Viggo Mortensen: “Life is too short to work with idiots who are rude and selfish”

This weekend’s New York Times Magazine had a very good cover boy – Viggo Mortensen! He looks much better in these photos than he did in those red carpet pics from a few weeks ago, but I think some of that is a better hairstyle. He’s 53 years old, and I swear, as he gets older, he’s looking more and more like Ed Harris. Right? Anyway, Viggo is talking about A Dangerous Method in this interview, but his conversation isn’t limited to that, at all. One of the great things about Viggo – he’s a talker. And he actually has interesting stuff to say. In this piece – which you can read in its entirety here – Viggo calls himself “harsh” and he’s totally a judgy bitch about his fellow actors. I like this Viggo.

Longing for immortality: “I’m not afraid of death,” he said, wiping down a counter with a damp cloth, “but I resent it. I think it’s unfair and irritating. Every time I see something beautiful, I not only want to return to it, but it makes me want to see other beautiful things. I know I’m not going to get to all the places I want to go. I’m not going to read all the books I want to read. I’m not going to revisit certain paintings as many times as I would like. There’s a limit.” He paused. “I mean, I understand limits are good for character and all that, but I would rather live forever.”

He eschews the celebrity lifestyle: “I don’t have lots of friends in the business, and the ones I do have are probably more like me, in that they’re not the kind of people to go places just so they can be seen. I see people doing that stuff and to me, it seems pathetic and ridiculous and kind of . . . well, humiliating. Life’s too short.”

He has contempt for famewhores and actors who just work for the money: “Sometimes you look at a movie and you can see that the actor or actress said, ‘I’m taking this onboard because I’m making a ton of money, and not because it’s going to be something special,’ ” he said, sounding scandalized. In choosing his own projects, his chief criterion is always “a good story.”

His film choices: “An agent will say, if you have the option, it’s good to do a big movie and then a little one. I understand that and within reason, I’ll try to, but 90 percent of the time, I’ll end up in low-budget movies that are difficult to finance and often won’t get distributed very well. I could have done one big-studio movie after another if the goal was to stay as visible as possible, to make as much money as possible. I guess, because of my temperament, I didn’t want to. I wouldn’t have been telling good stories. The challenge would have always been to try not to make a total ass of myself, even though I knew the story was really stupid.”

He played Dr. Freud because he wanted a chance to talk: “I haven’t been given the chance to play men who speak much. The parts that people — including David [Cronenberg] — normally give me are men of few words, people who express what they’re thinking or what they’re afraid of or what their goals are, physically. With Freud, it was all words.”

Viggo on his habit of doing meticulous research for his films: “It’s enjoyable and stimulating. I learn things. It’s particularly important to me, because I have had experiences where the shoot has been really annoying and unprofessional, and the director has made poor choices and the movie has not turned out well. But however it turns out, I always feel that I’ve got something out of it, because of the experiences I’ve had and the knowledge I’ve got from the preparation stage.”

His career before Lord of the Rings: “For a long time after I started out, I couldn’t get anything. I mean, I’d do a small play, or one scene in a TV thing — I’d get just enough encouragement to keep me going — but I wasn’t making a living at it.” There were many false starts. Twice, he said, he had scenes in movies — Jonathan Demme’s “Swing Shift” and Woody Allen’s “Purple Rose of Cairo” — that ended up on the cutting-room floor. “I wasn’t told. Months go by, the movie comes out, I tell my parents — you know, my whole family. They go see it, and I’m not in it. The scene isn’t there. They think I’ve lost my mind. They’re like, What are you really doing in Los Angeles?”

Being demoralized: In 1990, he got the lead in “The Indian Runner,” directed by Sean Penn. “And everyone said, ‘Oh, boy, you’re set.’ But I wasn’t. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t capitalize. I don’t know what I was supposed to do. People would tell me do this, do that, fire this guy. . . .” It was not until 1993 that he began getting a steady flow of work — “supporting parts in studio movies, a job or two a year.” He admits to having become demoralized on occasion. “But I guess I kept being curious. I was curious as to how movies were made. It wasn’t, like, I wanted to be famous or anything like that. I liked the idea of telling these stories, the make-believe aspect. I wanted to do it, to try it. I don’t know.”

