Jennifer Aniston is the cat that got the cream & Justin Theroux looks anxious


These are photos of Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston in NYC last night. Apparently, they went to dinner and went to an art auction for “Artists for Haiti”. You can see additional photos of them here. To my eye, Justin seems to have a little bit of an odd look, right? I’m not talking about his only “fancy” outfit, basically the only thing he wears when he wants to “dress up” – black skinny jeans, white dress shirt, skinny tie. Seriously dude, you’re 40. It’s time to invest in some nicer “fancy clothes” – especially considering that you’re dating a woman who loves luxury. Why hasn’t Aniston bought him some better clothes? Instead, she seems to have changed her dress style to mimic his hipster threads. Anyway, the “odd look” I was talking about on Justin is the slowly-processing look of panic. Is he starting to feel like he’s in over his head? Come on, Justin! You’re the white knight for America’s Sweetheart! You’re one half of “Hollywood’s hottest couple” – no joke, that’s what Radar calls them:

Hollywood’s hottest couple, that’s Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux to you, got all gussied up and took New York City by storm Thursday, and has photos of the dashing duo.

It appears the couple has already started to dress alike, rocking his and her versions of minimalist chic as they headed out on the town.

The Friends beauty donned a clingy black jersey dress with her sleek blonde hair framing her face, while her hunky beau looked ever so dapper in an Italian cut black suit and what looked like freshly dyed black hair, slicked up and back.

Jen, a west coast transplant, seems to have already gotten the hang of dressing for the seasons, preparing for a chilly east coast Autumn night with a bulky grey sweater in her hands.

[From Radar]

Yeah, I actually like Aniston’s outfit, but I have literally no idea why Jennifer looks like the cat who got the cream. Yes, her dress is cute and the boots are especially good, but she’s still with a balding hipster who cheated with her when he had a girlfriend of 14 years. What’s that? Are you going to tell me that there’s no actual “proof” of that? There’s as much “proof” that Aniston is a homewrecker as there is with Angelina Jolie. And I will continue to point it out – she’s no victim. Stop treating her like one. Look at her – she’s fine. She’s happy. Stop making her into a relationship martyr.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. pilou says:

    he can be anxious… aniston’fans kill him if…

  2. lisa says:

    She is enjoying the attention..

    Which is why we have seen her all this week. and not much before..


  3. mln76 says:

    The arched eyebrow and the umbrella hogging are both very ominous signs :) (I am joking).

    But seriously Jen looks super happy I don’t know if its all this attention about the triangle or that Justin is rubbing her the right way. Something tells me either way she’s fine.

  4. Canuck says:

    Second photo down, she’s also got an “OMG” look on her face. Maybe the pap zoo was much larger than usual.

  5. Livia says:

    Notice how she’s hiding her stomach in all those shots?

  6. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Jennifer looks awesome! A bit more weight on her looks so healthy and wholesome. AngieJo may be the Beauty, but next to Jen, Angelina’s arms and legs are downright scrawny and sickly looking.

    Justin is stuck in the 90′s or somewhere, I don’t know – not attractive.

  7. Happymom says:

    Of course she’s happy. She has awful taste in men-and this guy looks like a doozy, and she loves getting papped.

  8. foozy says:

    this couple is no brangelina!

  9. Agnes says:

    They’re both so lame and douchey…

  10. Canuck says:

    @lisa: I imagine that we’ve seen her all week because her ex-husband can’t keep his mouth shut and ever since the interview blurbs came out, she’s probably got a hundred paps camping in front of her building anf then following her around town. You know full well that pretty much everybody has waited 6 years for one or the other to start badmouthing. Brad got the ball rolling, now they’re all hoping Jen will be next.

  11. Dibba says:

    I think he has to wear black on the time because of all the dye he uses on every inch of his hair. It might get on his clothes…

  12. mln76 says:

    What I do find telling is she was supposed to be devastated by her mom’s stroke last week. She obviously is too busy going on shopping trips to bother staying in LA with her mom.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Justin does look a little shell shock. Jen looks happy. What’s making her so happy? Is it the Justin loving or the fact she’s relevant again? I’m going to go with relevancy! She hasn’t gone without since her divorce, so it can’t be the sex. It’s the fact people are no longer calling her a homewrecking hypocrite, but Jennifer, America’s sweetheart/Angelina&Brad’s victim again!

  14. KLaw says:

    She’s also hiding her left hand. Maybe he just popped the question? That would explain her beaming and his look of terror. LOL

  15. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    I think he looks like he’s sick of the circus.

  16. Cherry Rose says:

    @Livia – I noticed that too!

    Well, she looks really happy. So good for her. Maybe he’s “the one”?

  17. Kimbob says:

    “but she’s still with a balding hipster who cheated with her when he had a girlfriend of 14 years. What’s that? Are you going to tell me that there’s no actual “proof” of that? There’s as much “proof” that Aniston is a homewrecker as there is with Angelina Jolie. And I will continue to point it out – she’s no victim. Stop treating her like one. Look at her – she’s fine. She’s happy. Stop making her into a relationship martyr.”

    Kaiser….why are you fanning the flames? I’m not a fan of Pitt, Jolie, or Anniston. YES, Jen’s GUILTY of the same thing Brad is…no debate there. Just my opinion…neither Jenn nor Theroux are giving interviews where they’re referencing their past relationship & alluding/hinting that they “suffered” due to it…that it was ‘something that it wasn’t.’ To talk in public…put it out there to the media…how unfulfilled one may be in a past relationship…just not a class act…again, my opinion.

    But you know what? If Anniston or Theroux does something like that in the future, I reserve my right to bring my ax down just like I did in my opinion about what Brad did. Fair IS fair…right?

  18. champignon says:

    pauvre homme = poor guy
    I’m so sorry for him

  19. Bobbie says:

    Kaiser, love your site, love your articles, but you are hopefully, hopefully biased on the issue of Jen and Angelina. We all have our perspectives, sure, but you just seem to have it out for Jen for no reason.

  20. Bobbie says:

    I meant hopelessly biased. Clearly, I need to get to work.

  21. Bobby the K says:

    Anyone who thinks brad badmouthed her is not living in the real world.

  22. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    “Hollywood’s hottest couple”

    yeah, right

  23. Lithe says:

    Is Angelina lurking behind that tree in the last pic? Cause I couldn’t find her in any of the pix. And yet somehow you’ve made her a part of the story? You’re beginning to sound a little loony, lady.

