Teresa Giudice’s tacky vow renewal ceremony on In Touch, how did they afford it?

Teresa Guidice and her squt alcoholic husband take the cover of In Touch with their tacky over-the-top vow renewal ceremony. Inside, there’s barely a mention of the couple’s massive financial problems and their compulsive overspending, typified in this ridiculous show of the wealth they’ve stolen from the creditors they’re now stiffing. The article is all about how their vow renewals are a new beginning for them, and how Teresa trusts and loves Joe despite his verbal abuse, which was shown on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Just as there’s no mention of their bankruptcy and Joe’s shady mafia business, there’s no mention of his rumored cheating, either. It’s like the story is straight from Teresa, similar to other stories we’ve seen in In Touch. I’ll include a little bit here, but I want to focus more on the showy vow renewal they had.

Teresa insists that Joe is Prince Charming. And recently, she set out to prove it – with a fairy-tale-themed second wedding at Long Island, NY’s Oheka Castle, which included everything from a horse-drawn carriage to a tearful renewal of their vows to an extravagant gown that was truly worthy of a princess. “I was just so happy,” Teresa tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. “Marriage means for better or worse. We’ve been through a lot, and if anything, it’s just made us stronger…

“I wanted to show my girls that marriage is really important, as is being faithful to one another,” Teresa explains. “I wanted to show our love for each other – I wanted them there to witness it.”

Indeed, the ceremony seemed like something tailor-made by a devoted mom to please her little girls – from the princess-like theme and the pretty pink dresses she chose for them to wear, to the huge chocolate cake and the surprise visit by tween heartthrob Kevin Jonas…

Their over the top wedding
At the end of the ceremony, Teresa and Joe sweetly exchanged new rings, elegant bands designed by Zaven Ghanimian, designer and creative director of Simon G. jewelry.

Teresa and Joe chose a decadent five-tiered chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream from Spatula Sweets by Jessica Hagenbuch, which the girls devoured.

Floral designer Kenji Takenake for Noir Hanna International selected hydrangeas, garden roses and passion vine to create a lush and romantic ambiance.

[From In Touch, print edition, September 19, 2011]

So they’re deep in dept, having just filed for bankruptcy, and are trying to stiff their creditors by hiding assets. How they hell did they pay for this? Did they get comped stuff in exchange for publicity. Did In Touch give them enough money for the photos to cover the costs? It’s possible, but I can’t see how In Touch ever recouped that in increased sales or anything. This family is a trainwreck but I doubt anyone bought this issue for the trashy Giudices.

In terms of the relationship between Joe and Teresa, I haven’t watched the show in a while and I don’t feel qualified to comment on it. He strikes me as an asshole and she’s a dumb shrill bitch, so maybe they’re perfect for each other. I guess Joe bellowed at Teresa on the show recently that he had dumped her back when they were dating and she “came crawling back.” Teresa defended him in this article and said “He was drunk, in his own home and upset. I get where he is coming from… You really have to know him to know it’s not malicious.” Kaiser says she’s seen some of it recently and that Joe hates Teresa’s family, is fighting with her brother and wants out of the marriage. It’ll be over Teresa’s dead body, judging from this story.

These photos are from In Touch, and there are many more in the current print edition.


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  1. brin says:

    You’d be amazed at what you can find at the dollar store these days.

  2. lucy2 says:

    They should have spent that money on receding her hairline a bit.

    I HATE people like this – run up debts, don’t pay, cause hardship for everyone else, and then continue to do whatever they want. Hope all these vendors got paid in advance. I’m guessing they got a lot comped for publicity, but still.

  3. gee says:

    Even Graceland would think this is tacky. My God.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Cue the separation (divorce) announcement in 3…2…1…

    (Vow renewals generally don’t end well.)

    Nasty, tacky, disgusting people; all the “real housewives” – every. single. one.

