L&S: Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush are in contact, he’s been “waiting” for her

We haven’t had a Kim Kardashian story in a few days. It’s been nice, hasn’t it? CB and I think that while the Kardashians are always going to be and make news, we should still take a break every now and then. Especially now that Team Kardashian is out in full force trying to throw everything they can at Kris Humphries. Ever since Kim filed for divorce on Halloween, there have been rumors about Kim possibly getting back with Reggie Bush. I’ve always thought that Kim should have stuck around longer for Reggie, but she pushed marriage and he wasn’t ready, and they broke up before they really should have. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if both Kim and Reggie still had feelings for each other. So… that’s what this week’s Life & Style is all about – the possibility that Kim and Reggie could reunite:

As Kim Kardashian’s divorce from estranged husband Kris Humphries gets nastier, former boyfriend Reggie Bush has been Kim’s one source of hope! Life & Style reveals in its new issue, on newsstands now, that the duo have been in regular contact and are moving toward a reunion!

“Reggie reached out to Kim via text shortly after she announced she was filing for divorce to make sure she was okay,” a Kardashian family friend tells Life & Style. “They’ve stayed in touch ever since, texting and talking. Kim was Reggie’s first love. He knows she’s hurting right now, but when the time is right, he’ll swoop in and take care of her.”

In fact, an insider tells Life & Style that Kim and Reggie have been in contact regularly via text, phone and Skype. And as Kris Humphries refuses to sign divorce papers and slings claims of fraud at Kim, Reggie has been her understanding shoulder to cry on.

“He’s concerned about her; he’s making sure she’s holding it together,” shares the friend. “Reggie always knew that it wasn’t going to work [between Kim and Kris], so he’s been waiting and watching.”

[From Life & Style]

So… just phone calls and Skype. Convenient because the tabloids can’t nail down a moment when Reggie and Kim are in the same city. Meanwhile, OK! Magazine also put Kim on the cover, but don’t get the impression that Kim really spoke to OK! – she didn’t. All of it comes from “insiders” who sound like Kris Jenner. Here are some highlights from OK!’s piece:

Kim Kardashian had hoped she could take the high road. She thought that the controversy would die down if she stayed silent. But then Kris Humphries went public with his accusation that their marriage was built on fraud, saying he would seek an annulment — and Kim’s world came crashing down all over again.

“When Kim saw that he was filing for fraud in the annulment she just shook her head,” recalls a confidante. “She was just so mad and upset and frustrated.”

Kris’ accusation that their marriage was a “fraud” made Kim, 31, cry, admits a pal. But knowing it was time to finally speak out, she turned first to her friends. “Kris has his side of what happened, and I have my side of the story,” Kim said, according to a close friend. “But we both contributed to the marriage not working out. We both jumped into it too fast. And now we both have to publicly go through the breakup with the whole world judging and watching.”

But their marriage was never a fake. Kim really did want to marry Kris, 26, for all the right reasons, say those around her. She wanted a partner and a family — the perfect sort of romantic dream that everyone wants.

“She did not commit fraud,” insists an insider. “She truly was in love with him and wanted to live happily ever after. Her heartbreak is genuine.”

Kim’s fairy tale ended shortly after the wedding hoopla died down. “Kim quickly realized after the honeymoon that she and Kris just weren’t compatible, and she had just made the biggest mistake of her life,” says a Kardashian relative, who believes that Kim knew she was going to leave Kris before this season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York was finished filming. “I think she knew for a while that she [wasn’t going to spend a] lifetime with Kris.”

The first insider agrees: “Kim’s decision to divorce didn’t come out of nowhere — things between her and Kris were horrible from the moment they walked down the aisle. She’s really not a fake. She was just on this runaway train with no easy way off. I saw her recently and she’s really shook up. The family is worried about how angry Kris is and how far he will go.”

