Beyonce shows off her bump full of pillowy mystery in NYC


Here are some newish photos of Beyonce and her “bump” in NYC a few days ago – she made sure everybody got photos of her huge bump (in heels) after the fake-bump debacle. What can we glean from these photos? As I’ve said before, I think Beyonce is really pregnant. There’s a baby in there, somewhere, underneath the padding. I think you can tell she’s pregnant from her boobs (which look much fuller) and her face, which seems only slightly fuller. What I keep saying, however, is that the bumps don’t match up with the timeline, and they don’t match from day to day. I’m pretty sure this is the same collapsible pillow that we saw in the now-infamous video. I want to show it again!

Same size. As for the rationale behind the padding… I still think it’s just for famewhoring. Because she jumped the gun and debuted her bump at the VMAs before she was really showing, and now she just loves the attention her various-sized pillows bring. I mean, this is the most we’ve talked about her in a while.

Oh, and you know she’s designing a maternity line now, right? She’ll do it for House of Dereon – at least that‘s what she said in Harper‘s Bazaar: “All I see now are clothes that are flattering on a pregnant woman. It’s been so exciting for me! I love figuring out designs that still make me feel edgy and sexy while pregnant. Flowy fabrics are always flattering. But I still rock my stilettos.” See, I do think she’s so excited to be pregnant, she jumped the gun a little bit with her bump debut. But that still doesn’t excuse all of the lies and BS.




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Rita says:

    She’s been “bump-whoring”.

  2. birdie says:

    What a famewhore! Don´t even get me started on the “attention-bump”!
    And a maternity line? Of course.. Every pregnant celebrity feels oh so inspired by their prgenancy that they actually think we care for their maternity style.
    What bugs me the most about Beyonce is that she acts like as if she is the only and first pregnant woman in the world. I always thought she would have more dignity once she is pregnant.

  3. Kimbob says:

    Thanks to that video and the still-frames from such…Ms. B has been BUSTED! I always suspected she was a poser…a fraud. Now there’s photgraphic/video evidence of her grifting.

    Yeah, from this point forward all media should micro-critique her “baby bump” to look for any more flubs.

  4. mel says:

    omg that close up tells it all but was it worth wearing a fake bump only for people to diss her credibility.

  5. Victoria says:

    That bump has a completely different shape from the one on Sunday Night. And that just two weeks ago. I mean really Clown B?

    And what’s up with her bump not starting near her boobs? I’ve never seen that before.

  6. LAK says:

    my mama, who is a huge B fan, just pointed out that must be indeed a pillow in those pics becaus the ‘baby swelling’ isn’t in the right place ie should be closer to her boobies rather than her pelvis. Having never been pregnant myself, i can’t judge, so please ladies enlighten me. My mama says that the baby ‘drops’, whatever that means, in the latter stages so that the ‘baby swelling’ is lower down as demonstrated by Miss B above.

    I am still flumoxed by all this fame whoring by a celebrity of her magnitude. She’s gone from Illuminati secrecy over her private life, to practically giving us birth video!!!!!!

  7. lisa says:

    You are right.. we are seeing her so much more than before. And yes I think she is pregnant. I just don’t understand it. I mean in all seriousness there is not going to be a lot of crazy around this child. It won’t be like a Jolie-Pitt hunt. So I don’t get it. Was she upset that there was not a huge frenzy. I think there will be some focus..mainly to see if that baby looks more like her or Jay. Before the Bump debate the talk had quieted down, now she is going to be followed more as people inspect all the pictures to see real/or not.

    Sought after celebrities don’t need to do this do they.

  8. Guys says:

    Here is a blind item about her fake pregnancy. If true she’s pathetic.

    The Business Of Pregnancy

    There’s a lot of money to be made in pregnancy. If you’re already famous, your public profile skyrockets even higher. You’ve got heat. You get more cover photos, more interview requests, more gossip column inches, more talk show appearances. You can expand your own product lines, as well as shill for products that were previously just out of your childless reach. Because, once you’re seen as a mother, you can add paragon of selflessness and motherhood and traditional family values to your resume. Even if you’re the most vain and selfish human being on the planet.

    Yes, there’s a lot of money to be made in pregnancy. Even if you’re not as pregnant as you’re pretending to be. Even if you’re not pregnant at all.

  9. Julia says:

    What Rita says !

