Bruce and Kris Jenner are on the rocks, fighting over money & their reality show

With all the stories of the Kardashians fighting among themselves, is it at all surprising to hear that pimp mama Kris Jenner and her husband, hapless lizard-faced Bruce, are on the rocks? It just sounds like the same old for this family. The National Enquirer has this news, and I would bet they have a solid source for it. They claim that Kris and Bruce are fighting over Kim’s divorce and over money, and that Kris has even put Bruce on an allowance! That’s ripe.

The Enquirer has learned that the 20 year union of [Kris and Bruce Jenner] – is on the rocks and both of them are ready to throw in the towel.

They’ve been battling over everything from money to how to raise their offspring. Bruce is tired of Kris making work her priority instead of family, and Kris can’t stand Bruce spending time and money on his expensive hobbies like golf and motorcycle racing, say sources.

The couple is even taking sides in daughter Kim’s explosive divorce battle with her estranged husband.

Incredibly, Kris, 56, has reportedly demeaned her sports hero husband by putting him on an allowance, and an insider reveals that the glamorous family has now become “totally fractured…”

“Bruce has started standing up for himself, insists Kris cut back on her work and is spending more time away from the house to enjoy time by himself,” charged the source.

“He now wants a life away from the TV craziness. As a result, he and Kris are at a crisis point in their marriage.

“He loved being a team with her in the early days of their marriage, but there seems little hope for reviving that between his outside interests and her managing and running the Kardashian empire 24-7.

“They are at a breaking point in the relationship…

“For the first time, he’s questioning her decisions about the family and business. And he gave Kim an earful about walking away from her marriage to Kris Humphries too soon.

“And Bruce blames Kris J. for driving Humphries away. But Kris can’t stand the basketball player and fully supports Kim plowing ahead with the divorce…”

When Bruce first discovered an Internet campaign trying to get the E! network to dump “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” he had a surprising reaction.

“Bruce actually laughed when he saw the petition because he thinks the show is partly to blame for his marital problems,” said the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, December 5, 2011]

There’s more in there about how it hurt Bruce’s feelings when Kris announced that she wanted to change her last name back to “Kardashian” from “Jenner.” Those of you who watch the show say that Bruce sometimes meekly disagrees with his wife and kids but that he’s shot down every time. If this is true that he wants his wife to cut back on work, and particularly if he’s hoping the show will end, it’s probably pissing Kris off to no end. She can’t deal with another high profile breakup, particularly her own, at this crucial point in her family’s media career. I would just love it if Bruce filed for divorce, but he doesn’t seem the type to rock the boat at all. If he were, he would have hightailed it out of there a long time ago. So instead he’s filling his time with golf and hobbies, and Kris is so controlling that she’s even trying to take those small pleasures away from him.

E! has some details of the premiere episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. It’s all about how Kris H. and Kim were incompatible and seeing the writing on the wall. We know that Kris Humphries is going to be portrayed as the baddie this season, and that Kim oversaw the editing of her show to make sure that happened. Kim knew what she was getting into, and she’s a fool if she thinks that the public is going to buy her victim act. She needs a nice compliant doormat husband like her step dad.

These photos of Kris and Bruce out together are from 8/4/11. Event photo is from 1/5/11. Credit: WENN

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  1. dorothy says:

    He won’t leave her…she took away his “nads” years ago. He’s just a lapdog now. What a poor little man.

  2. Quest says:

    The Kardashians have started fighting for the leftovers. Bruce balls are in a vice-grip where the money and Kris Jenner is concern, please let these reality shows and spin-offs end.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I totally believe all this. She’s a beast, only cares about money and fame.

  4. Original Bee says:

    Bruce isn’t going anywhere. If he left he’d actually have to do something other than play golf and get “corrective” plastic surgery. Kris Humphries actually came off really well on the premiere of Kourtney & Kim take New York. He was sweet to Kim and told he loved her about a dozen times. And when he did get upset it seemed justified. I know most of this show is probably scripted in some way, but Kris seemed genuine. Kim on the other hand came off horribly. She was vain, selfish, tempermental and controlling. If the Kardashian’s plan was to make Kris the bad guy I think it’s going to backfire miserably.

    • michkabibbles says:

      bruce actually makes a ton of money off public appearances-i think he’d have no problems supporting himself and his kids if he got divorced, especially if there was no prenup. isn’t he entitled to half of the estate?

