Linnocent is being sued for $90K for not paying her limo bill


I didn’t get a chance to mention this on the last Linnocent post, but did you hear that the Cracken is being sued? Again. This time, she hasn’t paid her limo bill. She changed more than $90,000 with Elite Transportation, and she hasn’t paid a dime on it. Incidentally, that’s almost the EXACT amount Linnocent paid for her new Porsche! Shocking, I know.

Lindsay Lohan is being sued for not paying her limo bill … but here’s the fun part. She racked up a $90,000 bill!

Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services claims Lindsay rode with them from February 2009 to May 2009. Elite claims Lindsay also booked limos for her friends and family. Some of the payments show a $6,000 an hour rate, which also includes security.

As for payments … well, Elite says she pulled a Lindsay. And with penalties and late charges, the $33,978 bill has now swelled to $90,585.79.

That’s how she rolls.

[From TMZ]

$6000 an hour, even with security, sounds really, really steep. I mean, I bet Linnocent doesn’t even charge that much for her hourly services. Still, my default position is “Linnocent is in the wrong” so I’m willing to buy the limo company’s charge. The Cracken really needs to work on paying her bills regularly, especially if she’s going to spend so much time crying poverty in between Porsche shopping sprees and shopping in boutiques.

Speaking of Linnocent NOT making that money, Radar has a report today about her still-tenuous association with that Gotti film:

The John Gotti biopic starring John Travolta and Al Pacino is still a go, despite stories that circulated last week saying the project was dead due to financial problems, is exclusively reporting.

“The Gotti film is very much moving forward and we are still expecting a late 2012 theatrical release,” Steve Honig, publicist for Fiore Productions, tells (Fiore Productions is producing the movie).

As previously reported, Pesci, 68, filed a lawsuit against Fiore Films in July, claiming he had gained 30 pounds for the role of Angelo Ruggiero, considered to be one of Gotti’s closest confidantes and one of the film’s most important characters. His suit alleges that the producers then told him they wanted him for a lesser role, at one-third of his original $3 million salary.

Marc Fiore, CEO of Fiore Films, extended an olive branch to Pesci last week, “For the record, I am extremely fond of Joe, I think he is a terrific actor and very much want him to be in the Gotti movie. It’s unfortunate we have become embroiled in a lawsuit, however I am hopeful that we will resolve our differences and Joe will accept an offer from us to be in the film.”

“Everyone is still attached to the film. I am not commenting on anything to do with financing though,” Honig tells However, Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t officially signed her contract.

Filming is scheduled to begin in New York City in January 2012.

[From Radar]

When is Linnocent’s next court date? It’s soon, right? Like, in another week or two… let me look it up… it’s next Monday. Oh, that should special. As far as I know, Linnocent still has, like, 95% of her community service hours left to do, and she’s been flying all over Europe and New York, partying her ass off. And when the judge tries to say something about it, Linnocent will cry crack tears and claim that she’s just got to WORK on the Gotti film, and that’s why she hasn’t done the community service. And Dawn will roll her eyes and the judge will laugh and then everybody will go home and do some lines to celebrate.


Oh, here are some just-released photos of Linnocent going on a “shopping spree” at the Chanel store in Paris:



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ladybert62 says:

    Can’t wait for next Monday!!

  2. Shay says:



  3. à La Rive says:

    In my naive state, I always doubted when people would casually throw about the fact that she was whoring herself out. But seeing her come out of Chanel and having bought herself a brand new Porsche, and the fact that she hasn’t worked since 2007(?), it might be time to take the rose glasses off. How sad.

  4. MacScore says:

    Maybe she should just do a trade and give the limo company “her” new Panamera….?

    Tasteful outfit for shopping at Chanel in Paris. WTF.

    Seriously – a week till court date. Hope someone’s chillin’ the Cracktinis. Make mine a double please.

  5. dorothy says:

    Wonder if her “John” will show up at the court date with her?

  6. Kaboom says:

    The idea of rendering services to Lohan should be considered a complete write-off from the start. It is such a subprime business proposition that a suit should be laughed out of court.

