Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux moved in together, are having lots of sex


It is absolutely nonsensical to me why both Us Weekly and People Magazine got official leaks about this on Friday. Perhaps it was just the kind of filler-gossip that perfectly capped off a pretty boring gossip week, or perhaps there are still people invested in Jennifer Aniston’s love life that they really, really needed to know this. Anyway, both People and Us Weekly got the same leak – Aniston and Justin Theroux are now officially living together. What was your first thought? “I thought we already knew that”? Or “Didn’t we already hear that two months ago”? Right on both counts. Back in June, Justin moved into Jennifer’s Beverly Hills home, just before she sold it. Then she sold it, and she and Justin were house-hunting together in Beverly Hills, and now they’ve moved into a rental in the Hollywood Hills.

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux have taken the plunge – the pair have officially moved in together, a source tells PEOPLE.

“They decided to rent a house together while they keep searching for the perfect [one] to buy,” says the source. “Jen and Justin are very excited about living together in their new home.”

As PEOPLE reported in July, the couple have been house-hunting for a while, but decided to settle into a two-bedroom rental in the Hollywood Hills until they find a permanent haven.

Aniston, 42, moved out of her Beverly Hills spread in July after deciding the home was “too much” for her and it was time to “simplify.” It sold for $38 million.

The actress rented the Hollywood Hills house on Aug. 1, a real estate source tells PEOPLE. The house provides the couple with privacy, hardwood floors, a new ozone pool, spa and viewing deck. The master suite features vaulted ceilings and French doors leading to the yard.

Since returning from a romantic Hawaiian getaway, the couple has been enjoying time together with friends. On Aug. 24, Aniston and Theroux, 40, shared a long dinner with George Lopez at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, and a source tells PEOPLE the couple looked comfortable – and affectionate – together.

“She and Justin looked very happy together,” says the source, “and even kissed at the table.”

[From People]

You know what I always find funny about Aniston selling that Beverly Hills property that she spent years redoing? It only had one bedroom, and the property was less than an acre. Basically, it was a really, really fancy Beverly Hills starter home that was drastically marked up because Jennifer redid it to look like a 1970s shag-pad. LA real estate makes no sense.

Anyway, Us Weekly says that Aniston and Theroux’s new place is “a really romantic house with great views and a warm feeling in every room. If they decide they like it, it’s also for sale.” They’re using the second bedroom as a guest room, not a nursery, but a “source” tells Us Weekly, “He’d make an excellent father. Since he’s a screenwriter, he could work from home and take care of a kid.” Good luck with that, Justin. If you’d like to see their new place, go here.

By the way, In Touch Weekly had a story in last week’s issue in which “friends” of Aniston claimed that Jennifer was going around to everybody and bragging about her sex life with Justin. A source says, “She says sex with Justin is the best she’s ever had in her life… she and Brad had a vanilla sex life – it’s Justin who has awakened her innermost passions… Jen’s totally let loose with Justin and the sex is amazing. She is walking around with a constant glow and can’t help bragging about how good he is under the sheets.” I feel like there were very similar stories about Jennifer and Vince Vaughn and Jennifer and John Mayer. Whatever. Good luck to Justin.



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  1. Monie says:

    Haha the thumbnail for this article looks like she is in the middle of having some of that “amazing sex”. Pain is love, Jen!

  2. Rita says:

    Walking around “glowing” after sex may save on electricity but she should have the peen checked…(the power company may also have some regulation against it).

  3. serena says:

    I couldn’t care less about her sexlife.

  4. palermo says:

    Why do people think we want to hear about their sex lives? I have found those who talk about it all the time rarely are doing it.

  5. meilamon says:

    Look, if it is truly the best sex of her life, I can’t fault any of her actions. I would walk a long mile for some of that. Best to her and Justin!

  6. Kaboom says:

    I guess all that good sex may finally help her to unclench about Brad.

  7. e.non says:

    george lopez and chelsea handler are the friends they hang with… ugh

  8. really says:

    Good, now can he knock her Greek socks off so she gets preggers with quadruplets, and she can stop BORING us!

  9. lisa says:

    Sometimes celebs get asked how they find time to be with their wife, husband or whatever.. and I get them answering.

    but this was not asked.. and I don’t believe she is going around saying it is the best sex she has had. I mean maybe when you have bad sex it is not always the other person.. Maybe it is YOU.

