George Clooney considered suicide after painful ‘Syriana’ injury


Back in 2004-05, George Clooney put on a lot of weight for a supporting role in Syriana. In the film (which I still have never seen), Clooney’s character is apparently being tortured, and as the scene progressed, Clooney did serious damage to his back. It was a serious enough injury that Clooney’s has had several surgeries to try to repair the damage, and I believe he still lives in pain. He even had to withdraw from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. because the stunt work would be too much for him. As I continue to see photos of Clooney’s press tour for The Ides of March and The Descendants, I’ve quietly begun to wonder if Clooney’s back isn’t still in bad shape. On many red carpets, Clooney’s shoulders have been slumped, and when he thinks the camera isn’t on him, he’s often mid-grimace. In Clooney’s recent Rolling Stone interview, he talks in detail about what it was like living in physical pain, and how he contemplated suicide:

George Clooney won his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Syriana (2005), but you have to wonder if he winces every time he glances at his shiny trophy. Playing a bearded CIA operative caught up in the shifting sands of Middle East geopolitics, Clooney injured his spine during a scene in which his character is taped to a chair and tortured. Several surgeries were required to fix the problem, but Clooney still complains of rattling headaches. Back in 2005, he told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that the pain became so persistent and aggravating at one point that he actually contemplated suicide. In the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, Clooney goes in to greater detail:

“I was at a point where I thought, ‘I can’t exist like this. I can’t actually live.’ I was lying in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm, unable to move, having these headaches where it feels like you’re having a stroke, and for a short three-week period, I started to think, ‘I may have to do something drastic about this.’ You start to think in terms of, you don’t want to leave a mess, so go in the garage, go in the car, start the engine. It seems like the nicest way to do it, but I never thought I’d get there. See, I was in a place where I was trying to figure out how to survive.”

[From Entertainment Weekly]

Poor guy. Now I feel bad for joking about how old he is. I mean, he is too old for these young chicas, and now we know that he probably doesn’t do much with them besides look. He just wants someone pretty on his arm, and for them not to jostle him! Poor George. I hate pain. I fear pain. I can totally understand having a moment of “I can’t live in this kind of constant pain, so maybe I should just end it.” I’m not saying it’s right or recommending it or ANYTHING, I’m just saying that I understand, and good for Clooney for finding a way to live with it.




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  1. Denise says:

    That would explain all of his strange expressions in most of his photographs. I live with pain daily, so I understand how difficult daily activities can be. I hope that he can manage this successfully.

  2. teehee says:

    Living with chronic illness (or pain) sucks beyond belief- I know it first hand. Its cruel when you are trapped in a body that brings you constnat trouble and suffering and its tempting to think of escaping it; at least when you dont see any other options or cant imagine carrying through as you are. Sometimes the only thing that can help is someone by your side to accept you unconditionally or offer the strength which you no longer have, to keep up the fight… I wish him well.

  3. Rita says:

    This is a bit sketchy. The story makes it sound like during the torture scenes he was severly injured and yet the torture persisted. If he was injured during a torture scene, the shooting stops immediately and he’s taken to the hospital.

    I wonder if this is just his way of “gracefully” exiting the movie biz since he’s not much of a box office draw anymore.

    If someone has the indepth story of how he was injured, to what extent, and filming delays, not to mention insurance payouts, I’d be interested.

  4. guest says:

    I feel sorry for him, back pain is the pits. But he still looks awkward with Stacy, whether he has pain or not. He is about 20 years older. He says his girlfriends are his private life, but it is the most public private girlfriend. She likes to tweet messages about them and have the papps follow her around. Clooney dateing rules have changed.

  5. Leticia says:

    Another gossip website implied that he sustained these back injuries while doing kinky things, not while filming a movie.

    I am sorry that he is in chronic pain.

  6. Jenny says:

    The thing is, he hurt himself years ago. Chronic pain is a bitch, but he did not have odd facial expressions until recently, so I doubt that is what is causing him to wince and have that look on his face now.

    Not saying what the cause of his odd face stuff is, but to bring that incident up now and in such a melodramatic fashion is interesting.

