LeAnn Rimes throws a Twitter-hissy when a random person tells her to eat


Okay, Chicago Celebitches. Which one of you went up to LeAnn Rimes and told her to eat something? Y’all bitches are SO RUDE. On Friday, LeAnn was having dinner in Chicago, at the lounge bar Double A, with Eddie and his parents when someone came over to their table and told LeAnn to eat something. LeAnn tweeted, “How dare someone come to me at a table w/ the boys & tell me I need to eat something. What is wrong with people!? AS I’m stuffing my face….have another drink and maybe take a class in manners! Cheers!”

Sigh… I’m of two minds on this. One, yes, this was definitely rude. If the situation had been weight-reversed, and someone had gone up to a heavy celebrity and told her to STOP eating, wouldn’t you be offended? It’s one thing to say that LeAnn is a bony, narcissistic dumbass in private, but to go up to her and tell her to eat something? It is rude. On the other side, I get the feeling that LeAnn is secretly pleased that she’s emaciated enough that people come up to her and tell her to eat. Operation Thinner Than Brandi continues to be successful! LeAnn loves how thin she is, and this random comment probably made her week.

Of course, LeAnn had to bitch and whine about it on Twitter for a while. She wrote, “once again DONE talking to rude people who have NO right to have an opinion on my body. Out of line!” And “No ones talks about the fact that the woman was terribly wrong in her actions, that’s sad…if it happened to someone who wasn’t a ‘celebrity’ it would be rude, but to a public figure it’s socially expectable?!” Ugh.

So here’s the deal: don’t do anything that makes me feel sorry for LeAnn. She doesn’t deserve any sympathy, and I dislike feeling even a twinge for her. I hate defending her. But stop telling her to her face that she’s an emaciated twit.




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  1. Lol says:

    “socially expectable”? feck sake woman.

  2. KatScorp says:

    Awww c’mon Kaiser; there’s no need to feel sorry for WeWe. She’s just jumping eagerly aboard any reason to act indignant and put upon. Spiteful bitch even mentions “w/ the boys” in the first tweet, like it is somehow relevant.

    I honestly believe that it never even happened and LeAnn is just trying to generate some more gossip about her figure. How many times now has this bitch insisted that she is “done talking” about her weight loss? Yet she keeps bringing it back up – lying cow mentions her weight many more times on Twitter than her music. To hell with her.

  3. Quest says:

    Personally I would tell Leann she is a friggin snotty boney ass bitch to her face if I had a chance

  4. lem says:

    i’m willing to bet she made the whole thing up.

  5. vicky says:

    Her body looks like Amy Winehouse’s body during her hardcore times.

    Where are your ballerina shoes Leann?

  6. brin says:

    Oh please…she does everything publicly so what does she expect?!
    What’s really rude is tweeting about and papping out her “bonus boys”.

  7. Crittle says:

    She obviously loves the attention. Negative or not.

  8. locamochagirl says:

    Socially expectable, LeAnn? Doesn’t she mean socially ACCEPTABLE? I used to like her, but I’ve found her totally insufferable these days. This is one fan who is no longer a fan…

  9. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea thats Chicago. Someone totally lame walks up to you while your eating and tells you, you need to eat while your eating, we have some real bright bulbs here. I think if someone had done that to me while I was eating, I would have laughed.

    If LeAnn was with her step-children I can also understand why that would make her extra upset. You don’t know people are capable of and your trying to have a nice meal with the kids and some complete loser walks up to you and spoils it. However it was just sooo funny, I don’t see how she just didn’t laugh it off.

  10. brin says:

    Woo hoo…go KatScorp…lol!

  11. jade says:

    The truth is that she now exists in media only becouse her weight. She is attention whore but we give her our attention. Maybe we should ignore her.

  12. Jenn says:

    Well, at least no one walked up to her and mentioned homewrecking, stalking, or her lack of spelling ability. You know that mentioning this on Twitter will now make more people try this with her in public, and she must know that. I don’t know that it’s polite to say it to her in public, but what if this person actually was concerned about her? If she looks anorexic in photos, I can’t imagine what she looks like in person.

  13. skilo says:

    If this had happened to about any other person famous or not, all they would have needed to do was smile, laugh, gently gesture to their food an say something like “that’s what we’re here for” but no, Leann has to get on twitter and whine about it. Like anyone cares about her but herself.

  14. WillyNilly says:

    “but to go up to her and tell her to eat something? It is rude.” As opposed to passive aggressively saying the same thing on a blog?


  15. Pyewacket says:

    I am not a Rimes fan, but I am not sure why everyone is so offended by her weight? Why are Americans preoccupied with everyone else’s weight but their own? If people want to be skinny or fat, that is their choice and not the business of strangers.

    I get tired of the “eat a sandwich” comments thrown out at her, Jolie,Glanville and any thin celeb, just as much as I am sick of the weight police telling others to lose weight.

    Live and let live, and people should just concentrate on their own health and not be so involved in the health/weight of others, especially people they don’t know.

    @Skilo- Obviously someone did care enough about her business to walk up and comment about her weight to her in front of her family. Like her or not, that is wrong. I would comment too.

  16. i.want.shoes says:

    I would have walked up to her table and mentioned that something is terribly wrong with her bolt-ons.

  17. Darlene says:

    socially expectable?!?!?


  18. gobo says:

    while she was eating something? she does know that being in the presence of food is not the same as actually consuming it, right? Bitch doesn’t eat, it’s as plain as the squinty little eyes on her face.

  19. KatScorp says:

    *shyly smiling and waving at brin*

    I’m usually snoring and drooling on my pillow whilst you ladies are passing around cracktinis. Happily, a LeAnn thread was up relatively early tonight.

  20. Judy says:

    Why does she have to use Twitter like it’s a message board? She is the poster girl for narcissism. What’s the matter, LeAnn, don’t you have any real life friends to talk to? PATHETIC.

  21. skilo says:

    It’s too bad someone didn’t walk up to the table and say “Oh my gosh what handsome boys you are, tell your mom congratulations can’t wait to watch her on tv!”
    Leann’s head would have exploded

    Mornin brin, night KatScorp!

  22. tapioca says:

    @Pyewacket: Leann started it!