  7. Kaye says:

    “The Cracken.” Kaiser, you’re a hoot!

  8. Diane says:

    Why would any company take her business? It’s not like she’s the type of role model that people would envy and, therefore, aspire to buy their products. If I were Chanel, I’d ask her to go out the back door.

  9. Tierra says:

    OMG@that top pic.
    Not sure which is worse, her hideous fish lips, protruding and insanely obvious fake cheeks stuffed with fillers, sagging boobs and sagging gut flesh thats busting out of the sides of her dress, or her ugly spray tanned discolored freckles.
    This thing just needs to go away now.

  10. brin says:

    Just when you think she can’t look any worse, she proves us wrong.

  11. Firecracker says:

    Monday should be non-interesting as usual, except for the party on here! Can’t wait. The judge will just give her a stern look and then they’ll go do lines in her office, like Kaiser said in another article.

  12. Madisyn says:


    Its NOT Monday, its Wednesday Oct. 19th. I can’t believe your getting your FALSE info from ROL.

    *Waving at brin*

  13. Madisyn says:


    Have a DOUBLE cracktini now, *passing*, why wait till the hearing come Wednesday?

  14. Quest says:

    LL is looking like an old hag, not her age at all. You buy yourself a new car and don’t even pay your limo bills…halarious

  15. Amanda says:

    Oh my, she just keeps digging herself into a hole. Good luck to her lol

  16. G says:

    Apparently, the tabloids are how all her creditors now send Lindsay their invoices.

    Stary tuned for Honig et al cleaning up this mess by haughtily citing some acccounting error and dissing Elite for trying to get famous off Lohan.

    10, 9, 8,……..

  17. brin says:

    Hey Madisyn! Crackie never fails to entertain us!

  18. imabrat says:

    Good heavens, she is just plain gross.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    Hi to the Usual Suspects! Cracktinis all around!

    What I said on the other Linnocent post.

    And she should really have orange cones and caution tape surrounding her. She is absolutely the definition of a walking disaster.

  20. ShanKat says:

    Move that lawsuit. I’m Lindsay Lohan.

  21. Boo says:

    Six grand an hour sounds steep, but if she contracted for it and agreed to the price, then she owes that bloody money. And let’s face it–if LiHo charges $10 an hour for her own “services,” we all know that is way overpriced, but if some dimwit is hard up enough to agree to it, well, then, that’s capitalism in action. If it’s good for the duck lips, it’s good for the gander.

  22. Madisyn says:

    Nothin says “I can’t afford therapy, I’m broke” like pulling up in a 80,000. dollar Porsche.

    Just like her last court hearing in July. I noted she pulled up with a personal assistant, in an expensive SUV, driven by a chauffeur, in $1200 Louboutins, with lips perfectly DUCKED out, hair freshly bleached, in designer clothes.

    Expect nothing less come Oct. 19th. Yeah, screams ‘BROKE’, doesn’t it?

  23. bluhare says:

    Oh boy!!! The crackonuts are fermenting early so the crackonut cake should be Court Date Worthy.

    PS And what kind of moron lets a bill go so long, the interest/late fees are double the actual bill??

  24. Kimbob says:

    It’s disappointing for sure, but as predicted, yeah…they’ll all leave court to do some blow. Sounds about right.

    I sure hope SOMEONE brings up the fact about the “discrepancy” that Crackie stated she couldn’t afford the psychological services, yet she just bought a Porsche.

  25. Nanea says:

    Court date on the 19th?

    I guess I’ll have to do some serious shopping and cooking then next weekend, for crackburgers and crack d’oeuvres and getting stuff to make champagne cracktails with.

    I’d like to see someone take her passport away, triple her hours of community service, and make sure she actually complies.

    No sense in having her locked up, as the prison sentence ends up costing the tax payer money and would enable Dina to make a martyr of her poor wronged daughter.

  26. serena says:

    What a crack lying face. Disgusting.

  27. whome says:

    what the hell is that on her dress in the first pic…( the black dress) is that coke or a “love stain”

  28. Lady D says:

    I think I would be mortified if I went shopping in Chanel’s flagship store dressed like that.