  24. RobN says:

    Considering Brad can’t keep his mouth shut, there were probably ten times the usual number of paps around and that would make most people a little anxious.

  25. svetlana says:

    He does look kinda fed up with the cameras. It gotta be a huge change. But I like that he cut his hair. It reminds me of how he looked in that Muse video.

    Apparently, she dropped $450k on a painting at the Haiti benefit last night. I know she’s loaded, but DAMN.

    I think she looks fantastic, though i do wish it was a color. I did note that her arms and boobs looked fuller than normal. I’m not putting money on “pregnant” just yet, but I get why others are.

  26. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I wonder if Jen is playing with the paps by covering her stomach (good call Livia) and Justin looks like Wtf have I gotten myself into. Dude also needs to lose the skinny jeans, they don’t look good on guys or gals.

  27. Lightsplantastic says:

    Two things:
    First, she looks like a tourist from Ohio playing “New York Girl” by wearing all the black she can find in her wardrobe. The boots are beyond suburban mall.

    And second, their “we’re goin’ steady!” matching rings make me want to barf.

    All i see is a woman who is nothing without a man and who is a chameleon when she has one trying to fit into whatever girl she thinks they want her to be. This couple is a mis match and it’ll be over by Christmas. He’s there to social and career climb. Period.

    She is pathetic, and I feel a little pity for her, but she’s old enough to take care of herself and have learned a few things. Grow up girl and figure out who you are. And stop calling the tabloids…you’re only hastening this dude’s exit by making him get papped all the time.

  28. stella says:

    Maybe it’s the night she reveals ‘the baby bump’…..oh the anticipation.

  29. Ell says:

    I don’t get the victim thing, how can someone as successful as Jennifer be considered a victim.

    Since the pathetic interview, rather than attack the instigator of this latest fiasco, even more guns are out for Jennifer and Justin. They are obviously trying to get on with life and their relationship,and stay out of the madness Brad created all by himself.

    Luckily this biased view isn’t the general view, many woman (not Jenhens) are disgusted by the disrespectful comments by this arrogant dumb man. Keep talking Brad.

  30. WTF says:

    did she borrow those boots from Angie, cause i swear she has the same ones.

  31. Flan says:

    I don’t like Jen much, but I don’t dislike her enough to want her to be used just for publicity (which he might be doing).

    The way he left his girlfriend already makes him suspiciouly jerkish.

  32. serena says:

    Oh man..your comments are totally hilarious. None EVER comment on the fact that Jen is a homewrecker and destroy a relationship of 14YEARS (not 7). None of you Jenloonies does, isn’t it awesome?

  33. LAK says:

    i never thought i’d see the day i coveted Jen aniston’s dress. Does anyone know who’s the designer?

  34. Emma says:

    They probably ran into Heidi Bivens inside the restaurant. Jen-Hens used to get mad at Angie and Brad for being in the same ‘country’ as Jen back in 2005, 2006, 2007, and especially 2008 when Angie was pregnant with the twins. But now it’s okay for Jen and Justin to be in the ‘same’ city and go to the ‘same’ places that Justin went to for years with Heidi Bivens?

  35. Kiki says:

    She’s no victim, that’s for sure. I’m with you on that one.

  36. Original Tiffany says:

    That article got so many things wrong, I’d hesitate believing anything they say!
    That’s not a suit, it’s a jacket and JEANS.
    That’s not a bulky grey sweater, it’s a scarf.
    They can’t even get that shit right? Give me a break. She is fine, doesn’t look so sad about Brad here. Let’s forget about that. She and her hipster doofus BF are morphing. Next she’ll go back to brunette.

  37. Evie (not Eve) says:

    I don’t doubt here’s an element of playing for he paps, but they know where she lives, and apparently there’s a swarm of them camped out outside her building. They’ve taken pictures of Justin alone doing mundane shit like grabbing carryout or moving his bike. It’s not like they need to call the papparazzi.

    I kinda like that she hasn’t given him a fashion makeover. He has lost the beard and the slicked back hair, which are positives, but she shouldn’t press her luck with the clothes. Not so soon anyway. Besides, the man makeovers can go horribly wrong. Look at what Liz Hurley did to Shane Warne.

  38. sharylmj says:

    she looks really pretty and happy, he looks irritated. Don’t think he knew what he signed up for with this one…

  39. ladybert62 says:

    I laughed out loud at the “freshly dyed black hair all slicked up”!

    Is that a first for actually stating that the guy dyed in hair?

    And I do agree that in my mind at least she is a homewrecker and he is in over his head!

    Outfit looks good on her and she looks happy.

  40. Lindy says:

    Can I just say, I LOVE her outfit–that’s a gorgeous, sharp, put-together ensemble. I think she looks great.

    Also, I know there are the Anistonloonies out there who do want to return again and again to her victim status (FWIW, I do believe that Brad and Angelina got together before Brad’s marriage was officially over, but like you said, there will never be proof). But truly, I do think most women who like her don’t want to cast her as the perennial victim–for my part, I’d rather see her succeed professionally and personally.

    ETA: I think the whole victim thing is mostly a result of mainstream media–how else can they sell magazines? It pays to push the triangle over and over and over again, and that dynamic relies on some “woe is me” version of JA.

  41. Rudypatudie says:

    Are pantyhose back in?

    Also, ja didn’t break up a marriage.

    Theroux ( up ) and bivens weren’t married.

    Therouxup and Aniston look happy. Good for her

  42. Beans says:

    I hate his pants. No man above the age of 25 should be wearing them. Hipster douche indeed.

    I completely agree with Kaiser’s comments regarding Pitt/Jolie/Anniston/Justin.

  43. LMAO says:

    You won’t stop to point that out because you CAN’T STAND no one gives a sh1t about it – no one believes it!!

    Jennifer is STILL America’s sweetheart and will keep that title for a long time.

    Angelina will ALWAYS be known as a homewrecker – sorry if you STILL can’t get over it :)

  44. Moi says:

    I don’t see how she’s started dressing like him – she’s dressed like this for a long time. iF anyone dresses like their partner, it’s Brad PItt. He always matches his SO at the time.

