Courtney Stodden “proves” her boobs are “rill” with sonogram on Dr. Drew

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Courtney gets a boob ultrasound. Check out the guy at :45!

Courtney Stodden, the now 17 year-old bride, has insisted that her comically oversized breasts are “rill,” and that she hasn’t had any other plastic surgery. It’s pretty obvious from looking at photos of her as a younger teen that she’s had at least a nose job and maybe an eye lift, along with some significant help with her breasts. Courtney is on the Dr. Drew “Lifechangers” show today with her creepy as hell 51 year-old dad husband to “prove” that she hasn’t had any work done. Courtney got a sonogram of her boobs while being taped in front a live, disgusted studio audience. She pursed and licked her lips repeatedly, wearing in a little robe and stripper heels before laying down on the examination table to show that she didn’t have implants. Thankfully, she was covered by a towel although you know she would have preferred to have been hanging out for all to see.

In the clips available on Dr. Drew’s website and TooFab, we get to see Courtney get a sonogram but there’s not final word on whether they found implants. For that you’ll have to tune in to the show today. It’s possible that like Kim Kardshian’s ass she doesn’t have “implants,” but that doesn’t prove much. There’s a procedure involving fat transfer to the breasts that can achieve similar results. The part where the plastic surgeon judges Courtney’s face to see if she’s had work done to it is also cut off before we get to his verdict. He’ll probably say she’s all natural, as she’s insisted. All you have to do is look at old photos of her to see that something is not right with that girl.

Courtney and Doug also share some really inappropriate photos of them at home, romping on the bed while Courtney is of course half dressed. Later Doug defends their love and Courtney explains that they got married because “if we dated, he could get put in jail.” Exactly.

It’s really hard to look away from this train wreck, but I’m still hoping these two don’t score a reality show contract. We know they’re shopping one.

Surgeon examines Courtney’s face.
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Doug defends their love. “Why is it wrong or why is it offensive?
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Doug and Courtney share home photos.
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Credit to TooFab for that photo above.

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  1. Katyusha says:

    ew ew ew ew ew ew

    Girl, I will BUY you a hair brush.

  2. Stonegoddess says:

    In the last picture she looks like an extremely poorly done drag queen. That eye shadow is ridiculous.

    I need to bleach my everything now.

  3. Cher says:

    Something is terribly wrong with both of them. They should get some serious psychotherapy. Such fame whores will do ANYTHING including look stupid just to get attention and it worked cos they got a tv show! Signs of the times!

  4. CJW says:

    What tha…… I have seen prettier smiles on a stroke victim. But oh yeah, she’s all natural.

  5. Ashley says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are real. I remember a side shot from that white bikini ‘photo shoot’ where the top came away from her ribcage, and it was obvious that it was at least 50% padding with her boobs pushed way up and sitting on top. Plus, she contours the hell out of the tops with self-tanner and bronzer.

    I have natually large breasts on a thinner frame, and they look just like comically large implants if I ever try on a VS padded and/or push up bra.

    …and I can’t believe I even took the time to comment on this girl/topic.

  6. Lois says:

    I can’t get over how horrible her hair looks! Yuck.
    I can never unsee this now!!

  7. Kloops says:

    Why is Dr Drew enabling this nonsense?

  8. Shelly says:

    I like how she says one of the reasons they are together is because she is “fearless”. I was “fearless” when I was a teenager, too, as are MOST teenagers. This is why you have PARENTS – to stop you from doing stupid things that you shouldn’t do just because you have no fear, because they are an adult and have some healthy fear and know better. This girl has been sexually exploited by her own mother. And she looks like a used up stripper.

  9. Praise St. Angie! says:

    um…I thought that, after the whole Kim K and her butt implants thing, it was determined that a sonogram doesn’t “prove” anything when it comes to implants.

    didn’t we also go through this with Tyra on her show?

  10. Dianna says:

    seriously, i dont know who to be more disgusted with– this chick or Dr. Drew…

  11. Laurie M. says:

    What the “F” is up with Dr. Drew lately and the nasty, fame-seeking guest he is putting on his new show? This teenage AARP member, last week was Octomom begging for money (again), some Bunny Ranch wh0re, and Kate Major….to name a few.
    Dr. Drew’s reputation and credibility are circling the toilet!

  12. dorothy says:

    It’s not that people don’t believe the boobs…it’s just that they don’t care. Your a circus sideshow attraction.

    Dr. Drew, are ratings so bad your having to have someone of such low caliber on your show? Pathedic.

  13. alma says:

    Why do these “doctors” have them on their show??? I’ve lost all respect for them!!!