  29. Gal says:

    She won’t have to pay her limo bill, she won’t get in trouble for not doing the community service, she’ll wreck her car and blame the paps, she’ll get drunk and fall down…..

  30. flourpot says:

    So what happens if she gets to court and she’s only done 5-10% of her mandated whatever? Oh, that’s right. I remember.


  31. G says:

    I think she was hanging around Chanel because Lagerfeld once said something complementary about her in the dim past. She’s trying to associate herself with the brand in that oozy tabloidy way of hers when she has her sights on a gig.

  32. lucy2 says:

    Top photo is scary.
    Another lawsuit, cue Delusional Dina “she’s just a child! stop picking on her!”
    Can’t believe her court date is so soon, I hope they lock her up for good but I know she’ll just get another slab on the wrist.
    I doubt she paid for that Porsche in full, she’s a pro Crack Hustler.

  33. Denise says:

    You have it right, Kaiser. These court dates are a waste of tax payer money and time. The judge is a joke; Crackie will get a stern talking too and then everyone will have some coke to celebrate. The justice system in CA for celebrities is an effing joke.

  34. Firecracker says:

    thanks for the update on the court date, I’m getting excited. For nothing, lol!

    Good point, I hope they take away her passport.

  35. Madisyn says:


    “Move that lawsuit. I’m Lindsay Lohan”.



    CB has it wrong. Its not the 17th but THE 19TH. Remember she has the ‘therapy’ to answer for. Thats what I’m hangin my hat on.


  36. Semper says:

    Anyone who gives a crackwhore $90,000 in company credit gets what they deserve. She has a record of not paying her bills/stealing and they chose not to demand payment up front. Sorry, but that was just stupid on their part.

    And everyone in the ‘nothing will happen to her’ camp is exactly right. She’ll get a stern talkin’ to, a slap on the wrist and dime bag to smoke on the way home for her trouble. She could punch her lawyer in the face during the hearing and only get probation.

  37. Nanz says:

    Since I don’t drink, I’m going to be making crackshakes. You all are welcome to join me. I think she has until next year to actually complete the comm. service, right? so that will be her excuse…’but I have until next year, Judge, and I’m so busy blah blah snort.’

  38. G says:

    Nothing can happen to her?

    Unfortunately she seems not to have noticed what HAS happened to her. She’s a non SAG, uninsurable, practically unemployable social pariah that looks twice her age and has a bunch unresolved legal and financial issues following her wherever she goes.

  39. Firecracker says:

    Yes, cracktini please!

    Thanx for clearing up the date because I would’ve tuned in on Monday looking for it. I really hope that she’s gonna bring up the “I don’t have the money” lie again, so the judge can order a financial review…and then have her immediately realize that she does have the money.

  40. LeeLoo says:

    Can the judge court order her to a mental hospital? Rehab hasn’t done any good and I doubt a psychiatric facility will do a lot better but I just want to see her thrown into a room and be forced to face the damage she has done to herself and others. Plus, I have a theory that she will never get clean from drugs unless she deals with whatever mental health issues she has.

  41. Ruby Red Lips says:

    God if the judge lets her off on any of this stuff, including believing that Linnocent is being forced to ‘work’ her way around Europe so she hasnt been able to do her CS, and yet buys a f’ing porsche whilst owing the same amount I may just have to go and do some lines in some strange millionaires bathroom window myself!!!!!!! Grhhhhh!!! FFS!!

    *Pass the cracktini’s ladies* the crackmopolitans aren’t doing it for me tonight!!!

  42. Madisyn says:

    Ruby Red

    You can have as many ‘cracktini’s’ as you want. Its been over 15 years, but I’ll do a line with you.

  43. G says:

    Sorry to say this, but there’s no legal penalty for being self entitled deluded brat.

    She’s got a year to do her CS. She probably won’t even have to appear, if she’s got a doctor willing to say she’s currently being counselled. Sigh.

  44. Madisyn says:


    Bite your tongue. This twit is going to PAY, one way or the other. I like Bess’ suggestion, lets slap a SCRAM and do random drug testing. That will wipe that smirk right off her face!

