LeAnn Rimes is a “bikini model” now: how gross do her bolt-ons look?


You know how LeAnn obsessively tweets about everything and how she loves to post photos of her bones in various bikinis? Well, someone has decided that they can profit from it. Apparently, LeAnn is a fan of Mikoh Swimwear – Yeeeah says she’s been tweeting about the brand for months, and every bikini LeAnn wears is apparently Mikoh. So Mikoh did an “interview” and “photo shoot” with LeAnn for their website. Because if there’s one thing I know about women, it’s that they’ll buy something as soon as they see a bony, emaciated, delusional, famewhore narcissist wearing one.

LeAnn: Tahiti is my favorite place I’ve ever experienced. Eddie and I stayed for 11 days. Most magical trip of our lives. We hope to take his boys back there soon.

LeAnn: Macaroni Beach in Mystique is my favorite beach in the world!! White sand and no one around!

LeAnn: I’m southern, so alligator tail is pretty interesting and yummy.

LeAnn: Tan Lines all the way.

LeAnn: In my beach bag is always Neutrogena sunscreen, burts bee’s lip balm, an Olympus EPL2 camera, a fedora, iPhone and a bottle of Don Julio 1942 Tequila

LeAnn: My husband, my 2 stepsons, Neutrogena Sunscreen and an endless supply of sushi

LeAnn: I love Laguna Beach and it always seems to be our place for a chill family vacation. I love seeing my “bonus boys” and my husband running around in total privacy and me taking photos. I love being with them in our on little private cove. It’s pure heaven!

LeAnn: Favorite suit is the white and blue stripped Sumatra banded triangle and the St. Tropez banded booty short… and the Avalon robe cover up. Love!!

LeAnn: Plans for the future….it’s so hard to plan cause our lives change daily. I plan on music, film, family…..mostly family at some point.

LeAnn: I have been blessed to have experiences so much in my short lifetime. I’ve worked very hard for everything I have and nothing has come easy. My biggest accomplishment though has been, to quote the Notebook…”I’ve loved another with all my heart, and to me, this has always been enough.” What’s life without love? You can accomplish everything you want in life, but without anyone to share it with, what’s it really worth.

[From Mikoh’s site]

OMG, she’s quoting The Notebook to describe her love? And why does LeAnn always act like Eddie is the first guy she’s ever slept with? She was married before Eddie, remember? She was already “sharing her life” with Dean, but I guess it wasn’t “worth” anything because…? He’s afraid of vagina? Because while Eddie wasn’t her first time with a man, he was the first man to ever give her an O? << That’s my theory. Oh, and HER “bonus boys”. God, I won’t even start.

As for the photos - could her legs and bolt-ons look any grosser? Those bolt-ons have NOT settled in.

Thanks to Yeeeah! for the story!




Photos courtesy of Mikoh’s website.

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  1. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Honestly she looks annoying! For some reason I find her just unattractive.

  2. maggie says:

    Check out that refund gap.

  3. Monie says:

    She has a major gap in between those bolt ons. She needs a pushup bikini top to bring those things closer together. They probably smell like Lady Speedstick because they are practically in her arm pits.

  4. Firecracker says:

    For some odd reason, I think she looks really good here. Please don’t kill me. Edit: Except for the bolt ons being in the wrong place.

  5. Jezi says:

    Bikini model she is not. I tweeted this last night, her interviews are all the same…blah blah blah Eddie…blah blah blah…bonus boys…blah blah blah…love…blah blah blah…Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. Like a broken record. Guess she doesn’t do music anymore. What I find really amusing that she carries around a bottle of Don Julio tequila in her beach bag. Poor Edster needs it just to get through the day.

  6. Annie says:

    OK Leanne, so you got skinny. No need to slut it up now.

  7. Tierra says:

    That 2nd shot of her trying to look ‘cute’ or ‘something’ with her finger in her mouth made me literally LMAO. I always thought the finger in mouth shots were dumb but she takes it to a whole new level of stupid looking.

    She really needs to quit the ‘bonus’ mom/sons talk, it just sounds stupid. You can call it whatever lame name you want but she’s still nothing more than a step-mom to those kids. I knew she would be doing PR/attention getting stunts overkill since Brandi’s show has been getting attention. Im wondering how many more bikini shots we’ll have to suffer thru before Brandi’s show airs?
    Gawd this woman gets crazier by the day.

  8. Dani says:

    She just reeks of desperation and I think that is more what people are responding to. The boob job did her no favors as they appear to be almost under her arm pits. Strange. Why does she continue to draw attention to her relationship which started out as infidelity on both their parts? It just makes her look bad whereas if she showed some humility maybe people would get over it.

  9. Hautie says:

    Oh yea… that is a brutal refund gap.

    Geez there is a good ten inch gap between those implants.

    And for the record the ones her arch enemy have, are just as bad.

  10. brin says:

    Leann is the poster girl for arrested development.
    Is she shilling for Don Julio Tequila too?

  11. rightgrrl says:

    wow, crazy wide refund gap…

  12. Kloops says:

    The photos are doing everything to minimize her eyes and shoulders. She needs a beekeeper suit to be completely effective but good try.

  13. Pyewacket says:

    WTF is a “stranded island”? LOL!

    As for the q&a- Now I really hate her! I love how she has to convince us and her husband how much she adores “his boys”. GMAFB!

  14. RealityBites says:

    We get that you LovE your slimy husband & your “bonus-boys” whom you only use for PR, now just please for the LovE of everything that’s holy STFU about it you skeletal skank!

  15. Susan O. says:

    I love the bikini and robe! Love the lite breezy feel of it but her implants are spread rather wide. I am enjoying this whole soap opera unfold.
    So Brandi has a better body and face but Leann has a gifted voice. Why always comparing? Seems really immature to me.

  16. Susan O. says:

    And I don’t think Leann should try and model and I bet if Brandi opened her mouth to sing we’d have to cover the ears.

  17. MeMyself says:

    I know squat about fake boobs but is there supposed to be a huge gap between them?

  18. MeMyself says:

    Oh sorry, didn’t notice before others said the same thing….lol

  19. Quest says:

    Oh dear mother of mercy…even her falsies are trying to escape the Leann express. It’s like they’re playing tug-o-war

  20. skilo says:

    LeAnn: In my beach bag is always Neutrogena sunscreen(gotta stay pasty), burts bee’s lip balm(gotta keep my ass kissing lips soft) , an Olympus EPL2 camera (in case the paps I called don’t show), a fedora (because it’s what Brandi wears), iPhone(Duh for tweeting) and a bottle of Don Julio 1942 Tequila(if I wear the fedora and Eddie drinks enough tequila it’s easier for him to pretend I’m Brandi!)

