Angelina Jolie “forced” Brad to talk smack about Jennifer Aniston, of course


Here are some new photos of Angelina Jolie, leaving a studio in London. Um, look at her boobs. I swear, she looks pregnant to me. Jennifer Aniston does too, but I can easily pass Aniston’s ever-so-slight weight gain to the fact that she’s been in NYC, eating a lot and being loved up, rather than her doing her usual exercise routine. Angelina has no excuse other than pregnancy. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she’s just been wearing sacks for the joy of sack-wearing. Or maybe she has another Jolie-Pitt in the oven.

Since I’ve already covered a lot of junk today (here and here), and I already put some of this stuff in the links, I’m just going to do some highlights from the continuing adventures from the Uncool Bermuda Quadrangle for now:

*Angelina FORCED Brad to talk smack about his marriage to Aniston because, in the words of a “source” to ITW, “That is her exact opinion of Jen. She thinks she is a boring person. It’s as if Angelina specifically told Brad to say those things in the interview.” Angelina forces Brad to do this stuff because Angie is “calculating” so “she gets Brad to do her dirty work.”

*OK reports that Angelina was pissed that Brad offered a clarification to his Parade interview, with a source saying: “In her mind, he had no business groveling and apologizing to Jen. It’s clear that he still loves her. Why else would he go on and on about how wonderful she is? If Angie has one vulnerable spot, it would have to do with their staying in contact. Angie’s very cut and dry. When she moves on, she moves on. She doesn’t speak to [ex-husbands] Billy Bob Thornton or Jonny Lee Miller. And she expects Brad to do the same with Jen… Brad and Angie are not in a good place.”

*In Touch also claims that Justin Theroux is seriously pissed at Brad for making those comments about Jennifer: “Justin couldn’t believe what a coward Brad was,” so last week, Justin called Brad late at night and “He said he should keep his mouth shut about his life with Jen.” Justin also “bad-mouthed” Brad to a studio executive, calling Brad a “wimp” and a “loud-mouth bully” and Justin wants to get into a fist-fight with Brad too: “Chivalry is not dead in Justin’s world, He wants to defend the woman he loves.” Angry douche hipster is mad, homoerotic. This is the most exciting thing to happen to Justin in months!

*Last thing: Brad sat down for a Today Show interview with Matt Lauer, which will air tomorrow. Today has already released quotes from Brad, re: the Parade interview:

“All I know is that my point was, the best thing I’d done as a father is be sure that my kids have a good mother. … That’s all I was, or am, trying to say. It has no reference to the past. And I think it’s a shame that I can’t say something nice about Angie without Jen being drug in. You know, she doesn’t deserve it.”

“I don’t wanna be encumbered by any of that. I know my intentions, and I know what I believe, and I know things get misconstrued, and I know there’s a good cycle and a good story to say we’re splitting up. And then when we don’t, they say we’ve come together again, it’s another new cycle, and then there’s a secret wedding. ‘No, that was put on hold because they’re upset.’ It’s, you know, that’s– I live outside of that, and it’s much healthier.”

When Lauer asked Pitt about the statement he released to The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets clarifying his comments, Pitt says, ” I don’t want them to say anything bad like that about Jen. She’s a dear friend of mine.”

He denies that Aniston called him after his quotes came out. “She’s also a seasoned veteran and she knows. You know, and she’s a valuable person. We spent seven years together. Come on.”

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

Like, I understand the mindset, the “everybody is overreacting, I’m the peacemaker in this situation” talking points, but I think Brad is coming across as rather naïve, or like he thinks that we aren’t paying attention. Of course everything is not hunky-dory between Aniston and Pitt, not to mention Angelina. Their official line is that it’s everybody else who overreacts, but they’ve all given enough grist for the tabloid mill, so I don’t know who Brad thinks he’s kidding.




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  1. Lucky Charm says:

    Oh please, everyone get over it already. Brad Pitt did NOT call his ex-wife boring, or say that his marriage was boring. He said that HE was bored and HE was trying to make his marriage into something it wasn’t. How is that rude and inappropriate? He was asked about his life at that time period and he answered how HE felt. He didn’t mention Jennifer once at all in that interview. If people would just learn reading comprehension skills, and read the entire quote instead of taking one snippet out of context, so many misunderstandings could be avoided.

  2. Lisa says:

    I don’t think Angie is the type of person to get other people to do or say what she feels or thinks. Leave Angie alone (in my Chris Crocker voice)!!!

  3. Mia says:

    I think Angie is pregnant too. Eh, I could be wrong and she may finally be eating again. The extra weight looks good on her. Always has.

    Still don’t think Brad owed Jen or her insane fans any explanation/clarification for his remarks. I also don’t think Angelina cares or is threatened by Jen or their past. She knows he loves her, their kids, and their life together.

  4. Catherine says:

    Sorry, Angie didn’t say crap and it was dumb of Brad to even open his mouth with anything to do with his pervious marriage as the media will fly with it the wrong way. Leave them all alone.

  5. Riana says:

    …are you really going to report on every.single.talking.point. that comes from this?

    Ugh, time to take a break from celebitchy till this passes.

  6. Cherry says:

    I’m sorry, but where’s that extra weight you’re referring to? I can’t even see her body in these pics. Except for an ill-fitting bra, but that’s hardly anything to go by.

  7. Kim says:

    Yeah right Justin called Brad. This story is so fake its silly. They think it will sell tabloids but everyone is over the whole Brad, Jenn, angelina triangle.

    They need new material.

  8. Eve says:

    Pitt owes no one an apology — but it feels like he’s trying to do that…for the sake of Moneyball’s box office.

    I think that if he keeps talking about it things will only get worse (for instance: Jolie fans, like myself, are beginning to get annoyed). Plus, he’s trying to pander to the wrong audience since a lot of Aniston fans never forgive anyone for saying anything (even remotely) bad about her — directly or indirectly.

    She, however, is allowed to say anything she wants about anyone because she will be always given a pass. It can never be her fault: if she says something nasty, they’ll spin it to make it look like a normal thing to say; if it’s an unfortunate expression/word, they’ll post links to online dictionaries showing the many meanings of such words and that she didn’t mean the bad one; if one of her best friends tells racist jokes and calls Pitt or Jolie names, she had NOTHING to do with that, she wasn’t responsible for it, she couldn’t possibly stop her friend from doing so…

  9. NYCgal says:

    Angelina has a really odd face. Her nose looks very swollen and misshapen, and the rest looks like bad cosmetic surgery “touch ups.”

  10. anne_000 says:

    I think the only one profiting from this would be JA & JT. At least now they have some phony, hyped-up publicity for their B/C List careers.

    The only good benefit JA has had for her ‘movie’ career is once having been BP’s wife.

    The only good benefit JT has had for his career is currently dating JA. I don’t even know if he’s a TV or movie actor. Never heard of him before he dated JA.

  11. Lucky Charm says:

    She does look like she has pregnancy boobs. And in his interview, Brad said that “they don’t have seven children yet”. Hmmm, could it be that they won’t have #7 until next spring, hence the “yet” clarification?