He holds grudges: Certainly, his years working in relative obscurity gave him plenty of examples of how not to behave as a famous actor. He remembers every bit of on-set misbehavior he ever observed, with astonishing clarity. (Holding grudges is one of his vices, he says.) He remembers the actors who didn’t come to set because they were hung over after a night of drinking, or who came and behaved horribly. He remembers the leading actors who did little tricks to throw him off. “I see it now with veteran actors doing it to younger actors, and the young guys don’t even know that it’s happening. I’ll say to them, ‘Watch out, he’s already done his close-up, and he did a great job. Now it’s your close-up, and he’s tickling you and distracting you and telling you stories.’” He also remembers the actors who didn’t even bother to show up when it was time to do their off-camera work. “Earlier in my career, I saw a lot of important actors and actresses splitting when they had done their close-ups. You’d say, ‘Where’s so and so?’ and they’d have gone home, so you’d end up doing your close-up with an assistant director. It makes your work harder and it also makes you feel disrespected.” He no longer tolerates this sort of thing. “If someone comes up to me and says, ‘Do you mind if I go?’ I’ll look them right in the eye and say, ‘I don’t want you here, if you don’t want to do it.’ If they say, ‘Oh, fine, I’ll stay,’ I’ll be like: ‘No, go. You’ve told me who you are, get out of here.’ I’d rather do it without them. When someone does that to me, it’s like, Boom, I’m not working with you again.”

He admits that he’s harsh: “Yeah, well, about that stuff I am harsh. There’s no excuse for that behavior. You’re tired? Come on! The crew isn’t tired? The crew who got here two hours before you, and who’ll be here two hours after you leave and who are being paid, in many cases, one thousandth of what you’re being paid? Come on! I always thought treating people well was probably the most important thing, but now I’m convinced,” he adds. “Life is too short to work with idiots — well, not idiots, but people who are rude and selfish.”

More on immortality: “I know I said I wanted to live forever and I would never be bored, but the reality is, it’s probably kind of sad to live forever if you’re the only one sticking around. I guess living through injury and disease is pretty hard too, so I don’t know — maybe immortality is not such a great thing. You know, Freud accepted his lot very stoically and very well and with a sense of humor. He aged and died gracefully and there’s a lot to be said for that. Still, it would be nice to live a little longer, with your mind intact and your body reasonably functioning. . . .”

[From The New York Times]

I think Viggo has every right to judge his fellow actors, and the points that he makes about “bad behavior” and all of the grudges he holds are right on point. But I would like to see Viggo acknowledge that he’s stayed in Hollywood because he genuinely likes being an actor, he likes the process, he likes to work. It feels like he’s so busy bitching about everything (once again, I enjoy his bitching, and he’s earned it) that he doesn’t acknowledge that he could just walk away. I’m glad he hasn’t walked away, truly, but at some point it would be nice for him to acknowledge that he actually likes being a working actor.

Photos courtesy of the NYT.

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  1. noircat says:

    Well he worked with twitchy Emo Kristen Stewart, I wonder how awful she behaved around him considering her reputation of being a major bitch to anyone who is on the lower ladder then her in the film biz.

    • werty says:

      And how do you know that?
      Im not a Kstew fan so i tend to not know crap about her, but i really doubt shes bi***y.

      (Kaiser: are we aloud to spell out bi*** considering the sites name? Or are we in denail about the hypocrosity about that?, btw that last part is slightly sarcastic)

      • WillyNilly says:

        Ya, I hadn’t heard that either. I’m thinking she’s probably more socially retarded and it comes off as offputting. Meh. Not that I really care.

      • hun22 says:

        I remember reading that a stunt guy on one of the Twi films called her a bitch because she acted aloof and ignored everyone who she didn’t consider important. She blames teachers for her education failure, she compares herself to rape victims and always always whines and puts blame on others while never taking responsibility.

