Denise Richards adopts a baby girl, names her Eloise after Denise’s mom


Although the world will forever question Denise Richards’ powers of logic for ever marrying Charlie Sheen in the first place (a beautiful love story, really?), she’s shown some remarkable restraint throughout the rise and fall of the recent Warlock Sheen spectacle. Also, even though Sheen killed one of her dogs and branded her a dog thief, Denise still offered to take temporary custody of Charlie and Brooke Mueller’s twins while he was on tour and Brooke was busy smoking crack and heading to rehab yet again. So while Denise might not be the smartest cookie in the cooler, it seems that she does have a very strong maternal instinct. Now and although she already has two daughters (with Sheen) to raise, Denise has adopted a baby girl. Really!

Denise Richards is a mom — again!

The actress, 40, recently adopted a baby girl domestically, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. Richards named her daughter Eloise Joni after her mother, who lost her battle with cancer in 2007.

“Denise and Eloise’s big sisters couldn’t be happier and feel incredibly blessed,” the actress’ rep tells Us.

The Wild Things star has two daughters — Sam, 7, and Lola, 5 — from her previous marriage to Charlie Sheen.

[From Us Weekly]

One can only hope that Eloise enjoys being photographed more than her two older sisters do, right? Those poor girls always look miserable in front of the camera; and despite the fact that Denise doesn’t ever do much to hide the girls from the flashbulbs, she (otherwise) gives off all appearances of being a caring and devoted mother. However, I’m slightly puzzled by the fact that Denise can somehow afford to take on another mouth to feed because she’s not getting much acting work these days. Also, those support checks from Charlie may not last forever and will likely disappear one of these days, thanks to his big mouth getting him fired. Still, best of luck to Denise and her three daughters.




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46 Responses to “Denise Richards adopts a baby girl, names her Eloise after Denise’s mom”

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  1. Meaux says:

    Seriously, who gave her a kid????

  2. Jenn WInd says:

    I love her sweater in these pictures! I really want it!!

    Eh…she seems to be doing a good job with her kids, if she wants another more power to her. I was always kind of iffy on her, but she seems to be a good mom, and has kept her mouth closed during all the drama!

  3. brin says:

    I hate to say it but that was also my thought….how can she afford another child? Maybe her book profits(?). Anyway, congrats on her new daughter!

  4. nnn says:

    I always liked her and she seems to be a good mum. More power to her for raising another child.

    And she looks damn good for any age and particuliarly for being 40 !

  5. Kaboom says:

    If she was smart during the divorce, all her and the children’s alimony payments were secured by capital in a trust Charlie can’t squander away.

  6. luls says:

    wow! i had no idea she was 40! Thought maybe 36 tops!!!

    Im sure she has plenty saved up from her child support payments + previous acting paychecks. She can easily afford to raise another kid just by living off the interest of all that. She doesnt seem like a spendthrift anyway.

  7. ladybert62 says:

    I am sorry but this is insane! She already has two (?) kids and occasionally care for crazy-man’s other kids and now she has adopted yet another? Who approved this adoption? Co-workers of my husband just adopted two kids (brother+sister) and it took them YEARS! Was her adoption expedited for some reason (think bribes). Nowadays kids in hollywood seem to be treated more like accessories than humans – didnt this woman have some serious mental issues herself?

  8. Maja says:

    @Meaux: you think this baby would be better off in an orphanage?

    @brin: if an average person can afford to adopt a baby, why not a wealthy celebrity? She has a nice house and more money than most people who adopt.

    She seems like a person who actually takes care of her kids.

  9. Relli says:

    Good for her! To be honest i was never into her hot girl thing, although i LOVE her in drop dead gorgeous…still one of my favorite movies ever. But i really felt bad for her when she split from Charlie and him and Brooke were trash talking her to anyone who would listen. Making her sound crazy asking for sperm, making the kids leave their stuff at their house becuase Denise was INSANELY jealous of what they have. Through it all she was pretty classy and did her reality show and tried to move on in her life. I THINK NOW we know those two were just a little TO into the bad shit and created their own delusions. I am happy for her and who knows maybe she has money saved up, she has been working for a long time. She may be barely B-list but she knows how to work it!

