Demi Moore shows off her thin frame & wedding ring: busted & sympathetic?


Last night was the premiere of the long-gestating film, Margin Call. We’ll have the buffet of hot dudes in a moment – this post is just about Demi Moore, who appears in a supporting part in the film (which is about the financial crisis). Demi wore this red Zac Posen which… under normal circumstances, on a woman with a great figure, would be nice, although perhaps slightly boring and wallpaper-like. On Demi, it’s pretty bad.

Everybody is now talking about how rough Demi looks, and how she was wearing her wedding ring for the premiere. So… she’s still with Ashton. They’re working their stuff out, and as if we needed further evidence that all of this has been really hard on Demi, she looks drawn, tired, incredibly slim and kind of druggy too. Maybe she really does have a substance abuse problem? Or maybe she’s just having a terrible time with her marriage, and she’s not eating.

I really do feel bad for her. I would have more sympathy if she just got out of her marriage and told Ashton to GTFO, but as the situation seems now… I feel bad for her. It’s rather brave of her to walk the red carpet solo, looking like a mess, when everyone knows your husband has been having hot tub sex with some Vegas skank.






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  1. Auds says:

    Now she has reached the point of looking unhealthy. I remember her bikini Twitter pic and she looked radiant and had some meat on her bones.
    Now she looks ill.
    No guy is worth this much stress. Certainly not that dim witted wanker she is with.

  2. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Desperate much for attention, Demi? She’s probably not eating due to the never fails Divorce Diet; it’s awful, but it works.

    Seems like Ashton could be January Jones’ baby daddy, and Demi is hurting.

  3. Elleh says:

    Demi has always been a slender woman, but now she looks emaciated. She looked fabulous in Strip Tease and G.I. Jane when she had both some meat and muscle on her bones.

    The scary part is – the camera puts on 10 lbs. Can you imagine how scrawny she looks like in person? Poor thing.

  4. You don't say says:

    This woman looks ill. She has always been slender, but a bit rounder, but this looks is emaciated. She is not separated–at least not yet, so why would she remove her ring, it would just give people the clue. If she separates, it should be on her time, not the tabloids.

  5. She looks disgusting. Pathetic, and needy. Her face looks decent, but her body is gross.

  6. Anait says:

    She is too skinny, the “killer body” will kill her if she doesn’t start to eat soon.

  7. monette says:

    @Sandra T: unless you were ironic, your place is on a pro-ana website not here.

  8. Amy says:

    She’s looking like Margot Kidder.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Not feeling any sympathy.

  10. MexiDiva says:

    @Monette – there are many people who find a slender, fit body attractive and aren’t at all Pro-Ana, for God’s sake.

    Obviously she’s very thin (even for her) and also unhappy which changes the context somewhat.

    Would you call it Pro-Ana to admire Kate Middleton’s figure? Because they’re quite similar.

  11. Rhiley says:

    REAL MEN DON’T BUY GIRLS… they just lure them up into their swanky 3,500 square foot hotel rooms, get them to undress and drink vodka shots while soaking in a hot tub, take them into the bedroom, take off their robes, look them in the eye and say, “I’ve done good.” *eyeroll to stupid tax shelters*

  12. Linnie says:

    She obviously works out a lot. Maybe she goes to the Madonna school of Gristle is Pretty. Or maybe she had to have those chiclet teeth put in to replace the ones she rotted out with bulimic vomiting. Or she really is upset about her marriage. Whatever it is, it’s eating her alive.

  13. Bad Fairy says:

    You can’t be that thin at fifty and look good. its your a** or your face babe. I dont know if you can fix your hands. Mine arent aging well either.

  14. sapphire says:

    Busted but not sympathetic. She’s been an attention ho for far too many year (remember Vanity Fair’s “lookatme” pics)for me to get all goopy about her.

    Lose the douche, the desperation and the illusions, Demi.