    I love Bey but she is exploiting that pregnancy to the max. Also the traditional pregnancy dresses and loose pants are so much cuter than those mini skirts on pregnant women. She’ll look cuter with those and just a ponytail.

    I’ve read she wants to launch a pregnancy clothing line now. I bet it will be the same ‘ole shorty, tacky, ghettoish, House of Déreon like typical dresses.

  10. islandgirl says:

    Lak, your mama is right. As you advance into your pregnancy, closer to giving birth your stomach drops

  11. Jenny says:

    In the last picture, maybe a hand-wide (gr?) under her boobs you can see a line, where the padding suddenly stopps.
    She is pathetic for sure.

  12. AcornPaste says:

    LAK, I was going to post exactly what you said. Just searching for ‘pregnant belly’ on Google shows you how the swelling starts immediately below the women’s boobies. It’s not the same with Beyonce here.

    Unfortunately I have no idea about your ‘baby drops’ comment…

  13. Sue says:

    Someone needs to tell her that there are other ways to be sexy without dressing in really short clothing doesn’t her look sexy just slutty.

    I agree with the others that she become an attention whore, she always tried to keep her life privet so it’s sad and obvious that she pimping out her pregnancy attention.

  14. elina says:

    so not only does she steal other peoples ideas when it comes to dance routines and videos but she even lies about her freggin bump?!? ugh….im over her…she needs to disappear for a while along with Lady Caca

  15. Launicaangelina says:

    @Jenny, I noticed the same thing! The line is in the front and back. The line on the back was noticeable to me in the first picture. This is freaking pathetic.

  16. Truthful says:

    the girl is pregnant, leave her alone, geesh.

    Even Lainey, The Gossip columnist had to begrudgingly admit she is pregnant all over.

    There was never this much speculation over Nicole Kidman, Travolta’s old wife nor Katie Cruise. smdh.

  17. aurel says:

    oh my…she is pregnant,in all hormonal&not thinking straight.just forgive her :-)

  18. Ogechi says:

    wow Beyonce is such a cutie.

  19. newtsgal says:

    In the 1st. and 4th. pic you can see the strap of the pillow running from the front to the back.
    As for the bigger boobs…..I ain’t buying it, any good pushup bra will do the same thing.

  20. dr.bombay says:

    I agree on the word *pathetic*

  21. says:

    If she didn’t wear such a tight dress, we wouldn’t be able to tell where the padding begins.

  22. Laurie M. says:

    It would be easy for her to prove & put the rumors to rest…how about a belly/bikini shoot. I KNOW she did one awhile back but that looked like nothing more than any woman after a big meal pushing her belly out (and was later photographed on the yacht with a flat stomach).

    Her last record sales were pathetic and this is the most media attention she has had in quite awhile….just when she needed it most.

    If she wants to prove the doubters wrong…she can do it.

  23. hanna says:

    It’s a dress people wear when they’re pregnant, the dress has a padding so that the belly button dont show.

  24. minnie says:

    @ truthful
    She can be pregnant alright, but IMO this is obvious publicity for her music and her maternity line.
    Sad, because she really doesn’t need it.
    Later, when she has the baby, House of Dereon will probably expand to produce clothing for chldren, in the lines of Gwen Stefani.

  25. Amanda says:

    I don’t think it looks like padding in this dress. She has a lot smaller bump than she did in the red dress where she sat and the bump folded over. That was a pretty big bump, and I think it’s obvious from looking at these more recent pics that it was for sure padding.

  26. anonymoose says:

    1. a full womb is not a “bump”

    2. Compound W removes bumps

    3. that is an ugly dress!

    4. if Ms. Bouncy’s hands and arms and face and feet and legs do not swell in the next few months, we’ll all know she’s a very VERY bad liar. And we will be able to see because of her too-tight-ghetto-skank-vegas-hack clothing preferences.

    5. Desperate is as desperate does; nothing new, she’s been looking foolish and desperate for a decade now. It’s all she knows.

  27. Ck says:

    I was skeptical for a bit… But after looking at the pics on Lainey’s site (not reading her comments… I think she’s on some celeb payrolls ::coughblakelivelycough:: …but I digress ;) ) um, yeah, beyonce looks suuuper thick and busty in an early stages of pregnancy way… She’s just being a drama queen with the clothes and pads, but shes full of baby, IMO :)

  28. Cheyenne says:

    @LAK and AcornPaste: LAK, your momma is right. Sometime during your eighth or ninth month (usually the ninth) the baby drops lower down in your pelvis. You can actually feel it pushing down a few inches.

