Chelsea Handler begs Jennifer Aniston to appear on her sitcom, gets turned down

We’ve heard all sorts of rumors of how Chelsea Handler’s upcoming vanity project sitcom, Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea, is flailing in production and having problems before the first episode has even aired. Mike Walker in the National Enquirer claims that Chelsea is asking her BFF Jennifer Aniston for help with the show and to possibly make a cameo and Aniston is all “I don’t do that anymore.” Are You There Vodka is set to star Laura Prepon as the trash-talking Chelsea character, and Chelsea is playing her own holy roller sister. The trailer we saw in May made it look really bad, so Aniston would do well to distance herself from this mess. Here’s Walker’s story:

Desperate to save her problem-plagued pending NBC sitcom… after three actors were fired before it’s even aired – E! talk show Chelsea Handler’s begging BFF Jennifer Aniston to help revivie her sagging show with a sprinkle of the magic sitcom dust that made “Friends” a smash! “There are rumblings that the show’s doomed, but Chelsea’s determined to save it – and save face,” said an Aniston insider. “She’s invited sitcom expert Jen to her LA home to brainstorm ideas with writers and producers. She’s even gotten her to read script and provide feedback. Jen can’t say no to a friend in need – but flatly drew the line when Chelsea asked her to make a few cameo appearances on the first season. Jen told Chelsea she’s won’t do TV unless it’s her own project.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, Mike Walker's column, August 29, 2011]

Aniston helped her friend Courteney Cox’s shows by doing cameos on both her FX show Dirt where they had a same sex kiss (ooh edgy) and on Cougar Town. The Aniston factor didn’t lend much of a boost to either show, though, with Dirt being canceled and Aniston’s episode of Cougar Town underperforming.

It’s rather amusing to me that Aniston is turning Chelsea down flat though. She’ll get drunk with her and make quesadillas and she’ll give advice on scripts but when it comes to making a cameo on Chelsea’s show Aniston won’t stick her neck out. Does this mean that Chelsea will retaliate by not making rude jokes about people who wronged Aniston?



Photos are from 7/7/11 of Aniston’s hand and footprint ceremony and also feature Jason Bateman. Credit:

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  1. lucy2 says:

    Why is Chelsea such a hanger-on?
    That show looks awful.

  2. corey says:

    awkwaaaard…..but in all fairness,the show looks really really terrible. I can’t hate on Jennifer for not wanting to be associated with it.

  3. That's Interesting says:

    Matt Damon didn’t do anything to boost 30 Rock’s rating either. I think this stunt casting stuff never works. But it does allow old friends to hang out and get paid. I’m sure Courtney and Jen will always help each other out since they’ve been friends for going on 18 years now.

    And Chelsea won’t retaliate. She risks losing Aniston as a friend. And I’m sure her other friend Reese Witherspoon will notice any retaliation and wonder if she’s next.

    Also, I call BS on this story. Jen’s been hanging out with Justin in Hawaii. Before that New York and London. When would she have found the time to meet with all of these people and give all of these notes?

    This is just another excuse to use Aniston’s name so it will get picked up by the tabs and then discussed on sites like this one. People seem to be addicted to all things Aniston while at the same time claiming it’s Aniston’s PR guy forcing them to write about Aniston, read about Aniston and comment on Aniston.

    Apparently Aniston’s PR guy has got so much influence he can force people to write things, read things and comment on things they would never dream of doing without being forced to by him. He should think about changing his name to God or something. LOL.

  4. Talie says:

    It’s sad to see what Chelsea has turned into…she used to be very daring on her show and now she kisses so much ass. Apparently, she only pretended to enjoy being an outsider to get inside.

  5. bogie says:

    how are she and reese friends. when is the last time they were around each other. you must of missed the mean comment reese made on mtv about handler too. she dealth with her for the movie they did together….movie over so is the association

  6. Firecracker says:

    Chelsea actually looks pretty good here. And Jason Bateman looks really really really good here.

