Us Weekly: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux are “trying for a baby”


Of course. I’ve been waiting for this for weeks. Us Weekly’s cover story is all about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux and how they’re “trying for a baby.” Because Jennifer Aniston is never complete in Tabloidland unless she’s worrying about the state of her womb. Sigh… I miss drunk Aniston, the woman whose only priority was finding the next bottle of tequila. Well, that drunk bitch got a boyfriend, and now she’s gonna pop out one of dem babies. Allegedly.


Just go with this: Jennifer Aniston and her beau of four months Justin Theroux are on the fast track to walk down the aisle…and procreate! As Aniston, 42, and Theroux (who turns 40 on Wednesday) kick back on an extended getaway in a $7,000-a-day cliffside compound in Kauai, Hawaii, the hot twosome have more on their minds then coconuts, cocktails and outdoor yoga.

“They have talked at length about getting married and starting a family,” an insider close to the pair tells the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday. “She is anxious for the next phase of her life and feels like this is the time.”

And her hunky new guy (who split with girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivens in March) is completely on board with having a baby, a second insider says: “They both want it to happen soon.”

To that end, health nut Aniston is making sure her body is in tip-top shape to conceive while on the island — hiring a private chef and doing at least 45 minutes of yoga daily. “She’s detoxifying,” an island source says.

The Horrible Bosses star’s pals aren’t surprised in the slightest by Aniston’s race to become a mom with Theroux. “Jen hasn’t felt this way about anyone since Brad,” a pal says of Aniston’s ex-hubby Brad Pitt. (Aniston has had a famously rocky romantic life — with fizzled romances with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and a slew of others — since her 2005 split with Pitt, 47.)

Adds another friend: “They are moving quickly, but they know the feelings they have about [each other] are different from past romances.”

For much more on Aniston and Theroux’s quest to have a baby — how she’s found her “soulmate,” how Theroux makes “all of her insecurities melt away,” and their house-hunting plan in L.A. — pick up the new Us Weekly, out now!

[From Us Weekly]

God, I just don’t even know what to say without hysterical womb-defenders screaming obscenities at me about how every move and word Jennifer Aniston makes is good and pure. Personally, I’ve never bought the idea that Jennifer gives a crap about babies (because her actions speak louder than her words), so that’s why I don’t believe this story. But! I will happily eat my words if and when Aniston pops one out, and I continue to think that Jennifer has hooked a live one, and Justin is up for whatever relationship conversation Jennifer wants to have (from behind). Will they get married and have a baby and everything will just be perfect? I hope so. I wish them well. They’re both getting what they paid for.


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  1. Cherry says:

    I love how the article casually drops in: ‘Aniston has had a famously rocky romantic life — with fizzled romances with Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and a slew of others — since her 2005 split with Pitt, 47.’ No shit.

  2. ladybert62 says:

    Being old fashioned I think they should get married first and see how that works out and then have one or adopt a baby – as they say, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Jen with a baby carriage!”

  3. DenG says:

    Has she stopped smoking cigarettes? Pardon my cynicism, but without Brad Pitt, she would have faded away long ago.

  4. Eve says:

    I, too, don’t think she gives a crap about babies (relax people, I don’t give a crap about babies myself).

    But in case this turns out to be true I wonder if she will pop the baby out from behind as well.

  5. lisa says:

    5 months????

    I thought they only started dating in Late April/May.

    My favorite part.. Theroux makes “all of her insecurities melt away,”

    what insecurities??

    If I was a fan I would be pissed a the mag for 1. accusing her of cheating with him; because a 5 month relationship would mean that.. and 2. saying she has insecurities..

    hmmmmm.. Welcome to midweek madness.. hahahaha

    @DenG.. I’m glad they didn’t use Brad in the article.. maybe there is hope after all.

  6. Turtle Dove says:

    They would make some cute babies…. I just don’t think that Jen is into having kids… not that that is a bad thing… each to her own.

  7. brin says:

    @ladybert62….we’re talking about a Hollywood couple here, so that’s very unconventional and unlikely! lol

  8. Pix says:

    I also think Jennifer Aniston has zero interest in babies and that is fine. Not only that, but I highly doubt she is willing to give up her perfect body at her age. She worked far to hard.

  9. hstl1 says:

    I don’t understand the endless fascination with this woman.

  10. P.J. says:

    Didn’t Brad and Angie adopt Zahara less than six months after getting together?

    At 42, Jennifer is almost out of time for carrying a baby herself. So if Justin’s the one, it makes sense to start trying now.

  11. Kaboom says:

    Goodie. That headline made the baby-making scene from “Your Highness” pop in my head, featuring Theroux and Zooey Deschanel. ARGH!

  12. Addie says:

    Please. US Weekly knows as much about their lives as we do. Meaning: they don’t know sh*t.

    Hope Justjen work out.
    They look/seem happy.

  13. Atticus says:

    $100 says in the magazine there will be a sidebar about Brad and Angelina, and what they and their kids are up to now. The “Angie and Kids in Danger in Britain” story will be in a pop out box embedded in the Jennifer Aniston story.

  14. Whatamess! says:

    justjen?is that what they’re calling them?ugh!

  15. That's Interesting says:

    @P.J. I think it was a lot less than six months if you go by when Brad and Angelina claimed their relationship officially started. Something like three months I think. Angie got pregnant with Shiloh six months after she and Brad ‘officially’ started dating. And then ended up having a total of five kids in less than three years. They initially said they wanted 13 kids, but I think reality set in after the twins were born.

    As for Aniston, I think she does want kids. I just think she and Brad couldn’t agree on how many. She said at the time she wanted one or two and he was always going on and on about having his own soccer team. Since then I just don’t think she’d have a kid with anyone. That’s why she didn’t have the ‘accidentally on purpose pregnancy’ with Vaughn or Mayer. She doesn’t strike me as the type who would trap a man with a trick like that.

    And I don’t think she’ll give crap about the body thing. In Hollywood you look exactly the same after you have a kid as you did before. Some magical thing about being a rich and famous person or something.

  16. Jenny says:

    She is free to do as she pleases, but for whoever said they left Mr. Pitt out did not read the cover comment. Zahara’s adoption was in process long before Pitt/Jolie, he did go with her to Ethiopia to pick her up and they moved in together shortly after that and she got pregnant a few months after that, but all of this occured after he separated (Jan ’05 and after Anniston filed for divorce (march ’05).

    Tabloids have been writing this about her for years, they just switch the names of the men. I remember Oprah asking Vince Vaughn about getting married and having children with her and he nearly fell off the chair. But she perpetuates it as she is the one who frequently brings up the subject herself, which is her busines of course, so these stories almost write themseelves, it is just a matter of time.

  17. grazi says:

    mags are always try to impregnate her, dont they?
    I can only imagine the circus/crazyness it will be if gets pregnant indeed.

  18. suggabugga says:

    oh, so many words come to mind, ball and chain, anchor, the sweet smell od desparation, IVF which equals more mindless tabloid fudder. so romantic.

  19. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I certainly agree with some of the comments, They are always saying she is pregnant with whoever she’s dating and even co-staring with(Gerard Butler).

