Kris Jenner snipes “I hate an Indian giver,” Native American groups call her out

I used to think the term “Indian giver” referred to how the US Government made a lot of promises to the Native Americans and then reneged basically every time. In my mind the early Americans were the “Indian givers” because they gave to the indigenous people and then took back land and screwed them over at every turn. As I learned a while ago, the phrase actually refers to American Indians as supposedly taking back gifts, and is considered derogatory.

So Kris Jenner used the term “Indian giver” when referring to the fact that her daughter Kim Kardashian wasn’t intending to give back her $2 million engagement ring to Kris Humphries after their 72 day marriage. On Good Morning America yesterday, Kris J. snipedI hate an Indian giver. It’s a gift – you keep a gift.” It was a stupid and entitled thing to say, but like a lot of things this woman says it was also a half truth. That $2 million dollar engagement ring that Kim claims Kris H. bought her was recycled from 2009, when Kim bought it for herself to try and get Reggie Bush to propose.

Kris is now under fire from Native American rights groups for using that phrase. I love how these Kardashian idiots are getting fallout at every turn:

The backlash against Kris Jenner is exploding over her use of the phrase “Indian giver,” and the largest American Indian and Alaska Native organization in the country has told exclusively that her comment “wrong and hurtful…”

Pata was referring to Jenner’s use of the phrase “Indian giver” on Good Morning America after saying that she hoped her son-in-law Kris Humphries didn’t want the engagement ring he gave her daughter Kim Kardahsian back.

“The phrase “Indian giving” is wrong and hurtful,” she added. “The cultural values of Native Americans are based on giving unconditionally and empowering those around them. Instead this cultural value is forgotten when negative stereotyping of Native people occurs.

“November is Native American Heritage Month and this moment calls for a reflection on the contributions of America’s first peoples to this great country. There are over 5 million US citizens identified as American Indians or Alaska Natives and 565 federally recognized tribal nations. This November we’re focused on celebrating 1.7 million Native youth under the age of 18 that face many challenges. There are many hopeful solutions and we invite the Jenner and Kardashian family to join with the country in learning more during Native American Heritage Month.”

As previously reported, an organization that serves the Native American community called Kris’s comment “false and hurtful,” as well.

[From Radar Online]

I know this is a throwaway phrase that used to be in wide use that Kris probably has no clue about. The Native American rights groups are using this as a teaching moment to try and get people to stop using it. This just goes to show how out of touch the Kardashians are, and of course how money-grubbing they are. Kris J. was talking about a $2 million dollar ring that Humphries supposedly bought for her daughter. Humphries is a multi-millionaire in his own right, but he’s also an athlete with a limited shelf life. Of course Kim isn’t going to return the engagement ring, though, since she bought it for herself fair and square. It was as much of a “gift” as the “loss” she took on her wedding. Bitch can’t recycle it again later, either, unless she gets the diamond reset or cut so it looks significantly different.

Kris talks about the ring at 3:00 in. As they say on The Soup, I watch this for you. (And it can be a sacrifice.)
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Here’s Kris signing copies of her book at a Barnes and Noble in New York

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  1. NeNe says:

    Who knew that aside from being a famef*cker, she is also a racist b*tch!!!

    Could this be the end of their 15 minutes of fame? I can only hope. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. irishserra says:

    I think I used the phrase once when I was 6 or 7 after hearing someone on the school playground use it. My mom put the smack down (figuratively) and schooled me and I never said it again.

    This woman is funny and sad, all in one.

  3. someone says:

    LOL….wow it took HOW many years for the general public to FINALLY dismiss the kardashians and address them for what they really are… (aka trash)???

  4. MB says:


    I truly hate this trainwreck of a family but this story is ridiculous. Im sure she isnt racist – she is just ignorant and stupid. There’s a difference. To be honest, I would rather be racist than have a brain the size of a shrivelled pea.

  5. rissa says:

    i’m native american and i gotta say i’m not offended. this is kris jenner were talking about. who gives a damn what she has to say.

  6. blc says:

    this might be the KK story that most enrages me. The nerve of Kris Jenner. Your disgusting daughter, famous for a sex tape a big fake fat ass, dumps her husband after 72 days but then feels entitled to keep the ring?? Who are these people??? They literally make me sick.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    I’ve heard the term before, but I thought people stopped using it, like, 30 years ago. It comes from cultural misunderstanding. What early European settlers saw as “gifts” from the Native Americans were actually being given for trade or barter. Which makes perfect sense in a society without money.

  8. Jeanine says:

    Money gruber!
    The Kardashians don’t do anything without getting paid for it.

  9. jen says:

    She’ll claim she’s 2/3rds Cherokee in 3…2…1…

  10. mln76 says:

    I knew that would piss people off. And yes most reasonably sensitive/intelligent people stopped using that phrase a long while ago. That’s just not Kris J or any of her dumb childrens.

  11. miss_bhaven says:

    Its just goes from bad to worse…hehehe. Loving it.