  45. Canuck says:

    @Svetlana: Do we know which painting she bought? She does like her art, did you know she had a painting of hers exposed at the Met when she was 11?

  46. Sara says:

    She looks great here! If she has had plastic surgery or injections, they have settled and look really good.

  47. kay says:

    “Stop making her into a relationship martyr.”


  48. I do think they were grinding away behind Heidis back.

  49. Jesse says:

    Moi, I totally agree. She has always dressed like that. Always with black too. People were complaining for years that she should wear something else and change her hair. I don’t think she morphs into her man’s style. But I sure do think Brad does. Isn’t he the one that got matching highlights with Jennifer? LOL! But, this is celebitchy..she loves Angelina so she’s biased. What can you do, it’s her site. But I will write this, Angelina needs to do something to her hair and her clothes. Awful, just awful. But she is gorgeous in the face.

  50. Beans says:

    The Jenhens are in fine form this morning!

  51. Cheyenne says:

    LMAO: Jennifer is STILL America’s sweetheart and will keep that title for a long time.

    She will keep that title as long as there are bitter, lonely, dumped women who can’t get over have been left for another woman. And there will always be women like that.

    If I were her, though, I’d aspire to a different title. There is something absolutely pathetic about a 42 year old woman still pretending she is “America’s sweetheart”. It makes you wonder if she’ll still be “America’s sweetheart” in her own eyes by the time she’s eligible for social security.

  52. Faye says:

    That’s the look of a man that has to get to the toilet fast. At least that was my first thought when I that pic: the man has diarrhea.

  53. Iggles says:

    @ Rudypatudie:
    “Also, ja didn’t break up a marriage.

    Theroux ( up ) and bivens weren’t married.”

    Wow! The logic behind that is absurd!

    She didn’t break up a marriage, just a 14 year LIVE IN relationship that was longer than her own relationship with Pitt — but that’s okay!!! :roll:

  54. anom says:

    her body looks good but her face shows her age.

  55. Original Bee says:

    I agree with Kaiser. People need to stop portraying Jennifer Aniston as some poor put upon victim. I remember watching an interview with a tabloid journalist, who said when Brad and Angelina first got together the tabloids started selling their love story. That was until they realized stories about Jen as the wronged woman, and Angelina as an evil man stealer, sold much better. This is all a tabloid created farce. Jen Aniston is FINE. Angie and Brad are FINE.

  56. Esmom says:

    Original Tiffany @37, ITA. The other thing they got wrong was describing his outfit as “minimalist chic.” WTF? Hers is, she looks great. Him, not so much.

  57. Canuck says:

    @Cheyenne: You mean like Betty White? Better that than an old action star, a la Stallone…

  58. GeekLuva says:

    @ Faye:
    That line is gonna give me the giggles all day!
    I never read anything in that parade interview that ‘bashed’ JA. I think people were looking for something to nitpick on with that interview. Certain fans want to make BP look like an asshole as to lift their deity even higher. I think JA knows this and that’s why she looks like the cat who got the cream.

  59. Cheyenne says:

    She looks nice. He looks smarmy. Somebody tell him skinny ties went out 20 years ago.

    OT: “Moneyball” is getting some terrific reviews. 94% on (99% among top critics).

  60. She actually looks good.I would wear that outfit.

  61. The Original Mia says:

    @Iggles…don’t waste your breath pointing out the obvious to the JenHens. It’s not cheating or homewrecking (though, we know it really is) because they weren’t married. Forget the fact that relationship was longer than Jen’s marriage and seemed to still be going on as late as April. It’s different because it’s Jen!

  62. Sara says:

    Brad should have never specifically mentioned his previous marriage if he didn’t want a shit storm. It is Brad that started this shit, nobody else. Maybe Jen knew this article was coming well before it hit the stand. Magazine shoots are usually done a couple of months in advance. Perhaps that is why she has been out and about in NY with Justin, so people don’t think she is boring or dull?

  63. Ms Smith says:

    How dare Jen go out to a charity auction. Doesn’t she know that charity work is Ange’s thing.
    And what is she thinking wearing black. Black is Ange’s colour.
    Also what’s with the homewrecking with Justin. Thats what Ange is best known for.
    Its obvious that Jen is trying to become like Ange so Brad will come back to her.
    God I hate her.
    (This is how the mind of a Brangelia Loonie works.)

  64. newtsgal says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying what I’ve been saying for years!!!!

  65. Cherry Rose says:

    I’m actually suprised she’s been pretty quiet on this whole relationship. No (official) interviews stating that Justin is the love of her life, she’s doing great, etc. Coupled with her taking this year off, hmm…

    And no, I don’t think Jennifer has to call the papparazzi. Because of Brad’s statements, they’re probably camped at her apartment, hoping to catch a photo of her looking sad or wanting to get a statement from her.

    Although I don’t think Brad should be surprised of this sh!t storm that followed after his statement. I know he’s not oblivious to the tabloid stories about him, Angelina, and Jennifer. He should have known he just added fuel to the fire with that one.

  66. Mnj says:

    I love her dress. Im a jen fan. What pitt said in the interview I didnt think it was offensive. I think he made he is making like it is after just a day he made his sorry statement,.talked about it on his movie premier amd talked about on today show. Plus the paparazis arent der cuz of the comments. In LA they wer also being swarmed by paparazis even tmz reported that they wer causing acidents even bfor pitts comment. Maybe half of dem are der cuz of the comment but the other half would still be der without those comments that wer made. I think she looks happy cuz her mother is better she looked so down last week. She looks beatiful. As for her being a homewreker. Well they havent even talked about der relationship, so how do we know what really happen. there is sumtin odd about him. Idk I heard he was bipolar or sumtin im not sure. Well she does look happy and healthier.

  67. Toe says:

    Hey, what does Jen do that she has that nice angular jawline wihout the double cheek like we all do? im in my 30s and normal weight, but i have a somewhat double chin and i hate it. Is there something they use that we dont know about?

  68. Tou! says:

    did not know that Justin and the ex were married like Jen and Brad were at the time of Angie and Brad’s affair?

  69. anon says:

    As always, Jen looks great. So fresh and healthy. She might be older than 36 but does she look awesome!

  70. Lauren says:

    I hope JT’s animal hipster lust makes gorgeous babies! Brad is a blabbermouth..I actually respect Justin more than Brad. Justin has not said a word to the disgusting press.

