Blake Lively versus Sarah Jessica Parker: who looked worse in Chanel?


Is it funny to anyone else that Blake Lively is currently one of the faces of Chanel, and Sarah Jessica Parker has never had a contract with Chanel, even after wearing Chanel endlessly for years? That just struck me as funny because I’m staring at photos of Blake and SJP, both in Chanel last night, and it seems like SJP is probably looking at Blake and thinking, “Seriously? HER?” The event was a MoMA benefit/tribute thing for Pedro Almodovar, and the event got a pretty great turnout. Two of the biggest “names” were definitely SJP and Blake, but I’ll have other ladies too in another post. First, let’s just talk about the fashion.


Both ladies were wearing Chanel, like I said. SJP seems to be wearing Chanel Resort 2012, and Blake is in Chanel Couture. Is it okay if I hate both outfits? Because I do. I hate them hard. I might think SJP’s dress was cute, but that gigantic VEST completely kills the look and makes her look like “Oooh, I’m in NYC and I wish I was on the prairie!” Meanwhile, Blake’s Chanel look is just… funky. Unflattering? Is it just an odd design? Yes, but it’s also too small, right? She poured herself into this couture, and she shouldn’t have to – she has a model-y figure already.

So instead of asking who looked better, here’s the question: who looked worse? I think it’s SJP, because her styling is terrible too, while Blake looks nice from the neck up.





Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    I’m sorry, you can call me a jealous old peahen, but Blake Lively ain’t nothing but a plain jane mallgirl.

  2. SEF says:

    I always vote in favor of whoever does NOT do the stupid hand-on-hip pose. I’m so so so so over that. Yes SJP looks weird but gets points for keeping arms at side, like a normal person.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    All I can say from looking at both those outfits is Coco Chanel must be doing back-flips in her grave.

  4. jamminatorr says:

    SJP will always look worse until she gains like +10lbs and doesn’t look like a bobble-head beef jerky version of a human.

  5. Diane says:

    @SEF: I agree, everytime I see that pose it reminds me of my 4 year old niece in her tutu.

  6. sesame says:

    The same dress worn by Lively would be pulled off successfully by someone like Clémence Poésy, who’s more effortless and wouldn’t clunk up the outfit with so many accessories.

    Somehow, every Chanel outfit worn by Blake looks like the Beverly Hills celebutante collection designed by Petra Ecclestone.

  7. Audrey says:

    Both outfits are hideous, but SJP is definitely better.

  8. Criss says:

    It looks like it was too cold and they both threw on whatever would keep them from catching pneumonia. Better than them I love that awesome wall of real roses.

  9. brin says:

    Don’t like either but that vest/housecoat thing on SJP is the worst.

  10. badrockandroll says:

    I’m just so pleased NOT to see Blake’s boobs and Blake’s legs that I will have to pick her outfit, which for her must be like a burkha.

  11. Embee says:

    I like them both with these caveats:

    SJP’s look would be much improved if that coat had sleeves. It looks to be of lovely fabric and Chanel tends to be pretty practical, so I can imagine this as a genuine coat worn over that lovely gossamer dress.

    Lively: the outfit is great, and I even like the styling but her demeanor messes it up. She carries herself with gusto but no grace. She is just childish and so the outfit seems ridiculous. Imagine Marion Cotillard in the same thing and perfection!

  12. Samigirl says:

    I would KILL for BL’s coat. It’s gorgeous. And SJP is just missing a lot these days. She played Carrie Bradshaw for HOW many years? Come on, we expect better!!

  13. Q says:

    I’m actually grateful
    Blake is covered up and her hair is up for a change

  14. Bermuda Blues says:

    Perhaps Karl Lagerfeld should spend more time designing and less time insulting everyone and everything.

    For the record SJP’s vest and Blake’s tutu are personal insults. Edgy doesn’t need to mean fugly.

  15. vanessa says:

    blake looks worse, what is with the black tights? she has a thing for them, yuck!

  16. Julie says:

    I agree. Both dresses are horrid! And Blakes face/skin looks unusual smooth, pretty.

  17. Stubbylove says:

    I actually like Blake’s dress and styling – I hate the tights and shoes though. SJP had a bad night.

  18. says:

    As much as I hate SJP sleeveless long cardigan crap, Blake is so much worse. The matchy nail polish, the grey tights, the ugly boots, the over-accesorizing, the hardware overload… completely fug.

  19. HoustonGrl says:

    Looks like the cat took to Lively’s blazer.

    @SEF: hahaha! So true!

  20. Dudette says:

    I know it’s fashionable to hate on Blake but I actually like the dress. It’s interesting. SJP’s I don’t like but neither of these ladies was the worst dressed on this occasion.

  21. nebula says:

    Lively is too cheap to wear Chanel or haute couture in general. She looks like a maid trying her employer’s outfits in front of a mirror while the lady is out for shopping.

  22. jen says:

    SJP is wearing formal wear for Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company.

  23. normades says:

    I really like what SJP is wearing…just not together.

  24. Rita says:

    I love the top of Blakes dress. It would have been more interesting without the bottom…biscuit pom-pom would have really started a buzz.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    It has got to be those horrible roses – these dresses are also major time ugly.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    Both are meh. SJP looks better because Blake is channeling the blue-feathered Muppet character.

