Lindsay Lohan really jacked up her face before Kim Kardashian’s wedding

When Kaiser covered the detail that Lindsay Lohan was doing shots at Kim Kardashian’s wedding, she linked to these photos of Lindsay in a white dress that was a copy of Pippa Middleton’s royal wedding party dress. We were all so mesmerized by Lohan’s plunging cleavage that we barely noticed her newly-filled chipmunk cheeks and plumped up fish lips, enhanced by her rosy drunk face. If you check out this photo, you can see what I mean. Even Dina Lohan looks over it and like she’s trying to stand apart from drunk plumped Lindsay. Well The NY Post got some plastic surgeons to comment on the situation and they all tut-tutted and stated the obvious.

Plastic surgeons consulted by The Post say she had probably received lip and cheek injections only days before.

“Her face has been plumped beyond all recognition,” said Dr. Anthony Youn.

“Lindsay, who’s 25, looks like a 50-year-old ‘Real Housewife’ trying to look 20.”

Youn said Lohan may have had her lips and cheeks injected with a wrinkle filler such as Restylane. That would have swelled her cheeks and given her a “trout pout.”

“Lindsay’s a very pretty gal,” Youn said. “When young people get these types of treatments, there’s got to be a concern.”

Another doctor, Toby Mayer, said he tries to talk young patients out of such treatments.

“Women in their 20s,” he said, “don’t need filler.”

[From NY Post via ONTD]

Lindsay is twenty freaking five years old. She may have aged herself with a lot of smoking, hard partying and tanning but we usually don’t see this type of extremely pulled look until women are at least 10 years younger. Again, check out this photo of Lindsay standing next to her mom, Dina. Dina looks younger! It does seem fitting, though, that Lindsay paid tribute to the bride by morphing her face to look closer to Kim’s. I wonder if she went to Kim’s surgeon.

I kind of can’t wait until we see some more candids of Lindsay with her 3.0 face. Kaiser can cover those though.

These photos of Lindsay are from 8/17/11. Compare to these photos.



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  1. Paul Frehley says:

    It looks like the mom may have had some work done as well.

  2. Maritza says:

    How sad that her mother looks younger than her.

  3. Liz says:

    Sheesh – Dina does look younger! What the F did she do to her face and why does her mother not give a damn!? Hell, it was probably Dina’s idea.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Dina has had so much Botox she can barely move her face when she talks. I’m not saying she hasn’t had a ton done, just that she looks younger than her daughter.

  5. Thea says:

    I feel sorry for the both of them really. One that her mother cant be a mother and not try to destroy her daughter instead of trying to help her, and I feel sorry for Lindsay, because I think her rock bottom is happening right now. And this isnt going to end well.

  6. brin says:

    At least Crackie was smart enough to wear white (black would show all the coke, I mean talcum powder).

  7. fabchick says:

    My question is where is she getting the money for all this. I wonder how much she got from that lawsuit. She is a lost cause.

  8. bagladey says:

    I don’t understand how these actresses can’t understand that the reason why they are considered pretty or beautiful and why they became popular is because they look uniquely the way they do, so from the time they start messing with their faces they’re messing with their livelihoods. The longer Lindsay wears that fake-looking, ridiculous blonde hair and the more she jacks her face away from its original uniqueness, the further she removes herself from ever getting serious work as an actor.

  9. Jezi says:

    Oy!!! Her face hurts me. So swollen. She’s a hot mess.

  10. taxi says:

    She should save her money for the septum repairs she’s going to need soon.

  11. Kasey says:

    @bagladey- you know, I never pondered all of that but you make an excellent and sad point. I for one believe LiLo has (had) talent (as an actress, not as a recording artist-I can’t even think of a song she sang). I’ve wondered why she isn’t encouraged/supported in putting her acting chops to use, being a productive human being for a change and making money again. However, in light of what you just said it’s dawning on me that her marketability may now be lost. I wonder if she’s contemplated this? I wonder if her handlers have considered this (especially since they would gain from her getting her act together. Was Amy Winehouse’s life NOT a wake-up call))?