  5. jc126 says:

    That show is tortuous to watch (I am subjected to it involuntarily). She is insufferable, the absolute worst person on that idiot program.
    He supposedly has a love child on the side with the mistress; I’d watch willingly if the show addressed that issue.

  6. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Dude looks like a lady.

  7. Laurie M. says:

    Probably a different family member charged up all the wedding expenses and is filing bid bankruptcy right now!! It’s all about stiffing people out of the money they are owed. I can’t wait for the day these two are behind bars for their illegal activities. Maybe Teresa wanted to remind Juicy Joe that he was happily married before going to prison & becoming some guy’s boyfriend!!
    I can’t stand them…can you tell?!

  8. Your mama says:

    I think Bravo always foots the wedding bill for all vow renewals.

  9. Sami says:

    i think she’s so elegant, and beautiful. good for her for being able to have her fantasy wedding. she deserves it. can’t get over how gorgeous she looks in her dress…even BETTER than cinderella, i must say!

  10. Narsa says:

    It looks like a big fat gypsy wedding where’s the travelers ? Oh wait I do see a couple of husslers & con artists .. Kate gosselin did the same thing to her kids in Hawaii for show , I guess it’s the thing to do when your on tv & want to save something & prove to everybody an image .. They just couldn’t help themselves ..

  11. daisydoodle says:

    I’m afraid to say it….I buy In Touch when I’m at the airport, it has a perfect crossword puzzle that I can do before the pilot allows me to turn on my Ipad, so I’m the crazy lady that reads In Touch. That being said cannot stand this wench….and her spawn

  12. The Original Ashley says:

    I was wondering where they got the money for all this too. Who in their right mind would schill out money for them?

    I also seem to remember a rumor from last year about Joe seeing some [stupid] Italian chick (younger and apparently very beautiful, in other words out of his league). They used to send each other messages through twitter (in Italian) and someone let it leak on IMDB. It wasn’t anything to salacious but it did seem like they were having an affair. Funny how there was never any mention of it.

  13. Melissa says:

    I think vow renewals are absolutely ridiculous. I think they are usually something the rich do..and they usually do them to try to prove that their marriage is not in trouble, when in fact it usually is. It’s such a desperate ploy for attention.

  14. Jb says:

    Hahahahaha- good one, Sami! I’m still laughing!

  15. Samigirl says:

    LMAO@Brin. That’s freaking hysterical.

  16. Ren says:

    I think they’re tacky and her hairline is weird. But I don’t see anything wrong with a vow renewal. Especially if you’ve been married like 20 years or something – I just think it’s a romantic and special thing to do :)

    Teresa and Joe probably did it though for the wrong reasons – like attention.

  17. justsayin says:

    so because you have debt you cant have a life? you know they did this for the show.. they never paid for any of it. She believes in marriage and divorce is not an option..

    i’m in debt up to my eyeballs and ill still find thr $$ to go on a trip… i cnt take the money when i die.. and she is making money from her books and also alot of who owes what to whom is settled they have X amount of years to pay ..so there is wiggle room… i suppose. I really don’t care explaining the entire process.. if you have bigger debt big deal she can ride her marketability to pay back faster than we ever can.

  18. Redd says:

    I can’t believe that any man in his right mind would find this horse faced woman with her freakish eyes appealing enough to marry in the first place. That man needs some sort of intervention.

  19. chris says:

    Geez, could they have tried to make Teresa look anymore trannier in the cover picture? It almost looks like a still from a Saturday Night Live sketch or something.

  20. tapioca says:

    “so because you have debt you cant have a life?”

    They have 4 daughters they should be teaching the concept of financial responsibility, and debt always increases the longer you leave it – tighten your belt now and you’ll be debt-free much sooner!

  21. LeeLee says:

    I will never buy their cookbooks or music because of insanity like this. And because they suck. Bravo needs to take these ‘housewives’ off the air.

