Kim Kardashian in metallic Kaufman Franco: too small, too unfortunate?


Kim Kardashian flew solo at last night’s VMAs for whatever reason – I have no idea where poor Kris Humphries, her husband of less than two weeks, was last night. Kim poured herself into this silvery Kaufman Franco gown, and she was one of the few women to go full-length last night. Kim isn’t a consistent over-dresser, but she has been doing more long gowns lately, for occasions that don’t really call for them. Perhaps it has something to do with her psoriasis? She doesn’t want to show her legs.

So… are we going to talk about how Kim has gained weight? How this dress is really unflattering because it gives the illusion of “fat rolls” throughout her midsection? Are we going to talk about her “size 4” spilling out all over the place? God, I just don’t know. If you start attacking Kim’s curves, I will defend her. But if you want to go after her over her delusional self image, her outright lies about her size and her unfortunate choice to wear a too-small dress to the VMAs, go ahead.

It’s really bad from behind too! I’m not talking about the ass, I’m talking about the netting and the way the dress is cut. It’s really, really trashy. The Kardashian women just make everything look so bad, though.


By the way, Hello Magazine had more shots from Kim’s wedding. You can see more here, but I’ve included the two shots that Hello has released:




Photos courtesy of WENN, Hello Magazine.

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  1. Quest says:

    Oi..that is one unflattering dress, even for Kim.

  2. carrie says:

    she gains weight very fastly or thank you photoshop for OK pix?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    @ the Hello magazine cover. I love the photo of Kate Winslett and Richard Branson’s mum in the lower left corner. His mum looks so cute and like she still scolds him if he puts his elbows on the table! Now there’s a story! Not all fake and fame whoring like Ms. K.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Words fail me…

    But poor Kris H. was probably locked in his cage for the night.

  5. kittykittybangbang says:

    for someone that complains about people taking pictures of her butt, she sure does show it off posing. She looks like a stuffed sasuage. She looks like a chubby person that got lipo every place but her butt.

  6. machiavelli says:

    OH!!!!! TACKY! TACKY! TACKY! TACKY! TACKY! There should be a law against such visual assault!

  7. Girafe99 says:

    Chloe is the prettiest one out of them isn’t she

    Also why would a bride want everyone in her bridal party to look a bride too?

  8. L says:

    Ah the copying of Kate Middleton by having her bridesmaids wear white. Totally obvious Kim.

    But yea if she’s a size 4…..nah.

  9. Iggles says:

    She’s such a famewhore!

    Shouldn’t she be vacationing with her new husband? Instead she couldn’t stay away from the “limelight”! Looks like Kris wouldn’t play along this time.

    She’s ridiculous. Love that Beyonce and that billionaire heiress stole her thunder! Kim doesn’t understand that she and her tacky family are yesterday’s news…

  10. brin says:

    Wow, must have pigged out on the pasta in Italy. Dress is awful!

  11. Cherry says:

    @10. Size?: sorry, I can’t read read your name, but it’s probably Kris, right? The mom, not the husband.

  12. dorothy says:

    Nope, thumbs way down on the dress. She has really gained weight…and it shows in that dress.

  13. ShanKat says:

    I can’t decide whether I lovelovelove the bridal party in white, or I hate it. I have some sort of extreme emotion about it.

    Khloe looks great — the ombre hair is perfectly done — but her face looks…squishy. I hope it’s pregnancy face. Her nose looks…big. Smooshy.

    @elizabeth, Mum Branson is SO CUTE! The lower left corner of the cover is like a visual lozenge. Cleanses some of that Kim. That SUPER WHITE Kim. Bleh. She rubs me every wrong way.

  14. Roma says:

    I can’t believe how heavy handed Hello was with the photoshopping. The flowers where her midsection is supposed to be (on the left) don’t even match up.

    I think she’s already preggers.

  15. You don't say says:

    There are no words for people like her. But at least Hello put the groom on the cover too, unlike People. Was this a paid appearance too, otherwise, why is she even there.

  16. machiavelli says:

    On her weight gain…is she working with Tracy Anderson? Jessica Simpson also gained weight while working with Tracy Anderson, didn’t she?

