“Paris Hilton is wonk-eyed in Germany, because why not?” links


Paris Hilton is in Germany, being wonk-eyed. [ICYDK]
I think Juliette Binoche pulls this look off. [Go Fug Yourself]
Michelle Bachmann hasn‘t begged for a gay guy‘s attention this much since her honeymoon. *zing* [Jezebel]
Paula Abdul is talking about not wanting to be perfect. [Life & Style]
God is Nia Long‘s baby-daddy? [Bossip]
Coldplay‘s new music video for “Paradise”. [PopBytes]
Is it wrong that I love Trashy Barbie‘s leggings? [OMG Blog]
Salma Hayek‘s see-through dress (she‘s wearing a bra). [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
The new Sherlock Holmes trailer gives too much away. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Kim Kardashian‘s coat is made from discarded false eyelashes. [INFDaily]
Adam Levine versus Fox News. [Videogum]
Damn, Matthew Perry‘s house was NICE. [Celebs]
Justin Bieber cheated on Selena with some chick named Macarena? [IDLITW]
Pumpkins dressed up as Lady Gaga! Cute. [CityRag]
Courtney Love is in Ireland, making crazy faces. [Hollywood Rag]
Sarko missed his daughter being born?!? [Bitten and Bound]
The best and worst “Part III” movies of all time. [Starpulse]



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  1. morgfunk says:

    damn, the wonk is strong with this one

  2. Samigirl says:

    Her eye kills me. I’ve got sort of the same situation going on, and it’s easy to just do my makeup so it’s not as obvious. You’d think the person who does hers would do something about it! Her eye almost looks closed. Gah.

    edit: hahahahaha@hautie’s pirate comment. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten it fixed either. I mean, she already had breast implants, why not get her eye fixed?

  3. Hautie says:

    I am really surprise that Paris has not had that eye fixed. It would be a simple procedure. And could be handle within a hour.

    The older she gets the more pronounce it will be. One day she is just gonna wake up and look like a pirate. Without having to use a patch.

  4. yadira says:

    I think those falsies she is wearing weighs the lid down more and makes it more obvious.

  5. Happy21 says:

    Poor girl. Does she have a lazy eye? One of my eyes look like that right when I wake up but it fixes itselt the more awake I get.

    Please tell me that Nia Long’s boobs are fake! I realize she is pregnant but girl is 40 and those things look like gigantic honeydew melons in that swimsuit. Hideous. I might have nightmares now. Oh yes and the God thing – meh!

    Well the Biebs better not have cheated on Selena Gomez or I’m gonna have to hunt him down and give him a wedgie! Ewww…and Macarena’s camel toe might give give me nightmares too. Boobs and toes…ick!

  6. ladybert62 says:

    The front of that hairstyle is interesting – I would like to see what the back looks like.

    Maybe she should give up the heavy mascara and fake eyelashes and the eye might work better.

  7. hanna says:

    hahaha i just had to laugh! Someone messed her s-it up loool! xD

  8. Rita says:

    I very much like her fashion. It’s sooo Paris (France) in October. Really do love it.

    Here’s a little known fact:

    Wonk eye is actually caused by the retraction of the labia from the lack of stimulation, aggrevating a nerve. Just so you know.

  9. fabgrrl says:

    I actually feel a bit bad for her about that eye. Don’t you think that if she COULD get that fixed she would have? Perhaps it can’t be fixed, and it is just getting worse and worse.

  10. Sue says:

    Wow haven’t seen Paris in so long, almost forgot about her. :)

  11. Semper says:

    Paris who? Oh, you mean that racist skank with the wonky eyes that was famous in 2005? Yeah, um, don’t care.

  12. Sumodo1 says:

    Wow, Paris! Your feet are huge!

  13. mew says:

    Her fake lashes are trying to escape, making her wonk eye look even wonkier. It’s amazing!! Totally worth great laughs!

  14. Lady D says:

    I got Bell’s Palsy 3 years ago. For almost a whole year, my right eye looked like that. Even now, sometimes when I wake up my right eye will droop for a while. Does anyone know if the effects of BP wear off eventually. It’s been 3 years.

  15. i.want.shoes says:

    I haven’t seen her in such a long time but… her eye wasn’t always like that, was it? What happened?

  16. Pizzazz says:

    She looks as old as her aunties.

  17. Tazina says:

    Everyone has one eye larger than the other. It’s just that in these photos for some reason it’s more emphasized. She doesn’t always have the wonk eye.