        A quote from an article:


        According to E! Online, Welcome to the Rileys director Jake Scott had this to say about her awkward acting method: “Directing her is kind of like wrangling a herd of cats.” He also called the actress “wily” and “twitchy.” So it certainly seems as though Kristen is no acting pro, and it probably takes a lot of patience to work with her.”

    • mia girl says:

      Actually, crews and directors say the opposite of Stewart and her work ethic. And on what planet is Viggo on a lower ladder than Stewart?! And just because it infuriated me that the first post of a lovely Viggo post is something silly and negative, I looked this up for you:

      BuzzSugar: One of your next films coming out is On the Road. How was it filming that movie with Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, and Tom Sturridge?

      Viggo Mortensen: Of the three actors you mention, I only worked with Kristen Stewart, who did a great job with her character from what I could see. Walter Salles, the director, has a light touch and is very kind, extremely intelligent, and very helpful with the actors. Great group on that shoot.”

    • only1shmoo says:

      I don’t see why you feel the need to smear her name, I’ve heard actors say flattering things about her, and she certainly doesn’t come off as a diva, unlike many other ppl in the business. I’m really beginning to feel bad for K.S.

    • Nat says:

      hmmm actually i know people who have worked with her and they said she is very humble and sweet so i don’t even know what tou are talking about. Plus he started negociating to work with her again in snow white but the producers changed the script adding some sexy scenes between snow white and the huntsman , this makes him turn it down, he could be her father and this would have been awkward. This is why they chose a guy half his age to play the huntsman.

    • Anna says:

      “BuzzSugar: One of your next films coming out is On the Road. How was it filming that movie with Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Stewart, and Tom Sturridge?

      Viggo Mortensen: Of the three actors you mention, I only worked with Kristen Stewart, who did a great job with her character from what I could see. Walter Salles, the director, has a light touch and is very kind, extremely intelligent, and very helpful with the actors. Great crew on that shoot. The images I have seen are strikingly beautiful; they really capture post-WW2 USA landscapes, people.”

      Shut up loser!

  2. whatev says:

    What’s the deal with the cover? I enjoyed the interview and the photo spread but DEAR LORD that cover! He’s 15 in that photo. Please tell me that is a photo of a 15 year old Viggo.

  3. Bite me says:

    Someone went overboard with photoshopping that cover pix… Cuz bitch has t looks that good in ages

  4. orangebella says:

    He was soooo hot/ badass in LOTR. Oh man…him and those battle scenes

  5. Fetch80 says:

    Omg he looks so old, loved the interview, he has no filter hahaha.

  6. notpretentious says:

    I think that goes without saying Kaiser. This is what he chose to do. I thought his comments were very insightful.

  7. outofafrica says:

    & i’m now officially a card carrying member of his fan club.. Now if only he’ll hint @ who those jerk off actors were..

  8. poppy says:

    I bet GOOP is high on the hate list.
    He said he likes good stories and pretending, ie acting.

  9. Kimbob says:

    Well, that does it for me! Michael Fassbender WAS my #1 man, but after reading THIS, my #1 man is now Viggo Mortensen!!!

    Why, you may ask? Well, ’cause he’s just like me, except a man version! I’ve come away from this now knowing that Viggo, like myself, does not suffer fools gladly…and I LOVE THIS about him. He’s right, too. I mean, life IS too short…why “bother” w/the small stuff…like being a humiliating famewhore (I never could stand famewhore’s/attention-whores, but could never verbalize WHY, other than the obvious), but now my sexy God Viggo has verbalized such w/grace and aplomb!

    Not only that, but he’s just plain HONEST & FORTHRIGHT, which is so “politically incorrect” in our present society, and is so….atypical…and I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. THIS. ABOUT. HIM!!!!!

    Yes, I could gush all day about this new, wonderful revelation that is Viggo Mortensen…but I won’t. I’ll just say that I think it is so lovely to be refreshingly honest nowadays. Say what you mean, & mean what you say.

  10. GoodCapon says:

    Wbat does a close-up mean in filming?

