Viggo Mortensen at a Madrid photo call: still sexy, or looking old and sickly?

I’m not a crazy Viggo Mortensen fan. I think he’s very talented, and I find him attractive sometimes, in some films and on some red carpets. I was never a LOTR fanatic, so I have no strong feelings about him there, either. Basically, whenever I ask myself “Is Viggo Mortensen hot?” I think about the balls out (literally) fight scene in Eastern Promises and then I remember that he’s got the goods.

So these are new photos of Viggo doing a photo call for A Dangerous Method in Madrid, Spain. FOR WHY isn’t Michael Fassbender there?!?!!?!?! I think Fassbender is sticking around LA (and maybe NYC) to just promote the hell out of Shame and really wage a serious Oscar campaign for Best Actor. Still, Fassie could have gotten a free trip to Spain and he and Viggo could have posed together and all would have been right with the world! BOO!!

How do you think Viggo looks here? Something funky is happening to him as he ages – all of a sudden, he’s really starting to resemble Ed Harris, right? Viggo’s cheeks look hallowed out, and he looks kind of sickly. I think the fix is an easy one, though – he should cut his hair and put on about ten pounds. And maybe use a night cream.

By the way, remember we’re doing Hot Guy Thanksgiving this week. I’ve already got Viggo on the list! Who else should we include?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. bella says:

    so, how is it that this guy was in “the perfect murder” with gwyneth paltrow when he was incredibly handsome and youthful and now – he looks like this? with gwyneth looking just as lovely and young as she did then? i’ve got to say…maybe he’s living life in the fast lane…drugs, booze…i don’t know, but something’s not right. impossible that he lost his looks so soon, so fast…especially when men usually age better than women…hmmm

    • silvermistie says:

      maybe our Gwinny is full of fillers and toxins and Viggo is all natural?

      • Deb says:

        People age in different ways. Genetics, how much you are out in the sun, etc. all play a role in how you age. He is over 50 and I think looks good for his age. I am bothered, however, that you attribute his looking older in not one but two emails as possibly due to drinking and/or drugs. Unless you have proof – and I certainly have never heard that about him – then I think that is an unfair accusation to make.

    • Chereth Cutestory says:

      The man is 53. He looks pretty damn good for 53.

      The “something’s not right” that you’re thinking of is your unreasonable expectation that everyone will look 25 forever.

      Aging is natural. Expecting a man to look “incredibly handsome and youthful” at 53 years old is NOT.

      Readjust your attitude and accept the natural processes of aging or you’re going to be really miserable in your middle age years.

    • lee says:

      Because Gwyneth is smart enough to understand that she’s a woman, not a man, in Hollywood. Therefore, she’s probably doing everything humanly possible to retain her youthful appearance and avoid aging naturally.

      Viggo, on the other hand, knows that he can continue playing leading roles despite his “rugged” appearance well into his late 50s, so he doesn’t need to resort to the desperate tactics actresses (understandably) do.

    • Sue says:

      We should be lucky to someday have husbands looking that good at 53. Gwenth has probably put fillers and plastic into her face. Viggo isn’t vain and is aging naturally.

    • Kiki says:

      dang bella! i think viggo is looking pretty damn good!!!

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Because he looked unnaturally young in Perfect Murder. He was at best 40. She was in her 20s. He’s 53 now. She’s not yet 40. Now that he is old the age gap shows.

      He *does* look worn in these pics more than he has lately. He looks the same age as Fassbender in these. He looked younger than Fassbender in the ones where they were together a month ago. I guess too much traveling takes its toll when you’re older.

      Sorry but I think Fassbender looks really old for 34.

      I am in between them age wise and they both look older than I do (as Viggo should since he’s 11 years older than I am). They both look ancient compared to my 35 year old friends.

  2. tooey says:

    You are crazy; he looks FAN-Fing-TASTIC!!
    And I have a nominee for Hot Guy T-day; Evan Peters, who plays Tate on American Horror Story. And Dylan McDermott, too. Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins of Justified.

  3. Anne says:

    He gorgeous. I think he plays down his looks; he really doesn’t want to be seen as a heart-throb. LOTR pretty much put him off mass female adoration.