  20. inthekitchen says:

    I just can’t believe any grown woman with an once of respect for themselves would be seen with a guy wearing that nasty shirt. Seriously, dude, grow up.

    And I think she’s pregnant now – she looks all puffy lately so I think she’s backed off her exercise program (or something).

  21. Happymom says:

    She’s certainly pushing this relationship hard-Kauai isn’t exactly papp territory-yet there continue to be pics of them released from their “romantic trip.” Who knows what’s actually going on? I don’t think she actually wants kids-it would cramp her “lifestyle” and that’s fine.

  22. really says:

    BORING and even more boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! major snoozeville on anything with her!

  23. That's Interesting says:

    @happymom. The paps were already in Kauai taking pictures of Ben Stiller and his family before Aniston and Theroux even got there.

    There are plenty of tourists and various employees of hotels and shops on these islands who probably get money when they call the paps and alert them that there are celebs around. Just like restaurants and stores call the press when they have famous people come in so the name of the restaurant or the store gets a mention in the article about the celebrity.

    If Aniston was really doing this for the paps she wouldn’t be chilling in a secluded house the paps have never gotten a picture of. And we’d see her on the beach in a bikini or taking a romantic stroll on the beach with her man.

    So far all we’ve gotten is a picture of them shopping for a birthday gift, grabbing coffee one morning, and a super blurry far away shot of them at Ben Stiller’s wife’s birthday party.

    They’ve been there for ten days so there are really very few photos considering how long they’ve been there.

  24. Anita says:

    Was reading somewhere on a site that she is one of the few guaranteed magazine sellers. Apparently positive stories about her sell magazines. She appeals to the common public and does not try to tell us that you can have 6 kids without nannies and be a huge movie star, fly a plane, save the world and even direct movies and it is all veyr easy. In a way, with her many mr wrongs, she is one of us trying to get it right. That is her appeal. Oh and she does have a great smile. I wish her well. I hope she gets her babies. I find her man very sexy.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    @PJ: Jolie had already started the process of Zahara’s adoption as a single parent before she hooked up with Pitt.

    She adopted Z in Ethiopia as a single woman. Brad accompanied her and Maddox to Ethiopia to pick Z up and bring her home. He legally adopted both kids several months later.

  26. Jenny says:

    So, paps travel to find her (she would NEVER send out the information–People magazine is on speed dial though with intimate details), but if any other celebrites have photos taken it is because they call the paps and have their sources tell tabloids stories. OK, if you say so.

  27. tracking says:

    Just because she hasn’t had a baby on someone else’s timetable doesn’t mean she was deceitful about wanting one. She knows she has resources and options, and her best one is to have a baby with a solid man who loves her. Yeah, she spent some time kissing frogs after her divorce, but this one seems different. Anyhoo, I wish her well during the months of painful womb scrutiny to come.

  28. Ell says:

    I think she’s always wanted kids but needed to be in a secure relationship. I believe she miscarried with Pitt and because work kept them apart they dealt with their grief separately, around that time Angelina walked in to his life with a ready made family and the rest is history.

    Anyway good luck to Jen, I hope this relationship works out whether she starts a family or not.

  29. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I absolutely believe she’s trying for a baby. & by trying I mean boning Hottie McHipster-Douchebag as often as possible. While on birth control.

  30. N.D. says:

    I think one of the things she likes about him is that he’s from childfree and no-marriage-is-neccessary school of thoughts.

  31. Eve says:

    @ Dread Pirate Cuervo:

    I absolutely believe she’s trying for a baby. & by trying I mean boning Hottie McHipster-Douchebag as often as possible. While on birth control.


    Although that’s pretty much what I’d be doing if I was dating any of my crushes.

  32. mln76 says:

    @Ell I always marvel at supposed Aniston fans who love to bring up this miscarriage story. Are you her OBGYN? Her BFF? If not don’t trivialize a rumor you read in a tabloid as if you are being supportive. If Aniston had a miscarriage she has chosen not to speak about it publicly. I personally think it’s just another tab lie.

  33. Evie says:

    @dread pirate cuervo

    Heh, that’s how I’d do it. Hipster or no, if I had the opportunity, I’d be on it as often as possible, too. Having an actual baby would cut into that.

  34. gossip lover says:

    @ ell,wow This shows how dump aniston fans her,She never had a miscarriage,too bad tabloids are your bible.this mediahoe would have milked the life of it if she ever lost a babyThis story came from national enquirer and that sleaze ball ian

  35. Anita says:

    Most celebrities give tit bits to magazines, that is how the game is played. Even nice ones like Sandra Bullock do. Who do you thinks sends all those Jolie-Pitt stories to magazines. Negative or positive. No publicity is bad publicity in this business. I do want to see more pictures of Jen.

  36. gossip lover says:

    I was neutral when it came to aniston i found her boring,but her fans make me dislike her,its pathetic to always make her seem like a saint when she is just another hollywood bi*ch, she plays the victim card so much its overused,if she is in love good for her.Hopefully her fans will be happy enough and rejoice in her romance of the century with that greasy balding dwarf

  37. Lolita says:

    OK, Either you believe the tabloids or you don’t but you can’t have it both ways:
    So Jennifer having a miscarriage is a tabloid invented story, but Jennifer not wanting children and that being the reason for her divorce is real?? Neither have been confirmed. Neither of the protagonists have ever said anything about a miscarriage, but none of them have ever said anything about Jennifer’s lack of desire for children during her marriage. This was a tabloid and fanatics made up story to excuse Pitt’s cheating and try to portray him as a poor husband yearning for a family taht his evil, selfish wife wouldn’t give him. And so many people fell and are still falling for it…

  38. gossip lover says:

    @anita what jolie pitt news was in a tabloid send by them?? apart from the interviews with people mag the rest of the rags ask people from stores or places they visited,why will they be subjected to nasty tabloids lies eveyweek for the past 6 years if they were in control,its simple commonsense

  39. Lolita says:

    @gossip lover I feel the same way about Pitt and Jolie. I was totally neutral about them but the crazies at JJB made me dislike them and like Jen, because of the unbelievable hatred of these nasty women who spend their days putting her and her boyfriend down and slapping each other on the back at how witty they are, when they are just cruel, hateful women with nothing better to do.

  40. Ell says:

    @min76 marvel away because I’m not a Jen A fan. I’m a Bruce Springsteen fan. I like her, but don’t worship her. I don’t mind Angelina and I’m not keen on Pitt, mostly cos he’s stood by and let the women he loves and has loved take the heat.

    Do I think she has been treated unfairly by the celebrity blogs, yep and that’s why I’ll occasionally speak up for her.I like to see the whole picture.

    You’re right the miscarriage could be a tabloid lie but then so could more or less all we know about that marriage break up and if that’s the case then people have been discussing BS for the past 7 years or so. The reason I believe the miscarriage story is because she looks pregnant in Friends, especially the thanksgiving one with Pitt.

    And why on earth are you asking me if I’m her best friend or doctor? I said ‘I believe’, in other words that’s my opinion which I’m allowed aren’t I?

    I’m sick of being insulted and taken to task for having a positive opinion on a Jennifer Aniston post. I don’t go on the AJ posts saying negative things or insulting anyone so why do it to me?