  29. Azurea says:

    I dunno, but the bump in these pictures doesn’t look natural. It looks oddly spread out over the whole of her abdomen, top to bottom, side to side.

  30. hooblie says:

    The baby drops as it prepares for delivery by going lower into your pelvis…hence the shift from the upper abdomen to the bottom. My son dropped a lot and I could feel his head when I sat down towards the last few weeks of pregnancy. That was interesting!

  31. Jamie says:

    This partial denim tragedy is surely a preview of her mother’s House of Dead Wrong maternity line. Beyonce’s star has been waning for years. That’s why her videos have become mostly cheap sound stage productions. She’s making sure that this baby will rake in as much money as other celebrity babies by making the pregnancy a media fiasco. For that reason, I hope it’s a girl that looks just like Jay-Z.

  32. Gina says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Beyonce’s kid is going to look like a monster? Sorry, but with face like Jay-Z it’s inevitable.

  33. Forever says:

    This is clearly a fake belly pls all you die hard stand open your eyes, look where the damn thing starts. She has no choice but to continue the lies. If she did an

  34. Forever says:

    Another bikini shot with a close up then I would believe but she will never go it cos she can’t. She is not pregnant. If she dressed in maternity clothes she wouldn’t have outed herself but no this tramp wanted to dress like a hooker in tight tight clothes and this is her downfall.

  35. observer says:

    I think she probably is pregnant but is padding herself to appear more pregnant for publicity purposes. It’s pathetic. Any normal human being could retire 100 times over on the money she already has, yet she feels the need to pimp out her pregnancy for more money. Some things should be sacred, and pregnancy is one of them.

  36. newtsgal says:

    Another thing… that award show and the bikini shots she was putting it out there….rubbin her bell etc….
    And now that there are rumors, why is carrying things in front and trying to block the view?

  37. mia girl says:

    The bump in these pictures looks like those fake bumps you put on at Pea in the Pod when you are pregnant and buying forward into your pregnancy, i.e. a dress for your baby shower.

    It is about the least natural looking thing, but when you try it on you think somehow you are going to look “cute” and have a perfect little belly when you get bigger – just like the fake bump. Then as you actually get bigger, you realize that an actual pregnant belly is not a football and in reality starts from underneath your breast and is much wider than the fake little bump. The dress you bought at 4 months with the fake football bump now makes you look like a whale or house because you have an “actual” pregnant belly.

    I do think Beyonce is pregnant – You can’t see it in these pictures but in others I saw her legs/knees are already getting bigger/swollen. Hate to sound cynical, but my guess is that when the actual belly appears, we won’t be seeing too much of her anymore – she just won’t want that image of her out there… there might even be a “bed rest” situation. In the meantime, she will parade around in this belly making us think this is how she carried.

    There are women who do have very small cute pregnant bellies. I was not one of them and Beyonce will not be either.

  38. MissVJJ says:

    I wonder if Beyonce thinks the baby will be born with a blonde weave?

  39. Dodo says:

    You’re all ridiculous!! Google images of a 5 month pregnant belly and see that there are NO bellys that start below the boobs. Most look exactly the same size as Beyonce’s.

  40. Lucky Charm says:

    Re: the baby “dropping”. As you get closer to your due date, the baby moves down towards the birth canal, or “drops”. The bump is higher up during pregnancy, so when it gets low you know the baby will be born soon. She’s obviously not close to her due date so her bump should be higher.

    ETA, unless she’s six feet tall and wasn’t really showing. Then I could see her trying to pad her belly to look more pregnant. I was six months pregnant with my first and barely had a bump, most people couldn’t even tell. I was disappointed because I was so excited about the pregnancy, but didn’t look like I thought a pregnant woman should. No such disappointment with my second, lol!

  41. Isa says:

    My belly never started at my boobies. Your uterus is low and it grows with the baby. By around 20 weeks your uterus should be around your bellybutton. Some women do carry high, but others especially with a longer torse carry low.
    Eventually your baby grows large enough to be right under your rib cage. That’s in the last few months.
    Your baby starts to drop in the last few weeks typically. Sometimes it doesn’t happen until right before labor.

    January Jones is a good example of carrying low. Remember her in that purple shirt and white pants?

