Elisabetta Canalis is rumored for the new season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’


This story made me chuckle, snort and cackle all at the same time. It was a Chusnorkle. It’s just too delicious, I want to savor every word… Elisabetta Canalis. Reportedly. Signing on for. Dancing With the Stars!!!! Beautiful. So finally, we now know what all of those mysterious “business meetings” in LA were about. Elisabetta was talking to reality show producers, begging for a gig. Maybe Elisabetta figures that if Clooney’s newest piece is a former DWTS girl, then maybe Clooney will see Elisabetta’s moves and take her back? OH GOD, just think of the DWTS interviews! Eli is always so delightfully vapid. MAGIC.

This is one way to get over a breakup. According to sources, George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis has signed on to the upcoming 13th season of Dancing With the Stars. ABC does not comment on casting rumors, and the new cast will be announced during Bachelor Pad on Aug. 29. However, insiders tell us the Italian model will be on board.

Elisabetta would be following in the footsteps of Clooney’s rumored new girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, who starred in the second season of DWTS. Canalis also would be pulling a Melissa Rycroft, bouncing back from a very public split by shaking her groove thing.

So who else will be part of the cast?

We’ll find out in less than two weeks, but in the meantime, our E! Online pal Marc Malkin has shot down two other DWTS casting rumors: Jersey Shore star Snooki and Queen Latifah. (Queen Latifah took to Twitter to say it’s not true she’s joining the cast. And sources say Snooki has not signed on.)

In June, George and Elisabetta called it quits on their two-year romance. Photogs snapped Keibler arriving at Clooney’s house earlier this month, but if the two truly are dating, they haven’t gone public.

If this casting pans out, we can always hope for an All-Star DWTS someday where Stacy and Elisabetta can square off. Maybe George can sit in at the judges’ table? Can you say ABC ratings bonanza?

Season 13 of DWTS will begin Sept. 19 with a two-hour premiere.

[From E! News]

Every year, I say I’m not going to watch DWTS, and every year, I end up watching certain performances or clips, just to keep with the news. Not this year, if Elisabetta is one of the contestants. I will totally watch every episode with Elisabetta. I have no interest in her as an actress, but I will watch her obsessively as a reality star. And let’s face it – what are her other options, if she wants an American career? Clooney’s not around to get her legit parts in films or television shows. She had to go to reality programming if she wanted to be relevant in America. I can’t wait.

Here’s a preview!! Eli dancing earlier this year on some Italian film festival. Seriously!! The girl only knows how to dance when it’s some kind of stripper pole situation.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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44 Responses to “Elisabetta Canalis is rumored for the new season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’”

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  1. brin says:

    Isn’t that how George found his new love (Stacy),watching DWTS? Oh Eli, you sly fox!

  2. Yessiiirrreee says:

    I thought the show’s title was “Dancing with the Stars”?

    When did it become “Dancing with the Skanks”?

  3. mary says:

    Why??? She is NOT a star!!!!

  4. bluhare says:

    @mary: And the other people they have on are????

  5. Lia Belle says:

    LOL She’s from Italy Let her dance On Dancing With The Stars Italy!! I wouldnt even know who she was if it wasnt for George Clooney!WTF?

  6. mrsezc says:

    LOL … @ Yessiiirrreee; not sure it ever was Dancing with the stars :) They all seem to be “has-beens”.
    Oh my .. I never saw the video .. my daughter is 9 and she can dance way better than that!!! She’s just standing still letting others guide her and pick her up.
    Yeah I’d watch DWTS just to see her get voted off on Night 1!!

  7. vmb says:

    seriously – I guess I need to stop watching DWTS. I’m hoping it’s a joke.

  8. Goofpuff says:

    oh wow. DWTS has sunk to a new low.

  9. aenflex says:

    Didn’t at first realise why you were freaking out, til I remembered who he is dating now.

  10. Rita says:

    Last Picture

    “Elisabetta, how many cannolis can you stuff in your mouth at one time?”

    “I said CANNOLIS!!!!”

  11. Pyewacket says:

    She is a star here in the U.S? Wow, never knew her before being Clooney’s screw of the week, now she is a star????? Ummm, why don’t they just change the name of the show to Dancing with Random, Wanna-Be celebs and Has-Beens.

    The one positive is she is so talentless and stiff, she is sure top be voted off quickly, as the DWTS demographic isn’t exactly hip to who she is in the first place.

  12. LeeLoo says:

    I refuse to watch Dancing with the Stars if she’s on there!

  13. garvels says:

    The show should be renamed as Dancing with the Famewhores. How does being George’s girlfriend qualify as “star” status?

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    Well, since I already don’t watch, I guess I won’t be missing out on anything. But I look forward to the clips on The Soup!

  15. mln76 says:

    HA! Every year they announce the new cast there are one or two that I am like who the f— are they??? Canalis is definitely going to fall under that category for most of America. I mean are they going to come out and call her Clooney’s ex girlfriend when they introduce her??? Oh and I never-ever actually watch the show.

  16. Alynn says:

    Why is this ugly-manly face bioc still here?

  17. Truthful says:

    He’s not a star, I may eatch for laughs.

    maybe this was in the contract, GC bought a slot of her, LOL.

  18. Madisyn says:

    “Maybe George can sit in at the judges’ table? Can you say ABC ratings bonanza”?

    Who writes these articles. George Clooney would N E V E R appear on DWTS, regardless if a former or current girlfriend appeared on the show.

    min76, good question. “George Clooney’s Ex-girlfriend?” “Italian Hostess”, what does she DO in Italy anyway? If people are correct about his ‘exit’ contracts, she won’t be able to utter his name. Then what will ABC have?