  11. okeydokey says:

    **Applauds Viggo**

    It’s clear he loves acting, from the way he discusses telling good stories. It’s there, it’s just between the lines.

  12. mln76 says:

    Well I was picturing Michael Douglas as the A-hole veteran doing little ‘tricks’ to upstage him. I always get the feeling that he’s an arrogant jerk.(I’m glad his health is better)

    Viggo will always be ‘The Blouse Man’ to me. But he sounds a bit bitter. I think he should be grateful for his career.

    • buster says:

      i think he is one actor who wasn’t ‘lucky’ to have his career. He is decent and honest and busted his butt. Look at all the drivel pushed out by A listers who can thank their good looks for their success. Viggo is such a powerhouse of an actor. He could have been in the Ateam or whatever, he chooses his roles carefully and mindfully, and he is the first actor I’ve ever heard of who gives a damn about the crew. And I should know, I spent years being that ‘crew’.

  13. The Other Katherine says:

    “You’re tired? Come on! The crew isn’t tired? The crew who got here two hours before you, and who’ll be here two hours after you leave and who are being paid, in many cases, one thousandth of what you’re being paid? … Life is too short to work with idiots — well, not idiots, but people who are rude and selfish.”

    WORD. I had wondered why I didn’t see Viggo in more big-ticket roles, and now I know. Good for him.

  14. midnightmoon says:

    The photo shoot photographer should be fired. That’s the best shots of Viggo? I know he’s aging a bit, but he’s BEAUTIFUL! I admit to an Eomer obsession-have seen several Karl Urban films since then, but nothing does it for me like long blond hair on a man, and I don’t think Karl’s gonna go there again. Viggo was totally badass in the fight scenes, and he really pulled off the distress in his love scenes with Liv Tyler, but he was just too greasy haired for me to get completely wrapped up in adoring him. Sigh. My standards! Where did they COME from! Why can’t I just be HAPPY with manflesh in general? Waaaahhh. OK. I’m done whining. I think this is an excellent interview. I don’t think the movie has done well-has it even been released widely? I do wanna see it. Guess I’ll wait for it to show up on Netflix-that’s my entertainment budget for now :(

  15. Cathy says:

    He is handsome in a rugged way. But I don’t like that red and blue shirt he is wearing in that one picture, it looks awful on him

  16. RocketMerry says:

    I like him! Also, I love “judgy bitches”, as long as they bitch with some logic and good sense. Which he totally does, so big plus next to his A.

  17. chloe says:

    I’m liking these actors calling out other actors, now I want names. I could never make it on a movie set, it would take one actor being an jerk and would call them out and get fired. I think Viggo is a wonderful actor and deserves an oscar, though I doubt that’s something he cares about.

  18. Sarah says:

    He’s SUCH a down to earth guy. I’ve had a thing for him since the day when he had dinner at a restaurant my friend worked at and, after he and his party were done with dinner, he helped the waiters clean up. My friend said he was taking his table’s dirty dishes to the kitchen and the manager had to run after him to stop him from doing that.

  19. mia girl says:

    There is nothing better than a Viggo in the morning. I LOVE THIS MAN!

    My fantasy day with Viggo:
    Early morning dreamy-sex
    Coffee in bed
    More sex (with plenty of dirty talk)
    Viggo reads poetry
    Even more sex (a quickie)
    Viggo name checks all the assholes he’s worked with and tells me stories of their asshole ways
    We take a walk and have lunch at a cafe
    After-lunch sex (the “burn some serious calories” kind)
    More gossip about the famous women he’s bedded
    More poetry, but this time in Spanish
    Yup, more sex (but this time dirty talk is in Spanish)
    And so on and so on…

  20. gillie says:

    He and Daniel Craig should get some beers and be best friends. They sound like two peas in a pod. :)

  21. constance says:

    I know part of it was his age, older men just catch my eye. If what he says is as true as he sounds, I respect him immensely for being realistic about his job and his emotions.

    Viggo +1 for giving props to all those crew members who want to help make you look as good as you are.