  7. bros says:

    rita, it wasn’t real torture. he was probably having to thrash around (acting) in a chair and he injured his spine, probably majorly slipping a disc or something. he was injured during the scene and then taken to the hospital to take care of it. It wasnt a confusing paragraph.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know, Rita, he’s getting Oscar buzz for the Descendants, he might still have some mileage left in him.
    I vaguely recall that during filming and the chair tipped over or something, and that’s when he got hurt and they did take him to the hospital, but I might be wrong. Either way, back pain is the absolute worst, I wouldn’t recommend it!
    Jenny – maybe the pain is flaring up again? My initial injury was about 7-8 years ago, but I still have problems now and then (thankfully not bad for a long time! knock on wood)

  9. No Way says:

    This is kind of an old story that I always thought was interesting because it seems like a classic head injury. Apparently several days and for months after the scene was shot he had severe headaches. Probably due to his colorful life of drinking, women and whatever, the symptoms were dismissed by a lot of doctors. Then he started leaking spinal fluid through his nose, and had several surgeries to correct it. He claims to be having surgery in a couple months to help more, and that is why he dropped out of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.

    I think it is coming out now again, because of the push for an Oscar especially for The Descendants. It has been a long time since I remember seeing a television commercial where they are pushing the nomination this hard.

  10. Jenny says:

    Being a physical therapist, I fully understand back pain and chronic pain of most kinds. Just saying that if it was bothering him, he would have it treated or have some medication for it. He is in a business where he has to look good and having funky facial expressions is just not a part of the job.

    If he is having surgery later, he would definitely be having therapy and/or medication to get him through. He is rich enough to have a professional travel with him, so he should be taken care of and goodness knows he can get drugs whenever he wants.

  11. Maria says:

    Syriana was a tough film to watch, especially the torture scene. ***Minor spoilers here***: his character is tied down to a chair and has his fingernails removed, one by one, with a pair of pliers. Obviously OMGWTF-inducing, but I distinctly remember when the camera switches to showing Clooney from behind, and he’s writhing in pain so hard that he and the heavy, wooden chair he’s tied to are jumping up and down. I can definitely see how that repeated action, whether or not it had to be repeated for more than one take, could screw with someone’s back. Poor guy. But it *was* a hell of a performance. Very believable, obviously.

    Sorry for any squick I may have incited here…

  12. Playlist says:

    The background on this story was he was doing his own stunt in a torture scene where he was tied to a chair, he tilted the chair back too far, it fell over and he hit his head on the ground, causing his injury. It did not shut down the movie because he didn’t realize the extent of his injury for a while. He later started having severe headaches and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. It was discovered he injured his neck when he started having spinal fluid leaking out his nose. He has since had on-going treatments and surgeries for it.

    This is once again rehashed interview material. He has talked about this several times in the past. Is George’s life so boring he can’t talk about anything current happening in his life? Everyone can relate to pain in their own lives. George is a master at deflecting an interview away from his personal life with young ingénues by gathering sympathy from a topic so many can relate to. Well played George. He will do anything for that Oscar.

    When he stops with the false pretenses in his life, which create there own stress, then that pain can be greatly reduced. He never looks in pain when he is on the red carpet with his friends or family. Less stress, less pain. Anyone living with physical pain knows that.

    George has had those weird facial expressions long before this accident. He rarely makes them when he is on the red carpet with family or friends (real friends, not the PR ones).

  13. KO says:

    I can’t imagine how bad his back pain is. I’m reading this article while in back pain. Guh…

  14. thinkaboutit says:

    Wow, cynical much??? People really think he would invent a spinal injury and pretend to have considered suicide to cover up his *real* reason for stepping out of the spotlight (which he has not done so where does this idea even come from???) How weird that anyone’s mind works that way.

  15. thinkaboutit says:

    Wow, cynical much??? People really think he would invent a spinal injury and pretend to have considered suicide to cover up his *real* reason for stepping out of the spotlight (which he has not done so where does this idea even come from???) How weird that anyone’s mind works that way.

  16. Kim says:

    Even in describing a sad situation he manages to sound like an egomaniac – See i was in a place where i was trying to figure out how to survive. People go and live thru worse every single day George. What a desperate attempt at attention.

    thinkaboutit- YES – he is an egomaniac! I believe he would exagerrate his pain for attention or for why he hasnt worked as much/isnt getting as many roles.

  17. The Original Mia says:

    Chronic pain is no joke. I recently busted my ass & fractured my tail bone. I’ve got 5 wks of bone healing left and it hurts to do simple things. His injury caused leakage of spinal fluids. That’s a serious injury from which he’ll never fully recover.