  15. tripmom says:

    For someone who looks so malnourished, her hair looks so healthy and shiny. Extensions or a wig? Either way it’s really well done.

    Still don’t have sympathy for her. She’s responsible for her own rotten situation. But it’s absoutely true that walking the red carpet solo knowing what everyone’s thinking is a ballsy move. She’s holding her head up high and fulfilling her professional obligations, and I have to respect that.

  16. Pyewacket says:

    Why should anyone be sympathetic? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out marrying someone waaaaay younger than you will eventually lead to heartache down the road. YES, there are exceptions, but they are rare.

    Buck up Demi. Life goes on. Eat a sandwich, or two.

  17. oh dear says:

    weird how she does look underweight yet still has an ass…

    on another note, this is what brandi (?) on bev hills housewives called “the divorce diet” :S

    time to drop the douche, demi, and get yourself some cake!

  18. Dani says:

    Painfully thin. Her eyes look off too. I am like most and wish she would just move on past this relationship. She still has a lot of life to live. Unfortunately, everyone is on a different emotional time line and she most likely hasn’t made the disconnect yet.

    On the plus side, red is a good color on her.

  19. Rhiley says:

    Oh golly, I hope it comes out that Ashton Kutcher is January Jones’s baby daddy. Of course, it would mean that January Jones is America’s Sienna Miller, but man, what a twist for she, Ashton, and Demi. Anyway, if he is the baby daddy, Ashton better man up. REAL MEN TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN.

  20. Leticia says:

    What goes around comes around because Demi broke up a marriage in order to marry her first husband, Mr. Moore.

    I kinda think she looks pretty in the photos above. And her hair is gorgeous, as usual.

  21. N.D. says:

    Oh my, she’s positively sceletal. Hope her troubles will be over soon or it may ruin her health.

  22. Harley says:

    OMG- she looks really terrible. I feel for her. She needs to kick her num nut hubby to the curb. He is not worth it.

  23. Jaded says:

    She looks utterly malnourished, like scary skinny. I hope douchelord husband and her family are stepping in to get her some therapy because skinny like that means severe emotional distress. Her face has that sunken look that true anorexics get.

  24. aenflex says:

    She was SMOKIN in GI Jane!
    She needs kick this pegleg to the curb, eat soem food, take a vacation and screw two-three hot caribbean dudes. or something.

  25. Julie says:

    I had this thought last nite seeing Ashton on tv….I’ve heard he’s worried about having success on this show. Is it conceivable that this is all a ploy to bring him attention as it did Charlie to boost ratings. If they had a semi open marriage to where they would bring in a woman for the both of them, maybe she allowed him to have this fling so this could all be played out in public with all the accompanying attention. Maybe a stretch but in Hollywood, you just never know. Either way, she looks horrible. I understand the not eating due to stress, but I don’t understand it going on this long. When it’s effected me that way, which is only in extreme conditions, like death of someone close (otherwise I overeat), I force myself to eat at a certain point. This is ridiculous.

  26. Faye says:

    She looks miserable. Ditch him!

  27. azurea says:

    I cannot help but feel for her, no matter that she chooses to try & stay on what everyone else deems as a sinking ship.
    She is clearly unwell, and her eyes look glassy & haunted at the same time. Sending her positive energy.

  28. bokchoi says:

    she would look stunning with an extra 15 – 20 lbs. she will have to shed about 170 lbs to do it though…

  29. Darlene says:

    Bless her. :(

    Did anyone see the blind about Ashton being the father of January Jones’ baby and how it ruined his marriage?

  30. love.the.dress says:

    I love the dress, the hem is wonky though, looks like a temp hem to me though, and if so i think a skosh longer or shorter would have been better. I wonder who dressed her for this event? Previously she was a client of Rachel Zoe, but wasn’t there some drama about Brad dressing Demi for the Oscars after he left RZ?

  31. kc says:

    Oy vey she looks bad — bad as in unhealthy.

