Pippa Middleton got $600,000 for her party-planning and hostessing book

A month ago, the rumors began. Pippa Middleton was allegedly shopping a book around to various publishers. Was it a tell-all memoir, perhaps? Something like The Other Waity: Pippa’s Story? Or My Sister Married a Prince And All I Got Was An Ass Made of Lies? No and no. Pippa was shopping a “party planning” book – all about how to be a hostess and how to throw great parties. When the rumors first came out, British snobs were like, “HOW GAUCHE” and “What do you expect from the dreaded middle class?” Pippa’s family and the royal family might have even tried to get Pippa to withdraw her book idea, but now there’s some great news – Pippa didn’t back down! She got her book deal. And then some.

Pippa Middleton has signed a six- figure deal to write a book about being the perfect party hostess. The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is believed to be banking a cheque for £400,000 after a fierce bidding war with some of the country’s biggest publishing houses.

Pippa’s literary agent David Godwin is believed to have finalised the deal last week, which is understood to be with publisher Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin books. HarperCollins and Random House’s subsidiary, Cornerstone, were also said to be keen to buy the book, but Penguin outbid them.

Pippa, 28, has told friends she signed the deal last week and will not be employing a ghost writer. She has been setting aside several hours a day to draft chapters.

‘Pippa says it’s a nerve-racking prospect but she is looking forward to the challenge of writing her first book,’ said a friend. ‘She had to deliver a synopsis that was sent to a number of publishers under a strict confidentiality agreement. There were some serious offers, but Penguin stumped up the most cash. It will be about entertaining and how to throw the perfect party. It’s not just about being the perfect hostess – it will also include recipes and information about how to host different types of events. Pippa has been sketching out the chapters and has decided to start each one with an amusing anecdote.’

Pippa has the full backing of sister Kate, who thinks the idea is ‘brilliant’. As a professional party planner for London-based events company Table Talk, she is in the perfect position to write about hosting parties.

She is also a talented writer and edits The Party Times, an online newsletter on her parents’ Party Pieces website. She is, however, keen not to be seen to be cashing in on her Royal connections and, as well as consulting her family about the book, she spoke to St James’s Palace before signing.

‘Pippa has turned down the offer to be a lady-in-waiting for her sister and wants a career in her own right. But she knows she can’t be seen to be making money out of her connections. Kate thinks it’s a brilliant idea,’ says the friend.

The book is a welcome distraction for Pippa who has separated from her long-term boyfriend Alex Loudon, say friends. ‘She is throwing herself into her book and it’s helping to distract her. She’s had a horrid time.’

[From The Mail]

I think it’s a great idea too. For one, I seriously doubt Kate is all that pleased with it, and it will probably piss off the royal family and it will be seen as Pippa “cashing in” on her royal connections. That’s what’s great about it! Pippa SHOULD do her own thing and not just wait around for Kate to fix her up with some titled aristocrat. Pippa doesn’t want to WAIT. Pippa wants to make it happen for herself. And now she’s got her own money to make it happen – good for her.

By the way, does anyone else think that this move is designed to alert the UK snobs that Pippa doesn’t need them anyway? Like, now that Pippa is doing a book and she’ll be making her own party-planning and publishing fortune, the aristocrats might not want to get near her. Which is fine – now I want Pippa to find some dude who is new-money wealthy and self-made too. That’ll show the snobs.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Whoa… Her face is kinda harsh… Good for her for making her own money

  2. Skyler says:

    I don’t get the appeal of Pippa M. She is not even pretty. She is not singer, actress or whatever. She is who she is but it’s not enough for me. Another Paris or Kim. Useless for society.

  3. GoodCapon says:

    Is she even qualified to write a book about party planning? She hardly owns a party company, she only works for one. She doesn’t have enough experience to write a book about it. I mean, look at her tips for a ‘perfect family Christmas’ – purely common sense tips. It’s worse than rubbish.

    She only got this book deal because of her royal connections and she’s ridiculously milking it. Someone with superior breeding would try to keep their head down low instead of signing book deals or gallivanting in public. Unfortunately she comes from a nouveau riche family who never knew how to behave properly. Pippa is very trashy just like the rest of her family. Well done you middle-class, middletrash Middletons!

