Rihanna has an adult tape with J-Cole, it’s confirmed

We’ve heard Rihanna speak way too frankly about her sex life and kinks, and she’s had some nude photos leaked in the past, so I guess this isn’t surprising. Apparently she made an adult home video with a rapper named J. Cole, with whom she’s collaborated professionally. (And otherwise.) Adult company Hustler confirmed that they have the tape, but Rihanna’s unnamed sources (i.e. her camp) are claiming it doesn’t exist. It probably does given how specific this story is. Without Rihanna’s sign off the tape can’t be released, however.

jcole“Hustler are in possession of the Rihanna and J-Cole tape,” said a rep for the adult company. “We have seen it and we do not know what we are going to do with it yet.”

While they refused to disclose any further details of the tape, the fact that it exists is sure to have Rihanna quaking in her stilettos.

However, despite Hustler’s claim about the pair, a source close to Rihanna is still denying it exists.

“Rihanna is surprised because there is no s3x tape,” they told RadarOnline.com.

J-Cole opened for Rihanna on her 2011 Loud tour and in turn she made a cameo in his music video Can’t Get Enough.

Neither rep was available for comment.

[From Radar]

I could definitely imagine Rihanna taping sex for kicks. Or she might legitimately not know that the footage exists because it was taken without her knowledge. If that’s the case it’s such a violation. I’m so glad that tiny video cameras didn’t exist when I was in college. I wish we had cell phones, though. That would have made things so much easier.

Anyway I don’t see Rihanna ever letting this tape see the light of day. Her image is too valuable now. She’s not a Kim Kardashian or a Kendra Wilkinson type who needs the exposure and the cash that would go along with it. She’ll fight back and put her lawyers on it. I hope. She might also just shrug about it and try to ignore it. It doesn’t seem like much fazes her at all.

Here’s Rihanna eating an ice cream and having dinner in Portofino, Italy today and yesterday. She slays me. (It may be tasteless to use these photos in conjunction with this story, but they’re the latest we have!) She’s also shown performing in Essex, England on 8/21.






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34 Responses to “Rihanna has an adult tape with J-Cole, it’s confirmed”

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  1. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Cannot STAND her, but I think a sex tape would do more for his career than hers (being as though I’ve never seen nor heard of this guy).

  2. emine says:

    that’s something i want to see (her tape)

  3. BlackMamba says:

    RiRi is a freak and this guy is kinda cute so I wouldn’t be surprise if she slept with him but to have it on film when she knows what’s at stake is another thing.

  4. silken_floss says:

    He’s cute. She definately has a type.

  5. ol cranky says:

    I dunno, unless it’s some extreme kink (golden showers or something scatological in nature) I don’t think it will negatively impact her image. She’s been pushing a lewdly sexy image for some time and I get the impression she’s trying to one-up Madonna/Janet Jackson in being cool/relevant by “pushing boundaries”

  6. Quest says:

    We all know RiRi likes it freaky and the Hustler reminds me of a Chris Brown look-a-like.

    I think given RiRi escapades, and raunchy sex pics that there may be a tape…guess, we will have to wait and see.

  7. fabchick says:

    IF there is a tape Jay Z and her Roc Nation management team will never let it be released. Trust

  8. Tierra says:

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. I think she humps pretty much anything and everyone just for attention and fun.

    I absolutely cant stand her screechy auto-tuned voice or her ‘image’ but she brought that on herself. I really dont think she would mind if it was released, it will just bring her that much more of the attention she craves whether its from her sexual escapades or the Chris Brown incident. I think she’ll milk whatever helps keep her relevant. Say what you want about the CB incident but she wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular if it wasn’t for that and i think this will have the same effect. Whether she milks the attention of pity or her sexuality, somehow she’ll make it work to her advantage.

  9. KLO says:

    I don’t think this will impact her career in any way.
    She has earned her success with her talent, even though she shows her ass alot, she always will have her voice and face.
    Bottom line -I don’t care, I like her anyway.

  10. Jil says:

    I can not stand her and her autotuned voice. I always turn off radio or change the channel when she is there. I can not believe that she, K. Pery and Lady Gag rule the charts now. It’s so sad.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I just hope it never gets released. I have no problem with sex tapes or people making them but when they become public it’s just not right. Sex isn’t a crime and as long as Rhianna is practicing safe sex fine, but I don’t think this tape needs to be released. Hope it be.

  12. po says:

    I don’t think she will care. If it happened it was recently and she understands if she tapes sex it will be passed around.

  13. Jaded says:

    She disgusts me. She’s vulgar.

  14. munchies says:

    who cares? the only sex tape I want to watch is brangelinas……

  15. Ms. Candy says:

    Oh really, hmmm… that tape better have been made with knowledge because Roc Nation will come after them no doubt.. She has talent and she is improving her skills.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    She has gotten downright bizarre – maybe she should just start a hip/hop porn music studio (if hip/hop is what her music style is called).