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      He’ll recover. CSF leaks are not uncommon at all! It’s not what life gives us, it’s how we choose to deal with it! If a few weeks of pain, which is relieved by simply remaining horizontal- obviously the guy sleeps- causes him to consider suicide, what a wimp & a drama queen!!

      Please read my comments below

  18. NM9005 says:

    I can’t even image what it must feel like to live in pain every single day of your life! No wonder so many people get hooked on painkillers =(.
    I think it’s “comforting” to know you can always end the pain yourself but again, I can’t imagine how you can make that decision when you love life. Anything to stop the suffering I guess.
    Maybe other people who deal with this can relate to George in some way and feel better about themselves. Let’s hope his words affect people for the better!

    I think George also has a way too kinky sexlife for his age and that he doesn’t know when to stop because he’s such a dirty bastard and he has all these “beautiful” women who obey everything he says so why put boundaries during sex.

  19. Criss says:

    So this is why women, not men, give birth.
    Any how, I’m sorry to hear he had an injury making such a depressing movie. I Doubt he thinks it was worth it. A back injury is hard, if not impossible to overcome and it usually comes back in old age. So he’s human after all.

  20. Jayna says:

    I get it and feel for him. I injured my back in a sports injury. I literally went insane from the chronic, debilitating pain. Going to different doctors. It was a two year battle of hell. I remember thinking this is no kind if life, your mind just wrapped around pain. I never had real compassion for people in chronic pain until I lived it. I never want to go back to that period.

  21. Hmmm says:

    Article By Jeannette Walls

    “George Clooney says he considered killing himself because the pain from a movie injury was so great.

    The actor’s woes came from the filming of “Syriana,” a political thriller based on the memoirs of ex-CIA agent Robert Baer.

    “There was this scene where I was taped to a chair and getting beaten up and we did quite a few takes. The chair was kicked over and I hit my head,” Clooney said in an interview on National Public Radio. “I tore my dura, which is the wrap around my spine which holds in spinal fluid.” Clooney says part of the problem was that he’d put on weight for the role.

    Despite the agony he was in, Clooney ruled out taking painkillers because there’s a history of addiction in his family, but the pain got so great, that he considered suicide. Clooney’s complaints were dismissed until spinal fluid started leaking from his nose. He has since had numerous operations.

    “Before the surgery it was the most unbearable pain I’ve ever been through, literally where you’d go, ‘well, you’ll have to kill yourself at some point, you can’t live like this,’” Clooney said. He still suffers short term memory problems because of the injury. “It’s probably the worst year personally I have ever had. My brother-in-law died of a heart attack aged 45, my grandma fell, broke her hip and died this summer. And my dog got attacked by a rattlesnake and killed.”

    See just old rehashed news

  22. Elm says:

    The injury sounds horrendous and painful. I am sorry for laughing at poor George and his silly expressions now!

    I cannot imagine the agony of all those who really have been tortured and may not not have access to pain-killers. Maybe George should set up a charity for them?

    Suggest all of those injured consider alternative therapies like reflexology, reiki, acupuncture etc I have found them to be effective against physical trauma

    Kaiser – thanks for posting the pics of him fa*ting in the car – assume that is it from her face … and smelly from her face in the second pic

  23. DarkEmpress says:

    Wow! I am truly empathetic to his situation. I have a horrible back injury and it made me feel suicidial. I was so depressed for months, because I could barely move. Sometimes getting up to go to the bathroom was so hard, I couldnt make it. So I completely understand feeling, like you can’t live like this for the rest of your life…

  24. Lisa says:

    Having had Osteomeylitis (bone infection) that was misdiagnosed for over a month…I can personally say that I prayed for death everyday! If I had access to ANYTHING that would have ended it…I would have gladly taken it…beacuse of the illness I could not walk…had no control over body functions…and the pain…MY GOD THE PAIN!!! I was a RAVING MANIC!!!

    So…I overstand where George is coming from…

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      Lisa, I had osteomylitis with my fracture pelvis. They had to go in and do an I & C (Irrigation & curettage). Please be very careful. Once you get a bone infection, you’re at risk forever. If you run a fever, vomit, become nauseous or just feel ‘off’, please get to your doctor immediately. Bone infections, especially in larger bones (hip, upload crest, femur, tibia) can rapidly become fatal. Also run any dental work by you doctor beforehand- even a cleaning. They might put you on antibiotics for a few days prior- to protect your heart valves from infection. Good luck to you & I’m sorry you are going through that— take care !