  45. OhMyMy says:

    She doesn’t have a year to do her CS. She HAD a year to do her CS. Now she has six months left. Good luck with that given her lack of focus.

    Time passes….what a shock.

  46. G says:

    You’re right, a lot of wasted time has gone by. But I still maintain that the penalty she will suffer socially and professionally for not banging it off will be worse and more long lived that any jail/scram/therapy, ever.

  47. echolocate says:

    I suspect she’s dragging out signing the Gotti contract because doing so would commit her to take an insurance physical/drug tests.

    She’s probably calculating whether the pay and notoriety for the lesser Gotti part outweighs the money she’s making from her current sketchy activities. Or she’s waiting until the very last moment so she can party as long as possible.

  48. the original bellaluna says:

    Nope, sorry ladies. Nothing’s going to work until she kills someone or herself.

    She IS that far gone.

    LeeLoo – Yes. It’s called a 5150 Mental Health Hold here in Cali. Same thing Britney went in for after she held her son hostage in a bathtub.

    Ruby Red – Judge Snow-Jobbed CLAIMED she wouldn’t accept “work” as an excuse for not completing said CS. BUT I don’t believe anything was said about not accepting “work” as an excuse for not doing her “therapy.” *crosses fingers “pleaseGodpleaseGodPLEASE! Don’t let her allow therapy excuses too”*

    And Blohan only has until April to complete said CS. (The “year” clock started in April of this year, when the sentence was passed.)

    All 360 hours at the (poor, poor) women’s center and 120 at morgue. (I’ll say it again: she’s not doing the women’s center CS so she can avoid – she HOPES – doing the morgue CS. It’s Blohanesque. And she’s never suffered any serious repercussions for her actions anyway…why would this be any different?)

    A cracktini, please, and make it a double: my anal BIL is coming to visit today.

    ps – The reason she’s dawdling on signing onto Gotti is because A) it gets both her AND the movie more press and B) she probably knows she’ll be in jail at the time it’s filming. (Wouldn’t want to end up being sued for Breach of Contract, too, now would we?) ;)

  49. Bess says:


    Linnocent has already been in a mental hospital- UCLA Neuro Psychiatric Center.

    I’m hoping the judge sticks with her original statement that Linnocent isn’t getting 5 extra minutes to do the community service.

    I am still for the judge ordering drug and alcohol testing again and mandating that she has to do a certain amount of CS per week and see her therapist at least 1 time per week. That will clip her wings a bit.

    Someone said that LL wouldn’t even have to show up at this hearing. After all of her shenanigans in NYC, Milan and Paris, wouldn’t you think the judge would want to see her?

  50. OhMyMy says:

    @original bellaluna: She’s already completed a round of CS at the morgue. She had to do it back when she got out of the Cirque Lodge place in Utah what was it back in 2007? She was supposed to be doing the La Ritana (whatever it disappeared off her IMDB long ago) movie at the time.

    I don’t put anything past her in avoiding it but it’s nothing new for her.

    At this point you practically need a chart to keep track of what she’s done.

  51. Bess says:


    Per your response to my question on the previous post, I was talking about Vikram paying her insurance for the Gotti movie.

    Agree that Blohan is unbelievably toxic right now, but there’s got to be some reason Fiore/Hoenig is still saying that she’s under negotiations to do the film

  52. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Madisyn, lol! May be meeting u in the bathroom for those lines after Monday!! ;)

    @ Bellaluna, *keeping my toes & fingers crossed too*

    Pls let there just be a little tiny bit of justice in Linnocent land…dont think my liver can handle the repecussions if she gets off …again!!!

    @ Bess, I really hope thats cr*p, such a joke if Linnocent isnt even made to face the judge!

    *downing a pitcher full of cracktini*

  53. SolitaryAngel says:

    Ok girls–I’m bringing my special Crack Forest cake & a big bowl of crackaroni & cheese! Do cracktinis have Ever Clear in them? If they don’t, they should!!