  7. A more interesting title for the show would be ‘Are you there vodka,it me chelsea,aniston AND John Meyer. (BTW:chelseas looking better than aniston in those photos.)Oh, and thats not a compliment.

  8. gee says:

    Chelsea has a new BFF every 2 weeks. This woman, no me gusta.

  9. That's Interesting says:


    Handler and Reese became friends making a movie. If she didn’t like Handler she wouldn’t go out to lunch with her or dinner or appear on Chelsea Lately whenever she has a movie to promote. Reese even appeared on her After Chelsea program which had nothing to do with the movie they did together. Even Jen said no to After Chelsea.

    Also, Handler is dating the guy who spent years dating Uma Thurman. Maybe behind the scenes Handler’s a lot classier than her public persona makes her look, who knows? There’s a reason why high end magazines like The New Yorker write about her. You may not like her, but lots of other people apparently do.

  10. Turtle Dove says:

    Forty-something and posing with the tongue between your teeth = a big NO.

  11. mln76 says:

    Chelsea should be grateful for everything Aniston & Huvane have already given her a roster of A-list guests and a chance at a show. Of course all the connections in the world can muster actual talent so I doubt the sitcom will do well.

  12. karine says:

    omg, why is jason bateman so effing adorable at 40? I mean, he looks like a kid still, with a great head of hair. Who cares about gerard or fassbender and the like, give me bateman and his smart assed mouth!

  13. Juliesunflower says:

    After those disgusting comments made by chelsea about Angie and the children, which Jen was accused of instigating she’s a bit wary of chelsea. However, it is too late for that.

  14. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Poor Laura Prepon, having to work on sh*t show like this one is bound to be.

  15. Kim says:

    But she went on Cougar Town and that isnt her project? Sounds like a cop out because she knows Chelseas show is going to be terrible and doesnt want to be on it or because she was so bad on Cougar Town and doesnt want repeat bad reviews.

  16. Kim says:

    Chelsea looks better than Jenn in these pictures. That dress is the totally wrong style for Jens body. You have to be very tall and thin to wear that style. Very unflattering. And Jenns hair is a frizzy mess. You think for an event this bug she would have stepped it up.

  17. curleque says:

    Maybe JA is pissed the CH is parading around as a woman in her mid-30s when she is actually older than JA.

  18. cherie says:

    If this is true, Aniston seems like a fair weather friend. It’s interesting that none of her family, or the Friends actors showed up for her Hollywood star. Instead, she has the nasty ex-basher, her current movie co-star, and her Svengali publicist. Did she invite anyone else, or did they all suddenly become ill and couldn’t make it? hmmm…

  19. Cheyenne says:

    @cherie: Aniston didn’t invite her parents to her million-dollar wedding either.

    I think she uses people and dumps them when they are no longer convenient.

  20. Eve says:

    @ Turtle Dove:

    Forty-something and posing with the tongue between your teeth = a big NO.

    Word! Actually, for me is more like ANY-something posing with the tongue between the teeth is a big no. I seriously want to punch the person in the face. To be fair with Aniston, this is the first time I see her doing it. Maybe she’s learnt that from Reese Witherspoon — the master of the Tongue-Between-Front-Teeth smile, just pay attention: she does that then shrugs in an “I’m so cute” way.

    I. HATE. THAT!

  21. Cheyenne says:

    Forty-something and posing with the tongue between your teeth = a big NO.

    LOL I just noticed that. Dumb twit looks like she’s trying to pass for six and a half. Get a clue, Jenny-poo: you are MIDDLE-AGED. Deal with it.

  22. Anon says:

    @That’s Interesting: So much word to both your posts. This is likely completely made-up – as are most all tabloid stories, just for some reason people on here seem to think the ones that bash Aniston are true and the ones that don’t are planted by her publicist.

