Ryan Gosling “is looking for something permanent” with Eva Mendes?


Ever since we heard that Ryan Gosling took Eva Mendes to his special place – his pants AND Disneyland – I’ve sort of been ignoring them as a couple. From what I can see, they are still together and they’re keeping it pretty low-key. Some of you think the pairing is hot – I don’t. I mean, I definitely understand how Ryan Gosling + ANYBODY is going to be hot, and yes, I understand how Eva has sex appeal and she has a bangin’ body. But she also has permanent drunk-face and I have concerns that she actually IS drunk most of the time. Plus, at the end of the day, what do Ryan and Eva have to talk about? How much difficulty she has with everyone always telling her that she’s sexy? That’s all she ever talks about in interviews.

Anyway, In Touch had a nice little story about Eva and Ryan… apparently, he’s a Feeder. Sigh… he really is the perfect man.

Shakespeare claimed music was the food of love, but Ryan Gosling isn’t taking any chances. The Drive actor has gifted his new love, Eva Mendes, 37, with free food – for life – in the form of a VIP card for Tagine, the Moroccan restaurant that he co-owns.

“Eva and Ryan are both foodies, so he surprised her with the unlimited gift certificate,” a friend of the actor tells In Touch.

“He’s looking for something permanent, and he’s hoping that he has found it with Eva. She’s everything he wants.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

I don’t buy that he’s “looking for something permanent” – I think he’s looking for a relationship, maybe, but he’s also enjoying the single life. He just doesn’t want to admit that he’s a Gerard Butler-style pick-up artist. He’s sensitive! He takes girls to Disneyland! NO. He’s still more Butler than boyfriend-material. Also, “She’s everything he wants.” Puh-lease.





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  1. They do seem a bit mismatched, but hey whatever rocks your boat…or is that floats your boat? Whatever.

  2. brin says:

    Watch…she’ll gain weight and he’ll dump her…lol.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    It strikes me that SHE’S not the one looking for a permanent thing. But maybe I’m way off.

  4. RainyDay says:

    I always thought he’s a good guy who’s looking for a relationship. But after following since early 2011 it’s clear that he date a girl probably for 2 weeks or a month,then move on. Basically until he’s bored. Dude’s an underground player

    Then again maybe it’s true what he said, that none of this girl is comparable to Rachel/Sandra

  5. Nanz says:

    Didn’t she get sober? It seems like there was an interview where she talked about it. Then again, people relapse all the time.

  6. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Could the comparisons to Gerard Butler stop? Can you name one woman Gerard Butler has ever dated? Hmmmmmmmmmmm….nope. Ryan has at least 2 known relationships and he isn’t spotted out drunk with other women like Butler has been. So come on. Ryan is nothing like that guy. So what if Ryan is dating Eva Mendes (BTW my heart totally broken over that </3) that doesn’t suddenly make him anything close to GB. Blah.

    Like Eva Mendes has never come cross to me like an idiot. You wanna know the first movie I saw her in? Night at the Roxybury as an extra braidsmaid, now look at her. She isn’t like super duper famous but she isn’t playing an extra anymore and everyone knows her name. She hasn’t done anything to deserve a dumbing down. I do remember her saying on Leno years ago that she can’t drive, whatever. At least Ryan isn’t dating a reality Tv star or Joe Francis’s ex wife.

  7. The Truth Fairy says:

    I can’t tell you why, but I don’t buy this relationship. Publicity stunt for their movie? Beard for Eva? Not sure. But something about this whole thing doesn’t seem true or legit.

  8. po says:

    I have never gotten her appeal but at least she stays low key.

  9. Gabbo says:

    Which publicist do you think this came from? Hers or his? I find this such an odd pairing, but then again, stranger things have happened…

  10. Nessa says:

    Well, we all know how reliable In Touch is, so… it must be true love!