  54. Innocent says:

    Lindsay has been in therapy since August after Judge Sautner threatened to revoke her probation. The financial issues were just an excuse to avoid punishment for delaying it and it worked. :D

    The possibility of that happening is NIL.
    Lindsay’s DUI probation expires on November 11th and this is the main reason why she would have been subject to testing.

    @Ruby Red Lips
    No the Judge specifically ordered her to appear so she must attend.

  55. Katie says:

    Anytime I don’t feel pretty, I just come here and look at pictures of LiLo. She looks so god-awful!

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    OhMyMy – She may have, but she was ordered to do her 360 hours of CS at the women’s shelter first, followed by an additional 120 hours at the morgue. (In April of this year, for this last violation. So whatever she was SUPPOSED to do in 2007 doesn’t count towards this particular sentence.)

    Solitary Angel – I LOVE crack-n-cheese! We could always add Ever-Clear (hell, why not?) but here in Cali it’s only 120 proof. Anything higher is illegal. And since we’re not all “Move that hooch, I’m Lindsay Lohan!” we would get in actual trouble. Someone out-of-state will have to smuggle it in, and nowhere gross, please! :)

    Bess – Like I said, publicity.

    Innocent – I’ll believe she’s been “in therapy” when I hear it sworn before the court under penalty of perjury by a REPUTABLE MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, not some touch-feely hack. (No offence to touchy-feely hacks – I know we all have our place.)

  57. OhMyMy says:

    Oh I know the previous morgue CS hours done in 2007 don’t count towards the additional ones she has to do now. HA! I’m just saying this is not her first time to the fair and she’s not a “morgue virgin”.

    She’ll never get caught up will she?

  58. G says:

    Well, if she has to appears, she’ll be there with a note from a touchy feely BS therapist, tales of all the business meetings she’s been attending in NY and Milan and her high horse act.

    She’ll throw in how she loves working with at the women’s shelter and has soooo missed them.

  59. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Ok Thanks for clearing that up @ Innocent. Not sure how u know all the specific details up but guess I never willl…

    @ SolitaryAngel, Crack forest cake is my fave :)

    Night ladies *waves*, cu at the party on Mon if not b4!!!

  60. Innocent says:

    @Ruby Red Lips
    Judge Sautner said it at the last court hearing. Next Wednesday 10am ;)

  61. becky says:

    i wanted to get those sunglasses, but i refuse to walk around in anything she wears

  62. Bess says:

    LL looked bloated, wasted & high throughout her NYC, Milan& Paris trips. Why wouldn’t the judge order the testing if it’s clear she’s using again,

    Also how many hours of CS has she done in total since April?

  63. Cherry Rose says:

    @Innocent – So you find lying to be acceptable? And I’m quite sure when Lindsay inevitably kills someone because of her own stupidity, you will be saying that the other person was in the wrong, and thus their death was deserved or some shit like that.

  64. G says:

    The judge won’t order testing because she’s done her rehab for her DUI conviction. If she’s still using it’s not a criminal matter any more.

  65. the original bellaluna says:

    Bess, I believe the Linnocent-quoted “A TON” is at 34 hours…38, max.

    So, for the benefit of those who missed it earlier, I will go back to the Crackmetic I cited on earlier posts:

    So, when was her last court date again? Because at the rate she’s going (12 hours of CS per MONTH) Linnocent’s not going to have all those hours done by April of 2012. Hell, maybe not even by April of 2013. Or 2014.

    In fact, here’s a little crackmatic for everyone: 12 hours x 12 months = 144 hours CS served per YEAR. 460 hours of CS (court ordered) – 45 (amount currently served) = 415 hours to go. 415 hours / 144 hours per year = 2.88 something.

    So Linnocent should be finished serving her Court Ordered CS around…summer (mid) 2014. Which is a little over 2 YEARS too late.

    (And even that figure is wrong, because it’s a total of 480 to be served.)

