Adele covers Vogue UK, says her weight “has just never been an issue”


Adele is the cover girl for the October issue of Vogue UK. Aren’t these shots pretty? She is just so beautiful, but I’m getting slightly tired of the way magazines treat Adele’s pictorials. They’re always covering her up in the photo shoots, and then they just put a head shot on the cover. I mean, her face is gorgeous and she’s very photogenic, but I feel like magazine editors don’t want to show Adele’s figure on the cover because she isn’t a size zero.

The editor of Vogue UK, Alexandra Shulman, says in her editor’s letter: “Our cover girl, Adele, has won over the world with her heartbreaking voice and her ability to seem as if she very much herself… One of the interesting facts of celebrity is that we, the admirers, usually find some particular aspect of our favourite stars to focus on and that generally become ‘the point of them’. We like them to be a certain way, and often take a long time to accept any change. So Adele’s very normality, her down-to-earth determination not to compromise herself, has become as much a part of her USP as, for example, Madonna’s constant, deliberate reinvention.” The Mail has some excerpts from Adele’s interview:

While many young singers are obsessed with staying slim there is one star that makes no apology for her fuller figure. And in a revealing interview singing sensation Adele says she is happy just the way she is and her voluptuous shape has never been an issue.

Speaking to Vogue the 23-year-old who also posed for a series of stunning portraits said: ‘I enjoy being me; I always have done. I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, you know, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I just don’t want that in my life.’

And it seems the people she surrounds herself with ensure she maintains a positive self-image.

She explained: ‘It’s just never been an issue – at least, I’ve never hung out with the sort of horrible people who make it an issue. I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.’

Adele, who was forced to cancel the first two dates of her U.K. tour yesterday because of a severe cold and chest infection, has also revealed why you won’t see her as the face of a brand anytime soon, no matter how high the offer is.

She told the magazine: ‘I don’t want to see me plastered everywhere,’ before adding, ‘If they offered me £10million, I’d be like f*** off. Besides if I was going to be the face of anything it should be the face of full-fat coke.’

Adele’s star just keeps on rising her second album 21 has sold over 3.5million copies and broke the solo female artist record for staying at number one for eleven weeks. But while she is currently in higher demand than ever the singer has been forced to cancel the first two dates of her U.K. tour because of ill health.

In a blog post to her website she explained: ‘im as useless as a slug right now, ive had a rotten cold,’ before adding: ‘id rather not do a show, then not do a good one for you. (sic)’

Adele is scheduled to perform in Cardiff on Wednesday.

[From The Mail]

See, I never know with English people – is Adele being typically English and self-effacing, or is she just bringing up her weight because it’s better to be the first person to make a joke about it, because she’s so used to being criticized? I want to believe her, I want to think that she surrounds herself with cool people who think she’s beautiful (she is), but I worry about her. I don’t get her answer to the question about modeling and endorsing brands – unless she’s worried that she’ll bring a lot of criticism on herself about her body.




Photos courtesy of Vogue UK.

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  1. gee says:

    I think everyone is missing a chance to display some gorgeous clothes on a beautiful girl. it’s ok that she’s not a size 0, they shouldn’t hide her body. Life gives you lemons, right? Work with what you’ve got!

  2. Green_Eyes says:

    She is so beautiful! And DAMN glad to see a curvy woman on Vogue showing that curves are sexy, beautiful, and to be embraced! BRAVO Adele & VOuge!

  3. Eve says:

    Her face is gorgeous!

    I don’t like those nails though — and the way they’ve been photoshopped made it look like she has claws.

  4. Rose says:

    Jesus, why does Vogue need to discuss her weight at all.

  5. gloaming says:

    Saw her on Jonathan Ross’s new chat show on Saturday night, where she let it slip she’ll be doing the new Bond theme.
    She’s someone I’d love to go out for a drink with! She’s be such a laugh…..

  6. Ell says:

    I think she’s just being honest. Obviously the image thing does matter over here in the UK but not so much as Hollywood for instance. She sounds pretty evolved, it is about the people you have around you.