  42. yes please says:

    errm ive just given birth two weeks ago and my bump still looks more real than beyonces. why will her stans not see whats in thier face.. this is a fake belly…. real bellies dont fold in half.. she can lay this to rest by doing another beach shot this time real close up but i dont think she can ever do that.. the same woman who has been trying to pass off fake hair for 15 years as hers, stealing music and saying she wrote it, fake fake fake sorry stans…

  43. Cheyenne says:

    That doesn’t look like any baby bump I ever saw, and I’ve seen hundreds in my lifetime. But it does look suspiciously like a pillow bump.

  44. Lithe says:

    @Isa wrote: “My belly never started at my boobies. Your uterus is low and it grows with the baby. By around 20 weeks your uterus should be around your bellybutton. Some women do carry high, but others especially with a longer torse carry low. Eventually your baby grows large enough to be right under your rib cage.”

    I completely agree! But having said that, I simply can’t figure Pregnance (tm Jezebel) out. Why is she so desperate for a big bump right away? Having a big bump so early in your pregnancy is not consistent with being as fit as Pregnance has to be in order to dance the way she does. Those abs should be strong enough to keep her tummy flat till much further into her pregnancy.

    And as for her clothes, am I imagining that she’s dressing trashier than before she announced her pregnancy? If what she’s wearing in these photos is any indication, the maternity clothing line she’s working on will be something to behold. (snerk).

  45. Britt says:

    She has her boobs pushed up so people would assume she is pregnant. She is dressing VERY trashy for someone who says they will be a mother soon.

  46. Britt says:

    I do agree, that she is pimping this “pregnancy.” This is the same person that says she likes privacy, now she is EVERYWHERE.

  47. Quest says:

    Bey should just embrace the pregnancy and take the time to get her real bump by just enjoying the time. Don’t know why she needs to bring all that attention and lie about her pregnancy for attention, it’s not classy at all.

  48. Callumna says:

    Pregnancy is not a lifestyle, how bizarre. Start enjoying the creation and thinking about the child’s future instead of your stilettos and going out every single day and night to be photographed.

    Has she been outright stealing choreography and songs from better artists, and famewhoring all along?

    Or is the slide to the D-list freaking a fame ho out?

  49. honeybunz says:

    Naw im still on the surrogate boat!! To me this bump is smaller than the one in the vid that collapsed….and imo the 1st and 5th pics where shes sideways i see bulging in the sides slightly toward the back….if it were her real stomach why would the be a bumpy bulge….its not her fat side cuz she very slim right above her belly…its weird it looks like she has a strap on **belly not other kind** lol and the dress naturally hugs her flat tummy on top but then just pushes out on the rest of her belly like its not smooth otherwise the top of her belly would flow gradually getting bigger there wouldnt be flat then almost out of nowhere big….i dont know if im explaining it right….does anyone see what im saying?? Lol ill find a pic of a pregnant woman and link it and see if that helps….lol

  50. sandra says:

    Who cares about any of them, really?

  51. beth says:

    i bet she isn’t pregnant at all…she’s going to pretend to be pregnant for the money and attention and then adopt a kid so she didn;t have to ruin her figure to do it.

  52. Peachy says:

    So when its born, instead of cutting the cord, do they get to rip the “DO NOT REMOVE UNDER PENALTY OF LAW” tag off?

  53. Rachel says:

    First off, your bump starts out low in the first half of your pregnancy. It’s only towards the later months that it seems to start right underneath the breasts. Also, some women carry lower than others, and their bodies never have that stereotypical B shape in pregnancy. Finally, your baby only drops shortly before delivery, so that wouldn’t be the case for Beyonce. All that said, who knows what’s going on in her situation. The video with the collapsing bump is just weird, and it’s truly pathetic if she’s padding her bump or faking it for attention. What a tool.

  54. honeybunz says: ok i was just looking thru a slurry of preggo pics and i realize what i was saying….when i looked at the pics the biggest thing i notice **and yall can search too** is that when youre pregnant with a human baby no a foam pillow no matter if your 4 or 9 months…and i believe beyonce claims to be about 5months well when your pregnant and wear tight fitted shirt or dresses whether maternity or not your belly because it portrudes so much u lose your waist or trim shape **obviously** well if u look at beyonce she still has a waist toward the top…..particularly in that last pic zoom in if u can and you will see what im saying…it looks like she has 2 diff levels of her stomach idk what t even cal it….and actually the foam pillow is outlined better in the last pic…i think her narssicism in wearing tight clothes tryna force\prove the fact she has a belly is actually whats dispproving the trueness of the belly itself….u can see where her real stomach ends and the pillow begins!! Just look at it!! Omg im lmao right now at this silly rabbit minded woman! Its too funny at this point!!