  12. logan says:

    Hey Kris Jenner, I am not a Native American, but for all that is Holy can you and your entire family please just SHUT UP? No one wants to hear about your daughters failed stunt of a marriage anymore. You, Dina Lohan, Kate (don’t even remember her last name anymore) and a few others never learn. You can’t prostitute your children and expect any good to come from it. Now you have two beautiful girls who are heading down the same road. Note to Bruce–grow some and protect your daughters. You can stand in a crowd and scream wolf and have people believe you for only so long. Shame, shame on you. Just SHUT UP.

  13. Hautie says:

    As a card carrying member of Choctaw Tribe for many years. I am not offended with the snide “Indian-giver” remark.

    What offends me is that this Mother is this dense. That she has made it a point to be a selfish ass. With a house full of daughters, who are just as dense & selfish.

    Lets pretend that the ring is a $2 million dollar ring. That Mr. Humphries did pay a significant amount of cash for it.

    The ring gets returned.

    Even the wedding band/ring gets returned.

    If he paid for it and she dumped him 2 months later. He gets it back.

    I am pretty confident that the court will make her return it, if he decides to sue her for it. Her engagement ring is not a “gift”.

    Kim will be humiliated again publicly, if she forces this boy to sue her to get it back. She has enough money to buy herself what ever she wants. Show some class and return the rings.

    (The ring she purchased herself, during the Reggie Bush years. Is not as big as this stone.)

  14. annie says:

    This is so random, but I just imagined what Marlon Brando would say or do to Kris if he was still alive :D

    I just read his autobiography and he was an avid supporter of Native American :D

  15. Kiki says:

    I’d respectfully like to ask if this expression (insult?) is the equivalent of the “n” word but for Native Americans.
    Not being offensive, as a Non-American, I’d seriously like to know.

  16. Sycophantsallaroundme says:

    I think that either the Kardashian clan bought the ring, or made some deal with the jeweler ( exposure for a massive discount, whatever ) and are now too embarrassed to admit it because that would look so pathetic / desperate.

    Think about it, if Kris H makes 8 mil, 3.2 goes to federal taxes, that 4.8 left, 10% goes to mgmt probably, that 800k , and I’m sure there are more fees, representation deals, publicists, plus state and local taxes, etc. Let’s say he netted. 3 million. Is he really going to spend 2/3 of his annual salary on a diamond? I don’t think so. You’d have nothing left to live on. ( in that world )

    Just a theory.

  17. Jayna says:

    I hate how money-grubbing Kris is. Sit your daughter down at a table and make her sign notes and send gifts back.

    They may be rich but Mother and Daughter are beyond tacky.

    I still like Kourtney and Khloe. They’re real. One luv v vs her baby and Khloe really takes care of her marriage over fame.

  18. GiGi says:

    Hey – who knew there were so many Anishinabe here at CB!? I’m Mohawk and have to say I don’t get offended by stupidity, either. Columbus Day is much more offensive than some idiot woman shooting her mouth off. It only makes her look bad (worse).

  19. atorontogal says:

    Seinfeld did a show about a cigar store Idian figure (15 years ago)also using the term in that show. Even back then they knew it was wrong so where the hell has Kris been living? Oh right yes, she’s been so distraught over not saving her best friend Nicole Simpson she just lost touch with reality! This family is the epitome of greed and entitlement it’s pathetic.

  20. Jayna says:

    What’s worse is how focused she is on a ring daughter will never wear. Kris makes far less and she dumped him, and good ol mom and daughter still want the ring. They are so greedy it’s mind boggling.

  21. dorothy says:

    You can just see the Kardashian machine crashing in flames….

    Sidenote: I hope her book ends up in the $1 Store bin for lack of sales.

  22. Cletus says:

    She’s a dumbass, so when she says dumdass shit, we should probably let it slide. Being mad at Kris Jenner for saying something stupid and/or offensive would be like me getting mad at my 80 year old grandmother for having wrinkles and smelling like Aspercream. I mean, come on…ITS KRIS JENNER. Being gross is pretty much her thang. Its what the American public pays her for.

  23. GiGi says:

    KiKi – No, it’s not even close to the N word, although the word squaw is the equivalent to the B word.

    Indian giver is just an archaic, ridiculous saying and I’m surprised Kris Jenner is old enough to use it. I thought it went away a long time ago. It is in reference to the “fact” that American Indians don’t honor their contracts… Which is insane and untrue but was widely stated in the early days of this country.

  24. lucy2 says:

    Wow, when she’s in a hole, she just keeps digging, huh?
    Love it. So sick of them, hope this puts a nice big dent in their “popularity”.

  25. autumndaze says:

    This ring’s rock looks larger than the one Kim bought herself earlier.
    This family is disgusting. I guess if they have to admit that Kim bought this one too, in order for her to keep it, it would reveal more of the Kardashian lies in that Humphries didn’t buy it.

  26. wunder says:

    Kris Jenner obviously feels she’s above ALL, and is Queen of the Universe!

    These Kardashian-Jenner idiots shouldnt be rewarded anymore for thier arrogance.