  22. madpoe says:

    Thanks for posting this article/pix.
    Viggo makes a gal tingle :)

  23. Redd says:

    I’m getting the Harrison Ford vibe from him. He’s fearless.

  24. autumndaze says:

    Love this guy.

    Celebitchy and Kaiser, Viggo is the only male story on the homepage.


    (I’ve been a really good girl this year….)

  25. Nan says:

    Everything out of his mouth makes me like him even more.

    Yeah, I’m harsh too but fair. I’d never ask something of someone I wasn’t willing to do/give myself. I appreciate that in other people.

    And yes, lol, sometimes he kind of reminds me of Ed Harris but I like Ed Harris’ acting style too (and his eyes).

  26. Reece says:

    Viggo in the morning, such a delicious way to begin the week!
    I’d even deal with the cigarette smoke for a look like the one in the last pic. For some reason I hear The Lumberjack Song while looking the the 1st pic? HA!

    Honestly I don’t think the first pic is ab’ed to hell. Most of his wrinkles are in his forehead and it’s covered. He’s not smiling so no crows feet. Laugh lines don’t show til he smiles. They did a good job of hiding it naturally.

  27. Diane says:

    Is he referring to the Kardashians?

  28. Manuela says:

    i dont like KStew im pretty sure she ruined ON ROAD movie. i really would like ask him about her.

  29. UKHels says:

    not only is he right but he backs it up with his actions

    I’m sick of hearing about actors and actresses who act like massive a**holes and never get called on it

    we need us some Vigilante Viggo Hollywood Justice – name and shame! (although he won’t cos he has class)

  30. spoton says:

    Now, now ladies, the cover is so air brushed that it doesn’t even look like him! The real photo is third(?) photo down. And as you can see from the real photo with his wrinkles, tired eyes and gray hair, he very much looks like a man in his 50′s. Maybe even 60′s. Don’t you all get tired of Hollywood air brushing? It is so unrealistic. I put it right up there with fake boobs, fake teeth, fake weaves, etc. Hollywood is so fake.

  31. Neelyo says:

    I worked at a paint your ceramic store in the early 90s in LA. Viggo came in once with his son. I knew who he was but he wasn’t a star at the time. He was great with his son and very nice to the staff. He just reeked decency. I’m glad to see him have this success.

  32. Chickie Baby says:

    He is such an interesting character in his own right–check other (older) interviews. He’s quite the renaissance man who is super intelligent and well-read. If you were working with him, why on earth would you want to leave the set? He’s probably one of the most enigmatic and intriguing men around!

  33. Nymeria says:

    Darling Viggo, you will always be my Aragorn.

    I would like to discuss philosophy with him. I seriously would. He fascinates me. The man radiates intensity.

    What an enigma.

  34. whatevs says:

    ok now i want to heart the stories. come on viggo dish it out

  35. danielle says:

    I think he made it clear he enjoys his work. He said he enjoyed the process, the research, and cared about a good story.

  36. serena says:

    Oh Viggo. I needed that, thanks.

  37. Jane says:

    I agree with everything he said except criticizing/judging those who choose to do certain films for money regardless of the story. First, deciding whether a story is worth your time as an actor is subjective.

    What Viggo may consider a good story, someone else may not and they have a right to their opinion. Second, most people work for money, even actors. Bills have to be paid. Not everyone is lucky enough to do something they absolutely love and get paid for it. He may have a diversified income that allows him to be choosey about what he accepts, but not every actor has that option.

  38. Happy21 says:

    LOVE HIM!!!

    I think he should be next years Sexiest Man Alive!

  39. Dominique says:

    That cover photo is amazing.

  40. Feebee says:

    He really does look young in the cover shot. I wonder if he minded getting the ‘treatment’.

    Whenever I’ve seen his movies, I’ve been enjoying his performance so much I hadn’t noticed he doesn’t say much but now that he mentions it, ha, he’s right.

    I thought he was acknowledging that he loves his career when he talks about getting demoralised but continuing…?