    • Birdix says:

      lol–gallivanting! writing books! the scandal!

    • TrollyDolly says:

      I seem to recall the Middletons behaving with impeccable grace, breeding and distinction before, during and after the Wedding. Why does making your own money and not relying on inherited wealth, having a coal miner for a Great GrandParent and a Mother who grew up in a Council flat make them inferior? They appear to be well bred, charming and polite people.

      Pippa Middleton can hardly help being followed by the Paparazzi wherever she goes. She’s perfectly entitlted to write a book about her family business. There’s plenty of Trustafarians (like India Hicks) writing about interior design or even the Queen’s cousin Lady Elizabeth Anson running a Party Planner business. How come you’re not criticising that?

      You must live in a very rarified and judgemental world GoodCapon where to be noveau riche and middleclass is considered an insult!

      • GoodCapon says:

        Grace? Breeding? Distinction? Are you sure you’re talking about the Middletons here?

        Do you think the press cares about India Hicks or Lady Anson? No. Pippa is different because the press are still interested in what she’s doing. Now that her sister is married to the heir, the least she could do is to be more discreet. Yes, she can hardly help being followed by the paparazzi, but she doesn’t discourage them either which is just as bad IMO. In her photos out and about in London she doesn’t seem to hide from them. She absolutely revels in the attention; look at how many high-profile events she has attended after the wedding! All of this comes after the Middletons asked for privacy. Ahh yes, because the perfect way to show that you want your privacy is to appear in the front row of the London Fashion Show! See how hypocritical these Middletrash are?

        Don’t forget how they tried to take down pictures – which was taken years ago – of them on a holiday AFTER the wedding, because they were trying to clean up their act. Why not do it before the wedding then?
        The PCC have become the Middletons’ new best friend, suing everything they can just to remove any incriminating pictures off the internet – even Kate’s see-through bikini pictures which put her on the throne in the first place.

        When I said superior breeding, I was not referring exclusively to aristocrats. There are more middle-class families – some even poorer than them – who conduct themselves with more grace and dignity. Sorry to use a cliche but “money doesn’t buy you class” absolutely applies to Pippa and her family.

        And don’t forget this video

        At least her other trashy relatives had the tact not to wave even when they were asked to. I know it was just after the wedding and she was probably still on a high from the celebration, but this was just very, very tacky.

      • anon33 says:

        LOL…gotta love British class warfare tomfoolery: “Oh my word! How distressing! You mean they actually WORK for a living?”

        And…”Superior breeding”-really? Are we discussing species of dogs? Did I somehow fall into a Jane Austen time warp?

        Yeah, much better to just sit on one’s entitled, inbred ass and look down on others. GMAFB.

      • Granger says:

        Yeesh, take it easy. Pippa is still pretty young. When I was her age, if my sister had catapulted our family into “superstardom,” I too would have accepted invitations to every party in town, and sat in the front row of every show during Fashion Week! It isn’t a sign of ill-breeding — it’s a sign that she’s a young woman who wants to have fun. At least we haven’t seen her knickers or some awful interview with her in Vanity Fair.

    • Hmmm says:


      Although I agree, I would say it’s not so much superior breeding which is missing as much as integrity. She’s basically grasping. It’s obvious and is not pretty.

  4. stephanie says:

    In a counter-factual world in which Kate Middleton was not connected to Prince William in ANY way,Pippa Middleton would not be receiving $600,000 for a book about planning parties. Pippa Middleton is not “making her own money” in the traditional “self-made individual” sense of the world, she is in effect cashing in on the connections she has in the classiest way possible (e.g. not dishing the dirt about KM et al. )

    I say that the book money lasts five months. In twenty years, Pippa will still be desperate for attention and ways to finance her lifestyle and she’ll be singing another tune á la fergie, duchess of york .

    She is looking rough, BTW. Hate that “white lace/black tights” outfit.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The Middletons are a business-saavy bunch and I doubt the money will be gone in 5 months. Pippa may use this as a stepping stone to launch the Martha Stewart stuff. Yes, she using her connection to KM but why not? Peter Phillips, William’s 1st cousin, gets all these jobs in “marketing” and you can be sure everyone knows Queen Elizabeth is his granny.

