Denise Richards’ photo op with new baby: cute or look at the baby already?

Denise Richards was photographed on Saturday out with her daughter Lola, 6, (from her marriage to Charlie Sheen) and her newest daughter Eloise Joni, 3 months, whom she adopted early this summer. Denise and her daughters were at a soccer game for her daughter Sam, 7, who was out playing on the field for most of these shots.

In these photos, the baby looks sleepy and ready for a nap while Denise is content to talk on the phone, accept a hug and kiss from Lola, and even feed Eloise, all without looking at the baby at all. I couldn’t find one photo from the two agencies that had this set where Denise was looking at little Eloise and it kind of bothered me. I’m serious! Denise also gives her a bottle without seeming to pay attention. She’s at a soccer game, though, so Denise’s blank forward stare might mean she’s just engrossed watching the game while making sure that she’s photographed properly. Then when Denise is walking with Eloise, she again holds her but I couldn’t find a photo where she seems to be looking at her. Maybe it’s just hard to tell since she’s wearing sunglasses. It’s possible that when Denise was looking down none of the photographers took her picture since you couldn’t see her face.

I shouldn’t be so judgmental, Denise is holding the baby the whole time and it’s not like she leaves her in the carriage or alone on a blanket at all. She’s also spoken in the past about how much she adores Eloise and loves to hold her, telling Access HollywoodI carry her everywhere. I just love her so much and she just loves to be held and cuddled. I hold her all the time.”

In her US Magazine interview this summer introducing her new baby and promoting her new memoir, Denise some really sweet things to say about Eloise. She said “She is a cuddle bug. She loves being hugged and held. She’s such a beautiful little baby and little soul.” Here’s a link to a photo of Denise looking at Eloise, on another day when she wasn’t so distracted.

Note: I didn’t pick the worst photos to give an example. This is how they all look. You can see more at Radar.





Photo credit: Fame Pictures and Pacific Coast News

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  1. Cherry says:

    She looks incredible. So pretty and fresh. But yeah, her lack of attention for the baby, and OVERDOSE of attention for the cameras, is sort of strange. She’s so obviously posing and making sure she looks cute (which she does, but that’s not the point). The baby is merely an accessory. Or at least that’s how she makes it look.

  2. N.D. says:

    You didn’t pick out the pictures but maybe Radar did?

    Denise is over 40, isn’t she? She looks mighty good. And youthful.

  3. gee says:

    She looks like she’s watching her other kid playing? It’s probably hard to split your attention 3 ways, even if you do have 8 million nannies and a bajillion dollars in hush money.

    Although I believe those numbers might be slightly exaggerated.

  4. Joan says:

    Granted that Denise does probably call the paps herself, I don’t think that aspect of her personality should be mixed into judging her mothering skills. Denise is a loving, hands-on (single) mother. Let’s face it, with 3 kids, you don’t always have every opportunity to be lovey-dovey with your kids and eat up their every moment. Eloise is hardly neglected.

  5. len says:

    My question is: why did she adopt a baby? Seriously, is raising two kids by yourself not enough? Do these two not need all her attention with all the craziness surrounding her life? What void is she filling?

  6. Samigirl says:

    I’m with gee. My son plays soccer, and it is the cutest thing EVER, imo. When we are at his games, I don’t even pay attention to my husband. I’m sure she did look at her baby some, the other sites just didn’t pick those.

    @len- just because she chose to adopt, you think she’s trying to fill a void? I seriously doubt it. I’m adopted. My dad can’t have kids/never wanted them. But, when he found out about my situation, he couldn’t help but take me in and give me a good life. We don’t know this baby’s story. It could be similar. I think people who adopt are strong and wonderful. I’ve got one little guy, a baby on the way, and even if my hands are full, I will still adopt a child, just because I think it’s a lovely thing to do. Stop being so cynical when people do nice things.

  7. Jayna says:

    Much happiness to Denise and her little one. Judging a few photos seems silly.

  8. OriginalGracie says:

    I think Denise looks very pretty here and that baby is a cutie pie.

    After everything she said about Charlie was proven to be true because we saw him with our own eyes as he really is
    ….I am prepared to give Denise a pass for the rest of her life.

