Is Linnocent fooling around with Coldplay’s Guy Berryman?


I think this story might be Linnocent’s Revenge. Sidenote: isn’t “Linnocent’s Revenge” a great name for an STD? “Oh, don’t go out with that guy, he’s got a scabby Linnocent’s Revenge on his dong.” Gross. Anyway, Linnocent and her revenge. Last week, the British tabloids had an excellent story about Linnocent throwing a hissy fit when she wasn’t allowed backstage at Coldplay’s UCLA concert. So Linnocent then started a rumor that she’s screwing Coldplay’s bassist, Guy Berryman:

Lindsay Lohan has sparked rumors she’s making a play for Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman after she was spotted “following him around all weekend.” The starlet was said to be pursuing divorced Berryman at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

While a rep for Lohan said, “We do not comment on her personal life,” she also relaxed with other friends at a Grey Goose after-party at The Underground until early Sunday morning. Sources said that despite the difficulty distinguishing drinks in the dark, she stuck to water. A Coldplay rep didn’t get back to us.

[From Page Six]

In another funny turn, when Gossip Cop contacted Linnocent to get her denial on the “backstage hissy fit” story, Gossip Cop reports, “Lohan laughed off the rumor when Gossip Cop reached out to her. And now we know why. A music source tells us Lohan is actually dating one of Coldplay’s band members, Guy Berryman.” So, Linnocent planted this story to Gossip Cop first, and then she pushed it into Page Six.

As for Guy Berryman… I don’t know. I know some of you girls like him and everything, and apparently he just got divorced. But if he’s even allowing this rumor to exist, out there in the world, is he really worth it? Dude, he totally has Linnocent’s Revenge. And it hasn’t scabbed over yet.





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  1. Thea says:

    I dont even know who he is, but he is too clean and cute for her.

  2. brin says:

    I don’t know him but he’s too good for her. At this stage, even Charlie Sheen is too good for her.
    *Yikes Thea, identical posts!*

  3. Jackson says:

    Hey, maybe Goop and LL can hang out together now? Goopie can teach Crackie how to be classy and help her pick out a fishmonger. Awesome!

  4. maggie says:

    He’s too cute to be with that crazy bitch.

  5. Boo says:

    Okay. Backstage hissy fit. Following him around. Neither of these two details adds up to a date, I’m afraid. Hell, it doesn’t even sound like he was amenable to a beej from her dirty mouth. Ewww.

    Sounds to me like someone is jealous that her sister is more newsworthy than she is at the moment. Do I smell cracknanigans brewing?

  6. Hautie says:

    When did Lohan decide she was not playing for the home team?

    Was it about the time she realize that it was not giving her the publicity that she craves?

    But back to this little rumor.

    No, I do not believe this poor man is that desperate. Maybe he made a mistake of speaking to her once. And now Lohan has turned that into “dating”.

    Plus Chris Martin won’t even let his own wife trade on this bands name. Or use them for publicity.

    What makes Lohan believe that she is going to be able to do it?

    I see a unfortunate public statement coming from Coldplay stating they did in fact deny her access to them in LA.

    Just to prove they want none of the Lohan stink left on them.

  7. Thea says:

    If I was a man and she chased after me, I would slam my d*** in a car door before she would have a go at it. Seriously.

  8. DSMR says:

    If this is true. This guy needs to head for the hills and keep this walking drama far away from his kid.

  9. bluhare says:

    Yaya!!!! Lindsay’s back on form!

    I would so pay a lot of money to see Lindsay and Gwyneth hang out. There aren’t words for it, there just aren’t.

    But I do feel a tailgate party of the decade coming up when she blows off the rest of her community service hours.

    @Thea: Saw an article yesterday about a guy who shot himself in the dick with his girlfriend’s pink pistol. I swear I did. Maybe he heard Lindsay was on the loose.

  10. Firecracker says:

    I think she is mistaking stalking for dating.
    “rep says they don’t comment on her personal life” L O L

  11. Melissa says:

    I will shank a bi*ch, I swear.

  12. Bess says:

    I really hope Berryman isn’t dating the Crackie. He seems like he has too much going for him to be interested in this washed up and used up mess.

    But then again, men don’t usually think with their brains…..

  13. Madisyn says:

    These ‘Lohans’ are beyond pathetic. All of them.

    “A music SOURCE tells us Lohan is actually dating one of Coldplay’s band members, Guy Berryman.”

    STFU Dina, this woman has NO SHAME! “Source” being what she SHOULD write as her occupation on her IRS tax forms.

    What Dina doesn’t seem to get is its these kind of stories that prove false and make Blohan even more pathetic, if thats at all possible. And Dina wonders why her personal ATM has dried up and she now is pimping out Ali.