      And yes, ELA, I agree – girl needs some sleep.

      • Talie says:

        Peter is actually a good example since the family was also pissed at him when he sold his wedding rights to Hello! and essentially sold his grandmother out as well as part of the million dollar deal.

      • Kate says:

        Couldn’t agree more. Nobody says a word about the fact that the Queen’s cousin runs a party planning business almost totally on the back of that relationship. Nor the fact that Lichfield’s career was based on similarly blue-blooded contacts.

        It does irritate me that people snobbishly look down at the Middletons because they weren’t born to money, while simultaneously attacking them for snobbish social climbing. Nobody ever asks why William or George Percy or Harry or Pippa’s ex don’t date girls behind checkouts in shops – yet people constantly ask that about Pippa and Kate. Why? Is that all they deserve, when not born into the aristocracy? They should know their place? Please. You can’t have it both ways. Either snobbery is wrong – and that includes attacking only the new money classes for caring who they date and marry, while letting old money off scot free – or the Middletons are just better at social climbing than the people who attack them. Personally I think it’s a bit unfortunate that Pippa is so steeped in the idea that old money = good money, but she’s unusual in that she herself is successfully levering her way into old money despite a very different background. She’s no more snobbish than the people she now associates with. There’s a logic bypass in attacking her on the grounds she’s a snob, while sniggering about her low-class antecedents. Pick a side and stick to it, you know?

        Of course she’s cashing in, but no more than almost everyone who’s ever made money and is linked to the royal family. Even Zara Phillips wouldn’t get the kind of sponsorship she does otherwise – please, Land Rover, Coutts and some watch company sponsoring a random eventer, however successful in that field? It’s a very niche sport. I don’t know any other horserider with her kind of opportunities. There’s a long list – Fergie is only unusual in that she was so blatant and open about it, and she did it at a time when her reputation was on the floor… and the family loathed her by then anyway, so were enraged by her trying to link herself with them all the time.

      • Stacy Dresden says:

        Yeah. I think there’s a difference between exploiting one’s connections (as would be the case with peddling a tell-all) and pursuing something that is guaranteed to be successful, if only by virtue of one’s favorable situation/stature.

        If Pippa here were our friend or relative rather than a pseudo-celebrity placed (perhaps needlessly) on a pedestal, I imagine we’d be less critical of her for pursuing this. IMO, it’s simply savvy and industrious. She is in the business, after all!

  5. samira677 says:

    Pippa really needs some sleep. The bags add at least 15 years. This book deal is laughable. If she wasn’t Kate’s sister she wouldn’t get a book deal nevermind $600,000.

  6. Anait says:

    She looks much older than she is… OMG I wrote two times almost the same things in few minutes in two different post!

  7. Eleonor says:

    I’ve read somewhere that Royal family is afraid of Pippa becoming the next Sarah Ferguson..honestly I hope she succeed, even if I don’t like her that much. Waity is married to Prince William, and Pippa has the right to go on with her projects,and unlike her sister she is able to do something.

  8. Carobell says:

    I think Pippa is ambitious and smart to be capitalizing now.

    She’s writing a book about something she has experience with, planning parties as opposed to just writing something.

    Would we know who she was if her sister hadn’t married the future King? No. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate her hustle.

  9. No Sensei says:

    All that waiting must give you (eye/hand) bags.

  10. Jacq says:

    Love love love the jacket and the bags! (on her arm and under her eyes! They’re called cucumbers, sweetie; haggard much?)

  11. Jackie says:

    i find it shameful that a woman, due to who her sister has married, gets this kind of money for writing a book.

    there are LOTS of hardworking professional women who are more qualified and really deserve this deal. revolting.

    • Blue says:

      Completely agree. But in this world it’s not what you can do, it’s who you know. It’s sad really, so many brilliant hardworking people can’t get a chance.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah, I completely agree with, but then it’s the way of the world. Contacts matter, and she’s also got a sort of reality-show level fame now, too.

