Sarah Jessica Parker in Giambattista Valli: pretty or fug?


These are new photos of Sarah Jessica Parker at the Moscow premiere of I Don’t Know How She Does It. SJP is wearing Giambattista Valli – which is okay. I don’t really think it’s her color, but I like the dress a lot. It would have looked great on SJP in a blue or purple, not this orange-red. Also: I dislike her hair here – she looks so much better with soft hair, and I have no idea why she scrapes everything back like this. And the cape is a bit much, but I think I know the reason for it, which I will get to in a moment. First, SJP wants us to know that all of those rumors about a third Sex and the City film are just that – rumors. Nothing more:

Sarah Jessica Parker may have recently said there’s more of the story to tell for “Sex and The City,” but as of right now, there are no plans to share that vision wide with a third big screen installment.

“I don’t know of a movie in the imminent, or near, or even distant future,” Sarah Jessica Parker told Access Hollywood on Thursday in New York City as she promoted her upcoming box office feature, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.”

Sarah Jessica said she and the “SATC” team would know when the time is right.

“I’ve always trusted that we’ve had a sense of when that timing, what is the right timing for a movie,” she said.

“Honestly, I’m not being cagey,” she continued. “There is no discussion currently of a ‘Sex and The City 3. Do I hold it out in my future in some way as a possibility? Of course.”

As for when it might take shape, Sarah Jessica had no answers, but she does know when it won’t happen.

“I don’t see it within the next year or so,” she said.

[From Access Hollywood]

So, we can all breathe a sigh of relief on that one. Hopefully, nothing will happen and we’ll be spared another cat-faced monstrosity masquerading as feminism.

Which brings me back to SJP and why she’s wearing a cape. A few days ago, paparazzi got shots of SJP in a sleeveless top, and HER ARMS. The photos are below, but just beware: you cannot un-see this. Whatever is happening with her arms is much, much worse than Madonna. And Angelina. And whoever else you’re thinking of. Now, I’m not saying every woman over a certain age should cover her arms – I’m seriously NOT saying that. I’m just saying that for SJP, she might think about wearing sleeves more consistently. And putting on a little weight too.





Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. palermo says:

    The dress looks good, she needs to cover up more. She is much too thin, bowlegged, arms full of bulging veins. I never understood how anybody thought she was beautiful, she truly does have a horseface.

  2. Julie says:

    What in the world can make the veins do that. I’m thin and don’t have that. Please someone tell me. Thats the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen!

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    OMG How does that happen to your arms? Whoa that picture took my breath away, I can’t even focus on the dress. How the hell does that happen to your arms? To much yoga? OMG

  4. brin says:

    Ugh, her arms are scary….she really needs to cover them in public.
    I’m happy there are no plans for “SATC: The Senior Years”.

  5. Lolaknows says:

    Julie: Photoshop will definitely make veins do that. The skin on her arms is such an unnatural colouring, that it has to be retouched to make her vein issues worse!

  6. gab says:

    Anorexia is what makes your arms look like that. Malnutrition is not pretty.

  7. Jackson says:

    Fug. Fug hair. Fug cape. Fug color. And why can I see a big white tag? Looks tacky.

  8. mia girl says:

    Is that a white tag showing on the cape in the first picture?!! I didn’t realize that couture comes with washing instructions.

    I couldn’t understand why she would wear a cape until I scrolled down and saw the picture of her arms. Now it make sense.

  9. Heatheradair says:

    here’s what I’ll say: her makeup looks nice. less severe than normal.

    other than that: b*tch needs to let her hair down and EAT.

  10. jesikabelcher says:

    Her hand almost looks green??!?!? WTH??

  11. Appel says:

    that happens if you train in the gym with have duty and lower your body fat amount a lot

  12. Appel says:

    and her hands look green because of the carwindow color

  13. velourazure says:

    omg. omg. omg.



  14. ladybert62 says:

    Ugly dress

    Disgusting, hideous arms

    Ugly face

    Ugly hair

    Get a haircut and stylist and stop with the long hair it makes you long face even longer.

  15. kieslwoski says:

    I love the Giambatista Valli dress and the color is divine.

    In ref. to the arms she needs to simply put on some weight, she is way too skinny and she works out like crazy.

  16. mannequin says:

    She looks amazing! I don’t care what anybody says, SJP is simply divine.

  17. Stubbylove says:

    Much love for SJP – but damn – those arms – it just looks like they hurt. Eat a sandwich.

  18. Jezi says:

    Women who work out and who perhaps take products to cut water weight and body fat, will produce that. The problem is, as women get older, they need the fat to stay looking youthful. Unless she’s changing professions to be a fitness model, she needs to put on some weight.

  19. mememe says:

    ok, I am certainly not a fan of the arms, but come on, I really find her cute – enough with the horseface comments! since when is something like that acceptable to say for a woman, while saying for example that an actress is fat etc is a no no area?

  20. Boo says:

    I like SJP and think the orange dress is fabulous. I LOVE that color! The tag in the cape is tragic, however, and the arms are just beyond words. I’m sure she hasn’t eaten for years, and the idea of eating probably means a loss of control for her–and we know that she prides herself on being a good actress, controlling her weight, controlling her money…so I’m sure the idea of gaining a few pounds–with the media pointing it out NEGATIVELY, as they will–terrifies her. Better tolook horrible nd thin than deal with the media repercussions of gaining even a few pounds, which must sound, to her, like failure.