    Interesting someone went to Michael Douglas as perhaps one of the old pros. I agree but I instantly thought of George Clooney wondering if all of his ‘practical jokes’ on set were to hide something slightly more malicious.

    Holding grudges is one of my vices too :)

  41. NM9005 says:

    Who wouldn’t stay in the business you love? Maybe he did truly love acting (god knows it’s a dog’s life, the passion is the only thing you got!) and wanted to see what would happen if he would just try for one more year? It’s hard to let a dream go even if it seems impossible. And he succeeded. That’s what keeps most people going, the thought of ever accomplishing your goal(s). At least he appreciates his stardom but doesn’t abuse it or be a hypocrite about it and grace every magazine and talk about every thing that happens in his life and then complains about it. No, I’ll give him a pass. His brutal honesty and refreshing take on his crazy life proves he’s a decent man + he’s one sexy ass polyglot!
    Although there are rumours about how the way his current relationship started but at least he kept it under wraps, it’s such a small aspect of him as a person, I’ll let it slide. He sure loves his wild women, that’s for sure :) .

  42. victoria says:

    Co-Star: “I’m done with my closeups and today is my mom’s funeral.. do you mind if I go?”
    Viggo: “just go.. I know who you are”…

  43. Hmmm says:

    He is totally my twin. Sadly, I think we’d end up irritating each other.

  44. TG says:

    He is so handsome but these pictures look terrible at least to me. That first one he looks like Gerard Depardu (ugh). I like what he says too. I also can’t stand people who try to undermine others and make them look bad or walk on others to get ahead. Of course they are in every business but I can’t stand people like that.

  45. Lindsey G. says:

    OMG I want to smash that so bad (that means I think he’s uber sexy and I want to do things to him). Which is eh, weird, because he’s 2 years older than my Dad.

  46. Daisy Kenyon says:

    I just think he and Fassbender look so much alike!

  47. HadleyB says:

    He was so hot in LOTR series.. dirty, sweaty yum. But he looks so much better with weight on him, he’s too skinny. It makes him look older too, but even so he still looks great.

    I love his eff attitude sometimes !

    KStew I don’t see at bitchy, I think she;s shy and just not so outgoing and doesn;t fake being outgoing in public like so many people do – including celebs. When you are shy it’s hard and people automatically think oh she’s a bitch when you are not.

    Being quiet, silent doesn’t make you a bitch. Same with VBeckham. Just because she never smiles everyone things she a bitch. But in her interviews she comes off as a funny, caring wonderful mom, business woman who just is a bit insecure about her smiley face — who knew? So big deal, we think all the smiley faced people are great?

    Kardashians? anyone? lol Smiles all the effin time.

  48. DavidBowie says:

    I love me some Aragorn…er, I mean Viggo.

  49. dj says:

    I only suspected Viggo not tolerating fools before but now I know. It also makes sense why he has worked on so many films with Ed Harris. He really doesn’t tolerate fools. I imagine there are ALOT of fools in the movie industry! Viggo/Aragorn deliciousness forever.

  50. L says:

    “Life is too short to deal with rude idiots.”

    So true, Viggo. In fact, this philosophy is behind my decision to stay out of any post that deals with Aniston, Jolie, or Pitt.

  51. Lisa says:

    I love him so much since I saw him in The Indian Runner. He’s awesome: acts, writes good poetry and even paints!

  52. Lantana says:

    I read through all these comments to see if anyone wrote “Life is too short to marry idiots who are rude and selfish” and no one did. Huh. Guess I have a unique perspective :-)

  53. e.non says:

    i love him. and agree with his outlook 100%. the guy has so many interests, and not just the arts; but he’s also inclined to speak out against social issues.

    plus — he’s got a kid with exene cervenka. the guy is just awesome.

  54. Travp16 says:

    He looks like someone I would have liked in high school in that cover photo.

  55. skuddles says:

    I just love this guy more and more! ;)

  56. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    My long standing hard crush on Viggo has just gone to another plane. Seriously, my ovaries lurch with just the mention of him.