    I think she is now over the top and people (ok just me) are getting tired of her endless sex adventures.

  17. SEF says:

    What image is there to damage? She’s always so vulgar anyway that I can’t see any negative impact.

  18. Juliesunflower says:

    Anything to be relevant for Rhi Rhi. Too vulgar for words.

  19. Violet says:

    Let’s face it, this is the digital age — anyone in the public eye should realize that whatever they do (emails, chat sessions, photos, video) is eventually going to wind up online. It may not be right and it may not be fair, but that’s the reality.

    I think the tape exists and I’m not sure that Rihanna cares. It’s doubtful it would derail her career since she’s always been very vocal about her sexual side.

  20. SueAnn says:

    Doesn’t she have the herp????

  21. Denise says:

    Classless and vulgar; frankly I don’t think she would care. It’s not like she has a wholesome image. She looks like a freak all week.

  22. 4Real says:

    Oh that’s who sings that song…

    But, good lord who HASN’T she slept with would be the real story. She’s a scantless HO!

  23. hatsumomo says:

    I hope it gets released, consequences be damned. Like other posters have already said, she’s is a shameless ho who prolly f*@#ed for tracks as they say in the industry. I dont like her and never will.
    And the real reason I think her handlers don’t want the tape seeing the light of day is because I bet alot of degradation and sadomasochism is in it. Her fans and women around the world are gonna be pissed off if they see her putting herself in those positions after she had her face smashed in a few years ago by her ex. And who in their right mind honestly believes she was filmed without her consent?! Jeez, if you believe that I got some swamps in Florida to sell you.. Id bet my firstborn if/when this tape comes out she’ll be hamming it up for the camera. I always thought this sudden hyper-sexual image was a response over some unresolved issues she had with being beaten up. Stupid chick needs therapy, not galloping around making sex tapes.

  24. Turquoise Blue says:

    Just what the heck is an ‘adult tape’? You mean a SEX TAPE? Is the media suddenly trying to make sex tapes sound more innocuous by calling them adult tapes?

  25. Eve says:

    Anyway I don’t see Rihanna ever letting this tape see the light of day. Her image is too valuable now. She’s not a Kim Kardashian or a Kendra Wilkinson type who needs the exposure and the cash that would go along with it.

    I’m not so sure…given the attention amateur porn stars have been getting lately, she may want this to be released. Plus, Rihanna seems to love being dubbed as a sex goddess, or at least she makes sure to be associated with sex in every single interview she gives.

    She’ll fight back and put her lawyers on it. I hope.

    I don’t! I have a dear friend who loves her so this might be an interesting birthday gift to him.

  26. Usedtoitall says:

    Well. Look at what it did for Kim K. Sex tape=fame these days.

  27. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    Sex tapes are immature, corny and make the dude an automatic bottom (ie: loser)when it comes to sales and post skin-flic fame. Even Kim K., the inventor of the sex tape as branding tool is grown up and married now. This guy is a clown to even put this out on the street and has sealed his 15 minutes, kinda like Ray J. whose next greatest post-tape conquest was…wait for it…Whitney Houston.

    Kimmie just made millions off her wedding; Ray might sell wood (gold if he’s lucky) on his next music release. Can somebody call this J. Cole dude and tell him he just crashed his career and set Rihanna up for another Grammy.


  28. Amanda G says:

    Oh I could totally see Rihanna putting out a sex tape! That is her image after all. And she’s already had nude pics out… I think she’ll do anything to stay a sex symbol.

  29. Tamiko says:

    Let’s see, how many time was this woman called a “ho” or “slut” in this thread?? Nothing like a good ol’ dose of misogyny with your afternoon tea.

  30. guyherve says:

    i think very one has the right to express his or herself they feel inside so let RhiRhi bring on

  31. VeneficA Delirium says:

    Considering how much her trashy music videos leave to the imagination, I’m pretty desensitized to her and her sex tape.

    @Tamiko: O noes, someone called Rihanna a ho. You know, being a woman and a far cry from a misogynist, I think that sometimes maybe, just maybe, ultra hip third wave feminists need to start choosing their battles.

    I know that calling someone a “skank” or “ho” is really much worse than constructing an illusion according to the chest-thumping male agenda and pressuring girls to take nude photos for their boyfriends but, yeah, let’s get our panties in a wad over comments using the word “ho”.

    Rihanna’s career in general only exists because of misogyny. Spare me your indignance. I find her career more offensive than a word could ever be.

  32. Amanda says:

    her music videos look like porn so I can understand if there is a mix up.

  33. Amanda says:

    I am going to say it’s never a good idea to make a sex tape LOL