Jennifer Aniston: “It’s not even worth discussing” Brad Pitt’s comments


There are twenty-million new Jennifer Aniston stories, but none of them are very significant. Meaning she’s not gushing about Justin or bitching about Brad or saying anything huge. I think most of the interviews are from the Five red carpet two nights ago, and must have been quick little soundbyte interviews Aniston did on the carpet. People Magazine had an interesting piece, only because someone else mentions that Justin was on the set while Aniston directed her part of Five… which makes me wonder when Aniston shot her part? Was it when Justin was still technically “with” his girlfriend of 14 years? Does anyone know when Five filmed?

Jennifer Aniston says her directing debut was “a challenge,” but she was able to turn to her beau Justin Theroux for moral support on the set of the Lifetime movie Five.

Though Theroux shied away from walking the red carpet at Skylight Soho with Aniston Monday night at the New York premiere of Five – a collection of five short films about breast cancer by female directors including Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys – he spent a lot of time hanging around the set of the movie, according to Penelope Spheeris, one of Aniston’s co-directors.

Spheeris, who also directed Wayne’s World, said the couple were “lovey-dovey” on set – though she still didn’t know who Theroux was until they were officially introduced.

“She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’,” Spheeris recalled. “Someone was like, ‘That was her boyfriend!’ ”

Walking the red carpet after Theroux went straight into the event space Monday night, Aniston, 41, was asked what she loved most about her life now. Her answer? “Everything!”

Despite its difficulties, Aniston said directing was a wonderful experience nonetheless.

“There’s not one thing I didn’t love about it,” she told reporters.

At the afterparty, where Aniston chatted and took photos with fans, Theroux, 40, brought her a drink before the pair left together through a back door, stopping for a fan’s cell phone snapshot on their way out, according to an onlooker.

[From People]

“She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’ And she got a little bit hysterical and she was like, ‘OMG, he’s only the most famous, attractive, gentlemanly artist/screenwriter/actor out there, I can’t believe you don’t know his name by now!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that dude who played the premature ejaculator on Sex and the City. That dude.’ And then Aniston hugged him from behind.”

Let’s see, more stuff…Aniston said directing again was “like a dream come true, honestly, and such an important piece that we all were invested in. It was like working with, not only our best friends, but they’re also incredible producers, and all of us coming together. We just can’t believe that we’re actually here. It’s amazing.” She also said that she “hopes” to direct more: “That’s the plan. I’m not sure what or when or where, but yes.” Oh, Aniston told Access Hollywood that her move to NYC is only temporary: “It’s literally like a month or two, just bits and pieces here. LA is really where work is. But I just had to have a little place to lay my head.” And regarding Brad Pitt’s Parade comments, Jennifer said, “Oh, lord, it’s not even worth discussing on a night like this.” Meaning that she will discuss it, but she’ll wait a few months until she’s promoting Wanderlust, I guess.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s BFF (and longtime hachetwoman – Aniston sends her out to do a lot of dirty work in the press) Kristin Hahn went to In Touch Weekly to discuss Aniston and BABIES. Of course. Hahn says, apropo of nothing, “She’ll be an adoring mom… She’s very big on boundaries with kids, and respect. She would have boundaries, but the adoration would be big!” Hahn also “likes” Justin “very, very much” and when ITW asked about Aniston’s alleged plans to marry at the beach, Hahn said, “She loves the sun and moisture and heat. That’s her element. And she looks great in a bikini!” Well done, Kristin Hahn.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Y is aniston friends talking to out of touch weekly… Where’s my popcorn I sense another long thread looming… Aniston hair and body looks GrEAt!

  2. Strawberrygirl says:

    Let’s be honest, however she addresses Brad’s comments or doesn’t address them, she will be attacked.

  3. Eve says:

    “She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’ And she got a little bit hysterical and she was like, ‘OMG, he’s only the most famous, attractive, gentlemanly artist/screenwriter/actor out there, I can’t believe you don’t know his name by now!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that dude who played the premature ejaculator on Sex and the City. That dude.’ And then Aniston hugged him from behind.”


    And regarding Brad Pitt’s Parade comments, Jennifer said, “Oh, lord, it’s not even worth discussing on a night like this.” Meaning that she will discuss it, but she’ll wait a few months until she’s promoting Wanderlust, I guess.

    Nooooooo! How dare you suggest that she would use Pitt to promote her movies or herself! HOW. DARE. YOU! She and her closest friends will keep it classy, just like they’ve been doing it for the past 7 years.

  4. K-MAC says:

    good for her!!!! She is in a great place :)

  5. DavidBowie says:

    She’s starting to look like her buddy, Chelsea Handler. I thought she was 42…not 41? I guess next month she’ll be 40?

  6. Cindy says:

    I really fail to see how she did anything wrong, sorry. She basically said “no comment”.

  7. atorontogal says:

    I can’t believe she never changes her hair style. SHe is so plain and has no acting skills what so ever. Why does she keep getting rolls? NM I heard LiLo got a gig, so I must have woken up in an alternate universe today.

  8. N.D. says:

    She was filming in early April, there were pics of her on the set. And Heidi was very much Justin girl back then.

    Honestly I’m pretty sure their affair started even earlier because in February she put her house on sale, cut her hair and started talking about “new wonderful things that will come soon” in a way that showed it’s not another “I did, I do and I will” but some real thing she just can’t speak publicly about yet.

  9. Julia says:

    I don’t agree with you, CB on the timeline when Jen will open up about Brad’s comments.

    I think she will do it somewhere during the spring of 2014. That’s the time she usually needs, 3 years after the comments to scream : SOOO UNCOOOOOL !!!

  10. Toe says:

    They got one thing right…she does look great in a bikini !!

  11. RobN says:

    “Does anybody know when Five filmed?” A better question is, does anybody actually care when Five was filmed?

  12. imabrat says:

    She doesn’t have to say anything. She’s not obliged to make some sort of statement to anyone. In the end, who really cares?

  13. N.D. says:

    Have you seen her skin in the decollete area? Why is it in such a bad condition? I know she’s no spring chicken and she tans and smokes but her face and her hands look good, I thought they’re the biggest give aways of age, no?

  14. faye says:

    She will only be attacked and deserve to be attacked if she says nothing now, but suddenly gets diarrhea of the mouth when out promoting the new movie.

  15. G says:

    I’m totally “meh” on her, anyway, but…am I the only one that finds it disappointing that she publicly says she need the moral support of her boyfriend to direct?

    It just seems so dis-empowering. She’s a middle aged woman for g*d’s sakes.

  16. Kaiser says:

    N.D. – Sources on the set of Wanderlust have always said that she and Justin started up during filming. That was last year.

  17. Enny says:

    Why shouldn’t she use Brad’s comments to promote Wanderlust? Brad used them to promote Moneyball.

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    It looks like Jen had a boob job and wow you’re right Davidbowie, Jen’s looking so much like Chelsea lately, I wonder if she does the sniff sniff with her bff.

  19. chloe says:

    I agree with the poster above I see another long post. If Jen brings up Brad during the Wunderlust promotion how any different is that from Brad bringng up Jen durig the Moneyball promotion. i believe they’ve all have been over it for years, it’s the media that keeps stoking the fire.

  20. jill says:

    I’m so sick of people comparing Justin breaking up with his GIRLFRIEND for Aniston with Brad having an affair with Angie. Break ups happen that’s life, Brad was MARRIED with sacred vows and all that. Married people having affairs is on a totally different level then a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. And for the record I’m not an Aniston looney or whatever the juvenile label you give anyone who defends her in any way is given. Thats just the reality of the situations.

  21. spinner says:

    She looks great & seems really happy now. I am glad she brushed off the question about Brad’s comments.

  22. Toot says:

    The only interesting part is the quote from the other Director about Justin being on the set and that he was introduced as Jennifer’s boyfriend. Since Jennifer directed her part in April, when Justin was still going places with Heidi, I wonder when he supposedly broke up with Heidi.

    And, Hahn is talking to ITW because they are one of the biggest hating tabs towards Angelina, so I’m not surprised.

  23. Amanda says:

    There was clearly overlap between Theroux’s last relationship and this one with Aniston. You gotta say, credit to Heidi Bivens. She could make this incredibly awkward for them both but she’s not.