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @CherryRose: I’m starting to wonder if maybe throwing fuel on the fire wasn’t intentional. Nothing sells like controversy, and “Moneyball” is getting some terrific reviews. I’m not saying the reviews are great because of the controversy, but the publicity sure can’t hurt.

    @Canuck? WTF are you blathering about now? Why bring Betty White into it? Nobody is calling her “America’s Sweetheart” and she’d probably die laughing if anyone did.

  72. smh says:

    trying to look sexy and confident all the time. she can’t walk with heels. it looks painful. stop embarrassing yourself. omg it’s jeniston we’re talking about, it’s what she does for a living. smh

  73. serena says:

    Heidi Bivens does not ring a bell to you Jenloonies?

    @Cherry Rose: oh she did. she can’t ruin her image saying something directly so she let’s her ‘friend/insider/manager/pr’ talk in her place. Who do you think stated all of those ‘Jen wants apologies, Jen is pissed, Jen is happy and doesn’t care or Jen thinks Brad is jealous?’.

  74. mzjask says:

    i cant seem to understand how people tend to forget that Angie likes unavailable men. since before Brad, darlings. she stole BBT from Laura Dern or do you not remember the comments that were made regarding that relationship?
    [for your convenience] :)

    and i still cant and wont accuse jennifer of “homewrecking” as the only one who has commented on the state of JT & HB’s relationship was HER mother. 14 years and not married? who’s to say it wasn’t off and on? who’s to say it wasn’t an open relationship? wake-up, if he hasnt married you, he wont and is fair game. end of story.
    its not a nice tale, but its true ladies. if someone comes around that he likes better, who just so happens to WANT to get married, he will do it. bc its not that he is not the marrying type, its that he doesn’t want to marry YOU.

    and not to take away from Heidi here, im sure she is devastated by all of this and i think it sucks if she felt wronged. i just think these sorts of things happen without any of us knowing the exact details. this is life. but to call certain people out while not others is just plain wrong. none of them did anything to you and they’re still gonna be richer than any of us will ever be so why pick apart every tiny detail??

    i hope they’re ALL happy.
    brangelina & their 10 thousand kids.
    jen, justin & their hipster lil existence.
    and heidi with a man that will truly love, value & respect the wonderful woman i am sure she is.

  75. LAK says:

    poor, poor, Justin! Does he know wht he has let himself in for? If this relationship fails, regardless of the reason, he is going to be crucified by the Jen hens.

  76. Heine says:

    I’ve never thought of her as a victim. She went through a traumatic experience and is seemingly over it. I think the loonies like to paint her as a victim to validate their ‘pathetic, desperate Jen’ talking points even though its very clear that shes neither of those things

  77. luls says:

    STILL cant get over how YOUNG she looks for her age!! Jen, JLO and Heather Graham are defying physics when it comes to ageing gracefully.

  78. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Totally hiding her left hand! And am I crazy or does it look like she has a ring on here

    I’m on the iPad, so it’s possible it’s my imagination combined with the screen, but the jacket over the hand is really awkward, so it kind of looks like they may be engaged.

    I do think what they did to his ex was screwed up, especially since the photos with her long hair (pre haircut) make it clear they’ve been together for some time (ie cheated for a long time).

    However, speaking of rings on the left hand–
    I hate to be harsh towards Heidi Bivens, but I would personally never stay with a guy for that long without a ring. For this exact reason!

  79. Heather M (Heather) says:

    @mzjask, “it’s not that he’s not the marrying type, it’s that he doesn’t want to marry YOU…”


  80. shalibali says:

    She looks great. Her boyfriend could use a few fashion pointers. Maybe wear different pants other than jeans. I get the feeling this guy is not the one for Jen. I dont think this is gonna be the keeper, but at least shes enjoying herself. And I love her outfit.

  81. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Okay, wtf is that on her left hand:

    God help my productivity levels since I stumbled onto CB.

  82. Cheyenne says:

    @mzjask: Laura Dern?? Oh right, the Laura Dern who shagged her hubby and got pregnant by him while he was still married to his pregnant first wife. I think the babies were born three months apart. That Laura Dern.

    BTW the tabloids forgot to ask BBT if he was engaged to Laura Dern when he dumped her and married Jolie. He wasn’t engaged to her and never intended to marry her. Any “engagement” was a figment of her imagination.

  83. layla says:

    @#77 – Laura Dern is no angel and could be considered a serial homewrecker herself.

    She deliberately went after Ben Harper when his wife was 5 months pregnant and by the time Harper left his wife for Dern she was 3 months pregnant herself. It’s the same crap she pulled with Billy Bob Thorton when he was married to Pietra Cherniak. She was also “the other woman” in her relationships with Jeff Goldblum and Renny Harlin.

    Thou… the only true underlying factor in all this – is that it takes TWO to tango and the married/attached men are just as responsible for wrecking their established “homes” as the woman are.

    Funny how some woman (Dern, Aniston, Garner etc) continue to get away with certain behaviour and others (Jolie) never escape it.

  84. Patricia says:

    As far as him needing new dressy clothes – I have a feeling he could wrap himself in a used condom and she’d be thrilled. She strikes me as one desperate lady.

  85. mary simon says:

    He’s gone from being not-so-well-known to being in the center of the ongoing Jennifer and the Paps saga – can’t blame him for being uncomfortable. I think he will bail soon enough.

  86. Kim says:

    The couple started dressing alike?? Um more like, no self esteem Jenn once again morphing into how her boyfriend dresses. She has done this with every guy she has dated. I dont dislike her buy maybe if she got her own personna she could hold a man. Men are flattered by this at first then it very quickly becomes annoying. And he LOVES the attention hence why he is dating her to begin with – dont kid yourselves.

  87. lil says:

    @layla @Cheyenne
    I’m waiting to see what kind of answer mzjazk posts to you!!
    the gall of some jenhens.

    oh, and BTW if it were JA and BP who had been ina 14 yr old relationship and THEN he had left her and went after AJ, the hen song would be the same. Still complaining about it…
    For sure they have been justifying and finding silly excuses for these two, JA and JT… denial and double standars, really hypocrisy at a big level. I dare to say that even Jenny herself is probably more aware of what they both did, than her own fans. She’s friends of Chelsea Handler after all, and he of TR.