  41. mln76 says:

    @Lolita the miscarriage story crosses a line it goes beyond fair gossip into things that should be kept private unless Aniston chooses to discuss it. I’ve never been one to say she absolutely doesn’t want kids, she may. But she dangles the carrot of the state of her womb to get attention. Which by the way tends to give credence to the the probability that she never miscarried. Oh and by the way NE also ran stories that Angie miscarried while she was prego w/the twins which is why some crazies swear she miscarried and bought the twins on the Black Market.

  42. Bubulle says:

    I believe she’s desperate for a baby because she’s 42 so it’s now or never, but I don’t think she’s in love with him she probably sees him as a sperm donor.

  43. Ell says:

    @gossip lover, I’m not going to waste my time explaining I’m not a JA fanatic to someone who can’t even spell DUMB. Says it all really.

  44. mln76 says:

    @ Ell IMO I’m actually defending Aniston. A miscarriage is an emotionally painful experience and should be kept off limits unless Aniston ever decides to share. I think its one of those topics that should be off the table.

  45. gossip lover says:

    @lolita go to female first then tell me who had the most vile fans, boy i swear i have never seen crazier people wishing death on kids,racist to the bone just sickos,come on jjb people are not that bad atleast they never wished her death

  46. Ell says:

    @min76, your double standards are entertaining me, keep it up.

    And btw I’m not discussing the actual miscarriage I’m saying I think she was pregnant during Friends and would like a family within a secure relationship. I realise that doesn’t fit with the childless, selfish shallow imagine certain people like to portray of Aniston but it’s a bit extreme to suddenly come over all moral now.

  47. gossip lover says:

    @ ell,you are not a fanatic yet you you said she had a lost a baby with such authority as if its a fact.This story is bogus put out there to gain her sympathy,its a lie a big fat lie end of story.I wish aniston the best hope she gets what she deserves

  48. anjessa says:

    A preview of the story that is most likely next weeks big news:
    As poor Jennifer Aniston tries her best to have a baby and end her lonely spinster life, her old rival Angelina Jolie is already plotting against her. Mad with the idea that Jen might find a little happiness, she personally smuggled insane amounts of contraceptives into the water reservoir at Kauai, Hawai while “laughing hysterically” according to witnesses.She then celebrated her hate for Jennifer with a heroin-friendly lesbian sex orgy while talkig about how “America sucks”.
    For more information on how Brad’s friends think Angelina is a “horrible witch” and how Jennifer is bravely handling everything, pick up the tabloid who just made all that stuff up!

  49. Kelly says:

    Yawn. So boring. Why oh why do I even click on these types of stories… Oh, I know – bored at work.

    I really don’t think she wants children – too selfish, and she doesn’t like her routine disturbed – her cigarettes and her margaritas and trips to Cabo and Hawaii. And that same damn salad every day. And, as someone mentioned above, the changes to her body.

  50. Thea says:

    Jen doesnt have to have a man to have a baby. There is always adoption, artificial insemination. The wonderful way to do it would be to get married, blah blah, but life isnt always wonderful. I hope she finds what she is looking for, like the rest of us would like to. Only people who havent moved on are the Media and the Brangeloonies.

  51. Very Telling says:

    I see Aniston’s fans can’t just be happy that’s she is having a baby. They have to bring up Brad and Angie. FYI Angie’s due date with Shiloh was in early June according to Matt Damon(Angie and Matt’s wife had the same due date). Matt’s daughter was born June 6 2006. So Shiloh was conceived around September 05.Nine months after Jen “dumped Brad and kicked him out the house” LOL There are pics of Justin and his girlfriend Heidi at a premiere on April 25th. Heidi moved out in mid June out of their apartment.If Jen is pregnant that will be weeks after he dumped his girlfriend of 14 years not 9 months.I wonder if Heidi will cry if an interviewer brings up pics of Jen and Justin cuddling days after she moved out or bring up she is rumored to be pregnant? BTW I think she is pregnant since she has never gone near an ocean or a pool w/o breaking out her bikini. We will see.

  52. Two little PR lovebirds sittin’ in a tree,K-I-S-S-I-N-G.First comes homewrecking,then comes a PR marriage,and then comes a ‘BABY’ in a baby carriage.(Runs with Scissors**we have a baby shower to plan!!)

  53. serena says:

    I can’t stand her, that I’m-so-pure-and-naive fake aura, it’s totally hypocrite. And frankly, I don’t give a damn about her womb or relationship, what I feel it’s that she’s a famewhore and she’ll do everything for it even buy an husband and do a quickly marriage and baby.

  54. Paley says:

    It seems the entire world is fascinated with the idea of Jen having a kid; everyone that is except her. Don’t think she wants one, people.

  55. mln76 says:

    @ Ell I’m curious what my double standard is. ‘Bump Watch’ is notoriously inaccurate. In the last year Jen Garner has been pregnant 3 or 4 times for instance. If a tab dared to write a story on a ‘supposed’ miscarriage on her I’d be offended. Because think it’s a truly tragic situation if it occurs. On the other hand Aniston has never stopped talking about the state of her womb from the time she said Brad ‘would be lucky’ to get 2 children to her recent People article where she said she’d be barefoot and pregnant soon.

  56. Minx2 says:

    Lolita said: “Jennifer not wanting children and that being the reason for her divorce is real?? Neither have been confirmed. Neither of the protagonists have ever said anything about a miscarriage, but none of them have ever said anything about Jennifer’s lack of desire for children during her marriage.”

    Really? Not real? How about the score 6 years later: Brad has 6 kids and is still with the same woman and Jen has ZERO kids and countless douchebags for boyfriends. No, her not wanting kids was probably not the ONLY reason for divorce.. her being vapid and boring was probably another.
    And Anita.. Jen being like “one of us”? In what universe? Do you earn millions and spend month after month tanning in Cabo and taking care of your fabulous bod? If so, then I’m really happy for you.
    As a side note: nothing wrong with not wanting kids, just don’t lie about it. Especially to your husband.

  57. Anita says:

    @Minks2 You take all this too seriously for a third party observer. If she lied, it was to Brad and not you. These are celebrities, yes they are public figures but why should you feel so bitter on Brad’s behalf. May be Jen had not found Mr right, so what, it is not a crime. She seems a nice enough person. She may be rich but she seems down to earth, she has been treated badly by a man but I do not b*tch about that on her behalf. I am happy she is moving on with her life. As a matter of observation, Brad seems to have lost his hotness on the other hand, but that is his life too, age catches up with all of us. I choose to follow Jen’s life because am a fan before,during and after Brad. I was never a fan of Brad however. I thought Jen could have done much better. She bought into the whole ‘Brad Pitt’. But that is so so old. Jen now has a much better guy who actually seems intelligent.

  58. Annie says:

    I used to be indifferent to JA but most of the coments here has made me feel sorry for her and even like her. Btw what with the way brangeloonies are always trying to put her down. P.S i love angelina jolie very much

  59. Maritza says:

    I wish it were true, here’s hoping she has triplets or at least twins.