  14. CJW says:

    And yes, you can make natural boobs look fake. She is wearing two bras, cutlets and using bronzer to enhance what “God” gave her. Why you would want to make your boobs look like bolt-ons at 17 is beyond me.

    Bless her heart.

  15. Hautie says:

    Oh yea she is stuffing her bra.

    So is the doctor going to tell the world she stuffs her bra?

    And what is with her lizard face? Does her Mother really believe this is a sexy face?

    Cause you know that delusional Mother is telling her to “make your sexy face baby!”. And out comes the Lizard look.

  16. Faye says:

    Gotta love that winning smile she gave the surgeon.

  17. fabgrrl says:

    It’s sad. Courtney was a very pretty young girl. If her mother had just let nature run its course, Courtney could very likely have started a legit modeling career by now. She would probably be giggling in a Diet Coke commercial, or modeling sweaters in a Macy’s catalog. REAL work that she could have in a portfolio, or proudly show her grandparents.

    I’m thinking that this is all leading up to a Courtney’s 18th birthday cover and spread in Playboy. I remember those creepy, count-down-to-18, websites for the Olson twins and Natalie Portman, and probably others. Get icky guys to salivate over a not-yet-legal girl. Since Courtney isn’t famous already this sham-marriage will build up buzz. Hey guys, you can drool all over this underage girl because she is married, so it is totally okay. And she was totally a chaste virgin before her wedding, so anyone objecting to her “sluttiness” is just jealous.

  18. LisaMarie says:

    Ok, out of all the weird things to think after reading this article, the one that occurred to me is that her lips must be really chapped from all that constant lip licking. Do you think she does that behind closed doors too, or is it just for public? I know, I know, weird thing to think about

  19. dovesgate says:

    Thing is – she still looks like a 40 year old trying too hard to look young and hot. So I can see why he would be attracted.

    This girl obviously has mental issues. Even the Playboy Bunnies are not so over the top. Hell, even hardcore porn stars aren’t as over the top!

    I just want to take her home, make her wash that crap off her face, dress her decently, and teach her how to be normal and not just a caricature. Oh and send her back to school, starting at whichever grade she needs to start at. For some reason, I am guessing it is a really low grade.

  20. CJW says:

    Nah. I bet her tongue is dry. Kinda like a bird’s. No chapped lips for her.

  21. bored says:

    Did she do her own makeup for this show? Her eyebrows look scary.

  22. Judy says:

    She looks 50. Those two LOSERS deserve each other.

  23. Nibbi says:

    the thing with the breast sonogram felt exploitative and gross, even tho she’s willingly playing along, i guess cuz she’s so young and everyone’s like “let’s see what’s going inside THAT body!”

    and fer cryin’ out loud, she can’t even smile normally

  24. texasmom says:

    She doesn’t know how to smile? What was that grimace?

  25. Mich says:

    I have no problem being a judgemental bitch (see my Lilo posts!) but I simply can’t with this girl…yet. She is a child and, despite appearances, her brain is still years away from being mature. The adults in her life, however, are scum. Her mother and husband … scum, scum, scum. I’m still hoping that this is reality theatre of the Joaquin Phoenix variety. Please God, let this be reality theatre and let this child be 30 and fully consenting!

  26. newtsgal says:

    Trying to eat my breakfast here!

  27. Novaraen says:

    Everything about this girl(and the hubby too) is pure sleeze…and every picture of her is comical. Somehow I can believe she is only 17 based on what she calls “sexy looks”. She literally looks like a little girl who got into her mommies makeup and is trying desperately to look sexy.

    Yeah…a lot of her boobs are padding and contour shadowing. She and him are both extremely pathetic. It’s sad.

  28. Jules says:

    She looks like a 40 year old drag queen. What a damn shame.

  29. serena says:

    The things are two : she didn’t know how to smile or she is a freaking (dumb)liar and had surgery on her face.

  30. Quest says:

    Courtneys’ Boob sonogram and Kim Kardashians’ Butt x-ray can have a date in plastic surgery hell and live happily ever after.

  31. serena says:

    I just saw her older photos. She was cute. WAS.
    She should just keeping it simple, without the drag queen make up, the trashy blonde colour&style, the tan, and well at least she’d look ‘normal’. Take aside surgery and dress.

  32. cbnagrl says:

    Who’s the freak taking pictures of them in the bedroom? The husband makes my skin crawl and she’s……just……..sad.