  55. Holly:) says:

    Really. Beyonce, doesn’t seem the type of person to lie about being pregnant.. especially with the amount of interviews she has done, and if she is considering a maternity clothes line. Would she spend millions on a clothes line, if this whole pregnancy was fake? If it was fake would she reveal she was pregnant at a place were everyone across the world could see? Would their be interviews with Jay-Z saying how happy he is, and other interviews and articles with how they are deciding on decorating the nursery for their child?
    Really, to me.. if she was faking it, she wouldn’t look so happy and with the industry her and her husband are in, if it was fake someone one would of found out by now.
    Why can’t people just accept that some celebrities aren’t being famewhores, but are just happy and excited about having a baby?

  56. lisa says:

    OMG.. I laughed so hard I almost… well you know. your comment wins the prize..That was too funny..

    ROTFLMAO.. gosh.. LOL

  57. anne_000 says:

    To me it looks like the dress is creased in two spots: over the top of her padding and under the point where a padding’s belt would go around to the back, about 3 inches or so beneath the top of her padding.

    It just seems to me as if the pregnancy bump was a completely different section of her torso.

    I think if she’s pregnant, she did use padding at different times, just to accentuate the image of the pregnancy for publicity’s sake.

  58. lisa says:

    I always pictured when Bey got pregnant that she would develop like Alicia Keyes. She and Bey and Rihanna have the same body type. Alicia got HUGE when she was pregnant. Bey not so much. But all women are different.

    I think she is pregnant. Because if she is not this will be one of the biggest scandals of the year. And I don’t see her wanting that.

    Pregnant. but doing some weird stuff.

  59. Callli Pygian says:

    I think it is a false bump & she is using a surrogate ( vanity- thinking of how she would market her post-baby body).

    Boobs do seem larger, but keep this in mind (as a lactation consultant can attest to): you can use estrogen & a breast pump regularly to stimulate milk production (called induced lactation). It is done with adoptive mothers, and doesn’t always yield the same supply as would come in naturally, but can be used to supplement.

    And I think she is vain enough to do this as cover to her deception, if she is indeed using a prosthetic belly ( and how could one not assume that with the miraculous folding belly).

    Why-seriously -why would someone put on a belly to look farther along than she actually was ( unless you are one of the Palins, that is)? Where is the sense? What is the gain of such a tactic?

  60. Playlist says:

    @Holly, “Beyonce, doesn’t seem the type of person to lie about being pregnant”

    Beyonce’s been lying about her age for years, why should this be any different. Women who exercise as much as Beyonce does dancing, usually don’t show as much, especially at the beginning. All her baby bumps look huge for someone barely along. Why doesn’t she just lift up her shirt and show her belly during an interview to dispel all the rumors? She’s always showing off her bare body at other times, why not now, when she wants the whole world to know every step of her pregnancy?

    Regarding Kelly Preston’s fake debate –Kelly never got photographed in a bathing suit until After the baby arrived. Anyone can eat like a horse for 9 months, so they look pregnant, then after the birth they get pictured in a bikini on vacation looking like they just had a baby – which is normally a time most celebrity moms AVOID being photographed. Beyonce could easily do the same thing.

    Beyonce looks like Mariah Carey in these photos.

  61. sally says:

    I think someone needs to explain to her what “flattering” means. That denim and black thing she’s sporting is a hideous mess.

  62. anonymoose says:

    sally, i’m with ya!

    and the next lesson should be “talent”, followed up with a remedial course in “class” and “good taste.”
    lastly, if Bouncy did some “privacy” homework, that would do us all some good.

    @Miss VJJ: “I wonder if Beyonce thinks the baby will be born with a blonde weave? ”

    HAHAAAAAHAAHAAAA! of course she does.

  63. anonymoose says:

    please don’t let her raise a girl. it’ll be nothing but pageants and pressure and disappointment. would be great if they have a boy and he becomes a plumber or a fireman. ;-)

  64. Mika says:

    Would someone please explain to me why someone like Beyonce who has never confirmed her marriage publicly or shared any of her engagement /marriage stories/events/pictures etc etc suddenly feel the need to put her pregnancy on blast? This chick always took the high road when on privacy and never let the public in on her marriage to Mr. Carter and now all of a sudden she wants the world to share in her pregnancy journey? Methinks something fishy going on……… You don’t go from keeping mum about a marriage to rubbing your baby bump in front of an audience of XXX million of people – that’s just suspect!