  11. marybeth18 says:

    From what I hazily recall…She was in a really long term relationship (like, 8 or 9 years, I think?) with some filmmaker I never heard of. She did go to rehab in 2008 for substance abuse, so hopefully she’s been able to maintain her sobriety.
    According to wikipedia, she’s publicly proclaimed that she doesn’t want marriage or children, so I’m not thinking this is a “something permanent” deal.

  12. podzol says:

    @Gabbo: Yeah, I also think it came from someone either from Gosling/Mendes/movie camp. Like the previous detailed Disneyland outing, there are innocuous details leaking that are too precise and random, where the effect is to make the female population collectively sigh “awwww, what a Noah Calhoun”. I think Gosling is supremely talented and someone in his team doesn’t need to feed the gossip beast, since he already has moviegoers at his feet.
    There’s no problem for me that he’s an underground player – but his team doesn’t need to try to justify it by having an “insider” quote that whatever going on with Mendes isn’t a fling since “he’s looking for someone permanent”. It’s probably better that they just practice a policy of never commenting on his private life. Just my 2 cents’ worth…

  13. jamie says:

    meh, I don’t get her appeal either. And Gosling does give off a definite playa vibe. Doubt either of them is in it for longterm.

  14. Gabbo says:

    @Podzol I wonder if they released this bit of ‘gossip’ to combat the ‘manwhore’ rep that Gosling has been getting labelled with lately.

  15. podzol says:

    @Gabbo: I’d bet my pants on it ;) It’d make sense from a publicist’s point of view. But I’d rather they just not indulge the tabloid gossip readers, know what I mean? From there on, it’s a slippery slope for image control.

  16. layla says:

    He has a habit of falling for his leading ladies.

    His appeal is so OVER RATED.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “She’s everything he’s ever wanted?”

    So what he wants is a terrible actress who looks like a tranny, has saggy boobs, who’s been to rehab for her cocaine an alcohol addictions, and has no class? LMAO yeah okay. I highly doubt he’ll take her home to his mom. Is his mom didn’t like Rachel McAdams, no way in hell he’s bringing her home. He living in NYC now, she’s just his free piece of ass while he’s in LA filming and a way to keep his name in the news while his two movies are coming out. She has no problem with that, he’s her rebound piece and a way to get her name in the papers again.

  18. wgg13 says:

    This is almost EXACTLY like Jake Gyllenhaal/Taylor Swift. This “relationship” has suddenly happened when Ryan has 2 films coming out. Drive has already come out and now Ides of March is coming out. Eva is his latest costar who badly needs publicity since her career has stalled. They’ll be a few more sightings of them while he’s in LA filming Gangster Squad. He DOES live in NYC now, so when he goes back to NYC, I’m sure they’ll no longer “see” each other. I’m not buying this for a single second either.

  19. anonymous says:


    That’s what I was thinking. She just broke up with George Augusto a few months ago after being with him for 9 years, I highly doubt she wants to be in a relationship with anybody right now. That’s probably why Ryan has kept her around for a little bit. She doesn’t want anything….for now.

    But sooner or later, this C-List actress dating is going to catch up with him. What happens when, probably at the next award shows, all these chicks he has flings with are in the same room together? There’s nothing wrong with him being a player, but it’s pretty stupid of him to do it with actresses. He should be sleeping around with models/unknowns. Don’t sh*t where you eat.

  20. LOL says:

    Eva is an absolute MESS. Ryan is an idiot who has NO idea what he’s gotten himself into. I’m sure she seems really cool and down to earth right now, but her crazy bitch side will reveal itself soon and he’ll immediately get rid of her.

  21. Hmm says:


    That’s what Im thinking but they’re going to have to promote this film together when it comes out next year, so they might keep this showmance going for a while. But then again, Ryan pretty much denied that they were dating already, so since they haven’t confirmed themselves that they’re “together”, they won’t have to act like a couple and he’ll get rid of her in a matter of a month.