    But there really is not that much interest in this relationship. Despite the tabloid stories of babie/marriage. That has been going on for years. Just change the name of the guy.. Vince, John.. (whoever) Besides if Jennifer Aniston got married or had a child the interest there is in her would be over. The money is in the speculation. Will she and when will she.

    Just like in diseases.. the money is in research/treatment..not the cure.

    @kaboom.. I was hoping we could go without mentioning people that have nothing to do with her life..

    Oh well maybe next thread.

  10. Rita says:

    I understand applying rational thought to gossip is futile, but I can’t imagine my mindset where I would want to read the following article in any publication:

    “Inside sources tell Smithsonian Magazine that Rita So&So’s (not my real last name btw) latest venture into the world of limitless fornication is more gratifying than having boned (or is it “having been boned by..”?) the entire male cast of Titanic (Cameron included). Witnesses to the act of copulation tell Smithsonian, “Her after-glow from every thrashing gives her the appearance of having dined on a supersized portion of Nobu’s phosphorescent algae (hold the egg rolls, please).”

  11. Scout says:

    She’s 42 years old and she is “bragging about great he is under the sheets!” If that is true, can someone tell her that is sophomoric behavior for Heaven’s sake! How incredibly tacky.

  12. UKHels says:

    everything about her SCREAMS vanilla

  13. Sol says:

    So happy for her, finally she seems to be happy and having fun in all the ways :)

  14. waq says:

    Somehow the magazine story always goes wayyyyyyy back to Brad. And I say wayyyyyy back because it’s been almost 7 years.

  15. anonymous says:

    Yes, and JA is paying big bucks for it so what does that make him or her. Jennifer Aniston is looking so bad. With Brad Pitt she had a lavish wedding ceremony, maried to a handome, rch well do do actor, would have ,mansions all over the world,a career, beautiful kids because all of Brad Pitts kids look just like him, but she chose not to want his children but a career. Now look at what she has, a man with potential of which she is gambling that association with him will give him street cred, she has to constantly open her check book, trying for a baby, sorry to say both have big snouts so watch out baby, I know it’s a innocent child but the truth must be told, JA had rhinoplasty, her nose was quite a size, for good sex, all relationship starts out with good sex, so what’s new.

  16. HotLatino says:

    Justin does seem kinkier than Brad and you’re never too old to brag about your sex life, lucky Jen, I love her!!! She’s just so down-to-Earth, it’s like she’s one of us.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I wish “sources” would quit talking about her having kids.

    The previous house she sold only had 1 bedroom? I doubt it. Either way she made a heck of a profit on it.

  18. anonymous says:

    HotLatino: She has to pay for it! The only other thing JA is trying to do is send a sour grapes message to the man who dumped her , that this new man I have now is better than you to try and hurt a his masculity. Angelina who is way sexier than Jennifer Aniston will ever be,don’t think so. That says to me JA is still obsessed with Brad Pitt, why the sour grapes story, she should be way past this stuff by now if she is so called have now found Mr. Right.

  19. rosalee says:

    In nearly every post regarding Aniston or Pitt we read the “if only she decided to have children instead of putting her career first.” Guess what, maybe she did or did not, you don’t know, you don’t know if the pregnancy story line was written into Friends for an actual pregnancy. You don’t know her motives..maybe she did have a miscarriage, maybe she is having problems conceiving – maybe – she knew something we didn’t like their marriage was shaky and decided to wait..we should stop reading tabloids as if they were the gospel truth. Finally to the posters who wish she would go away..stop reading posts about her and commenting.

  20. Eve says:

    she and Brad had a vanilla sex life – it’s Justin who has awakened her innermost passions…

    Hmmmm…anal? Am seriously curious right now.

  21. Turtle Dove says:

    It’s sort of smart that she’s in a rental when she’s in this relationship. If it doesn’t work out then that asset doesn’t have to be divided. I’m sure that she had him sign a co-hab agreement, so I guess it’s a moot point.

  22. lisa says:

    She was with John Mayer.. twice.

    I think she knows Kinky.

    I don’t know the US you are talking about. But while I have a good life, I don’t have millions in the bank, 2 chiefs, a butler, a Bentley on the driveway or live in multi million dollar homes..