  14. The Original Ashley says:

    Recently divorced and looking at the bottom of the barrel for a skeezy lay? I can’t explain why any man would want Lezlo. It really boggles the mind.

  15. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I hope not, but herpes is treatable so good luck dude!

  16. RocketMerry says:

    Finally! I was wondering about Lindsay’s absence, today. I thought she was missing, or ill, or something. Or passed out from alcohol and stuff.
    The dude is kinda hot, if one ignores the fact that he might be dating Linds. How much younger than her is he?

  17. LadyJane says:

    Cue the next post from Goopy, “And can you believe it, I always tear up when I think about this…. Lilo came all the way down from prison to taste one of my stone oven baked pizzas. This is FIRECROTCH, people! And she gave me this advice, ‘Ok the pizza is great. But you need to have some fun. Sprinkle it with some crack and dust the crust with some meth..’”

  18. Dawning Red says:

    New controversy swirls around Coldplay as rumors persist that Lindsay Lohan is dating Guy Berryman. Foremost among the discussions is the question of the real reason their single was named “Yellow”. Was it really a reference to the blotches on Lindsays legs? A source at the CDC could neither confirm nor deny the allegations as they were busy prepping the HazMat suit for Lindsays next visit.

    Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of England has hastily convened a meeting with the Department of Immigration and Passports. A joint message was released, saying “We already have enough on our plate with the riots, we bloody well don’t need those yanks sending the STD version of Typhoid Mary over to our shores! We’d be safer if Guy brought Casey Anthony here instead!”

    They then concluded that in the interest of public safety, were Lindsay to apply for a passport to England, all available cones were to be placed in front of any agency able to issue them, as it is well documented Lindsay is unable to move them herself. Meanwhile, decontamination and sterilization proceedures are being drawn up for Guy pending his return to England.

  19. Tierra says:

    Im not familiar with Coldplay’s music but I cant imagine any band, guy or living thing willing to assoc with LL at this point. Id love to hear them deny this story and confirm the backstage one but I doubt that will happen.

  20. fabchick says:

    He is cute. I don’t believe this.

  21. Bess says:

    I hope someone from Coldplay denies this story soon.

  22. anoneemouse says:

    Looks like she matched her hair color to her skin color in that first pic! Death warmed over would be words too kind to use!

  23. gee says:

    That’s upsetting. She looks like walking hep C.

  24. thaisajs says:

    Recently divorced? He got divorced in 2007. Quick Google search didn’t find any subsequent marriage/divorce.

  25. Quest says:

    *closing eyes*…ten foot pole, ten foot pole, please please touch her with nothing less that a ten foot pole

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Woohoo!!! We’ve hit the trifecta! An Ali story, a SamRo story, and now Linnocent!

    You know she’s not dating that man. Blohan’s just fuming because her “dad” and her sister have been getting more press lately.

    Let’s talk about how Linnocent is on the crack-ho-stroll to get to France and party with the Hilton sisters!

    @ brin – I’d pay to see that Linnocent/Sheen trainwreck circus o’ fun!

    And Kaiser, TLMAO @ “He’s got Linnocent’s Revenge. And it hasn’t even scabbed over yet.” Bloody brilliant! :D

  27. Strawberrygirl says:

    Guy divorced in 2007. He is very low key and would never date someone like Lindsay. Coldplay have an agreement that any member who is involved in drugs would be kicked out. So dating Lohan would not go over well.

  28. dorothy says:

    Hope he has several vials of pennicillan on hand.

  29. Ruby Red Lips says:

    This story is such a pile of BS planted by Linnocent or Dina….if she was dating him why on earth would she not be allowed back stage?!


    Oooh must go back and look 4 a story about Ali…how exciting!!! ;)

  30. Thea says:

    Check out X17 video of Lindsay before it is pulled down.

  31. gg says:

    Why anybody would touch this weird, needy, crack kid is beyond me. Danger, danger …

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Thea – Thanks for that! Sorry, but dude in the black leaning against the tree is rubbing his nose a leeettle too often to be casual. And those two guys are acting W-A-Y-T-O-O suspicious to be up to anything but no good. They’re shifty, looking around, a little “too aware” of people passing by them. Yeah, “crystals & quartz” my ass.

    Here’s the link:

  33. boo says:

    Dawning Red, I read your post and almost blew coffee out of my nose, that shit was funny!

  34. Madisyn says:

    Blohans “powerhouse publicist Steve Honig” (RADAR’s words, not mine) is alrealdy in FULL DENIAL MODE.

