Gwen Stefani releases photo of baby Zuma on her website

Gwen Stefani has released a photo of her second child, son Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, on her official website. The portrait is a beautiful shot of Gwen with her hair up as she holds the adorable two month old infant. Both mother and baby look to be unclothed, although the photo is a close up and only part of Gwen and Zuma’s bare back and shoulder are visible. The 40 year-old rocker had a simple message to her fans about the release of the picture:

We wanted to share with you the first photo of Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma are all doing well and enjoying being a party of four.


Zuma’s official debut happens to coincide with the first time a paparazzo was able to capture a photo of the baby out in public. Splash News has a photo of the adorable little Zuma out with his mom at a library in Beverly Hills yesterday. You might assume that Stefani was motivated to release her own picture in order to drive the value of the unauthorized candids down.

Stefani’s husband Gavin Rossdale spoke to US Weekly about how his older son Kingston, nearly two and a half, gets along with his newborn brother. He said that Kingstons sometimes interacts with Zuma for “a cuddle or slap,” but then quickly tried to take the slap part back:

“He’s amazing, he’s very sweet,” pop Gavin Rossdale told of their newborn at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood bash last week.

“He hangs out,” Rossdale added. “He’s got his neck together. He’s gone through with the floppy stage.”

How is Kingston as an older brother?

“He does a bit. Every day starts with a cuddle for his brother or a slap and then he moves on,” Rossdale told Us.

A slap?

“Not often, every now and again,” he said. “It’s normal, it’s natural.”

[From US Weekly]

Gavin told Hello! Magazine in an interview given shortly after Zuma’s birth that he felt bad for his oldest son having to welcome a new brother and that “[Kingston] really was the centre of attention all the time every day, as he should have been. So he’s going to have to move up a little bit and make the space.”

Kingston has been seen out with his mom and dad several times since the birth of Zuma and you can tell that his parents are striving to make a happy, loving home for their boys and to be there for both of them. It’s only natural that siblings will fight as Gavin mentioned, but Gwen probably wishes that her husband didn’t share that part about Kingston slapping Zuma.

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  1. Yourself says:

    Wow, he is so gorgeous. looks totally different from his brother. He looks more like his mom. Kingston looks like Gavin.

    I am really glad celebs have stopped selling pictures of their children to the highest bidder. Brad and Angelina made the whole process vulgar with the bidding wars over the pictures of their twin babies. I have never liked the culture and I am glad it is dead. I hope the culture of taking private naked photos of your partner and children and selling them to magazines does not catch on. It makes it hard to plead for privacy of your children when you are violating it yourself for commercial gain.

    Thumbs up to Gwen and all other celebrities who have shunned child exploitation.

  2. elisha says:

    I’m 100% with Yourself. Yay for doing it your way (and not profiting from it — whether it’s for “charity” [ahem, attention] or not).

  3. Baluk says:

    He looks like a baby! She on the other hand looks amazing without all that make up! So natural…much prettier than when she’s all made up.

  4. Kaiser says:

    What a beautiful picture – Gwen and Zuma look amazing and healthy.

    Yourself, Elisha – Get a life. It’s a post about Gwen, Gavin, Zuma and Kingston, not a post about your obsessive hate of Brad and Angie.

  5. elisha says:

    YOU’RE obsessing, Kaiser. I didn’t even mention Brad and Angie. I was refering to any number of people who sell their baby photos. I needed to cover all the bases since some pretend they’re doing for charity, some don’t (I’m looking at you, J. Lo & Christina). Gwen’s clearly making some sort of statement here (much like Minne Driver did) that her baby isn’t for sale, and we’re responding to it.

    For the record, I hate Gwen more than I could ever hate Brangelina. I’ve said in other threads I think it’s despicable how she cops others people’s style and makes money off it (whether it was her “chola” phase, her reggae phase, or her current Japanese street-girl phase). She can’t sing and she’s not even all that attractive. But I was trying to be respectful of her beautiful picture and baby here, and I genuinely commend her approach to releasing her baby photo.

  6. vdantev says:

    What a cutie- hate that typical Hollywood /rock star weirdo name though.

    Bringing B and AJ into every thread is just dumb. GTF over it.

  7. daisy424 says:

    I agree with Kaiser here, by reading Yourself’s comment alone, one would think it was a thread about AJ. The majority of that comment was a complaint about Angelina.

    There is obviously no demand for Minnie & Gwen’s home photos like AJ & BP.

  8. geronimo says:

    What a gorgeous little bundle of big blue-eyed baby! And sorry, but OMG why is whether they’re clothed or naked relevant?? Who cares? It’s just a beautiful pic of a mother and baby.

  9. w. says:

    Before people start showering praise onto Gwen and Gavin for not selling photos of baby Zuma to a tabloid, remember that Gwen and Gavin had no problems accepting money and plastering Kingston on the cover of OK! (a tabloid) when he was born. :lol:

    ..but Gwen looks quite pretty and Zuma is a beautiful child.