      • MW says:

        What they have earned off their dumb show, etc., hopefuly will be considered community property, (if she and Bruce split) unless Kris made some type of a post-marital pre-nup when the $$ started rolling in, that Bruce was dumb enough to sign. Cuz when she met/married Bruce J., he was the one with the name and money, and she was probably beside herself with her good fortune! Maybe he had her sign one then, and now it’ll come back to haunt him, depending how it’s worded. Hope not. But anyway, in California, it’s a community property state, so all earnings and bills get split down the middle, no matter who earned what, unless there is pre-nup.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        It’s especially worse since they’ve been married for so long. Hard to cut her out of anything, but then again if Kris pulls in enough from her 10% fee, Bruce might be able to get alimony (she’d never let that happen).

        Sucks for Bruce that she’s his manager, that means she knows every financial aspect. He’d never get away with not paying her anything or hiding assets. Wasn’t there an episode where she yelled at him for spending $1k? Yet it’s okay for her to buy all those hooker clothes and Birkin bags? I’d feel sorry for Bruce, maybe he didn’t know this side of her (money changed her) but then again, she’s probably always been like this (maybe she’s showing it more). Eh. He’s too old and it’s probably not worth it to leave her.

        Speaking of old, that picture of her walking with her arm linked in his, damn Grandma stay away from the heels and Bebe. I never noticed how old and pathetic she looks. Does she raid her daughter’s closets?

    • Paloma says:

      Totally agree about Kris H. and Kim. He did not seem like a monster, Kim is way too self absorbed. She is going to have to learn to compromise if she ever wants a relationship.

    • Longhorn Fan says:

      Kris Humphries is sooo lucky to get rid of Kim Kardashian and escape from all the fame whores; starting with Mama Mrs. Jenner; Bruce should have the good sense to grab his two daughters and get them away from that mess of a family asap!

  5. Blue says:

    That is richhhh. She doesn’t spend any time with her husband and carries his balls around in her purse, but she doesn’t want him having any hobbies. Smh. I watched the show back before i knew how awful this family was and she is a piece of work. She treats him like garbage. She and all the girls basically bullied him into submission. I did see part of the episode when she was thinking of changing her last name. It was so sad and i felt so bad for him. I would have walked years ago. I think Kris. J may have been slightly tolerable until all the money and fame went to her head.

  6. Jayna says:

    Maybe they will divorce one day. But this article has just patched together a lot of things from their tv show with Kris and Bruce’s storyline. Wow, real news reporting. Then added a couple of things.

  7. Jayna says:

    A lot of rehashed stories from their own show like Bruce’s spending, Kris working too much, The name change. with a few new tidbits thrown in. Lazy Enquirer.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, man, if Bruce pulls a repo on his balls and actually tells Pimp Mama to sit down and STFU, I may actually watch that episode! *hangs head in shame*

  9. Jane says:

    Is she wearing ‘Dash” in that first photo? What a hideous ought.

  10. Nicole says:

    How quickly Kris forgets that Bruce was the one with the talent, fame, and money long before she and her “girls” sold their souls to the gods of porn for 15min of inexplicable fame. HER putting HIM on an allowance is rich! The nerve of that woman! I’m all for gender equality here, and Kris may be bringing home the bacon now (albeit the very rotten, trashy bacon) but she emasculates him every chance she gets, and on a forum where millions watch! Jesus, would she be sticking around in a marriage where she was treated that way? Better yet, would she allow Kimmy-poo to stay in a relationship if she was married to someone as repulsive and overbearing as her? Kim is divorcing her “mean” husband because he said she had a fat ass and has no real talent, (otherwise known as the truth), but Kris is allowed to act like a dictator in her home? If Bruce had a brain in his head, he’d file for divorce, and seek sole custody of the younger girls. Maybe, just maybe, he could save them from a life of Mama Kris forced prostitution, and save the world from Kardashians 2.0: Bigger, assier, and worse than ever!

  11. Alida says:

    Bruce do yourself a favor and leave this family and take Kylie and Kendal with you to prevent that douchebag mom of theirs from doing any further damage to them.

    As for Kim and her “editing skills” on the new season of Kourtney and Kim take New York, that bitch from hell should grow the hell up. Act like a freaking 30 year old and take responsibility for your own actions in life and STOP trying to play the victim. Your a trashy little b who needs to go away.

  12. LeeLoo says:

    1)I never understood how emasculating one’s husband made for good television. I think it’s vile that on reality television women are told it’s okay to do that. It sickens me.