    @cherie: Bateman is not just her “current co-star,” he’s been close friends with her longer than she’s known her Friends co-stars. And yes she did have plenty of invited guests there that are evident in the pics – just not all of them are famous. She had previous directors and producers of hers, her best friend from high school, her close friend and producing partner (who’s child she is godmother to), and numerous others. They are the people sitting in on either side of the concrete area.

    @Cheyenne: Aniston did invite her father to her wedding – there are pics of him walking her down the aisle. She and her mother were still estranged at the time so she was not invited. They have since reconciled. Also invited were her brothers and step mother and other family members. Just because you dislike her doesn’t make her an evil person.

  23. Meadowlark says:

    @ Turtle Dove, Eve & Cheyenne

    So glad I’m not the only one who rages when people over the age of 6 do that tongue-in-teeth thing. Pretty sure this is the only reason I hate Reese and Xtina (another abuser).

  24. Cheyenne says:

    @Anon: If I remember correctly, she didn’t speak to her mother for over five years because her mother criticized her hair style. She’s got the emotional maturity of a three-year-old.

  25. Jayna says:

    Cheyenne, her mother wrote a book about her and her daughter at the height of Jen’s career capitalizing on her popularity. She asked her mother not to and she dif

  26. bogie says:

    That’s Interesting:

    So going on someone’s show and going out to dinner with someone is being friends. I have done that it is called work associates. When is the last time they have hung out…reese and handler? What friend cause your mouth dirty in front of millions of people. Of course she has gone on the show to sell a movie like everyone elsa. What are you talking about? Nobody likes who? Aniston who cannot carry a movie by herself or Chelsea who has a crappy late night show who even Anderson Cooper mocked. Handler is supposedly a comedian right? What great comedian has said Handler was something special or worked with her. Name one iconic comedian. These people are desperate trying to hang on to the little fame they have. They look like washed up middle aged fools from the Southern Cali suburbs. Oh and people like Handler? Yeah people as in kids who…watch the Jersey Shore too. Just cause a few people buy trash doesnt mean that trash turns into gold. What other show is on E! oh yeah the Kardashians.

  27. That's Interesting says:


    Lots of people were invited to Aniston’s star ceremony. They just aren’t famous so you probably didn’t notice or care about them. Her oldest friend from high school was there too, sitting next to Justin.


    Jen’s father walked her down the aisle so I’m pretty sure he was at Brad and Jen’s wedding. Her mother tried to make money off her and capitalize on her fame, much the way Jon Voight does with Angelina. I doubt Voight was invited to Angelina’s first or second wedding.

    And none of Brad and Angelina’s families were there for the birth of Shiloh. Brad’s parents had to trek half way around the world days later just to meet their Granddaughter. And now they don’t even get to spend Christmas with their Grand kids. Brad and Angelina flew into Missouri for 48 hours just after Christmas this past year.

    And speaking of mothers, Angelina managed to fly in at the last minute when her mother died. Where was she as her mother lay dying?

    Honestly, why even bring Aniston’s family into this thread? Like lots of other people, myself and Angelina included, Jen had a falling out with one of her parents. That doesn’t make her a bad person, especially when you have nothing but praise for someone who spent 12 years going on and on about how her father cheated on her mother and then basically does the same thing. And you have nothing but praise for someone who spends years going on and on about her mother’s death and wasn’t even there in the last few weeks of her mother’s life.


    I don’t think Reese and Handler have had much time to hang out lately considering Reese is busy selling every last inch of her recent marriage. Photos and full wedding spread in People mag. A complete hourly run down of their honeymoon in Paris. Every minute of their trip to Italy. Dozens of beach shots from their current vacation. Reese has photo-oped every minute of every day of the last three months. She doesn’t have time to do anything else.

    Also, comedians hardly ever praise each other. It’s a boys club. Just ask any male comedian and he’ll tell you there are NO funny women in comedy and never have been. These guys wouldn’t even praise Gilda Radner or Lily Tomlin if their lives depended on it.