    YOU must be the lucky one of US.

    Kills me how people act like Jennifer lives some Walmart life.. seriously.. Wake up.

  23. Anne de Vries says:

    That’s a lovely house – luxurious/comfortable and at a great location, but not ridiculously huge. Why Ms Anniston, I didn’t know you had it in you after seeing the photos of your previous house. (his influence?)

    (the practical person in me also thinks that in her place I would want to rent for a year or so first. Their ‘dream house’ will undoubtedly receive a lot of public attention, and if the relationship then didn’t work out that would be extra painful, so better to live together for a while first.. )

  24. olga says:

    Eve: LOL That’s funny.
    Hate people talking about their sex life. Stupid and anfair.

  25. lisa says:


    Her ring reads.. Jennifer
    His ring reads.. Justin

    Wow..and Justin B and Selena are too old for that..

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Please, “famous” people: I don’t care how much “fabulous” sex you’re having, or how often. Learn to keep private stuff to yourselves. (Like I have.) ;)

  27. Ell says:

    As if she going around bragging about her sex, these mags are are so filled with BS I can’t believe people actually buy them.

  28. smh says:

    so what will she do when she finally realizes that Brad isn’t interested in coming back? when the point finally arrives that her copy cat actions and faux pr relationships will not get brad jealous or interested enough to leave his family and come back to her. i wonder if she’ll crack then? in a hollywood meltdown way. or maybe she’ll silently fade into obscurity, do occassional movies post-menapouse. she’s too anal to let go of her exercise regimen to actually crack and have a meltdown so the latter is more likely. on the other hand, she -is- an attention whore, she adapted to this millenial famewhore unculture very well so she can’t handle fading into obscurity. she’ll need a new schtick after her rent-boy finally marries her for the money like the kardassian showmance and after she gives birth. actually this proves it’s not really about brad at all-she never acted like she was madly in love with him prior to their divorce. this is more about her being under the spotlight and maybe also getting back at angelina-who, in her mind, stole her spotlight as well.

  29. ness says:

    whyyyy? why mention Brad? please tabloids,let it go!!

  30. lisa says:


    I think she got that a while ago. I think her fans are the ones that are melting down. They always hated Angie. But now they are on the crazy about Brad. Brad was off limits a bit. It had to be all Angie’s fault. She was the man stealer.. now that it is obvious that Brad was not taken anywhere but left quite willingly. Well they are all over him. He was off limits a bit because they needed Brad to be “clean” so that when he Woke up and went back he would not have any stink on him. Angie was the one that tricked and took him. Well now almost 7 years and no reunion. I think they all have gotten the message.

    As for Aniston she moved on when she fell HARD for Mayer. I think he was her real first LOVE after Brad. Now she has this Justin guy. This may be the real thing.

    But the media will continue to try and keep this nonexistent connection.. comparisons and such. Thing is take away Brad/Angie and the story doesn’t have legs. I don’t knock Justin’s accomplishments. But when you have to explain to the audience who the person with her loses it punch.

    Justin/Jen won’t be the medal blitz without a Brad/Angie tie in.

    So maybe the triangle that never was can be forgotten. But I don’t expect the nastiness from her fans about the JPs to end. It has become a habit they can’t kick.. BRANGE CRACK.. no rehab for that yet.

  31. blonde on the dock says:

    Why the hell would she want Brad back? Seriously? She already had him when he looked good. Now she’s want him,looking like hell followed by six children. Give your head a shake.

  32. svetlana says:

    Justin Theroux, hipster douche or not, looks like he’d be great in the sack. And Jennifer has been looking pretty blissed out. So, I guess: get it, girl. Though I’m inclined to believe that In Touch made up the details about her bragging about it, since it reads like a bad romance novel. “Innermost passions?”

    The rental is actually pretty cute and relatively modest, but I also thought that everyone already knew they were snacked up.

  33. alex says:

    Everything that woman does her PR fameho send to US Weekly or People and I am sure with her blessing but her fans continue to believe that she is not manipulating the media lol. She and her PR are the biggest manipulators in HW

  34. alex says:

    blonde on the dock: that is your opinion of course but to me Brad is 100x more sexy and attractive now than he was back with Aniston. He was a pretty boy Ken Doll now he is a real man, with six kids and who seems to love his life and he don’t give a hoot about his previous life. A man like that is who I admire and respect not some pretty boy without a purpose in life

  35. svetlana says:

    Heh, that would be ” shacked up,” not “snacked up.” Stupid auto correct.

