationship. Trapped?! Thats the stupidest thing anyone has ever said on a blog. He can leave anytime. If he uses excuse of staying together for the kids he is full of it. You dont stay for your kids while fing other women – plleeaassee! He wants to have his cake and eat it to.

  84. The Original Ashley says:

    Jen34 – that’s why she got with Skaarsgard. He took her image as a irrelevant homewrecker away and made her seem like some fashion goddess who is so beautiful she can bag the enviable (other’s words not mine) Skaarsgard. When she began dating him, everyone suddenly forgot she banged Martin.

  85. Nymeria says:

    @ commenter #27 (can’t read your name!) – Erm, Dickens? Did you mean Austen?

  86. The Original Ashley says:

    Endoplasmic – what??? That was Julia Roberts.

  87. Nymeria says:

    @ commenter #27 (sorry, I can’t see your name) – Erm, Dickens? Did you mean Austen?

  88. the original bellaluna says:

    1) Coldplay sounds like wanna-be U2 to me.

    2) His comment about a “younger you” is absolutely horrible and hurtful. How disrespectful to your wife, man!

    3) Julia Roberts was Tink in Hook. (If you’re talking about the movie version with Maggie Smith, Robin Williams & Dustin Hoffman.

    Yesterday I mused that maybe Goop is using the pretentiousness to hide her feelings. I think that even more now. It’s just a barrier to her, I think.

  89. The Truth Fairy says:

    Anorexia has ruined her looks.

  90. You don't say says:

    The majority of tabloid stories are absolute crap and lies. Sometimes when you make a fuss and scream “I am going to sue”, then don’t you look guilty. Even though Beckham sued, the court threw it out, which looked bad as well. Most of these stories stay in gossip blogs, tabloids and the majority of people know nothing about them. So, most folks just don’t bother to say anything. Wait a week and the story will change.

    However, when a false story becomes the lead on CNN, MSNBC, the Today Show, etc., then it is time to take action, which that “other couple” did. They did not threaten, they did it and won. They don’t feel the need to deal with the silliness of the other tabloid stories, even at their most cruel (regarding their children especially) because they know the truth will always come forth..in their own time and in their own way.

    Most people with brains don’t believe most of what is printed in tabloids, they are good for being snarky and gossipy on blogs like this one. So why spend time, money and energy denying the lies..unless of course they are true, which is very rare.

  91. Taytay says:

    A lot of the comments in this thread are gross. Especially the one about anorexic people being selfish. Shame on you CB for allowing it.

  92. Lauren says:

    Boring and pretentious..and hungry.

  93. TEXASSWEDE says:

    Michael Polish was divorced 2 and 1/2 months ago. KB started filming Big Sur the first part of the year. The movie wrapped in May. Am I the only one thinking AS may have caught her messing around with her director? After all AS and KB have not been papped together since Coachella in March when they had a fight and she left early and he stayed and partied.

  94. TEXASSWEDE says:

    Endoplasmic,,,,,,Goop did not play Tinkerbell in Hook. That was Julia Roberts.

  95. cr says:

    Texasswede, she started filming Big Sur the week after Coachella which was mid-April, I think she and Alex were over well before she started filming that or had even gotten the role. She announced the Big Sur role while she was in Vail getting her ‘award’, and that was the beginning of April.

  96. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    @original ashley @TEXASEDE, @orginal bellaluna

    Woops – my bad.. Goop played Wendy Darling not Tink..

  97. Chloe says:

    I agree that the “younger you” comment screams: complete a**hole.

    Goop should pack her fancy suitcases and leave.

  98. KV says:

    People.com has officially announced Michael Polish as Kate’s new beau…

  99. Claire78 says:

    This woman is pissing me off. She is useless – I used to think she should just be a model, but I am changing my mind. She is in the ‘Rachel Bilson’ category – although Rachel seems harmless. I kinda like Chris Martin, he seems funny and nice in interviews, but if he did get it on with this creature – its crap. Gywneth does seem snobby but she surely she is more interesting than Kate. Wish she would go away!!

  100. Cinderella says:

    I guess when Kate is puking up her lunch, the hair is dipping in the Tidy Bowl.

  101. Boromir's bytch says:

    Funny you bring up Rachel Bilson — it just so happens that she and the Boz did a movie together recently. Guess not too many people from Celebitchy will be standing at the ticket counter for this one. The premieres might be fun though as they try to out-dress each other.

  102. YvetteW says:

    Kate looks like a rainbow-brite pony who was rode hard and put away- well you get my drift.

  103. grabbyhands says:

    Poor Kate-obviously not a believer in the old adage of “living well is the best revenge”.

  104. bacon says:

    I guess the color is what all the trendy kids are doing these days, but seriously, who would leave the house with that stringy, unkempt mess? She looks like she should be standing in front of the Greyhound station at three in the morning bumming cigarettes from people. Have some pride, Kate.

  105. Chris says:

    “Can Gwyneth and Chris’s marriage survive another Bosworth encounter?”

    A Roswell encounter would be better. How cool would it be if Goop went off the deep end and started claiming that she been abducted by aliens?