      I’m not anti her at all so this isn’t a swipe, and I don’t think she is UNattractive, but… the fuss. I don’t get it. She just suddenly appeared and now the media won’t leave it. Maybe because Kate herself is so fiercely protected, so she’s the closest they can get?

  12. Christine says:

    She needs to READ a book about not pairing black tights with light colored shoes.

  13. lin234 says:

    lol at everyone’s comments.
    I’ve finally put my finger on why Pippa looks “off” from the rest of her family: she looks like she’s half Asian. I mean Kate and her brother look very English and have similar big and wide eyes but Pippa looks completely different from her siblings.

    She looks more like Olivia Munn who is half Asian than she does with her siblings.

    Also, who is still buying these books??!? There are a TON of creative women out there who have that natural artistic touch who write blogs online you can read for free about their little projects that are actually useful and often thrifty that anyone can imitate.

  14. Rachel says:

    I like Pippa and I will be interested to read her book when it comes out.

  15. ELA says:

    I have that lace cream dress she is wearing – well a H&M version! she really needs to get some sleep – those undereye circles are dreadful.

  16. Flan says:

    She’s less annoying and seems smarter than her sister.

  17. Cirque28 says:

    Jesus, what is 38 going to look like on this girl? Lay off the sauce (& tanning & eyeliner), Pippa!

    Oooh, cute black boots though.

  18. olga says:

    so glad that’s not a book about make up or stily or beauty :) lol

  19. retyah says:

    I actually like her, much more than her sister anyways. I could see her being a good friend to have because she seems laid back and just nice. However her look is so haggard now. You think with all that money you could invest in a good face/eye cream. Does she smoke or something?

  20. Franny says:

    I can understand why some would consider that she is “cashing in” on her relationship with the royal family…

    …but is she just supposed to lay low the rest of her life? I say, good for you for living your life. She goes to work, dates, and tries to set herself up for success. Can’t hate her for that.

  21. JulieM says:

    Pathetic cash in. No one would give a rat’s behind what Pippa thought about party planning without her royal connection. Take a few minutes and read Pippa’s ten party tips published last week in the Daily Mail. The most conventional wisdom drivel I have ever read. Such as, make sure you do stuff ahead of time so you can spend more time with your guests. No, really!

    If you want to read a royal connection party book, read Paul Burrell’s book, ex-butler to Diana.

  22. Emily says:

    Team Pippa!!!!!!!

    I like that she’s stickin’ it to the snobs.

    Yes, this is an opportunistic move. But I think she’d be stupid not to capitalize on her random fame.

    I like her hustle.

    • Hmmm says:

      I don’t think she’s ‘sticking it to the snobs’. There is not a rebellious bone in her body. She wants to be one of the ‘snobs’. However, she just downtraded her ‘uptradeyness’ with that book decision. No one with old money will remotely want to be connected with her. This makes her even beneath Trade. Arriviste, indeed! She is becoming Waity’s tacky relative who embarrasses The Firm by association.

  23. MESA says:

    I feel for her. I get HORRID bags under my eyes….even when I get a good nights sleep. Nothing works – cucumbers, tea bags, frozen spoons, etc. usually they diminish by noonish…but their bad.

  24. Miladie29 says:

    The contents of her book are utter rubbish.

    It wouldn’t be too bad if she’s just cashing in on her connections, but she’s also putting out a terrible book written by an inexperienced famewhore who seems to have no true knowledge of party planning.

    Someone else could have gotten this book deal. Someone better at their craft. But no, because they’re not as connected as Pippa and because they don’t court the press at every turn like Pippa, they don’t get their works published even though they’re probably more experienced at party planning.

    And some people think Pippa is not cashing in on this or that she’s not using her connections? Please.

    Here’s an example from Pippa’s “party planning” book:

    “Use Christmas theme dressings and centrepieces for the dining table.”

    That’s it? Anyone could have told me this ‘tip’ for party planning for Christmas.

    This book deal is not worth $600,000. Betheny Frankel had much better advice for Christmas decoration and party planning on the PEOPLE edition of holiday tips.