  36. Jenn says:

    I’m guessing she figures people won’t care that he dumped his girlfriend of 14 years for her because we all just love her so much. Please.

  37. lisa says:

    @blonde on dock.

    thanks for making my point.. lol

  38. echolocate says:

    Most of the time, I assume these sorts of reports are from her PR team (and/or his). Which is understandable, I guess, but I think she should consider a new approach. Every article, even positive and upbeat ones, make her seem desperate and childlike. The publicists are probably striving for relatability, but I don’t want my movie stars to be making the same stupid mistakes my friends and I do. A little mystery would really enhance her prospects. Instead, she’s always coming off like she’s grasping or desperate. She shouldn’t be paying people who help to cultivate that image; they’ doing her no favors. In the quest to keep her young and breezy, they’ve made her seem girlish, and I read stories about her with one eye closed, waiting for things to end in humiliation. And that’s not the image I should be getting if she has skillful, creative people guiding her public face.

    If she put her own interests in her career ahead of making babies she wasn’t ready for just to keep Brad, that’s a good quality! And he sometimes looks a little worn globe hopping with his instant brood and ambiguous, odd, mysterious partner.


  39. donnamae54 says:

    Have anybody seen Brad Pitt cover on The New Yorker, I know, Jen Jen had to see it and weep, that man have got it going on.

    I have been trying to get the magazine with Brad Pitt on the cover but cannot find it, it seems to have sold out. Can anyone tell about a magazine outlet in Atlanta where I can find it?

  40. alex says:

    hmmm I did not know that AJ is odd and mysterious and is dragging BP around the globe against his will lol

  41. Cali says:

    Lol, since her ‘friends’ said the same thing about her and Mayer and their sex life being the greatest and better than her and Brad, I don’t believe this either. I don’t believe her friends spoke to anyone.

  42. Lucky Charm says:

    If they want to buy a house, Brad’s house is for sale!

  43. Chloe says:

    @Eve: :D

    edit: also, if it’s indeed her friends or her PR people leaking that sort of stuff, this woman doesn’t really need enemies

  44. pwal says:

    Maybe I’m just crazy, but I think that Brad Pitt is still smoking hot. For someone who’s nearly 50, I certainly still enjoy looking at him – his walk, his dimples, those shoulders, those thighs in baggy jeans. And the fact that he grows out the facial hair without running out for some Just for Men – a man pegged as a ‘pretty boy’ embracing the wrinkles and graying is a man I will continue to keep my eye on.

    And yeah… it’s pathetic that Aniston’s ‘friends’ continue to measure her currents with ‘THE EX’. If anything, I would think that these ‘friends’ would have John Mayer in the crosshairs, since he was the one who humiliated Aniston more than Brad Pitt has. Having a press conference on a NY street corner after the first breakup; dumping her (for the second time) after she took him to the Oscars; and deeming Jessica Simpson as sexual napalm versus Aniston, being stuck in the 90s?

    Sorry, but if a dude is going to that unapologetically douchey, wouldn’t a woman (a possibly petty one, given how long ago it happened) want to settle a score with him, versus an ex-husband who hasn’t badmouthed her, ever?

  45. Boo says:

    He looks like the type that would MAKE HER shower right before sex and then hop right out of bed afterward to shower/disinfect. He looks gross to me, skeevy and sneaky.

  46. Duh says:

    This Justin guy is way better looking than brad Pitt. Sorry but it’s true.

  47. YvetteW says:

    She tries so hard. Really she does. Somebody make her stop!!!

  48. Tazina says:

    The new guy is cute, always looks so fresh and starched in those white shirts he wears.

    I doubt Jen was going around bragging about her sex life, sounds like total made up BS, especially the part about Brad Pitt. Dragging the a-lister into it makes it seem even more bogus.