  60. BELLA says:

    I guess she needs to get the frozen eggs out !she has a sperm donner now
    thank-god!! Hve a kid ,go away … he`ll
    be gone by next year,or sooner.i wonder
    how much she`s paying him

  61. Cheyenne says:

    @Maritza: Why not septuplets, then she can out-Jolie Jolie. Angie only has six.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    Anita: She appeals to the common public … she is one of us trying to get it right. That is her appeal. Oh and she does have a great smile.

    Well, duh!! She has a nice, smile, and that’s her appeal? GMAFB. And please don’t say she’s one of us. Lord knows I’m not perfect, but I would never, ever go crawling back to some creep after he dumped and humiliated me in public — not once, but twice. Nor would I launch a public pity party after my marriage broke up. There is such a thing as dignity, class and self-respect, and she is lacking in all of them.

  63. Violet says:

    “…who split with girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivens in March”

    Er, not quite.

    Back in May — not March! — Jen was still denying any romantic involvement with Justin (see while Heidi was rhapsodizing about to the press about a recent romantic vacation she and Justin took (see

    It wasn’t until June that Heidi moved out of the home she shared with Justin (see

    So, unless Justin was cheating on Heidi — wink, wink — he and Jen have been only been involved for two months.

    All that aside, I doubt that Jen wants a baby despite all her talk to the contrary. She’s 42 years old, not 24. If she’d truly wanted a child, she’d have had one by now. Same for Justin, although I’m sure he’ll do anything to keep his sugar mama happy.

  64. CG says:

    Jesus Christ, how hard are her people pushing this Theroux thing? They’re trying way harder to make this happen than any other of her fauxmances. I don’t know why they’re doubling-down on this particular douche, but they should lay off for a while.

  65. Kendra says:

    So the two homewreckers are trying to have a baby? I hope they get everything that is coming to them. Hold your head up , Heidi because Karma is a bi!ch, and Jennifer and Justin are due some.

  66. That's Interesting says:

    @violet. Do you realize that every link you provided is from a tabloid, not a reputable news source? Or is Rupert Murdoch suddenly considered a reputable news person?

    My take on the Heidi Bivens thing is this. So far all we got is one very vague quote from her mother that says nothing about whether her daughter was still going out with Theroux. In fact she refused to answer that question when Radar asked her. All she said is that Theroux told Bivens he was just friends with Aniston. When did he tell her that? In May? In January? Last year while he was shooting Wanderlust? Three years ago? No one knows.

    If there was really a scandal there the tabs would have parked themselves outside of Bivens’ house waiting to get a photo of her and with any luck, a quote. She may not be famous, but her connection to Aniston makes her famous enough.

    Also, Heidi or one of her fashion friends would have sold their story to the tabs for lots and lots and lots of money. According to one of the links you provided, Heidi Bivens did an interview about her vacation so you knows she’s got the famewh@re gene in her. Since when do stylists give interviews about their vacations? If they give any interviews it’s about style, not where they go on vacation.

    Even if Bivens didn’t sell her story, someone who knows her or had even the slightest contact with her would have made themselves available for interviews. The fashion world is a legendary gossip industry so we would heard from somebody, anybody. And we’ve heard NOTHING, from ANYONE.

    We live in a reality show world and there would be someone trying to launch a career from having served Bivens coffee the day she moved out of Theroux’s house. Btw, the week before she supposedly moved out, the tabs were already featuring photos of Theroux’s house and claiming he was going to take Aniston there but the girlfriend hadn’t moved out yet. So if that’s the story the tabs were pushing, weird that they never got a photo of Bivens moving out. It’s not like he lived in some huge mansion with a secret entrance where she could have snuck out or anything. We don’t even have photos of any friends carrying out boxes. Nothing.

    I seriously doubt the tabloids would have skipped on this supposed scandal just for fun. They would have made a fortune selling Aniston as a homewrecker so obviously they didn’t find a scandal.

    Maybe it’s time to let it go. Especially since so many of you were adamant for so long that a man can’t be stolen. And that a relationship must have been in trouble if a person chose to stray. If Justin didn’t put a ring on Heidi’s finger or have a kid with her after 14 years he obviously, just wasn’t that into her.

  67. Violet says:

    @That’s Interesting

    You’re really stretching. I especially find it laughable that you think that Justin wasn’t all that into a woman he shared his life with for 14 years. Unlike Jen, Heidi didn’t need to entice him with money or fame. Justin stayed with Heidi because he loved her, not because of what she could do for his career.

    I just picked whichever links are handy, but the chronology of events is well documented and not just in the tabloids. On the other hand, you’ve done nothing to support your farfetched speculations.

    Multiple sources confirm that it was Jen’s rep who denied back in May that Jen and Justin were more than friends.

    You seem to think that Justin didn’t cheat on Heidi solely because she hasn’t gone running to the press. The tabloids would happily pay Heidi quite a bit of money for her take on the breakup, no matter what the circumstances, and yet she has remained silent. Heidi has dealt with the painful situation with great dignity and class, and has obviously encouraged her friends to do likewise.

    Heidi continues to take the high road, and good for her. Not everyone lacks integrity, you know.

  68. Sunnyjyl says:

    It’s my understanding that Jennifer is in Hawaii to celebrate her friend Christine’s birthday. It’s a great place to make a baby, but that wasn’t the reason she and Theroux went there.
    Jennifer has always said she wants to have children some day. There is a quote about it on her IMBd page. Of course, she could change her mind. People change their goals all of the time. One of my girlfriends was in much the same position: Demanding job, failed marriage in her 30′s. She just gave birth to her first child at age 45 a few weeks ago. She waited for the right guy and time.

  69. That's Interesting says:

    @violet, if its so well documented outside of the tabloid world and you have some more reputable links please provide them.

    And like I said before even someone who had some small encounter with Bivens would be spilling the beans. She’s not some powerful person in the fashion world who could miraculously tell everyone not to talk.

    Also, maybe she isn’t talking because she is already dating someone else. Who knows if her silence has anything to do with integrity since the press completely lost interest in this Aniston homewrecking angle for some strange reason.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your more reputable links.

  70. Violet says:

    @That’s Interesting

    You dismiss the evidence I’ve provided, even though you can’t even substantiate any of your own claims.

    Frankly, it’d be a complete waste of my time and energy to find more links for you. You remind me of this old saying: Don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve made up my mind.

    Incidentally, a person doesn’t have to be powerful to have loyal friends. If you’re a decent human being who inspires love and respect, loyalty does not have to bought or coerced.

  71. Jenny says:

    Why is it no one says anything about this being the same tale again and again–only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Vaughn was “the one”; Mayer was her “soulmate” and both were going to be her husband and both were going to make babies. And of course Butler, who was never official, but he was “official”. Maybe this is “the one” but stop trying to make it like we have not heard it all before.

    It is THE tabloid story this week, so good on her. She bumped the other “Jen” right off the front page.

  72. Camille says:

    :roll: @ this story.

    And LOL @ your write up Kaiser, loved it :D .

    And the tab just HAD to bring Brad Pitt into this crap didn’t they :roll: . Good grief.