    Doesn’t surprise me at all, like I said earlier, absolutely NO SHAME!

    bellaluna, speaking of Milo, I just had to subject myself to the really bad acting jobs of Michael and Kate on ‘Celebrity Rehab’ this morning. I watched merely for the RADAR stories, just had to see it for myself. It was definetely worth a couple of chuckles. And not to defend Major, as she was in on this from the get go and did her part of the ‘script’ but she was right about one thing, the only thing keeping him from striking her was the camera’s. He likes his ‘control’ and she wasn’t giving it to him. Loves it.

  35. OriginalGracie says:

    @Dawning Red: Love your post!! :)

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh Madisyn, yeah, I can totally see that about him. Like he’s got SMS or something, and always has to be “in CHARGE.” He’s a fool.

  37. Boo says:

    That x17 video looks pretty bad…I knew cracknanigans were in the works!!!

  38. Ruby Red Lips says:

    OMG just watched the x17 vid of Linnocent! Can’t work out whether by drug dealing/buying in broad daylight she is saying ‘someone pls help me’ or ‘f*ck u, i can do what I want, legal or not & there are no consequences’

    Tho on past history its prob the latter!!!??

  39. Az says:

    Of course she after the bassist. Bassists are generally gross just like she is.

    And all the comments about Crackie hanging out with Goopy are hilarious. I’d rather have Crackie banging Chris Martin and be a fly on the wall when Goopy found out. Now that would be some quality gossip right there!

  40. Melissa says:

    @ post 40. What a rotten thing to say. One of my best friends in the world is a bassist and she’s amazing. Very beautiful/talented and in no way gross.

  41. ladybert62 says:

    ICK ICK! Is that a hickie or a herpie on her leg – ICK ICK ICK

  42. Madisyn says:

    @ Ruby Red, if the twit was indignant it was because she was caught, as usual. Crackie may be good as a grifter or doing the ho stroll but when it comes to keeping out of trouble, like buying drugs on the street, crackie is not too bright.

    This idiot believes she’s invincible, so your theory probably holds more water. I mean this is the exact same idiot who ripped off a jewelry store with cameras everywhere.

    Aside from the two certainties in life, death and taxes, I’d like to add another for Blohan. There are three places where there are always cameras, they always work, and they’re always on. . . banks, casino’s and jewelry stores.

  43. Madisyn says:

    And the video at X17 is down. What could she have possibly have promised them to take that incriminating video down. The mind shudders to think. If anyone else finds it, please post it.

    Ah, Michael K. just posted about Blohan, gotta check it out.

  44. Boo says:

    Video is back up at x17 and a few other sites. Just Google Lindsay and see all the sites w/ video/links.

    I <3 Michael K.

  45. Seal Team 6 says:

    OMG — that X17 video is hysterical. That is so a drug buy. lololol

  46. Seal Team 6 says:

    Good call on not requiring probation drug testing, Judge Sautner.

  47. mia girl says:

    As little regard as I have for Lohan, I have a hard time believing that a person with her baggage could be so dumb as to buy drugs like that out in the open.

    I mean my brain almost won’t allow me go there because it would require me to suspend all logical thought, as well as all faith I have in humanity’s basic intelligence.

    I so don’t want this looser to take rational belief from me that I am, against my better judgment, believing that this can’t be a drug deal. Could this guy be selling something other than drugs to people on the street? Is this near the tourist area in Venice?

    God help me! I am torn between the realization that a person might actually be more f**king stupid than anyone I thought could ever be or the realization that I am willing to believe a Lohan crack lie. What a moral dilemma. I need some wine…

  48. Pyewacket says:

    Is stalking also known as dating now?

  49. skeptical says:

    that big bag the black guy visibly handles i think is the decoy… look for the handoff with backs to camera with the guy from drop-cigs-and-lighter afterwards. major sleight of hand going on there. it’s quick.
    also… notebooks in both lilo’s hand and her friend? props, overdoing it even.
    “we’re just brainstorming for my next project” or something. how many peeps would go to a very busy place with a notebook and buddy with notebook in order to brainstorm? sitting there in full view of others looking soooo studious?
    decoy decoy decoy!
    i call cracknanigans!

  50. Ally says:

    Those Coldplay matching outfits were so pathetic.

    Sergeant Pepper’s lame losers.

  51. martins says:

    nice gal,she look’s good on her hair,but she should stop all the things she’s doing

  52. Bess says:

    Has Coldplay denied the “LiLo dating Berryman” rumor yet??

  53. SolitaryAngel says:

    So she’s not a lesbian this week? So hard to keep up!!!!

    The guy looks WAY to clean for her–she’s like the crack PigPen from Charlie Brown. Ewww

  54. The Lady in Red says:

    Please… she is just trying to make Samantha jealous… she is NOT over her yet.