Abercrombie & Fitch offers to pay The Situation to stop wearing their clothes


It’s really hard for me to ever side with any cast member from MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” particularly given their recent collective terrorization of Italy through street-bound fistfights, both real and fake, and whipping up of a perfect storm of general mayhem including but not limited to crashing into cop cars. So it would take a particularly villainous entity to make me ever think that one of the castmates was receiving the shaft in any shape or form. In this case, we’re talking about a clothing company, Abercrombie & Fitch, that notoriously courts controversy with reprehensible behavior such as crafting youth-sized, push-up bikini tops and tween-sized thong underwear. Now and in what I feel is a publicity-whoring move, A&F has feigned great displeasure that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino wears their clothing, and they want to pay him to stop doing so. Say what?


New Albany, Ohio, August 12, 2011: Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE: ANF) today reported that it has offered compensation to Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, a character in MTV’s TV show The Jersey Shore to cease wearing A&F products.

A spokesperson for Abercrombie & Fitch commented:

“We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino” association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans. We have therefore offered a substantial payment to Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and the producers of MTV’s The Jersey Shore to have the character wear an alternate brand. We have also extended this offer to other members of the cast, and are urgently waiting a response.”

Abercrombie & Fitch
Brand Senses Department

[From Abercrombie.com]

Further clarification comes from the Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy blog:

About 45 minutes into the A&F quarterly earnings call Wednesday morning, after Wall Street analysts peppered executives with endless questions about inventory and gross margins, A&F Chief Executive Mike Jeffries chuckled. “Is no one going to ask about the Situation?” he said.

A few minutes later, a questioner acquiesced and asked for the back story on the situation, as it were. Last Friday, an employee approached Mr. Jeffries with what he called “terrible, terrible news” that Mr. Sorrentino had been wearing A&F product on the episode that aired the night before. “We all said, ‘Oh, that’s terrible’,” Mr. Jeffries recalled with a groan. “What are we going to do about it?”

As retail analysts at Nomura Securities pointed out in a research note Tuesday evening, Mr. Sorrentino was seen in the most recent episode of “Jersey Shore” wearing a pair of neon green A&F sweatpants “loudly (and proudly)” on the streets of Florence.

[From WSJ]

While I haven’t kept up with the airing schedule of Season 4 of “Jersey Shore,” Sorrentino did wear this pair of fugly green pants in the immediate aftermath of the cast’s touchdown in Florence, Italy. Are these the offensive pants in question?


Honestly, I think A&F are just looking for some relatively cheap advertising and figure it’s less expensive to “pay off” The Situation than to just run one of their classically distasteful campaigns. Really, the company and this guido were made for one another, and they just ought to both embrace the sleaze. Here’s one reason why — last June, Sorrentino spoke with NYMag about many things (all revolving around himself) including how he was in the running to star in The Fast and the Furious 5, which obviously didn’t happen. He also compared himself to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which is an utterly ridiculous notion, but he spoke one very plain truth: “Abercrombie & Fitch, their most popular shirt, they told me, is ‘Fitchuation.’ I mean, where did they get that from? Obviously from myself.” And yes, it’s absolutely true that Abercrombie & Fitch once sold a very popular “Fitchuation” t-shirt, and here’s what it looked like:


In light of the fact that A&F willingly and purposely embraced “The Situation” as a sub-element of their brand, can anyone say for certain that they didn’t know what they were getting into with this? Really.


Photos courtesy of WENN

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59 Responses to “Abercrombie & Fitch offers to pay The Situation to stop wearing their clothes”

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  1. Usedtoitall says:

    LMAO!!!! Wow! That’s all I can say..

  2. melissapedsrn@sbcglobal.net says:

    Oh, I see. And the fact that they try and charge $46.00 for a plain white tee doesn’t hurt their business at all. Right.

  3. rylan says:

    This guy is a freak. So are his abs.

  4. Seal Team 6 says:

    The Situation has more moral authority than A & F, sorry. Discriminatory hiring practices and sexualizing little girls. Ugh. At least Mike is what he is *GTL).

