Mariah Carey is already showering her babies with diamonds


Above is a newish photo of Mariah Carey, allegedly burning off her pregnancy weight by “jogging puppystyle”. I kid you not – that’s her own caption on Twitter. I like how Mariah pops her butt out even when she’s allegedly taking a “candid” photo for Twitter. And who knew that Mariah even owned a fanny pack? So old-school, our Mariah.

Anyway, In Touch Weekly has an excellent story about Mariah, Nick and their love of bling. I know it’s ITW and some of you are going to dismiss this out of hand just because of the source. It’s simply more fun if you believe it, though. And it’s so easy to believe:

Forget blankies and pacifiers – in Mariah Carey’s eyes, diamonds are a toddler’s best friend! Yep, even though the superstar’s twins, Moroccan and Monroe, are only 4 months old, they already have a jewelry collection to rival their mom’s!

Mariah, 42, and husband Nick Cannon, 30, are big fans of all things bling, and they’re sharing their passion with their new babies.

“Mariah bought diamond earrings for her daughter, and she’s hoping to have her ears pierced soon,” a friend says. “Plus, both kids have diamond-encrusted diaper pins.”

As if that weren’t enough, Mariah is also loading up on fancy jewels they can wear when they get older.

“She bought each twin loose diamonds that she put in a vault, to give to them when they can appreciate it.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

You want to know something weird? I don’t find it weird that Mariah has already bought her daughter diamond earrings. I don’t find it weird that Mariah is buying loose diamonds and keeping it in baby’s first jewelry vault. All of that makes some strange kind of sense to me. I mean, obviously, Mariah is already setting aside jewelry for her children. OBVIOUSLY. Babies need bling (PS… 4-month-olds are not “toddlers”). What I find weird is the “diamond-encrusted diaper pins.” Is that a thing? Do all rich people have those? Are they given as gifts by rich friends to other rich friends? I’ve seen sterling silver baby rattles and those kind of unnecessary “bling” gifts, but diamond diaper pins? Ugh.



Photos courtesy of Mariah’s Twitter.

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  1. Quest says:

    @Kaiser -“diamond-encrusted diaper pins.” …HUH? I was thinking the same thing. Diamonds don’t ease the poop or the smell.

    Ever got stuck by one, you feel like ripping it out and throwing it as far as possble, maybe it’s just for show.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Please tell me that she knows that babies put ANYTHING in their mouths, and that diamonds are “choke-ables.” (My made-up word for that which chokes.)

    I really hope she’s the one holding her baby when she has her ears pierced – they SCREAM! It’s terrible. And you have to take good, good care of them!

  3. SANDIP says:

    Fanny pack? Where else would you keep the poop bags and doggy treats for 5 dogs.

  4. SANDIP says:

    p.s., I wish someone would pay so we can see the pictures of these children.

  5. Maritza says:

    When are they planning to show those babies? I’d love to see pictures of them.

  6. Judy says:

    Nick Cannon is way too good for this MORON.

  7. gee says:

    I can’t hate her. I feel like she’s just trying to be happy and it’s always an uphill battle. I’m glad she has someone who loves her, babies, and tons of money to blow on trailer fabulous crap.

  8. SD_R_SR says:

    I’m sure the diaper pins are for display only. Does anyone here really think Mariah is using cloth diapers?

  9. ladybert62 says:

    well knock my socks off! Diamond encrusted diaper pins!!!! WOW!!! this woman has way tooooo much money and needs to send some of it my way – I will be eternally grateful!

    How in the world does someone jog with 5 puppies on leashes? I simply dont believe this is possible.

    And don’t those cute little puppies deserve diamond encrusted collars or leashes? The shame Mariah the shame!!