  27. Pyewacket says:

    This entire family is beyond disgusting.

    This sham they perpetuated for financial gain should alert the public as to what kind of people they really are.

    They should give back EVERYTHING they got as a result of that wedding, as it was nothing more than a farce.

    As for her comment. No one has used that in 50 plus years. She needs to educate herself and quit being the greedy fing, rude, racist she is.

  28. Dawn says:

    I have to say that I find all the Kardashian equally offensive so I am never surprised by the complete crap that falls out of their mouths. What I did really find odd and strangely more offensive than ole Madam Mommy was that cackle that came out of the interviewer’s mouth after Madam Mommy blurted that out. Kiss up much bitch? I know that the term “Indian Giver” dates back to the 1700 hundreds and what it meant at that time was (briefly) is this: When an Indian presents a person with a gift, they expect something of the same value back, if they do not receive that, then the Indian believes his/her gift should be returned. God these people who interview the Kardashian tribe are just as horrible as the Kardashian are. And please if you follow big butt on twitter, please don’t. She can make up to $100,000.00 for items pimped on Twitter. No more money for this big butted immoral slag please.

  29. Diane says:

    Love it when they just keep making themselves look like self-centered bitches.

  30. Seal Team 6 says:

    “Squaw” is actually more equivalent to the cword than the bword. It’s a very nasty word.

    Using “Indian Giver” in 2011 at best shows you to be an ignorant slag.

  31. rosalee says:

    Do you remember when Jessica Simpson uttered those very same words and then claimed she was part Native. Kris Jenner is a moron, shallow as a teaspoon. I am disappointed with the interviewer, she was laughing at Kris Jenners tasteless comment – or maybe she was laughing in glee at the blow back Jenner would receive.

  32. DavidBowie says:

    I wish there was a black hole that could swallow up that entire (useless) family. Hell, it would probably spit them back out.

  33. Judy says:

    Kris Jenner needs to STFU about everything! OMG, she is on my AOL screen this morning in her fake, soft voice justifying this sham of a wedding. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! That ring should be returned, as should all the gifts…they’ve made tons of money but have ZERO CLASS. I am sick of looking at and listening to her. She needs to go to prison for conning people. ENOUGH. I now hate her more than Kate Gosselin.

  34. Gee says:

    Gigi: I’m Italian and I find Columbus day offensive too. It’s such a stupid holiday. You can’t discover something that was already inhabited! And if people claim he just enlarged the western world or whatever, we should have Viking day regarding the 11th century settlements in nova scotia.

    As for kris Jenner, I think she just doesn’t know better. In school when they teach American history, they start with the lost colony of Roanoke.
    The lack of understanding and education about native Americans is outstanding. I only really learned about what it is like for native Americans on college art history classes where I fell on love with native American art.

    Legally, the ring is Kim’s btw. Doesn’t matter how expensive or whatever.

    Ps sorry for the weird typing. Off from work and had to comment from my phone! I just can’t quit celebitchy.

  35. faye says:

    what a disgusting human being.

  36. arock says:

    i hate her. hate, thats right.
    they should be publicly humiliated then forced to donate all the sham money to starving, ill, and homeless children. once that right is wronged, ryan seacrest should be forced into the driver seat of a streach limo where his foot is medically attached to the gas pedal, the k’s loaded in the back after being made to walk through the main road of every major city without makeup or hair products and apologizing to each person attending the shame parade.
    once in the limo there will be a nationalized show lasting 4-6 weeks deciding which cliff they will drive off, tallied of course through twitter and phone in votes.

    seriously, i really dont like them.

  37. arock says:

    in hindsight that was rather violent, but had been edited down from bonfires, stakes, and work camps.

    just a time machine will do…we can turn it back to right before kim gets peed on and have a maid bust in the room and grab the tape. (after she gets peed on, of course- i wont take that away from everyone)

  38. Vidi says:

    I am deeply offended by this bigoted remark and guffawed reaction by the interviewer.

    What discernible talent is there in any of this famewh*re Kardash family?

    I hope that husband of Kim’s realises his lucky escape from the money-grubbing claws of these bitches

    It is good form to return ALL the wedding presents as well as the ring – having ceded this sham of a marriage -but how would a racist, ignorant family know what is the right thing to do with a mother like that!

  39. Quest says:

    Kris head is so far up her daughters’ branded famewhoring ass that she doesn’t know sh*t.

  40. retyah says:

    Don’t throw around bigoted terms Kris. This hole is getting deeper and deeper.

  41. fatlittleprincess says:

    @GiGi – Are you Native American?

    My friend (who is Lumbee) sitting a few offices over from mine told me that it is like using the “n word”.

  42. You don't say says:

    Well I guess we know where this family got their bad attitudes and ignorance. It is genetic.

  43. Fatkid says:

    Wyandotte here (some folks call us Huron)

    @kiki – no, not the equivalent of the ‘n’ word. It’s a dumb phrase that shows her ignorance, but there are far more offensive.

    @gigi – I’m with you girl! Columbus day is NOT a holiday & I refuse to take the day off work as a matter of principal.