    • Mava says:

      Are you serious? I was 12 and I had a 6 ft by 6 ft poster of his face on my wall. His manly ruggedness in LOTR is probably the reason I went through puberty! :D Why did everyone love the girly Legolas (Orlando Bloom)? In other news, I think he looks amazingly sexy, especially for a man 3 years old then my father.

  4. hstl1 says:

    Totally disagree @Bella..I still think that he is very handsome.

  5. silvermistie says:

    nominee for HGT: new cop in Dexter, Billy Brown!

    • Chereth Cutestory says:

      Dude, harsh.

      You’ve clearly drunk the marketing Kool-Aid that says you can only be desirable or “in your prime” when you’re young and perky and unlined.

      So it’s all downhill for Viggo from now on, according to you?

      I’m sure he’d disagree.

  6. kim says:

    Viggo looks great. And Ed Harris do not give a rat a$$ what you think about him.
    Both of them has better teeth than fassbender.

  7. Julia says:

    He does look a little thin… but he’s still awesome. Go Viggo! :)
    and Joseph Gordon Levitt for HGT!!!!!

  8. bella says:

    sorry…i’m looking at photos from “a perfect murder” online and he’s not aged well AT ALL…and it isn’t fillers for gwyneth…not that she hasn’t had them…that has her looking far more youthful than viggo… viggo’s all tired looking…i bet he drinks far too much…

  9. Aviatrix says:

    Still hot, would absolutely hit it. Ed Harris too for that matter. Home Depot commercial voice overs do it for me.

  10. yt says:

    I think Viggo Mortensen has a personality that is unlike the characters he plays, and this shows in photo ops where there is no studio camera, studio lighting, makeup, and script. He really is a good actor and an interesting person. I doubt he pays attention to his looks.

  11. seVen says:

    he looks fab. I’d still ride it off into the sunset.

  12. teehee says:

    Side note, totally disappointed by the film. And he looks the same to me ;)

  13. Elvynn says:

    Me too Anne. I also think he plays down his looks. But he is still hot with a powerful charisma.

  14. Cirque28 says:

    Viggo will always be handsome. It doesn’t matter how old he gets, Viggo is sexy.

    But he is looking a little sallow and thin right now. Maybe some Vitamin C and some fatty fish would restore the Mortensen glow. (Plus night cream never hurts.)

  15. Theuth says:

    Damn Kaiser, you are right! He’s starting to look like old Ed. But hey, he’s well in his 50s and could still pass for younger, if only he’d starting dying his hair – I’m happy he doesn’t do it, though. He’s such an handsome man.

  16. Krippy says:

    His hair is too curtainy, it’s nice when its more of a auburny-gold colour and short, but good for him that he’s keeping things natural
    If he got the Aragorn look back then that would solve everything!

    Oh and Ralph Fiennes for hot guy thanksgiving!

    • Madrid says:

      I absolutely agree, he is still very atractive but the haircut used to be better (exactly the same with ralph fiennes and the uncle bob haircut showed in some pictures CB posted some weeks ago). In my imaginarium, Aragorn when he pushed the doors in LOTR… hot, hot, hot.
      Tom Hardy
      Mark Walhberg
      Liam Neeson

  17. carrie says:

    he’s 53 years old,he’s natural ,he’s fantastic!

  18. Naya says:

    A better haircut would help a lot. But he is still very handsome.

  19. Sara says:

    Include Chris Hemsworth. I could eat that crazy hot viking fondu style.

  20. Nia says:

    I recently watched the Passion of Darkly Noon with Ashley J., Viggo and Brendan Frazier. They all looked very young in it. However, I have to say Viggo looked incredible. His hair was colored very naturally. I think dark blondes when they age, their hair ages them.

  21. novaraen says:

    He’s so hot…but not as hot as when he was in LOTR. Yum! <3'd him as Aragorn :)

  22. novaraen says:

    Plus the man is like 53 years old…and still looking good!

  23. starfish says:

    I was in an elevator with him a couple of months ago in NYC. The man still looks damn good.
    Cameras suck.

  24. Astrid says:

    I agree – just a little attention to details and he’s still be awesomely hot. A hair trim would probably do it.

  25. Ari says:

    Aint nothing wrong with looking like Ed Harris who still looks damn good for his age and Viggo is my forever dong so I can’t say anything – I will just hit over and over and not even flinch.