  88. Firecracker says:

    I love that outfit and those boots!

  89. Katherine says:

    It’s just a little tiring to hear about this painting that Jennifer had on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when she was 11.

    The Met has many programs with the NYC public schools and one of them is to have regular exhibitions of student artwork. That is what she participated in. The way her publicist and fans tell it you’d think she was Picasso and some child prodigy. It’s a sweet program designed to encourage student interest in the arts. But that’s all it is. Funny how we’ve never seen this masterpiece. Never ever.

    We’ve also never seen grown up Jen paint or attend a class or write anything or participate in the arts at all. If Brad hadn’t dragged her to some museums on Europe there would be no proof she even knew what a museum was. Jen and culture seem to be strangers.

  90. Pffft says:

    He has a weird body, long torso with short legs. He does look Eddie Munsterish and could use a wardrobe overhaul. But I like JA. Never considered her a victim nor pathetic. I don’t even know where that comes from. Seems to be a media-made condition ala Kaiser. She is cute and seems to be really fun.

  91. Katherine says:

    Her left hand? I thought she had a gold ring that spelled out Justin Is My Boyfriend.

  92. Lady D says:

    Heather M: “God help my productivity levels since I stumbled onto CB.”
    Truer words were never spoken.

  93. Josephina says:

    @ mzjask-

    I am a very married woman and I can tell you that a 14 year relationship, married or not, IS A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP. Heidi and Justin have spent close to half of their lives being together. That is almost the same amount of time you spend growing up and living with parents and siblings.

    Heidi and Justin were together TWICE as long as Jennifer’s longest relationship, which was with Brad.

    Heidi is not famous enough for her feelings to count and she is not gonna go on a media blitz using TV talk shows, live interviews, tabloids and respectable magazines (People, GQ, and Vanity Fair) to air out her personal feelings about her ex, his new lover, or go back in time and talk about what he did. In fact, with the exception of Aniston, NO ONE TAKES THAT ROUTE.

    I will say it now. I find Justin as suspect. Time will tell and we will see how committed he is to her. His life as already dramatically changed since he hooked up with her. Here’s to hoping that he can stomach the other changes coming up as well.

    Advice to Aniston: Get out of the limelight so Justin can be the man in the relationship. He has a douche factor in him and he will not like it if he feels like he is her puppet.

  94. crtb says:

    The couple started dressing alike?? Um more like, no self esteem Jenn once again morphing into how her boyfriend dresses. She has done this with every guy she has dated.

    Really? Who?

    John Mayer – no
    Vince Vaughn – no
    Tate Donovan – no
    Paul Rudd – no
    Paul Sculfor – no

  95. d says:

    It’s a publicity stunt. I think they’re the subject of a blind item where it’s all for show and it keeps her real life hidden (lez, not that there’s anything wrong with that) and helps him get exposure. She’s ok with the attention because it hides the real truth and keeps her name in the paper. If she really wanted privacy, she’d get it. It all feels very manufactured to me.

  96. april says:

    Husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends leave each other and end relationships for other people all the time. Enough with the homewrecker garbage. You cannot force anyone to leave another person. It’s their own personal choice. If he/she leaves it’s because there’s problems in the relationship or with themselves at least. Like Brad said, he himself was not interesting anymore.

  97. ouch says:

    justin the rebel ? lol
    justin PR toy
    poor guy

  98. Erm says:

    She looks great. That is a hot outfit–skirt is slightly short (not sure how sitting down happens) but she pulls it off.
    I think his surprised/shocked look is due to an eyebrow tweezing gone awry.

  99. TabbyCat says:

    THANK YOU for saying that Kaiser! She is no victim, and never was.

  100. TabbyCat says:

    Canuck, lets not re-write history out of desperation to excuse Jen’s actions. It was in fact, Aniston that started the bad-mouthing ball rolling, 7 years ago. Its her karma, what she sends out, and she has sent out nothing but racism, hatred and bitterness for 7 years – she gets back. She started it.

  101. Chris says:

    I don’t see anything appealing about Jennifer, and she comes off as a huge bitch.

  102. TabbyCat says:

    Rudypatudie, marrie is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT, so quit with that desperate lame argument – it won’t work. Aniston broke up a 14 year common law relationship. What Aniston is guilty of, is MUCH worse. Don’t fool yourself otherwise.

  103. TabbyCat says:

    LMAO, keep DREAMING! :D Aniston was NEVER America’s Sweetheart (more like rotten bitch), and she never will be. She will now always be known as a homewrecker. Sad, but true, so get used to it. People now know that Angelina never was a homewrecker, as there was no affair. But Aniston who steals other women’s men, will always be known as the filthy homewrecker she is.

  104. TabbyCat says:

    Canuck, whats wrong with Betty White? She is a classy and well-respected and much loved woman. And she has more dignity, self-respect, heart, decency and class than Aniston could ever dream of having. Aniston could only dream of being as classy and dignified. Comparing Aniston to white is like comparing dog shat with caviar.

  105. TabbyCat says:

    Heine, you prove that you DO think of Aniston as a victim by saying she went through a ‘traumatic’ experience. Traumatic my ass. She went through nothing 50% of other married couples go through. Brad and Angelina are the ones who went through and are still going through a traumatic experience. The ‘trauma’ Aniston experienced is of her own making and those of the loonifers like yourself who continue to paint her as the victim when in *fact*, she was the villain all along. But reality is not a loonifer strong point or talking point.

  106. Victoria says:

    Brad is winning. People and the critics love the movie. That doesn’t happen very often. Who cares what he said about something he has a right to speak on just like she did all those years

  107. Ramona Q says:

    Stop wearing black because you just moved to NYC … unnecessary.

  108. DeeVine says:

    Honestly I don’t remember Jennifer ever directly badmouthing Brad during the breakup. (Well, there weren’t many blogs like these at that time and frankly my memory for gossip is not that long. So I may be wrong) If BP was ever brought up I remember her speaking warmly of him.

    The only comments I remember were the “sensitivity chip” comment which was in retaliation to the W magazine spread which was Brad’s idea. And the other was the “uncool” comment in response to Angelina’s revelation that they fell in love during Mr & Mr Smith while BP and JA were still married.