  24. Kloops says:

    She is so uninteresting to me, but it is absolutely commendable how she has taken her limited acting skills, stale look, pretty face and amazing body and built a formidable fortune. She’s got a great team and some business savvy behind her. Bit of luck probably helped too.

  25. Toot says:

    I think Heidi’s keeping quiet because she wants to keep working in the entertainment biz, and Justin and Jennifer have more power than she does. They can make her life hard.

  26. G says:

    @jill. Living together for 14 YEARS is as married as you can get.

  27. mln76 says:

    Ok I have to say I agree with her not talking about it at a charity event concerning Breast Cancer. Hopefully she won’t address it or if she does will address it in a way that gives light to all the things she’s said that were ‘twisted’ by the media.

  28. G says:

    How’s she going to address it. Say, she’s not really boring or that Pit wasn’t really unhappy? Sheesh. Admit is didn’t work and move on.

  29. Pat says:

    I think she is done discussing Brad – lets hope that Brad and Angie can do the same now. Great answer to the question. She is obviously taking the high road – good for her. Brad really messed up on that one – he should learn to keep his mouth shut.

    And G. actually no to get married you have to say vows.

    And for the record they were not together for 14 years an article which he did a few years ago he stated he was single. I believe that you guys are getting the 14 years from the tabloids – you guys should know better and actually look into this stuff before quoting it.

  30. Ashley says:

    @Strawberrygirl and @chloe completely agree with your comments.
    Haters gonna hate.
    Kaiser you love stirring the pot dont you.

    @G ‘Living together for 14 YEARS is as married as you can get.’
    Wrong. Being married is as married as you get.

  31. islandgirl says:

    Jill, he was in a committed relationship for 14 years and he cheated with Aniston. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t married to his ex girlfriend. It still cheating. I am tired of people saying that he wasn’t married so it was okay to cheat. Total bs.

  32. Evie (not Eve) says:

    C’mon, CB. I know it’s hard to resist the clicks and comments from a Brad/Angie/Jen post, but this is really a stretch, isn’t it?

  33. Lucky Charm says:

    She looks just like Kate Gosselin in that top photo. And that’s not a compliment to either one.

    “…that’s her boyfriend.” Finally some confirmation that SHE is the one dating a cheater. But I’m really not surprised, considering that all of her friends did the same thing (CC, SC, LD, CH). Like hangs with like.

  34. islandgirl says:

    Oh she will talk about that comment when promoting wanderdust. Trust

  35. G says:

    14 years = legal marriage. Look it up.

    Or do you think it’s flattering that Justin is the kind of guy who uses a woman by living with her for 14 YEARS and then cites a weasel clause to jump a tabloid star? Pitiful. Amit that too. You left your wife and move on.

  36. mdogirl says:

    living together is not the same as being married. boyfriend/girlfriend do not take a vow to stay till death do they part and do not sign a marriage contract. bf/gf relationship go as long as they can.

  37. DenG says:

    Re: the “sacred vows” in marriage – atheists, agnostics, heck, lots of people have been able for eons to march on down to city hall or be married in non-religious ceremonies. My belief: marriage is a contract.

  38. G says:

    You ladies should look into the law. It’s called a common law marriage.

    I’m shocked how vicious you all are about any woman whos isn’t Jennifer Aniston? Bizarre really.

  39. maggiegrace says:

    She looks good and is happy. Kinda cute, kinda bland. End of story.

  40. mln76 says:

    Jen fans your hypocrisy over the Heidi issue is pathetic what you really mean is as long as Jen does it and gets what she wants it doesn’t matter who she hurts. If Justin cheats I’m sure you’ll be tearing that person apart as a homewrecker eventhough they aren’t married.

  41. mdogirl says:

    if brad & jen were only bf/gf, no one would call angelina a homewrecker

  42. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Jennifer Aniston: art lover, director, globtrotter and a humanitarian.

    (No, but seriously – I hope the movie helps people in whatever way and raises awareness)

    I would like to point out, though, again, the “it’s not worth discussing” part. I would like to come back to it when JA starts discussing it in a few weeks or months (personally, or via her friends).

    edit: @40, OLIVIA you think JA knows what Richardson does to teenage models?

  43. Dede says: sure about that, because bliiybob and laura dern werent married and they still called angie a homewrecker, some ppl still call giselle a homewrecker. claire danes is called a homewrecker too and mary l and bily werent married so nope its only okay if jen does it

  44. spinner says:

    Common law marriage is a State issue…not Federal. Some states recognize it some don’t. It is not an across the board law.
    I guess Heidi & Justin did not want to get married. I don’t know. I wasn’t involved. They could have just been comfortable with their on again, off again relationship. When Justin met Jen…looks like she blew his socks off & everything became clear.

  45. Julia says:

    Cheating is cheating. If you are boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, it’s still cheating and has the same weight sin wise. if you create a home, buy a home together, sleep together wheter you are married or not. You are committed to that special person.

    Or is it that anyone doesn’t really belong to his woman/man until 5 minutes before saying ‘I DO’ and that before that we can have multiple partners and bed anyone even if we share a home with our man/woman ?

    If it’s the case then Aniston and Theroux are not really together and Theroux can date anyone too while sharing a home with Aniston.

    It’s not about marriage or not, it’s about you being COMMITTED to someone married or not.

  46. Eve says:

    @ G (# 38):

    If you’re shocked by this, just hang around here a little longer…you will certainly see way worse things. If you have any time, you can check the other threads and see how hypocrisy can reach unimaginable levels when it comes to Jennifer Aniston and her antics.

    P.S.: And that says a lot because Celebitchy still has some of the most civilized threads among the gossip sites. Can you imagine what is going on at the others?

  47. loveyourwork says:

    @30 – “Wrong. Being married is as married as you get.”

    HAHAHAHA!!!! YES!!!

    in other news: WHO CARES?! if you’re over it, you’re over it. leave whenever you’re over it – and people, YOU CAN’T WRECK A happy HOME.

  48. mdogirl says:

    i’m just implying the difference between married and non married. i’m not depending jen. if brad and jen werent married, there will be not much discussion about the break-up of their relationship at least not for 7 years and counting.

  49. spinner says:

    @ Olivia…thanks for the link. The pics are great. Justin is scorching hot.

    Brad who??

  50. Dede says:

    once again yes there would..because people still bring up Billybob and Laura Dern and people still think of danes as a homewrecker even though she is not even as famous as brad and jen

  51. whitedaisy says:

    @OLIVIA, Chloe

    I know, right? She associates herself with Terry Richardson, Joe Frances and Chelsea Handler.
    THIS is where she lost me.

    As far as the cheating or not cheating debate: The Hollywood value system is what it is and few of us can relate to their skewed definitions of “home” or “commitment” or even “marriage”.
    You can tell a great deal more about a person by who they choose to associate with in their down time.
    The rest of it is a PR show for everyone concerned.

  52. mdogirl says:

    people only bring up billy bob and laura dern because of their connection to brandgelina & jen. no one cares about claire danes.

  53. Dede says:

    @mdogirl people have been talking about billybob and laura since before brad and if you go on claire danes posts people are always calling her a know good and well if brad and jen had been in a 8 year relationship and angie came along people would call her a homewrecker so stop acting like they wouldnt just to defend jens behavior

  54. mln76 says:

    The Hollywood value system is what it is and few of us can relate to their skewed definitions of “home” or “commitment” or even “marriage”.

    THIS. People have been applying Des Moines standards to a Hollywood situation for years. Hollywood is not the real world and whatever happened wasn’t that big of a deal or out of the ordinary by LA standards. (crumbling marraige that appeared happy for PR purposes only, on-set romance)
    The press used this situation to pile onto an actress who was getting too much attention too fast and wasn’t playing by the standard Hollywood rules. Aniston used the situation to keep her career afloat after her initial transition to films hiccuped (remember the abysmal Rumor Has it and Derailed?).

  55. Julia says:

    @ 54 Dede


    You can add Sienna Miller who was trashed left and right as a homewrecker when she dated Jude Law who wasn’t married.