    By which I mean the incessant tweeting about her weight loss, interviews about her weight loss, SHAPE magazine cover focussing on her weight loss & AGT’s ridiculous bikini-clad performance – to ensure that you couldn’t even turn on the TV to escape her weight-loss!

    Forget music – her weight loss is her career now.

  23. dorothy says:

    Don’t let her fool you….she craves attention, good or bad.

  24. Nancy C. says:

    hahaha! she tweets pics of herself in bikinis and then gets made when people remark about her body. if they said she was hot, she would love it. it was rude to approach her like that, but then you take the good with the bad when you are famous. i have no sympathy for this skank at all!

  25. eileen says:

    OMG I Luuuurve those boating pics-she looks like a little boy!. Those shoulders are just not meant for someone who wants to starve themselves. She’d look 100 X’s better if she’d go back to her old natural more athletic frame. Dumb ass.

  26. junk573r says:

    Hasn’t she invited criticism of her figure by posing in Fit or Shape or whatever (I don’t remember, this girl is on the same level as the Kashardians in terms of importance to me.) fitness mags she pimps herself on? Hasn’t her public focus been on the state of her “fitness” for a while now? If it were anyone else, I’d agree it was rude but this chick kind of deserves it. She can’t produce anything of substance to stay relevant so she uses her body. Fair game, if you ask me.

  27. KatScorp says:

    LMAO skilo, that is an awesome scenario! And good night… *yaaaawn*

    *waving at eileen as I head to nod off land*

  28. Susan O. says:

    Narrow shoulders are worse! Especially on a big rear ended woman. Hers are a set of strong ones. I’d love to analyze the shapes of the critics. LOL

  29. lucy2 says:

    IF it happened as she said, that person was rude. But at the same time, she can’t whine about people having no right to an opinion of her figure, when ALL she does is pose in bikinis and put it out there for the world to see.

  30. Jezi says:

    @KatScorp I 100% agree with you. I highly doubt this even happened. Where’s the woman who said this? Wouldn’t you come out the woodwork to defend yourself? She just wants attention. She also had to tweet that Eddie’s parents were there and wanted to jump across the table at the lady. They were so impressed with LeAnn’s self restraint. Bitch please!

  31. eileen says:

    @Susan O. -Leann has never been thin like this…..ever in her whole life-she looks ridiculous. She had a KICKIN’ body when she was athletic and toned, now she’s lost so much weight it looks sickly on her frame.
    You can see what THIS critic looks like if you want by hitting me up on twitter-I think you know how to contact me.
    I’ll gladly provide you with a pic.

  32. DoMaJoReMc says:

    “………..but to a public figure it’s socially expectable?!” ….

    UMM, did you MEAN to say, “SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE”?


  33. Leticia says:

    I doubt that this incident even happened.

  34. Quinn says:

    She loves it. Ignore this woman. She is a complete narcissistic sociopath.

  35. Guest says:

    Wewe is so f’in transparent..when has she ever mentioned ANYBODY in the RHOBH but as soon as Brandi gets the job this chick is all of a sudden name-dropping members of RHOBH hmm..Susan O i would really want to hear from you why all of a sudden wewe is mentioning the cast of RHOBH when before Brandi got the gig she never did..and you wonder why we say leann is STILL stalking Brandi

  36. Thea says:

    Yes that was rude, but I think LeAnn is rude for violating us with her BS everyday. Every time she farts it is of major importance to let us know. So she needs to eat and STFU.

  37. elaine says:

    poor itty bitty wee wee rimes wish the woman had commented on her stalking the boys fathers and trashing their mother. Now, that would have been news worthy. also, shame on Eddies parents for taking all the freebies leann offers. sure, they never paid for 1 single thing while they were in Chicago..They abandoned Brandi for the good life that Leann provides for all of them. Family of takers, no wonder Eddie is the leech he is

  38. Meg says:

    ‘I get the feeling that LeAnn is secretly pleased that she’s emaciated enough that people come up to her and tell her to eat.’
    when i was obsessed with being thin, i silently dreamed of someone making that comment too, ‘what do you weigh, 80lbs?’
    but saying it’s mean to talk like this to her face but to be bitchy behind her back on a gossip website, seems…hypocritical

  39. Guest says:

    and I luv how wewe is on twitter saying this is the best time the boys ever had.REALLY? you have known them for only 2 years and you already know that ..chick please..and the funny thing is leann was either traveling on tour or working when the boys were in town yet this chick is acting as if she spent every minute with them..Brandi should keep her head up though because in a few years leann wont be seeing those boys anyways..dont believe me? does Sandra (who was actually legit taking care of Sunny when her mom was in jail) still see her? does Halle still see India(her stpdaughter from her 2nd marriage whom she said she was basically her daughter and would adopt her), does britney still hang with Kfeds kids with Shar the list goes on..she can play mom now but Brandi will ALWAYS be a permanent fixture in their lives

  40. weeble says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. Assuming she didn’t make this up to draw even more attention to herself, (ahem), she puts things out there and gives up super personal details of her life. She opened the door for this to happen, and while it may have been rude for the (imaginary) person to do this (theoretically), she certainly has not done anything to discourage an interest in her personal affairs.

  41. Cherry Rose says:

    She had to immediately post what happened on her Twitter? Christ, give it a rest woman!

    I’m surprised she doesn’t tweet while having sex. “OMG, orgasms are soooo awesome. Especially when done by your soulmate!”

    “I’m getting better at oral. Eddie came in 10 minutes this time!”

    “OMG, we’re going to try a new sex play tonight! I’m going to wear a mask that covers my entire face!! So excited!”

    “Sex was fun, but it was hard to breathe through the mask. Then Eddie called out “Emma!” when he came.”

    “Wait, who the hell is Emma?”

    “I’ll be right back…”

    “Everything’s all good. Emma is just Eddie’s new nickname for me! Isn’t he just the sweetest thing?”

    “Whew! Finally done for the night. It’s going to hurt sitting down for awhile. LoL! Isn’t sex great?”

  42. Debra says:

    IMHO it’s rude to engage in forplay (i.e. kissing, sucking fingers) in a public restaurant, too..but that didn’t stop WeWe and Mr. Ed did it..of course a little thing like being married to other people didn’t stop them either…take a class in manners WeWe!!