  19. ShanKat says:

    Chusnorkle indeed…Dancing with the Skanks. I wish I was a coke dealer in L.A.

  20. crtb says:

    As much as I don’t like her, I think she’ll do very well on the show.

  21. Aqua says:

    Seriously? is this the best DWTS can come up with? this is one train wreck I’d be more than happy to watch(with a big bowl of popcorn of course).I have two thoughts about this.

    1-This is her way of sticking it to George somehow.

    2-Elly is scraping the bottom of the barrel and this is the best she can do,in the USA anyways.

  22. pallu says:

    Now DWTS are hiring people with criminal cases still pending in their homeland (the coke/prostitution in two Milan nightclubs and the Berlusconi orgy at his villa)? Couldn’t you find anybody else? She is Italian, for heaven sake, NOT A STAR and her English is very bad. NOT WATCHING DWTS.

  23. Blue says:

    Lmao wht happened to them getting real celebrities?

  24. yuya says:

    This woman doesn’t have a rythmic bone in her body. Her “dance” was laughable at best. Which is why they shoved her into the middle of a bunch of men, to try and hide her bad, bad, bad “dance” moves.

  25. Playlist says:

    Now if they also get Sarah Larson on the same show that would be fun to watch! Maybe they can get Krista Allen and Lisa Snowdon as well. DWTS is turning into a reject pile of contestants. If nothing else, we can all finally discover if Canalis can even speak more than a sentence of clear English. That will tell a lot about her relationship with George.

    Speaking of E! and George Clooney, I was reading Ted C. recently and saw the reply on Aug. 11th to someone asking if Ryan Gosling was gay and they stated he was no George Clooney. Ted’s reply was -

    “You might want to get your gaydar recalibrated, doll, ‘cause Ry is most definitely a lover of the ladies—and that pains me to say, so you know it’s true. He’s definitely no Georgey tho’, you’re right about that in more ways that just one.”


    I rarely understand what Ted is saying, but is he outing George?

  26. gg says:

    Oh maaaan — once, she was this mysterious, hot, Italian babe, and now she’s this American reality show loser. pllllbbbt!

  27. louiset says:

    I guess if Bristol Palin can be on for getting pregnant then Elisabetta can get on for having sex with George Clooney.

  28. lrm says:

    i think the show drops these ‘rumors’ to see what the reaction is, and if it’s controversial enough, or everyone is completely thrilled about it one hundred percent, then they go with it.
    but if it’s just ‘meh’ or people are creeped out, they skip it.

    she’s controversial enough t annoy people, which keeps ppl talking about her and the show.

    that makes her a good candidate as far as the network and production is concerned. I bet she’s on.

  29. crtb says:

    Since when do you have to know how to dance to be on that show? Does anyone remeber Bristol Palin?

    I just rewatched the video and all she needs to do is wear skimpy outfits, fling her hair, shake her boobs, thrust her hips and she’ll do fine! No different than many of the other non-celbrities

  30. Chris says:

    A more apt title for the show would be “Dancing with Someone who Knows Someone who Knows a Star”

  31. Camille says:

    Oh that is awesome. :lol: Shame we don’t get this show where I live lol.

  32. Aqua says:

    Has anyone else noticed that most, if not all, Hollywood top stars and A listers wouldn’t be caught dead on any reality T.V. show? but I bet you,for a lot of them it’s their guilty pleasure.

  33. Alix says:

    Dancing With the Slampieces.

    If she hadn’t screwed Clooney for two years, there’s literally NO ONE in this country who’d know her name. Compared to her, Kate Gosselin is a showbiz legend.

    You gotta wonder how they’d introduce her, though!

  34. Barbara says:

    Hey, they could do a show with just his “ex’s”….now that would be funny!!!

  35. Tiffany says:

    Good God that woman’s body. I find her to be a bit of a joke, but I would give me soul for her ass.

  36. Jayna says:

    My two favorites of his were Celine, the young French student he lived with. She is back in France and is married to a writer wiith a child. The other one is Lisa Snowden from England he dated on and off for years. She works in tv over there on I think little entertainment type shows. She never hyped up herself re George like elisabetta did, namedropping George ad nauseum.

  37. Poppy says:

    @ Playlist, Lisa Snowdon has already been on the UK version of DWTS and she didn’t do too badly actually.

    I guess Eli has to strike while the iron is hot, she still has some recognition as Clooney’s-ex, another six months and she will be totally forgotten. She is a really bad dancer, no natural rhythm at all, if she gets past the first round it will only be because guys are voting for her body in really skimpy costumes rather than any dance talent.

    @Jayna. Lisa has her own radio show in London and it is quite successful but I beg to differ on her not using George’s name, she is always talking about him, just a few days ago she let drop on radio that he and his buddies get naked in the hot tub together.

  38. anon says:

    Elisabetta, honey….your 15 minutes of fame are OVER!!! Get a clue and buy a one way ticket back to Italy!!! My new favorite word…CHUSNORKLE!

  39. skilo says:

    “Why??? She is NOT a star!!!!”

    Nope she’s just a star f*cker.

  40. Scout says:

    Oh, I see…well what “star” is she to be partnered with?

  41. John Wayne Lives says:

    *sigh* for reals?

  42. G says:

    This is nitpicky, but Sanremo is actually a music festival/competition, it has nothing to do with movies. It’s like Eurovision, but just Italy. It’s insane and hilarious and I highly recommend it even if you don’t speak any Italian.

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