  56. Runs with Scissors says:

    I know people are sick of saying this and that’s why nobody bothers anymore, but Jen, Courtney Cox, Brad Pitt and Jolie and ALL said there was no affair. Brad was honest with Aniston about how he felt about Jolie, the marriage was not working, he broke it off, he took up with Jolie. That’s called a relationship failing, it’s painful, it sucks, but it is not an affair. (yes, blather away about emotional affairs all you want, there’s no proving or disproving that)

  57. Ducky La Rue says:

    Good lord, I’m so tired of this back and forth about marriage, sacred vows, til death do us part (ha!), blah de blah “but they weren’t married so it’s not cheating.”

    Let me just say, I am a fan of marriage, I personally wouldn’t be in a long-term unmarried relationship myself, because it’s not my thing. But for people to be so dismissive and to completely devalue other people’s relationships because they weren’t officially married with a ring on it–! It boggles my brain.

    If you’re dating a guy and he steps out on you with someone else, do you really thing it’s “not cheating because we weren’t married”? Not cheating because we were only dating for a year, six months, whatever?

    Would it be cheating if Justin ran out tomorrow to have a secret fling with a Kardashian? After all, he did give Jen a ring, but it wasn’t a super-sacred marriage ring.

    For my part, whether it’s cheating/not cheating depends on your relationship, your openness and your honesty with your partner. The presence of absence of a ring really doesn’t play into the equation.

    I’m not Justin or Jen or Heidi (or Brad or Angie), and I can’t tell you what went down between them, but FFS, can we stop pretending that the only criteria that matters is a freaking wedding ring?

    Sorry. Rant over. :-(

  58. Cheyenne says:

    N.D.: Have you seen her skin in the decollete area? Why is it in such a bad condition?

    The skin over your chest area is very thin and fragile. It’s like the skin around your eyes. As soon as it dries out it looks like parchment. All that tanning is coming back to haunt her. She should have slathered on the sunscreen a long time ago but it’s too late to reverse the damage. Her face is starting to look kind of leathery too.

  59. Lilli says:

    dang, is there just anything that will satisfy you lot re Aniston? sick puppies. if she is unhappy, she’s pining for Pitt and she is sucha douche / old hag / pitiful man face sun lover man hunter. now that she is happier than in a long time, you wish ill on her too. Be careful what you wish on others, it will be coming back to bite YOU big time. shame on all of you saying such horrid stuff. and why don’t you all call on HEIDI BIVENS to get her say into this since its haunting all of you?

  60. Enny says:

    There is no common law marriage in NY, which is where they were living throughout their relationship.

  61. Dede says:

    Thank you! these same people who are saying they arent married so its okay. will be the first to call someone else a since they arent married i guess justin can hook up with anyone since he has only been with aniston for a little while

  62. Cherry Rose says:

    Ugh. Here we go again. Look people, just because you aren’t legally married, doesn’t mean the relationship is any less committed. There are plenty of people who do not want to get married (for various reasons), and instead are life long partners, and are committed to each other just as much as a married couple.

    Cheating is cheating, whether you are married or not. To think it means less because you aren’t married is a very warped view.

  63. Cheyenne says:

    @Runs With Scissors: I’ve got your back 99% of the time but we are going to have to disagree on this one. Let’s face it: Denials do not equal proof of anything. They’re just denials.

    Courtney Cox is in no position to say Brad and Angie weren’t knocking boots because she wasn’t there.

    Brad Pitt will deny it because he doesn’t want to look like a cheating husband.

    Jennifer Aniston will deny it because she doesn’t want to look like a humiliated, cheated-on wife.

    Angelina Jolie will deny it because she doesn’t want to look like a home-wrecker.

    Bottom line: NOBODY KNOWS what happened except for the people involved (which does not include Courtney Cox), and it’s no business of anyone else’s. And after all this time, WHO CARES any more??

    Now can we PUH-LEEEEZE put this pointless did-they-didn’t-they argument on ice?

  64. Folly says:

    I hardly post comment on aniston thread because there is nothing about her that is remotedly interesting to me but you jenhen are the most rude and sick people I have ever come accross on internet,how can you be calling people sick puppies just because they dont share your opinion,that says much about you

  65. Toe says:

    @ #40 Olivia.
    Those are some nice pictures of them together. Isnt that the clothing she wore lately. The guy is totally in love with her.

  66. LAK says:

    In answer to your question regarding timelines for principal photography of Five, this story + pics appeared in April 2011, so we can assume that she was directing around that time.

  67. curleque says:

    @G: I think you should look it up. New York is not a common-law state.

    @loveyourwork: Amen. I’ll add that everyone has a right to be happy.

  68. Ashley says:

    Wow. So you are admitting that it is remotely possible that Angelina and Brad were knocking boots while Brad and Jen were still together.
    I guess I have miss judged you. I thought you were just a another loon. Its great to hear an Angelian fan admit that no one knows what happend within the triangle. Kudos.

  69. Kim says:

    She needs to get back to her natural hair color. This blond doesnt suit her.

  70. blonde on the dock says:

    @Olivia: thanks for the link. It would appear JT is head over heels! Cute.

  71. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Cheyenne, yes nobody knows for sure, so you assume ALL of them are lying?

    It’s far more logical to assume that since ALL parties deny it and there is NO PROOF whatsoever, that they are telling the truth and there was no affair before the separation.

    Also, this is bad logic: “Courtney Cox is in no position to say Brad and Angie weren’t knocking boots because she wasn’t there.” So you therefore assume that she is lying?
    She was repeating the firsthand knowledge she gained from inside the situation, that’s about as close as you can get. She had no reason to lie. If my best friend’s man cheated on her, I wouldn’t come out and defend him and stay friends with him for years afterwards.

    Also this is just fundamentally UNTRUE:

    “Jennifer Aniston will deny it because she doesn’t want to look like a humiliated, cheated-on wife.”

    Bwahahahahaha 7 years and counting.

    Notice she has never come out and said he cheated, in fact, she denied it. She has always defended him and praised him.

    A quote from Aniston: “I will love Brad for the rest of my life… I really do hope that we’ll be good friends again at some point.” That’s hardly something you would say if someone cheated on you.

    It’s Angelina she has encouraged demonizing because it hurt to have him move on so quickly with someone like Jolie.

    Her ongoing pity party over that fact is what has fanned the rumors of the affair for so long. She knows exactly what she’d doing. It’s her manipulation and exploitation of women who actually WERE cheated on that makes people sick.

  72. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Srsly, ladies, you realize that Richardson has been repeatedly accused of molesting young models?

    I know it’s kind of off-topic but still, dude’s a creep.

  73. Eve** Are we still allowed to ‘Hug from Behind’ if I’m married??(I’m sure the *Hub Hub* won’t mind)EDIT:Runs With Scissors**Group HUG!!!

  74. G says:

    OK, so New York is not a common law state.

    New York is apparently a state where Jenhens celebrate when a woman who shared her life with a man for 14 years is ignomiously ditched and devalued in favor of a woman famous for her haircut.

  75. Cheyenne says:

    Runs with Scissors: @Cheyenne, yes nobody knows for sure, so you assume ALL of them are lying?

    WHOAAA!!! Back up a sec. I’m not assuming anything. I’m not accusing anyone of lying. I said I DON’T KNOW.

    It’s ridiculous to assume anything. Maybe they are all telling the truth and maybe they are not.

    What I’m saying is I don’t know and I don’t care. It’s their business and nobody else’s.

    As for Cox, all she knows is what Aniston told her. Which may or may not have been true, whatever it was that she told her.

    There is only one thing I can say for sure: denials do not equal proof. They never did and they never will.

    @ashley: I never said it wasn’t possible, and if anybody wants to take issue with me over that, fine with me.

    Look, hon, we’re both adults. We both know that when two adults fall in love, anything can happen. I’m not about to pass judgement in a situation like that. I’m not passing judgement on Jennifer Aniston either for getting involved with Justin Theroux while he was still with his longtime girlfriend. I will, however, pass judgement on the hypocrites who say Angie was a homewrecker but Jennifer wasn’t. Married or not, Theroux was in a committed relationship.

  76. mln76 says:

    I have to say the fact that Cox said there was not cheating does account for something more than anyone else for the reasons RWS states.
    My opinion just as Brad recently hinted. The marriage wasn’t going well and they had agreed in principle to separate but hadn’t announced. We are seeing it with Demi and Ashton (and possibly Wil and Jada) a celebrity divorce doesn’t just happen overnight. There are multi million dollar movies and promotion tours to consider, there are financial details and confidentiality agreements to work out. So yes I find it very likely that in fact at the time of the shooting of MAMS Brad and Jen were separated. That Brad didn’t cheat because the marriage had already ended.