  43. gg says:

    Celebs should really learn NOT to tweet negative things – it makes them look like paranoid weirdos.

    It’s possible that the rude commenter knows the husband’s ex. It also makes that person look as bad as negative tweeters.

  44. girlwithapearl says:

    “socially expectable”


  45. bagladey says:

    Leann looks manly and unshapely and her face has absolutely no feminine beauty; it’s obvious that Eddie Cibrian has a type and that he likes to be the pretty one in a relationship. Leann is in the same category as Lilo: She remains in the tabloids for sensational reasons unrelated to any career.

  46. Kimble says:

    So much crazy on the LR threads – and some people only ever seem to contribute comments when it is about her – stalker much?

    I still think it’s weird that people are this obsessed with someone they don’t know!

    I love commenting on celebrity gossip but this level of hate for a celebrity is just plain strange …

  47. Goofpuff says:

    I think LeAnn probably made this up because she was running out of things to do to keep herself in the limelight.

  48. dd says:

    i want her to eat just so she will shut the fuc# up.

    i like her bag in the pics thoght

  49. Jezi says:

    Leann has said in the past that she would love for the “haters” to have the courage to say to her face what they say behind a computer screen and when someone “supposedly” does, then she gets upset? Come on wewe you asked for it.

  50. Crittle says:

    Oh please Leann, if this indeed happened (and I’m not saying it didn’t, but I could see her making this up) , she was probably delighted that someone thought she was skinny and that someone recognized her. She loved the attention so much, that she shared it on twitter to get even more attention (and sympathy).

  51. Viv says:

    Oh puhleeze. If you made a hundred million dollars and flaunt your life on twitter don’t be surprised if someone who may have bought one of your records asks you to eat more when they see you chewing on a single leaf of lettuce. Filthy rich means living with those tiny setbacks. Boohoo. Go and fondle that toyboy of yours.

  52. Marianne says:

    I somehow expect that when she says she was stuffing her face she was really making a bunch of faces as she slowly put a leaf of lettuce in her mouth.

  53. Palermo says:

    I don’t believe anything she says, she probably just made up this story to stay “relevant”. She looks like a dessicated corpse, and so does his first wife. He must really like bony women. He’ll probably dump her one day for a woman who tells HIM what to do instead of vice versa.

  54. Mary jones says:

    I wish someone would go up to her and tell her how fugly she is so she would stop posting pictures of her ugly mug.

  55. Liz says:

    I, like a couple others above, truly believe she made this all up and am laughing at the type-o

  56. Mia says:

    I doubt this happened. Who would care enough to go up to her and say that? Unless it was a bet. More than likely she overheard someone say something about her and ran to twitter to reclaim her victim status.

  57. brin says:

    @skilo…lol,that would have been awesome, Leann would have freaked.

  58. eileen says:

    “expectable” LOL if she insists on tweeting 24/7 maybe she should consider a grammer lesson while her “accoster” has a lesson in manners.

  59. Heather says:

    @CherryRose: lmao!!

    Oh, and “socially expectable…” ?! LeAnn does herself no favors with every move she makes (from posting bikini photos & then whining when people comment to publicly copying every move Brandi makes, yet belittling and undermining her at every chance… when *she* is the home wrecker…WTF?!). I love this site for recognizing how truly narcissistic and pathetic she is (& a big thanks to LeAnn: Girl, you continue to provide such great material, and I thank you for that!).

  60. Lady D says:

    “this level of hate for a celebrity is just plain strange”
    Change hate to disgust, contempt, or revulsion and you will have a better idea how we feel about the skank. Hate requires too much energy. I despise the fact that she is a Virgo.

  61. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    You can tell by looking at her frame (and her past photos) that she is not meant to be THAT thin. I’m sure it takes a lot of “work” for her to stay THAT skinny (and by work I mean excessive overexercising and/or calorie restriction). Which is why a comment like this WOULD totally validate her quest for thinness. I don’t believe, for one second, that the comment bothered her.

  62. bluhare says:

    I too think it was rude. I actually feel sorry for celebrities who have to deal with people when they’re out in public. It would be hell to not be able to go to a restaurant because you’re afraid some moron will come over and then get all pissed off because you want to finish your dinner first.

  63. the original bellaluna says:

    “Socially expectable” speaks volumes to me. Like, she “expects” to be recognised in “social” situations.

    Going back to read through the comments now.

  64. Susan O. says:

    Tweeting 24/7 is what some of the BB’s do. She has 167,000 followers and 27000 tweets. A few BB’s have 160 followers and 30,000 tweets mostly hating on LR. Yeah, the level of hateful obsession is very strange.

    She’s trying out a diet that seems to me extreme but it’s only been several months on it. So we can all relax and see what happens. No one here ever been a vegan? I have.

    You mean the dumpy one in the black bikini before the super duper exercise regimen kicked in in the past month?

  65. Baylor says:

    “Leann has said in the past that she would love for the “haters” to have the courage to say to her face what they say behind a computer screen and when someone “supposedly” does, then she gets upset? Come on wewe you asked for it. ”

    You took the words out of my mouth, Jezi!

    Obviously what she really meant was that she doesn’t want anyone to say anything bad about her online or to her face. Too bad Wewe, too bad!

  66. mimi says:

    “with the boys”..!! If she was so concerned “with the boys”, she wouldn’t be screwing their mother’s husband. Oh, and a good body doesn’t erase all your sins, Leann.

  67. eileen says:

    Oh Susan -I love how you’ve gradually forgotten yourself. You went from someone who was just fairly interested in LR and “not really a fan” to an expert rather quickly didn’t you? So when will you guys get a clue that we can spot you a mile away. lol
    And please explain this diet she’s on. All she does is tweet all the shit she eats all day so she can make it like she can eat whatever she wants and not gain a pound, and in fact loose weight. Now you say she’s trying out a diet. Which is it person-who-doesn’t-know-Leann? You guys contradict yourself at every turn-not the brightest bulbs in the box that’s for sure.

  68. Guest says:

    Susan O you never answered my question..why is it that leann NEVER mentioned RHOBH before but as sooon as Brandi gets the gig shes now tweeting them and quoting them..still stalking Brandi after she got the serial cheater

  69. Truthful says:

    I wish I could take credit for this one, LOL!!