  21. Pyewacket says:


  22. says:

    A vision of fug.

    And with the cape, we should just call her SuperFug.

  23. Runs with Scissors says:

    I agree with Mememe, she could have butchered her face to try to look more “acceptable” but she didn’t. I think she’s pretty and she was absolutely adorable when she was younger.

    About the arms/veins, mine pop out too when I work out a lot, even when I’m not too skinny. Working out makes your circulatory system work harder, that’s all. Like Madonna’s arms (and body builders/athletes) it’s actually a sign of a good system. Not much she can do about it. It ain’t pretty, but if being a strong and fit woman makes her feel good, and she doesn’t mind the visible veins, then why not? She doesn’t look malnourished to me, just very very fit.

  24. smh says:

    everytime when my age old eating disorders are triggered, and i decide to make a living stick out of my body, i look at her photo…. problem solved

  25. Leigh says:

    ugh.. I used to LOVE SJP.
    She is not aging well.. I don’t think she should HAVE to cover her arms just because some people don’t like looking at them.. but I do think she should up her body fat.. When we age, we have to change our routines, and she doesn’t seem to be taking that into account in her fitness regimine..

  26. Katyusha says:

    Oh Jesus. Just because her arms looks like that does not mean she has anorexia.

    Working out makes your arms look like that. My arms look like that too, right after I work out; except not as bad because I’m not as buff and have more body fat than she does. But I still get the veins on my forearms and wrists.

  27. katspeakz says:

    In the top pic with the cape, her arms look thin, but normal. Her arms look scarier in the other pic because she’s carrying something heavy. It looks like she has a suitcase in each hand. That’s why her muscles are tensed and she’s all veiny. (although she’s so veiny because she’s so thin. But IMHO I don think she looks anorexic.)

  28. mimi says:

    Did she leave the tag inside the cape so she could return it??? tee hee

  29. Truthful says:

    well I wonder what Bethanny’s arms look like then, geesh.

  30. manda says:

    she wore the louboutin lion paw shoes with this dress. they are hideous.

  31. e.non says:

    have never understood the extreme hatred for her. but she sure does bring out the ugly in others.

  32. Maureen says:

    I like her, how could you not after Sex and the City?!?! And I think she can look beautiful. Her arms look that way because she is sooooo lean. It does not look good. Eat a cheeseburger SJP, it won’t kill you.

  33. DrM says:

    SJP IS actually a pretty woman…remember when she was pregnant with her son? She looked really good. And she could look lovely again but she is far too thin. She actually looks scary, as in her weight is so low it is a health concern.

    Having worked in public health I can say unequivocally that this is NOT a healthy weight. IS NOT.

    What is worrisome is that women look at pictures like this and think “why can’t i look like this??” I can assure you, to get to this size, and regardless of what she may say to the contrary (I don’t know if she does, I’m just stating), SJP is eating very little and working out a great deal. Extremely low levels of body fat are as bad for women/men as high ones are.

    I feel very sorry for SJP. I really do. To allow yourself to get to this state and the kind of mindset and construction of ‘self’ it would take to maintain it would be very hard and very lonely. My heart goes out to her. Get help if need be chica…eat something please.

  34. Emily says:

    Holy what-are-those Batman? She really needs to put on some weight, she’s looking more gaunt the older she gets.

  35. bugsy says:

    I haven’t always liked her movies, and I never saw Sex and the City, either the tv series or the movies. I like her. One thing I really like about her is how she didn’t change her face because everyone critiqued it. She’s got a distinct nose, chin, etc, and I love that she’s kept it all. She’s far from “ugly” in my opinion, it’s just that we’re so used to looking at tweaked out, surgically enhanced “beauties” that we’ve forgotten how people are supposed to look. She’s got the balls to keep her own face in an industry where most (if not all) of the women have undergone a LOT of surgery. I respect and admire her for that.
    as far as her arms: she needs to stop working out so much. As far as her clothes, I hate everything about that dress except the color. And I like the hair.

  36. alllison says:

    “How the hell does that happen to your arms?”

    It’s a combination of weight training and age. The blood vessels expand to accommodate greater blood flow while working out. In a younger person, they only take a little while to snap back. As you age, you lose elasticity and the vessels stay enlarged.

    She looks healthy and muscular over all, but it’s a shame about the arms.

  37. Svetlana says:

    She kinda looks like an orange witch. An orange Elphaba.

  38. theaPie says:

    I agree with DrM. I am the same age as SJP and I have to watch that I don’t get too thin because I am naturally veiny and muscular from years of activity as well.

  39. Sinder says:

    I would much rather have her arms (or Madonna’s) than some fat, jiggly, lumpy looking arms.

  40. Magsy says:

    Poor Jessica she’s just never been pretty. Kinda cute sometimes in a Drag Queeny way with the right hair. But she looks like the Red Witch of the North with that ridiculous dress. Whats up with her and Madge showing off their gnarly arms too. Yikes. I’d rather see angel wing arms.

  41. culmination says:

    she is seriously hideous. isn’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  42. Stephen says:

    If you love Sarah Jessica Parker, then you should buy a pair of boots that she signed! It helps a good cause!