    2)Kris really needs to get her priorities in check because pretty soon Bruce will be the only thing that she has left. I can totally see Khloe and Kourtney getting tired of being exploited by her and having enough. I think Khloe is already there. They all have enough money to last them the rest of their life. Why not make some decent real estate investments and go down gracefully? I mean there is no doubt about it, these people are done and it was only a matter of time before it happened. Were they so delusional to think that this would go on forever?

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      “I never understood how emasculating one’s husband made for good television.”

      Me either. The sad part about it is, I don’t think it’s scripted. What man in his right mind would allow himself to be emasculated on national TV (even if I meant being wealthy)?

  13. jamminatorr says:

    Man I don’t watch the show and other than the Emmy’s, I had really never heard most of the Klan speak.

    Cue to the other day, I am in a whiskey/doughnut/sad place on my couch wallowing (can’t reach remote, don’t care) and some Kardashian show comes on. OMG THEIR VOICES. After like four hours of wallowing it was those damn shrill and whiny voices that got me moving. I don’t know how he puts up with that. I would go postal.

  14. palermo says:

    I read the entire article, and the whole tone was slanted in Kris’s favor I thought. They said Bruce does this in every marriage, he’s real nice in the beginning but then he “changes”, like that excuses all the wives behaviors, the problems were all on him.

  15. Lantana says:

    Given the publicity of Kim’s divorce, and the publicity-hunting that the Kardashians do, would a break-up be a shock? Or even real? Their marriage is obviously real given the time span, but that also means if they are tight and just playing the public, they can come up with anything they want.

  16. Rita says:

    The only thing that remains of Bruce’s manhood is his Y chromosome and those bitches will suck that out of him if he doesn’t get away ASAP.

  17. BerMan says:

    Kudos to Kris Jenner for building an empire. A strong female independent and who is a extreme self reliant working woman who also is a lioness protecting her children in every way possible. As for the men, good and bad are unfortunately dispensable. But others will come and go. I got to hand it to Kris Jenner who made her entire family famous and known world wide in every publication known to man. Regardless of the negative blitz of late, their name and the celebritism will linger on . Kris Jenner for better or for worst, I would have a coffee with her.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      There are ways of “building an empire” that do NOT involve sex-tapes, humiliation, self-degradation, and complete and total fame-whoring. Just a little FYI.

      And I wouldn’t drink the coffee. Next thing you know, your sex-tape (which you don’t remember) is all over the internet while Pimp Mama Kris is raking in the bucks.

    • Blue says:

      She “built an empire” off of her daughter’s sex tape. She doesn’t protect her kids from anything except the truth that they are useless and talentless. She shoves her kids into the limelight and makes up stories to get them more attention. If she was shielding her kids they wouldn’t constantly be in front of the cameras, and talking about every aspect of their lives.

    • This is a joke, right? Because it’s hardly empowering to have built an empire on a daughter’s sex tape. Scummy family.

  18. Jacq says:

    The problem is that Kris J thinks she’s Kim. She’s living vicariously & picks favorites in Kim because that’s where her 20% comes from. I would love to see the extreme, warped version of herself that she would become in the event of a divorce.

  19. emb says:

    Ha…hapless lizard-faced Bruce…how true.

  20. juju says:

    OMG I cant stand these people anymore, please take them off of air !!! Fame has gone completely over there heads !!! Iam waiting for Kris to become a cougar like Demi, J Lo and Madonna, get rid of her man and get a boy, that’s next !!

  21. carrie says:

    finally The National Enquirer watched the Kardashian Tv Shows because every thing in this article was in the Tv show(Kris too interested by her Kardashian business,Bruce and his hobbies)

  22. Dea says:

    If you believe any of these set up stories I am sorry to say but there is some ignorance. Kriss is doing this first and foremost to get attention for rating. And second to get the public attention from Kim. She knows that it is Kim who brings money to the family. She want her image cleaned up ASAP. What she does is manipulating public with other stories so the Kim’s bad reputation wil be forgotten soon. It won’t work believe me a people are fed up. One thing I noticed is that E! did not advertise this upcoming season like the precious ones. They are doing that intentionally so they can get rid of them in a smart way. They might feel that a lot of advertisers won’t pay as before in this show so they need to protect their money.

  23. shalibali says:

    what an odd looking couple they make!

  24. brin says:

    I don’t even see them as human, they are all a bunch of greedy vultures and they need to go away stat.

  25. Karen says:

    This “mutha” is nothing but an old bag. She openly admits to screwing around on her husband when she was young. Now that she’s old and used up, she’s passing the torch on to the idiots she’s raising. Mr. Jenner…wake the f&%$ up man!