    @jen – she’ll probably make some random claim about her great-great-grandmother. That’s the one I usually hear.

  44. Jane says:

    No wonder Kim is so screwed up, listen to the garbage her mother spews.

    If Kim had any principals, morals or even pride, she would give the ring back. She is the one who broke up the marriage after only 3 months. The ring was suppose to symbolize that marriage.

    What is she going to do with it now? Wear it in public so it will always be a reminder to others how stupid and selfish she is or is she going to sell it? Is she that greedy?

    But, hey, mom says it was a gift and you don’t give back gifts. So, whatever mom says goes.

  45. jc126 says:

    I agree, she’ll claim she’s part Cherokee soon. Lol.

    I also used to think “Indian giver” referred to what the U.S. government did to the Indians, not that it was a slur the other way around, ON the Indians. I wasn’t raised with ethnic slurs, so I was kind of clueless on some of them like Paddy wagon (besides the obvious slurs using an offensive word for some group). I didn’t even realize the song “Dixieland” was referring to slavery days, I thought it meant just the South.

    I have hated the Kardashians for a while, but this divorce story has pushed my hatred into wishing that the whole lot of them could be sent into exile in Antarctica, or outer space.

  46. Alix says:

    A dumb and ignorant thing to say, but dear Lord, could these Native American rights groups overreact a little more? A simple “We wish Ms. Jenner would not use a phrase that’s derogatory and has not been used for decades by anyone with any education or cultural sensitivity” would put her in her place and not blow the incident so out of proportion. It’d be quite awesome, actually.

  47. k says:

    I was more offended by that twit Lara Spencer and her complicity.

  48. spaded says:

    i will never look at them the same i cant believe kris jenner would say such a racist thoughtless hurtful and iggnorant comment about native americans , truely selfish dosent even care about hurting others its been what 3 days or so since the interview and no apologie and the fact that she knew what questions they were going to ask her on air and she had time to think about how to answer them correctly .. but in the end kim get’s her RICHARD BURTON DIAMOND .. RAYVEN RYM kim is not ELIZABETH TAYLOR i dont think so , a collector of jewels and failed relationships multiple marriages ..

  49. ladybert62 says:

    That is one phrase I have always hated – I cringed when I read yesterday that she used it and I knew there would be backlash (rightfully so) from the Native Americans.

    Hopefully she (and others) will learn not to use this phrase again.

  50. TG says:

    Did the Klan admit to buying the ring? I am leaning towards some theories posted here that either the Klan bought the ring outright or as was also mentioned they got a huge discount and maybe the Humphs paid a portion of the cost since he doesn’t make as much as them. But the fact that the Brinks truck delivered the Humphs ring to the Klan’s business is very telling and I wondered at the time about that. First off people buy engagement rings for personal use not business so why would an insurance company demand the ring be delivered to a place of business? And if you are the gentleman who purchased the ring why the heck would you send it to your soon-to-be-betrothed’s place of business? None of that made sense at the time I viewed the episode but now it is becoming more clear. How embarrassing to have to buy your own ring. And what kind of man would even tolerate that? I have to wonder about the Humphs motives if this is indeed the case.

    I know an engagement ring should be returned in an engagement is broken but in this case she was already married to him. I am not sure how a court would view that, but I do know that any decent person would feel obligated to return it. I know I sure would. Heck I used to break up with my boyfriends before Valentine’s Day so they wouldn’t get me anything if I knew I didn’t like them anymore. Oh, and I don’t think this Svengali is a racist, I think she is just stupid, if just using the word “Indian” wasn’t a huge hint then there is no hope for her.

  51. Relli says:

    @ GiGI yeah thanks for putting that out there about Columbus day. I got suspended from Catholic school in 6th grade becuase i told them that the raping and pillaging of people was a reason to celebrate nor should it be a holiday. So good to see there are some many people who feel the same way.

    Kris is an idiot… she needs a Lainey style SIT DOWN!

  52. Cindy says:

    This just shows how greedy they really are. Who WANTS a reminder of the guy they dumped after 2 months? She must hate him if she won’t even consider counseling this early in the marriage. If I was going through something like this, keeping the ring and gifts would be the last thing on my mind.

  53. GiGi says:

    @fatlittleprincess – Yup – I’m Mohawk. I also have a Black daughter and so I should’ve written that *to me* Indian Giver is not nearly as offensive as the N word… *to me* – but everyone is different and what some find deeply offensive, others do not. For example, my family, friends and I call ourselves Indian all the time and I’m not offended by that term, but some are. It’s a matter of preference, really.

  54. anonymous says:

    We are all going to be India Givers then, we givet and we taket away. When your show is cancelled and you finally have to find real work like Kate Gosslin,from Kate Plus Eight, who is presently selling coupons for Gropons online.

  55. The Truth Fairy says:


  56. Ron says:

    This truly shows what complete and utter trash the Kardashian/Jenners truly are. My cousin got divorced about a year after she got married and she gave the ring back to the ex even though she had had the ring for two years at that point. She said she did not want the memories attached to the ring and that it was his to begin with. I also love Kimmy fake sadness. Bitch was out all of Halloween weekend partying in Hollywood and seemed just fine.