  12. Quest says:

    Linnocent looks like Crash and Cracky-Burn. To aged-looking for a 25 year old

  13. mannequin says:

    Lohan looks like a Floridian 50 yr old with skin damage. Must she dress and act so tacky?

  14. yepp says:

    is that gonna be her face from now on (eww) or does it have to settle after the surgery?

  15. Addie says:

    I can’t understand why someone would decide to get so much surgery done at 25!

    I’m 25 and am enjoying no surgery no anti wrinkle stuff for as long as I can.

    Why make yourself look older before your time Lohan and that 16 yr old bride Courtney?

  16. gg says:

    Being a paralegal, I am so sick of newsreaders saying “nuptuwals”. It’s nuptials, people! Get it right!

  17. Sumodo1 says:

    Who’s paying for all this work on Dina and Lilo? Sugar daddies? @gg — you are correct.

  18. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She’s a slob, plain & simple. I can see the look she’s going for, but I don’t think Brigitte Bardot ever looked like she’s suck you off for a hit. Cheap crackwhore. She has not one iota of self-respect left & I have absolutely no doubt that she’s selling her firecrotch to get by. I feel bad b/c I know that never receding sense of dread she must live with, when you can’t even stand to be in your own skin. But I can say with authority that more coke isn’t the answer.

  19. bettyrose says:

    She really was one of the most naturally beautiful young woman (circa Mean Girls) after being an adorably awkward teen.

  20. Honey B says:

    She is channeling Ivana Trump. That hairstyle? Sad.

  21. myrealitie says:

    Pirate Cuervo – your post makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. So true.

  22. danielle says:

    As I commented in another thread, when I saw these pictures I thought she looked like Jenna Jamison. (If you don’t know who she is, she is a busted looking 37 year old former porn star)

  23. John Wayne Lives says:

    I will never understand why some women wear white to a wedding that isn’t their’s.
    There must be some kind of mental issue, like narcissism involved (side-eye at Naomi Cambell)

  24. ladybert62 says:

    If she had worn some time of bra support, that dress would have been very pretty – as it is, she just made it look slutty! Oh well, we are talking linnocent here.

    Mom and daughter’s faces look like they hurt – mom’s is tight as a drum and daughter’s is so swollen how can she talk?

    Gross, gross, gross.

  25. curleque says:

    Mean Girls is one of my favorite, guilty-pleasure movies. I always felt that that movie was LL’s jumping off point into her current cracked out life. I love red hair, and I wish she had never changed it, but that may have been symptomatic of her other issues. She may not be as pretty or have as good a body as the other three in the movie (not to be nitpicky and be part of the problem), but that’s why she was chosen for the role. Maybe she began to compare herself to others? It’s around that time that she started with losing tons of weight, doing drugs, becoming all sorts of crazy, getting into public fights with her girlfriend.

    Just like with Miley, I blame her mom. These girls need a strong figure to help them transition from teen years to adult without becoming cracked-out jokes. If this girl could have found a way to embrace her freckles and distance herself from her mother, she could have had a solid career by now. And not to mention that cray-zay father of hers…

  26. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @John Wayne Lives, I think I read that Kim asked people to only wear black or white. I would’ve worn black.

  27. dorothy says:

    I’m so confused. She can’t pay for judge ordered counseling, doesn’t have time to do her community service. However, has money to travel, get botox and fillers and party all the time. I really hope the judge is following her actions and noticing all of this.

  28. GossipVixen says:

    I would say that Lindsay most definitely did NOT go to Kim K’s plastic surgeon. Kim may have tweaked the hell out of her face, but IMO she still looks *somewhat* natural. Whatever La Blowhan is doing, it does not look nearly as good – she looked like a puffed up chipmunk

  29. Dawning Red says:

    When setting up a salt-water fishtank, the proper choice of fish is especially important. That’s why we recommend the puffer fish sitting between Lindsay Lohans shoulders for your tank.