    I miss the days when people would focus on the voice and music. That said, she’s absolutely beautiful.

  7. J says:

    I think she’s so beautiful. That cover is gorgeous.

  8. LeManda says:

    She looks amazing but I agree.They need to stop with the way they are only printing head shots of her. What are they worried about? That we will be disgusted by a women with curves? We’ve all seen her sing, so there would be no shock. Besides I’m more grossed out by the skin and bones they do choose to print!

  9. Mimi says:

    She is a GODESS!!! So beautiful and incredibly talented. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

  10. Addie says:

    Adele is really talented.

    Just feel like she is becoming too over exposed.
    That is not a good thing with the kind of music she sings.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of mystery.

  11. Callie says:

    I know everyone on this site seems to love Adele, but I really can’t stand her. I think if she was secure about her weight she wouldn’t make such an issue of telling everyone about how fine she is with being a bigger girl. I have not read one interview where she hasn’t mentioned it… although that could be the interviewer bringing it up. Either way I really can’t stand her, she just seems so miserable and rude all the time.

  12. VintageBum says:

    Adele is indeed a beautiful girl but I think magazines including Vogue who are scared of putting a curvy woman on the cover as they are afraid to lose credibility

  13. Rita says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but there appears to be very little photo-shopping going on in these pictures. Make-up, yes but not shopping. No photo-shop on a mag cover? Love it.

    As to her weight, I have to call bullshit. She probably has a degree of mental fatigue about it. You know, “I’m tired of thinking about it all the time, so f-it. I’ll think about it later”. It’s very natural.

    Hope she appreciates her beauty and talent. Appreciation of ones self makes the pounds fade away.

  14. Quest says:

    Talented and beautiful all wrapped up in one.

  15. Estella says:

    What is “full-fat coke”?

  16. queenz says:

    enjoy taking pills for the rest of your life trying to manage hypertension, diabetes, and osteoarthritis from the extra weight youre carrying around…..

  17. Lily says:

    I don’t understand the hype about Adele. She hasn’t such an amazing voice, her songs are flat and mainly unoriginal, and her live performances are boring because she shows no passion. Alright, she doesn’t get naked on stage and she knows how to play more than two notes, that adds to her favor, but that doesn’t make her better. She’s beautiful, though, I can’t deny that.

  18. Lacey says:

    She is so very beautiful, inside and out! I hope she knows that too.

  19. Duh says:

    I really like Adele’s music but she looks so much older than 23. 0o

  20. manda says:

    I got the impression from her quote that she doesn’t want to do ads because she doesn’t want to see ads of herself on buses or billboards, etc. she is supposed to be very shy, so I thought that made sense. but I’m sure there are some body issues in there, too!

  21. eva maria says:

    She is british. they dont have a weight problem over there. they are all like that. unless you are on drugs (amy winehouse, kate moss, for example) or in full time diet (posh). but in uk, it is okay to be over weight.

    and to the person who said that fat people can have some health issues: darling, these days, who is 100% health?

  22. GimmeABreak says:

    @ Rose…I agree. Her weight shouldn’t have even come up. She’s a singer, not a model.

  23. snappy81 says:

    She looks gorgeous and those photos are stunning! Wow!

  24. corey says:

    I’m trying to think of a comment about her weight….or something. I’m so mesmerized by the pictures, she photographs beautifully.

  25. Jaded says:

    Fer cryin’ out loud, she’s not morbidly obese, she’s a big zaftig girl and she’s proud of it. She wants people to listen to her music, not obsess over her weight and I gotta hand it to her, she’s being absolutely blunt and honest about not giving a flying f*ck about her size. A great role model and a great talent, and I like that she’s not endorsing a million products to make more money – finally a celebrity who isn’t jumping on the gravy train..(coughcoughTaylorSwiftcoughcough).