  28. Evie says:

    You know, I’m pretty careful about judging people’s relationships with their parents. Some people are really crappy, crappy moms and dads. Drew Barrymore cut her mother out of her life, and even one Angelina Jolie has had less than warm relations with Jon Voight. If my mother was the type to cash in and write some tell-all about me against my wishes, she probably wouldn’t be on my guest list either. (I’m not sure how we got down this path from Chelsea Handler’s crappy sitcom.)

  29. Anon says:

    @Jayna: Thank-you. Aniston’s split from her mother had nothing to do with her hair being criticized by the woman. Her mother, a former actress and model, was trying to capitalize on her daughter’s new fame, and even had to be kept away from the Friends set before they split because she was so overbearing and intrusive. Then she went on a tabloid news show, and finally published the book against Jennifer’s wishes. In the circumstances, likely the only healthy thing to do was to put some distance between them, and they’ve since been able to reconnect and move on together. It doesn’t make Jennifer a bad person for being mature enough to handle an unhealthy situation in this manner.

  30. pwal says:

    Seriously… if the woman isn’t willing to do her father a solid i.e. doing a guest spot on Days of Our Lives, what makes Chelsea think that she would help her out? Mind you, I do think that Aniston and Huvane had something to do with Chelsea making People’s Most Beautiful Issue a couple of years ago, but actually going out on a limb for a shaky sitcom when Aniston seems incapable of going out on a limb in her own career – come on, now.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    @That’s interesting: Brad and Angie and the kids spend every other Christmas with Brad’s parents. She’s also reconciled with her father after many years. Have you ever seen a photo of Aniston with her mother? I thought not.

    Angie at least was there for her mother in her final hours. Aniston wouldn’t even pay her mother’s hospital bill. Has she ever spent a holiday with her mother in the past seven years? When is the last time she saw her mother anyway? This is a woman who refers to her mother as a disease.

  32. Tara says:

    Meadowlark, Turtledove, Eve and Cheyenne

    I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand the tongue between the teeth thing. I have a 40something neighbor (just about my age) who routinely curls her tongue to touch her upper lip when she thinks she’s especially witty. Grosses me out and highlights every exit sign within bolting distance.

  33. ann says:

    It’s all about Jen. When she feels blue, her friends are there for her pity party and when the tables are turned, she can’t be bothered. Like pwal said, she wouldn’t even do it for her dad. She just doesn’t seem like a very kind person IMO.

  34. Evie says:


    I’m not sure why someone’s relationship with their own mother is so noteworthy. None of us are privy to the details of their relationship (be it the Anistons, the Barrymores, or the Voight/Jolies). Some people are toxic, and having children doesn’t magically change that. I have a good friend who is absolutely better off without contact with her mother. I can’t imagine not being close to my own family members, but I’m able to recognize that other people are in different circumstances, and need to terminate certain toxic relationships for their own well being. It’s a sad reality.

  35. John Wayne Lives says:

    I’m thinking Aniston’s star is going down now. She is quickly loosing the good girl image (thankgod at any rate, she’s in her 40′s). The tabs are picking up steam on her “omgosh!are they cheaters?!” situation and she is too much drama, and not enough talent.

  36. Cheyenne says:

    @Evie: You’re quite right, but the point is the hypocrisy of the loonifers trashing Jolie’s relationship with her mother, conveniently ignoring the fact that Aniston treats her own mother like spoiled garbage.