  77. Green_Eyes says:

    Actually IN SOME STATES NO VOWS are necessary if you live together for 14 yrs, that is a COMMON LAW marriage and depending on the State a divorce could be required. So they should be grateful as Heidi could make things hard if she chose to. For those to think any less of Heidi’s relationship is ridiculous. They were sharing their lives, living together, making future plans for 14 yrs… Jen and Brad did that for 5. Both women were hurt… So let’s stop being hypercritical here. Now let’s see if Heidi has a friend who will use her act yrs from now to call Jen and any children obscene names and think it’s ok… Bet Jen wouldnt like it either and say kids off limits (but guess its only her kids that would be off limits right). Just glad to hear one spokesperson didn’t wave the poor Jen routine. (though I agree would have been better not to hear at 42 she needed her boyfriends moral support to direct… What if he was still w/ Heidi…
    You have to believe in yourself to have others
    believe in you..empowerment). I like Jen, but stopped going to or renting her movies and wait til they are on premium channels… Why pay for the same character in a different movie all the time?

  78. Runs with Scissors says:

    @HorsePoorHanna and Eve, I’ve got both your backs! I mean, I’m hugging you both from behind! Is that even possible?

    *twirls hair and screams at ocean*

  79. Green_Eyes says:

    Looking again at some some of you really aren’t kidding I do see a lil sister resemblance to Chelsea..bit aren’t they close in age?

  80. atorontogal says:

    People!! Spell check or at the very least reread before submitting!!!

  81. orion70 says:

    I love how this film is suppose to spread awareness of breast cancer. All I see here is spreading awareness of Brad Pitt’s comments, infidelity and the legal definitions of marriage vs. common law.


  82. Cheyenne says:

    mln76: at the time of the shooting of MAMS Brad and Jen were separated.

    Wait, I’m confused. MAMS was released in June 2005. Pitt and Aniston announced their separation in January 2005. Were already separated before the announcement? When did MAMS start filming?

  83. Julia says:

    @ 83

    Cheyenne, Pitt already said that MAMS was shot in two times. They had stopped shooting several months during which he officially separated from Jen and Jolie moved to the UK while he moved on in his own place and then they filmed some other parts of the movie afterwards.

    That’s why he said once that people have to realised that he was indeed already officially separated from Jen and on his own, when he began his moves towards Jolie.

  84. yeahyeahyeah says:

    Angie and Jen are both homewreckers. Brad Pitt is a dickhead and Justin Theroux looks like a douche.

    Oh, and Terry Richardson is a pervert and a creep.

  85. ladylala says:

    Umm.. I don’t think Jennifer Aniston can win here. HOW could she possibly answer this question (which was probably thrown at her about 50 times) without being criticised?

  86. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne. That’s just my personal opinion. I think they were on at least a trial separation, and OF COURSE there is no way to prove it. I just remember that from the time of the Troy shoot(way before Angelina) there were building tab rumors that the marriage was on the rocks and that they were all but separated which of course was forgotten when the cash cow of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ came into play.
    And this is my interpretation of what Brad said about ‘pretending his marraige was something it wasn’t’. That they had agreed to stall the announcement until Aniston’s career took off and the promotion of Troy but he met Angie and the script went out the window. Again just my opinion will never be able to prove it though. And I bet Aniston/Pitt have signed confidentiality agreements so that neither can talk about it in detail.

  87. Heine says:

    I am so glad that she hasn’t commented on Brad’s verbal diarrhea. I hope she never does.

    And to add to the marriage/commitment debate: Heidi hasn’t said anything about this.

    How do we know their relationship was going very well and they were “making future plans together” and such when he met Aniston? How do we know they weren’t on shaky ground? We all know that people don’t always break up right when they should (Brad and Jennifer didn’t) and will drag out relationships for months and even years when they are not necessarily happy but are comfortable with where they are and don’t want to start over with someone new.

    As you Brangeloons love to say: You can’t wreck a happy home. Justin clearly wasn’t happy so he left.

  88. Callli Pygian says:


    Do you or CB know anything about that necklace? Who is the jeweler/goldsmith, anything? I really, really like it!


  89. Cheyenne says:

    mln76: I think they were on at least a trial separation

    Definitely a possibility. I remember reading that the trip they took to the Caribbean in January 2005 was a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. So they could have been in a trial separation before then. Aniston herself is on record as saying that by 2004 the marriage was dead.

  90. Sara says:

    Wouldn’t living with someone and being in a relationship for 14 years be a common law marriage?

  91. Turtle Dove says:

    The guy ogling her in the third picture is priceless.

  92. N.D. says:

    @Cheyenne “I remember reading that the trip they took to the Caribbean in January 2005 was a last-ditch effort to save the marriage.”

    No, the marriage died in December – they had a fight, she left him in London alone (she flew there to be with him on his BD + some business). They went to the Caribbean because it was something they’ve planned in advance and because it was a good opportunity to announce it to their friends (Cox were there too) in private and pieceful settings and say goodbuy to each other in a civilized manner.

  93. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne Actually the pap-walk on the beach was calculated to distract the tabs while the final divorce negotiations were put in place. The tabs went out with a picture of them ‘happy’ on the beach the announcement of the divorce happened on the Friday of a holiday weekend when most reporters were out of town and the media was taken completely by surprise.

  94. Cheyenne says:

    I remember the separation announcement came something like two or three days after they were photographed together on the beach and the tabloids had a collective shitfit.

  95. layla says:

    @ #68
    I am so glad that she hasn’t commented on Brad’s verbal diarrhea. I hope she never does.

    Yes, her “I choose not to comment instead release loved up pictures” is totally not see through and classy. ;)

  96. G says:

    @Callli Pygian. Is the pendant Tiffany’s, Paloma Picasso design? It’s similar anyway.

  97. Mo says:

    Jen has a knockout body, something the Jolie will never have!

    I am not really a fan of either, but Angelina gives me a pain in the face with trying to be so Saintly. Makes me sick, and her fans lap it up like sheep

  98. Cheyenne says:

    @N.D.: Actually, I’d guess the marriage probably died in mid-2004 when he was away for five or six months filming “Troy” and she came to visit him only once.

  99. angie says:

    Nobody really knows what happened between JA, BP and AJ, but them.
    It also applies to Heidi and Justin. They could have lived under the same roof, but maybe decided to break up and they don’t own an explanation to the public.
    Sorry, but to me living together doesn’t equal marriage. It’s a different type of commitment, I’m not promising – “till death do us apart” to my live in boyfriend.
    I think that Jolie’s face is beautiful, but she lost so much weight, she looks starved. Aniston is pretty and cute. Neither of the three strike me as good actors, just celebrities that make movies. I wish all of them the best in the world.

  100. Julia says:

    Jen has a knockout body, something the Jolie will never have!

    Not that it’s the end of it all but Sorry, for me, Jolie’s body from Lara Croft, busty, curvy, long, lean, leggy, athletic, muscular and tanned is for me better than Aniston’s best body any day of the week.

    So for Jolie, it’s been there, done that. I am glad she is more focused on brains and kids than maintaining a body through extreme diet (wether it’s to stay thin….like Aniston or maintain meat like it was required for Jolie) and exercises.

    One has decided that hours of yoga, running and chiken salad was worth it.

    The other has decided to stop training and stop using that coloric diet after the movie was wrapped so she could spend this time as she sees fits on other matters that she thinks are more important to her.

    Both have different priorities and both are entitiled to.

    Jennifer is naturally chubby, stocky and retain lots of fluids in her tissues if she doesn’t diet. Jolie is naturally skinny and lanky and needs high carbonate and muscles building to buff up.

    None of them has reached their best body naturally, it’s through EXTREME diet and daily exercices.

  101. Heine says:

    layla: Oh right yea. I forgot that Aniston can’t do anything without someone somewhere thinking that she’s doing it because of the Brange.

  102. Minx2 says:

    Oh, who cares what she said.. she’s irrelevant. If not for her link to Brad, she’d be like Lisa Kudrow, almost forgotten star of Friends and a few forgettable movies.