  26. aenflex says:

    She is so loved. Nevermind that she’s a little pudgy, better than being stick thin and and obsessive. She is REAL. Hope that doesn’t change

  27. embertine says:

    Er, eva maria, we Brits do worry about our weight as well, and it’s not OK to be overweight here. It’s just that in Britain we tend to go by the medical definition rather than the Hollywood one; ergo, Adele is fat but not obese, and Posh is anorexic rather than gorgeous.

    ETA: I guess it’s one of those situations where you don’t recognise someone else’s description of your country! I was talking at the weekend to someone who thinks literally all Americans are obese, which I thought was nuts.

  28. jover says:

    Beautiful cover but i still would like to see fashion models on the covers of the fashion/womens/lifestyle mags; but Adele certainly is a refreshing change from the worn out covers of: beyonce,riri, jen, jho (jlo), katy perry, xtina, sjp, boobs lively,etc. – all of whom should never be on another cover, haven’t they been on enough to saturate the public and their own egos and narcissism?

  29. Sue says:

    You Guy are complaining about Magazines only doing head shots, but did you ever think its Adele that doesn’t what to the body shots. In most of her videos she sitting down and on red carpets and in TV interviews she wearing black boring outfits; while I think she ok with her size I think she also insecure about it and wants to blend in and not stand out. She knows she has a beautiful face and great hair and what’s to show that off.

  30. cat says:

    so, um, for a little bit of reality, it used to be a position that artists – typically musicians – would take the higher road by not doing corporate gigs or sponsored endorsements. It’s so not prevalent now that you don’t even know what she’s talking about! when I see a highly paid actor doing commercials, I think why? they already have a high profile and they have enough money, why?? sometimes it dilutes them as a ‘brand’ and for musicians this was supposed to be an area you ‘would not go.’ you don’t hear about it so much anymore and in the world you cover of mainstream celebrities, they do it everyday without blinking. but I’d surmise that’s where she is coming from.

  31. pwal says:

    Sad that 30 years later, they’re still pulling ‘the Ann Wilson’ on thick female singers.

  32. Meg says:

    ‘I’ve never hung out with the sort of horrible people who make it an issue. I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.’
    you don’t believe her? why would anyone willingly hang out with people who tell them to their faces they’re fat? it shows that adele has self esteem
    and it is possible that she doesn’t want to be over exposed and have her face everywhere, she seems like someone who enjoys a normal private life. this may have nothing to do with her body, shocking as that may seem. adele seems to have much less of a problem with her body than everyone else does. you say you ‘love’ adele but you yourself seem to have big problems with her body

  33. palermo says:

    I’m sure she means full fat coke = not diet. I’m kind of disgusted that Vogue will not show her body, but we know the cadaverous look is all they are about.

  34. LAK says:

    @ Estelle 19, ‘Full Fat coke’ is a british expression for normal coke as opposed to ‘diet’ coke. the joke being that diet food has all or some of the fat removed.

  35. coucou says:

    Hey, magazine editors and photographers, enough of the face already, we want to see all of her!

    MY gawd, if she were a skinny bitch, we’d have probably seen her half naked by now.

    Please don’t change, Adele!

  36. rachel says:

    Yeah and that’s why they only show her from certain angles and mostly the face… c’mon.

  37. layla says:

    @Eve –
    I think her nails are actually LIKE that. Or at least they were when she performed for the mtv music awards the other week.

    I’m hot and cold with Adele – Yes, I think she is SUPREMELY talented but don’t always feel the love for her like everyone else.

    And I can not believe she is only 23!!!

  38. Lady D says:

    Thanks Lak, I was wondering what full-fat coke was also. I thought she was a lot older than 23 too.

  39. anon says:

    Raw, genunine talent doesnt need theatrics, back up dancers/singers, PR stunts (ahem pregnancy annoucement)…or to look like a cookie cutter sexed up poptart. She blew EVERYONE away at the awards show and all she had to do was stand up with a piano player and sing LIVE! I hope she stays true to her gorgeous talented self. I’d love to see her do a duet with Annie Lennox and or Elton John!