  57. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I love the photos and he’s one of those actors I’ll always see the movies he does because he chooses good movies. Always. He doesn’t sound like he is bitching … he acknowledges how passionate he is about life and his own life so much so he resents dying. It was so beautiful how he expressed himself. I’m so psyched for the movie!

  58. Tara says:

    Loved him in Reflecting Skin. Didn’t know he had a kid w/Exene. So cool. And he does say he enjoys acting and stays in the business b/c he always learns something…

  59. Bette Monroe says:

    I love him as an actor! I feel he is so overlooked, but he obviously doesn’t play the bullshit games of hollywood. it’s all bullshit out there. Any actor would be so lucky to work with such a professional! ( I know I’d kill to work with someone like Viggo! that’s my dream is to work with someone of his caliber.) can’t wait to see his next film!! he’s fantastic.

  60. Victoria says:

    My hubby used to say to me that if I ever decided to got to Hollywood and become a screenwriter he would just draw up divorce papers right then and there because his ass would be left for Viggo Mortensen. That man is so tasty! Though, in all honesty that black and white photo, not his best!

  61. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    Now how often is it that someone who is so good looking could impress you with his mind………the more I know about him the more he speaks his mind the more I am a fan of VIGGO!!!!!!!!!

  62. Eve says:

    *sigh*…LOVE him.

    As for the rumors regarding his new relationship…I don’t get why he’s getting all the criticism. Ariadna Gil was the married one (with TWO children, by the way).

    I remember that back when they shot “Alatriste” and also during the promotion for the film, she was always REALLY close to him, very into him — smiling and touching him, or letting herself be touched in a flirtatious way.

    I repeat, they’re both wrong but she was the committed one, not him.

  63. Anna says:

    The pics are beautiful and sexy :)

  64. Meanchick says:

    It’s not hard to figure out who he’s talking about. Go to his page and see his list of credits and the other actors he worked with. I love that he called them out, sorta. Too many ungrateful, half-talented idiots out there who are so insecure, they have to pick on new actors or the film crew and at times, their own fans. SMDH.

  65. Meanchick says:

    Is it me or does he loook like Aaron Eckhart in the photo with the blue/red striped shirt?

  66. taxi says:

    He’s a talented painter, grew up in South America, and has a ranch somewhere. Remember “Hidalgo”? Love that Viggo bonded with his horse so much that he bought it at the end of the movie.

    In a Leno or Letterman interview years ago, after Viggo been nominated for some award, he was asked if he’d watched the show. Viggo said no, he didn’t have a television. The incredulous host questioned how anyone could not own a television, and Viggo, with a straight face, said “Well, I have a phone.”

    He’s a minimalist and long ago chose a different lifestyle than is common.

  67. sweetcrabsalad says:

    Thank you.

    I am a regular reader and always come out of the woodwork when you do a Viggo post. He is just so arrestingly good looking and such a polymath…
    Thank god someone at NYT loves him this much, that beanie pic is on my desktop right now…They’d also run something on the Viggomania phenomenon where he’d been to see a comatose Iranian woman director (I think) who was a huge fan of his and she was cured!!!!…
    I’ve been obsessed with him since the M for Murder pic (where he said he sang to Gwyneth spanish love songs between takes…) and boy, has he matured like a fine wine.
    I have only one issue tho. WTF with Kristen Stewart featuring on a thread about Viggo Mortensen??? There are enough tw*t threads here for her fan girls to vent, Jesus!!

  68. silverbird says:

    I am laughing because first of all, third photo down is the REAL photo and he looks like someone’s stoned out grandpa!

    And secondly, why is anyone believing this Hollywood hogwash? Did you see him on the Empire Awards about two years ago when he came on stage drunk holding a bottle of liquor and he trashed Russel Crowe publicly and then started to beg for his old job back as Aragorn for the Hobbit movie? Which he has repeatedly been told “no” for.

    Puleeze, people. Don’t fall for this Hollywood nonsense. Everyone is packaged and air brushed in Hollywood with a PR person to spread the lies so that you go see their movie.