Kim’s family’s fears go beyond Kris damaging their “brand,” too. They are all genuinely worried for Kim. “

Kim isn’t superhuman. People seem to have this idea that because she’s on TV, she’s some sort of robot,” says the insider. “She’s just been through this awful breakup and she’s hurting. Now what Kris is doing is making it hurt that much more. The truth is that she’s extremely emotional and very sensitive and she is having a very hard time dealing with all this.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Whatever. As much as I’m over Kim, I really dislike Kris Humphries too, and I think his claims of “fraud” are just legal maneuvers to grab more of Kim’s money. Both Kim and Kris profited so much from this whole debacle, and both are lying about “the real reasons” they’re no longer together. Blah.

Covers courtesy of the respective tabloids.

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  1. Maya says:

    “People seem to have this idea that because she’s on TV, she’s some sort of robot.”

    Lol. Yeah, that’s actually what I think about the whole Kardashian family.

  2. brin says:

    I dislike her more so any money Kris gets from the K’s is ok by me.
    Oh, and run, Reggie, run!

  3. Dawn says:

    Oh please if any of this is on the level well than Reggie Bush is a fool, a really big fool. Why would anyone want this fake phone whore anyway? She is all used up in my book. I don’t buy any of this and I think Reggie Bush would not want to be in the locker room for long IF he went back to pee on me Kim. The truth is out there about her now after this Kris Humphries debacle and most people see her and her klan for the liars and fakes they are. Even Sears! I don’t think he will go back to her under any circumstances except for perhaps a one night stand, maybe two but he will never marry her unless he is as big of a fame whore as the Kartrashians and from what I’ve read he is not. Time will tell.

    • Madisyn says:


      You need not worry. This is a poor attempt by Kim to let Reggie know she’s ‘available’. These twits are like the Lohans in that they can’t pick up a phone and talk amoungst themselves, they have to call the tabloids to ‘communicate’.

      Reggie dumped Kim because he COULDN’T STAND the cameras. He’s not going anywhere near her, I doubt he’s even ‘texting, phoning, or skyping’. He has a girlfriend he’s been with for a while now and she doesn’t SEEK the paps. Perfect for a man who likes to keep a low profile.

      Do you think Kims gonna give up the spotlight anytime soon? I don’t. If Reggie wanted the attention, he would have pulled a ‘Kris Humphries’ and stayed in the relationship. He’s had over 2 years to ‘get her back’ if he so desired, she’d go back to him in a heart beat. Why hasn’t that happened? Cuz Reggie’s DUN!

      I watched the second episode of Kourtney and Kim and in it she flew to Minnesota to coax Kris H. back to NY. (She needed him for the show) She kept using the word ‘compromise’, yet I saw no compromise on her part, just his.

      Honestly, what newlywed wants the ‘honeymoon’ phase of his marriage to start with living with her sister, the boyfriend, and baby in what amounts to a nice apartment. After the divorce announcement, Kuntra$ian Inc. supposedly ‘redited’ the show to make him the ‘bad guy’. I’ve only seen 2 episodes, by I can tell you, in my opinion, he’s not coming off ‘badly’ to me. Maybe I’m so biased, so disgusted with this family, I’m missing something.

  4. Relli says:

    “She was just on this runaway train with no easy way off.”

    Really Kris, SoulAsylum doesnt deserved to be dragged ito this

  5. April says:

    I just hope the confidentiality agreement is thrown out.

  6. brin says:

    I love how L&S has “only $2.99″ by Kim’s head…lol.

  7. CG says:

    That OK! story actually makes me angry. Seriously, does this bitch actually believe people will just buy anything she sells? Rolling my eyes just doesn’t begin to convey the disgust I feel when reading that.

  8. PyCaramel says:

    If Reggie wanted her back he could have had her back a long time ago. He has directly shot down all the recent rumors about them getting back/seeing each other. Won’t believe it until I hear it from him directly. This could be another story planted by the Ks. I put nothing past those people.

  9. Jules says:

    Why doesn’t she ever date/marry anyone her own age?

  10. Toe says:

    Look how beautiful she looks in the first picture, with baby hairs and all.
    How a few (plastic)years can change someone.

  11. dorothy says:

    Strap in Reggie…get ready for the Kardashian famewhore roller coaster….