  17. Matt says:

    Wow, she loses and gains weight really quickly. The dress is a dull fabric and it is not flattering on her figure. Her make up looks like it was done by a blind, trowel-weilding cougar, so nothing new there.

  18. INeedANap says:

    I feel like I expected something…more with her wedding gown. It’s a bit too cookie-cutter David’s Bridal for me.

  19. Scarlet Vixen says:

    On the one hand, I appreciate that there’s a ‘celebrity’ (and I use the term loosely) out there that isn’t a beanpole size 00. But on the other hand, I loathe the fact that this twat is famous for nothing more than a sex tape and whoring out their entire family. So, I don’t really know how to feel about the Kartrashians…

    That dress is unfortunate tho, isn’t it? It make her look flabby and chunky. I won’t say fat, but she looks very untoned. Except for her face–that’s still tight as hell.

  20. constance says:

    Agreed. That dress is very unflattering to her figure. It makes her look so wide! She must have had more “non-surgery plastic surgery” for her wedding. She looks very plastic and her chest looks very implanted.

  21. ladybert62 says:

    They look ridiculous together – he is a giant and she is a drawf. That is probably why they dont hold hands more often – she would be lifting her hand/arm up and that would be quite uncomfortable.

  22. grabbyhands says:

    I wonder if she did it on purpose to start talk about a possible pregnancy and stay in the press?

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    ladybert62 – He’s 6’9″ and she’s 5’2″ – you are correct, Madame. (Spoken as a 5’9″-ish woman with a 6’6″-ish man.)

  24. fabchick says:

    I like the dress, but it is obvious she has gained weight. I am built like Kim and am only 5’1 so 5 extra pounds looks like 20 on me. I can wear anything from a 6 to a size 12 so Kim being a size 4 I don’t think so but my question is where was her husband? She was there with Robin Antin. I understand a girls night out but she has only been married a week.

  25. constance says:

    @fabchick I bet MTV didn’t pay Kris Jenner money to have Kris Kardass-hump show up with his paid-for appearance “wife.”

    They will only show up together when its mutually beneficial to their money.

  26. Jackson says:

    “It felt like a fairytale.”

    …..of course it felt like a fairytale because fairytales aren’t real and neither is your sham marriage.

    And yes, that silver dress is either too small or she forgot to wear her double Spanx underneath.

  27. Redd says:

    Totally agree with Scarlet Vixen, for a whole family to get “famous” for a nasty sex tape sell out is ludicrous! Will be so relieved when the whole klan disappears.

  28. Cherry Rose says:

    Watching THS Greatest Stories on E!. and the Kardashian’s are on it, with Kim’s old face.

    She really messed up. She was so beautiful and unique looking, but decided to pass that up in order to look like a creepy blow up doll.

    And yes, I think she’s wearing long dresses because of her psorasis.

    But what is up Kim’s back? Are those stretch marks or what?

  29. Tristyn says:

    The photo shopping didn’t help at all…how could
    Pimp mama let her prized pig go out in public looking like a overly stuffed sausage ….

  30. Laurie M. says:

    Why is it that Kim K gets mad when everyone focuses on her huge @ss, but everytune she poses she has to push out her backside to the camera? Hypocrite!!

  31. Mary jones says:

    First off why is she there ? Didnt she get married two weeks ago how could she have gained weight so fast. That dress is not doing her any favors lumpy bumpy mess.

  32. jt says:

    kim need to look at her body before wear any cloth beclause if you not slim than small cloth will not fit will turnout ugly than good look she not look right when she wear many cloth because she have so much skin

  33. velourazure says:

    she needs to wear the corset she wore with her wedding gown AT ALL TIMES.

  34. velourazure says:

    a side note: do we think stripper-extensioned, middle-parted, long stringy hair trend will ever go away? so over it.

  35. palermo says:

    I’m sorry, but the only people who pose with their asses toward the camera are either ghetto or sluts. She used to be gorgeous, now she has a long horse face and her eyes are smaller. I recently saw pictures of her “original” Mom, who also has a totally different face now. Guess they frequent the same surgeon.

  36. Madisyn says:

    She does realize that since she got ‘fake’ married two weeks ago, she will be expected to make public appearance with HIM in attendance? We all know he is expendable, but so soon? That was quick.