  21. TXCinderella says:

    I think she looks trim and toned, but those bolt-ons are just nasty! They are just way too far apart. The swimsuit is cute, but she ain’t no model. The fedora is low on her face to hide the fugliness.

  22. Hollowdoll says:

    LMAO! Why don’t they just put a bag over head! It would be equally as subtle!

  23. 4Real says:

    Even her fake boobs are trying to escape the fug!

  24. *bRaZiLiAn* says:


  25. Cirque28 says:

    Oh jeez, LeAnn. Acclaimed singer is a way better job than bikini model. Careers 101.

  26. rachelle murphy says:

    She doesnt look very good to me. Too skinny and not an attractive face. From her interview , she sounds too co dependant on her hubby . All she does is talk about Eddy and her stepkids. I dont really care for her. I think shes got problems.

  27. Jezi says:

    @Susan O Good God Brandi would never try to sing…she knows she can’t and won’t even pretend to know how. Leann on the other hand WILL try to be a model because Brandi is. Leann is the only one comparing unfortunately.

  28. RobN says:

    I think she’s got a fantastic body, if you don’t count the bolt-ons, but I just can’t get past the weird pig-nose. She spent her plastic surgery dollars in the wrong place.

  29. The Truth Fairy says:


    WTH is a stranded island?!?!?!

  30. Amy says:

    LeAnn is so delusional she probably thinks the bolt-ons make her look like Kelly Brook.

    Look at the bones protruding in that 2-foot gap between the implants! Take a page from Gwen Stefani’s book – you’re rocking the zero body fat look, stick with your natural chest and just be proud of it.

  31. Pirouette says:

    Why is she naming all of the brands of the stuff she lugs around with her everywhere? Wouldn’t you normally just say, “sunscreen, a camera, tequila, and lip balm”? Weird. Also annoying: calling 2 young male children “the boys.”

  32. inthekitchen says:

    I love how she pimps everything in her beachbag by mentioning the brand name. Who says, oh, wait, let me just grab my Olympus EPL2 camera. Is she being paid to shill for those companies? Pathetic.

    Her bolt-ons are horrid, just like her face and her squinty, squinty eyes.

  33. Rita says:

    She can’t sell CD’s or concert tickets so if she’s going to keep Eddie she has to make money somehow. Apparently her scented candles/shot glasses didn’t move very well either.

    Anyway, what I’m waiting for is the third bolt-on….right in the middle. Now that will, “…give them something to talk about.” (Bonnie Raitt…LeAnn wouldn’t know her. She’s a successful singer)

  34. Rita says:

    By the way, you can get the exact same look at Walmart for $30.00….and that includes the boobs.

  35. Jezi says:

    @Kaiser EbonyShiksa tries to comment but it always flags her comment as Spam. She’s wondering if there is something wrong and if you could help her?

  36. Melinda says:

    It looks like her boobs are running away from each other.

  37. Cindy says:

    Bah ha ha!!!! Pitty Titties!

    Seriously that chicka is all wrong.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    Dude, what is that, like a half-foot? whole foot-wide gap between those bolt ons? Oh, dear me, no.

    If she was smart, she would have asked for an endless supply of her Neutrogena sunscreen AND an endless supply of sushi.

    I’m just grateful she didn’t say her iPhone. No more tweets, y’all!

  39. eileen says:

    Her neck looks broken in that first pic. That’s usually how I look to the side, arm up, neck & chin all stiff and sticking out. She’s a natural!

  40. charity says:

    she has got to be the biggest joke in Hollywood or any where. she is so ugly and her body should be kept under wraps those fake titays under the arm pits are hysterical and her posing and trying desperately to LOOK sexy is just purely pathetic.

  41. wresa says:

    Just when I start to think people need to let it go already, she quotes The Notebook about a man who was married with kids when they began their affair. I don’t know if she is oblivious or passive-aggressive, but she certainly does ask for it.

  42. Messenger Of Truth says:

    “WTF is a “stranded island”?” – good catch!

    I assume it’s a place where most here would like to see LeAnn deserted.

  43. Rita says:

    The last concert review I read confirmed she’s as entertaining modelling bikinis as she is performing. If I recall correctly the review said something like she moves around the stage like a plow horse with bad feet.

  44. elaine says:

    the finger that she has in her mouth probably just came out of her nose cause we all know how she loves to dig in the nose for a snack absolutely GROSS woman

  45. brin says:

    Gisele Bunchen must be shaking in her bikini seeing these pics. *eyeroll*

  46. dorothy says:

    Why pay her to model…she tweets everything she does. Seems like overkill to me.

  47. texbrook says:

    I just love to remind everyone of the story about Leann stalking Eddie when they “broke up” and he was going to get back together with Brandi. That makes me laugh so hard. She is a clown. I am going to find the old story…

  48. Susan O. says:

    Rita or AnnieBowl?

    Wow, you said the same thing as AB last night. Someone said to pay attention to the exactness there but I didn’t believe it. It doesn’t really matter bc using various names on different sites is pretty common.

    I didn’t see the review you’re referring to. The latest ones I have seen have been more positive than I expected. Gotta admit that is a hysterical analogy you give. Which review was that from?

  49. dahlia1947 says:

    EEeeewwww! What the heck is wrong with her body? Her legs in that second pic are freaky! And her chest is like 30 inches wide! Eeeewww, i’m leaving now!

  50. Scout says:

    Agree – legs look very weird in second pick. Deformed sort of.

  51. Jezi says:

    @Susan O Rita and AnnieBowl are two different people. How I know this is because I’ve talked to them separately. We all watch what eachother says and when Annie posts on Celebitchy she posts as AnnieB.

    Both ladies though are witty as hell.

  52. eileen says:

    Susan: Poor Annie-she gets accused of being EVERYONE on a weekly basis. Rita & Annie are two very different individuals.
    Annie-I think next you’re going to be linked to the gunman on the grassy knoll. lol

  53. Rita says:

    @Susan O

    If you are a novice to these CB LeAnn threads (highly doubtful), you’ll need to do a lot of catching up and beware that it can get a little rough around here but your comments are always welcome, pro or con. I comment only on CB because I like being close to a true artist like Kaiser. I do check out the twitter girls from time to time and that includes AnnieB. If comments seem similar it might be because this has been going on for a couple of years and its all been said…not to mention that LeAnn has become boring.