  26. SkyNet says:

    I don’t normally condone cheating, but I think he needs to hook up with 20 20-year olds. That horrible woman deserves it, and he looks like he needs some lovin’. He looks so sad all of the time. Poor guy.

  27. Trillion says:

    He looks like a middle aged lesbian golfer. All he needs is a visor to complete the look.

  28. Jenn12 says:

    I hope he does leave her, because at some point that cannot be soon enough, her precious “empire” will be in shambles, and her 500 kids equal to Paris Hilton. She’s disgusting and she is 61, not 56.

  29. Dani says:

    Surprised that it has lasted this long.

    I hope that people don’t buy into Kim’s victim act, but I have my doubts.

  30. boo says:

    Thank you @jamminatorr, I told my daughter the exact same thing! It’s Kim’s voice that just drives me up the wall, it’s nasally, whiny and she talks like she’s a little baby, all high pitched with this odd way of phrasing, you know like an old valley girl. Like, OMG (said in valley girl twang). I want to hurl when I hear it, I cannot watch this no matter how bad I feel, it’s just brutal how bad these people are. And Khourney is no better, I just really want to punch her in the face, she is sooooooo annoying.

    • Sigh. says:

      Yes jamminatorr & boo!!

      As I said waaaay up thread, I’ve seen a part of an episode. Why just “a part?” Because their voices are like nails being dragged, not across a chalkboard, but directly on my brain!!! I couldn’t sit through the incessant, obviously over-affected whine/baby talk coming outta these grown broads mouths!


      • Kelly says:

        The SNL Kardashians Very Special Divorce skit really nailed those voices. “You guYYYYs, it’s been really HArrrrd. All week we’ve just been crRYYYing and cRYYYing and posing and crRYYYing and getting our anuses bleached.” Buy two and get the third one free!

  31. Marla says:

    Bruce is just waiting for his to young daughters to turn 18 so the Evil Queen can’t stop him from seeing them.

  32. Camille says:

    Bruce needs to grow some balls.

  33. Madisyn says:

    Your telling me Kris Jenner said the reason she wanted to change her name back to Kuntra$ian is because “its in the same league as the Kennedy’s”.

    Really? No! This pimp could not have that much hubris. If she did, (and I believe you all) this is on par with Blohan and W.O. delusions of grandeur. Wow, just WOW.

    So theres no difference between a family who serves their country in politics and public service for the last 60-80 years to a family who found an E! reality show because one woman got ass reamed and pissed on (or should I say ‘IN’)? There are no more words!

    • Kelly says:

      Uh-oh! Madisyn’s ’bout to throw down! You must be Irish-American, girl! I am, that’s how I know that comparing a family legacy of a crappy show on E!, some shitty made-in-China handbags, and a sex tape to – oh, I don’t know – Head Start, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Peace Corps and the Special Olympics, is fightin’ words for sure!

      • Madisyn says:


        I am Irish on both sides and an American first and foremost but that has NOTHING to do with my comment. I’m no fan of the self-serving Kennedy’s (save your comments people, just my opinion) but to compare their name with the Kuntra$ians is NOT even laughable, its pathetic on Kris’ part and I actually believes SHE believes this. That’s the SICK and DISGUSTING part.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oh, Mad, you go girl! Fightin’ Irish we are, and the Kartrashians are DEF not worthy!

      • Madisyn says:

        Hey Belle

        I’m gonna tape the episode, I just have to see this crap for myself. NO *hangin my head in shame* because I’m not a ‘nielsen family’, I tape EVERYTHING I watch cuz I despise commercials, so their advertisers won’t be getting my business, AND I would go out of my way NOT to purchase anything their selling in stores.

        WHATEVER their selling, I’m definetly NOT buying.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m with you – I was just teasing! Although you’ve pretty much summed up the Irish-American relationship with the Kennedys – they’re like that more successful branch of the family – you admire them for their achievements and then make that “drinker” hand gesture whenever you mention their name.

      When one mentions the Kardashian family, though, one makes a different gesture – like the universal gesture for “blowjob.”

      • Madisyn says:


        I took ZERO offense to your comment, as a matter of fact, I loved it. No worries. My favorite part:

        “When one mentions the Kardashian family, though, one makes a different gesture – like the universal gesture for “bj.”

        L M F A O !!!!