    In both cases they were in response to something Brangelina did. She felt that she had to say something and not appear the “victim” as the tabloids love to portray her. But yet everyone still saw her as the victim, and could not believe she has moved on despite her dating so many men after. Is this because she is the less attractive one? The beautiful couple can do no wrong…how very high school. How can plain Jen ever imagine she is good enough for the prom king?

    Well, this time she didn’t take the bait and responded cos think BP pretty much shoved both his feet into his mouth.

  109. Canuck says:

    @Tabby Cat: Did I say there was anything wrong with Betty White? No, I didn’t. Point being that actors/actresses who do comedy tend to have longer careers than action stars. You can still be funny at 80, but it’s hard to pass yourself off as invincible and superhero-ish at 80.

    Oh, and “Billy Idol wants his hair back” isn’t a comment badmouthing her marriage and why it ended, is it?

  110. spellman says:

    He sort of reminds me of Gavin Rossdale. I think it is the widow’s peak.

  111. Ell says:

    ‘Brad is winning.’…..oh dear, winning what, a competition for loser of the week?

  112. lisa says:


    Here’s the thing.. you and other like you are the ones that are obsessed. The people outside the gossip world don’t care about Jennifer or what is said about her. you can call Brad all the names you want. Let’s see if Aniston can carry a film. Since it has never happened. Brad has not lost anything that matters. He has his woman and children. the support of people like you is not on that list. Next time Aniston has a movie out with her name as the lead go support it instead of trashing Brad and Angie..
    She has a man finally. support it. never know how long it will last.

  113. Jenn says:

    Don’t care about any of the 3 of them, but I cosign what CB wrote. Jennifer Aniston had considered divorce on and off for years (see Janet Charlton) and let Brad take the brunt of the blame for the idea of it and badmouthed him to boot. This guy is perfect for Aniston- fake hip and believes he’s still 25 and cool. He dresses like an undergrad and he’s 40. There are ways to dress hip while acknowledging your age, and wearing Ratt shirts to be ironic (he thinks) isn’t it. Her boots and dress are great; he should take a hint from her fashion, which is actually quite good. That dress would like more suburban-ish if she wore it with heels. He thinks if he wears these 20ish Williamsburg clothes, people will see how ironic and offbeat he is, when he is dating the ultimate suburban woman. Who, by the way, is not a victim and is FINE. Who made endless, snarky comments she NEVER apologized for. And whether or not Justin was going to marry his girlfriend, he stayed with her for 14 years and was in a relationship with her. He cheated on her with Jennifer, pure and simple. Jennifer was fine with co-opting Justin. And, in the end, I think they deserve each other.

  114. Cheyenne says:

    Aniston isn’t a victim of anything except her own spite and stupidity.

  115. Josephina says:

    @ 188- Cannot see your name

    I co-sign with your opinion on Justin and the FACT that Jen has been consistently SNARKY with her comments on Brad/Angie for YEARS.

    The posters that say “I don’t get the Aniston hate” are the ones who have not paid attention to her interviews over the last 7 years…it would be IMPOSSIBLE not to know about the famous “I did, I do and I will” have children comment. Add to boot her Goddess Circle members such as Courtney Cox, Sheryl Crow, Laura Dern, the greek girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and of course, nasty Chelsea Handler, all publicly weighing in on Brad and Angie. And don’t forget to add Aniston’s constant referencing or name-dropping of Brad or staying in tune with whatever Angie has to say about her life with Brad and the kids.

    There have been too many interview quotes/instances to report back to the posters, although I and many others have tried in the past to repost them.

    Like Kaiser or CB said, this woman is not a victim. The only ones that treat her as such are the Jenhen fans… boohoo, Angie stole her husand, Brad really loves Jennifer deep down, and Jen was about to have children with Brad just before Angie showed up… GMAFB. Should have, could have and would have….Where are Aniston’s results, professional or personal?

    I see her as a tick.

    Anyway, I like Aniston’s dress. It looks good on her. I find the covering her face with her hair all time very annoying and makes her seem insecure. Does she have great bone structure and beautiful facial features? Hell no. She does not have stop-n-stare long legs (Cameron Diaz, Bar Rafeali, Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell) or exotic features (Angelina Jolie). But she works well with what she has and her complete physical package seems put together.

  116. Lucy La says:

    Re: Ell “‘Brad is winning.’…..oh dear, winning what, a competition for loser of the week?”

    HA HA HA best comment ever.

  117. K says:

    Do you people personally know Brad, Angelina or Jennifer??? It’s almost surreal in the depth and passion when discussing them! Come on people, get a grip on your own reality. Crazies

  118. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Just give the “classy” Jen a few weeks/months to comment on Pitt’s interview and subsequent clarification. Because that she will, I have absolutely no doubt. She just needs a proper venue, possibly Oprah.

    We’ve already seen how the “oh-so-classy-during-her-divorce” transformed into years of side comments.

    I mean, come on, we’re talking about a woman who at some point in life stopped talking to her mother for a decade. You really think she’s gonna let this one slide? :D

  119. Sophie says:

    @Kaiser: “she is not a victim”. I have to applaud you for writing that so simple and powerful. I cannot believe they treat her like “the wife that got hurt” when in fact she does not give a shit for the woman behind Justin. Brad and JA were together for 4 years in marriage. Justin and his ex were together for almost 12 years. Some people see the marriage license as a sacred thing even if it is for a short period of time but a long relationship does not get the same treatment. Why no one of Jen’s fans hate Justin as much as they Brad for what Brad “did” to Jen. In fact Justin threw away a woman he was with for 12 years.
    So much hypocrisy and the sad part is that most comes from women. Jen should thank Brad every day of her life for the exposure she got being married to him. Let’s accept the fact that is a totally mediocre actress, the most uninteresting woman (just read all her interviews) and plain simple look at what she has turned himself into: a copycat of her boyfriend just to be loved by him. I call it a woman without her own personality and character. These are things that Brad saw in her and he decided to go for a strong character and independent person like Angie.
    BTW she looks knocked up. Thank god for that so she won’t change her men anymore like her clothes.

  120. Heine says:

    TabbyCat: First of all, on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale (how stressful events affect health), divorce is number two and marital separation is number three. She got dumped therefore she would have been on the side of the divorce that was actually stressful. Divorce is an extremely stressful event in a person’s life. You say 50% of couples go through this as though that negates the fact that it’s stressful. That’s illogical and insensitive.