  25. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Pippa looks good for being in her 40′s and wow, so much money for a book, hope the surgeons of the world that are saving lives can rake in this kind of $$$.

  26. diana says:

    Holly Molly who punched her in the eyes? depression much?

  27. Luise says:

    Maybe with the $600,000 she can get her eyes done by a competent plastic surgeon. She should use the same one that did her sister’s eyes. Both of these girls look rough…..look at old photos of Kate. Her face was lumpy, fat nose and major bags. Can’t believe Wills went for that. He must be so f**ked up from his family and his mother’s mess.

  28. Lol says:

    Her eye backs dont bother me but those chavy earrings are TERRIBLE!

  29. PyCaramel says:

    I like her for some reason. I can’t say I wouldn’t capitalize off of my connections if I were in her position and I know most of you all would too. In fact she would be dumb not to. Get it Pippa!

  30. danielle says:

    Wow – her eyes! Probably not sleeping much after a bad breakup, but ouch! And the eyeliner emphasizes it.

  31. Cordelia says:

    Two things:
    Pippa has a serious matchy-matchy problem.
    Also, she needs to get the sleeves on her coats tailored.

  32. meg says:

    Ok the next person who says she needs sleep needs a slap!! Its obviously a chronic inherited trait. Some people,like me!, no matter how much sleep they get, will always have bags under their eyes.

  33. Meg says:

    but she’s using her connection to the royal family to get a book published, she wouldn’t have been published otherwise. so how is this her ‘making her own money’?

  34. Cerulean says:

    Something about this girl rubs me all kinds of wrong. Her game is too obvious. Her plotting and planning has kept her up nights it seems. Those are some major steamer trunks under her eyes.

  35. Emma says:

    Wow. How old is she again? 28ish? That’s sad, esp considering she can afford to improve that horrid eye situation.

  36. HoustonGrl says:

    I’d be tormented if I were writing a book I knew hundreds of media sites would pick apart the minute it was published. Nonetheless, this is one I won’t be reading.

  37. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    She’s such a fame-whore. But “her” book – ghost-written by someone else, of course – will make money because she’s the patron saint of homely girls. All the unattractive girls in England will buy her book out of devotion to their patron saint.

  38. juju says:

    Besides being skinny, there is nothing good looking about this chick. She has an ugly face !!! What is the big deal, I dont see it at all !!

  39. Turd Fergussen says:

    Good God. She looks so…old and haggard.

  40. I.want.shoes says:

    That is one ugly man in a dress in need of a good night’s sleep.

  41. UKHels says:

    how the hell do you get a whole book out of it?

    fill the bath with ice, few crates of beer, massive alcoholic punch, canapes, live decks, room full of beautiful and fabulous people, more than one loo in good working order

  42. Blue says:

    Has Pippa done a lot of interviews. I would like to know how people have come to the conclusion that she is smart and interesting. I’m not sayin she isn’t, but what has she done/said that brings about these impressions.

  43. Wresa says:

    Lol @ the guy in pic #4 checking out her butt.

    I think its great she’s making her own way in the world. If she lays low, then she’s “uptrady” waiting for a prince of her own. If she works she’s “cashing in.” No matter what, she’ll be criticized, so she might as well do her own thing and ignore the “haterz.”

    Some commenters in this thread seem to have an axe to grind…

  44. Blarghhhh says:

    She’ll be making a “fortune” will she?

    I know I won’t be wasting any money on her book.

    She’s fair game for criticism. The only reason she’s got this deal is BECAUSE of her sister. The only reason anyone pays attentions or pretends she is remotely attractive (she is painfully average) is because her sister married Prince William.

    This girl is getting a free ride because of her connections. There are many people who are way prettier, talented, and hard-working who will never “make it” because they lack high-profile contacts.

  45. Fue McCormick says:

    I hope she uses some of that Cash to buy some decent outfits. I’m going to start counting all the ugly crap she’s been wearing since the wedding. And don’t any of you give me any of your crap about how beautiful her clothes are. She consistently looks like shit by putting things together on her body that shouldn’t even be in the same closet together, let alone on London streets.