    I’ve been asking if anyone has seen her here.

  70. Rita says:

    Here are some tweets and tag lines from patrons at the restaurant.

    @WhyDidWeEatHere): Bikinis shouldn’t b allowed n restaurants.

    @WTFInChiTown): Does that say, “And Still I Ride”?

    @Misunderstood317): Actually said, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda! STFU and “tweet” something!

    @MCurb): They shoot horses, don’t they? (OldMovieFan)

    @ChivalrousMan): Eddie responded, “Please pass the salt”.

    @CSIFan): The guy that got fired from CSI is here with his daughter and grandsons.

    @RideOfTheFolkyries): Apocalypse Now…Please!!!!!

    @CntryMusicFan): Strange chick wanting meal comped to tweet about restaurant.

    @HorrifiedInChiTown): My son is crying because her nipples are staring at him. (FromTheBoothBehind)

    @Hatecheaters23): The Freedom Tower will be beautiful.

    That last one might not be from the restaurant but if anyone picks up other tweets, I’d love to read them.

  71. Susan O. says:

    She’s tweeting ALL the time about what she’s eating? I’m not seeing that. Hyperbole.

  72. Christina says:

    Like Rimes has never done anything rude. Rimes is the epitome of rudeness. tactlessness. and tastelessness and deserves all the rudeness that is dished right back at her.

  73. Kara says:

    I agree a stranger shouldn’t do this (if indeed they did). A friend, family member, or some such should absolutely say this TO HER FACE!

  74. eileen says:

    Susan-I like what you did there….using a big word to try to prove your point, but the only thing I was missing is she doesn’t tweet all the time about what she eats, she also posts pics and videos ordering it. Sorry, my bad.

  75. brin says:

    @eileen…reminds me of Leann learning that “new word” (hubris) from Eddie no less. lol

  76. Darla says:


    I look forward to Leann posts just to read what you will come up with. LMFAO!

  77. Phoenix says:

    Susan O, thats because you don’t want to see it and outright refuse to see it. Tweeting all the time about food (ie obsessing over food, talking about it incessantly to others) is THE number one sign of Anorexia apart from the thinness. Its a form of ‘control’ over food and to convince others they are eating, thus talk about it constantly -ie “Thou Doeth Protest Too Much”. Go to any information site on eating disorders and Anorexia – going out of your way to talk constantly about what you ate, that you did eat etc is the main and major tell-tale sign. Btw, I too think she is full of sh1t. She made it up because she is so OBSESSED with attention and talking about her weight that its HER that brings it up all the time. Too transparent and obvious.

  78. Rita says:


    So there your are. You are soooo busted. I exposed you on yesterday’s “AJ in Croatia” thread and you refused to comment, FRADY CAT!!

    (I’ll report this comment as spam if you can get me that over-night with Brad at the Scotish estate)

  79. brin says:

    @Rita…wth…I wasn’t even on that thread much less in Croatia with AJ! lol.

  80. Rita says:


    I can’t believe a thing you say anymore and what about that over-night?

    @Susan O- Have you seen @Irena? She stopped posting as soon as you started.

    btw I’d appreciate a favor. The next time your neighbor actuates his garage door opener. Would you scream “I hate Rita from CB”?

    You’re fine honey. Just having fun.

  81. bgirl says:

    I know I am in the monority here but I would love to look like that (except in the face). I hope she publishes a how-to book.

  82. Kimbob says:

    ‘Operation Thinner Than Brandi continues to be successful!’

    Kaiser…I LOVE your imagination…keep it up so I can continue to laugh!

    Yep…that sounds about right…how apropo.

  83. Nymeria says:

    On CB, I see errors equalling those in LR’s idiotic tweets all the time. She’s not alone in making grammatical, spelling, and lexiconic errors.

  84. Blue says:

    Lol it probably didn’t even happen.

  85. Ashley says:

    She’s so thin compared to her previous self, yet so seemingly energetic and crazy that I sometimes wonder if she’s on drugs. Pure silly speculation. However, if she was, I could totally see her tweeting about it:

    “OMG, how dare someone come in the bathroom and tell me not to snort coke! I mean, right as I’m in the middle of a line, w/ the boys waiting outside! Out of line and totally socially unexpectacle”.

  86. Shannon says:

    “socially expectable” HAHA what a freaking moron!!

  87. Memphis says:

    (If it happened as she said) It’s rude to walk up to anyone and say something about their weight, thin or heavy. I wouldn’t do it to a celebrity or a regular joe.

    That said…I do think she jumped onto twitter to create drama. She could have let it go and just went on with her night.

  88. Cirque28 says:

    @eileen #68: Were you exaggerating for comic effect??? Please, please… there’s just no place for hyperbolic humor in hard-hitting celebrity gossip.


    Can I have overnight at the Scottish estate without Brad?

  89. thetruthhurts says:

    LeAnn is obviously trying to get in the tabloids again. She tweets that and then the next day has the NERVE to tweet a quote saying “biology has nothing to do with motherhood” or some shit like that…and the source of the quote? Lisa F’ing Vanderpump! Who the hell ever quotes that woman and where did that quote originate from? We all know she did it because she is on the RHOBH with Brandi. Total crap. Please do a post on that. thanks

  90. brin says:

    If this is the kind of attention Leann craves she is very disturbed…lol.

  91. jam says:

    don’t get me wrong, I cannot STAND this insufferable, idiotic twat. I’m a chicagoan, and hopefully she’s gone soon. but I’m with Pyewacket. people are strangely obsessed with her weight, and I hate that she’s just getting more and more attention for it!

    but I will say this–wtf is she doing taking children to double a? it’s a tiny little club in the basement of a blaringly loud restaurant. it’s not bad, just NOT where anyone would take children. I guarantee she made it up…

  92. jferber says:

    There are worse things than being rude. LeeAnn is a case in point. As to LeeAnn being a homewrecker, it does happen all the time, especially with celebrities. But has anyone ever venomously labeled Eric Clapton a homewrecker for destroying George Harrison’s marriage? Elizabeth Taylor got plenty of heat for destroying Debbie Reynolds’ marriage, but eventually everyone got over it (including Debbie) and it only added to the Taylor legend. I think it sticks and always will with LeeAnn because she’s so terribly obnoxious about it and because she has no real career or talent to fall back on.