  34. Stonegoddess says:

    Everyone is starting to see how stupid and useless this family is. Daniel Craig just got married and they kept it quiet and classy. Below is his response to why and what he thinks of that gross family. Awesome by the way…
    Craig is happy to turn the spotlight on celebrities who flaunt their relationships to make a quick buck.

    Targeting Kim Kardashian specifically, he ranted: ‘Look at the Kardashians, they’re worth millions. Millions! I don’t think they were that badly off to begin with but now look at them.

    ‘You see that and you think, “What, you mean all I have to do is behave like a f***ing idiot on television and then you’ll pay me millions?’’ I’m not judging it. Well, I am, obviously.’

    Here’s the full article. Double awesomeness.

  35. Laughing Librarian says:

    Bruce Jenner-unrecognizable. You would think as the Decathlon Gold Medalist (1976 Montreal-checked Wikipedia-also, my dad was there), he would stay in shape and grow old gracefully.
    Thought-is Ms. Kris poison?

  36. Firecracker says:

    I am loving loving loving this meltdown! I know people are sick of the articles, but I for one am loving every minute of it! Kim K probably “volunteered” on Thanksgiving because none of her family wanted her around. More meltdowns to come!

  37. e.non says:

    god, he is so freakin weird looking; and he was a good looking guy back in the day. ugh. what a loser.

    it would be so funny and perfect karma if the upshot of all the k-krap would be the disintegration of this family’s assorted couples… but, then, they’d likely just make it another teevee season.

  38. Orange Cone says:

    damn woman is always wearing leopard print, wtf?

  39. Jeannified says:

    I always thought she was so brazen to act like her last name is still “Kardashian.” Now she wants to change it back officially to her EX HUSBAND’S name?! She’s nuts! I also thought her daughters with Bruce surely have to feel inferior, due to the Kardashian sisters getting all of the attention with that name. Bruce needs to put his foot down or file for divorce.

  40. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Any time your wife tells you she wants to change her name back to her ex husband for publicity, he should have divorced her ass on the spot!

  41. Leah says:

    I don’t watch the show, never have. I only wish she’d dress her age. She looks ridiculous trying to dress like she’s the same age as her female children.

  42. Christine says:

    The wedding of Kim and Kris was a sham for ratings and to sell the book by Kris Jenner.
    The marriage of Kris and Bruce is A OK.
    Wake up people!

  43. HannahF says:

    1. I wonder if they have a prenup? Hmmm.
    2. I have seen some episodes of the show. I always got the idea that Bruce just didn’t give a damn about the Kardashian shenanigans and so he just ignored it. To me he just doesn’t buy into their crap and so he stays out of everything. It just looks like weakness.
    3. I think that the Kardashian/Jenner name change was E’s idea for an episode script. Some staffer noticed that people were calling her Kris Kardashian and came up with an idea for an episode. Bruce had no reaction because he knew it was bullshit and not worth wasting his time.

  44. Sassy says:

    Wonder why Kris Jenner dyes her hair such a black, black. Solid black is not flattering to anyone. She surely has a colorist who knows how to add some other gradations in order to make it look natural. She is very fair skinned, and could pull off a tasteful blonde look if she toned down the hideous dark eye makeup. And yes, her taste in clothing is not very sophisticated, but hey, neither is LA or San Diego.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      HEY! Watch it with the San Diego bashing! Whilst I admit there are Kutcher-cootchie-catchers around, not ALL of us NATIVES are “that way.” (And she was from Texas, FTR.)

      I admit to owning a truly fabulous pair of snake-skin boots (SUCK IT PETA! Yeah, I would’ve eaten him if the opportunity presented itself; I’ve eaten snake on more than one occasion – don’t want anything to go to waste) and a couple of TASTEFUL animal prints, but not EVER worn at the same time. Some shit we just DO NOT DO.

  45. la chica says:

    as long as y’all are watching the damn show, it will remain successful. killing this beast will require first that ppl STOP WATCHING THEIR SHOWS. you can’t kill a Kuntrashian if you are still tuning in. duh.

  46. victoria says:

    ahem I’ll take him and his athletic arse off her hands. I can kick that kat faced arse any ol time.. Come on Bruce.. I can show you a few YOUNG tricks.. heh heh heh.. bet u kinda member >:)

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  48. A wise says:

    Bruce Jenner is a nice guy but he is reaping what he has sown. Rob kardashian snr realised his ex wife was a narcissist besotted with herself,power,money and fame and divorced her. Bruce bought the false dream and is now living the nightmare. A bird trapped in a golden cage, who’s song has become a dirge.