  5. brin says:


  6. Ron says:

    OH PLEEEEEEEEASE! The biggest retail whores on earth are Assholecrombie and Fart. The Situation makes the overpriced useless crap that they sell look classy.

  7. Kate Nonymous says:

    You know you’re trashy when A&F says, “Too trashy for us!”

    I don’t watch Jersey Shore, and I don’t buy Abercrombie & Fitch. But I have a friend who loves their clothes, so I’ve been in their stores a couple of times. And I want to know this: what on earth about ragged jeans and micro short-shorts is “aspirational?” Is it possible that they meant to write “ass-pirational”?

  8. That first picture says it all.’I’m soooo into myself.’ What a moron.

  9. jesikabelcher says:

    good grief..

  10. bluhare says:

    Is there anyone else around who remembers when Abercrombie and Fitch was an outdoor/sporting goods place that the Queen patronised?

    I can’t stand to even look at Sorrentino. He looks like a walking herpy.

  11. Phoenix says:

    I’m totally on Team Situation (unless this is a ploy by both of them for publicity..). Seriously, where do A&F get off saying who can and can’t wear their clothes? What sort of message are the sending out? Would they refuse to sell somebody clothes in a shop if they didn’t match their idea of who should be wearing their clothes? I don’t know why I’m surprised, this company has a long History of mistreating its own staff so it’s not a huge leap for them to do it to heir customers.

  12. Skinnybetch says:

    I haven’t worn a & f since I was 16. Maybe he should retire the high school gear since he’s a 35 year old man. He can afford to step up his clothing game.

  13. Katie says:

    That picture of his abs makes me want to vomit. Explosively. Am I the only one who thinks so?

  14. Goofpuff says:

    I’d never thought I’d say this but….TEAM SITUATION and this is obviously a publicity stunt cooked up by A&F

  15. Penguen says:

    Can’t stand A & F. What drives me absolutely crazy is that they unload truckloads of perfume in the air. I actually have to cross to the other side of the mall corridor when I walk by, and it STILL burns my sinuses and throat, and leaves me coughing and headachey.

    It’s just so douchey and invasive on multiple levels. I’m sure I’m not the only one with perfume sensitivities (I know a lot of you guys have ’em too). Have they received complaints about it?

    And as for the whole Situation thing, I’m sure this whole thing was planned out in advance. I’m sure both sides planned this out together.

  16. the original bellaluna says:

    Now if only Aeropostale would offer to pay that blob of passive-aggressiveness that is Gary to stop wearing their shirts…

  17. kj says:

    “Is anyone going to ask about The Situation?”

    No, they weren’t planning on it, because no one thought it was a “big deal” until your company made it one. Just like no one even cared that he wore A&F clothing on The Jersey Shore until the company sent out this press release. What a prick. A&F has terribly questionable business practices to begin with, but the fact that they had a shirt that says “The Fitchuation,” and are now trying to feign distaste over this douchenozzle wearing their stuff is just….well, par for the course I guess. You can’t capitalize on both ends of the spectrum, either shun them or embrace them. Doing both is inconsistent, silly and reeks of a publicity stunt.

  18. Erinn says:

    I like Jersey Shore, but I’m not stupid enough to think that they’re people who are full of substance and refinement. They aren’t good role models, but I don’t think of them as one. I enjoy the show. I’m not some dumb teenage kid who idolizes the show, but I actually enjoy it. It’s something to watch- sometimes you just want something amusing that doesn’t take any real brain power to watch after working all day.

    I have to say I side with Mike here. Abercrombie really shouldn’t make a stink about this sort of thing when their hiring practices are so repulsive race wise, and they over sexualize little girls the way that they do. Sure, it’s up to the parents to decide what their kids can and cannot wear, but still.

    Last time I checked MOST of the people that wear Abercrombie are a-holes anyway. They really cater to the frat kind of guy. I don’t see Mike being any different.

  19. Quest says:

    Don’t you dear compare yourself to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Mr. Situation, you can’t even come close to one gorgeous ounce of muscle on that man.

    Both A&F and Situation stink

  20. talbort says:

    There is much talk of his penis being very, very, very wee.

