Is Nicole Richie making fat jokes about Jessica Simpson during their new show?


Part of me thinks this National Enquirer story – about an alleged feud between Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie – is simply a fluff piece sent out by a publicist wanting advanced publicity for their new reality show. Jessica and Nicole are working together on a Project Runway knock-off show called Fashion Star, which is apparently in production now. And according to the Enquirer, Nicole and Jessica kind of hate each other. The problem with just seeing this merely as advanced promotion? I have no problem believing that Nicole and Jessica would rub each other the wrong way:

Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie are locked in an ugly feud on the set of their new reality series, Fashion Star, insiders say. Sources claim they’re constantly sparring, and the two have a rivalry that goes back years as competing heads of their own fashion lines, the Jessica Simpson Collection and Nicole’s House of Harlow.

“Producers thought pairing them on screen would mean lots of fireworks to attract viewers,” said the insider. “But their personalities don’t mesh at all. Behind the scenes, the set is a war zone.” While Nicole is a laid-back sweetie, Jess is a major diva, said the source.

“Nicole is always ready to go, but Jess lingers in her dressing room, keeping everyone waiting and asking to do multiple run-throughs,” the insider divulged.

Then there’s their weight issues. Jess is carrying some extra pounds while Nicole is runway skinny.

“Nicole has made a few digs about Jessica ‘throwing her weight around,’ while Jessica has joked that someone would have to be on a starvation diet to wear Nicole’s designs,” the insider said. “Now they’re barely talking, which doesn’t bode well for the show’s success – and it isn’t even on the air yet!”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I’ll buy that Jessica is always late and always slow (“slow”). I’ll also buy that Nicole is a Mean Girl to Jessica. But I don’t buy that Jessica cuts back. Jess simply isn’t capable of being that kind of girl who makes consciously rude comments about someone’s size. She’s just… not that smart. She can’t think of that stuff on the spot, I think. She’s never been the kind of stupid tinged with viciousness, like, say, Paris Hilton. Jessica is just sweet-stupid. It might not have even occurred to her that Nicole is being a bitch to her.

By the way, speaking of people making fat jokes about Jessica, CB covered Vanessa Minnillo’s recent interview where she called Jessica “the elephant in the room.” LOL, that’s bad. Here’s the context: “To address the elephant in the room, yes, coincidentally at the same time our wedding his going his ex is actually also doing the beautiful thing of getting married herself.” It’s just an expression, right? Of course Vanessa didn’t consciously decide to refer to Jessica as an elephant.



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  1. Cherry says:

    Hahahahaha ‘I’ll buy that Jessica is “slow” ‘ Good one, Kaiser :-)

  2. Sumodo1 says:

    Which one is The Mary and which one is The Rhoda?

  3. Nat says:

    I don’t think Mannillo meant Jess by saying “elephant in the room” – elephant in the room is an English idiom which means a tabboo subject that no one wants to talk about and I think Mannillo mentioned about the fact that after she and Nick had announced their engagement – Simpson did the same thing and almost stole their thunder. However Jess obviously is a bit bigger deal so maybe by announcing her engagement at the same time gave them some PR.

    Oh I hope I don’t sound like I’m defending Mannillo – was just making a comment, that’s all

  4. mln76 says:

    I totally buy that Nicole is a droll beotch who would resent that at the end of the day Jessica is a little bit more famous and a lot richer. But yeah I don’t really see Jessica fighting back or caring that much.
    And whether or not Manillo meant it in a bitchy way I think she deserves to get a little barb in. What Jessica did in announcing her sham engagement only days after hers was beyond tacky.

  5. The Truth Fairy says:

    I don’t under stand Vanessa’s quote at all. Was she wasted when she said that?!

  6. Pix says:

    I love that comment “Throwing her weight around.” Only a mean girl would say that and I do believe Nicole Ritchie is a mean girl. I thought Jessica was supposed to be on an insane Tracey Austin diet?

  7. brin says:

    The tabloids just love to create feuds, take a quote and make it into a derogatory remark, you name it, they’ll do it.

  8. Pyewacket says:

    Why does the sight of Jessica Simpson piss me off?

  9. fabgrrl says:

    I don’t know anything about Vanessa Minnillo. Is she smart enough to make a snide comment like that? Because it is a pretty good one. I’ve certainly heard “elephant in the room” before, but not from anyone under 40. I think she deserves to get in a little dig like that, after Jessica’s engagement announcement stealing stunt.

    The sad thing about Jessica, she isn’t really all that fat. Just a little chunky, and short, with no idea how to dress. If she didn’t worry about it so much, I think everyone else would just let it slide.