  26. Happy21 says:

    He’s aging as most men age. They aren’t getting fillers and shit in their faces. I think he looks great. He is a very handsome man. That being said, so is Ed Harris…

  27. Lindsey says:

    Nearly 2x my age and I would still smash that. Oh and if I do not see Idris Elba, my personal boo (in my mind, anyway) I will be disappoint.

  28. RobN says:

    Guys with super thin hair like that shouldn’t let it get long. It just accentuates how wispy it is. It does look like he could stand a decent night’s sleep. Not hot anymore.

  29. Tee says:

    Thanks for mentioning Eastern Promises…i did SO appreciate that scene…seems like its always the ladies who get naked but every once on a while a hot guy like Viggo will :) I agree he needs a haircut otherwise he looks great! I nominate Christian Bale for the list…he is looking good in The Dark Night pics!

  30. Kelly says:

    @starfish, how on earth did you keep from molesting him? I would’ve hit STOP and gone for it.

    He looks tired, but still very hot. I agree with all who point out that he’s 53. So many people his age are wrinkly or pudgy. And he could use a little trim, but he still has nice hair – think of his contemporaries with hair plugs. Nic Cage is only 47! Or the ones who got fat. Alec Baldwin is 53, and he’s a great actor and comedian, but he lost his beauty (go watch Hunt for Red October – so gorgeous), and he’s puffy as hell. Val Kilmer – also gorgeous in his day – is 51, and also totally bloated now.

  31. lpm says:

    HGT – Tom Hiddleston, Chris Pine, Lee Pace, James McAvoy.

    Also, Viggo looks great, if a bit thin.

  32. ronnies says:

    You must be blind. That man is practically the definition of SEXY.

    You can keep this Fassbender you’re so set on.

  33. girl says:

    I like him pretty well though I’m not all crazy fanatic for him. He does look pretty good for 50 something though.

  34. UKHels says:

    still looking better than men half his age in my opinion

    HGTF – Viggo, the Mighty Bean, Fassie, ASkars, Idris, Russell Crowe (looking hot and dongy, not pie-eating and pasty)

  35. You don't say says:

    Ed Harris and his wonderful cheekbones can do no wrong. This guy, not feeling it.

  36. rustytrawler says:

    That hair is terrible. I think that’s a large portion of why he looks so bad here.

  37. Freckles says:

    Not good at all!!! How about some Javier Bardem for hot guy Thanksgiving. Please please please please please!!!!!!!

  38. Jane says:

    Viggo looks fine for his age, in fact, he looks better than most men at his age. I don’t see the problem.

    Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer for Hot Guy Thanksgiving. Please.

  39. anonymoose says:

    Viggo! He looks great!, still has it. Hair is a bit thin, but I like the length and style.

    for HGT, how ’bout:
    matthew gray gubler
    colin firth
    dermot mulroney
    clive owen
    jim caviezel

  40. skuddles says:

    Beautiful, natural looking man – no complaints here. Besides, he’s in his late 40′s – he’s supposed to be showing his age a bit, but in this case it only adds to his appeal…

  41. hstl1 says:

    Kevin Alejandro will always be my Hot Guy Friday. I just wish people would stop killing him off their shows. Sigh…

  42. Reece says:

    Still sexy. Period.

    Colin Firth *drool*
    Becks cuz Galaxy are the MLS champs!
    Armie Hammer kinda got a little thing growing for him.
    Old school Robert Redford! Like Gatsby old school.

  43. JM says:

    Kaiser, I second the Ed Harris comparison. However, I’ve always adored Ed Harris so that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I also agree Vigo needs a haircut PRONTO! He’s a handsome guy. Just has the wrong do ATM.

    Requests for Hot Guy Thanksgiving: I’m sure Fassie is at the top of the list so I won’t bother there. LOL! However, I’d love it if you included Alexander Skarsgard & Jason Mamoa.

  44. Aly says:

    I don’t find him drooling handsome, but there is something about him that I like and it makes him more attractive in my eyes.

    Would you add Colin Firth to Hot Guy Thanksgiving?

  45. Sumodo1 says:

    Viggo needs lighter, longer hair and to put on 15 pounds. Still hittin’ it, tho. Fer sure!