    Regardless of whether she is or not, or is just wearing a different bra, she looks good. I’m looking forward to seeing her movie in December, it sounds like it should be a good one, and possibly another Oscar for her!

  12. Heine says:

    Brad knows what happens when he mentions anything even close to marriage or Jennifer or his past relationships.

    He’s either monumentally dim for assuming that no one would overreact or he knew that what he was saying would cause a media frenzy.

    Hard one to call, he’s known to be kinda dim but at the same time, Moneyball is coming out. He knows that he has a whole contingent of fans who will back anything negative he says about his former marriage and will flock to the theaters with fresh eyes on his apparent greatness in dumping Aniston.

    Anyway, I think he said something stupid and it’s causing this tabloid uproar. All of this is Brad’s fault for not keeping his damn mouth shut. And now Angelina and Jennifer are being dragged into it when neither of them have said a thing.

    Go sit in a corner Brad, and think about what you’ve done.


  13. Eve says:

    Now, on a very serious note: I like her boobies in these pictures.

  14. WhiteNoise says:

    How many more variations on this theme can there be? They’ve all moved on and no one cares; no one’s moved on and they all care; no one’s moved on but some of them care; Jen’s moved on and Brad cares; Brad’s moved on and Jen doesn’t care; so many people caring/not caring about things that no one cares about.

    What do Shiloh, Zahara, Maddox, Pax, Knox and Viv think? Do they care? Or are they bored shitless? I know I am.

  15. lucy2 says:

    But…the one who “drug Jen in” to this whole thing was Brad, when he mentioned his past marriage! LOL. 99% of the time I’ll agree with him that it’s the media/tabloids/crazy fans fault, but sorry buddy, that one’s on him.

    As for all the other stuff, total tabloid nonsense. Jolie looks no different to me, and didn’t she recently say no plans for more kids right now?

  16. Edita says:

    Well Brad, I guess it’s not ok for press to tell bad things about your ex, but it’s ok to trash the mother of your children for 7 years and counting? What a moron.

    Angelina should seriously dump him. She deserves so much better.

    Oh and Angelina looks gorgeous as always. She is dazzling.

  17. duh says:

    people were not mad about his comments about Angelina. they were mad at his comments about his boring pretend marriage. Phony arse pitt.

  18. Faye says:

    Aniston’s fans don’t even support the movies she headlines so why would anyone think he is desperate for them to bolster his boxoffice numbers? I think what he doesn’t want, is for a movie he loves and worked so hard to get made being overshadowed by nonsense and the lack of reading comprehension. I have been looking forward to seeing Moneyball since I first saw the preview months ago. I will be there this weekend!

  19. Pyewacket says:

    Hmm, interesting that all the gossip about Aniston demanding apologies is true, yet all the gossip about Angelina making him say stuff about Aniston is false.

    How about this, Aniston didn’t demand shit from Pitt and Angelina didn’t force him to say shit.

    Sounds reasonable to me.

  20. jinni says:

    Why does Angie and Jennifer still have to take the brunt of the hate even when it’s Brad that created this hot mess?

    It’s not fair to either.

  21. RocketMerry says:

    Of course!

    “Bradley, how long has it been since the last time?” Angelina tilted her head, trying to judge her last flowers disposition. Those hydrangeas were truly awful, but she had hoped to blend them nicely with the rest. Well, she had been wrong.
    Bradley carefully glanced over the newspaper. He had hoped to skim through some of the most important news before his morning dad duties. He guessed he had been wrong.
    “Last time what?” he said cautiously.
    Angelina lifted a perfectly manicured brow, in that expertly refined manner that expressed exactly the right amount of fair disappointment and saintly tolerance. “The last time I tampered with her love life, of course.” she said. Those hydrangeas…maybe all the way in the back of the vase…?
    Bradley sighed silently, while putting the paper away.
    “I don’t know, dear. A week, maybe?”
    “Of course NOT!” she snapped back at him suddenly, incapable of holding back. “Of course not! How can you never remember anything that matters to me? How can you be so selfish all the time?” She stopped, breathing heavily, her right hand closed in a tight fist smoldering the last hydrangea. Her anger had been going so well since those flower arranging classes…
    Bradley quickly tried to calm her, hoping to avoid spending the day picking up his shoes and clothes on the driveway. Again.
    “Dear…I don’t know…I guess I just don’t really care that much about this kind of things…” Bradley quickly realized his error. A glance of horror appeared on his face, as he stuttered a poorly convincing apology.
    “How dare you. How. Dare. You.” Angelina slowly stepped in front of him, still holding the poor, now petal-less flower. “How dare you even speak to me like that.”
    Bradley remained silent for a few seconds. Her eyes were staring directly into his, a deadly threat that he could not bare to face.
    “Dear…I just…Look: I’ll call my manager right away. He’ll arrange an interview or something, I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”
    He slowly began moving away, trying to reach the door, his eye still locked into her unbreakable stare.
    “What do you think, dear? I’ll…I’ll go call, right now.” Bradley finally got a hold of the door handle and disappeared into the hall quickly.
    Angelina kept looking at the door for a short while. Her eyes then slowly moved down to her own fist and to the flower trapped in it. As she finally went back to her vase of flowers and began removing those horrible hydrangeas, she gave into a deep, low sigh: “That was way too easy.”

  22. Happy21 says:

    I call bullshit.

    I can’t figure out why the hell the press has not let this one go? Its ridiculous. They have both moved forward so why is it still a big deal?

  23. Toot says:

    I’m glad Brad’s press tour is over and he’s back in England.

  24. Eve** You nailed it.Plus,I like her boobies,too!!

  25. Joanna says:

    Brad was talking smack? One sentence about his former life is talking smack!. If so, he’s a really poor smack talker and needs to work on his game. Talk about people making much ado about nothing. Boy am I glad I’m not a celebrity! you can keep the money, I’d rather be poor than get judged by all the bullshit magazines every time I open my mouth

  26. Eve says:

    @ RocketMerry:


    @ Happy21:

    I can’t figure out why the hell the press has not let this one go?

    My guess is that there is a really hard working publicist out there milking this as much as he can. Also, tabloids — that usually work with nothing at all in order to make stories up — were given an early Christmas presente with these statements (Pitt’s so called apologies).

    @ HorsePoorHanna:

    YAY!!! Boobies!!!

  27. Tiffany says:

    If he wants to make it all about the present, why did he bring up the past? He specifically referenced his MARRIAGE, so HE is the one who brought Jennifer into all of this. I don’t usually care about this kind of thing, but he is blaming the media for what HE said. They didn’t make it into something else, he was the one who stuck his foot in his mouth.

    I think he did it for promotion for his new movie. He is on the cover of all the tabloids this week. Convenient, huh?

  28. WhiteNoise says:

    @Heine – good call. Let’s just blame Pitt and leave Angie and Jen alone and stop using them to mop up his mess.

  29. Sakyiwaa says:

    Omg! I agree, Kaiser. What is Brad doing? Why is he still talking abt it?

  30. ahoyhoy says:

    I think she’s pregnant too. Her nose is a bit wider–that’s a sign of pregnancy, along with the floating softball boobs.

    And as a person who has Chronic Nausea, I can totally see her face looking a little nauseous, like she’s about to barf but trying so hard not to.