  57. SFRowGuy says:

    Yeah Kris? And we hate lying skanks. Like mother like daughter? That turnip didn’t fall too far from the tree, as the rest of your brood, I’m sure.

  58. drawbackwards says:

    My mother made the comment the other day that Kris is a “marketing genius”… I literally screamed in the restaurant. She makes my skin crawl with her insessant need to be GORGEOUS and make her girls GORGEOUS every waking minute of the day, with full-face makeup and 6 inch lashes. She’s essentially a Toddlers and Tiara’s stage mom for 30 year-olds.

    Now she’s defending the fact that her golden child made a huge ass (pun intended) of herself. Just SHUT UP. (Please!) And now we’re talking about “indian giving,”? Well-educated comment, Kris. Is it “indian giving” if your biological nose, scalp and adipose tissue is “returned” to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?

  59. OneInka says:

    Of course that lady would say something like that during Alaska Native/American Indian Heritage month. I also find it ironic that the month they set aside to celebrate the original Americans is the same that Thanksgiving falls in.

    I’ve always felt like “redskins” was more like the “n” word…

  60. Jover says:

    WHat i’m fascinated with is that she even knew of the phrase; aside from that great Seinfeld episode (and I’m a seinfeld lover), i can’t remember ever hearing the term and many of my friends lean right and they’ve never used it – its so archaic. BUt the junk popular media keeps booking these scumbags, and until that ends, we’ll still be seeing Katface.

  61. DarkEmpress says:

    I really truly hope that this is the beginning of the end for this family’s reality shows and other business ventures. The public hate for them is slowly building up like it did for Jon and Kate Gosselin.

    Why is Kim keeping the ring!? She probably only got married so she could have an excuse to keep the ring. If she had ended the engagement, she would have had to give it back.

    As for the racist remarks. I think a lot of people need to be educated about Native Americans and their history. Its wrong to say “Indian Giver”, its wrong to dress up as a Native American for Halloween and its wrong to keep teaching kids lies about Thanksgiving.

  62. Denise says:

    They are getting fall out because they won’t STFU.

  63. april says:

    So Kim went out on Halloween dressed up as Poison Ivy and was all smiles. The next day she files for divorce and after the backlash she’s all upset. Obviously her only distress is with the backlash. Her actions show she cared nothing about her marriage; it’s all about the money in this family.

  64. This story actually made my mint n chip icecream taste bad.

  65. Agg says:

    God, please make the Kardashians DIAF.

  66. ... says:

    This is the one time I’m happy an ethnic group came out swinging. I happen to be full native american and do not find the phrase offensive as it’s pretty much the only racial stereotype that had NO factual basis…it’s hilarious that jessica simpson and now this broad are ignorant enough to bandy it about. Anything for the downfall of this family. I also refuse to celebrate Columbus say and Thanksgiving.

  67. Incredulous says:

    So, should people not use the terms welching and Mexican stand-off either?

    Both are the derogatory terms that stuck and insult Welsh and Mexicans respectively.

  68. Euphorima says:

    Gosh, surprising to always see so many Kardash bashers on this site….makes me really wonder what those b*tches ever personally did to any of you to warrant such contempt. I think your energies can sometimes be utilized more productively instead of spewing such hatred. Wow!!!!

  69. Euphorima says:

    The posts about those Kardashians always have the most responses on this site…..if you all want them to disappear so bad, try this: one of these days when CB does a post on any of them, nobody should respond! you will see how quick they disappear if we just STFU about them! Tired of hearing about them and tired of hearing people going on&on abt how much they despise them.

  70. Green_Eyes says:

    Being half Cherokee (my dad is Cherokee-Eastern tribe), I really am not offended by KK’s remark..she’s so ignorant and clueless about life in general. But typing her initials after reading someone calling her racist peaked my curiosity..please tell me she was not ignorant enough to give her kids middle initials that began w/ K’s…that really would show how clueless she is (KKK).

    As for her next claiming to be Native..sure and I’m really a monkey in a ladies suit that NASA trained to respond in celebrity blogs:). Pass me a banana please..I mean Cracktini!

  71. Jay says:

    On behalf of India, I object to the word Indian being used when one means Native American. And I object to someone referring to my coworker as an African-American when he was, in fact, an African-Canadian.

  72. rissa says:

    euphorima- im native american. why dont you figure out why i dont like them.

  73. whatever you want it to be says:

    I learned “Indian Giver” was not a nice thing to say when I was 6 years old and called an Indian schoolmate an Indian Giver. As soon as it came out of my mouth I realized that there was something not nice about it and I never used the term again. How fucking old is she?

  74. RB says:

    #67 Your comment cracked me up the most for some reason. I love me some mint choc chip ice cream too. So sorry your’s was ruined by this Krazy Kardashian Klan.