  106. Pity says:

    As I thought – the link given was not from a reliable source – it was simply form a source. Chris never ever said he was going to sue. Chris never answers to the press. He does not do photo ops, he rarely gives interviews and never talks about personal stuff. I don’t mind tabloids doing some stuff but this constant saying that someone is having an affair and trying to ruin a marriage. There is no proof of this – a lie. AS for Kate the man with her is her new man. Truth be told she was not dumped – she probably dumped. However no blog site or tabloid would ever have a woman dump a man – don’t you know women always have to be pathetic. SAme stories all the time, Jen is dumped, Chris cheats, George is the man. Seriously this stuff is getting old. How about some new stories. Gwen is happy and their marriage is going well – move along.

  107. jemshoes says:

    I feel bad for Goopy. Despite all the GOOP, she’s really trying to make her life (and her marriage) work – and she works so hard! No wonder we’re all exhausted by her. And I’ve never really been into Coldplay’s music, and definitely not Chris Martin either. I can be indifferent about his music, but this guy’s behaviour to his wife just seems cold.

  108. mln76 says:

    @Pity ABC News isn’t reliable??? OK SURE.

  109. Pity says:

    I said the souce was not reliable. All ABC said was a source. I am so tired of these sources. It happens with the Jolie/Pitts all the time too. “A source” says that they are fighting, etc. Everyone knows it is a lie. No “source” that is not named is reliable. And yes ABC news is not always reliable. Especially as they use an source that will not give their name. Please tell me that you do not believe everything that ABC says

  110. Canuck says:

    @TexasSwede: Not that it makes any difference as to whether she was boinking this guy on set or not, but his I.M.D.B. Page says he’s been divorced since 2004.

    Remember that trip to Paris while Cannes was on? Now I’m wondering if she was planning on “accidently running into ASkars” if he showed, or whether she was meeting up with this guy. Didn’t someone say she was there for Big Sur meetings?

  111. Paige says:

    why would you wear those clothes with the blue hair? completely different genres!!

  112. cr says:

    Pity, as for the rumors about KB and Chris Martin, who knows if they’re true. But Goop apparently believed them, and that’s the only person that matters.
    And Kate was the dumpee in this case, why do you think she wasn’t papped much the last 3 months (when she was in LA)? No man, no paps. OTOH, I think she dumped James R, her behavior post break up was much different than this one. Also, she didn’t seem to be in stalk mode for JR, as she seemed to be for OB and Alex. So yeah, she was the dumpee, it happens.
    Canuck, I think the Paris meetings were for an entirely different movie.

  113. Chloe says:


    “However no blog site or tabloid would ever have a woman dump a man – don’t you know women always have to be pathetic. SAme stories all the time, Jen is dumped, Chris cheats, George is the man.”


    I actually wholeheartedly agree with you for the first time, at least in general (I do think that Chris is cheating on Goop and Clooney did the dumping).

  114. CC says:


    While that’s generally true, all yo uneed to do is read between the lines in this case: “mutual breakup” just means that AS dumped her, and they’re allowing her to save face by saying it was mutual.

    Not that I che was dumped, the only thing I would like would be seeing her fading into complete obscurity. Nothing more, nothing less.

  115. Isabel says:

    Well, Goopy cheated on her husband too (although I forget the details, it was about two years ago iirc) so she gets no sympathy from me. Vile woman, nasty to everybody around her, and cheap too. I hate it when celebs demand free stuff.

  116. superman says:

    What is it with all of these negative commenhts…what a bunmch of yentels…

    And what is with the comments about the blue hair…I like it.

    What, are you people from Texas or something?!?!

  117. Sharon says:

    I agree with Pity. Everyone knows that internet gossip land is not immune to lies and heresay. People spread gossip all day long in hopes that other sites will pick it up and believe it. And, yeah, I like the blue hair too, kind of weird but it’s def rockin’ her persona!

  118. cr says:

    superman, you’re on a site called celebitchy, you were expecting something else?
    Sharon, as already stated, it’s entirely possible that the Chris Martin/Kate hookup never happened. But it appears that Mrs. Chris Martin believed it, hence Kate being shunned from Goop’s inner circle.
    And Kate doesn’t really have a persona. She may try very hard to have one, but she doesn’t. Though I’m sure now she’ll be trying on the ‘indie actress’ persona now.

  119. MK821 says:

    What I don’t understand is why this guy would want more dry white toast. Hasn’t he had enough?

  120. Tess says:

    I have noticed quite a bit lately that Chris is nowhere to be seen with Gyn,like lastnight at the Emmy’s could they be headed for a breakup??Hope not espically if Kate Bosnotworth it has anything to do with it,she’s can’t compare to Gwyneth.
    Chris wake up and realize what a beautiful family you have!!!!
    Kate looks anorexic.

  121. Tess says:

    I have noticed quite a bit lately that Chris is nowhere to be seen with Gyn,like lastnight at the Emmy’s could they be headed for a breakup??Hope not espically if Kate Bosnotworth it has anything to do with it,she’s can’t compare to Gwyneth.
    Chris wake up and realize what a beautiful family you have!!!!
    Kate looks anorexic.

  122. donnadew says:

    See, I think Bonesworthy wants more than the Goopster’s husband –she wants her whole life, married to somebody famous and simpering on a blog about her perfect rich bitch life. She’s been trying to make this happen for at least 10 years.

    Problem is, she can’t get anybody to marry her. Part of it is, I’m sure, that she looks dirty, stoned and bedraggled, but she also projects this high-maintenance vibe that sends her chosen victims running. She has to be feeling more and more desperate with the passage of time and even she must know that her looks are eroding and her “career” is a disaster. She doesn’t have many years left to put together a Gwynneth-like life.

    You’ve got to hand it to her, though. She sure knows what she wants.