    It really is a beautiful puffer fish. It’s wide inflated lips would match with several of the anemones near the center of the tank, the pallid eyes make for a nice counterpoint with several algae formations, and of course, her pale skin is a perfect tonal match for the featherduster worm lying on the tank bottom. Naturally, the Lohan blowfish is always at ho, I mean, home when placed with several varieties of sea jasper. Especially the powdered variety.

    Also, the Lohan Blowfish would be a fabulous addition to any tank as, well, it’s a BLOW-fish. I am unsure what the female members of the community would do. Maybe scrape the blowfish’ skin for crack.

    The Lohan Blowfish easily adapts to any threats it may find in the tank. When threatened, it puffs up its face and body with salt collagen, then immediately sues the offender. Afterwards, it generates its own supply of alcohol and diluadid to enter a comatose state. It really doesn’t NEED to play dead, it just likes to.

    So, move any cone you can to get your own Lohan Blowfish today. Available in finer tequila bottles and courthouses everywhere.

  30. Nicky says:

    mrpaparazzi has pics of Lindsay and Dina dining out in Venice, CA last night. Guess who was drinking and fell over?

  31. HotLatino says:

    @JWL First of all, she wore white cuz the wedding had a black & white theme, she didn’t want to be the center of attention by wearin white!!!!

    I love LiLo and she’s SUCH a talented actress, I feel bad for her, she could have been an Oscar winner by now!

  32. the original bellaluna says:

    I just…I really just…I can’t. I’m sorry. She’s not even a hot mess. She’s just a mess. And WO should be ASHAMED. ABSOLUTELY. ASHAMED.

    Oh, Nicky, thank you! I’m back! I do love a good Linnocent’s-falling-down-I-mean-tripped-by-the-paps-drunk story!

    Wow. That sweater. Maybe she should try falling on her face. With all those fillers, maybe it would help?

  33. original kate says:

    “Women in their 20s,” he said, “don’t need filler.”

    so women in their 30s and 40s do? shut up, dr. toby mayer.

  34. The Other Katherine says:

    I’ve thought for a long time that LiLo suffers from something along the lines of borderline personality disorder (or just being a narcissistic asshole, depending on how you look at it), but now I think she is also actively delusional. How else could you have that done to your face, look at it, and think it looks good? Compare this to pictures of her with her natural hair and original face — it’s tragic.

  35. Kbomb says:

    I know this is a gross thing to say, but I will be shocked (like fall over, pass out, crack my skull open on the pavement kinda shocked) if this f’ing gong-show lives to 30.

  36. Madisyn says:

    “Lindsay, who’s 25, looks like a 50-year-old ‘Real Housewife’ trying to look 20.”

    BRAVO! (Pun most definetely INTENDED)

  37. Jo says:

    Let’s just go to Crackyville for a moment and live in Crackie’s mind. She only wore this white monstrosity because she thought SHE was getting married! (What do you mean that this isn’t all for me, Momma?) *Snark*@!&*% snuffle, crackie wants mo crack***) Can you honestly picture anyone wanting to marry this sorry whore excuse for a human? What an ugly tramp, both inside and out.

  38. 4Real says:

    Self absorbed TRASH! Her mom probably wants her to look older than her so she approves of all this. Just a HOT MESS!

  39. kieslwoski says:

    The worst part is that she thinks, and is being supported in this by her loser Mother and frends, that she looks hot and incredible. That is the sad part she probably thinks anybody who points out how cracked out and used up she looks is just jelous.

  40. Minx2 says:

    Pippa must have been thrilled to see Lilo wear the same Temperley (in a different colour). I blame White Oprah for the mess her daughter is in but I’m sure she doesn’t see it this way. They both look pathetic.

  41. eileen says:

    Ladies I think we need to add a Trout Pout shot with a Fake Bake chaser to the tailgaters in Linnocent’s honor.