  10. Susan O. says:

    Jessica is naturally a full-figured body type, Nicole is thin & longer-boned by nature. Can’t compare two separate ends of the pole. I like Jessica’s comfort in her body as it is.

    • Mediterranean Queen bitches says:

      Actually Nicole is fat by nature. She is not naturally thin by no means! She has a lot of nerve calling Jessica fat. At least Jessica knows which side of the road to drive on and isn’t a crack head and knows how to keep a BILLION dollar company running! She doesn’t seem to be so stupid after all, huh?? And Vanessa??? Please, she’s plain ass jealous she has zero talent whatsoever! Bottom line here all is Jessica is a beautiful, talented woman. If she wasn’t, and if she was so stupid she wouldn’t be WHERE SHE IS TODAY

  11. Victoria says:

    Why does everything always revolve around Jessica’s weight? As a size 8-10, I’m tired of reading about people making and laughing at fat jokes about Jessica and acting like she’s the only person in the world over a size 0. Do people just pretend those same things (being called an elephant etc) wouldn’t also apply to them? Because I see it as a slam against myself as well.

    On another note, if you asked me who would be more of a diva, Nicole Richie or Jessica Simpson, Jessica would not be my answer.

  12. guesty says:

    it was on their wedding special, right when vanessa just kinda threw that out there? LOL. imho it was accidentally on purpose. & kudos to her for calling jess out on that engagement bullshit.

  13. Victoria says:

    Regarding the comments on Jessica stealing her thunder or whatever, Nick and Vanessa kept crying about how they wanted privacy etc so why would they care about Jessica getting the media attention they claim they wanted no part of? Obviously she didn’t steal any attention away from their moment with friends and family. You can’t pretend that you’re all down to earth and private and then air your show on tv and cry about his ex taking away your moment in the media. Why don’t more people call them out on that? It bugs me.

  14. really says:

    Oh well, guess miss Jessica is just a sweet-stupid COW. But once upon a time, Nicole use to be on the puffier-side, so she should put a sock in it! The thing about Jess is that her “insufferable ignorance” sells! Sad. And Mrs. Lachey (Vanessa) should yawn on anything about Jessica, I would not even bother addressing that COW (Jessica’s weight is puffy, it is her lack of sense which makes her a cow)……… it is a bloody waste of time!

  15. lol says:

    Obvioulsy no one here or Inquirer knows the families history together Simpsons & Richies. Nicole has spent many a day at Simpsons home with Tina & Joe & the girls & has visited grandparents in Texas. Anyone remember Lionel signing to Jessica on her 30 BD a song he sings to his mom & grandmother & sang it specially to Jessica? Don’t believe this crap cause thats what it is crap & drama & no foundation.

    Not sure why its such a big deal about Jess weight. How many other celebs out there right now with some added weight?

  16. lol says:

    Hey did Nick & Vanessa get a prenup? lol

  17. Nicole says:

    I don’t buy it your arguement Kaiser. This story could very well be true. I could see where Nicole would look down on Jessica and be a mean girl, because in the end she really is an heiress. The money she is making is her own, but she stands to inherit quite a bit from Daddy. Also, House of Harlow and Jessica Simpson’s lines are after different demographics. JS clothing line especially accessories are rather cheap (albeit comfortable) she is going after the everyday girl. Nicole Ritchie not so much. Some of her stuff is rather luxe, and expensive. I would say some of her stuff is way more boutique. I actually like House of Harlow accessories better than JS Brand (although I do have a JS coat). I don’t buy that JS isn’t all that bright. I’m sure she can do mean girl as good as she gets. I think that divorce and Joe Simpson’s over involvement in spoiling her aids in a somewhat altered perception of how she should be treated.

  18. lolalola says:

    oh I totally hope its true. Jessica played on her sexuality/body to get famous so sorry babe, if you get fat, that’s fair game.

  19. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Vanessa’s statement was totally a double entendre. She’s just too chickenshit to call Jess fat outright.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Whether this is true or not, all of these young women who have been in the tabloids for a few years now are nearing 30. Time to stop acting like it’s still high school.

  21. hyena says:

    There is no feud between nicole and jessica. Nicole is a friend of the entire simpson clan including the mother. Just one look at their tweets will tell u this. They have also been hanging out and having girls nights since 2009 at least. Check google or twitter to verify.

  22. seal team 6 says:

    “Elephant in the room” is an expression meaning the unspoken subject no one wants to talk about, and which everyone keeps making believe isn’t there. Like an elephant in the room that everyone ignores.

