Dianna Agron covers Nylon with a Twiggy tribute: does she pull it off?

Dianna Agron of “Glee” covers the January issue of Nylon magazine with a Twiggy motif. While this sort of look has already been done by many a starlet in countless magazine shoots, Dianna wears it amazingly well even though she may have hit the self-tanning lotion a bit too heavily to play the pale waif role, but it’s a welcome departure from her “amusingly cruel and jaggedly sweet recovering cheerleader Quinn Fabray” character on television. She spoke with the magazine about what will likely be her last year on “Glee,” which makes sense because her character is graduating, and Dianna will probably soon be past the point (at age 26) of playing a high school girl. She seems to have a good attitude about it:

On Her Glee Alter Ego: “Especially in the beginning, [the media] really wanted us to be like our characters, to simplify things… I was playing a well put-together popular character, and they were trying to push me into it, like that had been my entire life. And the whole time, my teenage self was crying at that.”

On Her Actual High School Persona: “We watched Practical Magic and all of those movies, like The Craft. My friend’s mom had all these Stevie Nicks outfits, and we’d gypsy dance in her living room and have seances. We’d mix all these things from the refrigerator together and we’d look at it and be like, ‘This means you’re going to find true love when you’re 18 years old’.”

On Quinn Fabray’s Future: “Essentially, I’m a senior, so, I’ll probably graduate this year.”

On her Glee audition: “They were going to scrap the character but Robert [Ulrich, the casting director] asked for one more chance. I went in and read, and they called me back two days later, and he told me to come back and straighten my hair, and wear something sexy. I was like, ‘First of all, what is…sexy?’…I went to like, a CVS, and bought a straightener and straightened it at Starbucks.”

On Her New Website, You and Me and Charlie: “It’s mainly arts-based, but it’s also a forum for people to love and support each other. I realized that just by posting something, I can really influence someone’s day.”

[From Nylon]

With any luck, Dianna will get some more movie work after she’s finished with “Glee” although her IMDb profile reveals nothing as of yet. I think that a string of duds — Burlesque, I Am Number Four, and The Romantics — have somewhat hurt her chances for future films, which is a shame because she seems far more likeable (and low-key) than her co-star, Lea Michele. Other than acting, Dianna is set to launch her new website — You, Me, and Charlie — next week, which has already has Facebook page and is described as a collective artistic site. In other words, it’ll hopefully be less like GOOP and more like HitRECord, which is always a good thing.

Photos courtesy of Nylon and the Fashion Spot

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  1. Jackson says:

    No, she doesn’t pull it off. The only pic that works is the black and white one. And whoever did her makeup for the shoot didn’t do her any favors. Something is off about it. I think maybe she needs to look more pale to offset the heavy eye makeup.

  2. Happy21 says:

    She’s pretty. Pulls of the Twiggy style quite well. Hope that she finds life after Glee. Maybe a TV show…

  3. Hollowdoll says:

    She looks like Emma Watson in the first pics.

  4. Dawn says:

    No she did not pull it off. Twiggy was very pale with big heavily made up eyes and a little nose. Her blond hair was always streaked and she had a very unique at the time look. She looked fresh and young and ready for anything and that is what sold so much Yardley makeup!

  5. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I find this girl to be pretty, but dreadfully talentless and boring. She is by far my least favorite character on Glee. If she’s not squinting and scowling, she’s staring at something off camera with her mouth hanging open while her face oh-so-delicately quivers as she attempts to hold back the “tears.” Gag me. She’s a blonde Kristen Stewart.

  6. layla says:

    I really like the clothes and styling. But I don’t think she pulls it off at all.

    But then, I find this girl nothing more than the ‘pretty girl in your high school’ kind of pretty. I don’t get the ‘shes So beautiful’ thing at all.

  7. Denise says:

    She does not pull it off; it is ridiculous for a 26 year old to be still playing a high schooler. If her film career does not have traction by now, it won’t happen. She will probably end up doing tv.

  8. UKHels says:

    no no no and I’m sorry but it’s all because of the nose…

  9. Holls says:

    I like the photos but I’m not sure she pulls it off, however I blame her stylists, not her for that.

    She’s my second favorite character on Glee (after Brittany!). I wish her all the best post-Glee!

  10. podzol says:

    Those picture don’t hold a candle to Mia Wasikowska’s Twiggy-esque turn in BlackBook’s March ’11 issue. Compare and contrast both girls’ physicality/body language …

  11. Ambergesa says:

    She looks great in the clothes but the self tanner is ridic my first thought was “I thought she was that blonde girl in Glee, who’s this hot Latina chick”!?!