  22. Please says:

    He just did an interview saying that no girl he’s met has lived up to Sandra and Rachel, and the Hollywood attention ruined their relationships and he’s focused on his career and too busy making films to be in a relationship….and now he’s constantly being seen around L.A. with Eva Mendes, another Hollywood star? Something is VERY fishy and off about this whole thing. I too now think this is a PR stunt.

  23. danielle says:

    I’m not sure he’s a huge player. When I’m dating, I’ll go on a few dates with someone, and when it’s not working for me, I call it off. There is nothing wrong with that, why string someone along for no purpose? I think Eva Mendez is beautiful, although I do get a faint auro of craziness too. Maybe I’m wrong tho.

  24. Turtle Dove says:

    His PR has been trolling the message boards for sure. I almost felt he was responding to people here (and Lainey too) about ‘trying to hard’.


    I like the guy and I think he possesses some natural charm. I don’t think he’s a ‘try-hard’, but the showmance silliness has to go. Allow the work to stand on its own legs, and don’t use gossip fodder for film promotion. He’s a great actor and should be above that.

    I dunno, Kaiser. Not getting the Butler vibe off him, but he’s enjoying himself. Rightly so. If I were him, I’d be denting a few mattresses. Unlike Ryan Reynolds – who looks like a gorgeous, muscled, lost puppy out of a relationship – Gos… he’s doing fine.

  25. Carly says:

    I can’t remember which blog it was but there was a comment from someone who was at Disneyland the same night as them and said that they were 100% staging/faking it. They walked behind them a lot during the night and rode a lot of the same rides like Pirates of the Carribean and said during the rides he never ONCE touched her and they barely talked to each other. Then suddenly, when they realized people were taking pictures/filming them, they immediately started awkwardly hugging,holding hands, etc. He also openly talked about his Disneyland trip when he was on Conan. Since when is he openly talking about places he takes girls he’s supposedly dating? He was NEVER like that when he was with Rachel, and he was much less famous then.

    They aren’t a real couple whatsover. This is lame as hell and very disappointing coming from Ryan.

  26. wereheart says:

    I’m calling PR stunt too. This is all too convenient and none of it is believable. If his PR team is reading this blog, then you can tell Ryan to cut the BS because nobody’s buying it.

    BTW, what’s with his obsession with older women? I’ve read that he’s very dependent/TOO close to his mother plus in his interviews and all Disneyland trips he comes off like an immature little boy. There’s something REALLY creepy and off about him.

  27. Fake says:

    I too think this is a showmance and I have a feeling that the director of their film, Derek Cianfrance, enouraged it. He encouaged Ryan and Michelle Williams to play up rumors that they were dating while they were promoting Blue Valentine. Ryan went along with it but Michelle wasn’t having it. She came out publicly twice to say that they were not dating. I’ve heard many rumors that Eva is a lesbian and that George Augusto was her beard for all these years. Her and Jada were rumored to have hooked up quite a few times. This is fake , embarassing, and out of character (well after the Blake/Kat/Olivia flings maybe not so much anymore) for Ryan. It seems like he really has sold out and is now desperately trying to be like Clooney.

  28. anon says:

    A gift card to a restaurant HE owns?!?! That’s pretty much insulting. You give somebody a gift card when you can’t think of anything else/ don’t really care. Plus with him declaring that nobody he has met has lived up to Bullock and McAdams and “my relationship is with Disneyland” when he was asked about her, he clearly is not that into her. Eva is obviously there just for the publicity/rebound. She should get some self-respect but I’m sure she’s loving having her name in the news and being linked to the “It” boy of the moment.

  29. Dare says:

    Yeah, he’s young, single, and super busy. I highly doubt he wants a relationship. Plus, he seems like a loner type who enjoys being on his own. I wonder if he’s kept Eva around for a little bit because she doesn’t want a relationship either and they’re on the same page so they’re just hanging out and having fun for the short time it lasts. On the other hand, I can kinda see her being the clingy Biel type.