  93. LC16 says:

    Doesn’t this chick look at pics of herself? We’re usually more critical of ourselves…can’t she tell that she looks disgusting? Everyone else thinks she does. She looks as horrible as Kate Bosworth did in her anorexic days.

    LeAnne…PLEASE eat something. You look horrible. Brandi has the body for thin…you don’t. Just get over it.

  94. LC16 says:

    bgirl: I’m so sorry you feel that way. If your goal is to become malnourished and anorexic, bone thin, with all your muscles being eaten away from the lack of nutrition, you may want to seek a therapist. It’s not even remotely attractive. It hurts looking at her.

  95. BELLA says:


  96. dr.bombay says:

    Yeh, it was rude for someone to do that. But LeeAnn needs to remember that she’s pulled some pretty ruthless crap in the past, so she shouldn’t be too judgmental on anyone, let alone a random creep. She’s lucky that her audience treats their country stars like gold, ’cause imo girlfriend needs to not only eat something but GO AWAY.

  97. Sakyiwaa says:

    Not that I like her or think she’s correct…but I’m thinking ‘socially expectable’ in ‘her’ context means as a ‘celebrity’, she’s got to ‘expect’ all manner of people (society) could come up to her and do just about anything.

    I dont hate her or anything yet, but boy, she sure makes it easy…

  98. Sara says:

    Brandi is a model, I think she’s probably quiet a bit taller than Leeann so Leeann’s ‘operation thinner than Brandi’ (which I think is so so so funny, CB writers are VERY talented) is never going to work. No matter how much she starves herself she’ll never have a model’s body and it’s really sad she’s even trying. You can tell she’s unhealthy because she lost a lot weight in a short period of time. It must be difficult to maintain such a low body weight when for most of her life she was heavier.

  99. Sue says:

    I’m surprised she actually had the strength to throw a hissy fit. She looks like a light breeze could topple her over!

  100. Rosa says:

    Hideous dress, hideous face, bony body…ugh.

  101. DrM says:

    The top photo in the white dress and gold shoes…imagine what she’d look like without the fake breasts…they give her a bit of an illusion of looking a little less skinny…without those she would be truly scary looking and it would be hard(er) for her to make excuses for her emaciated appearance…

  102. Savannah says:

    Um, I love the total sterotypical, generalized and unsubstantiated statements ppl make about her. LOL. I wonder how many of you personally know her and have proof of the slanderous statements you made? Probably not a single person. Wonder how you would feel if everyone treated you that way. But of course I”m sure I will be attacked for this comment but I don’t care. I speak the truth and if it bothers you then there is a reason why. This is also backed up by the fact that commenters may be as nasty and libelous as they please as long as the subject is pre approved by the webmaster, yet no one can comment on the commenters themselves who are slinging mud? Can dish it out but can’t take it? Something about being hypocritical? Sorry, but the truth is the truth.

  103. charity says:

    Just love the picture up there where she is trying to suck something out of one of her horse veneers. gives everyone a chance to see up to Alaska through the flaring nostrils. tie a feed bag around her neck and call her Mr Ed.

  104. Jezi says:

    @Savannah What are the libelous comments I’d like to know? Lmao!!

  105. dr.bombay says:

    @Savannah: I’m w/Jezi…most of what I’m reading here is opinion. Newsflash: we’re entitled, just like bony ugly husband-stealing girl with bolt-ons.Don’t see anything that would qualify as libel.

  106. brin says:

    @Savannah…this is a gossip site called Celebitchy, ‘nuf said.

  107. Rita says:


    Hi doll.

    I have to agree with @Savannah who is apparently referring to @dr. bombay #97 comment; clearly libelous.

    It insinuates that LeAnn has fans and even more libelous that there are enough of them to contitute an audience.

    @dr.bombay- Posted right after you. Didn’t mean to step on toes. btw, are you a real Doctor or do you just play one on CB ’cause I got this pain you might be able to help me with.

  108. Cinderella says:

    She didn’t sing “Crazy” for nothing.

  109. KayKay says:

    Crazy Squared Theorem:

    As a fan of CB for my 40 min a day of amusing gossip, why is it that Leann’s posts get so heated… and why is it the SAME ppl comment on every Leann Post…. either you are CRAZY FAN for her or most of you HATE her with such a passion that you give sick dictators like Idi Amin a good name. Maybe re-focus your energy and efforts towards something that will make a difference?!

    Here is an article I think you Fan/Non-Fans should read because the fact you spend the majority of your day tweeting or commenting on a PERSON YOU HAVE NEVER MEET is a bit ridiculous…. I bet you even tweet more about her in a day than she does in general?

    Anyways, here is the article …. Focus on the 3rd paragraph for you Brandi/Leann fans since it applies to BOTH ( One is as crazy as the other). :)


  110. Rita says:


    Thanks so much for caring but I’ve concluded you are a “LeAnn Hater”. If one eliminates all the negative and multiple comments on this thread, what is left? LeAnn spends a lot of time and money keeping her name in circulation (God knows she puts no effort in her music)and she would feel just terrible if she came to CB (Which she always does) and there was only one comment that said,

    “Nice shoes”.

    (Yeah, I’m feeling chatty today.)

  111. Just Sayin says:

    The next “expectable” person should walk up and say: “Enjoy your meal homewrecking skank lord knows ya need it! BTW. Brandi is more talented and waaaay hotter! Love ya!!!!” :)

  112. dr.bombay says:

    Hi Rita-very cute! Love it! Not a problem.

    And, no, not a real doctor…:0) He’s my favorite doc, though and has taught me how to medically tolerate fools like Lee Ann Rimes.

  113. Chris says:

    She should’ve just said “Who are you?”

  114. hatekyle says:

    she should eat “shame” for once, she’s so deficient in that aspect!