  103. Trellel says:

    Why doesn’t Aniston just says “It’s true. My marriage (to Brad) had become boring. Then he had an affair and we got a divorce. Life goes on.”

    That will put the kibosh on everything and she will sound like she’s above it!

  104. Runs with Scissors says:

    “She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’,” Spheeris recalled.

    Hahahahaha, exactly! That about sums it up, this guy is a total leech.

  105. karma says:

    they begann i guess in April.
    Aniston bought her apartment in February, she pumped up her lips and got some new fillers in her face, she looked in february like she had an alergic shock. she war preparing for him and a lot of photo ops that would come :-)

    Karma is a bitch jenni, now your the homewrecker haha

  106. angie says:

    Some women are so mean, it’s sad.
    I would take Aniston’s body over Jolie’s in a second. Aniston looks fit, because she does yoga and there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself. It doesn’t mean that she is only focused on herself or boring. She could still love to read, spent time with friends and family or be involved with a charitable organization.
    Jolie needs to start eating, she is not a good example to her cute kids. Yes, she has a different body type, long and lanky, but she has lost too much weight.
    Her weight looked healthy to me when she played Lara Croft. Her veins look scary.

  107. Cerulean says:

    This is what I think went down:
    Brad and Jen were over. Brad met AJ and knew he wanted to be with her. Jen kind of hoped maybe they could work it out. Maybe. If not she at least expected him to be single for awhile before entering another relationship. Her ego was bruised when he gleefully and happy moved on so quickly. It hurt to see him happy like she never mattered to him. She had always been insecure because of Gwenyth and hooking up with AJ was just too much for her to bear. The fact that the Brange became so big and so popular bruised her more. So she couldn’t leave it alone and decided to get something out of it for herself. It stings that he moved to a bigger star with a better career and an Oscar.

    She directs for Lifetime. AJ directs a film. She’s a TV girl. AJ is a moviestar. AJ seems to one up her all the time. It’s about her ego not her feelings.

    Along comes Justin. Hes a hungry Hollywood type. Needs a leg up. Something anything to get bigger. Just like Brad helped her. She helps Justin. Justin loves the attention. The notice. The new offers and now he’s a hot commodity. He likes being part of a ‘power couple’. Bye bye Heidi. His ship has come in. She totally didn’t care about Heidi. Because that’s Hollywood. She met someone ready and willing to play the game and her life is all about the game and her image.
    Because let’s face it. She’s not famous for her movies.

    It will be interesting to see what Justin gets out of this in the end. If he gets a hot career then what?

  108. Mo says:

    Why doesn’t Aniston just says “It’s true. My marriage (to Brad) had become boring. Then he had an affair and we got a divorce. Life goes on.”


    haha, WORD!

  109. Mo says:

    Not that it’s the end of it all but Sorry, for me, Jolie’s body from Lara Croft, busty, curvy, long, lean, leggy, athletic, muscular and tanned is for me better than Aniston’s best body any day of the week.


    @Julia. Actually, Jolie had to have a padded bra so the ‘curves’ were fake, nothing wrong with doing that for the role but at least be aware of it before you say things like that. And Jolie is naturally fair and doesn’t seem to sunbathe much, so the tan was from a bottle……….

    How do you know what body types they have, or who retains water? You sound like a nut.

    There is nothing wrong with looking after your body. She has never gotten horribly skinny like Jolie. She has maintained a fit and healthy body and she says she enjoys working out. Just because apparently Angelina’s natural figure is anguishly thin doesn’t mean she is better than Jen. Brad should bring her to Mcdonalds more often!!

  110. JulieM says:

    Wow, pass the popcorn. Just think of the fun we will have when the Hamm dumps his long term live in girlfriend.

    Living together is a commitment on some level, absolutely; but it simply is not marriage. How do we really know when Justin and Heidi broke up?

  111. G says:

    For what’s it worth I too am married and made what I consider a sacred vow. I don’t however denigrate people who choose to make other kinds of commitments in other ways. 14 years is a commitment regardless of what actress you’re a fan of.

    One thing I can say, is that my saying vows is just the beginning. You still have to pay attention. In my world, my “sacred vow” means I would notice if my husband was miserable, bored and had retreated to the couch to smoke pot and I would visit him more than once in 6 months. Just saying.

  112. mizhatian87 says:

    so cheating is only considered to be cheating only if you’re married?

    if thats not the dumbest crap I ever heard, I dont know what is…

    so If I’m in a serious relationship with somebody and he cheats on me, I should just say its ok, we are not married, so cheat all you want?

    I hate when people act like marriage is the most important thing in the world..have you seen the divorce rate?

  113. Julia says:

    @ Mo

    Because i have seen picrtures of Aniston, even in bikini before she went into yoga and diet. She was rather chubby and was asked to shed some weight during the first years of Friends. It’s a know fact.

    I remembered her also saying that she gain weight easily and that she has to pay attention to what she eats all the time.

    She has also talked about her daily routine consisting in yoga, routines and chiken salad. When you indulges in that daily, it’s also a testament that you have to be very careful to maintain your weight.

    As for Jolie, it’s the same. i have seen pictures of her pre Lara Croft where indeed she had padded on the breast areas but not on the pictures where she promotse the movie nor on the pictures afterwards where she is seen playing in bikini with her buffed body, perfect long muscular thughs, perfect athletic shape.

    To each is own, i just don’t agree with you when you say that Jolie WILL NEVER have a beautiful body. I will ever had during the Lara Croft era.

    But feel free to disagree

  114. angie says:

    Julia, I disagree with you.
    Jolie needs to take care of herself, if for not for herself, at least for her little kiddies. They are beyond cute.
    When you are a parent, it’s important to live a healthy life to be around when they are older and to set a good example. I know as an actress she needs to be thin, because not too many people will pay to see a movie in which the woman is overweight, but there is such a thing as too THIN. Jolie looks starved, she lost some weight after her mom’s death, which happens, but she needs to eat. She looks horrid!

  115. mizhatian87 says:

    so let me get this straight its ok for Jennifer to go on and on about her failed marriage, but Brad cant make any comments on the marriage?

    even though jennifer has said so many times the marriage was over and brad didnt cheat on her, people are still calling angie a home wrecker?

    I blame Jennifer for that..because for yrs she was in the press acting like a victim, she waited a while before she came out and said, brad never cheated on her..

  116. Michaela says:

    Manniston YOU wouldn’t be worth discussing had you not been married at one time very briefly to Brad. You haven’t had a success in years if you can call being the character of Rachel a success that is…

  117. shazzzz says:

    Good for you Jen, I bet Brad wishes he kept his mouth shut….

  118. Dibba says:

    I am not sure what happened with Justin and his live-in. It isn’t the best situation, but to me, they weren’t married so its NOT the same. AJ set her sights on BP and the rest is history. He was sucked into her vortex of sex and do-goodery and reproduction and probably wishes he could get the hell out now.

  119. Julia says:

    @ Angie,

    I didn’t say that she doesn’t have to take care of herself (and just because she doesn’t have the perfect body doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of her self. she doesn’t smoke, doesn’t booze), i just went against the premise of putting up women who spend time taking care of their body even if they smoke and drink alcohol and tan a awful lot (all things that are unhealthy) while putting others down who takes more care of their brains and are not as obssessed to maintain the body they had through intense exercise and diet once.

    If Aniston could be applauded for maintaining her body and taking care of herself, jolie could too for taking care of her brains.

    I just don’t like that culture of ‘everything in the bootey, nothing in the brains’.

    Again, I haven’t put down Aniston for her body. I just put up Jolie for her brains cause Aniston fans have only Aniston’s body to boost and pitch against Jolie.

    Besides my post was mainly to disagree with the poster who said Jolie will NEVER have a beautiful body such as Jen.

    Which I went against, saying that for me, she already had it, when she used to take care of her body, just like jen is still doing with hers.

    And that I would prefer a woman her age and with children taking care of her brains first than on her sole body.

    Her children needs a brainy mother who is healthy (meaning no smoking, drink a little, ect) before they need a mother with a specatcular body. The time she will spent exercising i’s time less for reading or for taking care of her children.

    For children their mother is the most beautiful one at any weight anyway.