    *Super big waves to brin, Jezi, bellaluna, eileen, AnnieB and Ebony…if she ever gets off stranded spammer’s island.*

    @eileen- OMG, are you suggesting AnnieB was on the grassy knoll???? I love how these blind items get started. Call Kevin Costner.

    Also wanted to say hi to why?. Waiting for you.

  54. Annie B says:

    Oh Rita, it’s a compliment when people say we’re the same person. ;-) I have heard I’m Brandi Glanville as well lately. How about you? My English minor makes me hyper-aware of writing styles from a LOT of damn reading and analyzing. So, the accusations always make me chuckle.

    @Susan O.
    I believe I mentioned Leann’s liquor glass/candles last night, when we were talking about rat poop on cans and Quaker Factory lady, on QVC. Came from someone’s misunderstanding of Leann’s hawking her appearance on HGTV as her being on HSN. Where I mentioned she could be selling luxurious Charisma sheets and the liquor glass candles. I like Rita’s interpetation of them as shot glass candles. I believe Leann describes as candle holders than can be used as “hi-ball glasses”. Hope you were entertained while reading. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter if you are curious about me.

  55. brin says:

    Hi to my favorite gals…Jezi, Rita and Eileen (where you been?). Leann just keeps topping herself, doesn’t she?

  56. charity says:

    Annie Bowl and Rita are not the same person. we follow each other on twitter and sometimes will find something the other one said truly INSPIRING. I have been accused of being someone else but the twitter girls all use their real names. we are proud to do so unlike a lot of people on here who want to hide their names because they are so ashamed of being a fan of the BONUS MOM nut case. leann started wearing those hats after she saw Brandi in a few pictures wearing them.

  57. eileen says:

    Hey Brin! I’m now back in the corporate world after 9 years of ghost writing at home! I’ve been in weeks of training & am now sitting in my office, eating nutella cheesecake & LOLing and LR’s bones and “pitty titties” This shit just never gets old I tell ya!

  58. eileen says:

    @Cindy “pitty titties” best nickname EVERRRRR!

  59. the original bellaluna says:

    Um, yeah, Rita is Rita, period. Search back a little and you’ll learn her style.

    *big waves back @ Rita, brin, Jezi, skilo, Madisyn, eileen, AnnieB and Ebony*

    Eileen – Good to see you again! OMG, Nutella cheesecake! Sounds like we need a variation at our next crack tailgate. :D

    Has anyone seen Madisyn?

  60. Messenger Of Truth says:

    @Susan O
    Let it go. Any attempts (by anyone) to accuse someone of being someone else are futile.

    I like LeAnn’s music (daggers down ladies!) but this is too good to pass up. Rita, whoever she is, is my muse (or bad influence?) & her “plow horse” comment inspired me to investigate further. This is what I found…

    LeAnn is appearing at the Logan County Fairgrounds on 8/13. I noticed that the Logan County Fair was July 11-17, which means her concert is during the off-season. Off-season Arena rentals are only $200 per day. Oh, & all barns must be cleaned up after use. (Seriously, check the website!)

    (Oops. Noticed during edit period that LeAnn will be in CO, but the Logan County Fair I detailed is in Ohio. Oh well…)

  61. brin says:

    @Eileen ….good for you, hope you are loving the corporate world (sounds great!). Yeah, LR is the gift that keeps giving. I think she’s a bit on the short, squat side to be a model.

  62. guesty says:

    her eyes are actually open in that one pic!

  63. eileen says:

    Rita: I am now wondering if Annie even knows what the grassy knoll is since she’s Canadian? Do they teach American history there? lol I can tell you right now if you chose a city and said “meet me here at 9pm on this date” Half of the BBs & CB’s site would show up…..me included! Make it happen! :D

    Hey Bellaluna-Nutella cheesecake can def be added to the tailgaters…I’ll include whipped crackcream with it!!

  64. Phoenix says:

    Gross. Those titties are way too far apart to ever be considered remotely attractive. Uncool LeAnn.

  65. mommyesq says:

    well….at least the photographer was smart enough to hide her face and most of her bodies in the shadows…(srsly—where did this person learn to shoot photos?)

  66. Juliette says:

    First, she is a narcisist with no regards for anyone but herself. I would love the pleasure of giving her a boot in the ass.

    Second, her boobs and legs are terrible. They sag to the side and her legs look like a man’s. A good boob job wouldn’t look like that. Next time get someone other than your inbred cousin to do them LR!!

    Third, she has no idea how to pose in a bikini. What in the he** is she doing in the 2nd picture, trying to look sexy? FAIL!!

    You know you’re career is fading when you can’t get an album released and you practically have to beg someone for a job. (Tweeting for months about the suits, amounts to pretty much begging).

    The sooner these 2 losers disappear the better. I find myself unreasonably irritated everytime I look at her or hear her voice.

  67. Susan O. says:

    All I want to know is where the review came from she(Rita) mentioned. Easy enough!

    No hard feelings, I know …I’ve been accused of being this that and the other person myself on here. Even Leann herself LOL!!!

  68. Kosmos says:

    These shots are very amateurish, and so is she as a model. She’s not really model material. She has a cute shape and I don’t feel she’s too thin, but the breasts do look a bit bad…she’s trying too hard to look sexy, but she doesn’t pull it off well. She should stick to her singing career, stop talking about her life with Eddie at this point. Do people really care?

  69. Madisyn says:

    Afternoon all. I’m offended. NO ONE has ever accused me of being someone else. Damn! LMAO

    She better enjoy her fun in the sun, cuz those Chicago winters. . .She can’t stalk Eddie on the set AND model bikini’s.

    These ‘look at me’ photos are going to get sooooo much worse when the promos, commericials and new episodes start of RHOBH.

  70. Jezi says:

    @Susan O No hard feelings, you can join in with the cracktinis if you’d like…LOL. If you want to research the crazy that is Leann, just search the many articles on here and you get a pretty good understanding of this neverending soap opera :)

    And a wave back to Eileen, Rita, AnnieB, skilo, brin, charity, the original bellaluna and sorry if I left out peeps.

  71. Deb says:

    Wow Leann is the “gift” that keeps on giving!
    Shout out to Jezi Rita Eileen Brin Charity and the rest of u lovely ladies :)

  72. Annie B says:

    Maybe we ARE the same person, my response to @eileen was gonna be I learned about the grassy knoll from the Oliver Stone movie!! It happens with EbonyShiksa and I all the time too. Oh noes, the rumors that I’m going to be flaming.