  40. cailinos says:

    I heard Adele only recently, thinking ‘who is this person who sounds like a weak Amy Winehouse’. Whatever about that, and my ignorance of pop, let her beware the evil snare of Vogue. Look at the much-lauded curves of Sophie Dahl…magically lost with no effort and no such intention whatsoever (yeah..)

  41. Eve says:

    @ Layla:

    Eesh! Then I don’t like her nails…but I still think the cuticles — at least that part where the nail itself meets the finger’s skin — are too perfect (they’ve been definitely photoshopped).

  42. Layzo says:

    Adele is gorgeous. I love that she isn’t a size zero. She’s so talented and soulful. She reminds me of modern day Janis Joplin. Of course Vogue has to bring up her weight. {rolls eyes}

    I hope that all of sudden she does not feel the need to cave into that pressure and try to become a size zero or something. Beauty is accepting who you are and working with what you got.

  43. lisa says:

    I love the head shots.. I think anyone not a fashion model should just do head shots. There are VERY few faces that can handle a full cover. She has one of those faces. Which is why the others are put into horrible outfits that are worn over and over by everyone. The pictures become about the cloths and not the Woman featured. She looks older because of the makeup. She wears a lot of it. but I have seen her without it and she looks younger. Baby like in a way.

    So Vogue didn’t put a curvy woman on the cover. Just the FACE of the woman.

    but yeah I heard her talk on an Entertainment show and was floored by her voice. not in a good way, but her singing voice makes me cry. so beautiful.

  44. LeeLoo says:

    Women like Adele have a little more of an amazing voice because she’s heavier. She’s able to carry her voice better.

    Many of you probably have no idea who Maria Callas is but she was an opera singer in the 40s and 50s. When Maria began her career she was about 200 lbs and sometime in the 50s she lost about 60-75 lbs. The weight loss changed her voice entirely, at first for the good, but by the end of the 50s she had damaged her voice so badly by straining it and it has been theorized her weight loss is what ultimately ruined her voice.

    Adele has that same type of voice that I think requires her to be a little extra heavy. I think those around her may understand that concept and that’s why she’s very nonchalant about her weight. I can’t see Adele having the same voice if she lost 50 lbs, can you? I think she knows that part of her husky voice comes from being a bit huskier herself. Besides she’s stunning as is, I just hope Vogue has the sense to one day put her fuller figure on the magazine cover.

    Until 3 days ago I would not have cared who Adele was but on Friday I realized that song I have loved all summer that I didn’t know the name to was Rolling in the Deep.

  45. kibbles says:

    I am so tired of weight being brought up in every magazine interview with any female celebrity who isn’t below a size 6. The weight issue is always out there haunting every woman with a curvy figure because it is always brought up. The media does this constantly with Kate Winslet and Christina Hendricks. Now it’s Adele. In a perfect world, a talented woman would never have to discuss her weight. The focus should be on a woman’s accomplishments (being an Oscar/Emmy/Grammy winner, for example), not how much they weigh.

  46. cailinos says:

    Best not mention how Callas kept her weight down! Bleurgh. I should think Onassis played a part in it too, whittling her down with misery.
    But you’re right, great female singers often have (at least) large chests. (Coincidentally, since Kate Winslet is under discussion elsewhere, it was in the book ‘Mildred Pierce’ that I first heard about this physical blessing, making Mildred’s daughter a celebrated singer.)

  47. scotchy says:

    well i am glad vogue is working with a pop star that doesn’t look overly made up and that actually has some talent.
    but i have to admit, i am in the camp of people that don’t think adele is all that great.
    there are so many fantastic original singers out there, and though her voice is good, she isn’t really one of them. i just don’t get it….

  48. penquin says:

    @ Maria

    No not every1 in britain is overweight thankyou v.much. Im on the lower end of healthy weight and ive never been on a diet in my life or done drugs. So sick of these lies.