    Second, how the hell is she the villain? She was left by her husband for another woman. I’m not seeing the villain aspect here.

    Third, what kind of trauma have Brangelina been dealing with? They don’t read the tabloids so how would they ever see the negative stuff people write about them on blogs and in the gossip rags?

    They were the ones who came away from the failure of Brad and Jennifer’s marriage all loved up and happy.

    And the mainstream media don’t treat them poorly because they want them on their shows(remember Anne Curry slobbering all over Brad?).

    Apparently reality is what you are missing here.

  121. Ell says:

    @Lisa, I’m not discussing Brad or Jen’s career, I’m talking about that fact he’s come across like a loser this week, to a lot of people, for talking disrespectfully about his marriage. That’s it. I’m not obsessed, or one of ‘those people’, whoever they are. I don’t hate Angelina. But Brad didn’t do his image any good this week.

  122. Original Tiffany says:

    As for her morphing. Before she was with him, it was all California casual, lots of white, florals, etc. Now it is all black and hipster doofus rolled loose jeans with combat boots. Name me another time you ever saw JA wear combat boots and I will eat my words. I don’t even think she wore them in the 90′s when they were popular.
    She is a total box office loser and is still Rachel. At least Brad chooses interesting and cool movies to be in.

  123. Heine says:

    Tabbycat: Lastly, I do not think she is a victim as I clearly stated in my post. I also clearly stated that she seems over it.

    Frankly, she looks very happy and has for years.

    She’s over it but the Brangeloons don’t want her to be. They want her to still be this sad, forlorn loser pining over getting dumped by Brad Pitt-as if Brad is some prize. If she’s happy without him (and from what I can see, she’s been over it and happy for some time now), that diminishes their “poor pitiful Jen” dogma.

    Brangeloons don’t seem tor realize that they are the only ones who think she’s playing the victim. Why would her fans want to think of her as sad and pathetic?

  124. Cheyenne says:

    @Ell: Why is Saint Jennifer the Dumped allowed to whine for seven years, and when Brad finally says he was not happy in his marriage you act as if he committed a capital crime? Whether or not you think he should have brought his marriage up, he has as much right to talk about it as she does. They were both in the marriage and they were both responsible for its demise. It would have been better if both of them never mentioned it after they split, but hey, fair is fair.

  125. Michaella says:

    these two are so ridiculous and over the hill

  126. anistons no victim.Shes trottin’around New York having a grand time.Most(not all)of her fans are the victims.They are angry,bitter women who are above any imperfection.They find great pleasure in mean,nasty comments about children,wish harm to another human being,and find pleasure in only tearing someone else down.Its those(not all)fans that must bear the burden of a woman scorned,day in day out.And meanwhile aniston enjoying herself.Angry,betrayed women are least of her concerns.(I’m gonna get bitch-slapped over my grammer)

  127. Javagirl1 says:

    I just stopped in to say I love her dress. I used to have a similar one from Macys but I lost it. It prob wouldn’t fit me now anyways. Anyone know the designer?

  128. Julia says:

    What i have noticed in that relationship is :

    From jen’s side, she is morphing and adopting his dressing ways. She never did it for anyone else before.

    From His part, he is morphing and adopting his way of life and habits. He never did it with Heidi.

    He also appeared more as the leader, the boss, the one who impose in his former relationship while he is more the follower, the one who goes with Jenny’s flow in this one.

    He also seems more guarded and less smiling than when he was with Heidi, but this could be because of his sudden upgraded status and the paps.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    Julia: He also appeared more as the leader, the boss, the one who impose in his former relationship while he is more the follower, the one who goes with Jenny’s flow in this one.

    Could that be because Jenny is paying the bills?

  130. pilou says:

    don’t worry people… after the show we’ll see the justin perform… wait and see the new prisoner of the prayinf mantis

  131. Lucy La says:

    I thought I was the only one who’d realized that Brad Pitt looks more and more like Kenny Rogers every day, but maybe Aniston noticed it too and that’s why she’s smirking? Or that while Justin might be a hipster with a widow’s peak he at least has a literate adult’s command of the English language (drug/dragged – um really dude?) and looks young enough to be Brad’s son even though he’s 40? Those are my main guesses.

  132. Me says:

    She is hiding both her hand and her tummy.

    He has a band on his important finger.

    Baby and/ or marriage?

    I do hope things will work out for her.
    For some reason, many of those actresses don’t even get to have kids and find a man to settle down with.

  133. Julia says:

    He doesn’t look like Brad’s son. The guy has a super massive receding line that suggests that he is well into his 40, though he is barely 40 and he also has a massive bald spot on his head. I am pretty sure that he is completely gray and it ages even more when you are a dark-haired guy.

    Some of the pictures i saw of him a few weeks ago showed the neck skin area dropping like the one of a 50 years old man. Brad at 40 looked like he could be this guy’s son today. So If i imagine him 8 years probbaly half bald or worse, i wouldn’t be on him being teh so called young looking one.

    Pitt was his age during Troy. No comparison whatsoever. And don’t get me started with the athletic body of the tall blond guy over the little dark one.

    But anyway, I always find it very telling and amusing that some Jen fans are always always so eager to use Angelina or Brad’s physique to compare anyone.

    In 2020, they will still compare 50 years old jen’s body to 40 years old Jolie as if being hot at that age where many are becoming grand parents is a better form of pride for any woman than having accomplished great thing in your career as well as personal life.

    There is nothing more pathetic than a woman chasing after hotness as she is aging like it’s the end of all at that age.

  134. Paige says:

    whats under her coat on her hand! i vote a ring like the poster above!!!

  135. Eye Opener says:

    I like them together. And although I was holding out hope that b/j would get back together…after 6 kids and a lunatic missus for Jen to now have to deal with..i’d say it’s a done deal. And maybe now we should start calling him Brad shit cuz he looks like HELL! Jen, go do your thing and continue to look and feel good doing it! Luv YAH!

  136. Kay says:

    You really can’t compare Aniston and Justin to Pitt and Jolie being together. Justin had a girlfriend NOT a wife. There is a difference with ‘that’.