  33. DiaBLa says:

    Why did Dr. Drew jump the shark with this Girl??? Shame on you, Dr.DRew…

  34. Heather M (Heather) says:

    I have to admit that when I was her age I had huge DD breasts and was a size zero (and to make it worse my mom was AA sized–Someone up there has a sense of humor!). I remember, at 19, being in a bikini and having guys yell, “they’re fake!” and of course I yell back, “they’re real!” and they were!!! They defied gravity and I looked like a “cartoon character” according to my sister.

    So, I would normally say that they are fake, but that would be sort of wrong, considering what I went through.

    With that said, I did not wear piles of fake everywhere else! She wears so much makeup and looks so plastic and like she almost wants us to think she has fake boobs! So it’s easier to jump to that conclusion.

  35. Kelly says:

    Holy Crow. In the first pic, she looks like she’s about to step onto the set of a gangbang porn shoot. For absolute reals. (Sorry if that image traumatizes anyone, but SERIOUSLY.)

    And why the F are these people going on shows and whoring? Oh, right – money. Foolish me. Who needs dignity anyway.

    And Dr. Drew should have his medical license stripped once and for all. Shame on him.

  36. sapphire says:

    Anyone see those photos taken without make up when she was running out for coffee. Boobs were much smaller and her bare face was much prettier. Why in God’s name would she do this crap?

  37. SkyNet says:

    Ugh! Her face, her dad-husband, and her make my morning sickness act up. Her make up looks like one of those pirate wenches from Treasure Island in Vegas. I feel bad for her sometimes. If she really is 17 then this whole thing is child abuse and really needs to be investigated.

  38. DesertRose says:

    I hate to admit it, because as a general rule I find both Dr. Drew and Courtney & Doug to be gross, but I totally want to set my DVR. Must.Not.Do.It. I guess I can just watch the clip here tomorrow and that way I don’t help their ratings lol

  39. Linnie says:

    Why is no one talking about the work HE has had done on his face. Obvious botox and filler done on that pedophilic creep. She is a mentally sick girl being used by whoever can get their hands on her. Shame, shame on all the adults that have allowed this to happen to her. She might look like she knows what she is doing, but take a look at 17 year olds that you know, or think back to when you were 17. There is something so wrong with this I can’t believe the attention this is getting and no one is saying stop!

  40. Criss says:

    I think she’s on legal antidepressant drugs. She moves a lot like Anna Nicole Smith. To me she just looks like a lost little girl trying to act grown up. No one likes this guy any more. She’ll grow up in a few years and realize what she’s done to herself, all teenagers make mistakes-Just not with child molesters.

  41. Deb says:

    Someone needs to teach the poor girl a new method of makeup application. Those frosty nude lipsticks didn’t look good in the 90s and early 00s, and they don’t look good now. Her eye makeup makes her look completely worn out.

    She always looks like she’s tweaking. I do sort of feel sorry for her. It’s obvious that people have been exploiting her and feeding her delusions for a long time.

  42. brin says:

    That is one hard and nasty looking 17 year old. Her mom must be so proud of herself.

  43. dorothy says:

    I’m requesting a sonogram of her brain…is it “rill” or silicone filled?

  44. Chickie Baby says:

    Good Lord Almighty, that’s a lot of Max Factor she’s slathered on with a spackle knife.

    Dolly Parton doesn’t wear that much makeup in 5 years combined.

  45. Cathy says:

    My eyes…help.. my eyes they’re burning up. Fire Fire.

  46. Zigggy says:

    Wow, she is so… I don’t even know! The way she talks, her mannerisms- it’s so freaking weird.

  47. San says:

    Oh my god ! Some one save that girl .

  48. ladybert62 says:

    she does look like a drag queen and shame on Dr. Phil – I used to like hearing what he had to say – not any longer.

  49. Maritza says:

    Everything about her looks so wrong! Way too much makeup for a 17yr old, her tangled hair and her awful sexual gestures with her mouth. Seriously this girl needs help, is she on drugs? I got to say, Snooki is looking pretty normal to me compared with this one.

  50. gab says:

    Thanks for the funny comments everyone because the story makes me so sad. Oh dear Jeebus girl, wash that face, brush your hair, put on some jeans and pick up a book. FFS.

  51. xxodettexx says:

    i just dont get it ladies and gentlemen! she is so RILL?!? but somehow my mind is fighting all the RILLness…

  52. Erinn says:


    I’m on legal antidepressants and I don’t move differently than I did before. She’s probably on tranquilizers or something different.

  53. trtgfc17 says:

    I’m going to go boil my eyes now….

  54. catt says:

    There is something definitely not ‘rill’ about her smile and teeth. The corners of her lips can’t turn up!… they turn down instead which turn into that horrid grimace. And it looks like she has fake front teeth too but that wouldn’t cause her to have a deformed mouth would it? (The only thing that could cause that bizarre of a smile is botox injected too close to the outer lip corners )

  55. truthful says:

    she me reminds me of a teenage boy, that wants to be a sleazy woman.