  25. Ha ha says:

    Old news …. That chair tipping over got him an Oscar . I hated that movie and my boyfriend fell asleep . It was poorly written and poorly directed and his acting was …. Ok . The only scene that was great was the tourcher scene . I could barely watch it . Clooneys greatest acting scene was great because he was in pain . The academy awards is a joke . That year ” the libertine ” came out too . I was enraged that Johnny Depp was not even nominated . Btw: I feel bad for GC . What a horrible way to get an Oscar . He’s wealthy enough to buy anything he needs . It’s not like some poor guy who would be in a wheel chair if that happened to them . You know he’s bringing this up again with the hopes he’ll get another Oscar .

  26. Rita says:

    Thanks everyone for the info on his injury. Chronic pain, especially back pain, is terrible. I do wish him well.

  27. You don't say says:

    You mean he gave the same interview six years ago, right around Oscar campaign time with the exact same quotes? I guess he figured it worked once and he won so I guess he figures it will work again. It got the reaction he was looking for–sympathy and no more trashing and teasing about being “dirty old man George”.

  28. Zoe says:

    ::If he was injured during a torture scene, the shooting stops immediately and he’s taken to the hospital.::

    There are a lot of injuries, especially head injuries, where pain isn’t apparent at the time and is felt later.

  29. guest says:

    Sorry to hear about his pain, but he seems to have found a cure with a nice piece of arm candy to go with him to the Oscars. This back pain issue is old stuff.

  30. City says:

    @playlist # 12
    “when he stops false pretenses…..he can greatly reduce his pain”

    Wow, it is hard to fathom how you can decide what someone’s pain level is by their facial expression. As someone living with chronic invisible illness and chronic pain for more than A DECADE, I can say that NO ONE knows my pain better than me. Not my doctors, not my husband, not my family. No one.

    I wish my life was as boring as George Clooney’s life.

  31. Ha ha says:

    What happened to observer ? Btw: I doubt George would give a damned less about anyone in pain .

  32. jc126 says:

    I feel for him. My boyfriend’s mom suffered with a herniated disc, which is what GC had/has, and the pain was unrelenting, even with a varied course of such painkillers as Dilaudid. She just had surgery, a laminectomy, and had an immediate vast improvement and is doing just awesome, but the pain was horrid.
    I hope George Clooney gets relief for his back pain. It is tortuous to be in constant pain.

  33. becky says:

    Hey all you girls (jayna)
    who had chronic backpain for a long time, how did you finally cure it? I fractured my back a year ago and NOTHING works, not even medication.

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      Have you tried nerve ablation? They go in with an instrument which actually burns the nerve sending the pain. Usually one every 3-4 months for about a year. Often, after a series of 3 or 4 the nerve ceases to grow back. It’s quick, general anesthetic. You’re ‘out’ for maybe 10-15 mins, the procedure is about 5 mins. You go home about 30 mins after you wake up. Ice pack & gentle activity, you’re up & about the next day- better than new! Please consider it, good luck to you!!

  34. tracking says:

    Chronic pain is a horrible thing and I feel for those that suffer with it. But bringing up suicidal thoughts publicly is oversharing and smacks of Oscar campaigning (see how noble I am, suffering for my art?) At some point, Clooney became very unlikable to me. He seems like a player on all levels.

  35. Jen34 says:

    Pain can age you, which explains why he’s looking so bad lately. I do feel sorry for him.

    However, it doesn’t explain why he’s dating tartlets half his age. And knowing that he’s probably not even screwing them makes it all very Heffner-esque. Ewww.

  36. Dirty Martini says:

    Aging isn’t for sissies. Normal wear and tear on your body is bad enough–add an accident or abnormal stress/injury–and you just amplify the issue.

    Many many people have back issues and injury related pain that simply worsens with age. The vast majority suffer through it, learn to accommodate it, and make adjustments….all without considering suicide.

    This seems a tad drama laden to me. It makes good theatre.

  37. jane16 says:

    He’s not making it up. My hubby & I ran into one of his close buds at a restaurant a few weeks ago & he told us George was having a lot of problems and pain, stemming from his injury. I think I may have commented about that here. Pain from spinal injuries can get better, then worse as time goes on. I doubt if he mentioned this to the Rolling Stone guy becuz he thought it would help him win an oscar, it was probably just on his mind, becuz, as his friend told us, he is in a lot of pain.