    I think Kris Jenner’s use of such an inappropriate and offensive term in an interview is, in part, a reflection of her anger about this whole fiasco – that being the entire family is now a complete joke (except for baby Mason and the underage sisters). Kris must be fuming inside. Maybe she didn’t know Kim was going to file divorce as soon as she did. Did Kimmie go to court without mommy’s consent? I think Kris Jenner just might be a pot about to boil over. Her derogatory comment was very telling.

    Side note: I don’t care for Columbus Day either.

  75. capitanne says:

    Why is the cow given a forum to insult native Americans and everyone else on the planet with her mere existence?

  76. Kim says:

    Kris is completely classless. Why in the world would or should Kim keep that ring? Because she bought it herself (you know she did).

  77. demented says:

    “giving unconditionally and empowering those around them”

    I zoned out then. The word “empowering” has that effect on me.

    As for “Indian Giver,” even when I was a little kid I KNEW somehow that this was a really nasty wrong thing to say. Maybe unlike Kris and her Klan, I was just raised right by parents who respect the Native peoples.

    Oh, and the last time I heard that phrase, it was an episode of Psych where Shawn yells “Indian-giver” at someone during the Diwali festival. When everyone stares at him, he apologizes and says, “I was insulting a completely different group of Indians.”

  78. MJ says:

    Like so many other people here, I figured out that it wasn’t a nice thing to say by the time I was 5 or 6, so I find it utterly ridiculous that someone who lives and breathes PR 24/7 would not have a clue that “Indian giver” is not a popular/PC expression. Even if she uses it in her private life (as if she has one) you’d think that her scheming pimp brain would consider that any slang regarding ethnicity would be risky territory and bad for business. Seriously, is she high? Probably.

  79. Darryl says:

    What a bunch of kunts the kardashians are

  80. TVannie says:

    #18 Sychopants-people who earn more than a million dollars a year, do not pay takes on it. If they pay income tax, they pay a very small amount. Middle and lower income people pay way more in taxes than millionaires pay. That is one of the things the 99% of us are sick and tired of paying. The rich do not pay for government, the working poor pay. How do you think those folks keep their money?

  81. TG says:

    @TVannie- We the working poor, me included, wouldn’t be paying so many taxes if we would refuse to support welfare fraud or just welfare in general. I mean I support help when it is needed but having a bunch of kids you can’t afford is not need and also it is so easy to get pregant claim the baby daddy isn’t in your life and get all kinds of help while all the time these woman are living at home with their baby daddy. This happens all the time.

  82. Tristyn says:

    What’s the point people!?!? You can’t fix stupid..

  83. opininated says:

    This woman is sooo disgusting…I’ve come across homeless people who have showed more class!! obviously class has nothing to do with money bt this bitch is a money hungry pimpin whore!!Give the ring back you freakn MISER!! Im also greatly offended by the term Indian Giver!!

  84. Charlotte says:

    What exactly did Mama K do before Kim got famous with the sex tape? Did she have previous experience as a “manager” in LA?

  85. Sophie says:

    There is a great article here about how Kris is trying to make her family look good:

  86. Kelly says:

    Why is anyone surprised she is so ignorant? She’s nothing but stupid trash.

  87. chainsawbuzzkill says:

    “Indian Giver” refers to giving things to Indians, not Indians giving things to you.

    You give them land, take it away. Give land, take it away.

  88. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Thats alright Kris you hate Indian Givers and I hate Gyspies Grifters !

    You and Dina Lohan are like those traveling gypsy groups that use to come into town and con people out of money before running off in the night a hour ahead of the law……Only here we have two families of rival gypsy bands in town at the same time both trying to out Con the other selling their snake oil cures and fake charms to the public…and to stupid to realize that the town has caught on pretty soon the townspeople will run your asses and your daughters out of town on a rail…
    My apoligizes to real Gypsys but you know the ones I am referring to…

  89. LuckyLilGem says:

    Ugh, so over these ppl. Can’t we find some new ppl to follow? How about Henry Cavill?

  90. Gunny says:

    Lets assume that the Ring was Given Indian Fashion.

    1Million $ + Ring,Given Native American Style. And the Giver expecting 1 million+ of Love and affection Back..??
    He was Denied the Exchange..

    He has a Right to expect the Ring Back..
    She Said He Bought It.. Think He Got Snookered All the way around..

  91. Eagle-Bear says:

    People are not upset with the use of the phrase, “Indian Giver”, people are sick to death of the fame of this, no talent family. Everyone is just looking for a reason to hate them.
    Im Native American and the intent of her use of the phrase, “Indian giver” was not in any way used to offend Indians. Personally I’m offended by all this Political correctness that people keep cramming down everyone’s throat. Words only have as much power as people are willing to give them. I also think all this correctness is a way for people to be bullies.

  92. Eagle-Bear says:

    Legally, She has the right to keep the ring. If she didn’t marry him and it was an engagement ring, she would have to give it back.

  93. Jag says:

    She’s been racist before, so this doesn’t surprise me, even though it makes me angry. I really hope no one buys her book and that people stop following them on Twitter.