    Also Brad’s “7 kids YET”. Who the hell says they’re not expecting with that wording?

  31. Cheyenne says:

    Lucky Charm: in his interview, Brad said that “they don’t have seven children yet”.

    I kind of wondered about that “yet” myself. (Actually he said “we don’t have a seventh child yet). Makes ya go “hmmmm”…

  32. RocketMerry** Now,that explains everything…

  33. cmc says:

    Sigh… if she *is* pregnant, I’m sure we’ll see lots of “Angelina gets pregnant to make Brad stay! Brad makes secret late-night phone calls to Jen and admits he feels trapped! Will Angie be left alone and pregnant? Also at the altar, because they were totally going to get married?”

  34. Sakyiwaa says:

    I mean, on top of all the Tab BS!

    Is Brad sh*tting me? Why is he still defending Jen? Omg, i hope Angie’s cuul with this.


  35. Cheyenne says:

    @Kaiser: The official line is correct, for once. Everybody is over-reacting. He said he was bored in his marriage and the jenhens took it as a slap at Aniston. Hell, they took his praising Angie as a slap at Aniston. They relly need to give it up. The guy can’t win for losing.

  36. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Officially bored with this storyline. I believe what Brad said in his interview with Lauer. Brad is like me in sense, I often have a lot to say but I can never quite say it the right way, I don’t think he means any harm in his comments. I really don’t. Lets just cut people some slack, I feel like people were ready to hang Brad over nothing. Let it go. Nobody cares the woman who think would be the most insulted by these comments doesn’t look at all put out, she is happy. Let go. For all that is holy and shiny and filled with the laughter of children and babies…let this go.

  37. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    But of course.

    edit (re:pregnancy) – Didn’t Pitt deny it very recently? Like, “we’re not pregnant, we’re not adopting?”

  38. Edita says:

    I doubt Angelina is pregnant. She was drinking alcohol at the Moneyball after party in Toronto.

  39. Cerulean says:

    He looked and acted bored during his marriage. Brad is not dumb. Dumb people don’t get where he is in Hollywood. I think dumb like a fox is more like it.

    She does look pregnant. Or maybe healthier.

  40. Kristen says:

    @ RocketMerry – I die. Love it!

  41. Sakyiwaa says:

    @rocketmerry, OMG! I’m an Angieloonie, but LMFAO @ ur comment!

    @Edita & Eve. Co-sign! Im pissed at his behavior right now too!

    Heck, Angie prolly gained weight cos he was gone!

    She’s looking good! :-) BP has single-handedly provided the tabs with enough ammo for the next decade now!

  42. hmmmm says:

    I agree with Brad. It’s a shame he can’t say anything nice about Angie without people bringing Jen in. He’s got a whole life with Angie that is everything to him, and he should be able say it without people overreacting.

    The overreacting is insane!

  43. Sara says:

    Remember Brad dated Goop, granted it was a long time ago, but before Angie I think he had a run of bad taste in women. I like that he dated Juliette Lewis though. That’s like when Johny Depp dated Kate Moss, sounds like a fun couple.

    Ugh Goop. Maybe she was different back then..?

  44. Gal says:

    Rocketmerry – you ROCK!! Love it!

  45. bee says:

    Because of all this childishness, I’m officially joining team JA, since it seems, AJ can do no wrong.

  46. chloe says:

    Oh God help us if they are both pregnant, 9 months of whose baby is cuter.
    Does anyone believe that Brad and Jen are really still friends?

  47. Cheyenne says:

    Jesus Christ on a pony. If Aniston gets pregnant and loses the baby, ITW will claim that Angie worked roots on her and made her have a miscarriage. Are all their editors on crack?

  48. Lilli says:

    @ Rocketmerry

    BRILLIANT – definitely worthwhile reading. hahahahahah awesome. we will wait for episode 405 season 8 year 11.

    i didnt like what he said, i seriously think Jolie is way above this dumb dude and Aniston should be happy that Jolie was grateful enough to have her leftovers. so happy landings to everyone. why rehash the crap???

  49. Nina says:

    Such BS…I remember both Billy Bob and Angelina talking about how they still keep in touch…..I doubt she would say, don’t call JA….

  50. Heine says:

    If Aniston is pregnant, I hope for her sake that her extreme-level hate mongers dial it down to a five on the crazy scale. You just know there will be people out there saying that she’s only pregnant because she’s getting back at Brad for dumping her or that she’s copying Angelina by having any children at all, ever.

  51. Taksi says:

    No one’s protesting about his comments on Angelina. Any controversy is related to a specific paragraph where he himself mentions his marriage.

    He apologized mostly because of the PR fallout, but also possibly because he’s not a douchebag. Unlike many of you, he understands that while it was great he met the love of his life, it was not under the best of circumstances (namely his marital status) and he hurt someone deeply in the process.

    He didn’t intend his comments to be hurtful but the it was phrased curiously. But how dare he clarify so as to not hurt another person’s feelings.

  52. mannequin says:

    Oh….. I hope there’s a fight.

  53. Me says:

    He came off really bad.

    Either he really is that A hole who would rub it in the face of the woman he dumped, make sure to make the point he thought Angie would be a better mother, as if that was the reason he left her and talk about how boring was life with her.

    Seriously, it makes him look like a total jer-k.

    So now people are left with wondering why would he talk like that in an interview.
    Since they think he has no motive to talk smack at the woman he chose to leave, and since they don’t think he might be jealous, they look at the more savvy, street smart and calculating of the 2 and thought probably, Angie wanted to make sure the spin is there to remind the PR world that she is:
    1. interesting and leads and exciting life.
    2. Is a mother- which should excuse any cheating and messing with a married man- since motherhood is a positive thing, pure and not “dirty” nor scandalous.

    I have no idea if it was his idea to come across as hurtful to a woman who is dealing with a terrible time (her mother is sick…) and he has hurt more than enough
    was it Angie- always the PR master, playing talking points to make sure her image as “interesting” and “mother” is emphasized.

    That was supposed to be some sort of excuse for leaving a woman for another one.

    The sad part is that Angie does a lot of wonderful thing and it’s sad that she is not just focusing on them rather than playing other people for PR games.

    Makes it hard for me to celebrate her for the good, and she deserves applauds.

    Why don’t these 2 just leave Jen alone already?

  54. mln76 says:

    I agree with Heine if Jen is pregnant or GOD FORBID Angie and Jen pregnant at the same time the media and everyone on the internet will go BAT*SHIT. Sort of like the original Jen-Hens did when Angie was pregnant with Shiloh.

    EDIT: although I am starting to think that BI was Simpson and not Aniston I still think Aniston is on fertility drugs.

  55. Ari says:

    @rocket merry that was absolutely fabulous! “that was way too easy.” LOOOL

  56. pinns says:

    pretty sure this very site covered Angie and Johnny lee Millar getting papped meeting for coffee when she was with Brad… I just can’t find the link…

  57. journey says:

    actually it was the jolie-pitt children who caused all the ruckus. maddox, zahara, shiloh, pax, viv and knox are heartily disgusted with aniston’s “uncool” comments, and those of her best buddy chelsea. so they snuck into their parents’ room when they were deep asleep and they hyponotized brad into saying what he really thought about the ex- during his next interview. then they hypnotized angie into saying yes they could have ponies. lots of ponies.