    We don’t learn a ton of US stuff but we see it all in the media. There are no movies about Prime Ministers. lol. And yeah, I DO know Bob “from Canada”. We had a beer together once.

    Now you know why stumpy the clown is always tottering and clomping around in 6″ heels. She has the stretched out torso with the bizarrely positioned belly button (one you notice you can’t un-notice it, is like 2 inches below her “refund gap”). She’s makes me uncomfortable to look at, so much weirdness.

  73. Jezi says:

    @AnnieB Oh yeah you’re right. Her belly button is in a weird place. I don’t really like looking that close at her. It hurts my eyes.

    @Deb Hey woman!!!

  74. Jingo Jango says:

    She looks like she does the Amy Winehouse workout. The results are the same.

  75. Jenn says:

    Is Eddie gay? Seriously? LeAnn really looks more and more masculine as time goes on. That finger in the mouth picture….. my God, you need LIPS to make that look work. You can see she thinks she looks really cool in that fedora as well. And you’d think a stud like Eddie would have an issue with her breasts pointing in opposite directions. Good Lord, what an idiot. Dean seems smart- how did he put up with this nitwit for so long? Brandi, do a dance of joy that you escaped that idiot of an ex-husband and at least have your little boys from that.

  76. bondbabe says:

    Wow, just WOW!!! Those implants are traveling to the sides of her chest–wonder if they are over the chest muscle? (She does have a wide chest, but bizarre-o-rama.)

    Also, she has her left thumb hitched into the top of her swim bottoms in the second pic. In a jeans pocket maybe; but a swim suit bottom?!! Really?

  77. Susan O. says:


    Hi, well if I ever quote from a review I will be prepared to provide the name and date of the publication. That’s a perfectly reasonable request. She may yet come forward with the proof.

  78. bad boy says:

    i love the ladies… HOWEVER… i am so not into this broad. PASS.

  79. ladybert62 says:

    I think the bolt-ons are trying to escape LeAnn Hell! Next time we see her, they will be latched to her back and they are whispering to Eddie, “follow us, the door is that way!” ha ha

  80. Rio says:

    I don’t have a dog in this race, but saying you’ll take your stepsons to the proverbial desert island?

    I’m sure their mother would be THRILLED.

  81. Madisyn says:

    bellaluna, I’m here. I’m usually here just about the time your looking for me or I’m looking for you.

    Its this IDIOTIC MOD jail b.s. By the time I read the comments, post a response, is usally around the time 10 comments have posted and I either need to add in a quick edit or post another time. And the weekends are the absolute worst. It’s sometimes taken 3 or 4 hours to post. Ludicrous. If I knew what I was doing wrong, I would stop!

  82. buckley says:

    this girl…sigh. It’s so obvious the poor thing was never able to pull a handsome man…she’s now besides herself.

    I don’t know what she sounds like, is she any good?

  83. jessica says:


  84. brin says:

    Hey Deb & Annie B! The great thing about these Leann posts (besides the fact that they are hilarious)is that it brings all you gals out (with some outstanding comments)!

  85. norma says:

    the sushi would get smelly on the beach. couldn’t eddie spear the fish like in castaway? then they could eat it fresh every day. not the sharpest pencil in the box this girl.

  86. Annie B says:

    OK, now I’m wondering…is that chest cave /crevasse/hole thing (look about 1.5″ above her belly button) what Tori Spelling has? So if Leann smushes the boobs together with a bra will her chest be impossible to differentiate from Tori’s?

    Also, isn’t the point of a boobie job to have your high beams pointed directly forward, even when laying on your back? What a mess. Those poor silicone sacs are trying DESPERATELY to escape.

    @brin Hey you too! I don’t post as often as some of the ladies but sometimes I can’t resist. Especially when my ears are burning. ;-)

    Hi to all the other “hi’s”! I am so bad for acknowledging so hey hey hey to y’all!

  87. Elle says:

    Wow, she & Brandi really did come to some kind of agreement! After defending herself against the criticism people threw at her in the past about stepping over the line in regard to the boys, all of the sudden she is referring to them as “his sons,” “my stepsons” and “my bonus boys.” I wonder what made them finally agree to respect each other (or at least pretend to respect each other in public).

  88. skilo says:

    *waving at all the ladies*yells Hey Y’all*

    Leann needs that cover up to be ankle length and closed!!! The girls body is just a whole mess of ugly.

  89. mew says:

    She looks ridiculous and is trying way too hard. Plus, those bolt-ons look majorly uncomfortable. My chest hurts just by looking at them! OUTCH!

  90. Rita says:

    @Susan O

    The review was in the June 2002 issue of the Badger Agency Gazette (BAG for short). It was the last time one of LeAnn’s songs made the top 100. The cover story was about frying green tomatoes and home made wine. Just google it until you find it. (I’m suspicious, that’s why I’m being a smart ass…we’ll get to know each other soon enough).

    Personally, I’m convinced that Madisyn is that crazy bitch Rita. They’re both always complaining about being in “mod jail”. Get over it you two bitches. The moderator knows what she’s doing!!!

  91. wtf? says:

    when will she look in the mirror and say, “oh god, i am not a victoria secret model”, give her head a shake and realize that not all publicity is good publicity

    she is the best example of the no self awareness gene….I have ever seen in the history of dlist celebritard

    Let me spell it out for you honey, no one cares,go away, cover the f**k up,shut the f**k up and go back to country music and your so called kids you LOVE so much.

    ditto for that Kate Gooseling too.

    feel better.

  92. NancyMan says:

    Nobody, absolutely nobody, brings out everyone’s love and sympathy like our little Miss Rimes.

    Although I admit I know almost nothing about the female anatomy, I do think her boobs looks weird. Her squinty eyes don’t bother me as much as her little emaciated trunk. Bless her heart!

  93. Truthful says:

    how dreadfulllll.

    does she keep mentioning Eddie’s boy ti get at Brandi??

    just when you think she can’t sound any sillier, she surprises you, the notebook? really.

    to each his own, smdh

  94. Susan O. says:


    Just as I thought….NADA!

  95. Birdy says:

    And what is sad is that she really thinks she looks good and sexy here considering her poses. Delusional. Could the space between the purchased breats be wider? Not subtle at all.

  96. Rita says:

    I just had a chance to read the Blake Lively thread about how she used the book “The Rules” to snare Leo. The Rules’ theme is to play hard to get as opposed to “No Rules” written by LR where the illustrations depict LR’s laying in a pile of money and her legs tied to opposite bed posts.