  42. Eleonor says:

    Kim wanted a copy of the royal wedding,she needed her Pippa and she got Lindsay. I can’t stop laughin,because in Italian “pippa” has a particular vulgar meaning,but there’s a verb “pippare” which means “to snort coke”.

  43. Did we discuss how a guttertrash famewhore is emulating an internationally lauded famewhore?

    It’s so laughable, so desperately transparent. I mean the Royal Wedding was broadcast in 180 countries to over 30 million people – and it was just a few months ago!

    I can’t believe LiHo had the balls to wear such an infamous dress.

    And to wear it so poorly! I mean this dress was worn by the Maid of Honor at a Royal Reception. And on Lindsay it looks like some cheap prom dress at the clearance rack at Rave. She looks like a 40-year-old hooker working some middling convention on the Vegas Strip. “You boys from around here?”

    I’m absolutely fascinated by the psychology of it all. Perhaps it’s easy to have the courage of one’s convictions when you’re riding high on home-grown delusion and sea jasper.

  44. TXCinderella says:

    Lindsey looks terrible in the side-by-side with Dina. She looks really old and plastic. I guess she doesn’t know that you should never wear white to a wedding so as to not upstage the bride.

  45. the original bellaluna says:

    Alright Eileen…just let us please make sure the Trout Pout shots and Fake-n-Bake chasers don’t clash with the Shots of Delusion, Lintinis, Cracktinis, and Crack-n-Cheese.

    Nobody needs to be Barfin’ Like a Lohan after these parties.

    We do, after all, have reputations to uphold. *sniffs dignify-edly*

  46. the original bellaluna says:

    Missy A, I think that’s my new fave quote! “a guttertrash famewhore is emulating an internationally lauded famewhore” – I thank you! :D

  47. HannahF says:

    I mostly lurk at the cracktail parties, just kicking back, sipping my cracktini and ‘listening’ to you all. But I have to chime in on the Kardashian/Lohan story. My parents live in Santa Barbara. They are older and because of that, the fact that they immigrated from other countries and because they just don’t care, they are not tuned in to popular culture/celebrity gossip.

    However, on Sunday my dad asked me whether I’d heard of “these Kardashian people and that crazy Lohan girl” prior to the wedding weekend. Obviously my dad learned about them via the local news. That’s how they are known/presented to the public these days.

  48. LittleFATMe says:

    I am not defending by any means – BUT I wonder if it’s bad work and steroids or medications, she looks strange in the same way that people on steroids or other inflammatory medications look PLUS bad cosmetic work!

  49. Bess says:

    The sad part is that everyone around Linnocent is probably telling her that this “look” suits her. Apparently she told some fans (??) via twitter a few weeks back that she was going back to red soon. That will be an improvement.

    Also via twitter, Linnocent also told her fans that she would be shooting movies this fall and early next winter. Is she just lying or do you think she may actually have a legitimate acting project lined up???

  50. Madisyn says:


    Here, here. *clinks glasses* Cheers!

    My Twin

    “Barfin like a ‘Lohan’!” Ha and absolutely NOT in our pool. I think her tolerance level is so high, she doesn’t ‘barf’ anymore. JMO

    Missy A

    Except Pippa kept it semi-classy, not so much ‘boobage’. (someone coined that term yesterday and I loved it) Weddings are not the time and place for so much décolletage or should I say, dé COLLAGEN tage, as its apropo for Blohan.

    And what the f*ck is going on with her areolas in the video pic? I’ll bet she tweaked (pun intended) them purposely just for this ‘photoshoot’.

    Better question, how much was this twit paid for this ‘getting ready’ video? I didn’t notice any other guests having pap pics taken while they’re having their “dressing drinkS”.

    The ‘Lohans’ actually give famewhores a bad name.