  58. Rina says:

    It’s sound like someone misses someone
    He might be jealous about Jen relationship.
    He knows it’s serious now and she really forgot about him this time
    and not thinking about him :)

  59. Firecracker says:

    Rocketmerry, that was awesome! Are you a writer?

  60. Raised Brow says:

    Brad’s back-spin is giving me a headache. I could care less about the ‘derogatory statements’ he made about his ex-wife, and he did his best to clarify what he actually meant. But to proclaim how “seasoned” JA is about tabloid fodder, trying to make it seem as though she got a kick out of the media frenzy behind the story was stupid and naive on his part. If he REALLY wants us to believe there’s a united front on all sides, let’s see some paparazzi pics of the FOUR OF THEM exiting some ‘hipster’ joint in So-Ho. Which reminds me: can we stop using the term ‘hipster’ in every-single-Jennifer/Justin post?

  61. Jules says:

    Bullshit, why does anyone believe this crap? Let it go!

  62. RocketMerry says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked my fan-fiction post =)
    @Firecracker, Not yet!

  63. Isa says:

    Breasts can look very different depending on the bra. Angelina’s is obviously padded, you can see the edges of the cups.

    Also, Angelina has been spotted going out to dinner with JLM and Billy Bob. When Angelina’s mother died she said Billy Bob gave her great advice. Maybe they don’t talk now, but they have since her and Brad got together. But I really don’t believe that Brad and Jen still talk.

  64. Micah says:

    This little “Triangle” is still being perpetuated.

    WHO the F**k cares anymore!

  65. garvels says:

    This so funny.If Angelina(big if) told Brad to say being married to Jen was boring….so what. Jen’s buddy Chelsea Handler ripped on Angelina and the children in more vulgar ways than just saying they’re boring. Aniston is an overhyped idiot and undeserving of many of the acting roles that came her way. Hopefully she will get pregnant and get lost in BABIES R’US and never grace the cover of another super market tabloid.

  66. Maritza says:

    All this back and forth he says, she says is getting boring…

  67. truthSF says:


    And don’t forget about the gerbils. You know they orchestrated the kids in how/when/what to say to their parents.

    p.s. the gerbils were also giving miniature ponies for coming up with this brilliant plan.

  68. Duh says:

    55 lol @ you trying to spin this into Angelina’s fault. Brad said what he said because he’s an ASS and now he had to apologize like 5 times because he’s getting hated on and he can’t take it. Poor pittiful idiot! :(

  69. pwal says:

    Ok has their heads up their @$$. Angelina does have contact with her exes. As someone mentioned, Billy Bob has mentioned, several times, that he talks to Angelina – about her directorial debut, and he did say that he, Angelina, Brad and Maddox got together for dinner just last year.

    I have no idea about JLM, since dude seems to keep everything lowkey.

  70. Leah says:

    Brad needs to stop talking. It’s done and his supporters will support him anyway and his naysayers will naysay. He’s wasting his breath. He feels guilty and want’s to please his non fans.

  71. Mimi says:

    I don’t really think Angelina gives a F what Manniston does or did. And she’s right Manniston is BORING. She’s the champion of boring plain janes everywhere I know!

  72. Sally says:

    They are all boring and need to shut up and go away. Why does anyone like any of them?

  73. Joe's Mom says:

    OMG, we are worried about what OK, ITW and L and S are saying? BP just can’t win in the tabloids, no matter what he says. Like somebody said above, Pitt and Jolie fans will remain their fans, and Aniston fans will remain her fans. And never will they agree on anything.

  74. mymy says:

    If it wasn’t Pitt who was talking like this.
    You gals would tar and feather any other man star who talked like this. You are like a wife of an alcoholic co dependent.
    Could you stop making a very bad attitude a non issue. Just because your hero said them.

    Angie did not hold a gun to his head.
    But he does listen to every interesting mind blowing thing she says. And it has rubbed off on him. It happens in relationships. It is very obvious in all he says and does. They are very into themselves and very egotistical.
    Special so special someone as boring as Jen must be put in her place. I mean Angie laughs at any idea that a man could have ever loved anyone like Jen now that they have HER. And she just wanted the world to know her man feels the same way. It is called narcissism

  75. maureen d says:

    An agent once told my ex that, [sic] (he did not have a recorder in hand), “if you are a star in Hollywood and are frequently in tabloids, you are playing the game, and the game is to do whatever it takes to promote your film, which is to promote your star power (ie, money), else it all decreases – even naive-seeming newcomers figure it out quickly. The highest paid actors are those who are playing the game well — it’s like survivor — and to achieve such heights, one must put aside scruples now and again. It’s how Hollywood has always worked. But not all stars play the game. Some are truly solely interested in honing their craft and enjoy the benefits of their talents and the recognition they achieve by way of extraordinary talent, not for extraordinary paychecks. There is not a lot of overlap of these two groups, yet the public buys into the game so eagerly, and always will, which is how it was born and how it will always prevail. There’s a reason you rarely see fine actors such as Meryl Streep or Anthony Hopkins in the press.”

    Though Brad does not seem especially bright, he is obviously shrewd enough to make money hand over fist, as do JA and AJ. To be a fan of an actor’s work is one thing; to be emotionally invested in what we believe their characters to be is quite another.

    And we have this notion, as outsiders, that physical beauty – something we don’t earn, but which is rather something of a win of the pre-birth lottery — is akin to a successful love life and all that entails. Yet we judge people, and sometimes lust after them, for their looks alone and attribute characteristics based on such judgement. Does being good looking automatically mean good in bed? Does that level of attention never taint a person’s integrity?

    Billy Bob once compared having sex (when asked about sex with AJ), with ‘women of physical beauty’ as getting boring after a while, like, “F***ing the couch”.

    When asked if Brad was her soulmate JA once answered, “I don’t know”, so maybe their relationship was not all that satisfying to her? Maybe two narcissists can’t find that level of love? How often can a narcissist find true love, I wonder? To love a narcissist, one must be satisfied with always coming second. I am not sure I’d enjoy that.

    If you search you will find the BB interview on Youtube. Later BB said he was joking and later still told yet another interviewer he had to say it was a joke bc AJ was furious, and he hemmed and hawed, but he *did* say that he has never been happier than he is with his very average-looking wife and it was because she was beautiful inside.