  27. Pippa says:

    Blake’s outfit is hideous but I would KILL for that coat

  28. YvetteW says:

    Not sure if Coco would be thrilled with either ensemble.

  29. Miss Magpie says:

    Bah! The shredded bottom of BL’s jacket makes HER hips look big, imagine what it would do to a more normally proportioned mortal! (And I wholeheartedly agree with Marlajane, but I will take it one further; She is candy box pretty, not a real beauty.)

    Poor SJP, can you imagine her interior monologue at the fitting? “what is this the run the kids to school after a charity ball walk of shame look? Whatever, sure wish Patricia was here to style me…”

    And please someone pour bleach into my brain, going between the last two pics, I could actually see BL as a young Carrie Bradshaw…nooooooooooooooo!

  30. danielle says:

    I liked Blake’s. SJP is a hot mess there.

  31. kiki says:

    Has papa Karl gone senile? Haven’t paid much attention to Chanel lately but these outfits, though different as night & day, are equally horrible. Actually I like the top on BL’s dress, but ruined by the feather/fringies. That vest & chiffon on SJP have no redeeming values at all.

  32. googlyeyes says:

    Is there really a 20 year age difference here? Blake has a bangin bod, but jeez she doesn’t look like she could be young enough to be SJP’s daughter…they both look like late 30′s face wise.

  33. Turtle Dove says:

    SJP’s dress is okay to me. Are her shoes black though? Odd choice.

    Blake, although not heavy, is not model-y to me. Edit… she’s not RUNWAY model-y to me. Swimsuit, yes. Chanel runway, no. She’s too thick in the legs and bum to be a high fashion model.

  34. Allons - y Allonso says:

    AHHHHHH MY EYES!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!! both look horrible, but i gotta say, Lively looks slightly more grotesque. She looks like she stuck on a whole heap of art/craft pipe cleaners on the top of that monstrosity she’s wearing; and the tights….yuck.

  35. Madison says:

    Blake but only if SJP takes the stupid coat or whatever they call it off.

  36. Poirot says:

    @Turtle Dove
    I’ll give u the thick bum
    But Blake has thick legs??!!!
    I best go top myself now cos I cant wear anything but cullottes ever again!

  37. Blue says:

    I would like SJP’s look if it wasn’t for the black shoes and giant vest. I can’t stand stand BL. I like her grey coat, though. She also needs to stop with all the accessories. It’s like she couldn’t decide and decided to wear them all. Earrings are too big, too many bracelets, too many large rings. Ughhh

  38. Redd says:

    don’t even have to look at the photos; if SJP is one of the parties in the “who looked worse” game, it’s always SJP, no doubt.

  39. sandy#1 says:

    sjp needs lbs. it’s distracting, Blake tights are too., but i like the color of the outfits. also jacket with sleeve.

  40. Anguishedcorn says:

    Blake Lively’s dress was by far better, and would have worked on someone who had the attitude and class to wear it.

  41. Dudette says:

    What’s all this talk about class? By whose definition? Weird way to discuss fashion. And do some people REALLY think SJP looks better? Really? smh.

  42. Ron says:

    SJP is wearing one of Bea Arthur’s Maude vests. WTF?

  43. Turtle Dove says:

    Poirot (37) – For a regular gal, she looks good, but “I” think that she has thick legs…. most certainly thicker than a runway models, but on-par with a Sports Illustrated model.

  44. NM9005 says:

    SJP >>>> Lively. Always and always. SJP knows fashion, Lively thinks she knows fashion.

  45. Ranga says:

    For Chanel, I stick to bags and accessories. It’s not Blakes’ fault the clothes are ugleh, she has to wear them so I say SJP is worse.

  46. Ally says:

    I love Chanel on the runway, but in recent years it has looked weird and unflattering in real life, even on starving actresses.

    Blake’s looks like a purse you find in Goodwill, and SJP is wearing my 12-year-old self’s fairy Halloween costume with a sleeveless housecoat.

  47. Bess says:

    Blake looks kinda like silver Christmas Tree. She’s such a bore as the face of Chanel, they should go back to Cat Power. Or even pick someone like Leslie Feist. At least they’re talented and not so bland/boring.

  48. DrM says:

    Much as it pains me to say it about Twizzle Stick there but SJP looks better…I like the outfit. She still needs twenty pounds…not ten TWENTY

  49. shanshan says:

    I have to disagree with this article and the majority of comments posted here.
    BOTH of these looks work, because they are not supposed to be safe, sheath, LBD’s that you could buy in your local mall…that we have all seen again and again.
    Instead, both have entirely different aims- Blake’s dress mixes prints and fabrics and draws your eye to the craftsmanship that went into the creation of this piece. Perhaps the shoes and the tights were not the best choice for the outfit, but it is not damaging enough to detract from her overall look.
    As for SJP, she (or her stylist) manages to create an interesting contrast with two completely different styles and textures. This is a look that requires more than one look, and the longer I look the more details I notice, and the better I like her ensemble, which is of course the genius of Chanel.