  65. shanghai surprise says:

    Kaiser – You know DAMN WELL that Bey IS NOT PREGNANT.

    Reading your arse-kissing makes me feel ill.



  66. Jaye E says:

    LOL! Y’all are really inspecting and dissecting these pics like it’s your day jobs. (Well, I guess for Kaiser it kind of is, lol) Whether or not she’s lying about her pregnancy, her age, or her hair…it doesn’t take food out of your bellies or money out of your bank accounts.

  67. Cerulean says:

    Her clothes and style are of a tacky 50 year old. I used to think she dressed like a Vegas cocktail waitress or magician’s assistant. But I feel she’s no longer stylish enough for Vegas. Nope she’s in Atlantic City territory now. Quickly sliding down to a gambling boat on the Mississippi river.

    Why does she have such horrible taste in clothes? Do not get it. Now she’s supposedly pregnant and traumatizing a pillow with her ugly fashion. I don’t think her pregnant hooker look is particularly inspiring. She is so vain and up her own arse that she thinks she looks great.

    If her pillow falls out and she gets busted then she’s already got the wardrobe for her casino career. Please God, let the pillow fall out.

  68. MsCatra says:

    I’m 4 months pregnant and my bump doesn’t start at my boobs and is spread out like hers. I actually was just trying on a fitted dress and the bump looked pretty similar. Bey is (supposedly) at least a month further along than I am, but I’m very petite and “popped” early. And also not at all toned and fit pre-pregnancy =) I’m really not sure what to make of the whole thing with her. The dress pics were definitely sketchy, but the supposed bump size changes make perfect sense to me. Some days I look obviously pregnant, others, possibly just chubby.

  69. MsCatra says:

    Also, I’m thinking that “line” we’re seeing is maternity spanx.

  70. Angie says:

    A true pregnant belly is a consistent arc from the breast bone to the pubic region. Bey’s abdomen is flat the first 2-3 inches below the breasts, and then magically and suddenly pops…it’s not rocket science. Nor is it real.

  71. jane16 says:

    It still looks fake. If she didn’t dress like a hooker or a tranny, no one would be able to tell. Agree with the posters upthread about her “designing maternity clothes”.., She has terrible taste. The tacky wigs, horrible, clownish makeup, clothing way too small that always buckles over her curves. I don’t like her sunglasses either.

  72. Geordie says:

    You people have lost your collective minds!!!!!!

    While reading I was laughing at you all then I realize how pathetic you all are, seek help folks!

  73. jane16 says:

    What the heck is that weird ridge at the top of the “bump”? I’ve given birth twice, and made to 5 1/2 months twice during my miscarriages, and I am quite sure my baby bumps didn’t end abruptly like that, they had a natural slope. Again, if she wore clothes that were her actual size, and not skin tight, her fake bumps would look so much more natural. Pop stars today are so bizarre and fake. Can you imagine any of the great singers from the baby boomer era, eg Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, fakiing anything? Real voices, real musical instruments, real talent. What you saw is what you got.

  74. jane16 says:

    Poor Geordie! Don’t worry sweetie, there’s help for stans too!

  75. Isa says:

    This is a photo of me 19 weeks pregnant with my second child. My bump doesn’t start under my breasts. The top of my stomach wasn’t affected at all for a while. Of course, all women have different bodies and different bumps.

    I wondered if the line we are seeing is Spanx. In some of the pictures at Lainey it looks like a seam. That dress is all kinds of weird.

    I do think she’s pregnant, but that she’s padded for some odd reason. I can’t imagine wanting to look any bigger than you already are.

    Indeed, these days it seems like the biggest compliment you can give a pregnant woman is, “You’re X months? But you’re so tiny!”

  76. CeeCee says:

    oh my gosh, this is insane! I don’t know about the rest of you women out there, but my ass, boobs, belly, arms, legs, hell even my face, has differences on any given day.

    No two women’s bodies are the same, pregnant or not. Those that have been pregnant more than once know that no two pregnancies are the same. The comparisons and analysis are baseless.

  77. the original bellaluna says:

    LAK – Yeah, the “bump” drops at the END of the pregnancy, as baby prepares to enter the birth canal. Since it’s only October, and she’s not “due” until Feb, her OBGYN should be sufficently alarmed.