  49. echolocate says:


    I didn’t intend to imply that Brad is with Angie against his will or is being dragged anywhere by her. Just that, even if they have lots of household help, it might be wearing to jet all over the globe with lots of kids. He often looks worn to me when he’s between films. And yet, as a couple, the stories that seem to come from their PR folks bolster an image that conveys mystery, philanthropy, etc. They seem like people who might be doing interesting things, and whose sex life is assumed hot, so they don’t need to have “friends” filling us in.

    I do think Angie is a little odd. She certainly was when she was younger. The qualities I used to describe her are not, in my opinion, negatives for a movie star. Mystery, ambiguity, oddness–these are all characteristics that can make a star more compelling. If you read my suggestions for Jennifer, I’m arguing she might want to strive herself to be more mysterious, odd, and ambiguous. Why not use this relationship with the new, edgy hipster guy to cultivate an image with greater depth? Instead, the stories all sound like versions of the same ones they shopped when she was with other guys.

    It just always seems like Jennifer has dull, unimaginative PR people who refuse to think beyond these tired baby/marriage/finally got a man so she doesn’t pine for Brad anymore storylines. Even if she is, in reality, a pathetic person whose life is guided by the sayings in Dove chocolate wrappers (which I doubt), there’s no need for her PR to reinforce that. It’s like they secretly hate her or something.

    Also, for the record, agnostic on Angie vs. Jen, and think it’s impossible to “steal” a person from someone else unless you’re a kidnapper by trade.

  50. Katherine says:

    Prediction time: if this relationship fizzles at some point, this will be the house she “gives” Justin as a parting gift. He’s no fool when it comes to hooking up with people to help him.

    I think people pretty much know why she did that 1970s house. Look at me, Brad. It was a ridiculous house for a single woman who lives alone – well except for her servants, dogs, 2 chefs and various hangers on.

    I hope her people did not feed this laughable article to the tabs. It’s so high school and demeaning. There was never anything vanilla about Brad Pitt except for the years he was with her. He was always light years ahead of her in living life, being adventurous and intellectually curious and artistic – which begs the question what in the world was he smoking when he finally agreed to marry her.

    If Justin doesn’t work out well maybe she can have some fun while it lasts. But there is no way this still hipster poseur at 40 is good father material.

  51. Skinnybetch says:

    I don’t want to hear about the sex life of two homely looking 40 year olds, desperate to stay relevant. Gross.

  52. Anon says:

    FFS her previous house had 6 or 7 bed rooms, where did you get that it was a 1 bedroom? The place was almost 10,000 sq ft.

    As for why People and US are running with these stories, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out: they sell and bring site hits (kinda like why this site keeps posting them!). Since People posted this late Friday it has garnered over 600 comments and is one of its top viewed stories. I get that posters on this site are overwhelmingly not her fans, but people need to realize that this isn’t representative of the rest of the US or World. And the reason both sites came out with stories is that x17 followed them and figured out where they were renting and then sent a helicopter to get aerial pics which came out Friday just ahead of US and People’s stories. They’ve been renting it since August 1st and they only just got outed, so it’s easy to see they aren’t broadcasting it. However, there is interest in this story and because of that the tabs and the paps are going to keep prying at them: just look at all the tabloids that have had her on their covers in just the last few weeks alone. Two mags chose her to counteract the People Kardashian business this week – a sign of how popular she is and how much her face sells. That US with her on it 2 weeks back was the top seller of that week.

  53. bogie says:

    OH GOD radar online has more. People read this crap for a good laugh. She makes the same mistakes over and over again. At first it is funny, then it gets sad, but then she keeps doing it so you just gotta keep laughing.
    @lisa John was not her true love. He was just able to give her the spotlight she wanted. Same with Pitt. Why has not some realized what this chick is about. Famewhoring. That is why she married a man that was not crazy about her. She knew Pitt did not love her and the marriage was of convenience. Thats why they talked about divorce at the very beginning to the public. Both said kids did not end things, which is obvious. If you even remove all the kids from the pic…Brad is a globe trotter and does lots of social work. Very different from his past life. They both said it did not end cause of kids. They talked about divorce the first year of marriage. Illustrated their commitment to each other. He and Angie did not talk about their relationship in the beginning, when he did he called her his soul mate. If Aniston ever stops living for the spotlight maybe she will find real love.

  54. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    One bedroom? Her BH home was listed as a 5 bedroom 7.5 bath. Where do you get one bedroom?