  30. Holly says:


    I thought about that too! What happens when these awards parties roll around and Blake/Olivia/Eva who all always attend them are in the same room? Plus, Midnight in Paris is going to to get a lot of Best Picture nominations, so there’s a good chance Rachel McAdams will be at the awards shows too! That’s gonna be hilariously awkward and embarassing. At least Leo (minus Blake) and George’s pieces aren’t famous actresses. Ryan’s kind of a moron and a hypocrite for getting involved with these famous actresses then turning around and saying that Hollywood and the attention ruined them.

  31. Gabbo says:

    Lol, it’s just sunk in that the vip voucher he gave Eva didn’t cost him a penny as he owns the restaurant. Same goes for all the dates to Disneyland. As an ex-Mouseketeer, he probably gets in for free. In conclusion, Ryan Gosling = cheapskate.

  32. Lillian says:

    I also feel like he’s not that into her, their personalities are wildly different and he seems to like “the good girl” type of girl, not the one who’s not into conventional family values and who’s ready to take her clothes off at any occasion ,.. May I even say, it seems like he got “stuck” with her?! after he had a short ” fling” with her when they were filming “TPBTP”, he didn’t wanna dump her immediately and look like a jerk, ‘coz she seems like the type who’ll stalk and be bitter if he leaves like that,..so he’s smoothly trying to move from the “short fling” status to the “friend” status without hurting her feelings, there was no affectionate PDA from his side during the Disneyland or hiking date like he was with Rachel or Sandy,..and while transitioning into a friend might take some time for her to get used to it,..he takes the full advantage of spending nights with her ,..did anybody here see the video where she asked her body guards to not “freak out” over his badly parked car in front of her house in the middle of the night?!..anyway, they’re “hanging out” for the moment,..but they’re just using each other,..I feel like I sound mean for saying such things,..but it’s because they expose their private lives to the public, they encourage ppl to comment!,..

  33. Me says:

    I love how some of you believe a story coming from In Touch.

  34. Me says:

    I do prefer a GB. A guy who is not pretending.

    RG is probably a player but he is playing the game of a boyfriend/ serious guy who wants a family + kids soon but hasn’t found the right one.

    Too bad. I had more respect for him before.
    Even worse- name dropping 2 very famous women names as girlfriends…

    So, how come no other girl who is not known had been a great love story, and how come it just happened to be 2 actresses who are considered American sweethearts (or Canadian girl-next door- the same idea).

    It reeks PR and image thing.

    At least be honest about who you are as a man or use professional beards/ escorts like Leo Dicaprio or George Clooney.

  35. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I still think he was best fit with Rachel;-)

  36. Anoymous says:

    33, I saw that video too. All of a sudden there’s paparazzi outside her house when he’s suddenly there? Like they didn’t call the paps themselves. They’ve also leaked details of what they “do” together to People magazine. They always hang out at her house, NEVER his lol. I’m more convinced then ever that this is fake. All of a sudden he’s so public being seen all over town in public places with her when he also has 2 movies out? He’s NEVER been like that before. He’s a “method” actor and he’s filming PBTP and GS back to back and since Emma Stone isn’t available since she’s with Andrew Garfield, he’s decided to keep Eva around for the moment while he’s filming. You’re right though, he better be careful because Eva will be clingy and will wanna ride this out as long as she can for publicity. I’ve met Eva before and heard tons of stories about her. She’s trash and treats others like crap and like they’re “beneath” her. I can’t help but lose some respect for Ryan for this.

  37. Sketchy says:


    Here’s a VIDEO of them at Disneyland. At the beginning she hugs him and he VERY awkwardly hugs her back. They knew they were being filmed then and people were shouting “OMG that’s them!”, so they put on the PDA. STAGED.