  97. charity says:

    to top it all off, her belly button looks like an extra ear. at least with the hat , we can’t see her squinty eyes so much, although there is nothing she can do about her pig snout nose where when she sings those nostrils flare out and HELLO CANADA, we can see you

  98. Rita says:


    Special waves and luv to you. Missed you earlier.

  99. Firecracker says:

    Ok, seriously. I don’t think she looks that bad. Why do you guys hate her so much, other than spending all of her time tweeting? Let me have it!

  100. charity says:

    Firecracker –If you think she looks good, thats fine with me because thats your opinion. I think she is trying so hard to look sexy like Brandi or some of the Playboy bunnies. ain’t EVER going to happen. either in the swim suits or clomping around the stage or out in public in six inch heels. She should go with what she has. and the only thing she has is a decent voice that God gifted her with and then she slapped HIM in the face by breaking at least half of HIS commandments. Hi to all my twitter buds and Rita love those right on pithy comments

  101. Rita says:


    I can best answer your question by directing you to the top of this page to the Celebrity archives. There you’ll find 130 threads about LeAnn. I suggest you start reading the one where she exposed her affair with a married man and father of two small children by sucking on his fingers in a restaurant. Eddie’s children will eventually read that archive and then everyone will be up to speed as to why we hate LeAnn so much.

  102. Lucy says:

    Mark my words, the minute she and eddie spit out their own squinty-eyed spawn, she will never mention her “bonus boys” again…they will be kicked to the curb…

  103. Kim says:

    The way she refers to her step sons as “Bonus Boys” is hideous!

  104. Firecracker says:

    Ok, so who’s worse, Her or Liho?

  105. Firecracker says:

    Rita, yeah, I know all about her cheating, but lots of celebs do that. Is it just that she’s annoying? Like Kim K is to me?

  106. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    It took her all of 9 words to work in Eddie’s name.

    **waving hello to the ladies**

  107. Charlotte says:

    @Kim – I totally agree. I’d be offended of I were referred to as a bonus anything by a step-parent!
    It’s just sad that LR overdoes it so damn much. Totally sleazy to publicly go after Eddie while he was still married, that’s on both of them, though. It’s the constant tweeting pics of herself and the vom inducing cutesy remarks she makes. It’s like she’s just struggling to be the epitome of every good, well-balanced woman and she’s just really not making it. If she’d keep quiet and just take care of her family and work on her career, nobody would hate her for it.

  108. Calli Pygian says:


    If she paid a plastic surgeon good money for those bad bolt- ons, why the HELL did she not also pay to repair that now-more-obvious-than-ever PECTUS EXCAVATUM???????

    Stupid girl.

  109. Kelly says:

    @Kosmos, it’s putting it really, REALLY kindly to say that she is not “model material,” LOL.

    What gets me is that she thinks she’s incredibly hot!!! She really does! All the bikini shots… What’s funny is that the really hot women, like Gisele, don’t bother to post bikini shots of themselves on Twitter.

  110. susan says:

    She sure thinks she’s all that. It’s embarrassing with her thin lips and awful implants and horsey face. She has a cute little body, but she makes too much of herself. She slept with the woman’s husband, broke up the marriage and she should show a tiny bit of humility and stop flaunting the fact that she’s got the kids, too. I think she’s truly a hateful and mean person who is really really enjoying the fact that she stole a husband. It won’t be so fun when he does it to her.

  111. esblondie says:

    This fedora trend really needs to go away, because it seems like only annoying bitches wear them. A shame, really. They’ve destroyed a great hat.

  112. gg says:

    Evening Ladies, when I saw the bikini pics posted yesterday , I swear it looked like she had 3 boobies, such a freak. Hugs:)

  113. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Am I the only one that found it beyond creepy at the fact she’d take her stepsons on this “stranded island”. I know it’s a theoretical question and she is trying to show her love for them but she is saying basically if she was trapped in some terrible place she’d want another woman’s children there with her. I dunno, maybe over thinking it, but it creeped the hell out of me

  114. Joe Johnson says:

    I think Leann is sexy. I would ask her to slow dance.

    The only thing unhealthy is your obsession with her body.

  115. Ashley says:

    @LittleDeadGirl. Yes, beyond creepy. And it’s also creepy that she categorizes her husband and stepsons as ‘items’.

  116. Jenn says:

    @LittleDeadGirl, I thought the same exact thing. I know it was supposed to come off as loving and look how much she adores them, but it came off as inappropriate and creepy. She should’ve said something like, “And have my stepkids there on weekends”- anything that doesn’t reek of her co-opting someone else’s sons (not to mention the way they became her stepsons, which makes it even more revolting). I think people (including myself, who never had any interest in her) are repulsed by her because she tries to get as much attention as possible and pretends that she doesn’t; blatantly stalks someone’s life; shows no boundaries or respect for anything or anyone; overshares and insists that it’s all because people don’t get her great love and wonderful life and just want to pull her down. She says all the right, publicity-correct things, but her actions and tweets bely them. And, for the record, I feel the same way about Xtina, whom I also never had any interest in until she turned into a drunken mess who cheated on her husband and spends time with her son when she feels guilty or wants the world to know what a great mother she is. She has the same victim mentality as LeAnn, which is hilarious considering the pain they put everyone in their lives through.

  117. Parker says:


    “If comments seem similar it might be because this has been going on for a couple of years and its all been said…not to mention that LeAnn has become boring.”

    Rita, if LeAnn has become so boring, why are you still commenting on her? If she’s captured your attention for over a year now, she’s hardly boring you. Say what you will about her, but calling her “boring” after year(s) of holding your attention and inviting your comments is quite strange. That’s the most interesting interpretation of boring I’ve ever heard….

  118. Erin says:

    She is not a model….finger sucking and sticking your hip out at an awkward angle aren’t poses, it’s just posing. Thumbs way down on this photo shoot.

  119. Hibiscus says:

    NancyMan:”Although I admit I know almost nothing about the female anatomy…”

    …obviously the plastic-surgeon who “bolted” these things on didn’t either.

    Ugly woman, inside and out.

  120. the original bellaluna says:

    @ LittleDeadGirl – As a mother, I would want my kids to be with their father (if he wasn’t on said deserted island with me) or my parents if I was stranded on a deserted island.

    I love my kids; I would offer my life for their’s; but I wouldn’t want them to go through that kind of trauma.

    (So it may not be absolutely, selfishly, unequivocably creepy, but it definitely is not thinking of the kids’ well-being first.)