  46. Meanchick says:

    Hugh Jackman
    Jason Momoa
    Michael Ealy
    Hill Harper
    Paul Walker
    Jean Claude Hot Damme
    The Fassbender
    James McAvoy
    M.Night Shyamalan
    Keith Robinson

  47. Snowflake says:

    He’s not my type in general, but still hot at this age.

    Speaking of the LOTR + Hobbit franchise: can you PLEASE get me some Luke Evans? Thanks Kaiser!

  48. Anne says:

    The man is freaking gorgeous. The only thing he MIGHT need is to color his hair, because I think the cut of it does work for him. I don’t know, it seems very gray and straw colored, which makes him look older. But the man is still so good looking.

  49. jill says:

    Vigoo is fine ! So is Ed Harris, Therefore, Kaiser your attempt to take digs them is full of fail.

  50. nikki says:

    Love Vigoo. Ed Harris is great. Stop hating Kaiser. And here is my Thanksgiving list.

    Jude Law
    Hugh Jackman
    Jason Momoa
    Paul Walker
    Chris Pine

  51. bella says:

    @Deb it was not my intention to accuse or bother. i am simply expressing my thoughts on a gossip celebrity site. proof? are you kidding? geez…i’m only making an observation. are we subjected to libel now on gossip sites? i have always crushed on viggo and perhaps you are hearing disappointment and concern in my posts…not accusations and finger pointing…

  52. grabbyhands says:

    I’d still hit it. But he needs to get back to a role with a Russian accent again stat! Sexy!

    Could you add Benedict Cumberbatch, Jamie Dornan and Idris Elba to Hot Guy list? And I second adding Evan Peters.

  53. Um says:

    He looks much younger than Fassbender, Kaiser.

  54. Evita says:

    He looks old because Madrilenos hate him and he’s living here. He broke up the marraige between David Trueba and Ariadna Gil, who have 2 children. He ruined her career in a conservative Catholic culture.

  55. LeeLoo says:

    He just doesn’t do it for me without the Aragorn stubble.

  56. Charlotte says:

    Why are you even asking this question!? Hot obviously.
    Also for hot guy thanksgiving
    - Joseph Gordon Levitt
    - Zachary Quinto
    - Alan Rickman
    - Johnny Depp

  57. Kara Ann says:

    Haven’t seen the suggestion yet so…

    Colin Farrell
    Ryan Gosling

    agree with Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth.

  58. Kate says:

    I think Luke Evans should be included in the hot guy thanksgiving. I couldn’t stop staring at him whenever he came up in “The Immortals”.
    & I totally agree that Viggo looks kind of sickly, but age does that, right? We can’t keep comparing him to how he used to be. But if stop that for a second, we realize he actually looks really good for his age. But I still agree that gaining some weight & some night cream would do him great good.

  59. Eve says:

    Viggo Mortensen is aging beautifully. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with him.

    About who should be included in that Hot Guy Thanksgiving’s list…well, I have my usual requests — my three immaginary husbands: Tahar Rahim, Jesse Eisenberg and Chris Evans.

    AND Cillian Murphy.

  60. sandy#1 says:

    ok, viggo,is still hot, i like older experience men, my list, brad pitt, Bethany, Clive, skarsgard? ealy,rdj, Hugh, even johnny depp,idris,Colin Farrell, joseph phineas, liam neeson, please forgive the misspelling of the names, too lazy to look them up, but you get the point.

  61. JuliaDomna says:

    Viggo looks great, as usual.

  62. VenusdeHills says:

    Could you include Anton Yelchin for this weeks Hot Dong friday?

    Also Ed Westwick…mmmmmmmmm
    And Viggo’s sexiness is decreasing unfortunately..good thing we all still have fassie!

  63. Aqua says:

    Not only do I find him attractive, he has a great body of work as an actor and I love the fact that he’s not in your face 24/7 unlike some celebrities.

  64. Boromir's bytch says:

    It’s the pants. They’re old man jeans. Put him in some tighter jeans, turn him around and let me see.

  65. anonymoose says:


    jamie dornan
    paul walker

    and adding
    Jason Lewis
    Billy Campbell

  66. JulieM says:

    Viggo and Ed Harris are two of the best actors working today. What’s wrong with looking your age when you are in your fifties?