  12. Criss says:

    Every time I watch Kris he grosses me out. Reggie already knows what it like to date Kim, so it’s nothing new to him. Kim and Reggie already didn’t work out, so I seriously doubt they’ll ever get back together. Kim will have a hard time getting any man after this whole scandal. She’s going to have to date a boy toy who’s just after her money for a while to get her mojo back. So, maybe a cash strapped NBA’er?

  13. fabgrrl says:

    I kind of feel bad for Reggie Bush. He’s what? 26 now? How old was he when he got with Kim? Just a kid. He probably really, really liked Kim when they got together — an exciting, sexy, older woman. But she has dug in and will not let go of him. She used every trick in the book to get him to marry her and he was smart enough to avoid it. Now he sends her a condolence text, like any friend would, and she is right back to hounding him. Reggie, run far, far away!

    • Gayle says:

      Am I missing something? Isn’t Kim 30-31? How does a 4-5 year age difference qualify as a May-Dec romance? Only when the woman is older, jeez. If a man is 10 years older than his gf (double the diff between Kim and Reggie) it’s no big deal at all.

  14. ShanKat says:

    By the new year, he’ll be “peeing” on her.

  15. Franny says:

    she used to be so naturally beautiful. now she’s fake pretty. why mess with it when you can look like that?!

  16. Scarlet Vixen says:

    How can his requesting an annulment been seen as his trying to get more money? If he’s granted the annulment then neither of them gets any of the other person’s money. They just go their separate ways because then the marriage never legally existed.

  17. Lynne says:

    I don’t think so. Reggie has his career and isn’t interested in standing behind her on the red carpet, being second priority in her life.
    I’m interested to see if Lamar is traded from the lakers what khloe will do, where she will live.

    I think if Kris H gets the annulment he can talk to the tabloids, do interviews, that the confidentiality agreement goes bye bye.

  18. ShanKat says:

    I wonder if Reggie ever reminds Pimp Mama Kris of OJ. He’s a hot piece…but that L&S pic made me flash on Orenthal and his smirk.

  19. Skins says:

    Reggie’s first love? Are you serious? The guy has been a football superstar his entire life and has probably been pulling hot ass since he was 10. If I was his coach and he went back with this skank, I would cut him just for being an idiot. Run Reggie Run!

  20. Meanchick says:

    I think RB doesn’t want to be a part of the Kar-Trashian circus, but MAYBE he wants to be with KimmyCakes. Some people actually DON’T want their private lives filmed and broadcast for public consumpton. If they reunite, he won’t stand for the cameras and fakery.

  21. Jayna says:

    Kris should get money. Kim made a boatload off this fake TV marriage. It was fraud. She married him not loving him. Why shouldn’t he get some of that bank. Without him, the Kardashians couldn’t have done their scam.

  22. Jessica says:

    If Reggie Bush was her “first true love”, does that make two KK marriages without any love?

  23. Palermo says:

    He didn’t want her before, why would he want her now

  24. Firecracker says:

    Kim taking the high road and keeping quiet? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    I really hope that Bruce Jenner calls Demi Moore’s plastic surgeon pronto and gets his face fixed.

  25. Orange Cone says:

    I was flipping through the tube last night and came across Kim & Kourtney take NY. HOLY COW! the screeching WHINING she does was unbearable! It was SO unattractive, and I thought to myself, ‘I can be a crazy bitch too when it comes to relationships, but not like that- Eek…’

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    Didn’t Reggie Bush issue a DENIAL about being in contact with Lardassian? I thought he did.

    As far as Lardassian & KH, I am over both of their arses.

    But I hope KH is granted the annulment; gets a load of dough; and wedding “sponsors” sue Lardassian for whatever’s left.

  27. Jover says:

    Second that notion skins – he can’t be that brainless or hardup. Does anyone know how her ahem “line” is doing at Sears. Haven’t seen many advertisements; to think a once great company is gutter trolling but who buys clothes at Sears anyway?

  28. MellaYella says:

    Reggie is just playing the field right now reality.

  29. Tristyn says:

    Another convoluted story … By pity party patrol …pimp mama and kow kakes………..