  37. Jen says:

    Kris is probably recovering at home from getting her into the dress and getting ready to help her out of it.

    If it were about a half size or maybe a full size larger and with a better back it’d be a great dress.

  38. TG says:

    I was thinking that she is probably alread pregnant and that dress made her look even more so. I just can’t figure out why she rushed into marriage otherwise. She seems way more into him than he is into her on the show at least. Only time will tell. If she thinks she is going to get a gazelle for a daughter so she can live vicariously thru her she is mistaken. If her daughter is tall she will probably also be huge (read Kloe) and not slim like Giselle. She might be gorgeous though.

  39. Joe's Mom says:

    @Roma, I think you’re right. That dress is tight, but I first noticed her boobs look not only big, but out-of-control big. Like when you’re pregnant, and you were already big enough, and they’ve got nowhere to go but down. If this marriage lasts, I’ll be shocked. Her sisters’ relationships, yeah, there’s something there. I just don’t feel any love between Kim and Kris. And now, possibly bringing a baby into the mix, only for the purpose of ratings, famewhoring, “keeping up” with, or “out-doing” her sisters. Unbelievable. That wedding pic makes it look like she was the only one “allowed” to wear a corset to cinch in her “tiny waist”, while making her sisters look matronly. She really does believe she’s a princess with the same-color, British-style bridesmaids dresses. I could say more, but I can’t even think about these people any longer. It boggles my mind.

  40. Firecracker says:

    I hate to say it, can’t believe I am saying it, the silver dress looks good from the FRONT. The back is a holy hell of a mess. What is wrong with me today?? And where is her “husband”?

  41. KLaw says:


    HAHAHAHAHA. Love it.

  42. says:

    I didn’t know they made metal mesh shark suits into dresses?

  43. Usedtoitall says:

    Her fake butt is starting to look natural because she has gained so much weight.
    Anyways… I don’t think she’s that pretty. When her hair is in a ponytail off her face, she looks just like her mother which is not a good look
    Very plastic look on her face. Cat woman

  44. Denise says:

    Size 4? In what country? I am her height and a size 4 and her ass alone is bigger than me. She is at least an 8 or 10 and that is absolutely fine, but she needs to stop lying about her size.

  45. Mary says:

    a corset? A whalebone corset maybe. All that white the three are wearing looks like a blizzard.
    I give this marrige half a star. Done in 3 years.

  46. Embee says:

    Looks like she enjoyed her honeymoon (and bought/sized her dress beforehand)!

  47. Viv says:

    I am taking a wild guess that Kris H. will not cherish his weddings pics since he looks like a waiter in all of them.

  48. Camille says:

    It looks like KK had to be sewn into that dress, she looks stuffed into that thing. Not a good look.

    Also, her face looks like it is made of plastic.

  49. Sohpie says:

    He must be furious since he learned that 2 million people, majority Irish watched his wife sex video while he was “cherishing” her as his future wife so that’s why he did not come at VMAs. Anyways her real ass is here

    lol had to laugh so hard when I saw this. Hilarious. I think that is how her ass will become when she gets pregnant.

  50. Isa says:

    She has pretty skin.

    And her wedding dress had a corset which tucked her in.

    It appears she isn’t wearing spanx in this dress. It looks like her panites are cutting into her waist.

  51. coco says:

    jesus !!!!!!!!! her ass is huge..

  52. lucy2 says:

    The back of that dress is hideous.

  53. the original bellaluna says:

    So…many…thoughts…can’t…go…on…Spock, help me…

  54. LuckyLilGem says:

    Kim usually looks super sexy on the red carpet. What happened on her wedding day? Her photos look meh, and why did she hide her gorgeous hair?

  55. angel says:

    oooh i love chloe but wow she looked horrible at kims wedding! she look like an amazon and her face looked reallllly fat! Kim looked better at the vma’s then she looked on her own wedding she looked like a plain jane! kourtney always looks like a stuck up biatch! she thinks shes the only person in this world with a baby and she thinks she knows it ALL! and whats up with all the white? whos the bride? just shows that $ cant buy class but, it can buy a big FAT ass!