  38. Elle says:

    woah! i didn’t know there was a video of them there. yeah, it does look like they knew at the beginning they were being filmed. the rest of the video, it looks like they didn’t know and there’s no pda at all. this is just like that olivia wilde aquarium video. if i remember that, i think he’s wearing the same blue hat! everything i’ve seen and heard of this, it looks like just a quick fling. he doesn’t seem invested in this whatsover, though Eva herself probably doesn’t want anything either. i’m not sure she’s the clingy type. i see this ending when he’s done filming and goes back to nyc.

  39. Lillian says:

    38. It’s in his interest to turn this “fling” into friendship, ’cause they have to promote the movie together in 2013, so he’d better not have tension or hard feelings from her by then,..He’ll cool it off little by little,..he’ll probably be done with Gangster Squad by November,..and then off to Thailand to start prepping for his next movie with Refn,..everything will be over by then,..unless if she decides to fly all the way to Bangkok which I Highly doubt,..He’s had a string of “No strings attached” relationships and it speaks for his clear desire to just make movies and shine on his own,..I’m sure by 35 he’ll have a serious relationship and might even take a break,..but now, no way..it’s his time and he wouldn’t ruin the name he made for himself by confirming all the rumors,..I feel like they’re just using each other for the same purpose,..which is soo not “Ryan” he wasn’t like that and doesn’t need tabloids to increase his fame,..but guess now he’s playing with different rules that he’s established a reputation! In any case, this is clearly a mismatch, an opinion shared by most people who know either one of them or just fans,..What I don’t understand is he admitted to loving the girl-next door types, yet, he’s been around bimbos a lot lately,..he’s taking advantage of his status to have fun with them and save the best for last,..but one thing I’m sure of he’s still in love with McAdams, I wasn’t a big fan of the Notebook, but the way he speaks highly of her every time he gets the opportunity to, reveals how she was/is still his one true love- until he finds better-,..(Sandra Bullock’s name was just thrown in that sentence when he spoke about the best girlfriend(s) of all time to him, just so his comment wouldn’t sound odd, he added Sandy’s name),..or maybe I’m reading too much into it,..(btw, I’m not a McGosling fan as much as I’m a fan of Ryan’s and I can tell he hasn’t moved on yet)

  40. Danielle says:

    @Lillian I agree with you that he hasn’t gotten over Rachel yet. Considering they were engaged at one time, I can imagine it’ll be hard to for him to move on especially if the rumors are true that his mom interfered in their relationship and Rachel had enough.

  41. Anonymous says:

    If his mom didn’t like Rachel, no way he’s even bringing classless, untalented, tranny looking, drug taking Eva Mendes home to meet his mom!

    You sound spot on Lillian. The way he’s talking in recent interviews, clearly he considers himself still single so this is just a quick fling.

  42. Ew says:

    I’m hoping this IS just a PR showmance (and I think it is) because otherwise Ryan has terrible taste in women. I worked on a film set with Eva and I can confirm she’s a total bitch. Bossed around the crew and rolled her eyes and wouldn’t talk to extras. I just laughed at her. She’s a C-Lister at best, her “career” is irrelevant hence why she’s always doing commercials selling some product. I’ve always heard how nice and sweet Ryan is, but now I’m having second thoughts now that he’s always hanging out with a loser like Eva.

  43. fallen says:

    Its so staged but i don’t understand why hes doing this? He used to be so private, what happened to that Ryan? Its so weird.

  44. Ummm says:

    I saw the video too and there was no RG there, just a car. How do we know it was his car?
    Pffff so much Gosling-hate in this site. The good thing is you are in the minority. :)

  45. anonymous says:

    This is so damn fake and I’m losing more and more respect for him the longer he keeps this charade going. He’s completely sold out to the Hollywood game.

  46. F5 says:

    She’s just so gross ( can’t explain it) and I’m over him.. not that they care..lol

  47. RayA says:

    How do you guys know that RG’s mother didn’t like Rachel?