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4 Responses to “Kate Moss to have Pete Doherty’s crack babby”

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  1. Fleegle says:

    Those photos make her look really clueless. Get off the stage, hon.

  2. Angelika says:

    If this is true, I’m seriously worried. I already feel sorry for Kate’s daughter Lola, who must suffer immensly under her mother’s sick relationship, her cocaine story and whatsoever.. And now a child with SUCH A FATHER? Good lord.. I hope this child is born without any birth defects!

  3. Alexi says:

    Tis a baby in formatin with great taste in clothes and a major penchant for addiction LOL….I will never understand how some can inhale coke as it were air and live, while others just collapse. Anyway, I can only imagine the DRAAMAHHH with those 2~! Poor daughter Grace and now this??

  4. charlie says:

    perfect looks and sense of style, infinte talent and potential, though it could just get teh addiction side but you know I can’t really see anything that negative about drugs anyway, they’re just a spice of life.