    I think we all do that with celebrities — we assume they never get past the honeymoon phase and have the best possible sex bc they have that level of physical beauty that we all think is a bonus. Yet the most beautiful people I know are the ones whose inner beauty is so appealing that I feel lighter than air just being around them, not necessarily the people one might stop and gawk at.

    to quote the person who posted the video:

    ~ “Billy Bob states that “Sex doesn’t have to be with a model to be good Sometimes with the model, the actress or the ‘sexiest person in the world’, it may literally be like fucking a couch.” Mmm. I’m sure what that quite means. Billy Bob Thornton, former husband of Angelina Jolie has revealed some bedroom secrets about his sex life with her, hinting that she was a big disappointment in bed. The director-turned-actor, who had three years of marriage with the sexy actress before splitting in 2002, has claimed that love-making with “sexiest person in the world” need not necessarily be satisfying and fun. He further added that average-looking women are “better in bed” as physical beauty is no guarantee of a wild time between the sheets. “Don’t count out the average-looking woman, or even maybe the slightly unattractive woman, or the really unattractive woman. There may be this swarthy, little, five-foot-two stocky woman who just has sex written all over her,” he added.”~

    My opinion is that I’d not want to be any of these people bc they lack the one precious thing that we (in this country, anyway) all take for granted — freedom — for the sake of the limelight, and they also give up truth. Yet who but a narcissist craves attention if it means the loss of truth and freedom? Don’t they all have enough money to quit the game and just go be insanely rich for the rest of their lives without having to worry about selling movie tickets, even if it means staging a fake release of nude pics or “accidentally starting a media frenzy”, to increase ticket sales? Sounds like a game I’d want out of. And these stories ONLY appear when there is a film about to premiere. So isn’t that a bit suspicious? The math points to a startling correlation and yet it works every time, though the word is and has been out for a long time about such shenanigans.

    #21 BRAVO! You sound like an industry insider preparing a proposal for a huge book deal.

    Time is the surest truth-teller. Wait for the tell-all, because one of those kids will surely pen one some day.

  76. Denise says:

    I am sure that with six kids, a career and a man to worry about, not to mention her endless charity work, that Saint Angie does not have a spare moment to connive or induce Pitt to connive against Anniston. To Brad, next time, promote your movie and keep your claptrap shut about your private affairs. Enough said.

  77. Baffled says:

    Angie is starting to look like Octomom. She is doing stuff to her face.

  78. mln76 says:

    @maureen for someone ‘detached’ from either three you sure have done a lot of research ;)
    Also ascribing celebrities super human evil traits or diagnosing people soley through gossip (which is fun but always about 50/50 in accuracy at best) is just as silly as hero worshiping.
    All three are people. Good business people who are smart enough to have sustained long term careers. I think Brad Pitt’s filmography speaks for itself on his intelligence much better than anything Aniston has done. As for Angie she’s had ups and downs but she is an icon with or without Aniston in the picture for contrast.

    As for BBT. There were other quotes in which he said he could have Angie back any time he wanted and others where when Angie’s name was mentioned where he literally sulked and refused to talk. He may have claimed to be happier with his newer wife but that didn’t stop him from cheating on her with Tea Leoni.
    BBT is a trainwreck his oldest child is jail for murder and another one got in trouble for drug dealing.

    I wonder what all you conspiracy theorists will say when/and/or if one of these children writes a memoir and gushes about their childhood. Of course you wouldn’t apologize you’d find another reason to bash them for lying. JUST SAYING.

  79. Camille says:

    AJ looks beautiful as usual. That womans bone structure is simply gorgeous.

  80. Str8Shooter says:

    See, now what Brad SHOULD have said was that HE was uninteresting. Always has been. He shouldn’t have even brought Jen into it.

    Bad enough he cheated on and then dumped her for this woman…now SEVEN years later he’s still rubbing it in her face?

  81. jenna says:

    Brad brought that on himself when he referenced his marriage to Jen in his comments. He should know by now what the press would do with that. Him and Angelina should just stop talking to the press. They are already hugely famous and get photographed wherever they go, they don’t need to give personal interviews all the time to promote a movie.

    And I don’t buy that him and Aniston are friends. Yeah right. He hurt her. They aren’t going to be buddies. He just doesn’t want to look like a douche.

  82. DD says:

    Man how embarassing. Brad and Angelina should really learn not to talk about their family in interviews. I know it gives them some kind of advantage with promoting things, but really look how pathetic he sounds now having to explain himself like that. Seriously there are many actors that make it a point not to talk about their personal lives for this very reason. Do yourselves a favour, keep your personal lives personal and keep everyone wondering. Throw some mystery our way.
    And wow those tabs, they make it sound like we are talking about a trio of pre-teens on some tacky soap opera.

  83. maureen d says:


    just keep buying movie tickets and tabloid magazines and believe it’s all real, like a good little sheep. Bc obviously there’s never enough money for your idols and you can, and do, help by buying into it, literally and figuratively, and I will continue to study all of this for my degree in Anthropology. It’s fascinating — this pageantry, and the outlandish things that go on just to generate more press and more money — and especially that people believe their idols say such things for any reason other than press.

    I don’t see the word “evil” or “conspiracy” anywhere in my post. But if you want to think this is all real, that’s your prerogative. Try watching Entourage, or is that all about crazy conspiracies as well?

  84. DeeVine says:

    Maybe now we can stop putting Brad on the pedestal and stop pitting the 2 women against each other like he is some sort of prize? If he had no idea how his comments would be construed
    then he is as dumb as he looks.

    So he was the boring one who sat around smoking pot all day. Maybe that’s why Jennifer didn’t have his babies? He conveniently rode on the rumors that Jen refused to have his children even though she never mentioned she didn’t want kids. This way Brangelina could justify why he left her and maintain the holy family image.

    Anyway this should teach him not to bring up the ex again.

  85. Heavenbound says:

    @ Maureen d

    A very intelligent and eloquent assesment of the characters in this story. How emotionally invested people get about these movie stars has always seemed strange to me. I enjoyed reading your post.

  86. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I’m officially done with anything that has to do with Brad and Angelina. I think people following this are hypocrites, She slept with a married man but no one says anything. Alicia Keys on the other hand were ready to crucify her. God people are ignorant—–>

  87. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Heavenbound Yet you make a comment and come to this website as well. Let me guess you just do it for the fun to pass the time:-)

  88. Kelly says:

    I doubt Angelina Jolie cares a bit about Jennifer Aniston, much less is jealous of her. Justin is mad at Brad? I doubt Brad Pitt cares or is worried. Brad Pitt said how he felt in the interview, if JA or JT don’t like it, too bad.

  89. Sakyiwaa says:

    @bee. Now, I’d be crazy to think AJ would no wrong. But… I dont think AJ would force BP to say the shizz he spit. Plus I dont think JA would demand an apology…

    Though, I wonder wat it would take for this whole Brad flub to go away. He’s already made three apolo-clarifications.
    Mm, maybe, send JA a Hallmark card with the lyrics to “Careless Whisper”….
    “I’m never gonna dance again,
    Guilty feet have got no rhythm,
    Though it’s easy to pretend,
    I know you’re not a foooool…”

  90. anonymous says:

    Who has more style and finese than Jolie,while Jennifer Aniston is busy shooting her self-up with fertility injections and drugs Jolie is quietly doing her thing with her man. JA is not pregnant,, people seem to forget Jennifer Aniston is 43 middle aged and if she sneezes she is going to get the middle aged figure add fertility drugs and what you’all are seeing is not a pregnant woman but a woman trying to get pregnant. At Jen’s age it isn’t easy to get pregnant nor stay ultra slim for JA or anybody pass their prime. Jolie is in her prime at 36 in the next few years she too will be out of hers, that’s life! She probably knows JA wants a baby and maybe she quietly is with child. Willfully!