    How she put with Mr. Dangerous/Crazy all those years without getting killed, maimed or driven to suicide, I will never know. She is a better and stronger woman than we give her credit for.

    Besides, other than pics of her out with her kids, what trouble does she cause? She isn’t drunk hanging out some nightclub or stoned to the teeth on drugs. She doesn’t have the police investigating her because she left her kids home alone.

    I frankly don’t get the disapproval of Denise. And if some will say that Charlie met her when she was a call girl for Heidi Fleiss…so frickin’ what. That was at another time in her life.

    I like her.

  9. Nancy C. says:

    i guess if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s easy to ‘adopt’ a newborn baby. seems a lot of celebrities are lucky that way. while us commoners are lucky to find any american to adopt.

  10. Sue says:

    Does anyone else think her baby looks like her other girls?

  11. Addie says:

    @Samigirl. Loved your story (should be made into a movie)

    Congrats on your pregnancy!
    I always love how you talk about your little boy, I’m sure your 2nd will be just as loved.

  12. Grasshopper says:

    Agree Original Gracie! Her kids are in school as well so I’m sure the baby gets plenty of one on one time. She’s watching her daughter’s game (which is why she is there) and holding the baby the whole time then feeding her. It’s called multi tasking.

  13. whome says:

    OMG really, she is giving her attention to her three kids, whats the big deal. she should be congradulated for being able to show all three of her kids attention. sheessh stop being so judgemental!

  14. Lee says:

    Seriously, if she had been photographed gazing at the baby, everyone would be slamming her for “staging” love for the baby as a photo-op while “ignoring” her other children. As a woman, you can’t catch a break, ever.

  15. The Original Mia says:

    I think they look relaxed and happy. Nothing sinister about feeding the baby a bottle without staring into her face. After 2 kids, it’s pretty automatic.

  16. Samigirl says:

    @Addie, thanks! Emerson turned my life around. I know people get sick of hearing it, but he really did. I love that little monster. Can’t wait for “number 2″ (that’s what the hubs and I call the fetus) to get here :)

    @Nancy, if you really want to adopt, it’s not as expensive/hard as you think. My husband and I combined only have about a 70K/year income, and we qualified for foster parenting, which is a good first step for adopting. You have to, of course, go through lots of interviews, classes, etc. They come and surprise search your home (we passed, even though I’m a terrible housekeeper), we did some drug testing and family counseling, and we are legal and ready to take in foster children whenever we want. In most instances, the state will actually give you a small “allowance” to take in these children and cover their needs. It’s not much, mind you, but it will keep their belly’s full. There are also tons of family lawyers who will do the cases pro-bono (my dad’s did). If you do some research in your area, I know there are TONS of children who want and need to be loved. While it is a fact that white newborn babies are the most desired, we hope to find a child already potty trained! Children of all races and ages deserve a chance.

    Now, I’ll get off my soap box. I hope everyone has a lovely Monday :)

  17. Happymom says:

    She does look great-and she’s just watching her kid play soccer-I don’t think she’s ignoring the baby. I had begun to think that she was tired of papping her kids out-and maybe just wanted to keep things low key-hence we barely saw her over the last 2 years. But I”m guessing that’s only because she was going through the adoption process and didn’t want to screw it up. Now we’re back to every moment is a photo opp. And Sue’s comment about the baby looking like her other girls-maybe she adopted from somebody Charlie knocked up? Stranger things have happened!

  18. dorothy says:

    I remember a year or so ago when she would trot her two oldest children out for every photo opp out there. She seems to have stopped that. At least I hope so. Honestly, she seems to be a woman that loves being a mother.

  19. Judy says:

    That baby girl is PRECIOUS. Not judging anything else.

  20. Original Tiffany says:

    All very cute.

    Note to the Cracken, this is what an EX-cal girl looks like. You already look 20 years older and way more rough and she had to live with being married to Sheen!

  21. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    She looks good and rocks that mustache!

  22. Nev says:

    I think she look beautiful and very happy. I love that she is a hands on mom. Most mothers seldom take their eyes off the kids in public. I believe she took Sheen’s hush money but I’m glad she stood her ground when it came to Charlie taking the girls over to his house when those so call goddesses where there. I believe that man is dangerous. Glad she is not cuddling up with Charlie the way Brooke Mueller does.