  73. pwal says:

    I doubt that they’re trying this soon, but despite my not liking Aniston, you can bet that if she did become pregnant, People Mag will be courting her for the first shots of the baby. And you can bet that People will goad the unsuspecting public into buying the issue by using Brad and Angelina’s past baby covers, even though I think Sandra Bullock and baby Louie broke the record.

  74. Kendra says:

    To That’s interesting, Heidi has said ” If Jen and Justin do not discuss her , she will not discuss them” that says a whole lot to me. Heidi is a real woman, she knows what kind of man, Justin is and she knows what is in store for Jen.

    This man does not love Jennifer , he is going to use her and throw her in the trash, just like every other man has and Heidi will be laughing with the rest of us.

  75. Ell says:

    @min76 and gossiplover – Again, I never stated anything as fact, I put forward my opinion, I said I THINK.

    Clearly people aren’t allowed to post anything pro JA on a Jennifer A thread on this site, it’s pretty sad. As I’ve said I don’t go on the Angelina threads insulting people and writing nasty things.

    Hopefully Jen will settle down with this guy and have bambinos and then people might be able to post on JA threads without being jumped on.

  76. That's Interesting says:


    You provided evidence? Really? When? Where? Links to tabloid stories is considered evidence? Seriously, what you need to do is provide some reputable links girlfriend. But you refuse to do that because there are no reputable links.

    Stop making these ridiculous claims. You will get called out again, if not be me then by someone else.

    @Kendra…Heidi has said…where did Heidi say this? And don’t give me ‘sources close to Heidi said…I want a link to where Heidi actually said this, otherwise it’s just another stupid tabloid story.

    And how do you know how Justin feels about Jen? I know I ask this of a lot of people, but have any of you actually met the people involved? Seriously, you act as if you have some sort of special access to what these people are thinking and feeling.

  77. Jollyjolie says:

    Sandra Bullock did not break any record. Her cover sold 100k less than the JP twins.

  78. Jollyjolie says:

    As I said before in the Angelina post, I think That’s Interesting is also posting as Pity, answering to herself :lol:

  79. Katherine says:

    Sometimes you can reasonably infer what a person of resources and lack of obstacles really wants from life by their actions. If Jennifer had really wanted a baby she’d have one by now.

    That is a whole lot different than just plucking out of thin air some bogus suggestion that she had a miscarriage. For some reason Jen’s fans have this NEED to believe that she was pregnant. Maybe it feeds their need to hate Brad or their need to prove she really is interested in children when nothing else does.

    Oh and, Anita, look! Chemtrails!

  80. Jennifer says:

    @Violet, Fertility probs happen. Your partner having fertility probs happens too. Your partner not wanting kids “right away” and that turning into “maybe never” wanting kids happens too. Miscarriages also happen. Your partner not dealing with miscarriages well also happens. Need for Re-coup time after breakups also happens. All this to say, it’s silly to suggest a woman in her 40s never wanted babies if she has none. Life’s more complex than that. Idk why Aniston and Pitt, Mayer, Vaughan etc. broke up and neither do you, but I do see that she did what other rich, successful women who want families do – married in their early 30s. Then tried relationships with other eligible bachelors. The perfect family deal doesn’t happen for every woman for a variety of reasons, whether she did the “right” things or not, cos not everything is under our control. That’s life. And looking for a baby daddy in your mid 30s post divorce is a crapshoot. Your options and time is dwindling at that point. The right men are not abundant in your 30s, 40s. And often they go for more fertile women in their 20s, if they do want to be fathers. If you start trying for a family in your 20s, it’s easier, there’s more time for messups and all. But in your 30s, Unless you’re willing to be a single mom (preferably thru adoption, as the babe is already here), it can be difficult. Just because it’s common to have a baby doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs for anybody- it’s a blessing.

  81. Kendra says:

    To That’s Interesting, it seems you have alot to say about Brad and Angie on their thread and you do not know them , either.

    You can defend Jennifer, till the cows come home, the woman is a homewrecker and will be one till the day she dies.

    # 81 Jollyjolie I think you are right.

  82. Cheyenne says:

    Katherine: For some reason Jen’s fans have this NEED to believe that she was pregnant.

    They don’t want to admit that she refused to give Brad a family and that was one of the reasons why he left her. So they latched onto some fake miscarriage story to make her look like the innocent victim. Screw this woman, I am so tired of her BS.

    I say one of the reasons because I’m sure there were others. Basically, I think she’s so vapid, boring and uninteresting that he just got sick and tired of her. But I’m pretty sure her not wanting to have children played into it. If she wanted children, she would have had them, and if she couldn’t have them, they could have adopted some. Lord knows Brad has shown he has no problem accepting adopted children as his own.

  83. Violet says:

    @Jollyjolie #81 – Ha ha, good call.

    @Jennifer – Fertility issues did not lead to Jen and Brad’s divorce. Brad obviously doesn’t care if his children are biologically related to him, because the first thing he did after the divorce was adopt Maddox and Z. At that point, he had no way of knowing whether Angelina could have biological children or not. Brad yearned for a family, and that was a priority for him in a way that it just wasn’t for Jen.

    If Jen had wanted kids, she would’ve spent the last seven years dating men who would make good fathers instead of a string of douchebags. I mean, really, can you even begin to imagine John “I have a white supremacist d*ck” Meyer with a baby?

  84. Kendra says:

    I think Brad dodged a big bullet, by not having children with Aniston. I bet he is soooo happy.

  85. mln76 says:

    @Ell I feel like my comments were pro-Aniston. And I am curious as to when I ever attacked you on this post. I think in general it’s insensitive to speculate on whether or not any woman had a miscarriage as a piece of gossip because it goes beyond general ‘dirt’ into something that’s really dark and painful as anyone who’s ever lost a baby or been close to someone who has knows. I’ll say what I said in my first post on this topic that I marvel that anyone who thinks they are being a ‘fan’ or pro-Aniston by bringing that issue up especially if they admit it’s just their own opinion and not based on anything but thinking Aniston looked pregnant in an episode of Friends 10 years ago.
    I have never thought that Aniston owed it to anyone to discuss the state of her fertility, whether or not she’s wanted children, whether or not she’s miscarried with anyone. Heck unlike a lot of Brangelina fans I don’t think she owed it to Brad to give him a baby and I’ve said so in many posts. However the disparity in the way she talked about kids while they were together with the way Brad talked about kids is telling. SHE has chosen to go on record for years about this issue. There are dozens of quotes out there and video on YouTube. She can’t control the tabloids from making up stories about her but she can control what comes out of her mouth.

  86. fizXgirl314 says:

    Man there is something so hot about this guy. He’s very masculine looking. I can’t believe Jen snagged this one, she seems kind of not all that interesting or anything… but DAYAM… that man is HOT!

  87. That's Interesting says:


    the woman is a homewrecker and will be one till the day she dies.

    Are you talking about Jolie or Aniston?

    Should we go back and see what you had to say about homewrecking and such when you were defending St. Jolie because I bet you had a very different take on the situation. A man can’t be stolen, a home can’t be wrecked, that sort of thing. Am I right?

  88. That's Interesting says:

    @Kendra and Violet.