  21. the original bellaluna says:

    Erinn – So is A&F to a$$holes what Ed Hardy is to douches?

  22. Gabrielle says:

    Has anyone else ever noticed how dimly lit it is in A+F stores. That paired with the perfume and crazy loud music I guess is all to distract you from the fact that you’re purchasing sub-par ugly clothing, which by the way, has not been updated in at least 15 years. Even when I was in high school and everyone thought it was cool, I thought that their clothing, especially for girls, was rugged looking. Why would I wanna go around looking like I’m about to play flag football or something?

  23. Amanda G says:

    Wow, when I briefly read this headline last night I thought it was a joke. Yeah, totally a marketing stunt! I think I went into that store once….and turned right around and never went back.

    Ugh, someone needs to tell Mike that he does not have a good body. His abs are strange.

  24. lucy2 says:

    Purely a stunt for A&F to get free publicity. Only problem is, all it did was make me think, hmm, A&F doesn’t have a very good reputation either and remind me of all their bad traits. Backfire!

    I find the Jersey Shore people deplorable, and the idea of a company begging to not be associated with them is funny, but this is nothing more than A&F trying to get some free press.

  25. LadyJane says:

    ew. I have heard of a six pack stomach but that is more like a single long neck. GUYUCK.

  26. Melinda says:

    Original Bellaluna- I would hate to see Gary get paid anything else for being a lazy opportunist. I think Aeropostale should just stop making shirts in 4XL. Problem solved! Hehehehe

  27. Sahidul says:

    What a waste of human life. I wouldn’t even let this guy borrow my clothes!

  28. danielle says:

    I always thought A&F were ridiculously overpriced…oh, and there ads are gross…but between this and reading about their discriminatory hiring practices, now I actively dislike them. They have crossed a line. (No love for Jersey shore, never watched it, but this seems a bit racist and classist)

  29. KsGirl says:

    This is a total publicity stunt and they’ve been extra douchey about it by a)using him for publicity and b)using him for NEGATIVE publicity. That’s so sleazy and underhanded, even for A and F. It would be nice if the Situation himslf called them out on it.

    And yes, the Fitchuation totally proves theyre more than happy to have an association with him, but gotta bash him anyway to keep the frat boys happy.

  30. Faye says:

    A&F is terrible, the self proclaimed “Situation” is obnoxious and whatever nonsense they want to whip up around themselves is perfectly fine with me. I don’t patronize their stores and I don’t watch his show.

    So I guess my official stance is…ugh.

  31. faye says:

    I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

  32. Jayna says:

    I can’t believe the posters on here falling for their marketing ploy. It’s done for free publicity. Sadly it backfired since their stock dropped. But their name is being mentioned everywhere now.

  33. Mia says:

    His face is so unfortunate.

  34. mrsezc says:

    What the hell is GTL ??? Greasy Trashy Loser????

  35. Tammi says:

    I hope the situation continues wearing their clothes they deserve it.

  36. MJ says:

    @Bellaluna – ITA! I’d never heard of Aeropostale until I (shamefully) started watching Teen Mom, and it seems like they have an exclusive placement deal with the moms and dads. In their defence, Gary makes quite a walking billboard.

    And yes, this is obviously a really stupid and transparent marketing angle.

  37. Rio says:

    Y’know, for someone who named himself after his abs…he doesn’t have very good abs.
    I mean they’re alright, but nothing to write home about. They actually look a little bizarrely lumpy. Maybe that’s where the nickname came from: “Dude, what’s wrong with your stomach? You’ve gt a weird situation going on there.”

  38. Kim says:

    They are PAYING him to wear the clothes then saying this for publicity. Dumb

  39. Erinn says:

    @the original bellaluna
    Haha, I’d say so. At least for the most part.

  40. Nalia says:

    I agree it’s probably going to get them free publicity but I also remember something a little similar happened with JayZ and Cristal. Except that Cristal people were asked by major news weekly about what they felt about their products popularity within Hip hop artist and in videos and Jay-Z did not like their reaction and decided to “boycott” them. Nevermind that the people who buy his records can’t afford Cristal!