  51. Dawning Red says:

    There was an interesting line in the Post story that came as, well, NO surprise when it comes Lady MacMeth:

    “Lindsay had dressed in a hotel room, where she proudly paraded before paparazzi she had invited to record the momentous occasion.”

    She invites the paps to come in and look at her during someone else’s wedding. Really, doesn’t that say it all about Our Lady of the Perpetual Lawsuit?

    “Her face has been plumped beyond all recognition,” said Dr. Anthony Youn.”

    But if no one could recognize it, how would her drug dealers know who she is?

  52. Madisyn says:


    Just got your message from the KK post. I’m here.

    Dawning Red

    “Lady MacMeth” Thats the ‘Piece de Resistance’! And THIS from a twit who claims, ad nauseum, to “hate” the paps. Yet she invites them into the suite, while having her ‘dressing drinkS. She must be beyond DESPERATE FOR CASH. Hence ‘Our Lady of the Perpetual Lawsuit’!

  53. Penguen says:

    @ Dawning Red –

    Actually, I’ve had a string of beta fish since 2007 that I’ve always named Lindsay Lohan. I’m actually on Lindsay Lohan the sixth, as of now. The name started with the first one because the fish was cheap and came in a smelly bowl. And now each successor carries the name on…

  54. the original bellaluna says:

    Dawning Red – All her dollah-dollah bills have coke/crack residue on them. ;) And that cracked-out-blonde-fright-wig is also a big give-away.

    Madisyn, Yeah, I’m pretty willing to bet she only barfs when she gets her “maintainin’” quotient wrong or food hits her stomach.

    And the pool is positively refreshing today! (It is SO fraggle-rockin’ HOT here!)

  55. Lady D says:

    Jo: “Can you honestly picture anyone wanting to marry this sorry whore excuse for a human? What an ugly tramp, both inside and out. ”
    Couldn’t figure out who you meant and then realized it works for both.
    Eileen, excellent idea for a drink. And ladies, our tolerance has to be reaching Blohan capacity soon. She has certainly given us enough practice.

  56. samab says:

    shit she looks almost unrecognizable.A blow up doll!!and not a nice one…not to mention her eyes…girl is loaded.

  57. Memphis says:

    She really looks not long for this world in most of these photos. Crackie is going down the hallway towards the light at neck breaking speed -And looking like hell while she does it.

    It’s sad that her family and friends-if she has any left- just continue to feed off the corpse of blohan instead of trying to help her. But we all know “fame” is most important to WO and Father of the year ML. Can’t screw with the meal ticket, at least until Ali startes getting noticed then they can freely toss crackie aside and move onto destroying the next one.

    But even though I know all that I can’t feel too sorry for crackie, she really does just bring out the worst in people.

  58. Tierra says:

    “Lindsay, who’s 25, looks like a 50-year-old ‘Real Housewife’ trying to look 20.” LMAO!!

    That Dr. Anthony Youn better get ready for her next law suit. His words about her face could harm her good standing reputation with SAG.

  59. Madisyn says:


    Its F * C K I N HOTTER here in the valley, I’m sure. I sat and sweated out a ‘Lohans’ week worth of booze just yesterday alone. I got your message on the KK thread, rushed over here and as usual (Mod jail) you didn’t know I was already here. As for not ‘barfing’ in the pool, I had that wrong because theres not going to be a “Lohan” within a five mile radius of our pool. Contamination, you know. It costs good money to keep filling that vat.

    Lady D

    High tolerance. . .Especially with our vat ‘pool’ of vodka, courtesy of the Cracken and all her Blohanesque Cracknanigans. Oh, and bellaluna’s cracktacular idea of a refilling ‘hydrant’. It makes filling so much easier.


    I don’t think ML gets one thin dime off of Blohan. At least as of the day she turned 18. White Oprah see’s to that. Same will go for Ali. That’s why he holds all these innocuous ‘news conferences’ and gives ‘exclusives’ to RADAR and TMZ. He needs to make a buck somehow.