    I have never, ever liked Jessica Simpson, and still don’t, but she isn’t fat, and I’m glad to see someone in the public eye who is a normal, healthy weight. I just wished it was someone not quite so callow and vapid.

  23. RocketMerry says:

    Eh. I prefer Jessica to Nicole, in general, although she comes across as, well, let’s say silly.
    As for Nicole…good for her for cleaning up her act and having babies and all, but I still don’t believe her personality changed that much. She was a mean, bitchy bully and she probably still is, although it’s smart of her to realize that it’s probably a trait she needs to hide to the public.

  24. The Original Ashley says:

    I shamefully admit that I did watch the Simple Life and I can see NR being a huge beyotch. Not as bad as Paris but I mean they were friends after all. You’re not friends with such a vapid, vicious person without being vapid and vicious yourself. I remember her being quite cutting but not overtly so. That dig about “throwing her weight” sounds like something she’d say.

    I don’t see Jessica being mean though. She is stupid but she’s also not the type to be mean to someone. Anyone remember Newlyweds? She has a hard time attacking people, probably in part because she is so stupid but probably also because she’s just not that girl.

  25. Thea says:

    You know If I was Jessica, I would look in Nicoles face and laugh hysterically as I was worth a billion dollars. And if I wanted to squeeze my “fat” ass into whatever I wanted to, then so be it. She can buy and sell Nicole a hundred times over.

  26. thinkaboutit says:

    Okay can I just say we all KNOW what “elephant in the room” means?? It didn’t go over our heads; the question is simply whether Vanessa was making a dig/taking a shot, or if she just chose that phrase with no subtext intended.

    Geez, please give my fellow posters a little credit; this is, for the most part, a very sharp and savvy crowd.

  27. Original Tiffany says:

    Anyone remember that party invite Nicole sent out a few years ago? It stipulated that you had to be under 100lbs to get in. What a bitch.

  28. Blue says:

    Why do the women always have to be feuding. Is it really that hard to believe that 2 women working together may actually….. get along *gasp* I think people just like to stir up drama and make stuff up. Look what happened to Oprah and Whoopi. They both thought the other hated them because of gossip, drama and lies.

  29. IAMEROK says:

    (off topic)One of my fave pants are my Jsimp. brand black jeggings, they are really well made and designed, and were $52. (On topic) Nicole Richie- even after the image clean-up what-have-u, still comes off like a Reno,NV meth addict who won the meth lotto cuz she cooked up a super batch in her garage/meth lab…HARPO WHO DIS WOMAN?

  30. Truthful says:

    if I had to choose sides, it would be Jessica’s..I think Nicole would be overbearing and watching her weight and mine.

    no thx

    plus I can afford Jessica’s clothes and shoes.

  31. hmmm? says:

    some of you are that stupid to believe this bull crap? Of course you are (esp. Tiff, Ash, Rocket, and Thea I mean get over it) she wasn’t that bad on the simple life and you all need to give her past a freaking rest for God sakes, let it go, she has to and the media needs to as well. If this was anyone else you all would have dismissed this but since it’s someone whose past you all can’t seem to let go and still revile for some dumb reason, you will just up and believe it.

    Thea, lol, now what is your simple behind thinking? she can’t buy NO ONE and from what I hear, I hear she has a bit of an attitude too and a former drug problem, (coke) which is probably why she put on extra pounds after being clean. (Not that was/is fat but I’m seeinga trend with stars and weight it’s either rumored drugs and/or diet pills/starving) All I’m saying is don’t be too d*mn stupid to believe that she is all innocent, she might be albel to be bitchy as well, may be not as Nicole or whatever, but still from what I hear she has a mouth too.

  32. hmmm? says:

    I mean, making up stuff about someone (actuality, the both of them) who is really dated to the reality world nowadays and getting riled up all over again to hate them even more is even more hilarious than the aformentioned themselves.

  33. Nikki Girl says:

    Don’t know if I buy this story, but I don’t like Jessica Simpson, and I think there are reasons people knock on her weight. And this is coming from someone who has a near identical figure to Jessica, I too am short and curvy with bigger boobs but skinny legs – both of us gain weight in our middle sections the most.

    Anyways, here it is:

    1. No, she is not fat by non-Hollywood standards, but yes, I would call her chunkier BY Hollywood standards – which we are all smart enough to realize are unrealistic and stupid, but regardless, that’s how it is.