    (FYI, some women carry low and some carry high, but it should NEVER EVER vary like Pregancey’s bump.) She earns a “bitch, please” from me.

  78. A~ says:

    Dear CeeCee: You are my kind of person.

  79. SeXyK says:

    WOW!No matter what u do people will always have something to say(and negative)might i add! Why yall just can’t b happy 4 B? Who said all baby bumps look the same?The media surely knows how to start a good rumor! And if ur a real woman u would know that when we wear spanks or gurtles weather we are alil plump in the stomach or if were pregers then u will see that line that cuts the smaller of the belly from the bigger part!Neway lets give it a chance and see the outcome… Maybe she wants to be the female MJ! LOL It’s her life let her live it………

  80. Andie B says:

    Hey yeah, when I was preggers and the bump started to show it came out under my boobs. Hers pops out in her mid section..hmmmm…no I really think she’s preggers, but something odd is going on. As for ‘rocking stilettos’ whilst you are pregnant. What a joke..the only thing I rocked was flip-flops and various VERY stretchy tunics and leggings. My feet wouldn’t even go into shoes after 34 weeks. I can’t wait to see photos of her at 8 months gone in stilettos.

  81. Europe says:

    B is gonna adopt, that why she’s faking iT!!!!

    Mr. Carter all you stood for. seriouslly, you are trapped man!

  82. kel says:

    OMGah, people are so mean! Of course she is pregnant, and maybe she did pad the bump a little for the announcement just for effect, but what is the big deal? Also, if you understand female anatomy, it is going to be the low pelvic area that is going to bump out first – but not all women will show the same way!

  83. Callli Pygian says:

    @ Geordie #77-

    Goop? Is that you?


  84. LAK says:

    @original Bellaluna:HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was really funny.

    @isa i don’t need a lesson in biology thank you. The point my mother was trying to make, as i understood it, and explained further by all the ladies above is that Beyonce’s belly in those pictures is large enough to indicate a pregnancy that is futher along than the 4/5 months. At that stage, the pregnancy curve would be pressing up to the upper torso, therefore appearing to start under your boobs.

    However, i do take your points about pregnancy developing differently with everyone.And given the swelling of her boobies, i do think she is pregnant. Just not as pregnant as she would have us believe.

    It is still amazing to me that she would pad her belly. Who in their right mind does that??

  85. Jover says:

    Preach on jane16 this is what I and many many others have been saying also; also add Jimi, Janis, etc. what’s both funny and sad is that so many teens and twentysomethings believe all these pop stars are “down” and “real” when they are all fake, contrived, manufactured to a degree that would make the music greats of the past blush. THis is why the opinions of this young gen on music, politics, etc. should be taken with scepticism. Just sayin.

  86. Me says:

    There is a pillow/ padding there.

    on the side you can see the padding and the gap between the upper part of the body and the beginning of the pillow/padding.

    How odd!

    Why would a person do that to themself?

    I have no idea if she is pregnant, as the breast can be padded quite easily, and some people don’t get bigger in the breast (I wasn’t). Her face looks the same, and all those “changes” can be made by gaining 2 pounds.

    However, the tummy is definitely padded and fake.
    That is borderline sick.

    I always suspected Katie Holmes and her changing bump, and thought she had given birth earlier than announced and then faked the final months.

    But she had good reasons, as she was dating a guy while already pregnant, and wanted us to think he got her pregnant and he was the father.

    Why would Beyonce fake her tummy?
    That is so odd.

  87. Kim says:

    She either isnt preggers or is trying to throw people off time line. Why was her stomach bigger in that pink dress than it is now??? and Why is she carrying her bag in front of her stomach trying to hide it? She publicly announced her pregnancy a month ago at MTV awards so why the hiding?

  88. Stacia says:

    Why do celebrities hide their baby bumps behind clothing or big purses. Its not like the papparazzi can take a pic of the kid inside the belly.All the world will know anyway as time goes on.

  89. Isa says:

    89 LAK (? Can’t see.) – Sorry, my comments were not only directed at you. Just generally speaking about the point that has been made several times in this thread about her bump needing to start under her breasts. :)

    She really should wear better clothes. She looks uncomfortable in that outfit.

  90. Viv says:

    Agree with Kaiser that she is pregnant but I think she is actually wearing Spanx. WTH?