Paris Hilton pissed off Janet Jackson by singing at her birthday party

Thanks to the excellent snarky blog Rhymes with Snitch for this story I haven’t seen anywhere else. The night Paris Hilton flashed her ass in a too-short dress while dancing on a table at Janet Jackson’s birthday party at Tao (despite the fact that she claims to never dance on tables and there are even more recent pictures to the contrary,) she decided to serenade everyone at 3 AM with a drunken “Stars are Blind.”

Janet was understandably outraged and got the hell out of there immediately, taking 30 of her friends with her:

did you know, according to a thread on LipstickAlley, that Paris Hilton jacked Janet’s party, who then left with her posse in a huff? Here is how they describe it:

People are saying Janet Jackson stormed out of TAO en masse, with her 30-strong entourage, including Jermaine Dupri, split-seconds after Paris Hilton began singing her ‘Stars are Blind’ single — peppering her intro with several 4-letter adjectives of the ”love” word for the TAO crowd. The party was a salute to Janet’s new CD and guests wondered why Paris was given the house mic to talk and sing-along to her own record at 3AM

Paris, sit yo ass down.

Paris often sings her own songs badly while wasted out at clubs, and she probably had no clue that she was doing anything wrong by warbling at an established pop artist’s joint birthday party and CD celebration.

Despite news that Janet Jackson’s new album is relatively tanking on the charts and may help sink her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri’s career at Virgin Records, she shopped for a $30 million dollar apartment in Manhattan last week, and claimed that Jermaine needed a huge closet because he has more shoes than she does.

Meanwhile Paris is still considered a scourge on the entertainment industry. Meatloaf has joined Jenny McCarthy in claiming that he plans to haunt Paris Hilton after he dies. And predictably, Paris was voted the top overexposed celebrity that people want to see less of. With that news, here are absolutely no pictures of Paris.

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  1. d. c. says:

    I guess Paris will file a report that Janet socked her too.

  2. cheryl says:

    Who in their right mind would give that Paris a mic ? Janet was right to storm off…Perhaps she ought to find out who authorized Paris to do so and slam them both with a hefty lawsuit !

  3. ELLERY says:


  4. Viv says:

    Wait a second, wait a second, Meatloaf said: “I’m not sure what her talent is and I’m not sure anybody does.”

    … I didn’t realize how talented and super duper MEATLOAF is. I mean, stop being so critical of Paris and give her some of your star talent hints, Loafie.

  5. tiny says:

    Is JJ straight out of that movie THE VILLAGE – or what?

  6. Chic Mommy says:

    JJ should’ve responded with, “I’m sorry Miss Hilton, are you for real?”