  121. Jennifer says:

    Where’s the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition with the real swimsuit models who are pretty with nice, feminine bodies? Swimsuit model, or any kind of model for that matter, LR is not.

  122. why? says:

    And Leann’s mega media blitz to upstage Kim K wedding by drawing as much attention to her and EC wedding/marriage/family continues. I can’t wait to see what pr stunt LR has planned next week when Kim K actually does get married.

    Leann has worked hard? At what? SWF BG? Using kids to promote her career? Convincing people that EC isn’t cheating on her? Dishing out the C &D to EC mistresses so that they don’t go to the tabloids?

    She has loved another with all her heart? I take it she is refering to her IPHONE?

    I thought the questions asked what ITEMS she would take. People are not ITEMS. But it doesn’t shock me that she considers EC and his kids ITEMS because as many have stated, she is paying EC to be by her side and now she thinks that she can buy those kids just like she bought EC. Did anyone else find it funny that she left IPHONE as one of the things that she would take with her? She was on her honeymoon with EC and couldn’t put the IPHONE down, so who is she even kidding?

    Does she understand how silly she sounds once again bragging about how she fell in love with a married man who referred to her as a speedbump in his marriage? A speedbump. EC is so madly in love with LR and ready to jump out his marriage that he considers LR a speedbump? EC is cheating on LR, I wonder how long it is going to take the media to catch up to something that is so painfully obvious that it’s funny.

  123. why? says:

    Well now it makes sense why LR and EC wanted the kids to spend THIS week with them in Chicago. It’s no shock that LR is referring to the boys as “my…”, she ALWAYS pulls out the “devoted bonus mom” act when using the kids to promote her career and projects. Seriously, how come LR and EC are ONLY interested in those kids when they are promoting something for their jobs/careers? EC exploited their faces and names last week and now LR is exploting them this week. September is going to be a very bad month for those kids because the exploitation is doing to be twice as worse as it now with LR releasing her album and EC promoting Playboy Club.

    Poor kids, their trip to Chicago is nothing more than a “Buy Mokoh’s” and “Buy Charisma” and “Watch Playboy Club” and “Buy tickets to my concerts” campaign.

    I could have thought that EC stated that it wasn’t child focused to expose his kids to the media and paps and that anyone who did such a thing was only doing it to get attention for themselves? Look at how many times she made references to those kids. Creepy, especially since EC made such a big deal about his kids being exposed to millions and that was why they couldn’t be featured on RHOBH. I wish the media would for once call EC out on his double standards and how he uses those kids as if they were props.

    So why would anyone believe that EC loves LR or is being faithful to her if he won’t even protect his kids from a standard he set up in court documents?

    Is any of the media outlets going to call EC out on this? So now we have LR telling the paps about her “private” beach cove with EC and her so called “bonus sons and as we have seen in the past whenever LR talks about where she is with those kids it is soon followed by photos of her and EC with those kids in that place. Why does she keep insisting on telling the paps where and when they can meet her and EC with those kids? That is right because her and EC career takes priority over those kids safety.

    Since LR made it a point to mention how magical it was for her and EC while they were in Tahiti (even though she tweeted the entire they were there), that means that the internet will soon be bombarded with photos of EC, LR, and EC kids for LR week long birthday celebration.

  124. vrae says:

    Very sad when you lose your identity in an attempt to gain a man’s affection and loyalty. It’s obvious she has gone to the extreme with her weight loss. The gap is only proof that she has lost too much weight.

  125. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Everytime she brings up her stepsons, I cringe.
    Maybe she’s too young / dumb / immature to realize that talking about them is exploitative?

  126. why? says:

    As if the Playboy Club wasn’t getting enough bad press already from the boycott from the PTC (which seems to become even more frequent and prevalent with each and every mega media blitz that EC and LR stage and which is now getting the support of Gloria S), LR is now bragging about how she will make a guest appearance on the show with EC. Which means that as many have stated, Playboy Club was a favor from LR friend. So LR only let EC work on the show, if she could also be featured on it. I can’t say that I am surprised. Why do I get the feeling that NBC is going to be skewing the ratings for this show to save face?

    So LR lists of “EC lovE me and therefore isn’t cheating on me because …(ie-he lets LR expliot his kids, her lovEnest with EC will be featured on HGTV, he engages in pda with LR after he has had a significant amount of alcohol, attends LR concerts instead of visiting his kids, their projects come out in the same month, LR watches EC as he films and does his photoshoots) gets even longer.

  127. Melancholy says:

    I think Lilo’s worse because she’s going to get us all killed one day. If I lived in LA I would move elsewhere.

  128. atticfaerie says:

    this woman gives new meaning to the term “media whore” every time she speaks

    re #5 on the list is she now trying to be Jen Aniston with the tequila on the beach?

    I could write for hours about her “bolt-on” issues but will refrain until I decide which brand of tequila to switch to.

  129. Jules says:

    Wowsers! Forget the ping-pong balls bolted to her scrawny chest…what’s with the beef-jerky gams? When this girl first came on the scene with that amazing voice of hers, I liked her then even tho I thought she was a homely looking little thing. But since her Joliesque whorantics…I find her appearance quite grotesque. What’s that saying…ugly inside…ugly outside? I’d say so.

  130. brin says:

    Mornin Peeps! Wouldn’t surprise me if Mikoh swimwear, Don Julio Tequila, and Charisma sheets tank in sales thanks to LR & EC endorsing them.

  131. eternalcanadian says:

    Regarding that first picture, there’s like a sunken hole between those baps of Leann plus it looks like you can fit two hands side by side between them? Or is that an optical illusion caused by a really, really bad pose? :o

  132. brin says:

    ITA about the “stranded island items”. Most (normal) people, when asked that say “a book, favorite snack item, cosmetic item”. No one mentions a person as an “item”.

  133. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin – *waves* Agreed. The question is generally phrased as “What would you most want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?” And as I mentioned previously, NOT my kids. Not because I don’t love them, but because I do. I wouldn’t want them to go through that trauma.

    @ Firecracker – They’re both worse in different ways: the famewhore is strong in both of them; but while Blohan has no regard for anyone else, LR has no regard for the mother of her husband’s children. Blohan’s actions could kill anyone, whereas LR’s could only get her killed. So I guess Blohan’s actually worse. Except there are kids involved in LR’s situation, so maybe she’s worse…

    Can we just send them both to Hell in a hand-basket?