    I think her hair has “gwyneth paltrow syndrome”. She has some how deluded herself into thinking that parted down the middle, flat ironed into oblivion hair is flattering. This style is outdated and not flattering on her — especially now that she is skeletal.

  32. Maritza says:

    I doubt very much that Ashton is the father of January Jones’s baby. As for Demi, I really don’t know why she is hanging on to this marriage with Kutcher when she didn’t give it a second thought to the father of her daughter (Bruce). Now that, was a marriage worth saving not this one.

  33. Nev says:

    cheating is destroys people.

  34. tracking says:

    Very frail, painful. Lovely dress.

  35. Justaposter says:

    Poor thing, she does look like she is doing the ‘infidelity diet’ :(

    This diet is known for being the easiest and most painful way to loose weight.

  36. Alexis says:

    @MexiDiva – I’d say it’s probably pro-Ana to admire Kate Middleton’s figure (as opposed to her fashion sense). It’s unlikely Kate got her figure in a healthy way, and even if she did, many girls and women who attempt to get that figure have eating disorders.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    She looks positively skeletal. And isn’t JJ ALREADY America’s Sienna Miller?

  38. Emma says:

    She looks very sad. We don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, but what we see of her here is telling. I hope she can move on, get healthy and find happiness again soon.

  39. jc126 says:

    Check her hands – they’re more revealing of her age than her face.
    I feel a bit sorry for her getting cheated on, but she is a shallow type of person, it seems. More worried about how she looks than about being a good actress or being authentic. Just how it looks from the outside.

  40. lucy2 says:

    She’s not looking good at all. I guess public humiliation does that to a person. It’s a shame, he obviously doesn’t respect her or their marriage, dump him and move on.

  41. Mikki says:

    I feel bad for her, having to put up with the constant barrage of publicity about the whole mess. She needs to take action like Sandra Bullock did over that idiot Jesse James – don’t wait any longer, just leave. It will make her look stronger, even if it’s the difficult thing to do.

  42. G says:

    My theory is that she’s hanging on with the silent treatment to make him look as bad as possible without actually saying anything. She’s just letting him hang in his bad behavior publicly.

  43. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for her. Her hanging on just makes her look desperate. She is a vain and shallow woman, so I think she got exactly what she deserved.

  44. DeE says:

    I feel some sympathy, but was in denial going through with the marriage without accounting for his young age, his oats that still need to be sown, etc. It was only a matter of time….same goes for anyone that dates G. Clooney. Some things are very temporal; once we admit it to ourselves, but still choose to indulge, then we need to stay braced for impending end.

  45. Jen34 says:

    She really needs to cut that hair. She looks like a brunette, glossy-eyed Barbie doll.

  46. Ell says:

    I feel for her, anyone who’s weight goes down that low must be very stressed. She may not be making the choices I would but everyone handles things differently…I’m sure she will do the right thing for herself eventually.

  47. Novaraen says:

    She’s disgustingly thin and looks very sickly. She’s thinner than Angelina now…look at those arms! Twigs. This is sad…very sad. Obviously things are not good for her and she’s clinging desperately to her marriage.

  48. yoho_ahoy says:

    Tragic :( she looks all dried up, drained out, stringy & ruff. Which is a pity because she used 2b such a beautiful looking woman pre-ashton & plastic surgery (except 4 g i jane & striptease, stil get nitemares…)

  49. Heather M (Heather) says:

    Okay, after defending how she looks these past few weeks, I accept that she is wasting away. She looks awful. If I didn’t know how much stress she’s under I’d say she has developed an eating disorder, but I know it has to be stress. I get gaunt when I get stressed, too. With that said, I stick to my assertion that she looks older only because of her weight. I think she is aging really well, but she obviously needs to put on serious weight.

    PS I agree that Ashton could be JJ’s baby daddy, and I am really hoping that I don’t lose all respect for Demi b/c she stays with him.