  115. Jolie says:

    Okay so I dont give a hoot how skinny this woman is,what bothers me is that she’s so friken squinty! Is she trying to look sexy??Im sure she never used to look like that. Its impossible to even see the color of her eyes! It drives me insane to see those blind eyes and smirk smile in every. single. photo. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. eternalcanadian says:

    Hahahahahaha! But yeah, that last picture. Wow, LeAnn looks like a man there. Maybe that’s why she’s starving herself. Eddie likes the man-look! :P

  117. Jezi says:

    @KayKay I bet the time it took you to lecture us you could’ve spent doing something positive like curing world hunger? No? Lol

  118. Jezi says:

    @all the ladies *waves*…I want my cracktini!!!

  119. Lizzard says:

    I too am a Chicagoan and something about this smells a bi fishy too me… She said she eating with Eddie and his parents and in her tweet it says it was done in front of “her boys”? There was no mention of his boys being in town.

    I can’t believe I’m actually about to sort of defend this insufferable bitch, but commenting on people’s weight is rude. People struggle with weight issues all of their lives and sometimes they can’t do anything about it.

    I wish this person would have just told her to go back to LA…

  120. Cirque28 says:

    LeAnn, you know why the blogs are friendlier to Original Brandi?

    Because O.B. is forthright with her opinions. She comes across as genuine and people love genuine. They hate phony.

    Anger is normal, LR! Pretending that you only get mad in a “Golly whiz y’all, I just think everyone oughta be polite” way is passive-aggressive and creepy. The more you smile and insist that you are as sweet as pie, the more the American public thinks there’s a rabbit boiling somewhere.

    Or you could just tweet less.

  121. Theresa says:

    if you dyed her hair black and put her in a red leather jacket, black pants, white socks, black penny loafers and a single sequined white glove, she could tour as Michael Jackson: Back From the Grave and Better than Ever!

  122. DetRiotgirl says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I’m pretty much over hating on Leann. Don’t get me wrong, she IS crazy. But, the degree to which people seem to have made this fight personal does bother me. It just isn’t fun anymore.

    For me, gossip is fun when there are intesresting stories involved and good discussion and/or good jokes (no disrespect to the hilarious @Rita, who always throws down some good ones in LR threads) follow in the comments. The thing about Leann is that it’s the same story over and over again. Leann is thin! Leann’s a crazy stalker! Let’s all remember that Leann is a home wrecker! Then on top of that, the comments are usually quite vicious and never seem to change much.

    I’m starting to feel the same way about Leann threads as I do about Angelina Joile threads. They’re always the same, and I simply can’t understand why people care so much. The only reasons I can think of to continue to view them are A) sheer boredom on my part B) in Leann’s case, to laugh at the ridiculous pictures CB always picks of her or C) in Angie’s case, to sometimes see beautiful people in beautiful exotic scenery. But, neither of them are people I jump to see on CB anymore.

  123. hatekyle says:

    don’t hate on leann, she’s not thin or malnourished. she eats loads of kreepy kreme!

  124. Rita says:


    You are, of course, absolutely correct. LeAnn is really a complete bore but most of the passion here comes from the taunting she is still throwing towards Brandi so we feel obliged to return the turd to LeAnn. LeAnn is now tweeting the cast members of RHOBH and her closest friends send Brandi vulgar tweets.

    LeAnn thoroughly enjoys this stuff and her plan is to use it to get a few more people to come to her concerts. She hopes people will think “Let’s go see this insane bitch” and then she’ll win them over with her voice. Not working. She’ll destroy Eddie’s show with all this as well.

    Anyway, I always love your posts, regardless of which thread. Early on you had some great stuff here as well.

    Be well and take care, good lady.

  125. TXCinderella says:

    They should have told her to get a face transplant instead. Ugh, horsey face.

  126. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Rita Thank you! I always enjoy your posts too. :)

    I don’t know. Maybe Leann will switch things up and star in another cinematic masterpiece like the classic tale of moose and MILFs that was Northern Lights.

    *cracks knuckles and puts joke writing hat on*

    Then I’ll be back in line, and ready to shine!

  127. blinditemreader says:

    Yikes. She’s smaller than her bone structure would dictate. If she looks like this on camera I can only imagine how little she would be in person. Unhealthy and sad.

  128. KayKay says:


    You just mirrored my exact thoughts on your post!

  129. AnnieB says:

    If you follow her inane, idiotic Twitter timeline, including her responses to people where MOST of her ridiculous bullshit shows up, the “story” appears quite different.

    The responses she gives to her tens of fans who are amazed by everything Leann does show a couple things. The person was with a friend, who Leann claimed seemed embarrassed and the friend was really sweet. My theory on this, 2 fans went to the table, one told Leann she was amazing, beautiful, voice of an angel, the things you say to Leann so she says “thanks sweets” to you. I would wager the friend mentioned something along the lines of “Love you Lele, have since I was a wee one. So worried about you, you should eat more girl! Love you Lele, so much!!”

    If you follow her Twitter you KNOW girl #2 would be given a judgmental obnoxious lecture then immediately be blocked from following Leann. She does it to anyone who speaks to her in less than idolizing terms. How dare peasants question her.

    I am spit balling here, take none of it as gospel. She is so ridiculously melodramatic about the most inane things, I think she’s repeating any of it strictly for attention. She is STILL tweeting about it today.

  130. Jezi says:

    @DetRiotGirl You can’t leave us :( I get a high off your scripts. I was looking forward to your Northern Lights 2. The sequel has to be better than the original.

  131. 4Real says:

    How rude! I would have just pointed her out to everybody and said “This whore right here…is a nasty homewrecking slut.” But I’m a rude bitch.

  132. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Jezi Ok, by popular demand (@Jezi being the popular in question :) ), I’ll work on my own script for NORTHERN LIGHTS 2: THE DESPERATION CONTINUES and post it in the next Leann article.

    I’m thinking I might model it off that movie “The Edge” (great movie, btw, if you haven’t seen it! It’s on netflix instant queue, for any one who’s interested.), only I’d rewrite it with Eddie in the Elle Macpherson role, Brandi Glanville in the Anthony Hopkins part, Leann as Alec Baldwin, and ummm… Let’s see, I need a few more Z list gossip faves here… Ok, how about Courtney Stodden as the other guy? And maybe Octomom as the bear?

    I don’t know, let me know what you guys think. Northern lights 2 script: green light or full stop?

