Paris Hilton actually does work – so she won’t have to be airbrushed

If you were to tell me that Paris Hilton ever worked, I’d tell you to quit lying and go to hell. But it turns out I’d be a major bitch for it, because once in a while Paris really does work. Though I’m sure she’d argue that just living her life is really hard work, Paris actually will put in some time, effort, and energy when required for a job. It’s just that she’ll only do it if it has to do with her vanity.

Watch out, Paris Hilton is getting all smelly on us again as she gets ready to debut another fragrance in her ever-expanding empire. The hotel heiress looks particularly thin in the upcoming campaign for “Fairy Dust” but we’re told there was no airbrushing and that Hilton worked-out like crazy to don a barely-there bikini boob-tube and short skirt.

“Paris didn’t want to be altered so as soon as she found out what she had to wear she went overboard with Pilates classes and exercise,” said an inside source, with another pal confirming that the “My BFF” babe “went totally crazy toning up.”

But the perennial party princess is no stranger to being ethereal and whimsical given her many appearances at Hugh Hefner’s famed annual “Midsummer Night’s Dream” soiree. At this year’s party, Miss Hilton wore her wings with just a see-through nightie and thong, so perhaps she drew inspiration from the Playboy for the perfume.

After all, Hilton is reportedly more than just the face of the fragrance — she’s also the brainchild behind the idea. She wanted to be able to wave a magic wand and bring some “fantasy” to her fans during these tough economic times. (Sweet, but isn’t that name of the perfume her former best friend Britney Spears brought out over three years ago?)

[From Fox News’ Pop Tarts]

Looking at the photo I guess I could possibly believe Paris wasn’t airbrushed. I assume they mean in terms of her shape, because there’s no way an ad agency would let anything out that hadn’t been professionally retouched. No matter how good Paris looks, the perfume itself sounds horrendous, and no taut midsection can change that.

Paris Hilton will launch Fairy Dust, her latest fragrance for women, next month. The ad campaign will feature Hilton as a fairy, and will debut later in the year. Neil Katz of Parlux Fragrances (the company that holds the Paris Hilton fragrance license) noted that “Everybody hates Paris, but she is on the front page”.

Fairy Dust is a floral fragrance developed by perfumer Cecile Krakower. The notes include “sparkling prosecco accord”, pink peony, orange blossom, spring gardenia, water lily, peach nectar, sueded patchouli, cashmere musk and vanilla cream.

[From Now Smell This]

That’s pretty similar to how I imagine Paris actually smells. Too many odors going on, yet remarkably uncomplicated and empty. Ironically I’m guessing the bottles of her perfume will remain mostly full. But at least we know Paris works for her money. Once in a while.

Here’s Paris leaving Mr Chows in London after having dinner on Monday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. photo jojo says:

    If there was no retouching on that photo, I am the queen of England.

  2. Shonagh says:

    Well her belly button looks like a miniature black hole.

  3. Codzilla says:

    What the f*ck is “sparkling prosecco accord”?

  4. whatevs says:

    Bullshit. No way is her torso that long. Even her foot looks fake.

  5. Nova says:

    I hate myself for saying this, but i bought a 4pk of her other perfumes a couple of weeks ago and i really liked two of them.(mind you, I only paid 15 bucks!!!) “Can Can” smells like cotton candy(one of my favs)…and “Heiress” is really a pretty scent too. *hides in the corner*

    As for the picture above…Paris IS very skinny at the moment, not that ive ever seen her look fat. But that photo was definitely retouched. Maybe they didnt make her look skinnier, but they definitely smoothed things out a bit.

  6. devilgirl says:

    Not retouched, my ass! I also like the head of Parlux saying everybody hates his client. Great way to talk about your client. He speaks the truth, but hell, she’s his client.

  7. Mairead says:

    I guess you could use the other two to clear the drains or something, Nova. :|

    isn’t prosecco a type of white sparkling wine? Heh – she smells of booze :lol:

  8. vdantev says:

    Had to air-brush out that cloud of flies that follows her everywhere. Should have used Zac Effron for this campaign.

  9. california angel says:

    It is to laugh that an infamous pothead’s fragrance includes “sueded patchouli”. hahahahaha.

  10. Nova says:

    lol @ Mairead. Too true…the other two “scents” are kinda awful. Smells like valtrex and bulls**t! lol.

  11. Nova says:

    “The notes include “sparkling prosecco accord”, pink peony, orange blossom, spring gardenia, water lily, peach nectar, sueded patchouli, cashmere musk and vanilla cream.”

    WTF?? That is a hella lot of scents in one perfume. Basically its wine, flowers, more flowers, more flowers, fruit, dirt, musky dirt and vanilla cream.


  12. Magic Peachz says:

    She was definitely airbrushed they just didn’t have to put her head on a different body so she wasn’t photo shopped. Isn’t prosecco a salty ham kind of thing? :D

  13. Cynthia says:

    Awww give the girl a break,I like Paris and I hope she becomes all she can be.Haters will never get anywhere if you want to be Paris’s new BFF.

  14. Codzilla says:

    Dante: Cloud of flies. :lol:

    Cynthia: Paris became all she could be when her lungs started taking in air properly at birth. It’s all been downhill from there, I’m afraid.

  15. hello says:

    I’d believe that she’s that skinny, but not that evenly skin-toned. I thought that she looked really skinny on the “i’m not cheating in the UK” post pics.

  16. Blahblahblahblah says:

    We call it airbrushing, she calls it retouching. That way she can claim no airbrushing.

    Anyone who would even consider buying her crappy perfume needs their head examined.

  17. Jaclyn says:

    During the photoshoot, I think she was lying down (why her ribs are sticking out), so that made her look a lot thinner than usual. And she’s pretty thin to begin with. I’m sure her body wasn’t airbrushed too much, but her face and hair, hell yeah. Come on, airbrushing happens constantly in hollywood, who is she fooling?

  18. Trashaddict says:

    “Sueded patchouli”?? WTF???
    With that name, I was thinking maybe the major ingredient was PCP. After that, who cares what it smells like.

  19. Jessica says:

    She looks like Kimberly Stewart in the photos where she is sporting the blue dress!!

  20. Michele says:

    She worked out to get that thin? Please! You mean she took extra adderall, skipped breakfast, lunch, and threw up dinner!