  37. bogie says:

    That’s Interesting:

    Actually male comedians have praised female comedians. These women associated with Eddie Murphy, Paul Mooney, and the great…Richard. Now if you actually listened to these men in interviews you would know this. You are too busy defending evil washed up beasts. Also Reese fell inlove and got remarried. Men actual like the lady. Is not she the one who got rid of Jake. She has also done good movies and has sold them under her own name. Being married, going on vacation, and having kids is not selling anything…it is called having a life. The lady works and has a family.Good for her. You sound bitter. If you like someone you make time for them and it is obvious Reese is not concerned with Handler. She made it clear what she thought about her when she stated God I hope I do not have to kiss Chelsea’s mouth God knows where it has been….LOL. That acceptance speech was sassy and made me like her personality. She has spice to her. Like I said washed up middle-aged fools from southern cali suburbs.

    Funny how Handler even had the opportunity to do a pilot for a show. Kids watch tv these days and are not gonna want to see some talentless beat up old hag. They just watch her evening show to listen to her rag on the rich and famous.

  38. bogie says:


  39. GossipVixen says:

    The ire that that fans of Angie and Jen display towards each othernis always good for a chuckle. Good times with each side slinging arrows back and forth.

    @Cheyenne – you can hardly accuse jen fans from trashing angie’s relationship with her mother when YOU were the one that brought jen’s parents into the discussion with your claim that neither was invited to her wedding. It was pointed out that Angelina also did not seem to have always had a stellar relationship with her own parents.

    This site is great but man do these Angie vs. Jennifer threads get silly.

  40. Meadowlark says:

    @GossipVixen: It’s why I read any article about Brad/Angie/Jen!!! The futility/longevity of the arguements have only been matched by the debt-ceiling crisis. Entertaining, kinda.

  41. Katherine says:

    “Cheyenne, her mother wrote a book about her and her daughter at the height of Jen’s career capitalizing on her popularity. She asked her mother not to and she dif ”

    So what? It was her mother’s life as much as it was Jen’s life. She gets to talk about her life and she gets to talk about her daughter if she wants. Everyone’s mothers talk about them. This is NO reason to turn your back on yor mother for such a long period of time. And to not patch it up at least for your wedding? That’s a whole level of revenge and spite by a daughter toward a mother that is disturbing in and of itself.

    I do not understand defending Jennifer over her treatment of her mother. It was really selfish. I don’t believe they are truly reconciled at all. It seems entirely superficial and came at a time when the media was criticizing Jen for her lack of family ties.

    The Jolie Pitts visit Missouri regularly. Brad’s family visits them regularly. That never happened when he was married to his ex-wife. Except for the stretch of estrangement between Angelina and her dad she and Brad have always been close and spent time with their families. Angelina’s marriages were both elopements. No one attended them. There’s no comparison between an elopement and excluding your mother from her only daughter’s huge wedding.

  42. Evie says:

    I think these comment sections are evidence that Br/Angelina loonies are just as intense A’s the ones for Aniston. The level of dedication to hatin’ that gets put on display (in both directions) is rather impressive.

  43. LuckyLilGem says:

    Why are Jen & Chelsea BFFs, what happened to Courtney Cox?

  44. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    It would be interesting to see Chelsea Handler and Goopy in either a debate or mud wrestling match, they look so much alike.

  45. lisa says:

    This is what the second Jennifer Aniston will be on TV.. Days of Our Lives and now that stupid Handler show..

    I don’t think Aniston will ever do another TV show again. As noted her other guest appearances didn’t boost the numbers. And her rep has said that neither of the rumor appearances was true so BS story.


    I saw someone comment on this a while back. That she and Courteney have not been photographed together since Courteney and David called it quits. That was almost 2 years ago. But I’m sure the JA fans will say that she and Courteney are just as close as ever; BFFs.. but I think it is odd too that people that have been photographed together all the time are not anymore.

  46. siska says:

    to people who didnt like jen..stay away..from any of her story..cause every thing she did will always annoy u..eventhough..if you try to be fair about it..there are no reason for you personally hate her..she didnt do anything bad to you directly..if you did it cause you want to defend AJ..just remember..the judgement should be fair at least.
    Jen decission to distance herself from her mum..because of her own experience dealing with her mum..we never knew the real fact..and its her right..its none of our business..the same with the story about her refusal to help Chealsea.
    we can make opinion..but without any real facts..we can not said that our opinion 100% right.
    anyway..jen didnt have to invite paparazy to capture her reunion with her mum just for sake of image..the same way that she didnt adopt or having kids just to restore the image of her didnt wanting kids the reason her hubby BP leaved her…thats why..I admire her..she didnt give a xxx..for the stupid rumour.