  49. Layzo says:

    @leeloo. I do know who Maria Callas is. She is a legend! I grew up listening to my father belt out operas so it’s been a love of mine since childhood.

    yes, that would make sense. To have that powerful voice. You need to have some weight. I just hope she doesn’t change because I think she is perfect just the way she is. You should listen to it live. It’s bone chilling.

    I couldn’t stop listening to it.

  50. Valerie says:

    I just hate the fact that no one is allowed to smile in these ‘fashion’ magazines. You’d think they would want to show happy people wearing the clothes, not miserable people. “Buy this dress and you can be miserable too!” Stupid.

  51. LeeLoo says:

    @Cailinos True. The constant vomiting probably didn’t help Callas’ voice either.

  52. Jules says:

    Big deal, she is a little overweight, does anyone ask CeeLo Green about his weight?

  53. djork says:

    She’s glorious. Just stop smoking, please.

  54. irishserra says:

    I think she’s beautiful; I think her voice is beautiful; but I also think she reeks of insecurity and is blatantly self-effacing in defense, which I tend to find very unappealing. People who are genuinely happy with themselves don’t respond to criticisms (or perceived criticisms) the way this girl does. I hope she can find a way to be comfortable in her own skin.

  55. Phoenix says:

    She’s so beautiful but I find it hard to believe that her weight has NEVER been an issue. I’ve been all kinds of different weights, and when I’ve been heavier I’ve been all ‘ I don’t care’, and sometimes I didn’t, but every now and again I would. Maybe Adele is just a lot stronger that that? I’m not convinced though, I don’t know any overweight people who are happy about their size, even if they don’t talk about it often.

  56. shiba says:

    Clothes provided for the shoots are by designers who advertise in Vogue & are in sample sizes 2/4. There’s probably a connection – “just” business(!)

  57. Amanda G says:

    I don’t believe for a second that her weight isn’t an issue for her personally, but I love her anyway. What a talent!

    @Lily – I can understand if you might not like her voice, but to say her songs are flat? Her songs are soulful, deep and about her heartbreak. I know “love” is a common subject in music, but what exactly is “original” to you?

  58. smh says:

    I like it that she doesn’t sound like she lost her “real self” the way it happens to a lot of people after they get famous. I hope she won’t ever let it get into her head and just keeps doing her own thing.

  59. Danziger says:

    @ Amanda G – I can name you thousands of more vocally and instrumentally talented musicians whose songs are deep, soulful and about heart break. What sets her apart from others is that she managed to breach the mainstream. She’s nice to listen to when driving, but honestly, nothing special. In fact I think her success lies in her appearance. Her music is accessible and she herself is accessible because she doesn’t physically portray an image of inaccessibility. It’s easy to relate to her. And that’s all that there is. So I don’t get the hype either.

    That said, she does have very beautiful eyes.

  60. Chloeee says:

    Cailinos: Adele and Amy kin of popped onto the scene at the same time so I don’t think it was an issue of one ‘sounding like the other’ it’s like Etta James and Billie Holiday-both incredibly soulful songstresses with a slightly different sound. Amy was more gravelly, Adele more ranging, but both enormously talented. I also suggest you watch Adele live, it is literally effortless.

  61. Aviatrix says:

    I love Adele the way I love the Hamm! I’ll take it any way I can get it!

  62. Lewis says:

    Agree with you she looks nice but she resmblece 1 girl in danity kane but i forget her name hahah

  63. cailinos says:

    Excellent exposition, thnx. Never meant to imply a copy-cat scenario…twas more that I actually noticed Adele’s voice, whereas I blank out just about all other female pop yodellers these days, who either have adenoid problems or avalanche-causing screeches.
    Anyone who comes close to the divine Dusty Springfield is alright in my book, and that’s what I heard in Adele.

  64. cailinos says:

    BTW, since the thread is about the image: her nails in the pix are yer actual 1960s-style nails. You’d see women on buses, on the tube, filing away (with metal nail files) to keep that essential pointy look. (But they were surely more elegant than today’s squared off stickons that extend into one’s neighbour’s garden?!)