  66. Boo says:

    If she is still on probation for the DUI and the judge or PO (whom she never has to see, apparently, despite still being on FORMAL probation until November, per Nicole the Authority) suspect she is using, they have every right to test and or monitor her. It is not legal to use illegal drugs (hence the term, ILLEGAL drugs), and to say she is welcome to use them because she already attended rehab for that DUI is crazy. Sorry, G., but that doesn’t make sense. She was tested in other instances after rehab…and I can only hope this judge sees the lack of compliance and cracks down (heh) on her big time. Hell, if there was nothing the judge could do, why bother having a progress hearing in the first place?

    I know. I am so naive. I wasn’t raised by the Crackparents to understand that the laws don’t apply to me or that the worst they can do to me (48 hours in lockup) isn’t as bad as what they want me to do in the first place (CS).

  67. Firecracker says:

    Cherry Rose, glad you got my point way back on post #40, Blohan was lying about not being able to afford it, and the judge called her bluff! She probably figured that the judge would just say, oh ok, you can’t afford therapy so you don’t need to do it.

    *waves to bellaluna and ruby

  68. Seal Team 6 says:

    Linnocent has already had a psych eval — about a year ago. She isn’t mentally ill, she has personality disorders (ie is a cracked out sociopath).

    Her prior stint at the morgue wasn’t CS per se, it was more like a “Scared Straight” program.

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    Firecracker – *waves back, toasts with cracktini*

    Seal Team – Now, see? You are so much more kind than me. I’d have said she’s just an entitled, self-absorbed, cracked-out crack-head. (And she needs to be confirming the weight of the organs and cleaning up the “aftermath” for it to be a “scared straight” program.)

    (Is “cracked out sociopath” a diagnosis? Because I’m willing to bet the vodka vat [sorry, Mad - but you know I'd never bet the vat on a losing hand] it’s not.)

  70. Innocent says:

    No she is on formal probation until she finshes(LOL) her CS. However her DUI probation for which the testing for “controlled substances” only applied until February 25th expires on November 11th.
    She will never get testing for misdemeanor grand theft and it was illegal for the probation department to test her in June.

    Obviously Barbara Parker is determined to get her in jail on a VOP so Lindsay probably keeps the contact to a minimum and Shawn handles everything.

  71. Boo says:

    Innocent, though testing is not now in effect, it could be reinstated. The judge could order it. She has chosen not to do so yet, but it is within her power to do so if she is still on DUI probation.

    And maybe her PO is trying to protect the rest of the community by insisting that LiHo actually obey the probation conditions, conditions set in place by the judge to help LiHo show that she can be a well-behaved, productive citizen. That is Barbara Parker’s job–see, she has a REAL job, with real hours and real rules and superiors to answer to and everything. So far, LiHo has not shown she can ever follow the rules –you said yourself she lied to get out of therapy, you yourself acknowledge she won’t finish her court-ordered CS–so to point the finger at Barbara Parker as being “out to get Lindsay” is really a little bit crazy, don’t you see?

  72. Lucky Charm says:

    @ the original bellaluna – We can only get the 151 proof Everclear here in WA, but I can take a quick trip to OR where the 191 is legal. I can’t wait (well, actually, yes I can, lol) for next Wednesday. I’ll make methballs in both my crockpots. Any requests for which kind?

  73. Bess says:


    Do you have any ideas or guesses as to how many hours of community services LL has actually completed?

  74. the original bellaluna says:

    Lucky Charm – Oooh, what are my options? I’m open to anything, but I ADORE Swedish meatballs (methballs) and anything with fruit! (And what is up with not being able to buy a bottle of red wine for your pasta sauce after 6?)

    And you know I’ll be there with my extra-special vodka melon balls on!! They are marinating as we speak (type)! Some things just can’t be rushed. ;)

    Mad, my twin, are you there? I’m feeling a little “all by my lonesome” in the vodka vat…

  75. anne_000 says:

    Elite Transportation also does private plane charters, so the high tab could have easily accumulated from using that part of their service. It could be that she used their limo service to get to the airport, then used their charter plane service to fly to Europe & then been provided a bodyguard once she got there.