  23. Motor35 says:

    i am sure this will be quite the unpopular comment, buuuuut, does anyone think it to be strange that she adopted a baby? i mean, she is ABLE to birth children….and some women, just can’t…
    i am not saying she is unworthy of a newborn, but, shouldn’t others that cannot conceive have the opportunity to love and care for a newborn? it is odd, to me ;)

  24. RobN says:

    We spend tons of time around here making fun of celebrity moms who act as if they’ve got the only kid ever born, and now we’re going to make fun of one because she doesn’t make gazing adoringly at her child a fulltime job?

  25. ladybert62 says:

    How many kids does she have now? Does she have an income? How is she supporting all of them.

    She does look good and happy and I think she is a good mom even though she seems inattentative to the baby – must be hard to split your attention to all the kids and the camera!!

  26. missie says:

    This woman is adorable. I tried to dislike her and I just can’t. I think she’s cute and appears to be a fine mom.

  27. SEF says:

    Silliest post ever. She’s watching the soccer game. That’s what you do when you go to your kid’s soccer game.

  28. Samigirl says:

    @ladybert62, just because she isn’t actively working now, doesn’t mean she has no other sources of income. She’s written books, had a television show, been in movies, AND she gets like 100K/month from Charlie Sheen for Sam & Lola.
    @lola35, we don’t know if she can have more children. She may have a medical issue we don’t know about. Personally, I think it’s awesome that she decided to take care of a child already brought into the world, rather than bringing another one in already. She is giving this baby chances and opportunities it may not have had otherwise.

    Everyone who is bashing her for adopting/wanting more children should be ashamed. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting several kids. At least she isn’t half homeless and crazy in debt like Nadia Suleman. She’s responsible and seems like a very loving mother. And any woman who can deal with Charlie Sheen and still come out a class act has my respect. If she wants to adopt 5 more children, that is her choice. They are clean, obviously happy, and no doubt, very loved. Personally, a house FULL of kids sounds like an awesome life to me.

  29. Kimbob says:

    Yes, Denise looks GREAT!!! No doubt! I dunno, I’m kinda thinking that the photogs just didn’t photograph her when she did look at Eloise. After all, she is holding the baby pretty much the whole time. I think some celebs have or adopt children because they feel it’s good press, but Denise does seem to be hands-on at least. I think she really loves and wants this baby. Also, KUDOS TO DENISE for adopting. There are so many children borne into this world that are not wanted. At least this child will have a good home and future.

  30. photo jojo says:

    My husband and I have six kids together. I can tell you that once they outnumber you, it’s sort of like being on a human sized hamster wheel. We love them all, but yeah, you have to juggle a lot. So I’m giving Denise a pass on this one.

  31. ness says:

    I dont think is strange she adopted a baby.. If i had the money to support them i would immediatly adopt a couple of babies to give them a nice loving home.

  32. Jen says:

    My daughter plays soccer and, depending on how close you’re sitting, you do need to keep one eye on the field. No one wants to see a baby get bonked on the head with a soccer ball.

  33. Callumna says:

    Whenever I see pics of her with kids I think of all her interviews esp with Stern talking about hotel romps with one of her lovers.

    And the constant discussions about her love of anal.

    Shame what people will sell to be relevant. Is that fan base even worth having?

  34. OriginalGracie says:

    @Motor35: There are literally TONS of children of all ages waiting to be adopted. RIGHT NOW, this very minute.

    If someone who cannot have children wants one, they can go and go one anytime they wish.

    Denise adopting THIS baby at THIS time is not making it so someone else can’t have one.

    Where on earth would you get that idea?

    I didn’t know there was some kind of committee of blog readers to determine who gets to adopt a baby. Sandra Bullock also adopted a baby. Shall we delve into the state of her uterus and worthiness too?

  35. Tazina says:

    I’m sure the baby is not suffering from any lack of attention. If anything, she’s probably happy for a bit of a breather where Mom is focusing on something else for a change.

  36. Embee says:

    I love the picture of her giving Lola a smooch – adorable!