  91. DD says:

    Hey Sakyiwaa probably the best way he could make it go away is to stop talking about it, himself. Stop commenting about it or talking about it. I think he wants this to drag out so as to keep him in the spotlight.
    He should just say, no comment. I’d like to focus on my work or movie, that is why I’m here. If he wanted to, that is, that’s all it would take to make the media stop talking about it much sooner. Don’t give them what they want.

  92. LeeLoo says:

    This is definitely one of those times when Brad invited this sort of mess into his life by not thinking before speaking and the leaving the past alone.

    I don’t agree with the tabloids and the media still dining on Jennifer/Brad after 7 years. Yeah, I don’t agree with how things went down at the end of their marriage but that was in what, 2004 or 2005? At this point they’ve been apart longer than they were married. I understand it was big news for the first year but now these stories are so old. I think it is time we all let it go.

  93. zara says:

    Angie looks like she might be wearing a corset. The top of the bra looks similar in shape to the one she wore in the Jan 2011 Vogue pictorial.

    I always thought that as a part of their divorce settlement, Pitt & Aniston had some type of agreement to not speak ill of each other publicly. That’s why Aniston went from talking about Brad missing a sensitivity chip in the 2005 VF interview to how she admired him and all his charitable endeavors in her 2008 Vogue interview. I also believe that’s why Handler continually takes potshots at Angie but never says a peep about stuPitt.

    One of the reasons I like Angelina and root for her, is her determination to live her life on her terms. She was born of Hollywood by virtue of being Jon Voight’s daughter, but she chose to operate mostly outside of the Hollywood system. Pitt & Aniston on the other hand have always seemed to wholeheartedly embrace and participate in tinseltown’s b*llsh!t shenanigans. Angelina did sign with CAA in 2005 but fired them a year later. That should tell you something right there.

    CAA is trying to protect its 2 golden geese. After all they are the ones who were responsible for their merger. If that means throwing Angelina under the bus, well, so be it. They have done it in the past. Pitt doesn’t seem to mind this status quo. A jellyfish has more of a backbone than this spineless clown.

    I agree with all those who say Angie deserves someone way better than Pitt. IMO, he is the worst thing to happen to her. He is the reason she looks tense and ill at ease most of the time whereas in the past she just exuded confidence and serenity.

    I always imagine her reading her UN documents while he is in the background watching Beavis & Butthead. You know they say water always finds its own level. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before Angie finds hers. She deserves someone who is worthy of the awesome, substantive and dynamic woman that she is.

  94. Sara says:

    This whole thing is so outta control it’s comical. Good thing they don’t read the gossip rags I would want to jump out of my skin!

  95. Madisyn says:

    25 years from now those idiotic tabloids will still be talking about Brad and Jen. It will never end.

  96. mln76 says:

    @Maureen d I have degrees also(don’t like to put my bizness on the internet) I don’t worship anyone (although im sport enough to call myself a loon) and i don’t buy tabloids(did you read the part of my post about gossip being only partially accurate) I just have a different opinion then yours I would think someone who claims to be intellectual wouldn’t resort to calling a person a ‘sheep’ to win an argument.

    EDIT: oh and watching Entourage is a sign of your intellectual superiority r
    Thanks for the laugh :)

  97. Eurica says:

    to me Angie looks a bit pissed and upset. Its clear she is not taking it very well.

  98. lisa says:

    Funny to read how the Angie non fans try so hard to spin anything and everything back to her.

    I guess they just can’t let her go. NO matter what. Angie has not said a word.. yet there are several comments bringing up tabloid lies just to attack her.

  99. waq says:

    September 21st, 2011 at 8:58 pm


  100. LuckyLilGem says:

    Jen’s favorite role is victim.

  101. Not Fooled says:

    Angelina is a skank whore man stealer who wore blood around her neck and made out with her brother. She had a lesbian lover while married and has been known to use heroin and cut herself. No amount of good will ambassador work or child adoptions will change the fact the she is unstable. A beautiful face does not make a sane woman. Brad looks terrible; all is not bliss.

  102. Heavenbound says:

    @ # 92-93

    Thats right Jane wonderpants!

  103. Cheyenne says:

    #107: Jennifer, is that you?

  104. Phoenix says:

    Yet, NYCgal, Angelina’s ‘odd face’ is considered the most beautiful in Hollywood. I guess its just another JEALOUS ‘gal’…

  105. Javagirl1 says:

    Everyone says Brad’s over the triangle thing and would NEVER use it for publicity. But look at what he’s caused! Numerous stories about it on Celebitchy. ;)

  106. Not Fooled says:


    No I’m not Jennifer. Just stating the facts. Tired of people putting this freak on a pedestal. There is so much more weird stuff about her..S&M, decorating her apartment with photos of dead people. Just because she is stunning to look at, she is given a pass. Maybe she is cool and edgy but that has to get old, fast. What you have is a troubled individual.

  107. Flan says:

    My mother picked up on Jen’s ‘friends’ who always sling stuff into the world years ago. For a long time she has been using these so-called ‘friends’ to keep this thing alive.

    Perhaps she’s moved on emotionally, perhaps not. But she definitely does use her former marriage and any sympathy it might give her.

    The dumb thing Brad did was say something by his own name, and not use a ‘friend’ as well.

    Or maybe he’s just too honest for that crap.

  108. Katherine says:

    “But to proclaim how “seasoned” JA is about tabloid fodder, trying to make it seem as though she got a kick out of the media frenzy behind the story was stupid and naive on his part.”

    What in the world are you talking about? Go look up the meaning of the word “seasoned” because your comment makes it look like you have no idea what the word means.

    Brad is saying that by seasoned, Jennifer is used to tabloids and media misinterpreting and twisting what they say. In other words, Jennifer has a thick enough skin that she would never be bothered by the media putting a negative spin on Brad’s words.

    This is really all too stupid for words. Brad is as entitled to speak of the years of his marriage as Jennifer is and Jennifer has spoken of those years numerous times. Brad has never spokebn ill of any Ex and I’m sure he doesn’t need an agreement to avoid doing so.

    The people yelling the loudest and deliberateyl misconstruing Brad’s words are the people who still think Brad cheated on Jennifer and despite the fact that there is absolutely no proof that he cheated – except in their tabloid infected imaginations – they will fault him for everything he does until their dying days. There has to be a clinical name for this affliction.

  109. Pat says:

    WOW – this whole thing is just so wrong. Do you guys realize that BRAD is the one who made the pathetic comment – yet the women are being blamed for everything!!! This is crazy. I realize that some here don’t like Aniston and some don’t like Jolie. But could that please be put aside so that we can blame who is really the problem here. I am so tired of Brad making messes and the women who have been or are in his life being blamed. Angie and Jen have been through the mill with the tabloids because of Brad’s behavior. Could we please stop defending him and being nice about the women – even if just for one post? I really hope that Jolie leaves his sorry ass. I really have never been fond of her but she is way better then this.

  110. zara says:

    I used to post on Soulie Jolie back in the day. I remember when Angelina was filming SALT, I remarked that I hoped she would do the promotional duties solo sans Pitt. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when she did exactly that.