    Also, I know George’s dating choices annoy a lot of his fans, but still, he is a nice person, a lot nicer than many celebs I have met over the years, and makes a point of trying to help people in need. Why all the Georgie hate?

    btw, a good treatment that is not well known and helps pain is called Cranial-Sacral Therapy. One of the things it does is keep your cerebral spinal fluid flowing smoothly. I get one once a year to keep my migraines under control. If I don’t get it, my migraines come way more frequently, and harsher.

  38. phlyfiremama says:

    Acupuncture is a great option for chronic pain~I would say that probably 80% of my patients come to me for that, initially. You don’t have to suffer~you don’t have to be on pain meds & muscle relaxers the rest of your life~you don’t have to have surgery to cauterize nerves to stop pain. There are other OPTIONS.

  39. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    George has been seen playing basketball a lot since his on set injury.

    This is OLD news passing for New news.

  40. Birdy says:

    What would the hooker and waitress industry have done if he had killed himself? Those girls can’t just rely solely on Charlie Sheen for the next paycheck.

  41. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Living with pain daily is not something to joke about. It’s a terrible,terrible thing for the people that have to go through it. That said, why is he sharing something so personal, such as considering suicide? In an entertainment magazine interview meant to promote his new movie? If that’s not famewhoring of the worst kind, I don’t know what is.

  42. Anne de Vries says:

    @ Jenny #10

    Being a physical therapist, I fully understand back pain and chronic pain of most kinds. Just saying that if it was bothering him, he would have it treated or have some medication for it.

    Aaaand you just showed you do NOT understand chronic pain. If it was treatable, it wouldn’t be chronic. I have backpain every day, all day (enough to be considered disabled) and NOTHING helps. Not any kind of therapy, not any kind of medication (that keeps me lucid enough to have a semblance of functionality).
    Sometimes nothing works. And that makes other people feel bad, because it screws with their idea that it wouldn’t happen to them and if you want to be healed badly enough you will, but that’s the bottom line. Sometimes nothing works, and that sucks.

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      Here Here! You said it ! I agree 100%! I’m sorry you’re suffering. Non-chronic pain sufferers don’t understand. Just this Wednesday I tried the Formostar heat wrap. I found it on Groupon (I’m not advertising!). The sound of intense heat is what got me. I paid $53 for three one-hour sessions. Its promoted for weight loss. I had my first session (boy are you drenched afterwards!). I couldn’t walk, sit or stand for two weeks. By Thanksgiving morning, I was zipping around helping with the feast. My family couldn’t believe it. I’m definitely doing one again before Christmas!!! Apparently, it helps with blood flow, which promotes healing. I’m healed, just in pain (did I say ‘just’?)
      I’m sorry to my fellow chronic pain sufferers. I understand 100%. That’s probably one of the hardest things, lack of understanding. I think we all carry guilt about not being able to be 100%. We otter feel we’re being treated like ‘malingerers’. But, in addition to being in chronic pain, it makes us sad not to be able to join the ‘living’. Sometimes I feel I’m just watching from the sidelines. But, I would much rather watch than not being here at all. Suicide would solve nothing other than putting your family, friends & loved ones in chronic pain for life. The guilt & sadness they’d feel. No one should be that selfish !

  43. Agnes says:

    It’s sad that he suffers, but man, he has access to the best doctors money can buy, which I’m sure helps a ton. What are the have-nots to do?

  44. lilibet says:

    @ Anne de Vries….I totally agree with you. When I had ruptured discs a few years back there was no pain relief that would even touch it…other than hospital administered morphine. I cried constantly, was physically sick and at one point I asked that my legs be cut off if it would just stop the pain, it was beyond unbearable. Sounds totally dramatic but nerve pain is horrific.

    Thankfully now it has healed somewhat over time so day to day living is good again but I can totally understand Georges point of view on this, you can’t always just ‘treat’ back pain and even surgery can not guarantee a fix.

  45. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    So I guess that means the ladies go on top?

  46. the original bellaluna says:

    As one who suffers chronic knee and wrist pain, I can tell you there is so much abuse of pain meds here in Cali that docs who KNOW they have patients with LEGITIMATE NEEDS will not prescribe them, or will prescribe a ridiculously small amount that barely touches the pain felt. I take naproxyn sodium OTC and suffer.

    If you haven’t seen Syriana, it’s pretty good.