  134. brin says:

    @bellaluna…..Yes to that!! *waving*

  135. Megan says:

    Her bolt-on gap matches the gap in the legs, since they dont touch. Gross.

  136. Paige says:

    my eyes!!!! the first pic!!!

  137. Twez says:

    Eddie is a much better bikini model.

  138. Thea says:

    She reminds me of a even more run down Renee Z. Only way Eddie will escape this is to go into the witness relocation program. God she is so annoying.

  139. Original Tiffany says:

    The only “dog” in this race is LR.
    Those bolt-ons look like a 50 dollar Kmart special.

  140. Firecracker says:

    Bellaluna, Lol! That is very true.

  141. Lia says:

    Call me a crazy trauma nurse I guess, but her sternum is so prominent that I feel an overwhelming urge to start CPR on her because the landmarks are so easily defined….. I need to get out more, I think.

  142. Baylor says:

    Just like your relationship with Eddie, if your relationship with your step-sons is real and strong and good, it will be self-evident. Constantly mentioning them in interviews and on twitter, putting their names on your jewelery/symbolizing them in your jewlery, constantly buying them stuff, and giving yourself “cutey nicknames” for them to call you isn’t going to make it so or convince people it is. In fact, you will be seen as someone who doth protest too much or tries too hard therefore making the opposite seem true.

  143. Tony C says:

    The name of the island is MUSTIQUE!!! *NOT* Mystique! She says it’s her favorite beach and she doesn’t even know the correct name???!!


  144. Jezi says:

    Has anyone read her revised Bio lately? She calls Brandi & Eddie’s boys lil rascals and I find that funny that she does that now after Brandi was calling them lil monsters. She’s a psycho.

  145. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Susan o… You’re my kinda girl. Apparently I’m 3 different people on 2 diff gossip sights. The sh!t gets a little thick on any thread that has LR/EC/BG.
    And I remember on a previous thread, you were asking how Jezi knew something, and another commenter said you could “take it to the bank” if it was from Jezi.
    Welll, I just want to add, Jezi has made it very clear that she is a personal friend of Brandi on previous postings, so her bankable truth is Brandi’s truth, not unbiased info from an anonymous blogger like you or I.
    Just sayin ;)
    Now pull on those sh!tkickers and jump on in the slime. It gets rich with this triangle, and the rabid holiness of BG everyone is so quick to defend lol.
    I still don’t get how if you don’t like BG you are automatically a LR fan. *vomit* Jesus, can’t I hate both these famewhores equally?

    On another note… I’m pretty sure Boobies aren’t supposed to be playing hide and seek under your armpits, but maybe LR never got the famewhore memo.

  146. noyb says:

    I didn’t know Falcor from “The Neverending Story” was a bikini model now. My how times have changed

  147. why? says:

    LR poses look very familiar. What did she do, study photos of BG doing the exact same poses?

    Since EC and LR are constantly flashing their wedding rings in their staged photo-ops, does that mean that they will be shilling jewelry really soon?

    It looks like LR is going to go on a MEGA MEGA MEGA media blitz starting Friday. And this means that LR is going to bombard the internet with mutiple shots in one day of LR, EC, his parents, and EC kids in Chicago everday of the week. So is the catch pharse for this bikini company, “Mikoh, the brand approved by ALL child exploiters”?

    Or has the Playboy Club gotten even more backlash than what LR and NBC are willing to admit?

  148. brin says:

    Hey girl….She is a psycho…she copies everything (including this bikini model gig)about Brandi. It’s totally creepy.

  149. Jezi says:

    @John Wayne Lives If you have a question regarding me, why don’t you direct it to me. I am a personal friend of Brandi, however, I became that way by meeting her on twitter and after I came to my own conclusions about Leann and Eddie and the way they treated Brandi. Just like many others. You really don’t have to have a degree in psych to see the delusion that is LR, you just have to open your eyes. The reason why there are so many people who defend Brandi and so little that defend LR on these threads is pretty obvious, so much so that I don’t even need to go into it with you. As I told you before, you don’t need to like Brandi but don’t judge my comments about her based on the fact that I’m her friend. Because if she was a POS person, I certainly wouldn’t want to even know her.

    @brin Hey chica!

  150. why? says:

    Why is LR SO predictable. Just as I predicted, LR launched her MEGA MEGA MEDIA Blitz on Friday, staging MULTIPLE shots of herself in ONE DAY.

    And it looks like her next “EC lovE me because…” campaign is to fuel pregnancy rumors.In one of her staged photo-ops from Friday she is wearing a dress to make it look like she has a babybump. Didn’t Radaronline and People mag say that LR was drinking when she was at the festival with EC? The things LR will do for attention.

    BTW, someone is on E News making posts in other posters names after she made threats on another site.

  151. why? says:

    E News reported that Mikoh is saying that they did not hire LR as a spokesperson for their bikini line and that this “photoshoot” of LR modeling their bikinis was actually taken by EC while he and LR were in Cabo on their honeymoon. Wow, so LR releases photos of herself in a bikini while on her honeymoon which was taken by her “hubby” who thinks that she is “perfect/beautiful”. What could this be about? LR is literally trying to keep up with Kardashians. LR is once again doing everything in her power to draw attention to her wedding to EC to prove that it’s her wedding (and not Kim K wedding) that deserves the title of being called Royal Wedding 2.0. So now we are supposed to believe that EC lovEs LR because he took photos of her in Cabo doing poses that she SWF from BG in a bikini?

    Mikoh statement about LR not being a spokesperson for their bikinis makes no sense at all. First off all, why would they conduct an interview like this with LR if they had no intention of using her to represent their brand? Is that even normal for a bikini company to do exclusive interviews with people who are not representing their line? Was this like a test run or something to see just how bad LR rep is? Mikoh must have gotten a lot of negative feedback.

    Secondly, these photos would have been taken while EC and LR were in Cabo on their honeymoon and as we saw LR was releasing photo upon photo of her and EC while they were in Cabo EVERYDAY.So how come these photos weren’t released to the media? Because LR and Mikoh were planning on using them to launch their LR as their spokesperson campaign?

  152. Once again LeManorexic should stick to singing being a model isn’t her thing but she will do anything to keep operation: single white female going she is a disgusting rat face troll

  153. lisa says:

    she’d want to take another woman’s kids off to a deserted island? what a fucking weird thing to say.
    she looks like michael jackson in the face from the side profile. Crypt keeper face.