    Please make them go away.

  94. Ari says:

    I am choctaw (mom) and chickasaw (dad) and am not offended by her comment. But just like others said she will definitely start claiming to be native soon and then I will be offended. She has some real nerve and glad to see this family keetolling back to the depths of no-man’s land.

  95. Ari says:

    None of my comments are showing lets try again LOL I am choctaw (mom) and chickasaw (dad) and am not offended by her comment. But just like others said she will definitely start claiming to be native soon and then I will be offended. She has some real nerve and glad to see this family keetolling back to the depths of no-man’s land.

  96. Moonbeamz says:

    Come on guys, we all know the truth:

    Kim bought the ring &
    Kim payed Kris to marry and divorce her, hence why she is not wiling to go to marriage counseling (and why she bought her own ring!) It was a completely fake relationship, designed to get more ratings and publicity. End of story.

  97. LolaBridgeaDuh. says:

    I really hope this stupid twat just has her day and is done. Her daughters are the lowest of the lowest, the only one I have any pity for is the wildebeest known as Khloe, that poor sasquatch just has to be mortified at this whole thing. Kris Jenner herself is an egocentric twat who needs to be put down along with the other twat who came out of her twat Kim. Why cant this family just be on a bus together when it goes off a cliff?

  98. Judy says:

    Just shoot me now! She’s on Today AGAIN this a.m., spewing the same garbage she said on Today last week and on The View. Why don’t you just play a recording, Kris…you sound like a damned parrot. And WTH are you wearing! That lace collar thingy is FUGLY. And that BLACK hair with those BLACK eyes and those WHITE lips are HIDEOUS. I despise this woman. And I switched over to Food Network…I refuse to watch her ever again.

  99. jen says:

    Seriously I can’t believe how mean and hateful people are and I’m talking about the comments. The kardashians are just imperfect people like everyone else. They have feelings too. How many times have you made a stupid comment that you didn’t mean. When she was asked that question she should have just said its between them and they need to decide.

  100. CG says:

    arock has my favorite post on this thread! Brilliant!! lol

    they should be publicly humiliated then forced to donate all the sham money to starving, ill, and homeless children. once that right is wronged, ryan seacrest should be forced into the driver seat of a streach limo where his foot is medically attached to the gas pedal, the k’s loaded in the back after being made to walk through the main road of every major city without makeup or hair products and apologizing to each person attending the shame parade.
    once in the limo there will be a nationalized show lasting 4-6 weeks deciding which cliff they will drive off, tallied of course through twitter and phone in votes.

    seriously, i really dont like them.

  101. Judy says:

    @Jen: I should probably apologize for some of my comments. I like Bruce Jenner. He’s way too good IMO for Kris Jenner, who has become a maniac pimp, who will do absolutely anything for more money. She’s the epitome of greed and shallowness, and if she’d stay out of this instead of going from network to network spewing the same damage control to “protect her brand,” I’d be less verbal. Her continual appearances are making things worse, not better. She needs to shut up and stay out of the limelight instead of trying to manipulate and control the public’s reaction to this travesty. She’s despicable.

  102. dahlia1947 says:

    HA HA HA!! It sure looks like the same ring to me!! This woman is evil. Her and Kim are two of a kind. Watching the first episodes of their show you see Kourtney and Rob calling Kim out on her selfish behavior.

    I’m glad for that. And Khloe calling her mom out too for stuff she would say or do. The rest of the family are up on how these two operate so I won’t hate on them.

    And I ain’t buying your book B**ch.

  103. wunder says:

    I have Cree and Cherokee ancestry.

    Maybe scalping isnt such a bad idea afterall. . . it’s not we’d be wasting any brains with these Kardasian-Jenners.

  104. reggiebush says:

    This is why a ran away fromKim her whole family is racist and just straight up freaks and greedy freaks at that. I figure Kris got off cheap only losing a 2 mil. ring to get away from her whoring fame family

  105. Zimmer says:

    I’ve always used my own term for this phrase (“white-man giver”), no matter how odd people think I am. Being mostly Anglo, I feel like I can say it without feeling guilty for being derogatory.

  106. Cheyenne says:

    GiGi: It is in reference to the “fact” that American Indians don’t honor their contracts… Which is insane and untrue but was widely stated in the early days of this country.

    Probably as a projection to counter the real fact that the government of this country broke every treaty with the Indian tribes it ever made.

  107. Shelly says:

    This article regarding the term “Indian- giver” is correct. It really has nothing to do DIRECTLY with being a Native American.

    The US Govt did lease out land to the Native Americans then screwed them and took the land back.

    The term DOES NOT DESCRIBE THE ACTIONS OF Native Americans, IT DESCRIBES THE ACTIONS OF THE US. GOVT because they gave and then took everything back. Maybe the term should be called “a taker-backer” or something along those lines. lol

    But I do agree, there should not be ANY race affiliated with this term.

    IMO Kris J is so out of touch with the real world she probably still calls her African American son-in-law…”colored” when talking about him in private.