    My hope for her directorial debut is for him to stay the hell away. I hope she focuses the media attention on just the movie and the cast. It would be great if she could distance herself from the Brangelina aspect of her image. I would also love it if she appeared on some talk shows to promote it like The Daily Show, Charlie Rose and Nightline with Cynthia McFadden. I feel these 3 hosts will not try to play gotcha! to get attention grabbing soundbites from her. Finally, I hope that she exercises some restraint regarding dishing about her personal life. As much as I like her, I cannot disregard the fact she tends to over share on that front.

  111. kiki says:

    Next time, Brad wants to say something about his marriage, then he should let Chelsea Handler do it. Let someone else call Jen “evil,” the c-word, ho, cheater, say racist things about her (future) children. Of course, that would be no problem with Jen’s hypocritical fans.

    I mean Handler and Jen can openly meangirl Jolie. Chelsea called Jolie “evil,” while sitting right next to a smiling Jen. For some reason, this was ok with her fans, while Brad gets blasted for saying he was bored of himself in his marriage? Unbelieveable.

    Honestly, I am amazed at the restraint Brad has shown. I would have said much worse about someone who would have friends like that, esp. after that friend took nasty shots at my kids. It says something about Jen’s character that totally contradicts the sweet/nice image she peddles to the media.

  112. Memphis says:

    Brad could have easily avoided all this had he simply left the “my marriage” comment off. His marriage, which he chose to leave, didn’t need to be referenced AT ALL. He absolutely knew (given the fact that they’ve been dealing with the press over the “unholy triangle” for seven years now) that the words he chose would cause a shitstorm. Don’t play dumb, Brad. He just wasn’t sure which side the shit would fall on, so now he’s busy backtracking and clarifying.

    The crazy part is even though Pitts the one who created this mess, Angie and Jen are getting the fallout from it. WTH? … “Oh I bet Angie made him say it” or “Jen is so furious because she’s a jealous loser”… WHY is it the women in this have to be pitted (pun intended) against each other. They didn’t cause this, PITT did.

    Why did he do it? Maybe he just IS that stupid. Maybe it was a calculated move on his part to get some free play for his movie, maybe he was just high… Who the hell knows. BUT I bet both Jen and Angie are like, “Brad, what the hell!?! JUST.STOP.TALKING!”

  113. Auds says:

    I kind of wonder how long it will be before Brangelina become irrelevant.
    They haven’t really released any films of note recently and to me, all this fuss is a little too coincidental. I watched his recent interview on Ellen, and really, he comes across like a Himbo. Forty something going on twenty. That is how he sounds.
    He was like a male version of Kim Kardashian – 30 going on 16 when she opens her mouth.
    What I can’t shake is the feeling that Brangelina are open to any kind of controversy as long as it keeps them relevant, which I think is telling.

  114. Cali says:

    To not fooled, you seem to be fooled plenty. Aniston is the homewrecker, the skank and man-stealer, not Angelina. She never has been. And all the rest of the standard previously debunked lies about Angelina are just that. Outrageous lies. I feel sorry for you. People like you are the reason I am now Team Jolie and why I now hate Aniston with a passion.

  115. Cali says:

    to mymy, you really do believe all the tabloid lies about Angelina, don’t you? I feel sorry for you.

  116. Addie says:

    I’m pretty sure that Angie did not tell Brad to bring up Jen in his interview.
    Also Jen did not send Handler to insult Angie and the kids.
    Seems Pitt and Handler are the a**holes here cut from the same cloth.

    Bradley is a simple “shape shifter” with zero substance, no matter how hard he tries to tell people he’s otherwise.

    That is wy by his actions he has now become Brad Pitt, playing Brad Pitt, produced, written, directed, and edited by Angelina Jolie (by his own shapeshifing will)

  117. Addie says:

    Oh and learn some grammar, Brad. You don’t drug someone into a conversation. They get dragged into it.

  118. Cali says:

    “Also Jen did not send Handler to insult Angie and the kids.” You know that for a FACT, Addie? EVIDENCE, shows *otherwise*. Lets see; Handler attacks Angelina and makes racist jokes about the children, *whilst* introducing her guest Aniston – who walks on, on cue, not missing a beat, with a huge smirk. This happened TWICE, so if she had a problem with it, she would have said after the first time. Also, Handler and Aniston go away together for Thanksgiving, and IMMEDIATELY on their return, Handler launches into her most vicious tirade of abuse of Angelina yet. These things can no longer be mere ‘coincidences’. Wake up and see REALITY. Of COURSE Aniston put Handler up to it, and you are only fooling yourself if you try to convince yourself otherwise.

  119. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Brad has always been an exrension of whatever woman he was with. He was boring because his wife was boring. All he did was smoke weed and sit on the couch (I can’t imagine his wife loved that. JA once said she knew wake and bakers who couldn’t motivate themselves to get off the couch. Wonder who she meant). Instead of taking full responsibility, he ascribed it to his marriage. Instead of making his life interesting, he mated with someone who has an interesting life. He probably apologized because he opened the door for talking about what a burner he was, and he didn’t want JA to walk through it.

  120. Sakyiwaa says:

    @DD. yep. i agree. He should keep his trap shut.

  121. Addie says:

    @Cali. Unless Handler actually admits that Jen put her up to it, there is NO PROOF that Jen told her to saying those things.

    Unless you haven’t noticed, Handler is trying to look like Jen and is pretty much in awe of her, who knows what she might see as ok behaviour in the name of defending her role model Jen.

    People can say that what Brad said is Angies thoughts on the issue too, doesn’t make it true, just cos they are partners doesn’t mean they feel the same about all topics. Same as Jen and Handler.
    Why must one be held accountable for what the other says?

  122. Sakyiwaa says:

    I mean, I still LIKE him. I’ll STILL see his movie but he should just ‘shut it’. lol!

  123. Katherine says:

    “All he did was smoke weed and sit on the couch”

    Obviously that is a huge exaggeration. Brad formed and ran a production company and starred in a number of movies. He also was involved in charitable activities in his home state and various design projects including his own home. Brad’s honesty is hard to take by some Aniston fans but there were plenty of clues from both Brad and Jennifer that made it clear to many that it was not what many pretended or wished it to be. That happens all the time with many, many marriages. Brad’s redemption is that he was honest enough to recognize it and have the integrity to admit it and get out. I have always believed from Jennifer’s words and actions during her marriage that she recognized how bad the marriage was as well but wanted to continue the facade for whatever reasons. Maybe she was just afraid to start anew with someone else. That happens in many marriages as well.

    In any event, why are we regurgitating obviously fabricated tabloid stories? They are hilarious fiction and not worthy of repeating.

  124. Rudypatudie says:

    Jolie is a better mother???!?

    Aniston is not even a mother, so how can you possibly compare, first of all.

    Jolie is a self proclaimed drug addict, lesbian/bisexual , serial dater, twice divorced, not married to her children’s father, looks anorexic, seems to be unstable, has poor relations with her father , and basically comes across as a weirdo. Yes, she has enhanced herself surgically, and can be attractive, but in my opinion, she is creepy thin, drug looking , hallowed, pale and alien looking. I just want to hold her down and force feed her a steak. I think she wears baggy unappealing clothing to hide her skeleton frame.