  55. ZenB!tch says:

    Maybe she DOESN’T want kids. I don’t. They would ruin all that great sex that the mags claim she is bragging about.

  56. Micki says:

    So she was screaming at the ocean not because of Brad but because all he offered was… hm…vanilla sex?

  57. RobN says:

    What’s with this one bedroom starter home business? It’s 5 bedrooms and 10,000 square feet on an acre with views of downtown. What kind of neighborhood do you live in that that is a starter home?

  58. normades says:

    So she finally has a steady……big deal.

  59. vgdgerg says:

    She just looks desperate with the constant leaks to People mag. She can’t even move in with someone without letting the world know!

    She is 42, but acts and dresses like she is still in high school. You would never ever ever see Cate Blanchett, same age, acting like crazy Jen. She actually has class and doesn’t get naked to promote her movies

  60. vgdgerg says:

    Also, why does it seem the only defense they can come up with when it comes to Jen is that she had Brad when he was “hot”? That is shallow and stupid.

    I find Brad much more attractive now. He is now a father of six, has his Make it Right foundation, has traveled around the world rather than boring Mexico every single year, has visited a number of refugee camps. He no longer seems shallow and self absorbed like Jen. Instead he seems to care about what goes on in the world.

    While all Jen talks about in interviews is her hair, body, and yoga! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. How can anyone be a fan of such a dull person?????

  61. e.non says:

    42. donnamae — it was last week’s new york magazine, not the new yorker. just contact the mag to order a copy; or a bookstore where there’s a major selection of mags.

  62. bogie says:

    If you want to talk about exercise and eating healty fine, but educate people about how to eat on a budget. How about the hormones and chemicals in our food. Talk about what work outs to do at home so you do not have to pay a gym fee. You have all that money…donate to prevention programs for illnesses that can be prevented by diet/exercise. Such as diabetes..heart disease. Cancers can be prevented by diet/exercise. Fact is she just does not care. All her life is about is being “fabulous”. Which is superficial crap. Looking good…money…associating with popular people. She cannot understand that those people are popular cause of their talent…those people are popular cause they give back. Talent makes you popular….so does giving back(genuinely). If you do both then you will be huge. Which is evident by the most adored people being good at what they do and socially involved. She just thinks she can be ‘cute’…play the victim card…and people will run to give her attention/see her movies. Well people get sick of coddling to people especially when others have it harder. Women get HIV from their husbands, HPV (unable to have kids) from their husbands, and get abandoned with no way to care for the kids. They pull themselves up and keep moving. She got married out of convenience and when it became inconvenient for Pitt he left like he said he would. He was stupid to think she would go queitly. She was a fool to think he would not leave her.

    Why can’t the people that are so concerned with this stuff accept what both of them said throughout their marriage. It will end when it ends and we are not caught up in the death due us part stuff. Pitt called it a merger. We will be together for as long as it works when it does not work anymore it will be over. Thats how both of them talked. They talked like that cause knew they did not have what it took for it to last. Aniston just did not think he would leave and he thought she would go quietly. Joke was on both of them. Aniston will die trying to regain the fame she once had and failing. She is too lazy to take acting classes, have a big heart in order to give/help others, and to stop talking about her private life. All three would cause her to actual put in work and to make personal sacrifices. She is not happy to sacrifice her time or money. Yet she easily gives away any self worth, dignity, and pride.

  63. Anne de Vries says:

    The bragging thing reminds me of this:

    And hey, I hope for her this is real. There’s not a lot of people I wouldn’t wish a little happiness. Must people then decide that it’s Brad’s loss? Can’t they just both have ended up with people who suit them better? Clearly they are just very different.
    JA thinks she takes a big risk dyeing her hair brown for a film – Brad is now with a woman who visits refugee camps on a regular basis. I can see how he feels he’s ended up with somebody more suited.

  64. bogie says:

    When I say they did not have what it take to stay married I mean they got married out of convenience.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    Why in hell are the tabloids still dragging Brad into every story about this boring, vanilla twit after seven years?

  66. howwwwdy says:

    Stop saying “Who cares?!” in your comments. YOU CARE, otherwise you A) would not be on a celebrity gossip site; and B) would not be commenting.

    Had to get that off my chest.

    Good for Jen A.

  67. tracking says:

    The tabs are recycling a meme like they always do. Yawn.