  56. lisa says:

    meth head. (and considering she’s from Washington, where meth is BIG– I know because I live there)

  57. Dani says:

    Honestly her face looks like she’s a dude trying to look like a chick. What a trainwreck! Her mother should be ashamed of herself.

  58. Smokey says:

    She’ll be great in a Cracken biopic.

  59. Clara says:


  60. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Laurie M

    Dr. Drew only has a say if he’s also a producer for the show. If he doesn’t help produce the show, then there may not be much that he can do about it. He may be able to influence the choice of guest, but ultimately it’s someone else’s call.

    God, she’s so used to putting her sorry ass on display that she doesn’t realize that she looks like a busted, strung out, ageing Vegas stripper. Even when the doctor is trying to examine her teeth, so looks like she’s posing for a c*m shot.


  61. Kelly says:

    @Smokey, best comment ever! “I want to be remembered for the work I’ve had done – er, I mean, the work I’ve done, rather than the car accidents that I’ve gotten into, the men that I’ve not dated – or the man that I have. Rrrowrrr!”

  62. Gigohead says:

    Regardless of whether she had surgery or not. Can’t hide the fact that this chick looks like a gila monster with her sliver tongue. YIKES!

  63. Jules says:

    I couldn’t watch the photos are enough. NO way those bags are ‘rill’ and what drugs is she taking?

  64. ezra says:

    Shame on Dr. Drew.
    He’s become such a fame whore-he’s sinking lower and lower.

  65. Elizabeth S. says:

    I can’t hate on Courtney. I do actually believe she’s a teenager.

    *seeks cover from all the mockery coming my way*

    But her mother is a real piece of work. She has creeped me out from the start.

    Whatever you think about early marriages, there is no way in hell that a mother should be talking about her daughter like that.

    How on earth did she “know” about her daugter’s wedding night – and why did she think it was appropriate to share it with the media?

    What mother talks about her daughter’s “tight little body”?

    Who says that their child…ugh…looks most beautiful when she’s just come out of the shower and is dripping wet?

    Honestly, I’d be calling CPS just to, y’know, have a look ’round.

  66. Erica says:

    Lord, they are so disgusting. Wow…I can’t stop watching the strangeness!!

  67. Thea says:

    Jesus christ. Forget checking out her boobs and crap. Someone get a neurologist on there to see what the hell is wrong with her twisty crazy mouth. How did these people keep a straight face? And I have totally lost what little respect I had for Dr. Drew.

  68. Criss says:

    I didn’t mean to offend anyone on antidepressant”s”, I meant with the”s” lots of drugs, your’e probably right about downers, she just doesn’t move like a sober person, unless she has some kind of nerve or muscle problem. Poor thing is just in another world, and missing this one, so sad. I suppose if he keeps her high she won’t wake up.

  69. paola says:

    no way this girl here is 17 years old. no way.

  70. Annie says:

    Hairbrush? But she spent hours getting her “just sexed” hairdo to look just right and convincing, y’all.

  71. ellie66 says:

    so how long do u guys think before she does a porno and do u think pedo-doug will be director? yuk!

  72. Ugh says:

    The fact that she can’t smile with her upper lip says it all.

  73. Twez says:

    No self-respecting drag queen would be caught dead in that makeup, let alone that hair.

  74. Duhuhoh says:

    Anyone familiar with the different forms of Tourette’s Syndrome?

    Unfortunately I’ve been thinking about this Courtney Stodden whatever girl and wondering if with her facial and body tics if she may have Tourette’s or some other neurological ailment that results in her jerky repetitive movements.

    Tourette’s isn’t just people shouting out obscenities or screeching – sometimes there are milder forms where people have tics like this girls.

    So anyone think this kid could have Tourette’s or even Bell palsy or something medical wrong not just mental wrong?

  75. the other mel says:

    Dr. Drew is such a hack.

  76. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Would a sonogram reveal implants placed under the muscle?

    @criss, “I think she’s on legal antidepressant drugs. She moves a lot like Anna Nicole Smith…”

    Anna Nicole Smith was on methadone and a plethora of prescription drugs (which she Dr. Shopped to obtain). I think this girl is definitely on something and perhaps she watches old Anna Nicole Smith videos in order to figure out how to act “sexy.” I think her mother drew the comparison between Anna and her daughter (so I believe she is taking cues from her one way or another).