  50. hanna says:

    Could you get more skinny than that? She definetly got anorexia of some sort, and it tends to be parallel with your emotional state. I do feel bad for her. Hope she finds someone other than Kutcher, who is waaay too young for her.

  51. palermo says:

    I think she’s doing it on purpose, look at how thin and pathetic I am, come back to me Ashton … Have some self pride woman, tell him to go and f himself and then eat a burger

  52. Callli Pygian says:

    She ought to read “Too Good To Leave, Too Bad To Stay”.

    And eat a sandwich.

  53. Lilli says:

    aijajai, short of being called dreadful. she needs to get rid of her arSeh0le by divorcing him. she looks ill – not a nice time to go thru.

  54. Happy21 says:

    Ewww! She looks vile. Her arms – gross, her face – skeletal.

    Not only her outward thinness she looks fucking miserable!

    I don’t personally care for Demi Moore and don’t give a crap if Ashton cheated on her but she looks nasty. She needs some help.

  55. TXCinderella says:

    Too skinny. She looks like a bobble-head.

  56. the original bellaluna says:

    Look, the stress of a cheating husband and the process of leaving said asshole caused me to lose 25 lbs or more, when I was going through it.

    It’s ugly, it’s hard, it’s mortifying, and I didn’t even have to do it in the tabloid eye.

    But (as my mom told me at the time) she has children she needs to healthy for, and if she has to force herself to eat, then that’s what she needs to do.

  57. blonde on the dock says:

    OMG she looks awful! I feel sorry for anyone going through a breakup.

  58. gab says:

    She looks kind of witch-like. Time to dump the guy, cut the hair and eat a sandwich. Live your life, Demi. You don’t need the douche guy and his kid forever in your face. This is ironic though isn’t it? Ashton finally hits a big payday and whoops, there it goes. Ah, that’s life.

  59. pwal says:

    I’m no fan of Demi Moore, but she really needs to take care of herself. Get rid of Ashton, take some time off from the spotlight, and take care of herself and not worry about the Gay Divorcee pimp walk that some female celebs engage in.

    Myself, I think that this marriage crisis could’ve unearthed old issues that she thought was long-buried, i.e. mother issues. Yes, her mom’s dead, but maybe a lot her self-image and her perception of her relationship with Ashton was wrapped in rising above all of the cr@p her mother put her through.

    This is a crazy tangent, but it just occurred to me.

  60. skinanny says:

    lipo all the fat out of your body, and stop eating…the result Demi…

  61. Jenny says:

    I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, but to me, she needs to dump kutcher and get some self respect. She is the one with the poweer to make a change and it is up to her to do it.

    It seems like she is letting whatever is going on in her life impact her health, which is wrong. She has children and she should think of them and HERSELF. It is OK to be selfish at this time.

    Again, don’t have details, but something seems wrong and only she can fix it.

  62. serena says:

    She may be in the wrong too but I feel bad for her.

  63. Sassy says:

    Something is wrong – Demi looks ghastly, the sunken wrinkled cheeks, the gnarled arms. Why would she pine after a douche like Ashton? btw, the new show is really funny and he is perfect for the role.

  64. BELLA says:


  65. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    Ugh. She looks miserable and hungry.

  66. abbizmal says:

    How about busted and pathetic? Yup, that’s about right.

  67. Celine says:

    Wow… She really is looking scary skinny. I don’t think anyone could get that skinny just for attention – she must be having some real health/mental problems. Hope she is getting help.

  68. anne_000 says:

    The more she does this to herself, the more unsympathetic she looks, imo. She’s ending up looking like an immature, weak, desperate, stupid woman.

    Either move on or accept the situation wholeheartedly & learn to live with it. What Demi is doing is making herself look foolish.

  69. F5 says:

    @25 I’m with you, Julie.. timing for this is extremely suspicious.. given that 2.5 Men blows baby chunks, I wouldn’t be surprised if these 2 famewhores planned the whole thing.