    Funny girl. Your right, he should be looking for the process server as we speak. Any thoughts as to why Pitbull has not responded yet? Anyone?

  60. weeble says:

    Yeah, LiLo looks a mess, and she probably will sue for those comments as well. However, there should be more concern than surprise. She is a complete mess and her mother enables her to be so.

  61. Roma says:

    I’d given up on commenting on Lindsay posts but I have to say this:

    Did anyone click through the pictures to see Lindsay and her mom out for dinner? They are kissing on the lips in front of the photog, clearly for attention. It’s so… gross.

  62. Boo says:

    @Roma, I saw that too and thought, WTF? The comments on that article question how Lindsay could fall down and get a hole in the back of her sweater. My counter-argument is that, if she didn’t, it implies she chose to wear a sweater with a big gaping hole in the back. That’s preposterous, not because she is too classy for such a move, but because we know if she went out with a purposeful wardrobe problem, it would be so that she could drop a boob or flash the lady bits–not just a worthless piece of back skin. Sheesh.

  63. marybeth18 says:

    Lainey has the full set of pictures- her commentary is interesting as well.

    What I noticed most was Lindsay’s TEETH. The girl has wrecked her teeth- she needs to spend that money at a cosmetic dentist.

    I wonder, in the deep of night when Dina is all alone and wide awake, what she really thinks about her daughter, and her own role in her daughter’s downfall. Does she even have the self-awareness to understand how bad things are?

  64. Katija says:

    @ curleque

    Amen. Her mother needs to be slapped for that damage she’s done to her own daughter.

    And I think that Lindsay is making a HUGE mistake by keeping this skanky blonde hair. It doesn’t even have any highlights or dimension! It’s just a straight-up trailer park bleach job! Red hair is so sassy-but-classy – think of like Isla Fisher or Amy Adams. I don’t think Lindsay sees what the rest of us see when she looks in a mirror.

  65. Katija says:

    Also, isn’t wearing white to a wedding considered to be the final frontier of “tacky?”

  66. Ruby Red Lips says:

    All I have to say is Linnocent take a look back at photos and interviews of yourself about 3 or 4 years ago, let alone 5 or 6, and please look at what u have done to your face!

    Linnocent was once a beautiful fresh faced red head – drugs, alcohol, hooking and partying have rendered her looking like a 50 year old washed up trailer trashy skank

  67. teehee says:

    Shows how insecure and lost she really is. Every other female is taken as a threat and she has to arm herself with extensions, fillers, makeup, and baring herself to imagine herself worthy.
    Hanging around with people that superficial, isnt going to help her but unfortunately this is excatly the business she is in.

  68. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Hi Madisyn, Bellaluna et al *waving* can I come jump into the pool with u guys? I’m desperate for a cool dip ;)

  69. Memphis says:

    Madisyn said:


    I don’t think ML gets one thin dime off of Blohan. At least as of the day she turned 18. White Oprah see’s to that. Same will go for Ali. That’s why he holds all these innocuous ‘news conferences’ and gives ‘exclusives’ to RADAR and TMZ. He needs to make a buck somehow.~~~~

    Your right. WO would probably die before letting Mikey anywhere near her income source’s…I guess that’s why he felt the need to do celebrity rehab while ignoring the fact his daughter needs it more than anyone. What is the technical name for a male famewhore? Whatever it is , that’s ML.

    God! This whole family annoys the hell out of me!

  70. Madisyn says:

    Ruby Red

    I’m offended you even had to ask. Hasn’t bellaluna given you a key to the treehouse and the gate to the vat ‘pool’? We have to keep the vodka vat locked up for obvious reasons. Not one of them being a stray ‘Lohan’ roaming around.


    I agree. Thats why you hear ML all the time, constantly. White Oprah gives ANONYMOUS quotes to TMZ and RADAR but ML quotes himself directly. Not that WO is not making a fast buck off her delusional, drug and alcohol addicted brat but while ML’s comments can be inflammatory, WO’s are always complimentary. That’s how you know ‘the source’ is WO, its a ludicrous compliment. I think a ‘famewhore’ does not discriminate between the sexes. Could be male or female. Of course, theres always the popular ‘douche’. Both apply to that idiot ML.