  47. Runs with Scissors says:

    Hi Eve :) hugs from behind (my turn) just read your post from the other thread and wanted to say, ‘right back at you!’ Heading out of town again (I need to go scream at the ocean, it’s been AGES), have fun!!

  48. siska says:

    emm for some AJ fans who saying that while Bp married JA..they didnt visit Bp parent often..its laughable (just google it.Bp hometown newspaper reported while making article about his bro Dough.)
    and .BP mum still in touch with jen..even when Shiloh already born..there are candid picture shown Jane visiting Jen..on 2007.
    so..please do not make more silly accusation or made jen look bad just to justify you idol position..they all happy now..with their respectful partner..

  49. Fortunatamente, in rete in modo semplice e conveniente possibile riconoscere il vostro sogno.

  50. Lindy says:

    I’m just bummed for Laura Prepon, who is smart, talented and too awesome to be slumming on a Chelsea Handler show. Please, someone, hire her for a real show!

  51. Cheyenne says:

    @Siska: LOL! I remember that photo you are referring to when Jane Pitt was seen leaving Aniston’s house. The tabs also ran a photo of Aniston watching Jane leave. Poor Jen looked absolutely miserable, and Jane Pitt looked like she just wanted to book the hell out of there.

  52. lisa says:


    Is this the message you are going to give to your friends on IUC that spend 24/7 begging that Ugly Pig His highness for triangle news or news on Angie. YEAH thought not. Funny how you and other like you love to school people that are not fans of Aniston.. yet you will say the most nasty things about Angie and call her fans names because they are fans.

    when you and your fellow peeps stop the attacks then I will listen.

    but funny how you all will hold on to any connection you think that still exist between Brad and Aniston.. reaching..

    That is what is Pathetic.

  53. Paley says:

    What I have never understood is why Jen seems not to blame Brad at all in the breakup, but seems to totally blame Angelina? I think it is a little fantasy she has constructed; also, she could not tolerate Angelina’s comment about Angie and Brad falling in love while making Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

  54. lisa says:


    The comment was taken out of context in its original..
    but I note she never said a word ever when Brad said that the film was his favorite because he fell in love.


    anyway, this is just beating a dead horse. the thread is about her not doing her Friend Handler’s show. Thing is Handler doesn’t have show yet, and she can get Aniston on her Talk Show and just chat about nothing. Nothing because as some have noted Handler is an asskisser for the celebs that are represented by her agency, and as she said.. she does not diss “friends of the show”.. which is why her show is sHIT..

    I for one would not watch any show of hers regardless of who is a star or guest star. CAN NOT STAND THIS WOMAN, AND I lose a lot of respect for the people that actually go on it..But to each his own.

  55. Kara Ann says:

    #45 Katherine, I see your point in that Jen’s mom has a right to write about her life. It’s true, she does. That said, it isn’t a question of rights. It is a question of integrity. The woman wrote the book and made money from her daughter’s fame. Something she was asked not to do. That shows a gross sense of betrayal. I believe if you’re betrayed once by someone in such an appalling manner, it would probably be best to forgive and then keep your distance.
    BTW, I wonder do you take this same view when Jennifer Anniston speaks about her marriage with Brad? If you do then I applaud your sense of fair play. However, if Jen isn’t allowed to talk about her marriage and it’s affect on her life then I would say you might want to examine your own prejudices.

  56. anom says:

    i find it odd, the claims that aniston is still in touch with brad’s mom. since that embarrassing pic of mrs. pitt being set up for the paps years ago, there has not been one photo of her and aniston since. again, aniston fans are grasping.