    • SantaBarbaraSusie says:

      I am I CA too. In addition the doctor performing nerve conduction tests, which no one can ‘fake’, doctors also require patients to sign contracts stipulating the conditions in which they will prescribe:
      1) No early refills
      2) If you claim they have been stolen, a police report is necessary for replacement
      3) They WON’T replace pills that get wet
      4) You must not divert (sell) them
      5) You MUST keep them secure
      6) You MUST keep all appointments & do physical therapy
      7) You must always use the SAME pharmacy
      8) Prescribing doctor will be the ONLY doctor you get narcotic pain meds from- to prevent ‘Dr Shopping’
      I think that covers MOST of the items in the contract

  47. City says:

    @annie de vries….
    I hear you sista. I think sometimes what is so difficult is the PERMANENCE. The never going away. People who don’t have it just don’t get it. I had people tell me, “well, it’s not going to kill you.” Nope, it will just make you want to die. (I am not suicidal). I think he was just telling the truth. I have had all those feelings.

  48. Laughing Librarian says:

    I have chronic back pain (years of standing as a pharmacist, carrying my boys around long after the age of reason) and when it flares up now, I am in misery. The only reason I am not in constant misery and eating anti-inflammatories like candy is I was put on an anti-seizure drug, Lamictal, that effectively took away the chronic part of my pain. Neurontin is another anti-seizure drug that is commonly used.
    Treating chronic pain is tricky, because your nerve endings undergo an irreversible (but treatable) physiological change.
    When I went on Lamictal, it was like a miracle, although I still can acutely injure my back, and that’s when I grimace just like George (I’m 47).
    George should see a decent, responsible chronic pain MD (not one who is basically a narcotics dealer) and see if he can alleviate this very serious problem.
    I think the injury was so bad for George that he actually leaked spinal fluid-he was lucky he wasn’t paralyzed.

  49. Aqua says:

    I can’t imagine the sense of darkness anyone must feel that is in any sort of mental or physical pain that they feel the only way out is by committing suicide. Not only did he think that his life would have been better if he committed suicide because he no longer would have to live the the constant pain but he may have also been thinking that he didn’t want to be a burden to his friends and family who would also see him in constant pain.

  50. phlyfiremama says:

    Again, ACUPUNCTURE is a very viable option to treat chronic pain. I just go “grrr” every time someone tells me that literally Acupuncture is the last hope or last option they have tried. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER!!!

  51. DreamyK says:

    Chronic pain sufferer here, too! So, George owning it really just makes me love him more. Daily high levels of pain with no end in sight is not a joke.

  52. SantaBarbaraSusie says:

    Sorry ! No sympathy !! I had the same injury. What he had was a CSF (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) leak. I had the same headache- misdiagnosed for 11-1/2 MONTHS. I had a serious accident which I crushed four discs in my back, fractured my pelvis, shattered my tight knee cap & sustained injury that cracked my skull & tore the dura (the rough shell that covers the brain. I was hospitalized for the skeletal injuries, had tons of surgery- still suffer extreme pain from the disc & pelvis injury. The pain he’s talking about is the spinal headaches. My leak was so serious that I ultimately contacted bacterial meningitis & an infection of the mastoid. My accident was in May ’00. I managed to care for a 5-1/2 year old child, managed building a house, care for a dying pet and move— all BEFORE they diagnosed the leak. I finally was diagnosed late March ’01 and had surgery April 5, 2001. I had to be hospitalized for 5 days for IV antibiotics before they could attempt surgery. We don’t have the major $$$ for ‘help’ the way I imagine he does. NEVER ONCE did I even consider suicide, he suffered a few weeks, mine was just short of a year! Yes, a spinal headache is excruciating, downright gruesome ! I guess some people feel very sorry for themselves.

  53. SantaBarbaraSusie says:

    Phlyfiremama- yes, acupuncture can help. But, spinal headaches are such that even the strongest narcotic medicine do NOTHING for them. Nothing makes a dent in the pain. The only minor relief for them is to lie down. What causes the headache is the lack of CSF surrounding the brain. When you stand or sit upright, the fluid drains. By lying down, it helps the CSF to stay in the brain cavity. Some women get them when giving birth from the epidural. They must stay lying down for a full day. Otherwise, if there is leakage of CSF at the injection site, they get the headache. Sometime if the leak does not spontaneously heal, the anesthesiologist will go in with a needle & insert a patch. In all likelihood, those are the ‘surgeries’ Clooney had.

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