  71. BRE says:

    I’m 34 and a few months ago I went to the dr to get fillers around my mouth because I thought that I they were really bad (although everyone else said I was crazy), the dr looked at me and said “NO” that I was nowhere near ready for fillers and that if she did perform it it would look bloated and unnatural. I’m glad she was honest with me even though I was willing to pay for it – why is it celeb dr don’t?

  72. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @BRE: If you’re getting some fine lines, Retin-A. For reals. Works awesome.

  73. Madisyn says:

    You know when Blohan was spotted at the gift table? People were taking bets. A few were betting she was switching out the cards on her empty gift box with that of any other expensive one, but the odds on favorite was she was ‘borrowing’ them.

  74. djork says:

    Tinkerbell, an old hostess at Caesar’s Palace, Ivana Trump and a withered leather valise all put into a trash compactor. Yikes.

  75. Charlotte says:

    I wouldn’t put it past Linnocent to be getting unnecessary surgery just for the pain meds. Such a crackhead move. Who pays for this stuff?

  76. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh yes, Ruby Red, please join us!

    Madisyn, et al, Yeah, it’s been awhile (about 7 years) since MiLo’s received a “share” of Linnocent’s profits. That is why he is constantly calling people out, doing “celeb” boxing & rehab, and running off his mouth to anyone with a check.

    WO protects her cracked-out-little-cash-cow like nothing else!

    Except maybe Ali, now that little LiHo’s on the downward-side of the ho’ stroll. I do so ferverishly (fervently; feverishly; whatever…I made up a new word!) hope Ali makes some SUBSTANTIAL money and moves abroad. Somewhere where English is not the language spoken, so the Clan of the Crackwhore cannot follow her.

  77. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Dawning Red: I think I love you.

  78. Cherry Rose says:

    Wasn’t Lindsay just saying she had to distance herself from Samantha Ronson because Sam was drinking too much and it might affect Lindsay’s sobriety?

    So much for that one huh?

    Either Lindsay has a bad memory problem (HA!), or she’s having trouble keeping up with all the lies she spews.

    And why no photos of Ali? Was Lindsay afraid that Ali would steal the attention away from her?

  79. Seal Team 6 says:

    OMG — Those closeups show how bad Linnocebt raelly looks. WTF did she do that to herself?!

  80. crazycatlady says:

    Yes, I keep saying I can’t believe she’s 25 (26 I thought?), because she looks at least 10 yrs older. And in yet another desperate grasp at attention…she just can’t resist another opportunity to hang her tits out in public! Disgusting. And at someone else’s wedding?! A) you don’t wear white (it’s the bride’s color), and b) you don’t try to upstage the bride by showing up half naked!

    She’s a sad, desperate whore.

  81. OhMyMy says:

    @djork: After getting over my initial shock in seeing Tinkerbell linked with Blohan I can see where you’re going with making the connection because of the blonde hairdo. But please, please, DO NOT take Tinkerbell’s name in vain. EVER. She’s my girl.

    As a fellow Disney girl Tinkerbell would not have approved of this. She would’ve flown straight through that updo leaving a charred outline of herself in her wake. She would’ve gathered leaves to cover that boobage and stuck them on using pixie spit.

    I think she looks like she’s channeling Baby Spice (NO offense meant to Baby Spice!!!) and going to the Adult Movie Awards. And the award for best newcomer in an all-girl 8-way with a donkey goes to…..

    I don’t understand how you can have a pro hair stylist do your hair up and there’s still pieces loose and little straggly bits sticking out of the top. And this isn’t an end of the night photo this is before they left the room. The pictures taken in the link posted above of Linds and Dina going to dinner last night her hair is back to its busted glory. So I’m assuming the bangs were of the clip-on variety that Jessica Simpson hawks on the shopping channels. Bought specially for the event.