  12. Elena says:

    Bad, bad, bad tanning and makeup!It’s only the name that gives away her identity.
    I like the yellow dress and the ‘hello goodbye’ photo.

  13. caityyy says:

    She makes the same boooring face in every photo, very meh.

  14. Audrey says:

    She does NOT pull it off, but I love all the textured tights!! On a related note, I’m so tired of Twiggy and Marilyn photo shoots. Can’t photographers come up with something new?

  15. MariPily says:

    I think her coloring, at least in these pics, is too dark for a Twiggy vibe. She does look very lovely, but I don’t think Twiggy when I see these pics.

  16. Victoria says:

    Isn’t Argon Spanisyh so Amber you may be right! She looks nice. Nothing to write home to ma and pa about. But now she did not come close to the essence that twiggy had. It just can’t be replicated.

  17. Cathy says:

    She’s got raccoon eyes, and way to much tanner on.

  18. ladybert62 says:

    All of those outfits are horrible and way to much tanning.

  19. Esmom says:

    To answer your question, no she does not. And now my question, how do you straighten your hair in a Starbucks? Does she means she used the bathroom?

  20. Alejandro says:

    Her face looks like Samantha Ronson’s.

  21. Girl says:

    That mixing crap from the fridge business while dressed like Stevie Nicks sounds like total bullshit.

  22. weeble says:

    I do not watch Glee, but I think she does actually pull off the Twiggy look. I’m sure she isnt supposed to look exactly like Twiggy, but she does wear those styles inspired by Twiggy well.

    • Trek Girl says:

      You are correct.

      This is a tribute to Twiggy with Dianna Agron as the model, which means that the focus is of the shoot is about both of them. If they wanted to do a tribute to Twiggy and have every last detail, down to the skin color and facial features, be exactly like Twiggy’s, they would have gotten a model that looked like her.

      I’m not sure why others don’t understand this.

  23. jay says:

    cory monteith will be 30 next may. 30! I don’t think age really matters on Glee.

  24. Jover says:

    I’m also tired of these marilyn/twiggy etc. photoshoots; not close to Twiggy one of a kind; I guess she’s getting all the pub she can because Glee is sinking I read in USA today a couple of weeks ago that viewership is off by 20-25% with those numbers i can see it being canceled at the end of this season.

  25. miriam says:

    I agree with the others, Twiggy isn’t tanned to death like this.

  26. Trek Girl says:

    Her left arm seems to be asleep in the first three pictures.

    I like the styling, and while I wouldn’t think of Twiggy when looking at these pictures if I hadn’t been told it was a tribute to her, I defintely do see Twiggy and the Twiggy style. I like it.

    One must remember that a tribute to someone does not necessarily mean that the tribute will be an exact copy. While Dianna does not look like Twiggy, and her skin is obviously much more tan, the styling – hair, makeup, and wardrobe – are very much a tribute to Twiggy.

  27. normades says:

    In a word, no. Twiggy was a legend while this girl is so meh. Agree with all that these “tributes” (aka budget copies) are lame.

  28. Twiggy does not mean that you have to me exactly like Twiggy. It is her interpretation. She is amazing in every way!!!

  29. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I love love Diana Argon, I have a girl crush on her but I like her looking more bright and colorful as she usually does. I know that this was a tribute to Twiggy but I don’t like it on her….But she is so beautiful to me :-)

  30. samira677 says:

    She looks pretty in some photos but the bad tan ruins it.

  31. Flim says:

    No way. Twiggy’s melancholy and naivete, combined with those famously probative eyes created depth well beyond what is displayed above. If you hadn’t mentioned Twiggy, she would not have come to mind.

  32. Isa says:

    Too tan. I like her better with pale skin.
    She tucks her chin down in all of her photos.

  33. Mari says:

    I honestly don’t understand what’s the fuss about this Agron chick. Shes’ not a very good actress, she’s not a very good singer (otherwise she’d have a record deal by now) and she’s not even that pretty.
    She’s totally average.

    Oh and btw, that Twiggy look looks hideous on her

  34. retyah says:

    Is it a joke for her to look that tan? It looks so terrible.

  35. sosuzy says:

    What? Tewiggy was not tan.. pale with heavy eye makeup and nude /pale lips.. The only half way decent photo is the black and white one because you don’t see the ridiculous tan..

  36. whatevs says:

    magazines need to stop with these tribute photoshoots. no1curr.

  37. Allons - y Allonso says:

    she’s boring BUT at least she’s not a try hard poser like Lea Michelle (she gives me the s***s).

  38. Lisa says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see the Twiggy inspiration? I wouldn’t have even connected the two if the article hadn’t said it. It just looks retro.