  70. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Demi has very beautifully coloured eyes, hope she gains some weight as she is beginning to look a little like Bethenny Frankel, too skinny not good.

  71. kikay says:

    She looks like zombie in Walking Dead!

  72. skuddles says:

    Well if current (blind) gossip item is true, Demi’s got plenty of reason to be stressed and scrawny. Rumor has it that Ashton may be the father of (ex GF) January Jone’s baby and Demi’s known all about it for a while. If it’s actually true, I imagine the hot tub skank was merely the icing on the shitcake of her marriage.

  73. Jackie says:

    i hate that women put themselves through this pain and health risk for men who treat us badly. please let her find the strength and self respect to move on from this douche!

  74. Melissa says:

    She still looks good, but definitely too thin. But when I’m stressed I can’t eat and I tend to lose a lot of weight as well.

  75. Kimbob says:

    @ the original bellaluna…thanks for providing that link. Are you referring to that you called the marriage not legal…or what exactly? I’m just curious. The more gossip I know (regarding celebrities)…gives me satisfaction.

  76. Kim says:

    Love the dress on her but she is way to thin. Im sure even she knows this and its a result of what she has been dealing with lately.

  77. Madison says:

    She doesn’t look good, not happy and too skinny probably from all the stress of her husbands cheating. She needs to dump Ashton and move on, I’d rather be alone at 48 as hard as that may be than with a cheater who is never faithful.

  78. fabchick says:

    Damn. I feel sorry for her.

  79. Lauren says:

    Any man that publicly cheats on you, simply does not care about your needs at all. A staged Camping trip, Kabbalah sessions and clinging to a dead marriage is absurd to me. I would never be so vain to think that a goofy horndog that looks like my son would stay loyal to me forever-move on Demi.

  80. gg says:

    anorexia is not pretty. She’s starting to look like Amy Winehouse, may she rest in peace.

    Demi. Give yourself back your self-respect! Take CONTROL of the situation. Dump him. Have some ensure at least.

  81. Melissa says:

    Hopefully she (Demi) will never know that people are saying how awful she looks. That’s all she needs right now. I can bet that she will be dumping that boy of hers very soon.

  82. Kloops says:

    Good grief, she’s starving herself over Ashton Kutcher?? Damn, girl, get it together. This can hardly be a surprise. He’s immature, considerably younger than her, rich and famous. He has access to countless bimbos. I can’t believe she honestly thought they’d be together forever. They had a good run, no kids together, it’s time to cut her losses and move on.

  83. ShanKat says:

    Love the dress, love the shoes.

    Posh is/has been this skinny. I think it looks kind of good. In an impersonal, fashion-y way. She looks like the Cryptkeeper in the face and arms, sure…but I can really see the design elements of the dress.

  84. Stubbylove says:

    She looks like a bobble-head. Wise up Demi -Ditto to @Jackie: Don’t let your mind/body/spirit go all to hell over a fratboy.

  85. april says:

    I feel for her. Her marriage has taken its toll on her. She’s in a bad situation. It’s hard to let go of someone you love, but the age difference is not working in this marriage.

  86. Judy says:

    Busted and SYMpathetic..Nah, Busted and PATHETIC. She looks hideous…someone needs to tell her the Olive Oyll look is not a good one. And someone also needs to tell her to GROW UP and accept that she’s not in her 20′s anymore…as I said, she’s PATHETIC.

  87. Judy says:

    @Shankat: Get some therapy. Oh, and here’s an idea…if you want to “see the design of the dress,” put it on a wire frame…same difference.

  88. Cheyenne says:

    Dump the hump, Demi. No man in earth is worth what’s happening to you.

  89. sosuzy says:

    She looks awful and what is disturbing is that Demi appears to be happy with her appearance. “The thinnest one wins” mentality. SO SAD!!!