    I think it’s hilarious how you all grab onto every little thing ever written about Aniston and then conveniently overlook the fact that just a few days ago the Producer of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, not some anonymous source, the PRODUCER of the film just confirmed in a book that Brad and Angelina had an affair while making that movie and that Brad repeatedly lied to Jen about it. This is from the Producer, the man Brad moved with after he and Jen split up. No inside source. No person close to the star, the PRODUCER. You can’t really get a more first hand account than that. And not a single denial from any of them.

  89. Tazina says:

    After five years with Pitt there was no baby although she has forever been saying how much she wants kids, plans to have them, blah, blah. She could be just blowing smoke again like she always has done when it comes to this topic.

  90. kira says:

    @Violet: I got your back.
    From Page Six: A source told us, “Heidi is heartbroken. She was completely blindsided. She and Justin had been together for years, they had a home. Then he met Jennifer and everything changed. At first he claimed he and Jen were friends.”

    A rep for Bivens confirmed to Page Six: “Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when she was 20 years old and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend. She has no comment.”
    Heidi released enough to confirm that it was a nasty split. Why divulge all that information, unless it means something? Basically, it’s her way of saying: 1) He treated me like dirt after we’ve known each other for 14 YEARS, and 2) “YES,” I moved out June, 14th–after the paparazzi pics of Justin and Jen together came OUT in May. It’s a confirmation that Justin and Jen were not on the up-and-up, and a classy way of saying, “you lying liars.”

    As for the state of Heidi’s relationship, does it matter? If they were living together, why not honor the relationship and wait until she moves out before you start another one? Do people need to fish for excuses, and say Heidi deserved this? Sad.

    As for the initial break-up–we had all the denials from Justin/Jen’s camp. Per Heidi’s mother:

    Radar, May 25th: “Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux? Not happening. Who says so? The mother of Justin’s gorgeous long-time girlfriend, stylist Heidi Bivens! Marilyn Bivens said Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, are just FRIENDS. “It’s not true at all,” Bivens said. “That’s from Justin’s own mouth. He said he was with her at a dinner party with a lot of other people. It’s been just a big, big misunderstanding — and you can take that as the truth.”

    Then, on June 14th, we have this: “The costume designer’s mom, Marilyn Bivens, has exclusively told Radar that her daughter is “doing fine” despite her high profile and painful split. She said: “Heidi is doing fine and just trying to get on with her life.” Theroux, 39, and Aniston, 42, allegedly first hooked-up last autumn while they had been filming Wanderlust together. He was last photographed in public with Bivens at The House Of Blues Leaves opening night on Broadway on April 25, 2011. Aniston and her new man went public with a very public display of affection at the MTV Movie Awards bash (on June 5th)”

    Days after the girlfriend moves out, Justin and Jen are already out wearing matching rings, getting PDA pictures taken by Terry Richardson, and GOING PUBLIC in a major way. Real classy behavior.


    Then, we have the Heidi threats. “Heidi Bivens gave an exclusive statement to Star Mag, after they asked her about the end of her relationship with Justin: “It’s unfortunate. I’m not going to comment unless they comment first.””

    Perhaps, this is the reason why Aniston NOR Justin have ever denied the cheating accusations? Heidi would then set the record straight? Who knows. But it’s very odd for Aniston not to deny something so unflattering. She has a record of denials: about her falling out with Courtney (denied), eating baby food (denied), telling Heidi Montage not to go to her movie premiere with Jen there (denied), falling out with ex-roommate (denied), etc. But about cheating? She says nothing. Not ONE thing. Very interesting, isn’t it? :-)

    In any case, the whole thing stinks. She’s definitely missing a sensitivity chip. :-)

  91. siska says:

    its funny how the really fanatic fans can not see the fact about their idol more fair..Im jen fans..but i still choose to be fair ..and admit if jen maybe involve in a homewrecking situation..i believe Jtx and JA start having feeling before he broke up with HB..and there are over lapping here..but thats happen to Brangie i hope their fans can be fair about happen..sometime can be messy..and about kid..its a woman decission to her body if she want to get pregnant or not..and if you made an excuse that the reason BP leaved and cheated jen because of it..thats mean he isnt a good enough partner..cause he dumped her wife just for it..eventhough he actually spoke out later that the reason of the marriage broke not because of kid.
    so thats came from BP mouth directly on his interview in W mag.
    the fact is both brangie and Justjen met when they shoot the movie when they still with other there are no use to made the other innocent when the situation is similar..because the reason to deny will apply the same to other side..
    love happend..messy but that life..btw..if jen really a bad person or she didnt take a high road in her position to Brangie,.why she never blatantly said that AJ stole her man..or BP a cheater..she actually saying the truth by saying BP admit to fall in love with AJ..and he didnt want to stay married to work out the problem.
    she said very truthly and not nasty or dirty drama…if she really experience misscarriage and stay mum…its made me respect her more..because she can use it to restore her image as a selfish woman who denied her hubby a kid…but she never admit it.
    and why saying she paid this man to be her sperm donor or to get rid her lonely girl…she is rich,smart and you think she can not attract any man?..come on!!!

  92. siska says: happy everyone move on..Brangie still intact and hope stay strong specially for their kids..and jusjen seem happy..and I heard that HB already move on hope everyone get their happy ending..

  93. Violet says:

    @kira – Thanks! I can’t believe how people can even defend Jen’s actions. She clearly hooked up with Justin knowing full well that he was betraying his live-in partner of 14 years. It’s a disgrace, and both of them should be ashamed of themselves.

  94. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    That’s Interesting, prove your statement that THE PRODUCER said those things even from the UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. Or are you not reading and comprehending the said quotes from whomever the Author is? Serious question.

  95. Trillion says:

    Wake me when something interesting happens.

  96. Chloe says:

    “her beau of four months Justin”


    Wait, what?

  97. Kendra says:

    To That’s interesting, please go back and see what I had to say about Jolie and Pitt. You will find nothing.

    I just find Jennifer to be so much worse, because this woman has cried about it for 6 years and then to turn around and hurt another woman this way.

    How can Jennifer do this to another woman, when she claim to have been so devastated when Brad left her?

  98. Kendra says:

    I just hope Jen is getting her moneys worth from Heidi’s sloppy seconds.

  99. Karma says:

    dont you all see that JA and her pr team are trying to re-create the MAMS controversy to promote her next movie and keep her relevant? this is all fake and justin has a contract to fulfill. and this new “source” is yet another pr-plant-and-deny from huvane cuz nobody is noticing her attempts to try and convince the public she is preggers (the loose clothing, lighter workouts, walking barefoot, etc.)….she is doing this all on purpose to drum up attention. but nobody cares. too desperate and too obvious.

  100. Anon says:

    “They don’t want to admit that she refused to give Brad a family and that was one of the reasons why he left her…I say one of the reasons because I’m sure there were others. Basically, I think she’s so vapid, boring and uninteresting that he just got sick and tired of her. But I’m pretty sure her not wanting to have children played into it.”