  10. Courtney says:

    leave Mariah alone giving a 4 month old girl diamond earings is perfectly normal I had diamond earings at 6 weeks old. she earned that money let her spend it on herkids how ever she sees fit her and Nick have a right to not want to show pics of their children to the public they chose to be famous Roc & Roe didn’t. at least Roe doesn’t have aCartier Tiara like Liza Todd Burton did when she was 6 months old. nor did people complain when Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward waited util their youngest daughter Claire was about 9 months old to release a picture of her in the press same as they had for her older sisters Eleanore & Melissa. if you don’t like Mariah don’t comment and try putting yourself in her shoes there was a time when her and Nick were scared they’d never be able to have children so being ultra protective of the twins is normal

  11. says:

    Aren’t diaper pins used for cloth diapers? Does anyone still use those?

  12. deva says:

    People most certainly do use cloth diapers…although they usually come with velcro or snaps. I have no idea what the babies will use their diamond encrusted diaper pins for. Maybe they can put the key to their jewelry vault on there and pin it to their onesie so it is not misplaced.

  13. jc126 says:

    I am willing to believe that she’s already got a bunch of diamonds for her kids.
    I am also pleased to see that she hasn’t dumped her dogs because of having new babies. Some people do that for no good reason.
    I still wonder how hard she’s working poor Nick.

  14. lucy2 says:

    I believe it. I think she’s ridiculous, but not in a horrible, Lohan way.
    I’m sure the diaper pins are just decorative or whatever, they’re not actually used.

  15. bluhare says:

    I’ve seen diamond encursted safety pins being sold as a brooch, so that’s probabaly what she bought.

    And I would pay good money to see ANYONE running with 5 Jacks on leashes. I’ve got one and he’s a maniac on his own.

  16. Alarmjaguar says:

    Lot’s of people use cloth diapers as a more environmentally friendly option (though it does require lots of water to wash them, but they don’t fill up landfills w/ non-biodegradable plastics).

  17. Bodhi says:

    Modern cloth diapers don’t require pins, most have snaps or velcro. Some people still use the old school kind, but those don’t need pins either, you can use these

    There are a zillion kinds of cloth diapers these days, we use pocket diapers for my son. A LOT of my new mommy friend CD their kids as well. Its much less expensive than disposables & WAY better for the environment.

    These are our favorites:

    I do everything I can to spread the gospels of cloth diapers, swaddling & baby wearing! :-D

  18. BELLA says:


  19. Joe's Mom says:

    I do not believe ITW, in general, but, that said: Yep @bluhare, I was thinking that — diaper pin brooches. You can add charms relating to the baby/babies to them. Even “normal” moms get those as gifts. I can totally see the diamond earrings, too. Lots of people get babies’ ears pierced right away, and the baby won’t ever grow out of them! She could get screw backs on them for safety. Gold might be a better investment than loose diamonds, but all of this makes a lot more sense to me than JLo’s babies alleged “jewel encrusted cribs” Now THAT was an appalling waste, IMHO.

  20. BeckyR says:

    You know what they say…money doesn’t buy class.

  21. DemoCat says:

    I think one of my mottoes applies here:

    Just because you can
    Doesn’t mean you should.

  22. Rio says:

    I prefer not to think of the words “encrusted” and “diaper” in any context, thank you very much…

  23. Mooshi says:

    Mariah is being generous. She is helping all the slave diamond mine workers get an extra helping of oatmeal at lunch. Think of all the ORPHAN slaves at those mines that need her.

    She is being generous and unselfish in every way.

    We should all aspire to being like Mariah.

  24. Emily says:

    What’s the point of putting diamonds on something that will literally get covered in shit? Rich people are weird.

  25. Tiffany says:

    I cannot wait to see their children. I have not been this excited for a photo since Shiloh. Mariah, just release them on Twitter, other’s are doing it and you will get credit for not being a money hungry dive who is pissed that she did not get the highest bid.

  26. YourPhoenix says:

    Excuse me Courtney, but who are you to tell people that if they have an opinion contrary to yours, they can’t comment? Who are you? This site is open to ALL opinions, if you don’t like opinions against Mariah, maybe you should leave here. Btw this site is cele’bitchy’, its a gossip site open to all. Go away if you don’t understand that.