  22. lucy2 says:

    justsayin, I don’t know your situation, but I’m betting it’s different than theirs in that you probably didn’t blow millions you didn’t have on mansions, designer crap, and parties. You’re probably also working to pay off debts, as most people do, where these 2 just filed for bankruptcy to get a “fresh start”, rather than try to work it out. Forget all the people they screwed over along the way! They’re also being accused of bankruptcy fraud for allegedly hiding assets and income.

    I don’t watch these shows, but these 2 owned a shore house (now foreclosed on, I think) around the corner from a friend of mine so I’ve been interested in the story.

  23. 4Real says:

    This is like having another baby to make a marraige work kind of thing. He’s so over it and he can’t even hide it anymore. She looks like a gorilla and “a shrill bitch” is pretty much spot on.

  24. bluhare says:

    They’re frickin criminals is what they are. They’ve declared bankruptcy because of overspending, and she signed a contract for some book after the bankruptcy was declared. Rules say anything you incurred prior to declaring are part of the bankruptcy and what you make after is yours. SO, she gets the contract before they declared, and signs it after. When called on it, she used the old “I forgot” excuse. Yeah, right. She tried to hide it and got caught.

  25. Hellen says:

    My Big Fat Long Island Gypsy Wedding.

  26. Denise says:

    LMFAO; how do the people at In Touch write these captions with a straight face? What a fun job.

  27. Kim says:

    All paid for/free for the publicity. They didnt fork out a dime im sure. They were paid to do the spread hence why they even did it.

  28. wunderkindt says:

    ‘Vow Renewal’ = DIVORCE COMING SOON!

  29. Blake says:

    “Squat alcoholic” – those two words describe Joe Guidice perfectly. I love it! Where do they get the money for this crap?

  30. Tristyn says:

    Gorrilla women and gross Joe ,what a joke !!!

  31. Memphis says:

    All of it was probably comped by Bravo.

    I think her first wedding probably wasn’t “grand” enough for her, so she came up with this “vowel renewal” farce simply because she wanted a “do over” wedding. (I have nothing against vowel renewals, just fake ass vowel renewals like this one)

    The bankruptcy and debt mean nothing to them. They want what they want, regardless.

  32. White Fisk says:

    Vow renewals are funny. You might as well wear a sign that says, “Our marriage is on the rocks!”

    They’re on the train to D town. Next stop – Matching Tat Emporium. I’ll bet they’ll be tasteful and understated, though.

  33. Amanda says:

    That show is just terrible. I don’t even want to hear about those people.

  34. Nikki Girl says:

    What tacky, trashy nonsense. And she is so butt-nasty, it’s not even funny. What’s up with her hairline?

  35. Sue says:

    Teresa and Joe are a wonderful couple. . . certainly not perfect, but who is? They have beautiful children, an awesome home, and Teresa has exquisite taste in clothing and furnishings. I hear JEALOUSY in many of these comments! They are going to be just fine; love goes a long way, and money isn’t the cure for everything! They’ve weathered many storms, and their ship is still sailing! THEY and the Manzos are the reason I love the RHNJ so much! I so look forward to seeing the episode of the vows renewal and plan on buying InTouch when that issue hits the stands!

  36. spaded says:

    someone needs to report that last comment as spam or abuse …..

  37. Stubbylove says:

    I second that @spaded – LOL! Teresa is old school Italian and will NEVER divorce Joe – no matter what he does, says, etc. He could be a drunk arse in front of the kids, beat the crap out of her and then go out bangin’ a whore and she will turn the other cheek. Bravo/In Touch foots the bills on all this.

  38. Gloria says:

    Bravo please get rid of these new Jersey Wives. They make us REAL HOUSE WIVES OF NEW JERSEY Look bad. I am trying to get people to boycott that particular show. Then Bravo can replace them with five new wives and families NOT related. Get rid of ugly, fake, needy,and old. They have peaked as far as a story line. They got remarried because they’re running out of a story line. Time to go and take care of your kids Teresa. You are not a STAR. That would be some one like Julia Roberts. Get a clue than go get a life.