  120. Josephina says:

    I am not a fan of extreme dieting, which is what Aniston has done over the years…

    She dropped twenty lbs. after she started dating Pitt. While working on
    Friends, she starting eating a chicken salad for lunch EVERY DAY. Basicall, she found a formula that worked for her and stuck to it. Aniston has confessed that producers had told her to lose weight early in her career, and eventually she did to get the big bucks.

    All you have to do is go back to the earlier shows of Friends or check on YouTube to see what she looked like in twenties and early thirties. Now compare her then to now…and she has dramatically transformed her looks.

    She does not have a super model figure, which I feel are the BEST bodies out there in a bikini. She does not have long, slender limbs…her legs looks like she works out in a gym. Nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing natural about it.

    And don’t get me started on her lack of bone structure on her face.

    Now..the Jolie. This woman has been photographically beautiful since she was a baby, just like her children are today. Jolie is a former model and naturally thin, leggy, has boobs AND an a$$. Before she became a mom to 6 kids, her outfits , sans Lara Croft, always showed her curvy figure. No one can wear leather, white, or a dress like the Jolie. Angie’s sex appeal jumps off a page in most of her photos, and ALL men who have worked with her close up talk about her beauty and sex appeal.

    Angie’s sex appeal is undeniable. She exudes this inner strength and confidence from experiencing, achieving and accomplishing so much early in her life. She is a symbol of beauty and is in line with icon likes of Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe.

    Aniston is more of a California girl who bleaches her hair blond and seems to be happiest hanging around a beach tanning, smoking and drinking with friends. In other words, she cuold easily pass as a housewife of LA, Orange County or Beverly Hills. Those ladies have made it a solid CAREER to stay fit, eat healthy, look great and attend charity functions as well.

  121. Bobby the K says:

    Brad didn’t say anything wrong. Won’t be worth discussing later either.

  122. The Original Mia says:

    The mental gymnastics the JenHens go through to defend JustJen are amusing. Still doesn’t make a bit of difference in the truth. JustJen were knocking boots behind Heidi’s back on the set of Wunderlust. They were admiring each other’s craft in the nude, on the sly.

  123. Camille says:

    Kaiser and Eve#3: You nailed it. I completely agree with you both and LOL.

  124. angie says:

    Julia, I’m sorry, but you don’t know, if Aniston is taking care of her
    ” brains ” or not. One can enjoy the beach, exercise, color their hair which millions of women do and still be a very intelligent, kind and caring person who reads. For all we know Aniston could be taking on line courses in any subject or maybe she is learning Spanish at home. One doesn’t exlude the other. I don’t know these people and I understand that I only see a small piece of Jolie’s and Aniston’s life. I’m from Europe and I was lucky enough to travel most of the world and finish university, but I also love being a beach bum on occasion. It doesn’t make me stupid? I don’t doubt that Jolie is an intelligent person, but I don’t like how some people are acting as if Jolie is almost a genius and Aniston is some kind of idiot, because she doesn’t fly to Syria to discuss a refugee situation in the Middle East or something. We all have different interests. Jolie doesn’t need to have a perfect body, but a healthier looking one would be good idea. She does look to me like a skeletor. Nobody is asking her to workout 2 hours a day, but she should eat something.

  125. Nymeria says:

    @ Josephina (#121) – Personally, I think Marilyn Monroe is in a class by herself. She was voluptuous, sensual, sexy, and, quite simply, drop-dead gorgeous. There was a certain “something” about her that no actress, model, etc. has had before or since (IMO). She will always be the ultimate siren to me.

  126. mzjask says:

    so excuse me for pointing out the obvious, but since there is no REAL story here, has this site just become a forum for women to bash other women they do not even know?
    forget who JA & AJ are sleeping with.. can any of you keep a steady relationship with opinions like that?
    some of you should be ashamed of yourselves, you dont know any of them, why so volatile with the opinions??
    REMEMBER: Opinions are like A$$holes, Every Body Has One!!! get over it, ladies!
    *poppin gum waitin for a snarky response* ;)

  127. angie says:

    to mzjask : I can. I have been very happily married to the same great guy for over 12 years now. People can have opinios, if they wish. It would be nice to keep it classy. Women are brutal to each other. I have no idea what happened between JA, BP and AJ, but I wish them all the best. I do criticize Jolie’s body, because she seems to be not eating and sets a really bad example.

  128. Gina says:

    Love Jen & Angie! I hate their fans though!

  129. Julia says:

    @ angie.

    No I don’t know. I just go with what i see and hear (just like you do when you say Jolie should take care of herself based on her skinny silouhette though you don’t know if she eats better and more various food than the one who only eats chiken salad because of her different metabolism and tans an awful lot) and think that her lack of eloquence, oral expression when asked for question shows a lack of basic intellect i expect a woman her age to have.

    I also think no woman her age with a minimum of brains would have been attracted to men like John Mayer (let alone dating him twice) saying that they love him and like mainly the way he “thinks thoughts”…that’s not the way a 40 year old woman talks.

    I am pretty sure that she is more into bimbo stuff and is more prone to have a conversation with Kardashian than Cate Blanchett.

  130. crtb says:

    Living together for 14 YEARS is as married as you can get.


  131. anne_000 says:

    When Jennifer said, “Oh, lord, it’s not even worth discussing on a night like this,” that just tells me that she plans to milk the hell out of her defunct marriage for more years to come.

    Why not just say “It’s a non-issue. There’s nothing left to say about something that’s been done with years and years ago.”

    Why did she make it sound as if she was willing to discuss this topic to death at another time?

    To me, it seems like this topic is her publicity & sympathy crutch whenever her movies bomb.

  132. crtb says:

    you sure about that, because bliiybob and laura dern werent married and they still called angie a homewrecker

    Laura and Billy Bob were engaged to be married. When BBT hooked up with AJ, Laura was at home preparing for her wedding.

  133. Julia says:

    @ crtb

    That’s what Laura Dern said, not Billy Bob who said he never intended to marry her and dumped her months before he met Jolie.

    In any case considering that Laura was having an affair with Billy Bob when he was married to his 4th wife and is the reason why he divorced her and left his son, at the very least, it doesn’t matter who is lying between Dern or BBT, they both cheated when he was married and for months.

    In that case if you want to criticize jolie for ,not letting this cheater get ‘her prize’, it’s more a matter of stealing back from a stealer.

    laura Dern is a serial homewrecker. she did it three times with married men and twice in a row with married men who had families, young children and decided to trap the last one coercizing him into marrying her (her dream she let let slipped with BBT) by falling pregnant at the same time as his his pregnant wife.

    Jen fans are showing that they really have no shame no moral whatsoever everytime they bring that serial, immoral womanwho didn’t hesitate getting pregnant by her lover in the face of hius pregnant wife. she didn’t even have that minimum respect for the pregnant wife and the jen fans love to pose her as an example of a victim.

    BBT was right to dump her sorry ass for Jolie, after she harrassed him first to dump his wife and then to marry her.

    It’s a case of Laura ‘I won’t Be ignored’ Dern who was enraged to let slipp the opportunity of finally marrying her lover. Who was so angry and bittered that another woman was the one BBT finally single chose to marry while she did all the cheating stuff for months with him, begging him to dump his wife for her.

    A real psycho, that Laura Dern. Always so laughable the way the jen fans like to paint her sooo saintly and innocent when she is the epitome of homewrecking in its vilest form.

  134. Camille says:

    Josephina: Excellent comment, I agree with you completely.

    Aniston can work on her body all she likes, but she will never have an iconic beautiful face.
    Personally- I’d take the gorgeous face over the body (that can be worked on) any day of the week. Just my 2 cents. :)

  135. The Original Mia says:

    Laura Dern really has no leg to stand on in the homewrecking department. None. BBT, Ben Harper. So…pot…kettle.

  136. JulieM says:

    “Jen fans are showing that they really have no shame no moral whatsoever”

    Good heavens, Julia: Where the hell did you dig that up? What a ridiculous blanket statement. May I humbly suggest you to take a chill pill. We’re just having some escapist fun here: this is CeleBITCHY, after all!

  137. anyhoo says:

    For those comparing homewrecking notes, I think it’s VERY different when you start talking about Jude Law and Sienna Miller, or Claire Danes and Billy Crudup…

    Those were FAMILIES that were being torn up. Jude Law had kids, and Mary Louise Parker was 8 months pregnant.