  10. Embee says:

    Wow! Gwen looks BEAUTIFUL and those blue eyes on Zuma really pop don’t they? So sweet and loving. She really is a rock star.

  11. Yourself says:

    I am sorry for bringing up Brad and Angelina. I do feel strongly about celebrities exploiting their children. Jlo too and many others. Even those giving money to charity. It is unfortunate that Brad and Angelina took it far with the bidding and recently with those private photos. (I wish I had other examples who don’t have staunch fans, unfortunately I don’t)

    W, thank you for the reminder, I should have said thumbs up to her for not doing it this time around.

    Daisy, of course the twins would sell more but even Zuma’s pictures would have fetched a tidy sum. Besides, any celebrity can create a frenzy around themselves and their child and sell their pictures big. It is not hard.

    Sell pictures of yourself by all means but please allow the poor defenseless children some privacy. After all, they did not ask to be in this.

  12. sauvage says:

    Gwen is not fourty yet, she just turned 39 on October 3rd!

  13. Kaiser says:

    *shakes head in disbelief*

    If you find pics of this or any other celebrity baby so f-cking offensive, what are doing here?

    I honestly don’t understand how a thread about a happy family sharing their pics of their new baby ends up being a hatefest.

  14. Yourself says:

    No Kaiser, don’t get me wrong, I do not find them offensive perse. I just find it tacky, cheap and totally classless to enter a bidding war for pictures of your children. They are not commodities, they are people, defenseless people.

    Now selling pictures from your family album, with a semi nude mother of your six children…… sigh… I am still looking for words to describe it. Will let you know when I find them.

  15. jennifer says:

    gwen and gavin sold their wedding pics to ok magazine
    p.s cute baby

  16. jennifer says:

    Awwwwww baby…… :mrgreen: I guess I’m speaking AS a second child here, but I feel kinda bad for Zuma. Yeah, Kingston gets a cover spread, big huge deal, the works. Zuma gets one pic on his mom’s website 2 months after his birth. I’m not saying one is better than the other, just…yeah, I think I’m gonna go bitch at my older brother (who has 20 baby pictures to every ONE of mine in the family albums… :lol:

  17. Anni says:

    I´m a second child too and i loved having a big brother. okay, he tortured me and we fought like wild cats, but now…he´s always there, always protecting me.

    Zuma is cute. i love little chubby baby-arms. wanna bite them!

  18. Gigohead says:

    :D Beautiful baby! Congrats to the family.

  19. ll says:

    The market for baby pics has clearly dried right up. I assumed Gwen and Gavin were waiting to see what they could get – as W. and other mentioned, they sold their wedding and Kingston’s pics and it’s driving me crazy how many sites seem to completely forget that. I guess the money really is basically gone so they put up the pic.

    Here’s my question – we really think a paparazzi just stumbled onto the library where the baby was, for once, uncovered? Really? A library is a hotspot of paps? I assumed Gwen called them and gave them exclusive, given that she and Kingston and Gavin get photographed every other day. She’s gonna get paid one way or the other.

  20. Codzilla says:

    Adorable little baby. So chubby, I love it!

  21. Dingles says:

    I just can’t believe she’s 40. Girl’s gonna look 25 until the day she dies.

  22. california angel says:

    Well you know what pisses me off el isha?

    Women who can’t stand other women just because they are happy, beautiful, and successful.

    As if women haven’t fought enough for themselves throughout history, that now they have to defend themselves to other women, who say horrible things about them out of spite or jealousy.

    Women should be happy for one another, not in constant, obnoxiously jealous state about one another.

  23. Jackie says:

    Wow what mudslinging on this post!! I don’t see anything wrong with either keeping your child’s picture a private thing or having it splashed onto every tabloid. I don’t think it makes someone a better or worse parent. How about “We are just so damn excited over this child we want to share it with the world!”? Every set of parents is different. In Brangelina’s case, they are just so huge and in demand, but at least the money goes to causes they believe in. If celebrities just pocket the money, that’s their right too. Let the kids accuse their parents of pimping them out as children when they get older.

  24. Miriam says:

    SOMEONE is going to profit from the sale of these pictures, even those candid ones, so, why not do something good with it and sell the picture for charity? AJ most certainly didn’t start the bidding war, she just accepted the donation. If people are so concerned over the exploitation of these children, why condone paps hounding them? like poor Suri?

  25. Miriam says:

    “Sell pictures of yourself by all means but please allow the poor defenseless children some privacy. After all, they did not ask to be in this.”
    Sure, and the paps are that considerate and think this way too, right?

  26. Buttercup says:

    Gwen looks pretty. Her baby on the other hand, not so cute (IMO).

  27. Jeanne says:

    That baby is a doll. Mama looks good too.

  28. Best of British says:

    Its not hard to look that good when you’ve got wodloads of cash and get botox injections every couple of months. Her forehead is as smooth as a piece of paper! She’s got beautiful chocolate eyes tho, I’ll give her that. And the baba’s as cute as a button.

  29. chris says:

    i have a feeling vdantev is… BP