  68. Lady D says:

    “If they want to buy a house, Brad’s house is for sale”
    LMFAO. The rag mags would go insane. Or blowup.

  69. your mama says:

    @lisa (#27) It’s totally 80′s Dude! ;)

  70. Cheyenne says:

    @bogie #65: Excellent post. I think self-worth, dignity and pride are alien concepts to this woman. The tragedy, of course, will happen in a few years when her face and body start hitting the skids — as they inevitably will — and she realizes she has nothing to fall back on.

  71. Joe's Mom says:

    Isn’t that the house JA owned before she married Brad, that she loved so much, while hating his architectural masterpiece he was remodling? Also, in those Daily mail pix, I see Justin’s riding a Ducati, just like Brad’s almost. A gift? Anyway, as someone else said, I don’t think JA was too upset about her divorce to BP, till she and her PR team realized the value of milking this Triangle till the end of time. I remember all of the snide comments she made about BP when they were married, not thanking him when she got her Emmy, and one incident in particular where she would not call him “the love of her life”, to some interviewer. I was shocked and felt bad for him, even though I didn’t follow either at the time! I guess they (or their “friends) have to forever keep bringing up Brad (and Angelina) at every opportunity, because whatever she and JT do together will never compare to the media’s interest in BP and AJ. Then there are the tabs like ITW (again!) that will never let this triangle go completely, either, even if it’s way below the belt like this story. I wonder if JA’s noticed Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem to have any complaints.

  72. Amanda says:

    I really don’t think I have heard anything about Justin Theroux beside that he is dating Jennifer Aniston. I don’t think I have seen any of his movies either. Do you guys like this movies?

  73. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    Brad seems anything but Vanilla with Angie, so maybe it depends on the partner. Angie does not seem too interested in Vanilla, again maybe its the partner. Screams HOT.

    Jen and Justin (wanna be) both seem Vanilla. All men after Brad are better in bed, makes me wonder how much of Brad in bed did she get (husband and all). Why the need to compare? Did he set the standard? Screams COLD.

    If she knows, she could not teach, or is it, Brad could not learn? I think Brad knows or learnt plenty from Angie which makes for lots of good times. Hopefully, if it was technique its all been worked out. If it was lack of interest, well that’s been worked out too. He moved on. Seems like Brad has had plenty of women to hone his skills. He seems to like it where he is and what he is getting. Angie seems to be getting hers too.

    So, not buying Jen with any man is having great sex. Not buying Justin is great in bed either. But will buy this whole thing is ridiculous.

    Lets hear what Heidi says about it, we know she has not given testimony to his supposed skills. After 14 years she could be the deciding factor of greatness or dud. If this ends, I’m voting for dud. Jen fans will react not too kindly to him either. If they stay together, it screams a middle age couple in a routine tolerating each other. Passion nowhere to be found, is the only vibe I get. Friends vibe I get, hot sex pulse dead on arrival.

  74. bogie says:


    She will just be like those other crazy middle aged women that look crazy trying to fake like they are in their twenties and will look like an utter fool. Find a cause to participate in, take some acting lessons/do some indie movies, and meet someone that you actually have something in common with. Thing is Aniston cannot find anyone to have something in common with cause all her interests are superficial. She is 42 in years, but 16 in maturity and spirituality.

  75. teddy says:

    non talent plastic ego balloon man chaser and homewrecker
    just too disgusting

  76. Way to go aniston.Pour some salt on Heidi’s back,you know…the place where you stuck the knife.

  77. Camille says:

    @vgdgerg, pwal and alex: I completely agree with your comments about BP. Excellently said :) .

    @Skinnybetch: I agree with you also. Its a big no thanks from me too! :lol:

  78. nemera says:

    I forgot about Heidi.

    I wonder what the Aniston fans will say. They said that a certain couple was throwing their LOVE in Aniston’s face with every interview or story. YEARS later.

    well the Heidi/Justin break up has not been years later. not even 6 months and they are living together and talking about their sex life.

    I will check out the site to see what the Aniston fans have to say about this. I’m sure there will be some spin.. but it will be fun to see the direction it takes this time. I really want Heidi to talk. But I see that neither jen or justin are saying anything live. It is all the friends that are speaking. Sounds like they are scared to rock that Heidi boat. She threw down the challenge. And I don’t see either of them picking it up.