  133. AnnieB says:

    @thetruthhurts (#90)
    That quote by Lisa was in regards to the fact that she adopted a boy who was a foster child, who HAD no competent or available mother. So even though he’s not her biological child she is his mom, she loves him like he was born by her. Leann uses this as both a way to push into a mommy role with Ed’s kids (snare the man by using his kids) AND more importantly (to Leann) to diminish Brandi’s role in Brandi & Ed’s kids lives. Biology means nothing, gifts and treats and fun fun fun trump ALL! She’s vile.

    She is CLAIMING she is quoting all these biology means absolutely nothing to be a mommy quotes because of her using homeless kids in Chicago to exploit and make a video fort her “Give” single. The interesting thing about Give is the lyrics are about giving in order to get what YOU want. Give something simply so you can get something that YOU WANT in return. How it has to do with charity & homeless kids? Not real sure. But Leann IS a moron, so, that may explain right there.

  134. why? says:

    People mag is releasing their edition of Kim K wedding on Friday. So what can we expect from camp LR because we know that she isn’t going to be able to keep it together if Kim K wedding gets the cover of People mag(when her wedding to EC only received a section off to side of the cover).

    People are commenting on LR weight because it contradicts the “happy family” image she keeps shoving down people’s throats. If her life with EC and his parents is as blissful and happy as LR keeps claiming, then she wouldn’t be shrinking like this. What makes things worse is when LR then uses sites like In Touch to claim that she is losing weight because she is too busy taking care of her family. As long as LR continues to act like allis well in her relationship with EC and his parents, people are going to continue to question her because what she is saying doesn’t match up with what we are seeing.

  135. SMT says:

    She really didn’t say if the lady was being snarky when she made the comment, or if she was saying it like a Grandmother might do. If the lady was being flat out rude about it then, hey, LR might have a legit beef.

  136. why? says:

    Oh no ENews and Showbiz Tonight didn’t even mention LR “ATTACK”(I think she either made it up or she overexaggearated or isn’t telling the story how it really happened) on their show today, so no wonder LR is STILL tweeting about it. Yeap, both of those media outlets were MORE focused on Kim K wedding to even pay attention to LR’s “great tribulation”. Don’t worry, I’m sure LR will fix it by having her mouthpieces write a fluff piece every 30 min. Let’s see how long LR has to keep tweeting about the incident before ENEWS and Showbiz Tonight take a break from covering Kim K wedding and pick up LR tale of bravery in the face of “oppression”. Did People mag even write a fluff piece about it yet?

    LR lectures people about being out of line and rude and then she tweets a quote from a castmember of RHOBH(the very same show that LR “fans” have been slamming because it’s such a horrible show) about how mothering isn’t biological? Exploiting another woman’s kids to get her name and face in the tabloids/internet or using another woman’s kids to taunt their mother via tweets/staged happy family photo-ops isn’t mothering.

    Again, if LR was sincere about mothering those kids, why then is she still tweeting about those kids/posting twitpics of them after EC said,

    “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi.”-Eddie cibrian

    “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

    “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”-Eddie Cibrian

  137. brin says:

    @DetRiotgirl….sounds awesome, you have an audience here for sure!

  138. Jennifer says:

    LR is a MAJOR SICKO considering the BIZARRE TWEETS/PICS she puts out there and the constant stalking she does of the ex and the ex’s supporters.

    LR is a delusional weirdo who thinks she is attractive and that the world revolves around her. Wrong on both accounts.

  139. the original bellaluna says:

    bgirl – Here’s your “how to” for free: stop eating; exercise excessively (yes, sex counts as exercise IF YOU DO IT RIGHT); “arrange” for the paparazzi to “find” you everywhere you go; tweet obsessively (also burns calories); DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, EVER eat a whole Tic-Tac. Or anything larger than a whole Tic-Tac.

    TAH-DAH! Free “how to!”

  140. skilo says:

    @DetRiotgirl-Well don’t forget Leann does have another cinematic masterpiece coming out on CMT “Reel Love” it should be as epic as Northern Lights. I won’t watch it, but will definitely look forward to your review.

  141. Jezi says:

    @DetRiotGirl YAY!!! Now I’m excited! Those characters sound great. I look forward to it.

  142. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Skilo omg, for real? Well, in that case…

    *sets up DVR, gets out pen*

  143. Rita says:


    I’m sure you remember Al Pacino’s line in the Godfather movie:

    “Just when I think that I’m out, LeAnn pulls me back in”…..I’m not sure about the “LeAnn” part but it was something like that. Hope you stay with us just for tickles.

  144. eileen says:

    @DetRiotgirl- Giiiiiirl I read your last synopsis of Northern Lights like 10 times and laughed my ass off every time. It could have been about anyone-and still been equally funny. Can’t wait for the sequel!!!!!!!

  145. thetruthhurts says:

    Annie B: Thanks for the info and I agree with you. I always knew I liked you!

  146. John Johnson says:

    Probably never happened, and a fan stopped by and asked what she was eating, and LeAnn got paranoid and heard something else. Of course, she is a Pro at being un-faithful in one area and selfish in another. The Olsen twins made fun of themselves on SNL, knowing they were thin, and had fun with it. LeAnn thrives on sympathy in every aspect of her life. A person with a guilty conscience tends to hear and see things that arent there. I wonder what that could be??????

  147. Mouse says:

    Her shoulders and sternum are really starting to stick out, looks like the bones will poke through the skin if she moves. Diiiiiisgusting. Sad too, but mostly disgusting.

  148. brin says:

    I wouldn’t want the karma, wrath, shitstorm whatever you want to call it coming her way after all she’s said and done. *shudders*

  149. Birdy says:

    I just love that people actually belive this happened. Like this isn’t Leann making up a story to put on Twitter to get some attention. In the press. From her remaining “fans”. From the general public.

    Her next album is out in late Sept and this is another attempt to stir up attention to help promote it. Now she has a story to go on the morning shows to act all outraged about and gets to talk ab out her favorite topic – her weight.

    She was mocked for the temporary “wedding vow tattoo” and the bikini poses / promotion of the line that made sure everyone knew she was not their spokesperson back at the start of the month, this is another attempt for sympathy. She barely got any coverage of her charity gig (thank you search engine). She knows she will get attention when she tweets something like this. That’s all. And the press bought it hook. line and sinker. Score one for squinty.