  18. Nikki says:

    She was last week in Katowice, Poland where she ….. opened the mall. Not brand new mall only the new part of the mall.

  19. Annie says:

    She has ptosis in one of her eyelids rather than a lazy eye. She’s always had it since she was a little girl it just looks worse in some photos than others probably when she’s tired. I’m suprised she never had it fixed.

  20. Gemma says:

    I actually have the same issue as Paris -congenital ptosis. It can be fixed to an extent. As much as Paris may be irritating, I commend her for having the courage to live without changing it. I know people are laughing at it, but i got an awful lot of bullying as a kid about my eyes- really hurtful and upsetting comments at the time. I decided to have surgery for part cosmetic reasons, therefore, so good on her.

  21. Jules says:

    Pretty soon she will be attending the opening of an envelope in Romania in her desperation to stay relevant.

  22. kc says:

    I think it might just be her false eyelashes coming off and a strange angle of the camera.

    Holy c$*p! Did I just defend Paris H.? Sorry, folks, end of days must be here! :)

  23. cmc says:

    I remember reading that she tried to get it fixed and it got worse. She wisely decided to leave it alone after that. I’m hating her much less right now, especially coming right after a week of Linnocent drama.

  24. Dawn says:

    See now if people would just stop publishing her picture or caring where she is or what she does, well perhaps she would simply disappear. And that would be best for all concerned.

  25. Samigirl says:

    @Lady D, Some people do over come Bells Palsy and some don’t. George Clooney is one famous example of someone who has overcome it. I really hope that, if yours bothers you, that you do too. And if any of these comments were offensive, I apologize as well. I’m sure you are a much more lovely person than Miss Hilton.

  26. birdie says:

    Nobody here in Germany takes her seriously. The german celebrity tv show today called her out on her fake answers to interview questions, even other german celebrities were like: If she was in France she would have also said she LOVES the place and the people.
    Fake bitch..

  27. LisaMarie says:

    I was thinking the same thing, her feet are ginormous!

    And yeah, her makeup situation isn’t helping her wonkeye any, but it got all of us to talk about her, so a win for Paris, right? Anything to try to stay relevant, lol

  28. Auds says:

    She has ptosis and hasn’t opted for surgical correction. Maybe she isn’t wearing a special contact lens in these shots? Either way, in most cases ptosis is congenial but it may be also due to the degeneration of nerves supplying the eye muscles elevating the eyelid. Not a funny ‘ha-ha’ type of condition to have.

    As for Juliet Binoche. I agree with Gerard Depardieu and this photo proves it.

  29. JAM says:

    Wow, an opening of a mall extension and now this?? Will her star ever stop rising? Maybe she will move overseas as it seems they are not quite as sick of her over there yet.

  30. whitedaisy says:

    Paris has brown eyes and wears blue contacts constantly. This created and aggravates the ptosis but she refuses the physician recommendation to take out the contacts and leave them out.
    Not sympathetic.

  31. blackblackblack says:

    This is something that is not her fault.

    There is much more to snark on.

  32. Molly says:

    I think I read somewhere that she had plastic surgery done on her eyes (a blepharoplasty) to widen them and her plastic surgeon nicked a nerve which causes her left eye to droop like that.

  33. kelbear says:

    Looks like her right fake eyelash is coming off.

  34. Auds says:

    Whitedaisy, ptosis is not generally caused by contact lenses. I don’t see how a contact lens can affect the innervation to the elevating eye muscle.

  35. madpoe says:

    Is it possible to get cooties just by looking at photos of Courtney Love?
    My eyes are burning something fierce!

  36. whitedaisy says:

    @ Auds

    Ptosis can be caused by a mechanical influence such as contact lenses; particularly if they are the more rigid type. There is a tendon in the upper lid that holds the eye open that gets stretched with time, especially when it has to reach around an additional mass such as a contact lens. And since Hilton is brown-eyed, which we never see in photos, we can rest assured that she wears the blue lenses all the time creating and maintaining the problem.

  37. ChelseaD says:

    As much as I scoff at her personality, I do feel bad for her eye because I’ve had a similar thing since birth. It causes me to blink unevenly which I’m really self-conscious about. When I took a class on portrait drawing the teacher was explaining how to draw our individual face characteristics, and pointed out to me (as if I wasn’t aware already) that “one of your eyes is larger than the other”. Ugh. It’s just a really awkward thing to have all around, though it’s become much better than when I was little. I used to not be able to blink that eye hardly at all. I’m hoping I can get it fixed surgically someday or hopefully not age so badly with it.