    2. Agree with a previous poster, she gained fame using her body and sexuality; she can take heat now for losing that once lithe and perfectly toned body. No pity from me. And no, I don’t think she’s happy and comfortable with her current body despite what she says, I think she’s miserable with her body but is too lazy to work out and loves her crappy food and booze too much.

    3. I sincerely hope Vanessa was using a double entendre because it’s hilarious and clever. And I think Jessica deserves it because it was crappy and insensitive of her to announce her absurd engagement mere days after Nick and Vanessa announced theirs. Especially after dating the dude for only five months when NL and VM had been dating for almost five years. I mean, are you that insanely in love that you just HAVE to announce your engagement days after your ex? Couldn’t they have announced it just a few weeks later? (And btw, I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell JS and EJ are going to last, he’s a free-loading loser and she’s essentially paying him to be with her, pathetic.)

    Sorry for the long rant, but JS bugs the hell out of me, is it obvious? :)

  34. hmmm? says:

    Umm nikki girl, I hear alot of the stars (female and male, but female for now) the ones who claimed to be empowered with a cool, tough and “I am woman type” stance (the ones who seemingly don’t take any sh*t) are the main ones to have guys rolling in dough and cars THEY bought, not the guys. (Angie Stone, Mya and others) and yeah, she like others used her body (which I still looks nice to me fwiw btw) to gain even more fame and it’s sad that once, she really just wanted to sing and look sexy ONLY. She used to actually open her mouth and belt it out and now she’s too busy alwasy sounding like a childlike idiot whenever talking and singing.

  35. RocketMerry says:

    Err, @hmmm?, seriously, chill out. This is a gossip site. We’re all here to speculate on “famous” people who intentionally put themselves in the spotlight and who know how to construct a public image: they play the media, they build their personae, so it’s fair game for us to go ahead and guess what part of that is true and what is not. These are opinions based on what celebrities want us to see of them. I’m sure they don’t lose their sleep over this, so you should not either. K? *smiles inoffensively*

  36. SusanneJ says:

    Do you remember the commercial for the MTV VMA 2008 by Russel Brand & Britney Spears:

    This is where I heard about “elephant in the room” for the first time – and I loved it! In fact, it was really popular around here for a while.

  37. crtb says:

    I am so tired of hearing people call Jessica fat. She is NOT fat! She has a lovely figure. I just wish she believed it.

  38. caitrin176 says:

    “hmmm”: Attacking other people on a celebrity GOSSIP site for, um, their *gossiping* about celebrities (gasp!) is just pretty moronic behavior. (NOT saying YOU are moronic, at all, just this specific, particular attitude is.)

  39. Kim says:

    Runway skinny?

    So thats what we are calling anorexic coke heads weight now.

  40. 9 out 10 experts recommend says:

    I don’t think the expression “elephant in the room” is meant to be taken as a double entendre can see Nicole being a bitch about weight related stuff but I hate that the media pin ladies against each other. We can be friendly and cool with other women it’s not all catty competition, give me a break!

  41. antisara says:

    Waych it Nicole…this fatt blimpson may remind you were adopted and not a blood child or Lionel’s….i hate blimpson but i think sh stil remembers nicole is an heiress by luck, not by work or blood. MINOLLO: you go girl! Anyone who despises blimpy is to be admired.

  42. Dani says:

    Really am not a fan of Nicole Richie. She would be wise to remember that she wasn’t always as skinny as she is now. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that she used drugs to get her to her current size.

  43. Vicki says:

    Kaiser is Indian and either doesn’t get that “elephant in the room” is an idiom or really wants us to sit here and believe her that it was used both as an idiom and entendre by Vanessa w/out coming out an asking us to but couldn’t find a better way to say so. It very well may have been but I think Vanessa is more of the school of that the best revenge is to live your life. Maybe that’s why she and Nick allowed their nuptials to be taped – that and the location!

    I agree with the poster who said that Jessica Simpson is probably unhappy with her body despite what she says.

    Anyhow, I don’t really like either girl and this will be NBC’s way to knock off “Project Runway.” I know I won’t watch it.

  44. ebraca says:

    don’t buy the fat comments. Nicole dated DJ AM pre and post gastric bypass (there’s pics on the interwebs) and she was a bit “chunky” during a season of Simple Life, and is/was vilified for her being overweight/underweight. I think she’s very aware/sensitive of weight issues due to these past experiences.

    Screams PR ploy.

  45. Peg says:

    Maybe Nicole could see clear to teaching Jessica how to become a bulemic Adderal addict, like her fat ass did way back when “The Simple Life” was just taking off. That would make her life SO much better.