  10. RHONYC says:

    hey, they cut a check for her everytime ‘Wild Things’ airs on cable.
    i just saw the hot lezbofest last weekend.

    & with ‘On Demand’…oh, she’s still got money comin’ in alright. :lol:

    i like her. she’s a doll.

    she probably always wanted more kids & damn that warlock to hell to try & stand in her way!

    congrats. ;-)

  11. MarenGermany says:

    my belief is that she used to be an addict and sobered completely up when she hit rock bottom with charlie. I mean, standing charlies cracked out self on a daily basis, how can that not be rock bottom?
    I believe the kid kid will be fine with her.

    on a superficial side note: she looks absolutely stunning in those pics. she is really 40???

  12. Delta Juliet says:

    Geez Lousie. If I can manage to support my two kids (at a very average paying administrative job) I’m pretty sure she can afford THREE!

    Good for her.

  13. spinner says:

    Good for her & she adopted domestically. I truly hope this perks up her other daughters & best of luck to all involved.

  14. Delta Juliet says:

    If I was on my game I would have said “Geez Eloise” :D

  15. gee says:

    @ladybert, how do you know she hasn’t been working on this for years? And money for lawyers to expidite goes a long way. We don’t know any specifics. She could have had a private adoption where she knew the child’s biological parents and there was no wait involved. There is a lot more to this story that really isn’t public information.

    Also, good for her. I like her enough. She seems like she pulled it all together for her kids.

  16. 4Real says:

    Now that’s 40! YOU GO GIRL!

  17. Blue says:

    lol i love how people are acting like she’s flat broke. her child support checks monthly probably add up to some people’s yearly salary. These women get large checks and i honestly can’t figure out how you could spend that amount of money in a month. Maybe because i’m cheap and think spending a few hundred dollars on 3 pieces of clothes is ridiculous. Anyway she probably spends some and puts away the rest. plus she get’s royalties for the work she has done.

  18. Wresa says:

    I always knew she was the sane one in the Charlie Sheen situation. I think this is great, for her, her daughters and the baby. Congrats!

  19. lilibet1 says:

    I think that this is a nice story, she’s not done anything but shield her girls from their crazy father these last few months and has kept a pretty dignified silence throughout his outbursts.

    Also, without being picky, Eloise wasn’t her Mum’s name (as this posts title suggests), it was Joni (the babies middle name) that was Denise’s Mum’s name.

  20. Meaux says:

    Maja: You think that a wash-up former hooker with a dangerously explosive ex-husband is the best choice as an adoptive mom? Please.

  21. REALIST says:

    We know she loves kids and animals. I think she has a good heart. As far as making a living, outside Los Angeles and all the glam and hoo-hah, once she parts with some of the lifestyle requirements THERE (vs. everyplace else), she’ll be just fine.
    I’m a single mom with no child support (WA State has a really bizarre child support structure) trying to make it with two boys in Seattle (very expensive cost of living vs my home state of Seattle, but stuck here because of their dad-we “co-parent”), so I’m pulling for her.
    I decided to make a career change around the divorce-BAD TIMING. I hope if Denise decides to branch out, she makes better choices.

  22. Mauibound says:

    Im pretty sure she gets a payment for every episode of three and a half men. Now that its in syndication, denise should be rolling in big time dough! Good for her!

  23. serena says:

    Oh this is a good news, I’m happy for her. Hope all the best.

  24. Justaposter says:

    She is really active in the fight to cure Kidney Cancer. And for that I am thankful, being a *knock wood* almost a 3 year survivor.

  25. tiredofrumers says:

    good for her. love the name– uncommon without being wacky, timeless and not trendy. bravo.

  26. lucy2 says:

    I used to think she was a lot like Charlie, but I’m starting to think being with him and seeing how bad he really was woke her up and made her turn her life around. I hope so anyway, and congrats to her and the girls on the new baby. I would guess private adoption, but who knows.

    There’s no way she’s not rolling in cash – she was getting child support for YEARS when Charlie was making huge money, and she doesn’t seem to live a super-flashy life. Hopefully she was smart and saved up, knowing he could drop dead or get fired at any moment.