  150. why? says:

    Leann is still on her victim quest.Now she is having certain media outlets release the bikini photos that x17 took a week ago(How odd that the media outlets are just now jumping on those photos and posting them, which means that LR does indeed tip off the media outlets and controls what they are writing about her) as these media outlets report on the “ATTACK”. And can you guess what the content or titles of these pieces are?

    The content or titles of these pieces from Huff post and various other media outlets are focusing on LR STILL I RISE tattoo and what it means. What I find interesting is that LR released the bikini beach photos from x17 to media outlets that she doesn’t normally use. So she tries to convince us that she isn’t tipping off the paps by having media outlets that she doesn’t normally use post about her tattoo. How odd that media outlets are just now talking about that tattoo when LR has ALWAYS made it a point to show it off and talk about it on twitter.

    Once again, how come LR focus is not on those homeless teens? LR has a chance to prove just how sincere she is about the causes she “promotes” and each and every time, she makes it all about her.

    So now LR response to the “ATTACK”, which may not have even happened, is to release more bikini photos that show off her STILL I RISE tattoo. Great, and then she wonders why people don’t like her. She isn’t going to let this “fake ATTACK” thing go and now she has taken it to the next level by sending a message via her Maya Angelou tattoo.

  151. why? says:

    How do we even know that this incident happened or even went down the way that LR is claiming?

    I recall LR going off on twitter about how she was being stalked by the paps and then another site posted an article about how she was overexaggerrating about the incident(it was 1-2 people taking photos and not the tons of paps LR had claimed) and that LR even lied about where the incident with the paps took place. Oddly enough this incident happened a day or so of Katy Perry’s wedding was taking place.

    The sad part is that the media is really buying into LR story and about 50% of the public is questioning if this incident really happened.You have to wonder what actually went down because I don’t believe that it happened the way LR is saying. Perhaps as usual LR was making a big scene with EC, his kids, and his parents. Perhaps what the person really told her was to show some respect when out in public with those kids. Perhaps the person compared LR to BG. It’s sad that the media would take LR word on this when she is such a liar.

  152. brin says:

    @why….now that she’s in Chicago she can’t call the paps every day for photo ops,it must drive her crazy so she has to do whatever she can to stay in the media.

  153. why? says:

    If all is well in EC and LR relationship/marriage why then is LR STILL SWF BG?

    In BG photos from Vegas she is wearing a side braid. And the next thing you know LR posts a series of twitpics of herself out and about in Chicago wearing the side braid(she made sure to put it on the other side of her head of course).

    LR is tweeting and quoting castmembers from RHOBH, even though she and her fans keep acting like reality tv stars are trashy (and even though LR set up an appearance on HGTV).

    BG tweets about handcuffs and guess who does the same? LR So now we are supposed to believe that EC lovEs LR because he “bought” her a handcuff bracelet for her birthday. Yeah, EC, the man who had to reduce his child support and requested that his ex-wife pay him back because he didn’t have a job “bought” LR an expensive bracelet? Oh no, so which one of LR mouthpieces will post the fluff piece about how EC bought LR a handcuff bracelet for her birthday first? People mag(with exclusive photos), Dailymail, or Radaronline?
    LR better think quick because the media outlets are going to be all over Kim Vacation. Expect LR do something over the top.

    The ad that is showing up next to this thread says: STARVED. ABANDONED.LEFT TO SUFFER. Quite interesting since this is a thread about LR not eating and trying to get attention for herself(because she isn’t getting it for her music) via her weight issues.

  154. why? says:

    Dreams do come true. LR “ATTACK” is trending on Yahoo. She was determined to try to upstage the Kim K wedding by any means necessary and it looks like she has “succeeded”. And all it took was for her to tweet about the “ATTACK” and then release stories about the “ATTACK” EVERYDAY. Of course LR had to get there by combining the story of the “ATTACK” with her Maya Angelou tattoo(ie-LR released staged photos of herself in a bikini from a week ago to various media outlet that she doesn’t normally use and had them write about how LR got a “new” tattoo and spent the weekend with her hubby EC on a beach after being attacked by a fan. Athough when LR staged that bikini photo-op it was with Liz, some other guy, and EC kids).

    What surprises me the most is that the media believed LR about the “ATTACK”, even though she has a history of overexagerrating and lying.

    Kim K is on the cover of People mag, so LR “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME…” campaign is far from being over.

  155. why? says:

    LR kicks off her “LOOK AT ME. LOOK AT ME…” campaign by having Radaronline, the very same media outlet that LR invited to the tattoo shop with her and EC while they were in Chicago just a week after they posted the anti-BG article, celebrate her birthday by posting bikini photos of LR because they think that she is “hot”(which is odd because they use to slam LR for being so skinny, so what happened? Did LR pay them off too?). Now why would Radaronline be celebrating LR birthday? Why do those media outlets(ie-Radaronline,Dailmail) make it so obvious that they are working for LR?

    LR doesn’t like the fact that people comment on her body, yet she keeps thrusting her body issues in the public eye by having her mouthpieces focus on her body.

    She even had one media outlet put those photos from x17 in the nice bikini body poll( LR vs Rhianna vs Milla J ) and had OK magazine say that she had a killer body. If LR was content and happy with her body why is she now using various media outlets to convince us that her weight loss is SEXY?

  156. why? says:

    Just as predicted, LR goes on a major mega media blitxz, inviting x17, JJ, Dailymail, Radaronline, and HW gossip site along with her as she attempts to upstage the media coverage of Kim K wedding/honeymoon and the VMAs by releasing DAILY shots of her in one day at various places around LA/malibu and then staging beach/bikini pda photo-ops with EC and his sons.

    LR even did a wardrobe change and wore a bikini that barely covered her implants while EC sons were there on the beach and made out with EC while his kids were right there as well. Now why would a wardrobe change even be necessary if she didn’t know she was being photographed by the paps?

    And as usual EC youngest son gets pictured the most in LR staged photo-ops, which means LR is promoting something. She also makes it a habit to be spotted with him whenever she is releasing something.