    I propose we welcome Tinkerbell to the treehouse. I’ll make her a house out of a used Red Bull can.

  82. the original bellaluna says:

    OhMyMy, All right, Tink can stay, but only on TWO CONDITIONS:

    1) I am NOT drinking the RedBull to make her house (y’all know I detest RedBull contaminating my vodka!);

    2) Her RedBull house HAS TO HAVE A PADLOCK ON IT (just like the vodka vat/pool) because a Blohan in the area would snort all our Pixie Dust and render Tink powerless. (And I am NOT clapping for an hour!)


  83. Madisyn says:


    Good point about that ‘rats nest’ on the top of her head. This was done by a professional? Of course, Blohans definition of a ‘professional stylist’ and girlfriend or boyfriend of her dealer are one and the same.

    Tinkerbell is more that welcome to the treehouse. Enough room for everyone.

  84. Dawning Red says:

    Aw @Solitary Angel!

    @ Marybeth18: Okay, just one final comment here, then I’m probably done. I just looked up Lady MacMeth’s pictures from her post, which is #63 here. Everyone, please click on that link, then look at pictures 7 and 8. How have we missed it, the guy doing her hair is giving her the finger! Now, we all know why; it’s because he knows he’s not getting a tip from Chip and Dale’s coked out little sister. That and they couldn’t find the HazMat suit that Lindsay’s drug-testers regularly use when they need to touch her. Or maybe he was just wondering if she had the mumps while looking at her cheeks. But it does explain why this professional gave her such a bad hair day. It was deliberate.

    Most likely, he just thought Lohan’s face was having an allergic reaction to people who have jobs.

  85. Boo says:

    Guys, did you all read the volcano of delusion that is Lindsay comparing herself to…MARILYN MONROE? Oh dear. The laughs just keep coming. Oh. And her people tried to get Soderbergh to recant his comments about not wanting to cast her in that stripper movie. Soderbergh said no.

  86. Madisyn says:


    No need to lock up Tinkerbell. I got another bright idea to keep any stray ‘Lohans’ from roaming towards OUR vat pool.

    You choose, either a 9 ft. high fence around the entire property or an invisible fence, which I prefer because it wouldn’t subtract from the natural beauty and it would ‘zap’ any wandering ‘Lohans’ looking for a quick fix. (Alcohol or ‘pixie dust’). The invisible fence would ‘sniff’ out anyone with natural red hair, botoxed foreheads, battery acid in the lips, any and all persons with ‘Benjamin Button’ disease, and any twits with 2 phones clipped to their belt buckle. (I think that covers all the Lohans)Problem solved, unless you have any objections?

    Dawning Red

    I decided to take another look at the pictures. Loves it. I particularly love the fact that Blohans meth dealer’s hairdresser boyfriend is blatantly flipping her off, knowing the camera’s right on them.

  87. Bess says:


    I hope Kaiser does a post about LL’s Marilyn comparison. There is no one on earth with a bigger martyr complex than Linnocent.

    I didn’t hear about Linnocent’s people tried to get Soderburgh to deny his comments. What happened?

  88. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Lol! @ Madisyn, I must have lost my key during one of my cracked out days ;) you & @ Bellaluna will have to get the locks changed incase a stray Lohan finds the missing key then the vodka (if there’s any left) will be crack contaminated!!

    ‘Benjamin Button’ disease – love it!! :D

  89. Canastrophy says:

    25 eh? So 2 more years and she’s reached the point where these throw-away starletts get sacrificed for the great harvest (South Park reference).

  90. Leah says:

    I don’t think she looks that bad. She may not be perfect and she does ridiculous things but can we really criticize her looks? I can’t imagine that any of us on here are as attractive naturally never mind “filled up” Just saying. I think we all could use a little closet cleaning.

  91. Misty says:

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