    I actually think they were within their rights to be upset or ambivelant. I’m a “minority” too according to whoever(“Hispanic”) but a brand that is made and/or crafted since 1700s or 1800s and owned by Kings probably isn’t selling to the average poor or middle class black and white teens or anyone else that isn’t waay up there on the socioeconomic ladder.

    It’s the craftmanship and history and exclusivity that makes it a luxury item. Just like a hand made shoe that becomes sought after by a group of people could become luxe and exclusive too.

    Selling it to many people would make it a mass thing, not luxe. It’s just common sense to me. But Jay Z was being ridiculous about it.

    I think this all raises a lot of good questions about class, money, and yes, race at times. But rappers and MTV reality stars have to get real!

  41. Deb says:

    I find the Situation pretty repulsive, but Mike Jeffries is much more repulsive by far.

  42. Memphis says:

    What is he like.. 40? Why is hanging out at the shore all summer like he’s 20? Grow the F up.

    As for A&F this reeks of a publicity stunt considering Aero just announced last week they don’t want Gary Shirley from Teenmom wearing their brand on air anymore. I guess A&F thought Aero was getting to much free publicity.

    Now onto the real question…HOw the hell is this man making so much money just for being a skeezy ass?

  43. Camille says:

    LOL! And the situations ‘abs’ are gross *vomits*.

  44. palermo says:

    Total publicity stunt. Although he would be the perfect spokesmodel for them. All I know is the stench from their vile cologne has totally polluted my mall, can’t stand to go there now.

  45. bugsy says:

    Something is seriously wrong with his abs. Did he give birth to twins or something? I’ve never seen such a crazy compilation of muscles in the wrong place. As for A&F, I’ve always completely, totally hated them for a myriad of reasons. I refuse to buy anything they market, and I never set foot in their stores. So, let me cringe in saying that I’m team “situation”. Wow. words I thought I’d never say.

  46. samab says:

    A&F clothing just have a repellent effect on me.You simply loose all the hotness wearing that stuff.Here a lot of 40 and something mens that goes for the I’m young I’m sporty I’m cool look wears that .I’d like to burn them all.
    Oh and his abs are repulsive.How can he shows that ugly stuff to everygirl and be proud of it.Dude,come on!it’s ugly…

  47. Cindy says:

    I don’t watch this crap show, so someone please tell me he didn’t wear that sweats/white T-shirt combo the entire time he was in Italy. I despise dressing up, but if I was on a reality show or vacationing in Europe, I wouldn’t be in my jammies 24/7. That said, A&F is stupid, because everyone I’ve ever known who wore A&F was exactly like the Situation. They just crapped all over their customer base while trying to get publicity. Good job!

  48. Flim says:

    Anyone who grew up on the East Coast (US) has a deeply buried lust for this shade of lush guido douchebaggery. Sad but true.

  49. Petra L. says:

    I cannot blame the company – I would not want my label to be associated with this group. They look like they should be wearing Sean Jean ghetto clothes – that is more their “style”

  50. luna says:

    A & F is for tools anyway. And for the posters complaining about the smell, my friend who used to work at Hollister (A & F’s cheaper brand) said that it was part of a salesperson’s duties to spray clothing and the store with cologne every 30 minutes. That’s why the smell is so strong.

  51. Cindy says:

    @Flim – I was born and raised at the Jersey Shore, unlike these Staten Island imports, and I can tell you that no, not everyone loves them. They are generally despised by the locals.

  52. Stacia says:

    His fug face, roid arms and upper torso reminds me of “Popeye”

  53. i remember says:

    I remember when A&F was cool . . . you can put on something they sold 10 years ago and it would look like you bought it today. A&F is not style lol it’s repetitive.

  54. John Wayne Lives says:

    Man, someone needs to pay him to stop wearing his face.
    And wth is wrong with his abs?!

    @bluhare…”I can’t stand to even look at Sorrentino. He looks like a walking herpy.” lmao! thanks for that 🙂

  55. Victoria says:

    OK but.. Pauly is sooooo gay! just sayin.. why has no one else noticed?!!! ok done

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