Carol Alt claims her husband dumped her because she was infertile

Supermodel Carol Alt, a regular fixture on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover during the late 80s, claims that cancer treatments left her unable to have kids – and that’s why her hockey-player husband, Ron Greschner, wanted a divorce. Alt and Greschner were married from 1983-1997, and Greschner continued as Carol’s business manager for two more years. Currently, Carol is suing her ex over a $9 million business deal in Manhattan federal court.

Supermodel Carol Alt says she and ex-Ranger captain Ron Greschner split because she had cancer and couldn’t satisfy his goal of having kids, bombshell court papers reveal.

In the papers – filed in advance of her civil trial next week in Manhattan federal court, where the stunning Alt is suing her retired hockey-playing ex-hubby for $9 million over a business deal – she also says the two continued to have sex “well after” agreeing to divorce.

The onetime Sports Illustrated cover girl – who at 47 is set to bare it all for the December issue of Playboy – told Sports Illustrated in 2001 that their high-profile marriage ended because “he wanted children, and I wasn’t ready.”

But in the new court papers, she says the real problem was that she “could not conceive” as a result of cervical and uterine cancer and “because Greschner strongly desired children, the two decided that Greschner should be with someone who could so provide him.”

The former defenseman now has five children with wife Lori.

[From Page Six]

It must have been very painful for Carol to go through cancer and treatment, and then find that she and her partner were unable to compromise over children. I don’t know if the couple ever considered adoption – it sounds like her ex=husband was keen on the idea of biological kids instead. At any rate, they’ve been divorced for over 10 years, and Greschner hasn’t been her business manager since 1998. I’m not sure what Carol is trying to gain here.

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  1. Cinderella says:

    I feel bad for her, but I’m just wondering what made her decide to sue so many years later?

    Unless they retained joint property that was recently sold and he tried to screw her out of her share. Who knows.

    Hopefully she isn’t one of those bitter exes that never goes away.

  2. rules says:

    what she is trying to gain is obvious. Publicity.

  3. CrazyMary says:

    Could be that she has been trying to get it from him in other ways for the last 9 years and now she has no other option than to sue.

  4. London Paris says:

    She put it in the court papers for some reason. It’s gossip- they just share the “bombshell” news, not the legal context of it.

  5. smit33 says:

    Publicity for her December Playboy issue. Otherwise who would have remembered her.

  6. Canadian hockey fan says:

    That is not her ex-husband in the picture. That is her current boyfriend Alexi Yashin.

  7. jennifer says:

    That looks a hell of a lot like Alexei Yashin….?????

  8. jennifer says:

    LOL Canadian hockey fan, sorry about that. Didn’t see your comment b4 I posted mine :P

  9. jess says:

    having children is a big deal, and drives a lot of couples to divorce.

  10. queenie says:

    looks like her and Madge have the same plastic surgeon

  11. vdantev says:

    That and you could chill a bottle of ’54 Don Penoir between her thighs.

  12. Julia says:

    Wow, vdantev, way to insinuate a woman is frigid who had CERVICAL AND UTERINE CANCER.

    Normally I agree with you, but call off your dogs on this one.

  13. vdantev says:

    And I knew that because……. Oh that’s right I didn’t know because I have a life of my own and was making a smart-ass remark same as I always do.

  14. Trashaddict says:

    Regardless of this woman’s motives or whether what she’s saying is true, please realize it is possible to bank sperm. And I think possibly also eggs. So if you or someone you know who is of childbearing age and is going through treatment is not offered this option, please suggest they at least inquire about it….

  15. KANDI says:

    if he was not willing to go a different way to have kid like alternative medically then be apart it would only create problems she is better off