  57. anom says:

    i also find it odd that aniston and Courtney have not been pictured together in almost a year…………………

  58. Cheyenne says:

    Paley: What I have never understood is why Jen seems not to blame Brad at all in the breakup, but seems to totally blame Angelina?

    To be fair to Aniston, she has never put all the blame for the breakup on Jolie; her fans and the tabloids have done that. In her sob-fest for Vanity Fair, she said 2% of the blame for the failure of her marriage was her own; the rest (98%) was Brad’s. She never mentioned Jolie at all in that interview until the VF reporter brought up the rumor that Jolie might be pregnant with Pitt’s child, at which point poor Jenny-poo practically drowned the place out in floods of tears. But she wasn’t the one who made Jolie out to be the demon of the piece. The tabloids and Aniston’s fans took care of that.

  59. Carolyn says:

    How hot is Jason Bateman!!!! Whenever I see Handler or Aniston I’m shocked at how old they look. Despite the $$ they spend on reversing the years they still look haggard in that fake Hollywood way. It’s the drugs and alcohol and partying catching up with them. Continual fillers aren’t a good look and nice hair doesn’t really hide it either. If poor Jen doesn’t want to appear on a crappy show it’s one less time she’s in the glare of the media. That’s gotta be a good thing. The public are already tired of JustJen and bringing Handler into the mix is Huvane’s desperate way of trying to keep her in the news.

  60. Katherine says:

    siska, if you can produce any proof or article about Jennifer visiting Missouri AFTER they got married I’d be happy to see it. Of course she went before they got married – she wanted to make it seem to Brad like she was a family-oriented person. I think we know how that turned out. Brad learned the had way how false that image was.

  61. ZenB!tch says:


    I can’t stand the Aniston for her lack of talent, her whiny voice and her playing the victim for 6 years (I was solidly Team Jen *6* years ago but lets move on people).

    But how the heck did Aniston end up being friends with this trash-heap anyway?

    Aniston is annoying but not trashy. Good for her for saying no.

    As for that heap of trailer-trash, is she still really claiming to be younger than The Aniston and my first my own age love Jason Bateman? That piece of trash looks 10 years older than they do.

  62. ZenB!tch says:

    @Katherine Brad thinking JA was family oriented proves how stupid he is. The woman wasn’t speaking to HER MOTHER. There are a lot of us, including Angelina who do not speak to our absentee parents but JA’s parents seemed to have both been there for her. I think she was mad at her mother over a book or something. I would scream at my mother for that. We would have a screamfest but in the end we would talk. I think if my father wasn’t a Grade A ass like Angelina’s father it would be the same with him.

    Aniston is all about herself.

    This post does not mean to imply that I like or approve of Angelina and her behavior, just that I can relate to her more.

  63. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I like Laura Prepon. Maybe she can make the show work. I miss sitcoms. They barely exist anymore. I don’t think being estranged from your parents makes you bad. Voight called Angelina crazy on national tv. That was such a dick move. I didn’t invite my mom to my wedding because I have my reasons. I’m sure Aniston had good ones too.

  64. Megan says:

    Nothing about the Kim Kardashian wedding, Celebitchy?

  65. Amanda says:

    She doesn’t do that anymore? What’s that? Acting?

  66. Abby says:

    What I don’t get is how is Jennifer such an expert about TV? Did she help write or produce any episodes of “Friends”? Didn’t she just pretty much show up for work, with the scripts already written?

  67. Camille says:

    That National Enquirer story gives Aniston far, far too much credit. :lol:

    @Abby: You said it sister! ;)

  68. Addie says:

    Is it disturbing to anyone else how Chealsy Handler is trying to look like Jennifer Aniston in Jen’s longer hair days??

    I’m starting to think she is a little obsessed with Jennifer. Even her all out hate for Angie is not normal.