    I wouldn’t say it’s the same thing as this AT ALL!

  138. Eve says:

    @ HorsePoorHanna and Runs with Scissors:

    Yes, you two can always hug me from behind — it’s comfy! Plus, I’m a hobbit so if I am the one who hugs you guys from behind I won’t be able to see a thing (I’m 5’2″ and around 100 lbs).

  139. Faye says:


    That is all. Continue the arguing.

  140. Joe's Mom says:

    I’ve got to agree with Runs with Scissors.

  141. Cheyenne says:


    Um, why??

    Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for over 25 years without marrying and seem to be very happy.

    Ditto Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp (13 years) and a lot of other couples.

  142. Deltona lakes says:

    I totally agree with you.. It’s all about ego.. He moved too fast with another women who was considered more beautiful and talented.. They became so popular.

  143. Yvette says:

    @Cheyenne #83, who wrote: “Wait, I’m confused. MAMS was released in June 2005. Pitt and Aniston announced their separation in January 2005. Were already separated before the announcement? When did MAMS start filming?”

    Cheyenne, according to Director Doug Liman “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” began shooting in January 2004, but they had to stop the shoot in early April 2004 because Brad was obligated to shoot “Ocean’s Tweleve” in Europe. They didn’t re-start filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” until the Fall of 2004 (Brad and Jen issued their joint separation notice in early January 2005). Doug also said that they did re-shoots with the principal cast in April through May of 2005.

    Brad indicated in an interview–the one he gave in defense of Angie after Jen said Angie was ‘not cool’ for saying that she and Brad fell in love while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”–that he and Angie hooked up while filming the re-shoots for the film. He said something like “We were still filming after Jen filed for divorce in 2005.”

  144. Quixotic1205 says:

    I’m neutral (read: don’t really care about) the whole Brange vs. Aniston debate but I do agree that married is different from dating (even if it is for ages). Look, ladies let this be a lesson. If a guy isn’t putting a ring on it for 14 years, then maybe he’s not that into you. I see the Heidi Justin thing as two people who started dating when they were young and either one of them or both of them just settled for comfortability instead of facing the music.

    So yea, different.

  145. kira says:

    Ok, I see that cheating/lying is OK as long as the parties are not married. Because absolutely NOWHERE does it state that cheating and lying to others is wrong. It’s not like a commandment or anything important like that HOLY/SACRED marriage vow that is the be-all of existence. The Jen fans are on good moral grounds with that one, per usual. ;-) Fans of a woman who called herself a “retard” on national tv. Says it all, really.

  146. Addie says:

    Gina: Love Jen & Angie! I hate their fans though!

    100% agree!

    Glad Jen did not go into the Brad thing.
    Hope she never does, but it is crazy how people are waiting to pounce on her like..’you just wait, she will say something, then we will get her’

    People have very selective memories. If BRAD did not bring this up in the first place, there would be no situation to discuss. Stop trying to whitewash Brad’s stuPITTidy and pin this on Jen.

  147. Julia says:

    @ JulieM:

    Well isn’t it obvious ? They have two morals, one for Jen and her friends who ALL have had opened affairs with married men who had family with kids (Cox, Dern, Oprah, Sheryl Crowe) and one for Jolie.

    They always, and I mean always bring Laura Dern in their criticics about Jolie, ignoring each time, what BBT said about her, ignoring that Jolie said that when she met him he was single, living in his own place and she was never aware of another woman.

    Yet the jen fans ignored 2/3 of that so called triangle and the irony ignore the fact that Laura Dern was indeed first and foremost the other woman in BBT’s life. She dated him for months, maybe even more than a year while he was married, it was public and she pressured him to divorce his wife for her.

    The same woman who went on a rage when he finally was single and dumped her then she heard while trying to get hil back that he married another one. She didn’tw aste time, went to another married man who was expecting a child with his wife and made sure to get pregnant from the get go to trap him where she failed with BBT.

    yet the Jen fans are always SHAMLESSLY using Laura Dern as a victim of Jolie. Give me a break !

    Jen fans are morally bankrupt in this case and they repeatedly show their moral bankrupcy when they are the first ones to use the moral card playing judge and prosecutor when it comes to Jolie BUT find excuses (they are not married so it doesn’t mind when it’s Jen, they were enganged between cheaters even, if cheater boy say it was false so Jolie is indeed a homewrecker in this case) or blatlantly ignore the worst sins of those they always bring as a victim when they are the real sinner and have no credibility whatsoever to even whine.

    Moral gymnastic is prevalent in jen fan.

  148. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    So you are hugging *other people* from behind now, eh?

    Are they at least very protective of you in a manly fashion?

    This is all too much. Too much, missy!

  149. smh says:

    fugggg and i never make fun of people who are naturally ugly. it’s just she had every part of her appearance with surgery and money, and her real face (in a high school photo) was better than this. she claims to have redone that nose twice! because of having it broken while riding a bike. riiiight. i’m sure it would have looked like this. she used to do small breast-nose surgeries, but then she had her hairline removed far back, got a ton of fillers on her cheeks and lips and shaved part of that chin and now everybody knows she’s completely plastic. unfortunately like most plastic surgery, it looks bad.

  150. Mila says:

    Gina:”Love Jen & Angie! I hate their fans though!” < nicely said.

    Why are you people invested in this, don’t understand at all.
    You know more about those actresses and actor lives than majority of gossip papers. Its quite crazy.

    Celebitchy i like you, site is very entertaining and good fun when you don’t have anything to do. Posts kind of funny.
    But you got to stop posting this triangle threads.

  151. JulieM says:

    “Moral gymnastic is prevalent in jen fan”.

    Julia: And in St Angie fans as well. I don’t even care about Jen Aniston, but this melodramatic, over the top, moralizing is almost scary. There are no angels here; this is Hollywood, after all.

    You are making me like someone (Jen) who I never really gave a rat’s butt about before. Congratulations.

  152. shay kay says:

    The ultimate end to this would be if Jen and Justin met with Angelina and Brad to have drinks.Wouldn’t that just blow Brangeloonies and JenHens away?
    We could all sit with our mouths hanging open as we perused the photographs!Of course this is never gonna happen but I’m just saying that it would be kinda funny.It would also be a total PR stunt but they all seem to be playing the PR game to some degree anyway.I wonder who’d have to do the most “acting” to make it appear friendly?Justin is new to the game and didn’t have a dog in the marriage race so to speak so I guess he’d be good with it.Brad might feel uncomfortable knowing that Angelina would like to use one of her many knives on Jen and that Jen is wondering if Angelina is so frail that one good kick would probably take her out.
    Come to think of it if they don’t have drinks together to end this than maybe Jen and Angie should just give interviews saying “I can’t f**cking stand her but I am happy so I don’t really give a rat’s *ss what she’s doing but I am sick of her name/picture showing up alongside mine in every form of media.”Brad could just say the usual”Angelina’s wonderful, a great mother, and the love of my life while Jen is still a friend and is great!”

  153. Jenn says:

    Aniston made a ton of comments about how insensitive and cruel Brad was, so helping break up a relationship that lasted 14 years sucks and makes her not at all the victim she likes to play. There is no common law marriage in NYC, but being in a committed relationship means if you want out, then get out before you get with someone else. And if you’ve been through it, don’t do it to someone else.

  154. Imelda says:

    I am amazed as are many others, that the regular posters (and y’all know who you are) on these threads are not in any way embarrassed about the amount of time and effort you guys waste (and make no mistake about it is a huge waste of God given time)on these people and the sheer amount of info you bother to produce just to prove someone else wrong.
    Then various useless facts on box office no’s, monies made, times & places of affairs, what they do in their spare time etc etc are dredged up and for what. We all scroll straight onto the next comment!
    Save your time and energy for somethin’ worthwhile.
    Because really we all have xxx amount of time on the planet and you are wasting your own time……….
    Then you call out Jen for being boring because she goes on vacation and wants a suntan. If she’s boring she’s leaving you guys in the ha’penny place!
    Oh and no mention of this movie she helped create or the good cause its for eh – no kudos given. I guess that’s TOO much of a stretch.
    If this were St. Angie doin’ it there’d be talk of the cause how deep she is ad nauseum.