    @Cheyenne: Well since Pitt himself has gone on record TWICE to say that the reports that her not wanting kids caused the breakup were “complete BS” (first in GQ and then to Diane Sawyer in 2005); and she has stated at least THREE times (Vanity Fair, Oprah, and during Rumor Has It promotion to a Greek reporter) that the most hurtful rumors ever about her were that she didn’t want to have kids, because she did and does want them; and these two are the two parties that were in the marriage, why then is it that you believe you know better and think otherwise, essentially saying that they were both lying on multiple occasions each about this issue? Just like the only sources for the miscarriage rumor are tabloids, the same can be said about the “her not wanting kids caused the split” rumor. Outside of tabloids, I’ve only ever heard Brad and Angie fans claim this – again, despite denials by the actual parties involved.

    And thinking she’s “vapid, boring and uninteresting” and that caused the split is ridiculous as well. He was with her 2 years before they married and another 4.5 before they split. Apparently she wasn’t too “vapid, boring or uninteresting” during that time for him. Plenty of intelligent and talented people that know and have worked with Aniston over the years have spoken time and again about her sharp wit, her fun and cool personality, etc. And besides, I’m not sure why you assume Pitt or Jolie are some great intellects themselves.

  101. Trashaddict says:

    I swear she has the preggers face already. Or maybe she’s taking fertility drugs. Anyway, we can always backtrack from the delivery date later….

  102. the other mel says:

    Wow. These Aniston stories really bring out the best in Celebitchy readers.

  103. Venefica Delirium says:

    Boy do people take this topic seriously.

  104. Anita says:

    Why do some comments say she is boring? Really? with all these comments on her threads? How is that boring. Just found out that Justin is actually a graduate. He also comes from a good family. He has friends and a character and will not try to morph into Jen.

  105. eternalcanadian says:

    I always wondered why in those 7 years (includes dating time) with Brad that Jennifer didn’t get pregnant. I think Jennifer just didn’t want to get pregnant at all and she’s blowing smoke up our arses again with this “oh I want to make babies with Justin” drama trip.

  106. pwal says:

    August 10th, 2011 at 6:21 pm
    Sandra Bullock did not break any record. Her cover sold 100k less than the JP twins.

    Report this comment as spam or abuse


    You mean to tell me that Showbiz Tonight steered me wrong? My world crumbles…

    BTW… Thanks for the correction.

  107. lisa says:

    I don’t like her, and as a JP fan I never ever believed their marriage ended because she didn’t want to have children. Brad said very clearly that it never felt right. Jennifer’s friends and she has said she always wanted children at the right time. Now to me that says something about them both. Maybe somewhere they both knew deep down that something was either missing or not right in the relationship. 6 years together is enough time to know. Yet for some reason they never had a child. And when Brad and Angie got together it happened quickly. We see that with a lot of men and women. How many times have we seen this with other celebrity couples. No kids then one or both get with someone else and the family starts. So there it is. Sometimes you know something is off in your relationship. Obviously it worked out in the end. Brad has the family he had been talking about for years. Lots of kids with the woman he loves who too was talking about lots of kids way before they met. Jennifer has a chance to have a family if she wants with the man that is right for her. Brad was not it. I think it is the best because a child being raised in that environment.. going back and forth between them would have been insane.

    They don’t have ties together. All that ended when they separated. It was over and done. Brad didn’t go back and never looked back.

    the man has said time and time he wanted a family when it felt right. And it didn’t feel right until Angie. Like it or not those are the facts. I don’t believe for one minute Jennifer had a miscarriage. Her “best” friend Courteney had several over the years. I just think she would have acknowledged it as a way of understanding what her friend went through. There are interviews form her during that time and no mention of a miscarriage. She had loads of TV and film work lined up. She herself was talking about making movies. Not babies. And of course the miscarriage story is there to make Brad look like he didn’t care about her.

    It’s time to cut the cord.. the baby is going out the door. They don’t have ties anymore and bring up a relationship that has lasted 7 years beyond the month many predicted it would shows that they have something more than people want to admit. People don’t stay because of children. Neither needs each other for their careers despite what the none fans need to believe.

    Accept, Deal. and move on.

  108. sami says:

    so if she would have had children brad would not have left her ?

  109. Carolyn says:

    Poor Jen is endlessly irritating. Jen- with -baby is the only new angle Huvane has to go with so he’s milking it for all it’s worth. I think they suit each other…quite happy for them to stay together and get out of the limelight.

  110. Lolita says:

    Bottom line is: Jen is happy, successful, in love, and most likely soon to become a mother. This rubs some people raw as they would love to see her miserable (says much about them). But she’s not. Why should her happiness be such a threat to all of you Pitt-Jolie fans???
    Oh and by the way, you are constantly calling her vain, and yet you are the ones criticizing her bf based on his looks. Now who is the vain one?? Not Jen, obviously, otherwise she would be hooking up with another pretty boy ala Pitt. Would it really be such a hard thing for Pitt-Jolie fans to just be happy for Jen, wish her well, and MOVE the #$%% on already, as you are the only ones who haven’t. Jen sure has, the Pitts sure have, why can’t you?

  111. Ell says:

    Well said Lolita. And when that day happens I look forward to leaving a positive post on a JA thread without being insulted for actually wishing someone well.

  112. Funnelweb says:

    USWeakly are rather desperate for her to have a baby, aren’t they? Not going to happen. I believe if she ever got pregnant, she’d terminate it.

  113. Funnelweb says:

    Wow, Anita, you really buy Aniston’s ‘girl next door’ phony act, don’t you? Hook, line and sinker. How people can’t see through her phony act I’ll never know.

  114. Funnelweb says:

    Lolita, the same can be said for the Aniston fans who for 6 years have wanted Angelina and Brad to break up despite children being involving, mocking and attacking Angelina and Brad’s appearance, and generally wishing them harm and to be miserable, not to mention the numerous death wishes/threats against Angelina and her unborn children. If the JP fans can withstand this for an entire 6 years, I’m sure in the interest of turnabout being fair play, your side can, too. After all, its ‘Team Aniston’ that started this so you should be able to cop it back. Fairs fair after all.

  115. mln76 says:

    I wish Aniston well and so do a lot of other JP fans. Some people should stop playing the victim.

  116. anonymous says:

    Bad relationship and that poor guy who is being pulled in and manipulated by a woman scorned. Jennifer Aniston have not given up her obsession with Brad and Angie and that is so demeaning to that poor guy. JA when in London tried to hook up with Brad Pitt according to Now magazine this is probaby why the icy look in their aiport photo’s and the icy photo of Brad and Angelina going into the restaurant. Kudo’s to all her fans who thinks she is soooooo love with this Justin person. Jen and Brad are two disgusting peopel if they want to get back together then just do it, one have 6 kids and the other have this poor guy stringing along. I was shocked when I read it on a web-site , but I remember months ago Brad Pitt was suppose to move to London my himself, those two culprit must have planned to hook up but Angelina came along instead. I believe Brad and Jen is going to get back together because even on Perez web-stie he was saying Angie is tired of trying to keep Brad from seeing Jenifer Aniston and Perez is an one of Angie’s biggest fan.

  117. Cheyenne says:

    @Lolita: According to the tabloids, if you count every time they claimed Aniston had a “baby bump”, she has been “soon to become a mother” 34 times or more over the past six years. Wait till the official announcement, if and when it ever comes. I’m betting on never.