    She can have Brad. Who cares anymore?

    He seemed so much in love with Aniston, and as we all know, really really wanted to marry her. If he wanted to marry Jolie, he would. Nothing can stop a man when he wants to marry you.

  125. Eve says:

    Nothing can stop a man when he wants to marry you.

    If she says “no” then he will force marry her because nothing can stop him? Not even a restraining order? Not even the police?

    My god, I seriously hope no man will want to marry me that badly, because I really hope that (when or if it happens) I’ll be able to have a word on marrying someone or not.

  126. Rudypatudie says:

    Let me clarify, so that Eve can have peace.

    If a man wants to get married , nothing will stop him from trying to marry thecwoman he loves. Hopefully, the woman wants to get married too. If not, then said man will most likely move on. My point was, if a man really really wants to get married ( to a willing partner ) he will propose, and they will marry. No doubts, no uncertainty, no lame excuses why he won’t marry.

    If the woman says no, then the man will usually move on.

    I hope this makes it more clear.
    Oh, and Eve, I don’t think you need to worry.

  127. Az says:

    I honestly believe that, much like most people on this planet, Angelina could not care less about Jennifer Aniston.

  128. Nev says:

    Brad do need to dump CAA. They are doing nothing for him. Where was CAA when that Chelsea Whore put his children down.
    CAA know Jen’s small fan base have a reading comprehension problem and they are using it on them. Brad is very naive and don’t understand CAA is working for Jen not Brad. I hope this incident wake him up to that fact. CAA seem to be big nasty bullies.
    I also believe Brad bumble with the word “yet.” I think Angie is pregnant to but time will tell. She does look gorgeous.

  129. Eve says:

    @ Rudypatudie:

    I got your comment. I’m Team Jolie, remember? I don’t need people clarifying things for me in order to make them clear.

    It was a joke and that, unfortunately, was obviously beyond your grasp.

    No doubts, no uncertainty, no lame excuses why he won’t marry.

    I don’t think that standing for gay marriage is a lame excuse, but that’s me.

    Oh, and Eve, I don’t think you need to worry.

    Considering that I already had to worry about that in past, I don’t think it’s too far fetched to think it may happen again, but if it makes you happy to think I’m an “unmarriable” bitter hag, go for it :)

    By the way, in case you’re a married woman yourself, then there’s hope for all of us (even Aniston, ha!). Just try to remember that sometimes, or many times, the woman has the final word. And sometimes that word is “no”.

  130. Sara says:

    She looks good here. But would a little hair trim kill her? Like just two inches? Still too skinny

  131. Madison34 says:

    Rudypatudie just to let you know, my sisters “not wanting to get married” boyfriend lingered for 10 years. Then he got fired and the poor baby needed her money so he married her. Then he wanted to make the rules and take her away from that job but she couldn’t supoort him and her self financially wihout it, so he went and moved in with some woman in the city. So I guess you are right, men can be selfish. BTW he is ugly to boot and a jobless leach. (His confidence came from his ivy league teacher mom who obviously couldn’t recognize her son was hideous and a moron).

  132. Madison34 says:

    My question still is, Why is Brad the prize here? And the pot statement made sense, maybe she was worried about the welfare of the children they would have. I actually prefer Anjelina but I am just sayin’

  133. Rudypatudie** Oh,but ‘Eve’ does have to worry.If I were a man she’d have to hire bodyguards to keep me away. MARRY ME,EVE!! MARRY ME,DAMNIT!!

  134. Lina says:

    Hey, stop blame Jolie who so busy with kids and career she has no time to do that. Move on , care your own, jealous skank. If you lied. God cut your tounger.

  135. Dove says:

    Hey, crazy Jen’s fan critical mental sickness .Brad didn’t mean hurt Jen. Angie either. But you are hurt her so bad.The more you blaming Brad. The more you hurting Jen because she still love him so much. No matter he living with Jolie or she living with Justin..She always forgive him because she love him forever and welcome him back any time.

  136. Sam_ says:

    Rudypatudie, what dark ages are you living in? This is no longer the 1950′s. He shares a life and a family with Angelina which is a damn site more than he had with Aniston and their ‘merger’.
    And all those things you listed as negatives (lesbian/bisexual homophobe much?), serial dater (a joke considering she is the most boringly monogamous person in Hollywood and if you want a serial dater, Aniston the town bike is your gal), not married to their father?? Really? You honestly think thats a ‘bad’ thing? You really do drag women’s rights back. As to having issues with her father, no, her and her father are now fine. But lets look at Aniston and her abandonning her stroke-stricken mother in an LA hospital to go papping herself with her latest lay. Oh, and Angelina has NEVER admitted to being a drug ‘addict’. She has admitted to experimenting with drugs, like 99.999% of Hollywood does and has, and like Aniston admitted she has. But she has never been an actual addict, or even admitted as much. And contrary to the jealous haters protestations so they can feel better about themselves, Angelina has not had any plastic surgery, I know. It bites to think she is all natural like that. As to stable, Angelina is far more stable relationship-wise, moral-wise and mental-wise than Aniston the admitted 20 years in therapy EVER will be. Anyone who needs therapy that long, is truly beeped in the head. Aniston is a headcase who has serious psychotic issues, whilst Angelina is revered by the likes of Nelson Mandela, monogamous, respected all around the world – she isn’t mentally unstable like Aniston the serial-dating mother hater is. You can project your homophobia, your 1940′s mindset and Aniston’s needy, insecurity and seriously messed up psychological issues on Angelina all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that jealousy and bitterness is behind the effort.

  137. Tou! says:

    No she is not pregnant. She is just so skinny nowadays (about a year already) that she wants to wear loose clothes all the time. She knows that she looks sick in figure hugging clothes. Really should visit a doctor.
    (if a picture adds 5 kg, it still doesn’t help. if you see her live she must look all bones and big hair.)

  138. evon says:

    please brad, stop talking about jen and discuss your kids antics and angie, that’s what your fans want to hear. please let this triangle story die (its being 6 yrs move on).

  139. smh says:

    I won’t comment on these series of new non-news from the age old triangle except that they sound as true and authentic as Kirstie Alley’s weight

  140. trish says:

    I think that Brad is doing all the business. He is making sure that both women look as if they are fighting over him, that he is using the proverbial wooden spoon to keep the gossip going about the infernal triangle. I would swear he is behind the all the juicy gossip and that he keeps in touch with Jen to get Angie going. He probably does it to make her fight for him, i bet she has to work hard to keep him now so that he does not leave her. He is the problem and those two and the rest of the planet seem to be blind to that fact.

  141. smh says:

    @trish Brad doesn’t seem to be that intelligent but if it was him behind all this forced past due triangle thing it would be the best p.r. idea ever.

  142. Madison34 says:

    @trish Since Brad is so bored all the time, I agree that he may on some level enjoy the fighting over him. What fascinates me is: Just because Brad left Jen doesn’t mean he is better. he is just a selfish idiot who had to find a new woman before being man enough to leave the first one. Angelina was devastated over Billy Bob and Brad took advantage of her vulnerability. I just can’t believe after she was dumped she would pick up with a “dumper”. To each his own I guess.