  137. Victoria says:

    @ ell He is winning despite the fact that a bunch of hypocrites want to paint him as the bad guy for speaking on a seven year ago issue that is only kept alive by the rags and whatever shade Huvane and Chin decide to dig up. He more than any of us has a right to say whatever the hell he wants about the marriage that none of us were in. And if people can’t see that then oh well.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, Brad Pitt is not all of that and a bag of chips even though I like him more now than I ever did during his Gwen AND Jen years. But there was nothing in that article that was offensive to Jen. He spoke about his flaws and himself and the fact that he was frauding about his marriage. Homeboy was not happy. Should he lie about it? Why? The fact that he had an emotional affair/sexual affair or whatever pretty much confirms that.

    Loser to some, but that didn’t stop people from seeing, praising, or giving critical acclaim and rightfully so for this awesome flick. Plus he and Angie will always have my props for putting their own money as well as their celebrity endorsements where their mouths are and giving back to the global community in a hands on way. And I don’t even think Angie is or has ever been all that great an actress. He is still able to draw people in to his films.

    So winning and winning some more.

    And as for these comments about Heidi not being his wife, is that supposed to make it better that he cheated on her? They were together for fourteen years. She invested fourteen years in loving and supporting and caring for this man as much as a another woman who is a wife in legal terms to a man. They were common law husband and wife. Brannifer were together for half that time and less than that as man and wife and yet he nor Angie were given any excuses from Team Jen. Don’t justify the homewrecking now that Jen is one as well.

  138. Josephina says:

    @ #145 – Victoria:

    You go girl! Tell ‘em like it is!

    @ #139 – Julia:

    Bravo! Well said. I agree.

  139. Josephina says:


    Lovely post. THAT post needs to be posted everywhere you see the Jenhen fans congregate on the internet.

    On second thought, most girls cannot handle the truth.

  140. Erica says:

    holy sh!t you are all crazy!!

    Get a hobby and stopping worrying about these rich, beautiful people. They are all just FINE. This is some of the legit funniest stuff i have ever read.

    tabbycat- ‘Nothing about her is real, from her eyes and hair down to her heart and soul, which I doubt she even possesses’ – Do you know her? how can you say someone has no soul that you have never even seen with your own eyes?!?!?!


  141. Heine says:

    Cheyenne: That needs to be posted everywhere either group congregate and but out the first paragraph entirely.

    Any female who spends as much time on the internet being obnoxious to other women based on completely arbitrary opinions on celebrities they don’t know and will never know-is a girl.

  142. Cheyenne says:

    @Josephina: That’s another fundamental difference between girls and grown women.

  143. Sadie says:

    Jen is not a martyr….agreed. She is not defined by her ex or his current partner. However, I would not catergorize leaving a girlfriend the same as cheating on and leaving your wife. Wife….girlfriend…..two different things.

  144. Sadie says:

    Angelina looks like she’s using….sickly thin…she can’t keep up the charade forever….

  145. TabbyCat says:

    Sadie, get real. There is a BIG difference between your life partner of 14 years, and a mere girlfriend. Heidi was not a girlfriend. Heidi and Justin shared a life together. And they shared a home together, hence ‘home’wrecker. Marriage is irrelevant and what Aniston did was far worse, you know it, so stop trying to make excuses. As for Angelina, she looks healthy and glowing as usual, and with her schedule there is no way anyone could use and keep up with it. Quit the projecting and the deflection and character assasination and the lies and smear to cover the fact that Aniston is a filthy homewrecking skank.

  146. TabbyCat says:

    Erica, this is Celebitchy, a gossip site. If you want to talk about dying people, you are on the wrong site. Get a grip.

  147. Munkey says:

    “Any female who spends as much time on the internet being obnoxious to other women based on completely arbitrary opinions on celebrities they don’t know and will never know-is a girl.”

    Exactly, Heine.

    @Cheyenne: After reading through all these crazy threads, it’s clear that your obsession with both Aniston and the JPs has crossed the line into certifiable territory. It’s like a fairy tale — complete with heroes and villains — that you refuse to accept isn’t real. These people are complete strangers to you and they always will be. I can understand being a fan, but you take that concept to disturbing levels.

  148. Addie says:

    Bravo Heine!

    The person who could be called the ‘high school bully’ of this site(Cheynee) has the nerve to give a lecture on the difference between women and girls.
    The one who is more invested in Brad/Angie/Jen triangle than Brad/Angie and Jen themselves.

    She really is just embarrassing herself.

  149. TabbyCat says:

    Munkey and Addie, what I see here is Cheyenne being bullied and ganged up upon, and its completely unacceptable. In the face of the amount of lies, hate and abuse the haters/loonifers dish against Brad, Angelina and even innocent children, who are so obsessed with hating Angelina and Brad its scary, they deserve to be called out. Cheyenne is addressing points raised, she is in no way attacking or bullying people. Cheyenne has been a member here for a very long time and is well-respected. This ganging up and bullying of her must stop.

  150. Jojo says:

    you guys nailed it with the rings – both of them have them on the “important finger” – is this getting attention in the gossip circuit?

  151. Addie says:

    @ Tabbycat: This is utter bull and EVERYONE knows it.There are people who can be called objective fans, then there are fanatics, THIS is what people like Cheynee are.

    Constantly bringing up Jennifer in Angie posts, calling her desperate and pathetic and insulting anyone who questions anything about Angie (just out of curiosity) always bringing up a site called FF (If the site is that bad–STOP READING IT. If you can’t stop reading, then spread your hate to that site) This site used to be amazing, but now the level of hate against Jennifer is insane! I don’t think even Angie dislikes Jen that much.

  152. theaPie says:

    Seriously? Some people think because a person prefers one celeb over another that makes them a GIRL instead of a WOMAN? A little reality here please people.

    Brad never should have opened his mouth in such a negative way about his marriage. He obviously was not thinking. I like how Jennifer is taking the high road by ignoring it and not feeding the frenzy with any comments of her own.

  153. Victoria says:

    Jennifer doesn’t have a high road to stand on unless it’s one in hell. Dead serious. She talked about the marriage and supported her martyr status and Brad is a ho bag with her fuckery.

    And Brangie have definitely kept more quiet about the attacks on them when they knew the truth the whole time. So what if they did a W Spread? He moved on and found his happiness.

    And now, just like Brad, Jen has too with another woman’s man. I’m not gonna call Angelina St. Angie or anything like that because even though I love to talk about them, mostly all celebrities are shady, but I can’t stand this hypocrisy. It’s annoying.