  37. Victoria says:

    Everytime I see her, I call her the original Doutzen Kroes. Bitch is bad. Yeah she may have been a call girl, but she parlayed that into an opportunity to upgrade and change her position in life to leave it all behind. No matter what she was yesterday, today she seems to have grown into a caring mother, supportive of her ex even though she was called all kind of names for what we can probably assume now is the truth about Charlie (ooh see what I just did there? LOL). And I like Charlie, I do think he is winning and truthful about the industry, but he is also crazy as fuck.

  38. Rachel says:

    CB, I’ve watched my SIL play with her son, breastfeed her daughter & make dinner all at the same time. She’s told me that sometimes she was so worried that her son would feel left out or forgotten when her daughter was born simply because babies need so much attention. I see absolutely nothing wrong with splitting her attention like that. Especially when you have a child playing a sport. The last thing you want is for your daughter to come running over after the game to ask if you saw her kick that goal & you didn’t.

  39. Maritza says:

    Denise seems to love being a mommy, good for her! At least she doesn’t have a nanny doing the job. She doesn’t have to be facing the baby all the time, she was there to watch her other daughter play soccer.

  40. smh says:

    oh god i just want a baby! a couple of them actually my health problems have prevented me for so long but i would so get preggers now if i could :(

  41. smh says:

    @Victoria i think many women in hollyweird are forced to prostitute themselves until they make it, and it’s such a shame that a woman’s body is still seen as a prostitution ticket–if rumours are true, michelle pfeiffer was also a high end call girl and halle berry was a mistress for hire. i only feel bad for women to be subjected to this.

  42. me says:

    her face is busted. especially her michael jackson pig nose.

  43. wresa says:

    I’m with you, SamiGirl. I’ve always though adoption was one of the most beautiful things in the world. I’ve always been completely baffled by people who criticize a person/family for adopting. A child is getting a safe place to grow up, what more is there to say? It’s a wonderful thing! Most children in the world aren’t lucky enough to grow up with the standards we have in the western world. Most children in america will not grow up with the standards Eloise will. So she is a lucky girl, and Denise is also blessed. :)

  44. Michelle says:

    Anybody else think that baby looks like Charlie Sheen?

  45. Isa says:

    that little girl has a family now. Amazing :)
    if we have a third child in our future, he or she might be adopted! :)

  46. Dana M says:

    Denise appears to be a great multi-tasking mom. Ok, mmm, let’s see : she’s caring for her 3 daughters, feeding one of them, watching one of their soccer games and talking on the phone! Kudos to Denise for adopting and juggling it all so well! What a precious family.

  47. erin says:

    why’d she adopt a baby? it just seems so random

    she looks gorgeous in the last photo, wowsers

  48. Happymom says:

    Okay-this is definitely my new theory : this baby is Charlie Sheen’s. There is definitely a resemblance between her and Denise’s other daughters. Somewhere out there is a party girl who just got a big payout.

  49. Joanna says:

    Wow, she does a good job of looking the loving, caring single mom! Well played, Denise.

  50. KJ says:

    @Sue- I thought the same exact thing!! It’s the eyes-she looks so much like the other two girls!!

  51. LuckyLilGem says:

    She’s still gorgeous! What’s up with the baby- looks unhealthy.

  52. Dana M says:

    The theory about the baby being Charlie’s could make sense. Maybe that’s why he bought her a bigger home in his subdivision….and why she didnt want to piss him off by appearing on 2 1/2 men recently. His payout must be good.

  53. Sonia says:

    She is watching her child’s game. I have fed babies without staring at them plenty of times. People could take very unflattering pictures of me but luckily they don’t!

  54. theaPie says:

    Babies need eye contact, but not 24/7 for goodness sakes. When you are at a soccer game your child is in, you are constantly focused on the field because you don’t want to miss anything! Plus the fact that she has another little one she’s keeping an eye on as well. The one in her arms – she knows where that one is already. She needs to keep tabs on the other two.

  55. Dirty Martini says:

    Denise is one of those I kind of would like to snark on, but somehow I just cant muster it up.

    I havent heard a peep that says anything but she’s an excellent mother. For the sake of her girls, she tries to have a goid relationship with that idiot ex husband of hers. And she looks adorable. AND she adopted a baby to complete her family….so WHAT? Its a lovely act. And I for one am happy she didn’t geet randomly knocked up just to have a child, and complicate all their lives with yet another dad to manage around.

    Good for her.