  90. Judy says:

    Posting more than usual, but here’s some advice, Demi: Linda Evans was recently on the Today Show, embracing “aging” and “wisdom” and the beauty that entails. You, on the other hand, are embracing DENIAL, and, to me, at least, you appear to be the epitome of SHALLOWNESS. As I said earlier, GROW UP, reclaim your power, and look for an EQUAL…not a LITTLE BOY. I can’t stand shallow women. The End.

  91. Thea says:

    If she and Ashton supposedly had an open relationship, then why is she so upset? Why all the drama? She looks horrible.

  92. the original bellaluna says:

    Kimbob – Oh yeah! I’d heard rumours that it was a “commitment” ceremony previously, but there was a blind not too long ago about a couple that was going to be splitting who weren’t “technically” married, and I called Demi & Asston. (I’ll try to find the link for you.)

  93. Nibbi says:

    POOR thing. i seriously have never cared for her but just looking at her makes me feel like she’s in real pain. when my (now ex) bf cheated on me with one of my best friends, i pretty much forgot to eat or sleep for a couple of days and a chunk of weight for a short time, until i began to adjust and eat again and unfortunately gained it back and then some ;) another friend of mine just lost her husband and she’s become suddenly skeletal as well… just looking at her hurts me. she forces herself to eat because her family is worrying about her, but she is under so much stress right now i think her body just burns thru it. massive weight drops that look this sudden and rough can really be due to emotionally hell situations and i think you guys busting out with your whole “get over him, respect yourself, eat a sandwich, you like nasty” stuff are pretty heartless. maybe that is what she PLANS to do; nevertheless, it’s clear she’s dealing with a lot and i give her massive props for still being pulled together and stepping out into the spotlights. may you guys never go thru that kind of thing yourself.

  94. Minty says:

    Maybe the leaders of that Kaballah cult Demi belongs to are urging her to stay and work it out with Ashton, just like they were urging Madonna to stay and work it out with Guy Ritchie. You know, they don’t want to be associated with the bad publicity their celebrity members are getting. It might make reporters look too closely at the cult’s racketeering activities. This Kaballah group is definitely following the Scientology playbook.

  95. jc126 says:

    The funny thing is, it’s not like she really wouldn’t find someone else. She would, probably very quickly.

  96. neema says:

    Bitch looks like a skeleton.

    We got some walking dead right here.

  97. Firecracker says:

    I feel for her. No one deserves to be so blatantly cheated on, if they don’t have an open marriage. She’s got that non-proportioned head-too-big-for-her-body look like Lara Flynn Boyle had for yrs. Like a bobblehead like other people have said. Someone get her some Ensure stat! Or maybe a milkshake.

  98. cerulean says:

    I am beginning to feel sorry for her. Grudgingly but still.

  99. taxi says:

    Way to skinny & “her” hair is too long. Nearly waist-length hair is pretty rank on someone her age. It does not make her look younger.

    It is pretty common for domestic stress to affect appetite & digestion. That’s probably why she’s lost so much weight so quickly.

  100. wresa says:

    Hey, HEY, Blonde Sarah Leal is NOT a “Vegas Skank.” She’s a SAN DIEGO SKANK, ok???? ;)

  101. Cherry Rose says:

    @phil – Then perhaps you should stay off the gossip blogs.

    She is too skinny. However, I disagree that women of a certain age can’t have long hair. I find that to be stupid, quite frankly. Nothing wrong with an older woman who has long hair. My great-aunt has hair down to her butt, and she’s 68. She looks great with it.

  102. CeeCee says:

    what happened to her boobs she recently got? You know you’ve lost too much weight when your faker shakers disappear too aka LeAnne Rimes

  103. Michelle says:

    Her face/cheeks totally sunken in.

  104. Mimi says:

    Well this is what happens when you marry out of ego. Dying to stay young, she married a young man. This was bound to happen. She is also known to be a prissy biotch to everyone she comes around so some of this is probably karmic.