  76. Lucky Charm says:

    @ TOB – any kind of meat (meth)balls you want! I can fix up to three kinds (I don’t have any more pots to put them in). Swedish will be on the menu just for you! You can’t buy wine after 6 pm?! The horror! We can buy it in grocery stores until 2 am here.

    Does anyone know how to make a crackarita with a coke coated rim? And to whomever wanted alcohol free drinks (sorry, I can’t remember your SN & am too lazy to read through the comments again to find it) I have a great recipe for Swiss chocolate milk. (It’s actually really good with Bailey’s, too, for those who are interested.)

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    Lucky Charm – Oh, Swedish, darling, definitely! No, we can buy here (in SOME places in Cali) until 1:59 and at 6:01.

    But when I visited WA & OR, I was told “no go” after 6 on a Saturday night!

  78. Addie says:

    HATE the fact that she wears Chanel!
    That is my go to lable and is usually very elegant and classy.

    Now Linnocent is trying to cheapen it.
    This cannot happen!

  79. Green_Eyes says:

    She’s just so old and nasty looking.

    White stains on dress in photo number 2, did Linnocent pull a Lowinski?.. Lol. Did anyone else notice? yUCK!

  80. lulu says:

    Her face looks distorted in the first photo. Awful.

  81. Boo says:

    Has anyone seen any photographic evidence that she is, in fact, back in the country? We heard she bought a car, and we heard about the limolawsuit, but have there been any photos? I find it hard to believe she’s been back in LA all this time and has not been papped even one time. Thoughts, anyone?

  82. Bess says:


    Here’s a photo of Linnocent out for dinner last night in LA. That’s it so far.

  83. SolitaryAngel says:

    Yes, yes–Swedish methballs for sure!! I don’t drink very often, but I swear this trick makes me want to bathe in the vodka vat.
    Can’t wait for the party!! :)

  84. Boo says:

    Thanks, Bess! She is looking bloaty and dirty, as usual. But why bathe, just because you’re going out to dinner in Beverly Hills? If I’m not showering for Chanel in Paris, I’m sure as shit not showering for THIS!

  85. Bobby says:

    This is just an obvious attempt by the limousine company to scam Lindsay out of more money than she owed. Poor girl, I hope she wins.

  86. Madisyn says:

    My twin

    I’m here, just took a little nappy yesterday. Someone had one too many cracktails. Suppose to be 99 degree’s in the Valley today and tomorrow. A good day for a dip in the ‘pool’

    I’m with Boo. Testing certainly can be reinstated if the judge so wishes. She can do just about anything she wants. Last count, 33 hours was recorded and I’m going on record for 34 hours. This twit has been photographed ONE time after house arrest, with empty muffin box to boot. This idiot doesn’t so much as fart without alerting the paps, so for her to be doing her CS and no one noticing, I don’t buy it. I really hope this judge nails her to the wall come next Wednesday. She can’t do diddly about the CS but she certainly can say something about her ‘therapy’. Fingers crossed.

  87. Danielle says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!…just woke up,made maxwel crackhouse coffee,read through these comments,and coffee coming out my nose….well done ladies,im passing crack coffee to everyone.

    OMG…her photos at dinner,holy bloated face,shes like a freakin helium balloon,it just deflates and inflates daily…WTF????

    lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan
    why is kale so hard on the tongue? it’s just not meant to be a ‘food friend’ of mine, no matter how hard i try! :(

  88. the original bellaluna says:

    My twin, then I’ll join you. It’s been cold and windy here, so a dip in the nice cool vat in the heat of your day sounds mighty good.

    I think Judge Snow-Jobbed can re-instate (or enforce) anything she wants, hence the term “judge.”

    I just don’t think the willingness is there. I think the CA “system” is tired of her and her bullshit, and would just as soon toss her in the clink and throw away the key, but SOMEONE is covering her legal fees.

    And therefore, she is allowed the phenomenal bullshit licence she exploits to do whatever the F she wants.

    (Someone, please, put a cracktini in my hand. I just can’t right now with this ho.)

  89. Danielle says:

    *passing a cracktini to the original bellaluna*

  90. mollination says:

    “Shawn” not “Dawn”, yeah?