  77. daisyfly says:

    When she was told to smile, she smiled like Chandler Bing. OUCH! Ugmo in the heezy.

    She pronounces “Jail” in the same manner she pronounces “Real” which implies a speech impediment that should’ve been corrected by now so shame on her parents for focusing more on her their daughter’s looks than her ability to communicate well with others.

    The first clip, with a shot of the audience member looking absolutely dumbfounded, pretty much sums everything up. We’re all in WTF world and Courtney Stodden is just one of the side show attractions.

  78. Jessica says:

    I really, really hope that she isn’t actually just 17. This has to be the creepiest/saddest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m only 23.

    Redonk shit like this is why our country is so f*cked. It’s also probably why Johnny Depp makes those crazy comments. LoL

    I’m sorry, but that mother should be rotting in jail right now. She basically pimped out her kid to an old has been in an attempt for what exactly? A career of sorts?

    What happened to morals and values?? I don’t even know what to say anymore other than this girl and her situation is a disgusting pile of shit.

    If the biebs has a baby and that girl gets in trouble, I will start a crazy ass protest for this poor childs mothers head. Just sayin

  79. Alix says:

    First off, how can a surgeon properly check her face for signs of surgery when it’s covered in ten pounds of spackle?

    Why does her smile like she’s getting a tooth filled? And what’s with that constant lip licking?

    I’m starting to believe she is 17, though… you can fake looks, but it’s hard to fake the voice.

    Gotta love the way creepy Doug tries to punt by blaming “Western culture” for people’s being grossed out by his shtupping a teenager.

  80. Adrien says:

    I don’t know but I can’t hate Courtney.

  81. Paige says:

    Rill? LOL I can’t help but enjoy the train wreck that is Courtney.But that husband of hers just plain creeps me out and those pictures. I rather see Leann Rimes in a thong than have to look at those again.

    So he’s gonna blame the culture for people being grossed out by his marriage? OK. How many drugs is this girl on? It has to be alot if she enjoys sleeping with someone old enough to be her grandfather

  82. joan of snark says:

    Wait. did they test her brain? cause i’m pretty sure she’s had liposuction in her skull.

  83. JuliaDoman says:

    Her husband is disgusting.

  84. Seal Team 6 says:

    I’ll say what I always say in the Courtney threads:

    If it’s illegal for you to date someone because of their age, then it should be illegal for you to marry them.

    This is child sex trafficking.

    She is either or drugs or developmentally “slow” in some way.

    And, Dr. Drew is a REAL doctor, and was once highly respected. He now sucks.

  85. Amy says:

    OMG @ her smile! I’m so ashamed that I thought he was SUPERCUTE as Tooms on that old episode of The X-Files!

  86. Erin says:

    oh my gosh.. i wonder what sort of drugs she’s on, GEEZ

  87. Veronica says:

    ALL I have to say is WTF. And whats with the drawn on unibrow? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more sexualized teenager ever!

  88. theaPie says:

    An x-ray won’t show implants necessarily, but a sonogram done properly, definitely will.

  89. Ugh says:

    After some research I’ve made up my mind. Look up tardive dyskinesia. It can be a side effect of schizophrenia treatment. Look up the videos of it on youtube with the kids. She could have a mild form of it.

  90. duncecap says:

    Can anyone see that I have eyelashes? NOW? now? How about now? NOW??! What about my tongue. Can anyone see it yet? HOW ABOUT NOW. DON’T FORGET THAT I HAVE BOOBS. Are they visible enough? ARE THEY?!

    Dr. Drew is proof that doctors are the worst patients. In diagnosing himself he would probably declare himself level-headed, objective and not famewhore-ish at all. He needs a reality check. If he was ever a normal person or even a competent doctor he’s since lost his way.

  91. Dawning Red says:

    “All you have to do is look at old photos of her to see that something is not right with that girl.”

    Just listening to her for more than ten seconds will tell you that! o.o

  92. theaPie says:

    @Ugh: You may be on to something there.

    “Tardive dyskinesia is characterized by repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements. Features of the disorder may include grimacing, tongue protrusion, lip smacking, puckering and pursing, and rapid eye blinking. Rapid movements of the arms, legs, and trunk may also occur. Involuntary movements of the fingers may be present.”

    Geeze, I’m gonna feel bad if her weird faces and wiggles are the side effects of an essential medication.

  93. LuckyLilGem says:

    Girlfriend needs to tone down the makeup-especially the brow pencil. For such a young girl, the make up makes her look 40ish.

  94. Isa says:

    MorticiansDoItDeader- I thought of you today! My SIL had her baby and she was sunny side up. She pushed once! Crazy huh?