  65. NancyMan says:

    I’m too old to know who this is. But, nice pictures. Very retro.

    Glad to know she’s only a little overweight. That seems to be OK with most of you. Thank God she’s not bald. (See next posting on Prince Albert) Everyone seems to think that is unforgivable.

    PS I doubt she’s in the same league with Dusty Springfield. I do know who that was!

  66. HotLatino says:

    She is curvy? Salma and Sofia are curvy, Adele, I’m afraid, isn’t.

  67. Maichal says:

    But Something like Katy perry

  68. tsktsk says:

    I heard a hard core Rihanna and Gaga stan say the other day she is all hype and has a mediocre voice. *blank stare*

    Her sales shitted on everybody this year, so it isn’t hype–it’s well deserved success. A lot of those gaga, bey, katy, and rihanna stans were fans of Adele until they realize she was a threat to their fave. It’s ridiculous. Adele is blowing up like she is because she is a breath of fresh air from the pop tarts. When she sings live, she sounds just like(if not better) her cd. Imagine that. And, I would rather have a whole interview of her talking about weight instead of saying shit for controversy. coughrihanna&gagacough

    People have gotten so caught up in singers and their images that they now expect ALL singers to have one. Once upon a time, all singers had to do was sing and make good music. Who care if she is heavy set? Who cares if she wears black all the time. A lot of singers and their careers are image based to distract away from a complete lack of talent. She has IT, so she needs nothing else.

  69. Nick says:

    She’s looks fat but sweet . i don’t know hows she?

  70. Violet says:

    I happen to think she’s attractive at whatever weight, but she gets a lot of negative press about her weight so it’s disingenuous of her to claim that it’s never been an issue. Maybe it hasn’t to the people in her life, but the reality is that it is most definitely something she gets criticized about on an ongoing basis.

    Furthermore, magazines like Vogue promote the cultural ideal of beauty being skinny so I’m surprised she even gave them the time of day.

  71. cailinos says:

    Dusty was indeed in a very exclusive, SuperPremiership league. But this young woman Adele at least seems to keep the flame alive, and Amy Winehouse, singing ‘Love is a Losing Game’, for example, gave me spine shivers I recall from D S’s ‘Going Back.’

  72. Camille says:

    @tsktsk: Excellent comment, I agree with you.

    Adele is utterly gorgeous. I love that cover shot. She is my main girl crush at the moment, I adore her.
    I hope she keeps her humble and down to earth attitude forever. If she ever becomes another Jennifer Hudson type, I have to admit I would become disappointed in her.

  73. tsktsk says:


    You can name thousands? Really? Okay, go ahead.

  74. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Yeah, I am very tired of every time magazines interview a curvy girl they do a closeup of her face and that’s it. We all know she’s not size 4 and that’s cool. Adele isn’t a model, she’s a singer, show her whole body.

  75. hatsumomo says:

    DAMN! I love those lashes!

  76. Flan says:

    Great woman.

    And I think by the time 2021 rolls about, we’ve all had time enough to get used to her weight and can start talking about other things.

  77. Ron says:

    It must suck to be anything other than Gisele Bunchen. She is the only one pretty enough and thin enough to escape criticsm…. but she is getting older and losing it and her moment of true beauty is fleeting. I really wish the judgement over weight withing a normal realm would end. Adele is am amzingly talent woman and when I look at her I see an amazingly talented woman, whose music moves me.

  78. carrie says:

    the pix look very photoshopped because she looks alike an overweight Emily Blunt and i guess she ‘s very insecure with his body (she really covers her body)contrary to THE GOSSIP’s Beth Ditto

  79. Danziger says:

    @ Tsk tsk – oh I would. Unfortunately both you and I know that one person can’t have the patience to write them all down just to prove some anon wrong. The fact is that Adele’s talented all right, but not talented enough to garner the attention she has (I mean, seriously. Look at this comment section, it’s nuts), which seems more to do with the fact that she with her music and appearance is something that’s not common in current mainstream but abound in underground, and everybody who has failed to dig deeper than what ever comes off the radio, looks at her as some sort of second coming of musical Jesus. And that bothers me. Just like it bothered me when they made Lady Gaga look like someone bigger than she really was, and don’t you dare tell me that Gaga’s vocal talents can’t match Adele’s, and I’m saying this as someone who really doesn’t like Gaga.