  105. lee says:

    Don’t think she is anorexic. She probably is just too upset to eat right now. Once her home life stablizes, her weight will too. At least she is retaining her muscle tone.
    Her hair is still incredibly healthy which shows this hasn’t been going on for long.
    She has a reason to be upset and emotional.
    Juxtapose this with Angelina Jolie who is skinnier than this and has signs of long time damage with her hair looking so limp and unhealthy. Yet most of her fans think she looks great. I guess that happens when you look through “fan glasses” and don’t see what is really there.
    I hope things go better for Demi and hope she realizes her boytoy isn’t worth being upset over. He is pretty much a douche.

  106. Az says:

    Wow the weight loss makes her look so much older! Her teeth look like ill-fitting dentures!

  107. the original bellaluna says:

    wresa – Hey, HEY! She’s from Texas, not San Diego! The deed may have been done is SD, but she’s a Texan.

  108. Kimbob says:

    @original bellaluna…again thanks for the info!

  109. Ally says:

    TMZ had Joan Rivers saying that Demi ate an apple and drank only water on a 6-hour flight they shared. I hope Demi’s taking calcium supplements.

    How are she and Gwyneth not besties? Think of the crazy diets and delusional relationships they have in common!

  110. Andie B says:

    I have never been a fan, but looking at those pics of her makes me feel quite sad. She has clearly been starving herself, and looks ill. I like the dress personally. Demi needs to ditch her wanker husband and eat a few good meals immediately.

  111. cerulean says:

    She is starting to look like creepy preacher from Poltergeist 2. Not a good look.

  112. mollination says:

    Ah! I’m so excited, I was going to post this comment but then thought everyone would think it was crazy and out of nowhere and wouldn’t understand. But now that I see that others have noted it, I’ll just say it.

    If you take a close look at Demi’s behind in the photo, that’s what padded underwear look like. I should know because I wore them for years (it’s really not all that weird, it’s just not as well known as padded bras yet). For the record, I don’t think Pippa had any on at royal wedding. But that right there. You can even see the line where the undies stop and her real crease-to-thighs begin.

  113. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    I just don’t understand why she’s clinging to this marriage? I think like many successful Hollywood actors she’s probably got quite a competitive streak and this in her head is about “winning”, but sadly she’s already lost … her self respect.

  114. BB says:

    Lack of self-esteem will get you a shitty partner and body image issues – She need to work on her mental health, and not take sad pictures of her self (semi-naked).

  115. Sara says:

    My God, either she has a drug problem or she’s on the beak up diet.

  116. Pirouette says:

    I think most of the posts here are sympathetic to her situation. No reason to get all woman-hating over there, Phil.

  117. Jayna says:

    Wow. so many nasty comments. Have some compassion. She’s going through a lot right now. Most of us has been there from grief, anxiety. The weight will come back on, but you can’t escape a broken heart, the betrayal, and possibly facing the death of her marriage to someone she loves. She’s living that right now.

  118. BerMan says:

    Missing Bruce Willis.. Where is he lately? Really out of radar or filming.
    Demi, will be find..everyone goes through a transition due to stress. Promoting a film and a husband alleged cheating, tabloids, gossip etc. Famous actors life is a very public dissecting life.

  119. Shelly says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her. She was a fool to marry him. And she’s always had body image issues. I think her thinness now is due to the stress of him cheating, etc., but only because I think she is deliberately starving herself so that she can “keep up” (in her mind) with those hot tub girls who are half her age. For someone who preaches self-love constantly, she sure has NONE.

  120. Nev says:

    word Jayna!
    nobody deserves to be cheated on in any case…that is sooo hard to get through for most people…age or not…vanity or not…he broke vows and that is deep….she will come back fierce…she always does.

  121. lola lola says:

    Her arms look amazing! You can’t buy that with plastic surgery. That’s simple hard work. Besides that, Demi please have a sandwich. If you are that tiny in photos, your practically invisible in person.