  108. Kenesha says:

    TAKE DOWN THE KARDASHIANS BLOG People sign this petition!! Share the link in facebook and twitter show them who are the bosses. The family is a bunch of hypocritical sociopaths.

  109. Willworkforfood says:

    Skank, Wh*rey, B*tch. Honestly, the Indian Giver thing doesn’t offend me. However, it is impossible for her to hide how offensive she is, regardless of her ignorant word placing. Implying that it was a GIFT, like a PRESENT! First of all, I believe Kim bought it, and they can’t admit it. Second, and ENGAGEMENT ring is more than a GIFT. It is a promise, a commitment, dumb, greedy b*tch!

    I believe Kris Humphries will be fine soon, regardless of this horrible ride. But as far as Kris Jenner?! I wish she would go into hiding like her daughter. Shameful! They are both adults, but she is the MOTHER, MANAGER, and MADAME!

    Kris Jenner. I don’t normally call out other mom’s, but I have to wonder, what it must feel like now that you see others type…that through your careful guidance and management, that your first born daughter may now be Un-Marriable! Brilliant!!!

    Note to Kim. I seriously do not believe that is true, but things are very bad right now. Shallow is not a close enought word. BUT, IF, the rumors are true, that you and Reggie are truly, hopelessly in love, then I honestly do pray that it works out. Very sincerely. Regardless. I pray that he has the strength to endure the negativity that most surely will come his way. IF it is true, you both should lay low, you should QUIT your stupid show, and be a happy girl, like the rest of us poor, normal, middle and lower economic class folk. NOOOO money is worth what you are receiving.
    If you can’t figure that out, then your mother, Kris Jenner, who should be walking around in Black every day!!, then she will have RUINED you.

    Bruce Jenner! Time for you to step in and be a MAN! HUSBAND, FATHER, and put your foot down, make it stop!

  110. Willworkforfood says:

    You are very nice, albeit naive This is modern day Con Artist situation I was, still am a little naive myself There is a HUGE difference when you and I say things we don’t mean, especially when we get nervous I wont lecture now, or explain more, just please,,, think about it~~

  111. Auds says:

    You don’t need to watch their idiotic reality show to see how idiotic this TV family is.
    In terms of cultural appraisal; I don’t associate with anyone who admits to watching their rubbish.
    I recall the term ‘indian giver’ at elementary school, back in the day when it was common for people to be discriminated based on their ethnic status. I would have thought that this term would have gone the way of the N word by now – especially in America. It just goes to show that just as many negative terms, as positive terms that originate in America, are viral when it comes to their insertion into the popular cultures of countries that look to America for some type of cultural guidance [I don't know why]. Australia is one of those countries, recently hosting two of the Kardashian tartlets. The news coverage was insane; network news now broadcast what they are paid to broadcast, so I’m wondering how much the corporations that sponsor the Kardashians, pay networks to show highlights of their promo tours on the nightly news, which was what happened here in Australia. To see girls queuing up and screaming like Twilight fans to see the Lard-arsians was nauseating.

  112. wize up says:

    I hate these ndn groups… they crave/want fame just as bad as the Kartrashians….. I don’t want to be represented by them… they don’t speak for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. macey says:

    I am soo hoping this is the beginning to the end of their over-extended 15 minutes.

    Now there’s even a new Facebook page dedicated to their douchebaggedness…

  114. Bopa says:

    Even if she didn’t know what it meant it’s still a rude thing to say being that it’s directed at Kris H considering the situation. Your daughter is the one who accepted the proposal and then strung it along even though she supposedly had second thoughts.

  115. CeeCee says:

    Kenesha – I signed!!
    For the love all humanity I pray this show ends and they demise rapidly & disappear into obscurity. Enough is enough.

  116. crtb says:

    Thank you for the history lesson. I too was under the impression that the expression came from how the government treated the Native Americans. I am African American and have Native American on both sides of the family and wasn’t aware that “Indian Giver” was considered an offensive term. So I am going to give her a pass on this one. Politically correct terms seem to change daily. Sometimes it is hard to keep up. And what is incorrect here in America isn’t offensive in Euroupe.

  117. crtb says:

    Kim Kardashian is going to shell out some serious dough so she can keep her MASSIVE engagement ring, the cash is all going to Kris Humphries.

    Sources close to the former couple tell it was Kris who originally bought the 20.5 carat diamond stunner and Kim loved the ring so much, she included a clause in the pre-nup which allows her buy the ring from Kris for the original purchase price in the case of a divorce.

    Ironically, without a special clause in the prenup, Kim would have been the proud owner outright, because once the became man and wife, the ring would have been Kim’s.

  118. Eva says:

    I was shocked (insulted) when I saw the video and read the article published on a website…I actually thought she was all cool but she actually hurt me and my community by making such a comment. What right does she have to say such a thing?? There should be some amount of action taken because she made such a offensive comment and that to on live television!

  119. Mark says:

    People that get offended at ANYTHING not directed to them personally need to grow up and stop acting like babies. KJ is a certified idiot too.