  67. cendella says:

    He’s still hot. I’d do him.

  68. Lucky Charm says:

    Ah Viggo, Viggo, Viggo, definitely still hot! I’ll make sure you get a good nights…um, sleep!(wink, wink) Unlike JLo or Madge, I’d rather have a mature, experienced man over a boytoy any day. I’m just selfish, I guess – I’d rather enjoy than teach…

    And please add Brad & Ewan to the list. And seconding the noms for James McAvoy & Colin Farrell. Thank you. :)

  69. Camille says:

    He does look old and sickly, but maybe he just has jet lag or something. He is still a great actor though. Loved him in LOTR.

    As for who I’d like to see on HGF:

    Alexander S
    Clive Owen
    James Purefoy
    Brad Pitt
    Michael Fassbender

  70. Booboocita says:

    Jason Momoa, please? I’ve been rewatching Game of Thrones via On Demand obsessively, and I may even buy the Conan blu-ray just so I can get my fix. And if someone would feature him in a couple of new films next year — shirt off, of course — that’d be great.

  71. Nymeria says:

    Colin Firth
    Christian Bale
    Kit Harrington

    Darling Viggo, you will always be my Aragorn.

  72. Jess says:

    Please feature Alexander Skarsgard!

  73. Julie says:

    Viggo was never my type.

    For Hot Guy Thanksgiving:

    - James Purefoy: a new one on your list, but a great combination of naughty and sexy, just the way you and I seem to like ‘em.

    - Jason Momoa: please, please, please. Every cell in my body screams “Hell yeah!” when I see a picture of him.

    - Fassy: never can have enough.

    - Josh Brolin: gorgeous and manly, emphasis on the manly. love the ruggedness.

    Can’t wait!!

  74. Sparkly says:

    He does have a bit of an Ed Harris vibe going.

    Man, how we all pine for the hot guys again!

    Always glad for James McAvoy & Jason Momoa. I would agree with that Tate guy from American Horror Story, too. Something about him is making him my new jailbait crush. And Paul Bettany. Lots and lots of Paul Bettany.

    Oh, and Misha Collins.

  75. Tucson says:

    Thanks for including Viggo! Can you add Jeffrey Dean Morgan and James Purefoy to the Hot Guy Thanksgiving list? They are gorgeous!

  76. Hmmm says:

    He’s too thin. Yet amazing to look at for his age. A bit of weight would make him suitably juicy. However, his mind is all that regardless of his looks.

  77. snapnhiss says:

    Viggo’s the total package, he’s well read, artistic, athletic, he loves animals, he’s very health conscious (whoever said he’s hitting the drugs and booze is a nitwit) and he seems to have a good sense of humor. He still looks younger than Fassbender and he’s nearly 20 years older.

  78. Cheezhead says:

    Yessssss! Throw in Sean Bean with JDM and JP and a dash of Richard Armitage and it would be scrumdelicious….

  79. Heathnoble says:

    Still hot, biatches. Men don’t become old, they age gracefully remember. Now, gimme some of that Jonathan Rhys before he drinks himself into early retirement due to cirrhosis.

  80. Laughing Librarian says:

    Viggo is like a fine wine-he gets better with age. Give him to me if you don’t appreciate him!

  81. hairball says:

    Colin Farrell

    Christopher Meloni

  82. Jenna says:

    He’s gorgeous… but that awful hairdo has GOT to go. I don’t know what he’s thinking with that wispy blow-away thing on his head but geez, get to the barber ASAP, sweetie!

  83. luls says:

    Face and body-wise, he looks great!! The only thing I would suggest is a HAIRCUT though. That goes for Brad Pitt and johnny Depp too. Long hair looks bad on older men.

  84. kathryn says:

    Im glad a couple of you have mentioned naked fight scene in Russian bathouse in Eastern Promises- possibly one of my best movie scenes ever-

    I think he’s possibly a bit skinny here- but it could be for a part

    someone who has aged less well…is Sean Bean in game of thrones- what happned to his nice blonde hair?

    also love Colin Firth bust mostly prinde and predjudice
    and here here to ALL of the make cast of True Blood- who is the werewolf??!!

  85. Fahnette says:

    Matthew Lewis. He’s grown up quite nicely. He’s like a Baby Clive Owen.