    Am I entitled to my opinion? Of course I am.

  80. SEF says:

    I highly doubt Adele just offers up a discussion of her weight in every interview. She’s answering questions that I’m sure are annoying. Why does she have to be extremely talented AND have a perfect body?

  81. Blanchette says:

    Regular Coke hasn’t any fat in it (nor does any soda), just loads of sugar. There’s no such thing as “full-fat” soda.

    I don’t know anything about her, but based on the way she speaks she sounds rather uneducated.

  82. Tazina says:

    I think her weight does bother her because she’s always dressed in dark colors. Anyone I know who doesn’t give a hoot about their weight wears white pants or whatever they feel like wearing.

    Wearing black makes you look 6% thinner, apparently.

  83. LAK says:

    @ Blancette re your statement below:

    Regular Coke hasn’t any fat in it (nor does any soda), just loads of sugar. There’s no such thing as “full-fat” soda.

    I don’t know anything about her, but based on the way she speaks she sounds rather uneducated.


    In defense of our british colloquial expressions, you should know that ‘Full Fat’ coke isn’t a reference to fat content of coke or any soda. We use it to mean regular coke as opposed to diet and whilst am here explaining, i would add that we use the term ‘full fat’ in front of any food item if said item has a diet variation irrespective of what has been removed to create the diet version.

    It came into usage because the earliest diet products used to have all or some of the fat removed to make them so, based upon the idea that fat was bad for you.

  84. Emily says:

    Ugh! I am so sick of people talking about her weight. When I saw her at the VMAs I thought – God, she’s not even big and all anyone ever talks about is how she’s fat. And I’m sure she has to keep answering those questions because people who work at Vogue and other magazines can’t believe there’s someone who is happy at a size larger than 2.

  85. Cleo says:

    Wow, second to Rihanna, I have never seen anyone else rock that unflattering nude lip color and STILL look fetching.

  86. scotchy says:

    i second everything you have said thus far, and couldn’t agree more.
    Now, i don’t know if i could name thousands of singers that are far superior, but i could name hundreds.
    its nice to see a post that actually makes sense, and isn’t just a gush. i take it you are a real music fan. which is fantastic.

  87. misspdx says:

    I saw her preform at the Edgefield in Oregon a few weeks ago..she was wonderful, FUNNY and the best live voice ( Besides Nina Simone ) Ive ever heard.

    Cheers to Adele! She is a real woman

  88. lucy2 says:

    Those photos are gorgeous! She really is lovely.

    I’m guessing she only discussed weight at all because the interviewer brought it up. I honestly think that’s the only reason she ever discusses it. I hope the “horrible people who make it an issue” was a swipe at the magazine itself for even asking.

  89. Pirouette says:

    It seems impossible to subvert the mainstream value system. Like all other women, Adele will only be valued for how she looks. Unless women realize the reality they are living and speak out against it, in their coffee shops, bars, schools, workplaces, homes, etc…, the world will continue to hate them.

  90. Erika says:

    I think she’s beautiful and perfect just as she is and I think they shouldnt hide her body! It’s great she has curves!! REAL WOMEN DO!! she looks AMAZING and I love her style:-)

  91. PrettyAdeLe says:

    she had the most prettiest face in today’s music industry whoever says she’s ugly and fat must die butt naked in front of many people…i really love her greeneesh eyes they’re so pretty though she wears artificial eyelashes

  92. hippolover says:

    Does Vogue even NEED to bring up her weight at all? And she’s beautiful and honestly, not even that fat. But it doesn’t matter, she is my favorite singer ever!!! Go ADELE!