    @Anonymous#117: Honey, you are way too old to believe in 1) fairy tales, 2) Santa Claus, 3) the Great Pumpkin, or 4) that Brad and Jen are going to get back together either in this life or the next one.

  118. Jollyjolie says:

    @ pwal(sp?)#107

    Yes Sandy B sold 100k less, however she was the bestseller of 2010 which is maybe what Showbiz Tonight meant.

  119. Anita says:

    @ Funnel web, to each their own. I don’t believe that Angelina woke up one day from hard drug user brother kisser and wearing a blood vial to saving the world mother Thereza. I believe she is pure evil, but as you noticed, I rarely comment on her threads or even go there. Am not her fan, period. Don’t want to waste much time on her and Brad Pitt. They are boring 3 trick ponies. But don’t make me insult these people, they are strangers after all.

    I wonder what you naysayers will say when Jen has a baby. May be you will convince yourselves that she is wearing a pillow. I am still wishing her the best. She does seem like a nice person. In any case, she never hurt any one. She was cheated on and badly hurt, she picked herself up and moved on. Now after saying she can’t keep a man and no man wants her, she has one, and this is why you are unhappy. Your myth has been busted. Live and let live. Brad is so happy with his sould mate and their brood. Jen seems happy. I don’t see where the problem is.

  120. Very Telling says:

    @Anita so Brad and Angie treated her badly by flaunting their relationship .But its perfectly fine for her to flaunt her relationship with Justin days after his girlfriend of 14 years moved out of their apt Also and to possibly be pregnant weeks after Either both cases are insensitive or neither is . Which one is it? I see her publicist hasn’t denied the homewrecking stories or the baby/wedding tabloid stories, very telling since he has tabloids and gossip sites on speed dial @Very interesting Wow I was waiting for JA fan to bring up that Unauthorized(without consent or cooperation) bio of the producer. I was suprised the fans didn’t focus on the she “dumped Brad ” angle . Since apparently Jen dumped Vince, Brad, Paul,John,…Also if you are going to believe the writer’s claim. They claim the producer said Brad told Jen he was in love with Angie- not that he had an affair with her. Did he say he was in love w/ her that may be true since Courtney said in the 2005 VF interview that Brad was honest with Jen and told her he developed feelings for AJ.Unfortunately the book claims JA filed for divorce after she saw pics in Africa.Thet went to Africa in April She filed for divorce in March.Well the publishers of the book got a lot of interest in the book by mentioning the triangle even if that part accounts for less than 5% of the book So the marketing dept did their job.

  121. Cheyenne says:

    @Anita: If she has a baby then I’d say congratulations. But I think she’s far too self-centered to want to ruin her figure getting pregnant. The only three things that matter to her are her hair, her body and her career.

    Of course, it’s possible she finally hears her bio clock ticking and figures it’s now or never. But I’ll believe it when I see it.

    BTW, a lot of people manage to put their bad-boy or bad-girl days behind them when they hit their late twenties or early thirties. It’s called growing up.

  122. Anon says:

    “The only three things that matter to her are her hair, her body and her career.”

    @Cheyenne: Well since she also has a large circle of friends who constantly and completely sing her praises about how caring and loving and what a great friend she is, she has her beloved pets, she has her family and new boyfriend, her godchildren, her hobbies (like photography, painting, sculpting, decorating), and of course, several charitable causes that she has been involved with for more than a decade (St. Jude and Friends of El Faro to name two) – just to name but a few known interests – it would seem that there are far more things that matter to her than what you choose to believe.

    Once again you are deciding that your opinion (which does not fit with known facts) is correct, despite flying in the face of hard evidence to the contrary.

  123. Katherine says:

    Anon: August 11th, 2011 at 12:17 am

    Well since Pitt himself has gone on record TWICE to say that the reports that her not wanting kids caused the breakup were “complete BS”


    Soooo you believe Pitt when he says this about Jennifer and children but you refuse to believe Pitt when he repeatedly said his relationship with Jolie began after he separated in 2005.

    Why is that? There’s more evidence Jennifer kept putting off having children with her husband than there is any evidence of an affair between Jolie and Pitt started before April 2005.

    Despite Arnon Milchan’s “biographers’” speculation about Jolie and Pitt on the set, the quote they cite by Milchan says nothing about an affair on set at all. Milchan’s quote merely says Brad stayed with him for a spell post-split and the way Brad got to the set on his motorcycle. None of this is new – Milchan said these things many years ago. So obviously he isn’t giving them any new quotes let alone new quotes about Jolie and Pitt on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. In fact, the biographers get many facts wrong about Mr and Mrs Smith, just further proving they are making up stuff and are poor researchers.

    I swear some people have NO reading comprehension skills.

  124. Cheyenne says:

    @Anonymous #123: Have you ever seen anything she’s photographed/painted/sculpted/decorated? Neither have I.

    As for her godchildren, if you have a link to a photo of her even holding one of those kids’ hands, please post it.

    And her involvement in those charities consists of having her accountant cut them a check once in a while. Do you ever see her getting hands-on with either one of them? Lying on the beach at Cabo (her idea of “promoting the Mexican economy”) doesn’t count.

    Face it, hon — the woman has vacuum between the ears. Have you ever heard her in an interview? Well, um, yeah, uh, gulp, uh-huh… She acts like she’s clueless about every subject you throw at her. I’d bet a dollar to a donut hole if you asked her about Darfur, she’d say “Who’s he?”

    It must be mind-numbing to be in her company for more than an hour, let alone five or six years. No wonder Brad bailed. I’m just amazed he didn’t do it sooner.

  125. Anonymous says:

    God i hate the people on this website and the writers they hate on almost everybody, which i guess explain’s why they call this site celebitchy.

    It’s like the people who comment on here all the time have nothing better to do than to talk down or hate on someone.

    I can go through any celebrity on here, almost all are hated by someone. From A list, to D, list

    As far as this story jen & justin are thinking of all the things that come with love, babies, and a family, that’s it end of story, everything else thrown out by everyone on this thread is just negative and opinionated it’s just hate. When it should be called a beautiful thing

    But whatever that’s expected of you the people on this site.

  126. pwal says:

    117 anonymous:
    August 11th, 2011 at 10:37 am

    I believe Brad and Jen is going to get back together because even on Perez web-stie he was saying Angie is tired of trying to keep Brad from seeing Jenifer Aniston and Perez is an one of Angie’s biggest fan.


    Sorry, but you forgot to mention a few things. First of all, Now Magazine as a credible source? Come one. Second – you do know that Perez has his sister ghostwriting his site, hence the wishy-washy tone. And finally, even when his sister wasn’t ghostwriting the site, it was clear that Perez’s ‘opinion’ could be colored (read: bought). Admittedly, I haven’t been to his site in a minute, but I remember clearly how his Aniston jabs practically disappeared when Courteney Cox’s Dirt show was promoted on his site and, coincidentally, his snide comments about the JPs skyrocketed. So, for these, and many other reasons, citing Perez Hilton as some sort of temperature gauge for the state of the JP’s relationship just seems silly, and silly is the kindest word I can say.

  127. Miss Anon says:

    Fierce diva!… People love her, people hate her
    Jennifer aniston =’s Fierce diva no matter what people say
    She still gets her way.

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