    Viggo was dead sexy in “A History Of Violence.”

  86. Anne de Vries says:

    Can we have some Stargate love in HGF? Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Jason Momoa?

  87. Sian says:

    Viggo as Aragorn is difficult to top – all brooding and hairy!

    You’ve gotta stick Henry Cavill on the list surely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful man in my entire life! And I really mean that!

  88. MAMAKOWALSKA says:


    • Carolyn says:

      Great cheer.Put me on the team. Distracted by Viggo’s rugged manliness and only now remember the question…please please please put Henry Cavill in the Hot Guy feature. Mandatory to include at least one photo of him as Charles in The Tudors. Sigh. And Sean Bean and Ewan McGregor (not as Obi Wan Kenobi though..that would wreck my day).

  89. Calli P says:

    Ms. Kaiser,


    Such an unpleasant headline. Me thinks you might still have yer undies in a wad over the Viggo-Fassdong poll! LOL!!!

  90. ZenB!tch says:

    @Kaiser he is the only reason I saw LOTR 2 and 3. I was dragged to 1 and was snoozing along when lo and behold Aragorn appears and I’m like “OMG! Who is THAT!” and I’ve been in lust ever since.

    However, I do concede that he is “old” now (at least in these pics) vs. the hot older man. Makes me worry that I too will look like that in 11 years because when he was in his early 40s he looked very, very good.

  91. ZenB!tch says:

    Oh and for Thanksgiving hottie – in honor of the announcement of the new Anne Rice Werewolf book, I nominate Alcide. Joe M….

    Oh and the new Superman…

    Christopher Meloni shirtless (I don’t think he’s hot from the neck up – way too old but that chest)

    Eric Bana
    Liev Schreiber
    Hugh Jackman
    Daniel Craig

    (I really do stick to guys my own age 90% of the time.)

    Oh and shirtless Bradley Cooper from the one time he was hot – the A-Team set pictures – you can chop off his head to please the Ryan peeps. I don’t care about his face, just the A-Team body.

  92. Callumna says:

    He makes my nether regions smolder. Rawr.

    Like Baryshinikov back in the day.

    I’m all dizzy, possibly in love and forgot the question so I hope I answered.

  93. Cristina says:

    Put Ezra Miller on the list. He’s nineteen, but he’s up and coming :) We need to talk about Kevin is hot and so is he.

  94. Nan says:

    You know he’s 53 years old? I would be so lucky to look that good at 37. I don’t live life in the fast lane, I just live life and it shows. Gray hairs, crows feet, scars, baby weight, stretch marks and right now, thanks to a cold, a red crusty nose. He’s hot. He’s sexy. I’d do him in a minute – and my husband would allow it b/c he’s on the “list of celebs were allowed to do while married” – a big fantasy list which should be renamed “the list of celebs I fantasize about during sex”.

    I don’t think this guy is known for partying. He’s a big outdoorsmen, poetry and song writing person. He’s supposedly published a book of poetry. I don’t know – I hate poetry so I can’t say if it’s any good.

  95. paradigm says:

    I don’t care for old blonds. They don’t age as well as brunettes. He was sexy as Aragorn, but that was ten years ago.

    Whoever posted that Zachary Quinto was hot should know that he is openly gay. I don’t consider any gay man hot as I like my men to like women! I don’t know of any woman who fantasizes about gay men.

    Viggo looks old and tired now. I don’t know anything about alcohol and drugs (other than when he was in LOTR, the interviewers would write about how much he drank during the interview), but I am sure his pale skin is not doing him any favors in the aging department.

    Now whoever say Javier Bardem is hot….

    Yes, Yes, Yes!! He can sit at my Thanksgiving table every year!

    Oh and to the 12 year old who fantasized about a 40 something man, please honey get therapy. You have daddy issues big time.

  96. Incredibly thankful am I mainly because I’ve discovered this beneficial written content. I’ll check this out and see if it will deliver the results on my website too.

  97. jools says:

    Viggo looks mighty fine for his age. Just saw him in A Perfect Murder and at 39, he was truly beautiful, in a rugged way, sort of like Sam Shepard, when he was in Days of Heaven. Now Fassbender, that’s another story, at 34, he looks at least 40. What’s he’s going to look like at 53? Scary, huh?