  79. svetlana says:

    @55 Anon, that entirely too rational an explanation to be accepted. :) I think it’s possible they found out X17 was going live (helicopters overhead being a big tip off) and decided to control the message by going to People/Us.

  80. ann says:

    The next article after this one is about Chelsea Handler being a coke head. Kinda says alot about the girl next door, doesn’t it.
    I’m sure the three of them will have a ball together. An 8 ball that is.

  81. Sassy says:

    Lets ask Gwyneth Paltrow how Mr. Pitt was in the sack. Anyone see the pix of the naked Pitt when he was with Paltrow? He looked good. Was that posted here? Lets check Goop for the answer!

  82. siska says:

    if vanilla mean like jen and jtx life..easy going,freedom,rich and full of friends..I WANT to be vanilla!!!

  83. siska says:

    for a vannilla woman.she seem to do alright..than any of us..who didnt worth 100 mil,look that hot for 42 years old, has a string of hot men as her bf/hubby, and still selling mag..not bad..

  84. Lille says:

    Never understood the appeal of Aniston. I get that a lot of people in Hollywood get nose jobs/boob jobs/botox but Aniston has a fake nose, fake hair, fake tan, fillers for sure in her face, and she has been wearing colored contacts to make her eyes more blue for the longest time (there are a few photos floating around where you can see that her eyes are more hazel than the vibrant blue in this photo). Yet she acts like she’s the girl next door, if the girl next door wears $800 capri pants. And I defn. believe that she and her PR guy plant a lot of stories. Remember the whole “I will have babies” spiel to Vanity Fair, etc and how the press harasses her. Then, several years later she invites Access Hollywood to her Mexican birthday party and if she wanted a baby so badly she could have gone the Sandra Bullock route. Just, ugh.

  85. Ella says:

    She gives tit bits to magazines and Brangelina don’t?

    They do look like they have torrid sex together.

  86. smh says:

    if i were in her shoes, and had her kind of money, i would just say “eff it” about boys & relationships and whatnot. i would travel the world with my money instead, go to madagascar, go to siberia, you know, travel and discover all around the world, i would absorb all the culture, discovery out there. not just western culture, but all kinds of it. that is a way more interesting and healthy way of living imo. better than seeking the spotlight with your on and off un/real relationships, fake friends who want your money, etc. and when you are a free soul, and you live life as you are, “the one” will come to you, if it’s meant to be. you can pretty much plan a career but you can’t make plans over love, ever.

  87. Bermuda Blues says:

    I don’t think her new fella has much money of his own. I bet if they are ‘sharing’ a house he wants to contribute as much as she does to the housekeeping – this explains the ‘downgrade’ from single pad to love nest. (Usually the single pad is smaller than the love nest, but not in this case) Where as, the expensive vacation to Hawaii was a gift from Aniston to Justin for his birthday. He’s poor!

  88. Anna says:

    I can’t believe how she and her publicist, after seven years, still cannot stop taking cheap shots at Brad. What a f*cking loser.

  89. curleque says:

    Can you imagine if, after all this time, the constant “source” or “friend” is Angelina’s publicist and not JA’s?

  90. Katherine says:

    LOL at curleque and her crackpot theory. Gossip board originated stories should not be your source of info. P.S. the world isn’t flat either.

  91. The Bobster says:

    Ah, a woman after my heart. She doesn’t find sex rediculous or embarassing. Maybe it’s the fact that’s she’s older.

  92. allie says:

    Hey people who in the heck ever would believe she is making comments about their sex life?????? rumor, rumor!!

  93. LuckyLilGem says:

    Not buying it…. they’ll have to put out a sex tape.

  94. LuckyLilGem says:

    Find it unfortunate that she spent years making Angelina the villain in the break up of her marriage. Now she’s rubbing her romance callously in the face of the woman she stole Justin from? Ugh, she’s annoying and fug.

  95. Magsy says:

    I’m sorry but post Brad Pitt her taste for men is in her ass.

  96. Michele in Ohio says:

    I am no Aniston expert, but there were reports earlier this year that after selling her house in LA, she bought a one-bedroom apartment in NYC.

    The rest is really only their business. I am excited she found someone she can trust again.