  46. Ranga says:

    Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the situation? Making the most of the opportunities that come your way in life is ‘cashing in’? So be it, we should all ‘cash in’ every day. It’s not like she’s shilling a sex tape for gods sake. The publishing house will earn a lot of money off of her so why shouldn’t she be paid accordingly? It’s not her problem they are willing to pay her handsomely for her ‘party ideas’ whatever they may be.

    Oh p.s. I hate her fashion sense :D

  47. MoMo says:

    I hope she does make a name for herself and pursues independent career success over pursuit of a man. Anyway, don’t we all draw upon our ‘connections’ when it comes to employment opportunities/income earning?
    As for her inability to pick flattering outfits, well, if nothing else, it means she isn’t likely paying a stylist to do it for her. Which I guess means being a public fashion/beauty icon isn’t high on her list of what’s important to her. I give her props for ‘staying real’ in that regard. Like she’s middle class and she’s okay with projecting that image. She wears what she chooses, she does work she’s drawn to (or has experience in). At least she’s independent minded and can make her own decisions. Also, she doesn’t appear to be out doing drugs and getting s*#t- faced at clubs- so she has her life together.

  48. anne_000 says:

    If I were a Middleton sister, I too would be trying to get as many money deals as possible during this honeymoon stage the public has with the family. But I would do a Snooky and try to put away as much of the money as possible, because I’d know this opportunity isn’t going to last forever.

  49. marie says:

    Please let both sisters use their money and connnections to learn how to do thier eye makeup in much more flattering way. The harsh black outline look is very outdated and doesnt look good on either of them. Princess Di knew how to do makeup to play up her eyes and looks in general. Seriously, I dont understand this.

  50. Camla says:

    I’m all for it and I’m buying the book! She/he entire family have behaved with grace and I want to see if she can deliver. You all are very catty… Live & let live is mi motto

  51. la chica says:

    if this woman wasn’t (a) white, (b) the sister of a possible future queen, and (c) monied and privileged, everyone would have the guts to agree that she is (a) fugly and (b) aging before our eyes. just saying.

  52. luls says:

    Bitch needs more sleep and less hussle. Bags under her eyes look awful!

    I do love her winter fashion though!

  53. Kara Ann says:

    Meh, she is seizing her opportunities. There is obviously a market for this book or she wouldn’t have gotten paid so much to write it! I don’t dislike her for that. I don’t think that she is embarrassing the family at all (hers or the royals). I think to embarrass the royals considering Charlie and his “tampon” talk would be quite a feat. This man is going to be the King. Pippa is just a minor player. I’m sure if she did do anything truly embarrassing, she’d find herself sidelined from the family (but not the tabloids because they thrive on that stuff.)
    Lastly, sometimes I find her very attractive and she seems like she’s very sparkly personality wise. Other times, I find her unattractive to average. Strange.

  54. Nemo says:

    My favorite party tip from Pippa:

    “Why not collect and clean chicken wishbones in the run-up to Christmas, spray them silver and use each to pinch together a white hem-stitch napkin?

    (I’ve added a link so no one thought I made up that gross ‘tip’ myself)


  55. Kloops says:

    Give it up, Pippa. The blue bloods will never accept you. Ironically, the criteria to get into the Royal Family is far less rigorous bc no true aristocrat would want that lifestyle. Pippa will marry money, but I’ll be amazed if she gets a title. The girl is all hustle and no game. She’s out of her league.

  56. Fue McCormick says:

    Pippa Middleton: Ugly outfit No. 24 (in photo #4.) Honestly … what the hell??

  57. Andrea says:


    Is this lady only 28??? She looks muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch older than that!!!!! And she’s younger than her ‘royal’ sister…

    What an ugly woman… Instant celebs get to my nerves! What did these people do to be known and admired for?!

  58. LinSki says:

    I wouldn’t be as nasty as to say she is UGLY, however, as Andrea said before me, instant celebs really p1ss ME off too. PM is not that pretty, and is around my age yet looks 40s, Kate, the older, looks the younger! I believe it’s because Kate doesn’t tan when are naturally white ppl gonna realise tan looks FUGLY as sin and makes you look OLD!!