  155. Eve says:

    @ Chloe:


    So you are hugging *other people* from behind now, eh?

    Are they at least very protective of you in a manly fashion?

    Nah, they’re the ones hugging me from behind now. And they (Hanna and Runs) are very protective, I can tell you this. I’m not sure if do that in a manly fashion since they don’t hog their umbrellas when we’re walking down the street on a rainy day.

    This is all too much. Too much, missy!

    Hugs from behind are never too much. I’m waiting for Chris Evans to give me one too — he can also be “supportive” and “very happy to see me”, if you take my meaning…yes, I’m subtle like that :) .

  156. angie says:

    @Julia, sorry, but do you honestly believe that you can measure someone’s intelligence based on a few sound bites?
    None of us know who these people truly are, we only see what they want us to see.
    It’s all very carefully orchestrated.
    Sometimes they slip and say something silly, but they have a team of people behind them attorneys, managers, PR and image people to handle damage control. All we see in public is PR, but who they are in private might be a different story.
    There is a lot of money at stake.
    By the way intelligent women fall in love with “bad boys” all the time!
    In regards to Jolie’s weight, I don’t know what and when she eats.
    She doesn’t look a healthy weight to me, like she did before her mom past away. She even said that she lost weight not to fit into her skinny jeans, but because of her loss.
    My heart goes out to her.
    My point is that she must be not eating enough, if she is not gaining back what she lost.
    Jolie has a stunningly beautiful face, but her body looks scary skinny.
    She is just too thin. Take a look at her legs, they look like tooth picks and her arms are so thin her veins are sticking out. Her hands look like skin and bone. When I saw her in Europe she looked even thinner in person, severely under nourished.
    I know that she has a body type that is long and lanky, I have a similar body type, but luckily not as skinny.
    For example Julia Roberts is tall and long limbed, but doesn’t look sickly thin like Jolie.

  157. Emma says:

    For Cheyenne, #90: “Definitely a possibility. I remember reading that the trip they took to the Caribbean in January 2005 was a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. So they could have been in a trial separation before then. Aniston herself is on record as saying that by 2004 the marriage was dead.”

    I’m late to this party. Cheyenne, to answer your question as to how Courtney Cox would really know what had or had not happened in the Aniton-Pitt marriage and divorce … Courtney and her husband David Arquette accompanied Brad and Jen on that vacation in February 2005. Jen probably invited her best buds (at the time) along to try and talk Brad into staying in the marriage. Remember all the crying and hugging on the Beach? I’m sure the four of them at some point during that week (or was it two weeks they were gone?) sat down and discussed issues. Courtney was ‘very’ adamant in that 2005 “Vanity Fair” interview that nothing had happened with Angelina and that Brad was honest with Jen.

  158. laylajane says:

    I’m not sure what fountain of youth pills, injections Jenny is getting but DAMN she looks GREAT. She looks better now than when she was on FRIENDS!!!

  159. Chloe or not** Umbrella-ella-ella.Panties in a twist,dear?

  160. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    @ Eve, Hanna

    How can you do this to me on a night like this.

    I think I’ll just organize a photo shoot on the roof, wearing nothing but a TIE.

    That will show you!

  161. Chloe not chloe** Noooo,don’t do it!! LOL!! (Just because I don’t trust *uncle terry*)

  162. Eve says:

    @ Chloe and Hanna:


    Hey, let’s all hug each other from behind till we can make a full circle :) . In that way, everybody gets to hug and to be hugged from behind and nobody will have to scream at the ocean or listen to old phone messages!!!

    P.S.: Chris Evans must be the one behind me though.

  163. bailie says:

    Aniston looks pretty and healthy. She is in better shape than some 25 year olds. It’s important for her job as an actress.
    It’s nice that she spents time on promoting breast cancer awareness.

  164. the original bellaluna says:

    I think it’s good form, not wanting to bother re-hashing old events on the red carpet at a charity event.

    If it’d been me, and someone asked me about my ex-husband or something he said, I’d say “Who?” and smile beatifically.

  165. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    Hey, let’s all hug each other from behind till we can make a full circle :)

    You mean.. [wipes off the tears] like a ..Goddess Circle?

  166. Eve says:

    @ Chloe:

    Kind of, but cozier than the others (circles). And with less tequila.

  167. Callli Pygian says:

    @G 97,

    Thanks for the heads- up. Spotted the pendant. On the search for a multi tonal chain ( big fan of mixing metals here).

  168. smh says:

    @shay kay: i was hoping for years for something like that to happen and blow all the die hard fans of either side away. but i don’t think it ever will now that we know how immature both jen and brad are

  169. z says:

    omg.. i am so sick of hearing about Jennifer Aniston… she is not married to Brad anymore so lady get over it and move on.. its not Brads fault for speaking the truth….I am glad he made those comments because now we all know the the honest truth about their marriage. obviously Jen wasn’t fulfilling her end of the bargain when it comes to the marriage life.. what she couldn’t do for Brad….well he was able to find in Angelina. FAMILY, CAREER, AND KIDS…something Jennifer never wanted to full full because she was too into her career instead and put herself first!!! well Kudos to Brad and Angeline…if the truth hurts then so be it!!! so Jennifer… stop the whining and crying.. all of this is your fault for not being able to keep YOUR man (ex hubby) happy. So stop blaming everyone but yourself and get over all of this crap.. its old and boring….Brad has accomplished more these last few years and his movies are way better than your hideous failed comedies.. (which speak for them selves) p.s you could of had beautiful kids.. look at Viv, Knox and Shiloh.. they are beautiful darlings.

  170. Miranda says:

    This woman has been milking this cheating crap for years. This happens all the time in everyone’s “real” life, yet you can’t read anything about this lousy, boring actress without hearing about how she was wronged. Yawnnnnn. Enough! Okay so you were cheated on!! Big deal. I think it’s probably safe to say that (if there’s anyone on here over the age of 15) a lot of us were or will be cheated on or a lot of us will or have cheated. What’s the deal? She’s a mediocre actress, at best, and like someone else pointed out, has been using this to her advantage for years. When did people put a halo around this woman’s head? She’s just another crappy actress that has somehow managed to convince people how saintly she is. No one knows her! We all know what she wants us to see. She’s been with a trillion men since Brad Pitt, but on the other hand, he’s been with one woman. And, her current boyfriend did the same thing to someone else after 15 years…what the hell makes him any better than Brad Pitt? Oh right, they weren’t married…so even though he dumped someone after 15 years for this old piece of ass, it’s okay…because they weren’t married. I’ve been in a committed relationship for seven years and we’re not married. If he walks tomorrow and cheats on me, guess what?!?! It’s going to hurt just as much as if we were married. Hurt is hurt. Marriage doesn’t make you hurt more and marriage doesn’t make you more honorable, caring, moral or a better person. A snake is a snake. Putting a tux or wedding dress on it, is not going to make it less than a snake. Talk about the ultimate publicity stunt. She has managed to build her career on people’s sympathy.

  171. Miranda says:

    @146…Has it ever dawned on you that some of us actually don’t want a ring; that maybe living together is enough. I don’t want to get married again, but that doesn’t mean that I’m less committed in my current relationship than I was when I was married. To be honest, I’m more in love now than I ever was with my ex husband. This is not the middle ages…women actually have choices today.

    So just to get this straight, if he doesn’t put a ring on it then he’s not that into you? BUT, if he puts a ring on it, then…what? He’s into you for life? He’s never leaving you? He’ll always be true? Do you realize how ridiculous your comment is?

    I hope you’re not raising daughters.

  172. kora says:

    @miranda, Wow, take it easy, you seem so worked up from your post, you might get a stroke!
    Why are you so invested in someone you don’t even know?
    By the way, Aniston can date as many guys as she wishes, because she is single. Nothing wrong with that unless she goes after a married man. That’s a very big no-no, classless thing. It would put her in the same league as Jolie.

  173. ZenB!tch says:

    “She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’ And she got a little bit hysterical and she was like, ‘OMG, he’s only the most famous, attractive, gentlemanly artist/screenwriter/actor out there, I can’t believe you don’t know his name by now!’ And I was like, ‘Oh, that dude who played the premature ejaculator on Sex and the City. That dude.’ And then Aniston hugged him from behind.”

    My thoughts exactly. I still have no clue who he is other than JA’s BF.