  30. carrie says:

    fake or not ,their marriage wasn’t able to work:she’s vain,egocentric and materalist(even her family says it)and he’s immature and down-to-earth

    i always thought she again was in love of Reggie Bush but she chose to stay in LA for her career

  31. Kim says:

    He must be REALLY stupid to have anything to do with this girl after the fake wedding and just the fcat that she is even famous for a sex tape. Gross. Has he no shame? We know she doesnt. Does she think she would be with him if he didnt have money? Come on guy you could so SOOOOO much better!

  32. Kim says:

    Everyone knows Kim never loved Kris. The whole wedding was fake. If she did love him she wouldnt have filed for divorce without telling (you dont do that to someone you love) and she would have tried counseling.

    She is a pathological liar and her actions prove that. She spews lie after lie but then her actions show what she is truly about – money and fame NOT love.

  33. Kim says:

    Surely the “friend” in this article is her mom who is even more of a fame whore than Kim is. This is a mother who had an affair that produced a love child that she has lied to about her paternity for years (just wait its coming out soon), encouraged her daughter to release a sex tape to get famous, had her daughter get fake married for money, etc etc.
    Kris Jenner is a TOTAL whack job!

  34. hatekyle says:

    I doubt that Reggie will marry her or will take her seriously. No one does.

  35. lester says:

    This is total garbage pimp mamma wants ppl to think that someone really does love her daughter and wants her despite the fame and not because of it like Kris did. Reggie will be a bigger chump than Kris if he has anything to do with this family of famewhores

  36. Sohpie says:

    WOW — Krazy Kriss Jenner and the whole Kartrashian PR team is working 24/7 to spread this rumor around so it will be Reggie’s current girlfriend Molinaro to dump him thinking that Reggie is cheating on her, so Kim can have Reggie after all. Kartrashians are con artists, people. And, do not believe any of these magazines. Mama Kris has already bribed all these magazines for her own interest.

  37. kimberly says:

    Right . . . .

    Kardashians are the worst whores EVER!!


    I’d rather have Paris Hilton back, at least she was funny!

  38. bobby says:

    The Kardashians live a dirty,fake life with no wholesomeness or grace. They are a bunch of modern day grifters. Kim is unremarkable,dull and plastic pretty. Before she was an interchangeable Armenian female,neighborhood/mall attractive. Untalented and unpleasant and hard looking. Also they all look mannish to me. The mother is simple vile, and the brother is clearly unnattractive.

  39. GirlyGirl says:

    Reggie is finally playing football the way he was supposed to and now he’ll hook up with Katface McWaxy and start to suck again

    Sorry Miami

  40. bubbles says:

    I highly doubt he would give that stretched out nasty used hoe bag a second sniff. sorry for the brutal honesty!

  41. lisa lisa says:

    I think that Kim is a very selfish young woman. If it things are not going her way then she throws a tantrum. She also doesn’t have a mind of her own.During this new episode, if Khloe didn’t talk sense into her she would have went to the Hamptons. She’s not in love with Kris. There was obviously no emotions felt when he said he was going to leave for Minnesota. However the part that gets me is how quickly she turned against Khloe just for saying good bye when they were leaving for the Hamptons. I think Kim is obviously jealous of Khloe because she married quickly and is still married, two years later. Kim needs to realize that it is not about her. Maybe if she was a sincere person then things may go her way.

  42. TeeNaNa says:

    eggie Bush has been together with Kristina Shannon Playboy Twin for 1 year. She recently done Big Brother Uk & has confirmed it in the most recent New’Magazine Uk – Issue 454: In a twin interview, stating “My boyfriend is Professional football player Reggie Bush, we have been together one year now!” Weirdest thing is its 100% True & yet Kristina follows Kim & all the other Kardashians on twitter! I deserve the credit 4 telling the Us the confirmed not gossip or rumored truth on who Reggie is dating! I wonder if that so called meeting with Kim & Reggie really happend now before Kim & Kris hump split! Everyone still thought he was probably dating that Kim look’a'like! T.N – aka – TeeNaNa Uk