  154. charity says:

    It takes more than a fedora and a finger in the thin lips to be a model. those ugly short legs, massive nostrils, squinty eyes and boobs that have a football field with the goal posts attached just aren;t the ticket. leave the modeling to someone who has the physical attributes to do that and try to keep what career you have left going with the singing. If Eddie took those pictures he should stick to being a gigolo something he is good at doing.

  155. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Jezi… I was simply restating what you said. No question.
    And you’re right. No need for a degree to see what a wack job LR is. This whole discord among us was me stating that BG going on RH was a famewhore move, and it’s gonna dent her image.
    You guys came out with guns blazing like she was your own personal jebus. I simply reserve the right to like and dislike whom I please.
    you can defend her every little move and try to verbally bully those that breath too hard in her direction, or you can take the night off, and let others have their opinion.
    Brandi’s actions, like everyone elses, will speak for themselves. Good or Bad.

    You’re right. I have the right not to like her. so get off it.

  156. Model, she is not. But putting a crazy semi-famous person in your bikinis and snapping some pics? Nice job Mikoh…marketing at it’s finest!

  157. why? says:

    So Leann STAGED THREE photo-ops on Friday, one at an airport, one while she was out and about Malibu with her friends, and one at a playground with EC youngest son(but she released the staged photo-op of her with EC son on Sat instead of Fri).

    Just as I predicted, LR is on a mega mega media blitz AGAIN, releasing mutiple staged photos of her in ONE DAY staged photos each and everyday of the week.

    What is even more disturbing is how LR continually invites the paps out with her when she is spending “quality” time with those kids. What exactly did LR hope to gain by inviting JJ to the playground with her and EC son and then paying Dailymail and the HW babyscoop site to write a glowing fluff piece? LR career is so bad that she has to use two innocent kids to make herself look like a “doting” stepmother? If LR cared anything about those kids, then JJ, Dailymail, and the HW babyscoop wouldn’t even have those photos of those kids.

    And get this, the HW babyscoop site made sure to point out how LR and EC were probably thinking about adding to their family(ieLR is so desperate for attention that now she trying to fuel pregnancy rumors) because like she has done so many times before, she was smitten by a little girl who just so happened to be at the playground with her and EC son. How odd that in each and every article of LR activities with EC kids, LR mouthpieces make sure to mention how there is this random girl who LR reacts to.

    Another staged photo-op of LR exploitng with EC son just days before her “charity concert”(which she is using to promote her relationship with EC), to once again confirm that EC is a liar and that we can not believe anything he says. If EC won’t protect his own kids from being exploited by LR, then why exactly are we to believe that EC is resisting his urge to cheat on LR?

    The problem is each and everytime these “neutral” or “BG is the villian for being on RHOBH” posters show up, it’s always because LR is going to release a staged photo-op? How many staged photo-ops will LR release on Sat and on Sun because there is definately a pattern to all of this.

  158. why? says:

    Wow, actually LR staged FOUR photo-ops on FRIDAY. Wow, now what celeb is spotted FOUR TIMES in ONE DAY? The ones who are tipping off the paps. So after giving an interview about how wants to take EC sons to Tahiti and how she loves seeing EC and the boys running around on L Beach, photos of EC and his kids on a beach surface.

    LR was spotted on the beach with EC, Liz(EC other mistress), and EC kids. Interesting, when they asked LR what 5 ITEMS she would take with her if she was stranded on a beach, one of them should have been Liz since LR seems to think that people are ITEMS. Liz, EC NEVER leaves home without her.

  159. why? says:

    The x17 photos of LR on the beach with EC, his kids, and Liz are VERY disturbing. LR put on a show for x17, doing over the top poses( because she knew that she was being watched by x17 and she knew that she was being watched by x17 because she told the x17 person who tweeted her about the tattoos last week where and when to find her with EC and the kids). So instead of taking twitpics of herself in the bikini or having EC take the photos, LR has now hired x17 to do the job.

  160. why? says:

    I wondered what major pr stunt LR was going to pull to try to upstage Kim K wedding and now we know. Her plans to upstage Kim K wedding included a interview and visit with Oprah W. So LR felt justified in staging 4 photo-ops in one day (two of which she exploited EC kids) because she was meeting Oprah? So now LR thinks that she can justify her affair with EC and convince everyone that EC isn’t cheating on her by going to Oprah’s house with EC to do a “happy family, EC lovE’s me because…, my bonus sons” interview and photospread?

    Why oh why did LR think that visiting Oprah’s house made it okay for her to exploit those kids like this? Does she really think an interview with Oprah will once and for all make the public like her and EC and stop the talk about how EC is cheating on her?

    Don’t tell me that OWN and Oprah W are the ones who will be producing EC and LR reality tv show. So they only wanted the kids and EC parents in Chicago with them so that they could use them in that interview with Oprah?

  161. elaine says:

    In that 1st picture, it looks like she either has another boob trying to bust out of her chest or she has an alien in there trying to get out I vote for the alien cus thats what a kid of hers would look like. and probaly where it would emerge.

  162. ajkajh says:

    This ugly bitch thinks so highly of her looks it is insane.

  163. gross says:


    “What’s funny is that the really hot women, like Gisele, don’t bother to post bikini shots of themselves on Twitter. ”

    What? Gisele has a man face with a straight up and down body. She also has implants and had a nose job so once again, what?

  164. oh god says:

    She eats alligator tail? That’s fcking disgusting!!!!

  165. SMT says:

    Man, you people are brutal. I wouldn’t kick her out of my hot tub if she hopped in.

  166. dirtroad says:

    She should have never grown up. Not the same person at all. I can’t look at her ugly face without thinking about the time she was caught on camera picking her nose.
    “Wave when you get to the bridge”

  167. bonejob says:

    YIKES!!! She looks like a hat-rack on legs! Some might call her body “toned” but the face says “Skeletor.” She lost too much weight and tried to compensate by bolting on some rubber titties. Unfortunately, the douchebag of a plastic surgeon she hired bolted them on in the wrong places! GAWD! You’d think somebody with her kind of money could afford better. It’s kind of a shame, really. She was once cute, even… dare I say… pretty. And if she’d taken better care of herself and left “what God hath wrought” the hell alone, she still could have been. But too much alcohol, too many packs of cigarettes and too much bad plastic surgery (botched boob job is screamingly obvious, but I think I see some suspect lipo, and probably botox, too ) have taken their toll.

  168. reality says:

    low rise bikinis are so 50′s and just plain boring, she looks sick eat something you crazy b we know u are paranoid of getting as fat as the rest of yer relatives but jesus christ you look horrible