  27. courtney says:

    Oh please celebs adopting kids isn’t a new thing 2 of singer Nat King Coles 5 children were adopted and that was in the 50′s correct him and his widow Maria adopted their Niece Carole and a boy Nate before they had their twin daughters Casey & Timolin in September 1961. of course she gets residuals everytime one of her movies is shown all members of the Screen Actors Guild {SAG} do. for example Sophia Loren still gets residules when Two Women is shown on television though she did win an academy award for that particular film same goes for Joanne Woodward with The Three Faces Of Eve and when either of tem die those residules go to their children and grandchildren

  28. All kidding aside,adoption is a beautiful thing.There will be one less little girl having to grow up in the system.What a lucky little girl.Best wishes!

  29. Maja says:

    Meaux – she is NOT a hooker. Her ex-husband will have NO contact with this child. What’s your problem?

    I think she is a wonderful, caring, down-to-earth mother. If she’s been qualified as an adoptive mother, then I’m sure the officials are confident that she’s able to provide a stable life to this child.

  30. Kim says:

    I hope it was a baby who needed a home and not one she purchased. There are way to many kids out there needing adoption – it shouldnt be purposely breeding a baby for celebs or anyone to adopt.

    I kind of feel she has enough on her plate combined with having 2 young children but she has money for nannies etc.

  31. Kim says:

    She can be respectful about this and NOT be on next cover of People or other rag with her girls and her new baby.

    I really hope she doesnt use the baby as a media opp.

  32. Violet says:


    Denise Richards is rumored to be a former prostitute, who had the lack of judgment to marry and breed with one of Heidi Fleiss’ best customers. She put her kids on reality TV, which not exactly a sign of a caring and responsible parent. Plus I still remember how her friend Heather Locklear confided to Denise about problems in her marriage, and Denise promptly had an affair with Heather’s husband.

    And aren’t there photos of Denise doing coke on a public beach?

    It must’ve been a private adoption where she shelled out a lot of money to buy the kid, because there’s no way she would’ve passed the conventional screening process.

  33. TG says:

    How did she pass the home inspection? I remember watching her reality show and her dogs and other farm animals were pooping and peeing everywhere in the house. That is so unsanitary.

  34. Devon says:

    I think she’s an idiot but she does really seem to love her daughters and being a mum. I absolutely love Eloise. It’s on my list when (and if) my husband and I have a daughter.

  35. OtherChris says:

    I’m very pro-adoption and I have nothing against her, but the truth is, a healthy baby born in this country is not going to end up in an orphanage if the bio mom is willing to give it up. There are thousands of couples willing to give a baby a stable home, she just had more money than they did. Talk to any normal, middle-class couple who’s spent years waiting to do a domestic adoption.

    She didn’t “save” a baby from anything. I just hope she’s as stable as she appears.

  36. jane16 says:

    I know Denise, and while I don’t hold her up as any kind of moral authority (don’t like what she did to Heather, whom I also have known since childhood) she is a good mom, and a nice person. She is very pretty also, in person. A lot of celebs look like totally different people when you see them.

  37. Aqua says:

    Their is a saying “A little bit of humility can go a long way”

    Too bad she didn’t have any.

  38. Blue says:

    If she went the regular adoption route, she probably cleaned up her act. People are trying to condemn her for things she did in her past.

  39. Sloane Wyatt says:

    #@Meaux Not everyone has a squeaky clean past. What matters is what you are as a person now. I thank God that as long as you are alive you have the chance to grow and change.

    Denise WAS sketchy, but she seems to have grown past her mistakes and developed into a nurturing person. She has demonstrated a generosity of spirit by offering to foster their boys during Charlie and Brook’s harrowing addictions spiraling out of control and those precious twin sons caught up in the middle of it all. She seems to put the welfare of children first, and that’s exactly what kids need.

    So yeah, IMO Denise has love and experience to offer her 3rd daughter.

    Congratulations, Denise, on the newest addition to your family.

  40. Aqua says:

    Please ignore my above comment,I wrote that comment on the wrong thread!

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  41. Maritza says:

    Every time a celebrity adopts a child is great news to me, it’s wonderful that the kid will have a great loving family. I like Denise and her dad is sweet.

  42. Craven Morehead says:

    She jumped in the sack with some heavy metal junkies covered with tattoos and horrible body oder. The kids look like they are unhappy with mommy and daddys choices.

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